Linear Slot Diffusers Series

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1 Linear Sot iffusers 5000 Series

2 Linear Sot iffusers 5000 Series The Series 5000 Linear Sot Ceiing iffuser has been speciay designed to provide both the unobtrusive appearance required for architectura exceence, and the fu 180 pattern controer adjustment at minimum NC eves required for high engineering performance. The Series 5000 iffuser provides stabe diffusion under arge amounts of air with both constant and changing oad conditions. This is particuary suitabe for variabe air voume systems. The Series 5000 iffusers are avaiabe to suit many appications with severa choices of mounting frames. Standard finish is a high quaity, powder coated finish for ong ife and easy ceaning. The diffusers are avaiabe with mitred corner end caps and feature die-formed components to provide consistent quaity and performance. Auminium Construction Ice Tong Pattern Controers Suppy Modes: Return Modes: mm Sot 5050R 13mm Sot mm Sot 5075R 19mm Sot mm Sot 5010R 25mm Sot Innovation in Action 1

3 Linear Sot iffusers 5000 Series Features: The voume and direction of the discharge air can be adjusted by moving the pattern controers. Avaiabe with 1 to 8 sots. Choice of three sot widths to suit capacity requirements. The maximum ength of the pattern controer is 900mm. iffusers onger than 900mm are provided with mutipe pattern controer sections. Seections of frames and mounting sub-frames for various types of instaations. iffusers are suppied in engths of up to 1800mm in a singe section. Idea for continuous ength appications. Mutipe-sections are suppied with aignment strips on the frames and subframes to provide superior, positive on-site aignment. Mode 5000R returns and the Mode 5000 suppy diffusers are identica except for the omission of pattern controers. Mounting sub-frames are cut to ength for assemby on-site. Materia: Extruded auminium frame with corrosion-resistant stee pattern controers. Finish: AW Appiance White poyester powder finish RAL 9010 semi-goss with back pattern controers as standard. Other finishes are avaiabe. S S Suppy Mode 5050 S = 13mm sot 5075 S = 19mm sot 5010 S = 25mm sot Return Mode 5050R S = 13mm sot 5075R S = 19mm sot 5010R S = 25mm sot 2 Advanced Air

4 Types and Mounting Sub- Combinations for Hard Ceiings Standard Type A Fange Screw Mounting Type B Fange uct Mounting, ess screw hoes Standard Type C Fange Conceaed Mounting 5 To S W = COUNTERSUNK SCREW HOLES FOR No.8 SCREWS, 10mm FROM EGE Type Fange, Narrow Margin Conceaed Mounting Type E Fush and Sub- Conceaed Mounting 5 To S W = Type F Fange and Sub- Conceaed Mounting Type G Fush with Paster and Tie Sub- Conceaed Mounting S W = W = - 3 S S W = S W = Innovation in Action 3

5 Types and Mounting Sub- Combinations for Hard Ceiings Type H Fange with Paster and Tie Sub- Conceaed Mounting Aignment Strips Aignment strips on the frames and sub-frames provide superior, positive aignment on mutipe section assembies W = + 19 S Sub-frame = uct Size S = Sot Width W = Overa Face Width Standard s are the most commonyspecified and readiy avaiabe from stock. For duct dimensions see next page. imensions are in mm. For the avaiabiity of other frames and supporting methods, contact Advanced Air direct. Advanced Air

6 uct Width imension for Avaiabe s Units: mm No of 5050R 5075R 5010R Type Sots S=13 S=19 S= A B Units: mm No of 5050R 5075R 5010R Type Sots S=13 S=19 S= F N H No of 5050R 5075R 5010R Type Sots S=13 S=19 S= C No of 5050R 5075R 5010R Type Sots S=13 S=19 S= G No of 5050R 5075R 5010R Type Sots S=13 S=19 S= E No of 5050R 5075R 5010R Type Sots S=13 S=19 S= M Innovation in Action 5

7 Overa Length imensions and End Cap Position Type M M F F M O M C O O O C C C F O F C E L E L E L E L E L E L E L A, B C E F, H G M*, N* = Configurations FO and FC: Add 6mm for frame types A, B, C,, F, G = uct ength E = End Cap Position L = Overa Length and H. Not avaiabe on frame types E, M and N. * These types have a fangeess mitred end cap which is the same extrusion profie as the frame. M - Mitred End Cap (Standard) L E F - Fanged End cap L E O - Open End L E C - Fat End cap EL 6 Advanced Air

