Shopping center Sello Smart building connected to smart grids

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1 Shopping center Sello Smart building connected to smart grids ETIP SNET, October 3, 2018, Project director, Siemens Osakeyhtiö Restricted Siemens Osakeyhtiö 2018

2 Perfect places video

3 Sello The smartest shopping mall in Europe Increase energy efficiency Customer satisfaction Increase building value Increase sustainability Reduce cost 26,000,000 visitors Lead EB Platinium certification Page 3

4 Siemens Building technology builds perfect places Digital buildings are connected to smart grids 8 D F F B A 6 F 5 0 F F 2 C1 6 C E A C 6 9 C 1 6 F D 5 0 B 5 7 F 5 B B E 2 5 6F 8 5 D 3 E E 9 C F A 4 0 C B C 7 D 1 D 3 9 D A F D 3 E E 9 C F A 4 0 C B C 7 D 1 D 3 9 D A F E A D 1 D 1 7 B A E D 9 E 4 E 1 7 F F 0 5 A 1 B 7 E F 6 C F 5D F D D 1 C 4 D E C 1 2 E A F 7 D5 A E 7 A 0 D 4 9 C F B 2D D C F 1 B 9 2 D C C 3 3 E 2 A F B 7 F 5 4 B 3 A C 9 A E D 9 E 4 E 1 7 F F 0 5 A 1 B 7 E F 6 C F 5 D F 0 A D D 4 B C2 8D F F B A6 F 5 0 F F 2 C1 6C EA C6 9C 1 6 FD 5 0 B5 7 F 5 B BE 2 5 6F 8 5 D3 EE 9C FA 4 0 CB C7 D1 D3 9D AF D3 EE 9 C FA 4 0 CB C7 D1 D3 9D AF E A1 45 D1 D1 7B 37 9A ED 9E 4E 17 F F0 5A 1B 7E F6 CF 5D FD D1 C4 D E C 1 2 EA F 7 D5 AE 7A 0D 4 9 C8 7 7 FB 2D D CF 1B 9 2 DC C3 3 E 2A F B 7 F 5 4 B 3 A C 9A ED 9E 4E 17 F F0 5A 1B 7E F6 CF 5D F0 A0 82 D1 97 D4 B3 76 C2 Page 4

5 Sello Shopping Mall The project was a door opener to the new market The largest shopping mall in Finland m2 of shopping space 26 Million visitors per year 170 Shops LEED Platinium Page 5 2 million investment aid Energy efficiency Optimization of peak loads Own electricity production Totally new income from reserve markets Turnkey expertise from Siemens Understanding of new earning models Solutions to benefit from compensation from reserve markets Solutions for automatic purchase and selling of electricity as well as controlling of consumption. Diversified know-how: building automation, microgrids, connectivity, platforms, digital solutions, energy storages, smart metering, local production, financing

6 Digital platform Analytics & Data visualization Cloud Open system offering IoT / smart devices Important role of digital services Integrations will connect building automation and energy systems Page 6 Digital services Open application & partner ecosystem Data driven maintenance Remote operations Software as a Service Cyber security services Turn key digital projects A strong integrated base for Smart Buildings Siemens a reliable partner for safe, efficient and sustainable high-performance buildings.

7 Microgrid functions A building as a part of the smart energy system El Spot Electricity market Solar Panels 750 kwp Battery storage 2 MW / 2,1 MWh Siemens microgrid and demand response Cloud Microgrid functionality Demand response market A Building, e.g. a shopping mall, campus or business park Smart building automation Electric systems for the demand response use and microgrid functions Page 7

8 Building technology components in the microgrid Load to be provided from Sello to the reserve market Battery SieStorage (2 MW, 2,1 MWh) LED lightning dali control (3000 pcs) Fans (0-848 kw scale) Ground heater electric (0-390 kw scale) Ground heater pump (0-35 kw scale) Generators (1330 kw) Solar power (0-750 kw scale) EV charging (0-300 kw scale) Next steps, Cooling 3 MW Other assets 1 MW Page 8

9 Shopping mall Sello Project key exploitable results Overall yearly benefits for the customer to streaming Opex neutral solution Fingrid market places /a PV energy production /a Energy efficiency /a Maintenance cost reduction /a From record store Maintenance cost backlog reduction Own energy production 640 MWh/a Carbon emission reduction 281 tkg/co2/a Property value will increase Shopping center image will increase Lifecycle cost efficiency will affect the tenants positively Sustainability matters, acting as a leader Technology improvement and readiness for next steps Page 9

10 Demand (MW) Briefly control of building loads Sello shopping center Shortage Surplus TNSP / DSNP 1 Siemens Cloud SieStorage Case 1: stand-by 30kW 200kW 200kW Case 2: Increase demand +50kW +100kW +250kW Case 2: Reduce demand -30kW -100kW -270kW 3 2,5 2 1, Actual Flexibility: lower limit 0,5 Flexibility: upper limit Typical 0 6:00 10:00 14:00 18:00 22:00 3 Page 10 1 TNSP/DNSP: Transmission / Distribution Network Service Provider

11 Later on Shopping center as part of a Virtual power plant More customer benefits out of the greater markets Page 11

12 Virtual power plant video

13 The growing amount of renewable energy is increasing the need for a sustainable balancing solution - through flexible consumption. 8.4 million investment aid Back-up power Expensive for a society to maintain Not driving sustainability Unprofitable replacements The Ministry funding enabling the implementation of the required technology for the buildings. The biggest investment aid granted to an energy initiative reflects the Ministry a trust of the initiative. 7,2 million is dedicated to building owners to implement required technologies. Funding Microgrid projects 22 MW Battery storages 10 MW Smart energy management Enabler for profitable technology investments. Page 13

14 Development path to become the Buildings IoS platform Key energy project Building IoS Performance conracting Sello - smart energy system Projects Enter to the international markets Energy storage Virtual power plant platform New company Projects to be connected to the same platform Growth New services Page 14

15 Technology for balancing grids with present assets are here! Can we balance European grids with building assets? Page 15

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