1999 Toyota Supra RZ VVTi 6 Speed Manual. Concours condition throughout.

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1 1999 Toyota Supra RZ VVTi 6 Speed Manual. Concours condition throughout. Basic Info Registration date 9/1999 Chassis Number JZA Mileage Color Grey Metallic (1B9) OTR Price Detailed description This stunning Supra VVTi RZ 6 Speed Manual is one of the best we have ever seen in Japan. Completely original in specification it's loaded with all original options available - what's most amazing about this example is how completely unmarked it is for a car that was built in Clearly it's been owned by someone who was absolutely obsessed with keeping it a perfect example. Original Equipment & options include: Updated Interior Trim including Carbon Fibre part rimmed steering wheel, Optional Recaro front seats, original in-dash 6 CD Changer and DSP amplifier / controller, Dual SRS Airbags, Power Mirrors with retract mode, Climate Control Air Conditioning, Central locking, Fitted Mats including boot liner, Updated Brakes (Larger Discs and Callipers than previous models), 4 Channel ABS, Traction Control, Updated Lights. This example has also been improved with original option OEM Option side skirts, rear flares and a front spoiler. When we bought the car it had original wheels, but feeling it would benefit from something nicer we uprated these to brand new Enkei RP-F1's with new tyres (Original wheels are available if desired). Original Spare Wheel and tool kit are unused and complete. Being an RZ model it is also equipped with a limited slip differential. VVTi models are equipped with variable camshaft timing, which gives greater urge at higher revs, as the cam lobes are changed to open valves for longer duration, thus improving breathing. As standard these make around 300 bhp. The suspension has been uprated with JIC gas struts. Aside from this minor change, the car is completely standard mechanically. Condition Report: Interior is in unmarked condition - having been a non-smoker's, one owner car since new. Note that leather conversion on Supras by Robson leather here in Japan is available to match the rear seats and door trims from VAT - Optional piping in different colours, headrest Logo, inserts, etc. are also available. Bodywork condition is excellent. 1

2 After carefully checking the car's bodywork for over 20 minutes, we found not one scratch on the body!no stone chips or damage to the original bodywork and virtually no wear to the car, as well as very low wear to brakes, interior, etc. are all signs to indicate this example's been impeccably maintained and used by a careful driver. Despite having done 60,500 miles (Approx) it's still in near new condition. It drives perfectly too. This is one of the last of the breed, which will always be rare in the UK! This example is fitted with all available original options and has had no significant mechanical modifications, so insurance in UK will be as low as possible. An example ideal for drivers who want a fast, reliable and robust Supercar car for daily use. Supra owners who have had good examples usually replace them with another - when the time comes, testament to the quality and integrity of these cars. A rare opportunity to have a very sought after but usually unavailable specification. If you've got tired ot looking at rough examples and want the mintest example available, then this is the car for you. Including 12 month's comprehensive warranty& full UK registration, OTR price: 16,895. If you're outside the UK and would like this car shipped to your country directly ask about our FOB package. This unique Supra VVTi 6 Speed Manual is stored under shelter at our premises in Chiba, Japan and is ready to ship anywhere worldwide. A deposit of 1,000 reserves this unique example. Contact us for further details to reserve this Supra. Newera Imports. Consistently recommended by club members & magazines as the best source of rare specification top condition rare model Japanese import sports cars. 2

3 Photos Probably one of the best preserved original RZ VVTi 6 Speed manuals left in existence. Amazing original condition. 3

4 Bodywork condition is spectacular throughout. There are no pin dents, scratches or damage of any kind on this car's exterior. 4

5 Original colours, as this car was supplied from the factory, complete with original option side skirts.. Picture 6 5

6 Enkei RP-F1 wheels (brand new condition) set this car off beautifully. Amazing condition. 6

7 This is one of our favourite colours for a Supra. Headlights will be re-finished as part of preparation in UK, so they'll look like new. 7

8 Original option rear tint film. Pictures taken in shade show the condition of paintwork even better. 8

9 Original option rear spats are also fitted. Paintwork is stunning! 9

10 Picture 15 Enkei RPF1's were recently fitted (With new tyres) - original wheels are also available, but we prefer the look of 18's. 10

11 Paintwork has been beautifully kept. Picture 18 11

12 An amazing example. We haven't seen another Supra quite this good in a very long time. 12

13 Picture 21 A true modern & iconic classic! 13

14 Picture 23 Enkei RP-F1 wheels are brand new. 14

15 Interior is unworn in keeping with genuine original low mileage. Original option Recaro SR-II reclinable seats. 15

16 Door panel & switch console are unmarked. Picture 28 16

17 Picture 29 Matching passenger Recaro seat. 17

18 Picture 31 Original option carbon fibre trimmed SRS steering wheel. 18

19 Odometer shows total distance travelled in km. Back seat is similarly unworn. 19

20 Boot trim unworn & unmarked. Original option subwoofer integrated into the boot area. 20

21 Picture 37 Engine bay is unmarked & similar to new. Try finding a UK car of this age as mint in the (original) engine bay (Engine unwashed to show original condition). 21

22 Picture 39 Picture 40 22

23 Original Chassis plate with information. Underside is corrosion free. 23

24 How the Newera System Works (1). Starting with your inquiry, we provide a quote or communication, so that we are clear on just what you are after. We ask for detailed information from you, so we can provide an accurate quotation from the beginning. If you are inquiring about a car from stock, steps (2) and (4) are not required. (2). When sourcing to order, our quotation is based on your requirements. As long as your budget is sufficient for the car youre after & the car is likely to be available, we will be prepared to find the car you order, or better. Remember: even if you budget too much, it doesnt matter. We operate a system of supplying the best car we can find, plus a set fee of 900. If we can buy your car for a low price, then you make the corresponding saving. (3). When you are ready to proceed, we ask for a deposit (& completed order form, if applicable). The deposit is usually 1,000. If you want a car worth over 10K OTR, then the deposit is 1,500. The deposit is fully refundable without question, should you for any reason need to cancel before a car is bought on your behalf. If you are reserving a car from stock the deposit is refundable less costs and time incurred provided you cancel 4 working days before shipment from Japan. (4). Miguel, our buyer keeps you informed via periodically whilst searching for your car. Sometimes it can take weeks, even months to find the right car. In addition to Miguel attending the major Tokyo auctions daily, we have buyers searching daily throughout Japan for the car you want. No news simply means we havent found it yet. We dont buy the first car which comes along. It must meet or exceed your requirements whilst not costing more than the OTR price we agreed, though it frequently costs less. (5). As soon as available, we will you up to 30 detailed photographs, showing all aspects of your car. We also include a detailed description. Of course, total OTR price is known at this stage, so we let you know. Cars are insured from the time theyre bought, to the time they are completed & collected by you in UK. (6). Usually, boats are available every 2-3 weeks, from Japan to UK (Southampton). 24

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