GWRRA NY Chapter T December 2012 Newsletter MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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1 GWRRA NY Chapter T December 2012 Newsletter MERRY CHRISTMAS Chapter T meets at the Vienna Hotel on the corner of Rt. 13 and Rt. 49 on the fourth Thursday of the month. Join us for a bite to 6PM with the meeting to follow at 7PM DIRECTOR of GWRRA: Jere Goodman Rider Education Director: Tony Van Schaick Region B Directors Tom & Renee Wasluck NEW YORK DISTRICT STAFF : District Director Paul & Suzette wood Asst. District Directors Bob & Cathy Turner Gary & Donna Cork District Educators Al Stahl Asst Educator John & Pam Van Deusen District Leadership Trainer Claire & Richie Aylward District MAD Coordinators-TBA District Coy Coordinators Bob & Sandy Kelley District Couple of the Year Tim & Eileen Guile District Membership Coordinator Pete & Marielle St. Amour District Public Relations Linda Waterman District Treasurer Kathy DeGroff Newsletter Editor Phil & Tammy Coons District Web Mistress Suzette Wood NY District Website: Checkout the Latest News from the N.Y. District: & GWRRA National s News Letters Chapter T Staff: Chapter T Director: David & Linda Fletcher \ Asst. Director: TBA Treasurer: Jack & Joan Bisgrove \ Ride Educator: Jim Thayer \ Tech advisor: Dave Secor \ Newsletter editor: Jim & Trish Thayer \ 2012 Chapter Couple: Al & Linda Yerdon MEC: Linda Clemens Recording Secretary: Sally Williams \ Sunshine Coordinator: MaryAnn Bennett \ Webmaster: Clark Clemens \ Photographer: Dan Brown \ Birthdays: Dec.-3 David Fletcher Dec. 4 Daniel Brown Dec.11 Rosalie Gillett Anniversaries: Dec Combs, Bud & Agnes Dec. 9 Yaddow, Ken & Kathy Dash 4 Cash Points as of points & Monthly Gathering 50/50 Winner Gerry Thompson Congratulations to All! Merry CHRISTMAS 1

2 Chapter T s Director s Corner Season's Greetings To All! There were 27 attendees at our November 2012 get 'T'gether. It was great to see some of our members/friends who had recent surgeries back with us and looking good (Sharon & Bonnie). Both thanked the members for the cards, visits and thoughts/ prayers. We now look forward to the speedy recovery of Kathy DeGroff and Dan Brown (back surgery) and hope to see them both soon. Chapter Director, Dave Fletcher, began the gathering by wishing members and friends a Happy Thanksgiving. He continued the being 'thankful theme' by first noting the sacrifices and to recognize the men and women who have served or who today serve in the Armed Forces of the United States. Next came recognition and sincere appreciation to the Chapter T men and women veterans who have served. They were asked to stand or raise their hand and all received a nice round of applause from those in attendance. Last, but not least, came recognition and a BIG thank you to the Chapter T team members. It was pointed out that they are the backbone to the successful functioning of our Chapter. They are the ones who do the work, listen to the members, and provide the support for the Chapter. Throughout the year your team members will put together a ride/activity schedule, assess training needs to make you a safer rider/passenger or figure out ways to enhance the chapter's fun. Our team members can be counted on to give their time, money, and energy for you -- the members. Please look at the first page of our Newsletter for a listing of your team members and their area of expertise. I wish to thank each team member very, very much on behalf of the Chapter and especially because you've made my duties easier. Christmas gathering: Come join the holiday fun at the Vienna Hotel on Saturday, December 8th at 5 p.m. Our menu includes some great food, laughter and a few surprises. A minimal cost of $5.00 is charged and bring a wrapped gift to exchange ($15-$20). Break out your holiday clothes and come with a Christmas spirit and a smile. Hope to see you there. State & National News: -District Meeting: Tentative plans are to hold this meeting at the Syracuse/ Liverpool Holiday Inn on January 19, Wing Ding 35: in Greenville, South Carolina, July 3 - July 6, It's not too early to make your plans. Jim Thayer has indicated the rooms are going fast. Jim has reserved a block of rooms at the MainStay Suites on a first come basis; so, contact him for the particulars. "Thanks", Jim. Our next gathering: December 8th, January 24, regular gathering at 6 p.m Christmas party - 5 p.m. On behalf of Linda and I, we wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It has been a pleasure to be your Chapter T Director for this past year. **Support our sponsors and drive safely over the winter** Dave & Linda Membership: To sustain our chapter we need additional members. By increasing the membership we can ensure our Chapter T remains now and into the future. About 12 years ago a group of individuals started this chapter with some likeminded people and a vision. Without seeking new active members - that vision may fade like many of our eyesight's. Over the next several months, it's critical for each and everyone of us to seek out new members and emphasize the fun, safety and knowledge our chapter can provide. "The future will soon be a thing of the past." - George Carlin As we strive to recruit new members, it's just as critical that we keep our existing members who are just as important. We need to tell those that we haven't seen that we miss them and encourage them to remain active with our chapter. 2