8 Standard Lay-in T-Bar Appication Type T For standard 2mm or 1mm face ay-in T-Bar T-BAR SPACING = + 25 W = + 19 = NOM. UCT OR PLENUM WITH esigned and fabricated specificay to integrate with standard exposed grid T-Bar Ceiing Systems. Avaiabe in nomina engths to suit metric ceiing grid modues. Metric modue engths: 500, 600, 1200 and 1500 mm. Aso avaiabe in custom engths for specia appications and in mutipe-section assembies for continuous paired T-Bar ceiings S Type MM Mitred End Caps (standard) Type CC Fat End Caps 22 CM = CEILING MOULE LENGTH = CM - 6 NOM. UCT OR PLENUM LENGTH = CM - 25 EN CAP POSITION = CM - 30 uct Width imension (s T and FL) No. Metric Units mm of 5050 (R) 5075 (R) 5010 (R) Sots S = 13 S = 19 S = CM = CEILING MOULE NOM. UCT OR PLENUM LENGTH = CM - 10 EN CAP POSITION/LENGTH = CM - 13 End Cap Configuration Type FL CM = CEILING MOULE CM - 3 NOM. UCT OR PLENUM LENGTH = CM - 10 CM - 16 Innovation in Action 7

9 Options and Accessories O ' = UCT SIZE = uct Size No. of Sots 1 to to The standard mitred corner is 90. Units are factory weded with precision to match and aign with the associated straight eg. Units are suppied with factory instaed bank-offs in the sot (painted back) and are inactive. For compound anges, contact the saes office. 90 Mitred Corners 5050MC 13mm Sot 5075MC 19mm Sot 5010MC 25mm Sot 90 Mitred Corner imension O No. of Type Sots A, B C, F, H E, G, J M, N imensions are in mm. On Site Trimming of iffusers If X is ess than 75mm at either end (150mm tota), standard Mode 5000 or 5000R can be site-cut. Factory-Cut iffusers Mode 5000 or 5000R are ordered for a specific ength from the factory, but can be trimmed as much as 150mm in ength, (75mm from each end) with a fine tooth, high speed carbon stee meta cutting bade. X CUT BO Banking Pates Cod-Roed Stee Fits over Neck Back Finish Shipped in 1800mm engths to be site-cut. 8 Advanced Air

10 Typica iffuser and Sub- Assemby Mounting sub-frames are suppied ony with Types E, F, G and H. ALIGNMENT STRIPS SIE RAIL FIEL ASSEMBLE CORNER TEMPORARY GAUGE FIEL ASSEMBLE CORNER EN SUB-FRAME ALIGNMENT STRIPS TEMPORARY GAUGE MITERE CORNER SECTION (INACTIVE) SPRING CLIP TYPE M MITERE EN CAP (STANAR) TYPE F FLAT EN CAP (OPTIONAL) BLAE SUPPORT BAR FACTORY INSTALLE SPACER ALIGNMENT STRIPS BLANK-OFFS: OPTIONAL FOR INACTIVE SECTIONS. SUPPLIE AS STANAR ON MITERE CORNERS WHICH ARE RENERE INACTIVE. PATTERN CONTROLLERS UP TO 76mm CAN BE FIEL TRIMME FROM EACH EN OF AN OPEN ENE SECTION. iffuser Assemby Features: iffusers can be joined together end to end to form ong continuous sots. The standard Type M end cap is mitred and offers a superior architectura finish on the visibe surface. The optiona Type F end cap can be instaed on-site. The optiona Type C fat end cap may be used where the diffuser ends at a wa or other stopping point. The standard 90 mitred corner section is factory weded and fuy assembed to ensure a smooth professiona finish. They are inactive. Aignment strips are factory suppied as standard on a mutipe-section frame and sub-frame assembies and ensure cose and positive aignment between sections. Sub- Features: Suppied with Types E, F, G and H. Assures a cean, accuratey dimensioned opening to receive the diffuser. Aows the diffuser to be instaed at the end of the job, minimizing risk of damage or contamination from paint or paster. iffuser can be simpy removed and repaced without damage to architectura ceiing finishes. Types E, F, G and H are idea as a wet paster ground. In this case they shoud be instaed sufficienty proud to aow for the finished ceiing thickness. Types E and G are designed to eave a diffuser totay fush with the finished ceiing. Types F and H are designed to eave a surface mount diffuser appearance. Type E may aso be used where a diffuser runs fush aong a wa. Innovation in Action 9

