Anexa. Pompa peristaltica Masterflex C/L Variable-Speed Tubing Pump; 50 to 300 rpm, 115/230 VAC; Cod produs Masterflex EW

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1 Anexa Pompa peristaltica Masterflex C/L Variable-Speed Tubing Pump; 50 to 300 rpm, 115/230 VAC; Cod produs Masterflex EW Specifications & Description Pump SeriesC/L Control TypeAnalog Variable Speed Max RPM (rpm)300 Min RPM (rpm)50 Speed Control±5% Number of Channels1 Max Flow Rate (ml/min)43 Min Flow Rate (ml/min)0.06 Max Flow Rate Per Channel (ml/min)43 Min Flow Rate Per Channel (ml/min)0.06 Tubing Sizes Accepted0.19, 0.25, 0.51, 0.89, 1.14, 1.42, 2.06, and 2.79 mm ID microbore tubing No. of Rollers4 IP RatingIP 22 Reversible MotorYes Volume Per Revolution With 0.19 mm ID Tubing (ml) Volume Per Revolution With 0.25 mm ID Tubing (ml) Volume Per Revolution With 0.51 mm ID Tubing (ml)0.86 Volume Per Revolution With 0.89 mm ID Tubing (ml)0.024 Volume Per Revolution With 1.14 mm ID Tubing (ml)0.038 Volume Per Revolution With 1.42 mm ID Tubing (ml)0.056 Volume Per Revolution With 2.06 mm ID Tubing (ml)0.106 Volume Per Revolution With 2.79 mm ID Tubing (ml)0.144 Power (VAC)90 to 260 Power (Hz)50/60 Width (in)7 Height (in)3.75 Length (in)3.5 Width (cm)17.8

2 Height (cm)9.5 Length (cm)8.9 DescriptionC/L Variable-Speed Tubing Pump; 50 to 300 rpm, 115/230 VAC KEY FEATURES Flow rate: to 43 ml/min depending on drive rpm and tubing size Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), acetal, and copolyester pump head with four stainless steel (SS) rollers Max button runs pump at 100% of maximum rpm use to prime or to rapidly flush tubing Stackable, compact 1/4-DIN housing mount in your equipment rack or place on your lab bench. (To mount, order brackets ). Pumps accept continuous lengths of tubing for a clean, uninterrupted flow path with no fittings. Separate single-turn speed control and cw/off/ccw switch with green LED power indicator maintain speed setting when you turn pump on/off or reverse direction. Reversible permanent magnet DC motor; purge fluid before or after pumping; pump fluid in either direction. Remote control connections on back of pump; start/stop pump with a contact closure. Max button runs pump at maximum rpm prime or rapidly flush tubing. Pump head has average fixed occlusion for tubing; no need to adjust occlusion. MORE ABOUT THIS ITEM C/L pumps are compact (1 4 DIN) and perfect for low-flow OEM use or analyzer applications. These easy-to-use, economical pumps feature reversible pumping, remote control capabilities, and rapid tubing changes. Ideal for consistent fluid delivery in chromatography, spectroscopy, and dispensing applications. Maximum suction lift of 5 ft (1.5 m); max discharge head of 20 ft (6.1 m); max pressure 15 psi (1.0 bar). Self-priming pumps withstand minor back pressure. What's included: 5 ft (1.5 m) of 0.89-mm ID Tygon LFL tubing and a dual-voltage (115/230 VAC) power supply with 6-ft (1.8-m) power cord. Pumps are shipped with cord/plug assembly appropriate to destination country. Order additional microbore tubing based on chemical compatibility and flow rate. Tub pompa peristaltica Masterflex Tygon E-LFL, diametru interior 2,06 mm; Cod produs Masterflex EW Masterflex Tygon E-LFL extension tubing, 2.06mm ID, 100 ft/pk

3 Specifications & Description Pump SeriesC/L C/L Masterflex tubing size42 Tubing formulationtygon E-LFL Hose Barb Size (in)3/32 Tubing ID (mm)2.06 Tubing ID (in)0.081 Tubing OD (mm)3.76 Tubing OD (in)0.147 Max Flow Rate (ml/min)45 Max Pressure (PSI)25.3 Max Pressure (bar)1.75 Max Temperature (Dynamic) ( C)40 Min Temperature (Dynamic) ( C)0 Max Temperature (Dynamic) ( F)104 Min Temperature (Dynamic) ( F)32 Max Temperature ( C)74 Min Temperature ( C)-46 Max Temperature ( F)165 Min Temperature ( F)-51 Length Per Pack (ft)100 Length Per Pack (m)30.4 Sterilization MethodAutoclave, Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Method AutoclaveYes Sterilization Method EtOYes Resin CertificationNon-Phthalate;EU Food 10/2011;European Pharmacopoeia;1935/2004;ADCF;FDA;Non-DEHP;RoHS;USP DescriptionTygon E-LFL extension tubing, 2.06mm ID, 100 ft/pk MORE ABOUT THIS ITEM Applications: General laboratory use; provides longer life with peristaltic tubing pumps. Characteristics: Long life; won t age or oxidize. Bends to small radius curves. Nontoxic and transparent. Certifications: USP Class VI requirements, EP 3.2.6, and FDA compliant. Temperature range: 58 to 165 F ( 50 to 74 C) Sterilize: Ethylene oxide or autoclave for 30 min at 250 F (121 C), 15 psi (1 bar). After autoclaving, dry at no more than 150 F (66 C) for 2 to 21 2 hours. To complete your Ismatec pumping system, order extension tubing. Tubing comes in various formulations

