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1 2012 Waverunner


3 Prepare to take your emotions for a ride. We apologise if the following pages play with your emotions. It s only when you consider the difference the latest WaveRunner can make, strong feelings will start to get the better of you. The lure of the open water will start to beckon as the prospect of having such sophisticated power at your fingertips becomes irresistible. So, where will your emotions take you? On a long exciting touring adventure, perhaps? A determined blast of sports action? Or the pure joy of simply being with friends and family? Well, whatever you choose, the keys are right here in your hands. You just need to find which WaveRunner they fit The Yamaha Difference 4-9 Sport FZR FZS VXR VXS High Performance FX Cruiser SHO FX SHO FX Cruiser HO FX HO Recreation VX Cruiser VX Deluxe 28 VX Sport 29 Race SuperJet Specifications Accessories 35


5 Feel the difference. Enjoy the difference. A WaveRunner is different, because it s the leader of the pack. Ahead on performance. On technology and innovation. On style. In short, on giving you more all-round, on-water fun. Has been since we launched the first one around 25 years ago. Blasting to the forefront of our latest range are four all-new FX models with larger hulls, more spacious body designs, new, even more comfortable seating and a host of industry-first technical features never before seen on a personal watercraft. The Yamaha Difference In fact, from the top-of the-line FZS and FZR to the race-bred SuperJet, this year s line-up presents you with an enjoyable problem. Which one best fits your dream? Which one to choose? Let s go shopping!

6 The power to move you. For WaveRunner riders, the innovative design and proven reliability of Yamaha marine engine technology is legendary. In fact, Yamaha pioneered the development of the first 4-stroke watercraft, with its smooth, quiet power delivery and amazing economy. So today you can chose from a full range powered by these latest generation, high performance engines, each one monitored and computer controlled by the sophisticated Yamaha Engine Management System (YEMS). Power with proven reliability equals peace of mind.

7 1812cc supercharged 1812cc DOHC engine 1052cc VX engine A special version of our 1812cc powerhouse with an extremely quiet and compact supercharger is to be found under the hoods of our flagship models, the FZR, FZS, FX SHO and FX Cruiser SHO. This is the only supercharged unit in the industry designed to run on regular unleaded fuel. The largest displacement unit ever in a production watercraft, and almost certainly the most fuel-efficient and environmentfriendly in the industry, the amazing 1812cc DOHC Yamaha marine engine powers the VXR, VXS, FX HO and FX Cruiser HO models. Delivering a combination of ultra-smooth power development, low noise, low fuel consumption and low emissions, this 4-stroke, 1052cc 4-cylinder engine is everything today s riders want. Responsive and utterly reliable, it s found on the VX Cruiser, VX Deluxe and VX Sport. The Yamaha Difference And power to move the water Beauty with inner strength Unique technology lies behind Yamaha s Hyper-Flow jet pump propulsion system. The advanced combination of high-flow intake and three-blade stainless steel impeller provides excellent hook-up and smooth acceleration, converting pure power into instant traction. Our NanoXcel hull is the lightest in its class thanks to patented nanotechnology that creates incredibly strong intermolecular bonding. The hull is actually 25% lighter than conventional materials and has an incredibly smooth surface, resulting in superb acceleration, top speed and handling agility, together with supreme fuel efficiency. NanoXcel s bonding

8 The Yamaha Difference Remote security Here are just some of the exciting, innovative and often unique features that set your WaveRunner apart from any other watercraft and create the Yamaha Difference. Each of these features is the result of many years of constant development and technical advancement, designed to make your time on the water as carefree and relaxing as possible. Not all features are applicable to every model, so please check the individual model descriptions and the helpful chart on page 34. For the full story, talk to an expert your WaveRunner dealer. One click on the remote transmitter button engages a special L mode (Low RPM) to limit top speed for controlled manoeuvring. For security and peace of mind, a second button disables the ignition, preventing accidental start-up or unauthorised joyrides. Seats that hug you Whether you re an adventure-seeking touring rider with three people up, or an adrenaline-powered wave blaster out there solo, we ve got a seat to suit. From new and luxurious theatre-style cruiser seats to sport bolstered designs, your comfort is guaranteed.

