Independent driving Autoadapt. How to safely and independently drive your vehicle.

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1 Independent driving Autoadapt How to safely and independently drive your vehicle.


3 Welcome to Autoadapt, ladies and gentlemen please start your engines. THE STANDARD WAY to control a vehicle is with pedals, a steering wheel and in some cases a shift lever. That being said a standard is by no means the only way; the functions of a vehicle can be controlled by almost any movable limb. The Autoadapt products in this area focus mainly on pedals, steering devices and hand controls. But fi rst let s get you into that driver s seat. The following pages will introduce you to a number of different solutions that can aid a person with reduced or limited mobility in driving their vehicle. However in order to fi nd the most suitable solution for you we encourage you to contact one of our authorised dealers for an assessment.


5 Independent driving Driver seat 5 How do you want to enter driver s seat from outside or inside the vehicle? BEFORE YOU GET to go for a spin you need to get into a good driving position. There are three ways to achieve this. The fi rst one is to make a transfer from your wheelchair to the driver s seat outside the vehicle. Depending on your upper body strength you might benefi t from the use a swivel seat or a seat lift. For more information about these solutions please take a look at the Turnout or the Turny Evo in the Getting seated brochure. If you feel that it would be more comfortable making the transfer inside your vehicle, an inward swivelling seat is the solution for you. Our products the Turnin and the Autoadapt 6-Way Base are two well proven solutions in this category. Both of which gives you all the comfort and safety benefi ts of being seated in a car seat. The third and fi nal option is to simply stay seated in your wheelchair while driving. But remember always to use proper head and neck protection. To get inside your vehicle seated in a wheelchair please take a look at our Wheelchair lifts brochure. Quick facts Autoadapt 6-Way Base A versatile seat base for easy transfer to and from the wheelchair inside the vehicle Easy to operate with only three toggle switches Designed to eliminate sway and to provide complete stability Blends well with the vehicle s interior design The original seat can be mounted on top of the 6-Way Base Available in both left and right models Cover to protect from accidental pinching Crash test approved in all driving positions EMC test approved CE marked The Turny Evo is Autoadapt s premium seat lift and lifts you comfortably into a safe position in the vehicle. The Vista wheelchair lift provide a clear view and is also out of the way when not in use. The driver seat Autoadapt 6-Way Base make the transfer from the wheelchair easier and help you fi nd a safe, comfortable and optimal driving position. More benefi ts at:

6 6 Steering devices Independent driving Would you be able to drive if turning the wheel could be done with one hand? MAYBE YOU COULD benefi t from controlling the steering wheel with only one hand. The solution is as simple as it is ingenious. Using the original servo of your vehicle the force required to spin the wheel can be greatly reduced. A steering device provides a single hand gripping point that allows full control of the steering wheel even when performing multiple revolutions. Model M-Standard for individuals seeking compatibility with the hand control. Model Low is perfect for palm grip and allows the fi ngers to be in reach of turn signals etc. Model Round with round shaped design is available in two dimensions; 50 mm and 40 mm. A 2-pin or a 3-pin steering device for individuals with impaired hand function such as tetraplegics. Can easily be reshaped to fi t the hand. Model Ergo with soft touch and oval shaped ergonomic design.

7 Independent driving Hand controls 7 ACCELERATOR AND BRAKE functions can easily be moved from pedals to intuitive hand controls, just pull back for accelerator and push forward to brake. Both the Carospeed Classic and the Carospeed Menox come with a hill holder to hold the brake pedal down. There are also numerous options you can control from your Carospeed hand controls such as cruise control, horn, wind shield wipers etcetera. Would you be able to drive if accelerator and brake were controlled by your hand? Quick facts Carospeed Hand control for accelerator and brake Sturdy construction that provides a good driving experience Styled and shaped to fi t in with the rest of the car interior Recommended for use with automatic gearboxes Discreet installation in most vehicles; no holes need to be drilled EMC test approved CE marked More benefi ts at: There are numerous options you can control from your hand control.