3 NY T Rider Education Page: O N T H E S C E N E Jim Thayer NY Chapter T Educator Poor Decisions All round by Officer Saul Gomez, California Highway Patrol Editor's note Friction Zone draws no conclusions and assumes no liability for conclusions drawn by the reader. This report may be graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all readers. L ATE ON A HOT summer afternoon, a rider was traveling on her 2004 Honda VFR 800 motorcycle in moderate freeway traffic. The temperature was 103 F and the humidity level was 75 percent. The rider was wearing jeans, a tank-top shirt, light gloves, and a full-face, DOTapproved helmet. The freeway at this location is aligned in a north/south direction and composed of four lanes of travel that are divided by raised ceramic reflectors. A concrete jersey wall divides the northbound and southbound lanes, and concrete sound walls border the right shoulders. The maximum speed limit at this location is 65 mph. Sequence The motorcyclist was returning home from a three-hour motorcycle ride by traveling southbound at 65 mph in the left wheel path of the #2 lane. She observed that a big rig ahead of her in the #3 lane was casting shade onto the #2 lane, directly in front of her (Scene 1). In an attempt to utilize the shade to cool down, she accelerated her motorcycle and positioned it within the big rig's shadow. She traveled along beside the big rig for approximately two miles when the big rig's left rear tire suddenly ruptured. The big rig driver managed to maintain control of his vehicle, but unfortunately the tread quickly separated from the tire and became airborne. The tire tread was subsequently propelled into the #2 lane, directly towards the motorcyclist (Scene 2). When the rider observed the tread separating from the big rig's tires, she applied both the front and rear brakes and downshifted in an attempt to create distance between her and the big rig. Unfortunately, the rider was unable to slow her motorcycle enough and was subsequently struck by the tire tread. The tread struck the motorcycle's front tire and front faring, causing the rider to lose control of the motorcycle as it went into a violent front wheel wobble. The rider was subsequently ejected off the motorcycle, towards the *1 lane, where she remained until the CHP arrived (Scene 3). As a result of this collision, the rider sustained several serious injuries including several broken bones, severe road rash, and a concussion. The rider was transported to the hospital for medical attention, where she remained for several days. Opinion The rider could have easily prevented this collision by not riding near the big rig. Commercial-size vehicles pose a serious threat to motorcycle riders and vehicles alike, especially since the drivers of such vehicles often have difficulty seeing smaller vehicles like motorcycles. It is also not uncommon for big rig tires to spontaneously burst and disintegrate. Commercial-vehicle tire tread weighs upwards of 35 pounds and can measure 8 feet in length; so it is imperative that motorcyclists make every attempt to avoid traveling around and alongside commercial traffic. An impact from tire tread or road debris can cause serious injuries and even death. Also, commercial vehicles often run over objects on the roadway and turn them into flying projectiles, causing damage to other vehicles. Although the motorcyclist was in complete compliance of the law, she still sustained serious injuries. When the rider was questioned by CHP officers, she stated she was riding alongside the big rig because she wanted to avoid the sun since her skin had been exposed to it for several hours. She also stated she had been riding for approximately three hours, without stopping, and was feeling tired. It is crucial that you always wear the proper riding equipment regardless of the climate. Although wearing a riding jacket, riding pants, and gloves might seem cumbersome and counter-intuitive in hot climate, remember that the proper equipment will protect you from injuries (such as road rash) should you crash. It will also protect you from the sun and hot air. Dehydration ( caused by both the sun and hot air hitting exposed skin) and fatigue will likely cause inattention and drowsiness, leading you to make poor choices and/or impair your reaction times to road hazards. In this case, the rider was highly fatigued due to the high temperatures of that day. Her fatigue could have played a part in making the poor decision to ride next to the big rig. Remember that anything can happen at anytime, so you must constantly analyze your surroundings and have a plan of action. Never ride above your personal abilities and always respect the rules of road. And think of yourself first while riding: Am I tired? Am I hot or cold? Am I putting myself in danger by riding next to this big rig? Am I riding beyond my abilities? These are just a few of the questions that you need to answer honestly if you want to survive as a motorcyclist. FS 3

4 TECH CORNER with Dave Secor 2013 GOLD WING F6B SPECIFICATIONS Honda s new Gold Wing F6B takes the world s greatest touring motorcycle our own Gold Wing and puts a whole new spin on it. Lighter, trimmer, leaner. Perfect for around-town, shorter trips, or even a weekend getaway, the Gold Wing F6B still offers plenty of storage capacity and performance, along with many of the Gold Wing s comfort and luxury features. Best of all, it has a clean, fresh look that s all its own. Engine Type Bore and Stroke 74mm x 71mm Compression Ratio 9.8:1 Valve Train Induction Ignition Transmission Final Drive Front Suspension Rear Suspension Front Brake Rear Brake Front Tire Rear Tire 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder SOHC; two valves per cylinder PGM-FI, Programmed Fuel Injection Computer-controlled digital with 3-D mapping Five-speed including Overdrive Shaft 45mm cartridge fork with anti-dive system, 4.8 inches travel Pro Arm single-side swingarm with Pro-Link single shock with remote-controlled spring-preload adjustment; TBD inches travel Dual full-floating 296mm discs with CBS three-piston calipers Single ventilated 316mm disc with CBS three-piston caliper 130/70R /60R-16 Front Suspension Rear Suspension Curb Weight: Wheelbase: Rake: Seat Height: Fuel Capacity: MSRP: Colors: Warranty: 45mm cartridge fork with anti-dive system, 4.8 inches travel Pro Arm single-side swingarm with Pro-Link single shock with remote-controlled spring- preload adjustment; TBD inches travel 842 lbs in deg. Trail: 4.3 in in. 6.7 gallons $19,999; $20,999 (Deluxe) Red; Black Transferable three-year limited warranty 4

5 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 December Chpt. T s 2012 Christmas Vienna Hotel 5:00 pm Merry Christmas Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat January HAPPY NEW YEAR New York District Meeting Chapter T Gathering at the Vienna Hotel Dinner 6:00 pm Meeting 7:00 pm

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