11 Typica iffuser and Sub- Assemby HEMME UCT CEILING Hemmed uct Preparation Types C and Far and away the most popuar type of instaation. Simpe and quick. iffuser simpy pushes up into duct unti the egs of the factory suppied mounting straps ocate into the hems of the duct. Factory suppied eveing screws then draw the diffuser up unti it is tight and snug with the ceiing. uct shoud be fabricated with a 13mm hem on both ong sides and opened approximatey 3mm. Auxiiary Sub- Preparation Types E, F, G and H Sub-frame shoud be attached to inside of duct and/or a framed ceiing opening as deemed necessary. Factory suppied mounting straps ocate into an extrusion sot in the sub-frame. Instaation of diffuser is simiar to the hemmed duct method shown to the eft. Continuous Run imensions The exampe on the right iustrates a typica 3 sot instaation with two 90 mitred corner sections. 1 Type CO End Cap configuration. 2, 6 MC Mitred Corner Section. 3,, 5 Type OO End Cap configuration. 7 Type MO End Cap configuration. Each straight section, regardess of tota duct ength may be ordered as a singe section. Exampe: 1, 7 Each section may be ordered as a singe item, regardess of tota ength. 3,, 5 One section may be ordered, regardess of tota ength. Mutipe-sections are sub-divided by the factory into equa ength sections at the factories discretion. L = OVERALL LENGTH IM. ' = 'O' 300mm = IM. UCT L LENGTH 300mm OVERALL LENGTH = UCT LENGTH = UCT LENGTH = IM. L (TYPE 'OO') PLAN VIEW (LOOKING OWN INTO INLET) mm ' = 300mm = UCT LENGTH L = OVERALL LENGTH Note: It is extremey difficut to achieve a perfect instaation where compound mitres are invoved such as above when a sections are ordered from the factory fabricated to suit finished duct dimensions. This is due to on-site toerance variations which may prevent proper aignment and butting together of individua sections due to insufficient materia. It is recommended that section Æ, Ø or ƒ is ordered oversize by 75mm and cut to suit site conditions. OO configuration engths can be trimmed by up to 150mm. 75mm from each end. 10 Advanced Air

12 How To Specify or To Order Extruded Auminium Linear Sot iffuser Mode Series x 2 Sot - C - AW - MM - BO Mode - Linear Sot iffuser 50 Sot Width / Fabrication - Suppy 13mm 50 19mm 75 25mm 10 - Return 13mm 50R 19mm 75R 25mm 10R - Mitred Corner 13mm 50MC 19mm 75MC 25mm 10MC - Bank-offs 13mm 50BO 19mm 75BO 25mm 10BO Nom. Length (mm) No. Of Sots - 1 to 8 Accessories - Ange Cut One End AC1 - Ange Cut Both Ends AC2 End Cap Configuration - Mitred Mitred (defaut) MM - Mitred Open MO - Mitred Fat MC - Open Open OO - Open Fat OC - Fat Fat CC - Fanged Fanged FF - Fanged Open FO - Fanged Fat FC Finish - Appiance White (defaut) AW - Auminium AL - Mi MI - Specia SP or /Sub- Combination - Fange, Screw Hoes A - Fange, No Screw Hoes B - Fange, Conceaed Mounting C - Fange, Conceaed Mounting - Fush /Sub-frame E - Fange /Sub-frame F - Fush /Paster Sub-frame G - Fange /Paster Sub-frame H - Fangeess M - Spine, Conceaed Mounting N - Fange, T-Bar Lay-in T - Threadine/Fineine FL (Show compete Mode Number and Size, uness efaut is desired) Notes: 1. Fanged end caps (FF) may be shipped oose upon request for on-site attachment and are intended for use with site cut sections or for use by stocking representatives. 2. It is hepfu to incude a sketch for mutipe units with mitred corners and ange cuts. Specify exact outside ength of duct run and anges. 3. For ay-in T-Bar instaations, specify nomina T-Bar opening ength. Innovation in Action 11

13 Performance ata Penum Suppy Mode mm Sot No. of H Pressure rop Sots V Fowrate per ength (/s/m) Throw (m) H V NC Leve Fowrate per Length(/s/m) Throw (m) H V NC Leve Fowrate per Length(/s/m) Throw (m) H V NC Leve Fowrate per Length(/s/m) Throw (m) H V NC Leve Fowrate per Length(/s/m) Throw (m) H V NC Leve Fowrate per Length(/s/m) Throw (m) H V NC Leve Fowrate per Length(/s/m) Throw (m) H V NC Leve Fowrate per Length(/s/m) Throw (m) H V NC Leve NC Correction Factors for Various Lengths Length (m) Suppy Return Penum Correction NR (PPa) Top Entry +5dBA X1.5 Side Entry +10dBA X2 Throw Correction Factors for Various Lengths Length (m) Mutipier Guidance Sizing for Spigots Spigot Veocity m/s Guide NR Leve H - Horizonta Instaation V - Vertica Instaation Performance Notes: 1. Horizonta throws are based on the same direction of a sots. 2. Horizonta throws are given at 0.5 and 0.25m/s termina veocities. 3. Vertica throws are given at 0.25 m/s termina veocity.. Throw vaues are based on a 1.2m section. For other engths, use the correction factor tabe above. 5. NC vaues are based on a 1.2m section, horizonta throw. For other engths, use the correction factor tabe above. For vertica throw, deduct 10 db. 6. ata derived from tests conducted in accordance with ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard Advanced Air