DATA SHEET. For Proper Use of Miniature Relays

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1 DATA SHEET AUTOMOTIVE RELAYS EX/EX SERIES DESCRIPTION The new NEC EX/EX series is PC-board mount type and the most suitable for various motor and heater controls in the automobiles which require high quality and high performance. The EX series is succeeding in about % of miniaturization in comparison with the ET series. The EX series is succeeding in about % of miniaturization in comparison with the ET series. The EX/EX series is under development now. FEATURES PC-board mounting Lead free solder is used Approx. 7% relay volume of ET Approx. % relay volume of ET Approx. % relay space of ET Approx. % relay space of ET Approx. % relay weight of ET Approx. 7% relay weight of ET APPLICATIONS Motor control Solenoid control EX SERIES EX SERIES For Proper Use of Miniature Relays DO NOT EXCEED MAXIMUM RATING Do not use relay under excessive conditions such as over ambient temperature, over voltage and over current. Incorrect use could result in abnormal heating and damage to the relay or other parts. READ CAUTIONS IN THE SELECTION GUIDE Read the cautions described in NEC s Miniature Relays (EREJ*) before dose designing your relay applications. This information in this document is subject to change without notice. Document No. ERCP-- Date Published March Printed in Japan Phone 77-- Fax NEC/TOKIN Iwate, Ltd.

2 SCHEMATIC (BOTTOM VIEW) EX EX (Unit A) (Unit B) DIMENSIONS [mm] EX VENT HOLE EX PHILIPPINES EX-US A 9 PHILIPPINS EX-US B 3. ±.. ±.. ±. 7. ±. *3. +./ ± ±. *-. x... *3. +./-. *-. x *-. x *-. x PCB PAD LAYOUT [mm] (BOTTOM VIEW) *AFTER SOLDER DIP *. x. *-. x.7 EX -φ.9 +./- EX -φ. +./- +. / - -φ. -φ. +./- 3-φ. +./- -φ. +./- Phone 77-- Fax

3 SPECIFICATION ( at C ) Items Specifications EX EX Contact Form c x (Separate) c Max. Switching Voltage Vdc Max. Switching Current 3A (atvdc) Contact Min. Switching Current A (Vdc) Rating 3A (minutes max. Vdc at C) Max. Carrying Current 3A (minutes max. Vdc at C) A (minutes max. Vdc at C) Contact Resistance mω typical (measured at 7A) initial Contact Material Silver oxide complex alloy Operate Time (Excluding Bounce).ms typical (at nominal voltage) Release Time (Excluding Bounce) 3ms typical (at nominal voltage with diode) Nominal Operate Power 9mW Insulation Resistance MΩ at Vdc Withstand Between Open Contact Vac min. (for minute) Voltage Between Contact and Coil Vac min. (for minute) Shock Misoperation 9m/s Resistance Destructive Failure 9m/s Vibration Misoperation to 3Hz, 3m/s Resistance Destructive Failure to Hz 3m/s, hour Ambient Temperature - to + C Coil Temperature Rise 7 C /W (without contact carrying current) Mechanical x operations Life Expectancy Electrical P/W motor lock (Vdc, A) P/W motor free (Vdc, A/7A) x 3 operations x 3 operations Weight Approx..g Approx. 3.g COIL RATING Part Numbers EX/-US (Sealed type) EX/-U (Unsealed type) NUMBERING SYSTEM EX/- U S Nominal Voltage (Vdc) Coil Resistance (Ω)+/-% Must Operate Voltage (Vdc) ( at C ) Must Release Voltage (Vdc) Enclosure Must Operate Voltage ( at C) Contact Material Nil: Unsealed S: Sealed :. V U: Silver oxide complex alloy Phone 77-- Fax Coil Resistance ( at C) 3 : Ω

4 TECHNICAL DATA Coil Temperature Rise V Coil Temperature Rise ( C) V.V Time (min) Saturated Coil Temperature ( C).. Coil Wattage (W) Phone 77-- Fax

5 RELAY CHARACTERISTICS DISTRIBUTION (INITIAL, n = pcs., at C) Operate/Release Voltage.9 Operate voltage Release voltage Operate/Release voltage (V) Contact Resistance Coil Resistance.9 Contact resistance (N/O) Contact resistance (N/C).9 Coil resistance Contact resistance (mω) Coil resistance (Ω) Operate Time Release Time.9 Operate Time (Excluding contact bounce) Operate Time (Including contact bounce).9 Release Time (Excluding contact bounce) Release Time (Including contact bounce) Phone 77-- Fax Operate time (ms).. with coil clump diode Release time (ms)

6 ELECTRICAL LIFE TEST (Vdc-A, P/W motor, Lock) Test items. Operate voltage. Release voltage 3. Contact resistance. Coil resistance. Operate time. Release time (with coil clump diode) Temperature Frequency Contact load Number of operations Test conditions : C :.s ON, 9.s OFF,.Hz : Vdc-A, P/W motor, Lock : x 3 Samples EX-US relay (Design pcs sample) pcs.v max. Voltage (V) Voltage (V).9V min. Operate voltage Release voltage 3 3 Deviation (%) - - Deviation (%) Operate voltage Release voltage Phone 77-- Fax

7 mω max. mω max. Resistance (mω) Resistance (mω) 9 7 Contact resistance (N/O) Ω±% Contact resistance (N/C) Resistance (Ω) 3 Coil resistance ms max. ms max. Time (ms) Time (ms) Operate time Release time Phone 77-- Fax