4 for almost any pumping application. Use this tubing with any of the Ismatec standard cartridge pumps and pump heads. Cartridges withstand pressures up to 45 psi (2.9 bar). Masterflex Tygon E-LFL Microbore Tubing for Laboratory Equipment and other Tubing are available to order online. Click any Microbore Tubing category to view all models. The overall length of E-LFL series extension tubing is 100 feet (30 m). The legacy Ismatec extension tubing was 10 m long. Contact our Application Specialists for assistance. Suport tuburi centrifuga 50 ml pentru separare particule magnetice (Bel-Art F magnetic bead separation rack for 50ml tubes); Cod produs Wenk- Labtech LLG #: Palnie picurare gradata cu slif 29/32,slif dop 14/32, robinet de Teflon si tub lateral compensare presiune, volum 250ml; Cod produs Roth KL79.1 Fiole sticla probe, pachet 200 buc.(glass vials with rolled rims, high form, 28x75mm, 30ml, snap-on lid); Cod produs Roth CLC2.1

5 Set 2 sticle gradate solvent HPLC Duran, 1000ml; Cod produs Roth KY93.1 Dopuri de cauciuc tip septum, diametru inferior 28mm, diametru superior 31,4mm (Folding Skirt Stopper Rubber 30.7 Dia 5/pk) Cod produs Cole-Parmer EW Top Outside Diameter (OD) (mm)31.4 Bottom Outside Diameter (OD) (mm)28 Height (mm)22 Port Size (ID) (mm)30.7 ColorNatural MaterialRubber DescriptionFolding Skirt Stopper Rubber 30.7 Dia 5/pk

6 Inel stabilizator pentru flacoane ml, greutate 660g, metal acoperit cu plastic, forma deschisa, diametru interior 51mm (Rotilabo -weights and stabilizing rings, open form); Cod produs Roth CY83.1 Tavite aluminiu pentru balanta de umiditate Mettler-Toledo, diametru 88,9mm, Cod produs ME (pachet 80 buc.) Material Aluminum Diameter (Metric) 88.9mm Sample Pan Diameter ( English) 3.5 in. For Use With (Equipment): For Mettler Toledo LJ16 infrared moisture analyzer Echipament de climatizare (include instalare) Aparat de aer conditionat Whirlpool SPIW 422 Inverter, BTU, Clasa A++, Al 6- lea Simt, Display, Filtru HD + HEPA, Auto Restart, Dezumidificare Cod produs Emag: SPIW 422 Specificatii CARACTERISTICI GENERALE

7 Utilizat pentru Casa CARACTERISTICI GENERALE Utilizare Rezidential Comercial Tip produs Standard Suprafata de montare Perete Suprafata acoperita 50 m² Capacitate generala BTU Capacitate de racire BTU Capacitate de incalzire BTU Eficienta energetica racire A++ Eficienta energetica incalzire A Temperatura minima de operare incalzire ( -C) 7 Tip filtru Hepa Catechin HD Tip compresor Rotativ Numar trepte ventilator 3 Inverter Da Kit instalare inclus Nu UNITATE INTERNA Debit de aer unitate interna 1142 m³/h

8 Nivel de zgomot unitate interna 34 db Culoare unitate interna Alb Lungime unitate interna 1173 nm Latime unitate interna 238 nm Inaltime unitate interna 315 nm Greutate unitate interna 13 Kg EFICIENTA ENERGETICA Coeficient randament sezonier la racire SEER 6.3 Coeficient randament sezonier la incalzire SCOP 3.8 Coeficient randament la racire EER 3.3 Coeficient randament la incalzire COP 3.6 FUNCTII Functii climatizare Racire Incalzire Ventilatie Dezumidificare Tehnologie Wi-Fi Nu Functii speciale 6th Sense Auto Clean Timer Around U Sleep Power Save Real time Clock Auto Restart Jet DIM - back light off 4 D Air Inlet Telecomanda Touch SPECIFICATII TEHNICE Tensiune alimentare 230 V

9 Capacitate nominala la racire 1960 W Capacitate nominala la incalzire 1880 W Agent de racire R410A UNITATE EXTERNA Nivel de zgomot unitate externa 59 db Culoare unitate externa Alb Lungime unitate externa 885 nm Latime unitate externa 366 nm Inaltime unitate externa 795 nm Greutate unitate externa 56 Kg