9 Electronic throttle Control Quick Shift Trim System (QSTS ) Adjustable steering This unique system has intelligent features Cruise-Assist to set and maintain specific speeds, No Wake Mode to help navigate easily through low speed areas and Reverse Traction Control to prevent accidental over-revving in reverse. The comfortable QSTS twist-grip gives you click-by-click control, on-the-fly, of five trim positions. Just imagine you can twist and click the trim in as you pull a really tight turn and then trim out again to blast away at top speed. Another thoughtful advantage that helps you fine-tune the machine to your own style of riding. Some models have telescopic adjustment others have this new 4-step, tilt-adjustable system which adds to the luxury of the WaveRunner experience. The Yamaha Difference Focus on the stern Clear, accurate instrumentation Now you can take it with you For watersports enthusiasts, every detail is considered, particularly at the spacious stern, where firm, wide steps, Hydro-Turf slip-resistant mats and helpful, well positioned handles make re-boarding simplicity itself. Comprehensive, clearly presented data is a priority for stress-free riding and a WaveRunner features some of the best you ll ever see, along with conveniently placed function controls. Comprehensive warning systems keep you informed of engine conditions too. Practical, thoughtfully designed storage is much appreciated by WaveRunner riders so you ll find spacious and water-resistant compartments on most models. Perfect for the snacks, drinks, tow ropes and sunglasses.

10 FZR

11 Get your adrenaline pumping! While the FZR takes solo sports riding to fresh heights, it also offers luxury and versatility, including a new sport-bolstered seat which makes it a very capable, super-fast cruiser for two. The combination of lightweight NanoXcel hull and supercharged 1812cc engine delivers enormous power and thrust, while the rounded keel and bow shape make extremely tight turns easy. You ll relish the nimble, sure-footed handling and stability, even in the choppiest water. The fastback styling only serves to underline the FZR s formidable character. The unique telescopic steering adjustment means you can switch effortlessy between a lean-forward riding position and a stand-up style. Sport FZR Key Features Supercharged, 1812cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC Race-inspired hull and fastback styling Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S.) Unique telescopic steering Industry-first remote security with Low-RPM Mode Race-style cockpit Eclipse Black 1. New sport-bolstered seat design 2. Unique telescopic steering

12 FZS

13 Our Premium Blend Although designed to deliver the thrill and excitement of high performance solo riding, the versatile and luxurious 3-seat FZS is also a premium fast-cruising machine. With an advanced NanoXcel hull the lightest in its class combined with the extraordinary power of a large displacement, 1.8 litre supercharged engine, thrilling acceleration and high-speed performance come as standard. A rounded keel and special bow shape transform cornering and handling performance as well as providing added comfort. Clever telescopic steering allows you to carve hard in the classic lean-forward position or make a quick adjustment in choppy water to ride securely in the stand-up style. Sport FZS Key Features Supercharged, 1812cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC Race-inspired hull Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S.) Unique telescopic steering Industry-first remote security with Low-RPM Mode Race-style cockpit Black With Electric Green 1. Reverse Traction Control system 2. Race-inspired hull

14 VXR

15 Experience the taste of freedom. Step aboard the VXR and discover true sporting performance and a range of thrills like you never experienced before. A luxurious two-tone, step-up seat designed for comfort and relaxed control immediately tells you that the VXR is all about having some serious watersports fun. Discover the combination of a powerful 4-stroke 1812cc High Output engine and ultra-light NanoXcel hull - together they deliver acceleration and tight-turning ability that liberates you to re-explore your own boundaries. Finished in its dramatic new colour of metallic red, the VXR proves that classleading performance can be delivered with style as well as efficiency. Step up for action. Sport VXR Key Features High Output 1812cc, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve Clean and efficient (Carb 3-star/EU-1 rated) Compact and lightweight design Semi-V multi-chine hull NanoXcel hull and metallic painted deck Distinctive hot rod-style front air intake Crimson Red Metallic 1. Two-tone step-up seat comfort and control 2. Re-boarding step

16 VXS

17 Power and precision. Unleash it. The VXS proves that a watercraft can be powerful offering awesome acceleration and agility and efficient too. In short, this is affordable performance on a new level. The ultra-lightweight, high-tech NanoXcel hull and deck is teamed with a powerful 1812cc High Output engine to deliver astonishing acceleration. The semi-v multi-chine hull is designed to deliver precise, confidence-giving handling even with 3 people on board so you can leave heavier craft trailing in your wake. Finished in an eye-catching black and metalllic colour scheme with a hot-rod style front air intake, the VXS doesn t only make waves on the water it also turns heads. Unleash its power. Sport VXS Key Features High Output 1812cc, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16V engine Compact and lightweight design Semi-V multi-chine hull Ultra lightweight NanoXcel hull and deck New bolstered sports seat design up to 3 riders Hot rod-style front air intake Silver Metallic 1. Extended rear platform 2. Eye-catching design and styling