9 Independent driving Pedals 9 Would you be able to drive if the foot pedals were extended or switched position? TO ENABLE PROPER use of the pedals you might need to either move, extend or in some cases completely block them out. The Menox pedals are available in many forms to suit different individual needs such as the left foot accelerator and a pedal extension. Left foot accelerator The Menox left foot accelerator was developed to control the car s original accelerator with the left foot. The Left foot accelerator is compatible with vehicles driven from either the right or left side of the vehicle. The Menox left foot accelerator features a quick release function and can be installed into most makes and models. Pedal Extensions The Menox Mini Stamp provides an extension of 3-9 cm (1-3 in). The extension can easily be tucked away when using the original pedals. Pedal extensions features quick release and are available for both automatic and manual vehicles. More pedal systems at:


11 Independent driving Additional products 11 Additional products to make the best out of your independent driving. CHAIR TOPPER STOW OR RETRIEVE your wheelchair in about 30 seconds from a car-top compartment. A Chair topper saves you the trouble of having to lift your wheelchair into your car. Instead you quickly stow and retrieve it from the comfort of your seat. The weather-tight fi breglass compartment houses one foldable wheelchair and can be mounted on most vehicle models. More benefi ts at: CAROBRAKE PULL THE PARKING BRAKE at the push of a button. Carobrake is a device that pulls the parking brake with a power of up to 170 kg via an actuator, mounted inside or under the vehicle. Carobrake pulls the original parking brake wire of the vehicle. SWING-A-WAY SOLVES THE PROBLEM of tight parking spaces as the wheelchair user rolls on to the swiveling platform in paralell to the vehicle. The platform protrudes no more than the open passenger front door creating a unique ability to park close to buildings or narrow pavements.


13 For your independence Autoadapt 13 Autoadapt worldwide mobility solutions. AUTOADAPT WAS FOUNDED in 1996 and has since grown to one of the world s leading manufacturers of car adaptation solutions for people with reduced or limited mobility. Today Autoadapt is represented in over 50 countries worldwide, with more than 300 trained Autoadapt dealers plus an additional network of about 700 sub-dealers. Autoadapt s head offi ce, development and production plant is located in Stenkullen, in the south western part of Sweden. Since April 2014 Autoadapt is the sole owner of the UK based company Unwin. Being a pioneer in safety Unwin has become one of the world s leading suppliers of wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint systems. Together with our part-owners BraunAbility and Bruno, Autoadapt is the leading global provider of safe vehicle adaptation solutions for people with reduced or limited mobility. TO GUARANTEE YOUR and all our end users safety Autoadapt products are designed and tested according to current directives and standards. By working together with users, organisations, the automotive industry and other interested parties we are constantly pushing the boundaries in order for you to be able to choose the car you want, to travel as safe as possible and live a more mobile and independent life. S A F E V E H E H I C L E A P T I O N A D A P TA T

14 OUR AREAS OF EXPERTISE AT AUTOADAPT WE help people do what so many take for granted; drive to work, pop down to the shops, drop in on friends or go on a great driving holiday. It is with great pride we design and manufacture solutions that people from all over the world put their trust in every day. To help you find the solution to suit your needs, simply look at the corresponding area of expertise. You are currently reading our brochure on Independent driving. For a quick look at our other areas of expertise, please see below. GETTING SEATED LIFTING AND STOWING BEFORE YOU GO for a ride you probably want to make sure you have your wheelchair with you. Regardless of its type and size there is a solution to stow your wheelchair in a safe and secure manner. WHEELCHAIR LIFTS BRAUNABILITY HAS THE SOLUTION to bring both you and your wheelchair into the vehicle using a wheelchair lift. BraunAbility is the world s leading wheelchair lift manufacturer and partowner of Autoadapt. WHEELCHAIR RESTRAINTS OUR PARTNER Unwin has pione ered wheelchair restraints and occupant safety solutions for over 50 years. Unwin continue to introduce innovative design and engineering whilst being at the forefront of international safety standards. THE SAFEST WAY for an adult person to travel in any car is seated in a car seat wearing a seat belt. To facilitate this we invented a number of solutions that enables you enjoy the ride from the comfort of a car seat, both as passenger and driver.

15 The wheelchair enables me to walk, the car enables me to run. Mona Nordell, Independent driver. Autoadapt is the proud supplier of independence to drivers and passengers all over the world. See their stories at:

16 /11 EN AUTOADAPT AB Åkerivägen 7 S Stenkullen Sweden Phone: Illustrations, descriptions and specifications in this brochure are based on current product information. Autoadapt reserves the right for alterations without previous notice Autoadapt AB