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1 REV. A

2 PARTS INCLUDED Ref. Part Number Description Qty 1) Slip-on S-bend Assembly 1 2) RT1 Aluminum Muffler Assembly 1 3) Muffler Mounting Strap 1 4) Muffler Strap Silicone Rubber Sleeve 1 5) Tail Light Relocation Bracket 1 6) SS M8-1.25x65mm Button Head Cap Screw 1 7) M Hex Flange Nut, Zinc 1 8) M5-0.8 Hex Flange Nut, Black Zinc 2 9) Dual Swivel Extension Spring 2 10) T-Bolt Clamp 1 TOOLS REQUIRED Ref. Description 1) 3/8 Drive Ratchet 2) 3 Extension 3) 8mm Socket 4) 10mm Socket 5) 12mm Socket 6) Phillips Screwdriver Ref. Description 7) 5mm Allen Socket 8) 8mm Allen Socket 9) 8mm Wrench 10) 11mm Wrench 11) Torque Wrench 12) Spring Tool or Needlenose Pliers 1) Make sure the motorcycle is cool and place securely on a service lift or stand. 2) Remove the two bolts securing the rider seat to the motorcycle. Remove the seat. See Figure #1 3) Using the key, remove the passenger seat. 4) Remove the bolts and push pin fasteners securing the tail section to the sub frame. Carefully spread the tail section and remove it from the motorcycle. See Figure #2 FIGURE #1

3 5) Disconnect the turn signal & tail light plugs on the left side of the sub frame. 6) Remove the four bolts securing the complete rear fender assembly (including the tail light & turn signals) and the rear reflectors to the sub frame. Remove from the motorcycle. See Figure #2 7) Remove the two nuts from the back side of the reflectors and retain to be used elsewhere in Step #38. 8) Remove the two bolts securing the right side passenger peg. Remove the passenger peg. See Figure #4 9) Remove the bolt from the inside of the stock s-bend heat shield located behind the rear brake reservoir. See Figure #5 10)Remove the bolt securing the silver plastic heel cover from the right side rider peg mount. Remove the cover. See Figure #6 11) Remove the bolt securing the rear brake reservoir to the sub frame. Allow the reservoir to dangle. FIGURE #3 FIGURE #2 FIGURE #4

4 12)Remove the two s-bend heat shield mounting bolts that are indicated in Figures #7,8. 13)Remove the two right side rider peg assembly mounting bolts. See Figure #9 14)Carefully pull the rider peg assembly away from the motorcycle frame. Disconnect the brake light switch return spring. Squeeze and pull the brake light switch assembly from the rider peg assembly. Set the rider peg assembly down on your working surface. 15)Remove the s-bend heat shield from the s-bend. See Figure #10 16)Loosen the headpipe to s-bend mounting clamp. See Figure #11 17)Remove the s-bend mounting bolt. See Figure #12 18)Remove the two bolts securing the muffler assembly to the sub frame. See Figure #13 NOTE: Make sure you support the muffler assembly when removing the bolts. FIGURE #6 FIGURE #5 FIGURE #7

5 19)Carefully remove the complete muffler assembly from the motorcycle. 20)Directly above where the stock muffler used to reside, there is a bolt mounted horizontally in the sub frame. This bolt must be removed. See Figure #15 as a reference to where the original bolt is located. 21)Place the supplied t-bolt clamp onto the notched inlet side of the Jardine s-bend and slide the s-bend onto the headpipe outlet. Do not tighten the clamp at this time. Make sure the t-bolt clamp does not hit the swingarm when mounted. See Figure #14 22)Slide the Jardine RT1 muffler onto the s-bend. Make sure the muffler is fully seated onto the s-bend. Using the two supplied swivel springs, secure the muffler to the s-bend. 23)Attach the provided silicone rubber sleeve to the inside of the muffler mounting clamp. FIGURE #9 FIGURE #8 FIGURE #10

6 24)Slide the muffler mounting clamp over the muffler, with the clearance notch facing toward the front of the motorcycle. Using the supplied M8-1.25x65mm button head bolt, secure the right side muffler clamp mounting tab to the centered mounting boss on the sub frame. Tighten the bolt until snug. See Figure #15 25)Wrap the muffler mounting clamp around the muffler and secure it to the bolt and sub frame using the supplied M zinc hex flange nut. See Figure #15 26)Position the exhaust, then fully tighten the t-bolt clamp and muffler mounting hardware. 27)Reconnect the brake light switch and brake light switch return spring to the rider peg assembly. 28)Mount the rider peg assembly to the motorcycle using the two mounting bolts. Tighten the mounting bolts to factory specification. See Figure #16 FIGURE #12 FIGURE #11 FIGURE #13

7 29)Mount the rear brake reservoir to the sub frame. See Figure #16 30)Mount the right side passenger peg to the sub frame. Tighten bolts to factory specification. See Figure #16 31)Using the original bolt, mount the silver plastic heel cover to the rider peg assembly. See Figure #16 TAIL LIGHT ADAPTER BRACKET 32)Remove the two grey wings from the fender arms. See Figure #17 33)Remove the nuts and bolts securing the tail light mounting bracket to the rear fender assembly. Slide the tail light out of the rear fender. 34)Remove the nuts securing the tail light to the tail light mounting bracket. See Figure #18 FIGURE #15 FIGURE #14 FIGURE #16

8 35)Remove the nuts securing the left & right turn signals to the rear fender. Remove the turn signals. NOTE: Right = Blue, Left = Orange 36)Remove the metal brackets from the turn signal mounting grommets on the rear fender. Remove the rubber grommets. 37)The center (tail light) section of the rear fender will now separate from the arms. it will not be reused. 38)Reinsert the turn signal grommets into the rear fender arms. Insert the metal brackets into the grommets. 39)Using the original flange nuts, mount the turn signals to the rear fender arms and the new tail light adapter bracket. Fully tighten the nuts. See Figure #19 40)Using the original button head bolts, washers, and the nuts removed from the reflectors in Step #7, secure the rear fender arms to the tail light adapter bracket. See Figure #19 FIGURE #18 FIGURE #17 FIGURE #19

9 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION 41)Using the supplied M black zinc hex flange nuts, secure the tail light to the tail light adapter bracket. The tail light adapter bracket assembly is complete. NOTE: Excess threads on the tail light mounting bolts can be cut off if you choose. 42)Using the four original mounting bolts, loosely mount the rear fender assembly to the sub frame on the motorcycle. See Figure #20 43)Feed the tail light and turn signal wires to the connectors and reconnect all wires. Fully tighten the rear fender mounting bolts. 44)Clean all fingerprints and grease from the exhaust system. 45)Turn on the motorcycle and check to make sure the turn signals and tail light are operating properly. Adjust the brake light switch if needed. 46)Start the motorcycle and check for any exhaust leaks. FIGURE #20 47)Using the original hardware, mount the tail section to the sub frame. 48)Using the original hardware, reinstall the rider seat. 49)Reattach the passenger seat. NOTE: SOME INSTALLATION PICTURES SHOW THE JARDINE DUAL OUTLET MUFFLER, BUT ALL INSTALLATION STEPS ARE IDENTICAL FOR THE RT-1 SINGLE OUTLET MUFFLER.