18 FX Cruiser SHO

19 Your passport to Supercharged Express Cruising The all-round capability of this flagship WaveRunner is astonishing. First it s a super-comfortable long-distance express cruiser packed with innovation and practicality like industry-first, theatre-style seating for 3. Then open the throttle and it s a wave-blasting sports machine ready for extreme action. Electronic throttle control with Cruise-Assist and Low-wake Mode, Reverse Traction Control, Neutral selector, tilt-adjust steering... ask your dealer for the full story. High Performance FX Cruiser SHO The supercharged engine and lightweight NanoXcel hull deliver awesome performance and economy blended with stable, agile handling that means you ll have the confidence to explore new horizons. Key Features Supercharged High Output 1812cc engine with EFI New, longer NanoXcel lightweight hull and deck New design Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S ) New luxury 3-passenger 2-piece Cruiser seat Industry-first remote security with Low-RPM Mode Unique 4-step tilt-adjustable steering system Eclipse Black 1. Lightweight NanoXcel hull and deck 2. Clear and stylish instruments


21 Squeeze the throttle for supercharged adventures Bring a smile to your face by riding this machine in an aggressive, wave-conquering style or explore its more relaxing personality, when its the smoothest, most powerful 3-seat touring machine we ve ever made, ready to take you on great adventures in ultimate luxury and comfort. The Supercharged 1812cc engine and new, longer, lightweight NanoXcel hull and deck are the perfect double act. Awesome power coupled with stable, agile handling and a super-comfortable ride. Cutting-edge technology and innovation look after you along the way too, with electronic throttle control, Cruise-Assist, neutral selector and remote-control security. Your dealer has the rest of the story. High Performance FX SHO Key Features Supercharged High Output 1812cc engine with EFI New, longer NanoXcel lightweight hull and deck Powerful Hyper-Flow jet pump with 3-blade impeller New design Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S ) 2-piece seat and ergonomically designed hand grips Industry-first remote security with Low-RPM Mode Crimson Red Metallic 1. Supercharged High Output 1812cc engine 2. Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S.)

22 FX Cruiser HO

23 Reach new cruising horizons. In luxury. The all-new FX Cruiser HO offers you a real leap forward in cruising luxury and performance and every detail will excite you and make your time on the water more enjoyable. The journey starts with a smooth surge of power from the large-displacement 1812cc engine, followed by a wonderful feeling of confidence as you explore the sure handling and stability of the lightweight NanoXcel hull and deck. The innovation continues with an Electronic throttle system, Reverse Traction Control and remote security, as well as a host of new features adjustable steering, extended stern platform, 3-person Cruiser seat, more storage space this is the brave new world of cruising. High Performance FX Cruiser HO Key Features High Output 1812cc engine with EFI system New, longer NanoXcel lightweight hull and deck New design Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S ) New luxury 3-passenger 2-piece Cruiser seat Industry-first remote security with Low-RPM Mode Unique 4-step tilt-adjustable steering system Silver Metallic 1. Unparallelled three-seat comfort with a great view 2. Electronic Throttle Control

24 FX High Output

25 All-round capability? This is a whole new level. The ideal blend of spirited performance and economy with new features that will revolutionise your adventure touring and sports riding pleasure that s the all-new FX HO. Its latest-generation 1812cc 4-stroke engine, with high pressure pump and intelligent electronic throttle control, delivers powerful, economical performance and the longer, new-shape hull, in our unique, lightweight NanoXcel material, promises the most comfortable ride and precise handling you ve ever experienced. And the FX has more. Luxury seating for 3, Neutral position, bigger stern area and swim platform, new design re-boarding handles and ladder, more storage space the story just goes on. High Performance FX High Output Key Features High Output 1812cc engine with EFI system New, longer NanoXcel lightweight hull and deck Powerful Hyper-Flow jet pump with 3-blade impeller New design Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S ) New ergonomic hand grips and 3-person seating Industry-first remote security with Low-RPM Mode Eclipse Black 1. Lightweight NanoXcel hull and deck 2. New luxuriously practical features

