abaft adv. on; toward the rear of a ship The passengers moved abaft of the ship so as to escape the fire in the front of the ship.

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1 A abaft adv. on; toward the rear of a ship The passengers moved abaft of the ship so as to escape the fire in the front of the ship. 1 PHOTOCOPIABLE

2 B baleful adj. harmful; malign; sinister; malicious After she was fired, she realized it was a baleful move to point the blame at her superior. The strange liquid could be baleful if ingested. 2 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 C cabal n. group of people joined by a secret; group of conspirators The very idea that there could be a cabal cast suspicion on the whole operation. 3 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4 D dais n. raised platform at one end of a room; stage The dais was lowered to make the speaker look taller. 4 PHOTOCOPIABLE

5 E earthy adj. unrefined; made of earth The earthy-looking table was bare. 5 PHOTOCOPIABLE

6 F facetious adj. joking in an awkward or improper manner; entertaining amusing His facetious sarcasm was inappropriate during his first staff meeting. 6 PHOTOCOPIABLE

7 G gaffe n. blunder; mistake Calling the woman by the wrong name was a huge gaffe. 7 PHOTOCOPIABLE

8 H hackneyed adj. commonplace; trite; banal; unoriginal Just when you thought neckties were becoming a hackneyed gift item, along comes the Grateful Dead collection. Have a nice day has become something of a hackneyed expression. 8 PHOTOCOPIABLE

9 I impeccable adj. pure; perfect; faultless If you really want to become a journalist, your English has to be simply impeccable. 9 PHOTOCOPIABLE

10 J jaded adj. worn-out; fatigued; tired A person may become jaded if forced to work too many hours. 10 PHOTOCOPIABLE

11 K ken v. to recognize; to perceive; to grasp; to comprehend It was difficult to ken exactly what she had in mind. 11 PHOTOCOPIABLE

12 L labyrinth n. maze; complicated network of passages; something confusing or bewildering Be careful not to get lost in the labyrinth of vegetation. 12 PHOTOCOPIABLE

13 M macerate v. to soften by steeping in liquid; to disintegrate It was necessary to macerate the food before the elderly man could eat it. They placed her foot in the solvent to macerate the cement she had stepped in. 13 PHOTOCOPIABLE

14 N narcissistic adj. egotistical; self-centered; excessive interest in ones appearance, comfort, abilities, etc. The narcissistic actor was difficult to get along with. 14 PHOTOCOPIABLE

15 O oaf n. clumsy or dumb person; simpleton The waiter has been called an oaf ever since he dropped the tray. 15 PHOTOCOPIABLE

16 P paean n. song of praise or triumph A paean was written in honor of the victorious warrior. 16 PHOTOCOPIABLE

17 Q quaff v. to drink quickly A dog will quaff if he becomes overheated. 17 PHOTOCOPIABLE

18 R rabid adj. infected with rabies; extreme fanatical The insult made him rabid. Discovering that the dog was rabid, the mail carrier knew he'd have to get a shot. 18 PHOTOCOPIABLE

19 S saga n. legend; long story of adventure or heroic deed The saga of King Arthur and his court has been told for generations. 19 PHOTOCOPIABLE

20 T table n. systematic list of details; chart The train schedule was set up as a table. 20 PHOTOCOPIABLE

21 U ubiquitous adj. omnipresent; present everywhere A ubiquitous spirit followed the man wherever he went. Water may seem ubiquitous, until a drought comes along. 21 PHOTOCOPIABLE

22 W waft v. to move gently by wind; to breeze; to carry in the air The smoke wafted out of the chimney. 22 PHOTOCOPIABLE

23 X xenophobia n. fear of foreigners or strangers Xenophobia kept the townspeople from encouraging any immigrants to move into the neighborhood. 23 PHOTOCOPIABLE

24 Y yoke n. harness; collar; bond; connection The jockey led her horse by the yoke around its neck and face. 24 PHOTOCOPIABLE

25 Z zealot n. believer; enthusiast; fan; radical Stockman was obviously a key figure; a supply-side zealot with an impressive grasp of the complexities of the budgetary process, he dazzled both colleagues and adversaries. To judge from what little evidence survives, there seems to have been a strong dynastic element involved in Zealot leadership. 25 PHOTOCOPIABLE