26 VX Cruiser

27 Your cruising dream awaits you For long-range performance cruising in ultimate comfort and luxury, look no further than the feature-packed VX Cruiser. Both rider and passengers will be delighted by the comfort and positioning of the ergonomically designed seating, which combines with outstanding performance, fuel economy and superb handling to ensure that long distance riding is always a pleasure. Giving the VX Cruiser its distinctive and appealing edge are many practical luxuries like convex dual mirrors, Reverse gear and Yamaha s remote security system with its L (low-rpm) mode. Not to mention the metallic deck and sleek black hull, which make it one of the best-looking watercraft you ll ever ride. Recreation VX Cruiser Key Features 1052cc, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC engine Semi-V multi chine hull Contoured cruiser seat for maximum comfort Remote security and low-rpm mode Yamaha Engine Management System (Y.E.M.S.) Re-boarding step for easier boarding Yacht Blue Metallic 1. Yamaha s innovative and comfortable Cruiser seat 2. Glovebox with dual cup holder

28 For all-round performance, it s the perfect fit Recreation VX Deluxe Meet the fabulous VX Deluxe. Aggressive styling and stunning performance, alongside exceptional economy, long cruising range and a host of luxury features; all play their part in making your PWC adventures more enjoyable. But it is the all-round ability and versatility of the VX that has gained it such a loyal following among WaveRunner riders. These are just some of the reasons the VX Deluxe is so popular among recreational riders. Why not discover its all-round performance for yourself? Features such as convex dual mirrors and Reverse add practicality - and attributes such as Yamaha s remote security system with L (low-rpm) mode, bring reassurance and peace of mind. Key Features Water-cooled, 4-cylinder, 1052cc, DOHC, 20-valve Semi-V multi-chine hull New textured sports seat Remote security with L (low-rpm) mode Yamaha Engine Management System (Y.E.M.S.) Suitable for cruising and a variety of watersports Crimson Red Metallic 1. New two-colour, textured sports seat 2. Easy-to-read multi-function digital meter

29 Explore your spirit of adventure With its luxurious new dark blue metallic cowling, stand-out performance and room for three people to ride in comfort, the entry-level VX Sport offers more than enough to tempt anyone onto the water for the first time. High performance and miserly fuel economy are teamed up with Yamaha s legendary reliability in a clean, quiet, fuel-injected 4-stroke engine. The VX hull is agile and responsive, with confidence-giving handling, so the ultimate in ride comfort and turnkey reliability are assured. Added extras on the VX include convex dual mirrors, an extended rear platform and a tow hook. For your first watercraft adventures, be sure to put your trust in the VX Sport. Recreation VX Sport Key Features Water-cooled, 4-cylinder,1052cc, DOHC, 20-valve Multi chine VX hull Extended rear platform and tow hook Convex dual mirrors Ideal for wakeboarding and other watersports Yamaha Engine Management System (Y.E.M.S.) White With Yacht Blue 1. Welcome aboard extended rear platform 2. Just pack up and go

30 SuperJet

31 Sharp. Dressed all in black. Ready to race. Rider and machine in perfect harmony. At one with each other and with the water. That s how races are won and maximum enjoyment achieved. That s the SuperJet. The awesome power and acceleration of the race-bred 2-stroke engine is blended with a sleek, ultra-light hull. Supreme agility and control is the SuperJet s trademark, with the ability to out-carve rival racers by diving deep on the inside and turning like a sharp blade. The unique ergonomic design and springassisted steering pole and handlebar lead the rider naturally into the comfortable lean-forward position, the ideal not only for competition, but for spirited sport riding. The SuperJet is ready and waiting. Race SuperJet Key Features High-performance, 2-cyl. 2-stroke engine Lightweight, deep-strake hull & wide front section Hyper-Flow 144mm jet pump & adjustable nozzle Race-developed stainless steel impeller New, shorter spring-assisted steering pole Optimised intake duct pump and ride-plate position Yamaha Black 1. High-performance 2-stroke engine 2. Lightweight, deep-strake hull with wide front section

32 FZR FZS VXR VXS Engine SHO 1812cc HO 1812cc 1052cc 701cc Dimensions and Capacities Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Dry Weight (kg) Fuel Capacity (litres) Storage Capacity (litres) Rider Capacity (person) Drive and Engine Control Hyper-flow High-pressure Pump Reverse Quick Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S.) Yamaha Engine Management System (Y.E.M.S.) Electronic Throttle (Cruise Assist, No Wake Mode, Reverse Traction Control) Remote transmitter, Security and Low RPM Mode Yamaha Sound Suppression System (Y.S.S.S.) Hull, Design and Features NanoXcel Hull and Deck Black Coloured Hull Pull-up Cleats Cruiser Seat Two-tone step up seat Extended Rear Platform Re-boarding Step Chrome Plated Parts Electronic Bilge System Automatic Bilge System Raised Handlebars Adjustable Tilt Steering Telescopic Steering Convex Dual Mirrors Multifunction Display Panel Analog Meter (Tacho & Speedo) Digital Meter Watertight Storage Column-side Beverage Holder Dual Cupholders Glove Box Spring Assisted Handle Pole Adjustable Steering Nozzle Thickly Padded Foot Tray Mechanical Neutral and Fast Access Stern Storage

33 FX Cruiser SHO FX SHO FX Cruiser HO FX HO VX Cruiser VX Deluxe VX Sport Superjet Specifications

34 Models: FZR FZS FX Cruiser SHO FX SHO VXR VXS FX Cruiser HO FX HO VX Cruiser VX Deluxe VX Sport Superjet Specifications Engine SHO 1812cc HO 1812cc 1052cc 701cc Engine Type 4-Cyclinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-Valve 4-Cyclinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-Valve 4-Cyclinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, 5-Valve Supercharger Yes (with intercooler) 2-Cyclinder, 2-stroke Displacement (cc) 1,812 1,812 1, Bore x Stroke (mm) 86 x x x x 68 Compression Ratio 8.6 : : : : 1 Cooling System Water-cooled Water-cooled Water-cooled Water-cooled Pump Type 155mm Axial Flow 155mm Axial Flow 155mm Axial Flow 144mm Axial Flow Fuel Unleaded Regular Gasoline Unleaded Regular Gasoline Unleaded Regular Gasoline Unleaded Regular Gasoline Fuel Supply System Electronic Fuel Injection Electronic Fuel Injection Electronic Fuel Injection Floatless Carburettor Mikuni BN38 x 2 Lubrication System Wet Sump Wet Sump Dry Sump Pre-Mixed oil/fuel Oil Capacity (litres)

35 In order to make every ride even more enjoyable, Yamaha has developed a rich range of style and functional Genuine Accessories and Apparel, allowing you to personalize your ride. Each accessory is produced according to Yamaha s standards - for unsurpassed comfort and protection. In below overview you can have a quick look what protective, functional and embellishing accessories are available for your Yamaha. Some of these accessories are even available in different variations/colours. For more detailed information, application, usage and availability of these genuine Yamaha accessories, please consult your local Yamaha dealer or visit: Accessories ACCESSORY FZR FZS VXR VXS FX Cruiser SHO FX SHO FX Cruiser HO FX HO VX Cruiser VX Deluxe VX Sport SuperJet Cover Fender Re-boarding step, folding Spark plugs Storage pack Towables (water skies, wakeboard, fun tubes, etc.) Beach shoes Gloves Vests Wetsuits Novelties (bags, watches, sunglasses, mugs, etc.) Cover FZS Folding re-boarding step Men s Classic full suit

36 Disclaimer All information in this brochure is given for general guidance only and is subject to change without prior notice. We should all exercise POWER WITH RESPONSIBILITY and help preserve the great sporting opportunities and enjoyment we all derive from our involvement with personal watercraft. You must recognise too, that your Yamaha WaveRunner is actually a boat, so please learn and follow all the rules of the sea and waterways, take professional instruction where possible, and obey local rules and regulations, which may differ greatly from area to area. The photographs featured show boats being driven by professionals and no recommendation or guidance in respect of safe operation or style of use is intended or implied by the publication of any of these images. Read all instruction materials carefully before setting out and ALWAYS wear recommended protective clothing and a life preserver or lifejacket when boating. NEVER DRINK AND RIDE. This document contains many of the valuable trademarks and service marks owned and used by yamaha throughout the world. The document may also contain references to other company, brand and product names that may be the trademarks/service marks of their respective owners. These company, brand and product names are used herein for identification purposes only, and references to any names, marks, products or services or third parties do not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of the third party or the products or services. Product disclaimer SuperJet: The action picture in this brochure for the SuperJet is intended to show race conditions, so the rider is wearing a helmet. Yamaha highly recommend to you the use of genuine Yamaha accessories and clothing. Contact your local dealer or visit our website: Dealer Printed on chlorine-free paper. MAR-RBWVR-EUEN-12