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1 B A C D ffice Seating Solutions E Seat name A B C D E Width without armrests Width including armrests Seat cushion length Seat upper height 5 Star Base ow Seat height with different gas lifts Medium (standard) High EXECUTIVE ACS EXECUTIVE CNTRER DIRECTR MANAGER CNERENCE NAVIGATR ASSCIATE K4 PREMIUM K1 PREMIUM KAB UK - Kab Seating td Northampton Tel: +44 (0) E.mail: KAB Sweden - Kab Seating AB Stockholm Tel: +46 (0) E.mail: KAB Belgium - Kab Seating SA Saintes Tel: +3 (0) E.mail: KAB Australia - Kab Seating Pty. td Brisbane Tel: +61 (0) E.mail: CVG China - CVG Vehicle Components Shanghai Tel: E.mail: CVG World Headquarters New Albany, hio, USA Tel: (614) E.mail: Distributor Hardangervegen 7 54 Nesttun Tlf.: ax.: KAB rance - Sales ffice Chatillon, Paris Tel: +33 (0) E.mail: CVG National Seating USA Vonore, Tennessee Tel: E.mail: or more information scan here RECYCE Derry/'Derry Tel w w w. k a b s e a t i n g. c o m w w w. k a b s e a t i n g. c o m

2 ACS Executive KAB Seating is part of the American owned CVG group of companies with operating subsidiaries in the UK, Belgium, Australia, China and the United States of America. KAB Seating headquarters in Northampton, England employs over 350 people and the facility covers an area of 1,000m. KAB Seating Work Chair range has been developed as a result of supplying vehicle seats for the transport, construction and agricultural industries. characteristics necessary in a good drivers seat are equally as important in the workplace today. Particular attention has been paid to criteria laid down by the British National Back Pain Association when designing the Work Chairs. top model of the KAB range is ideal for company executives and entrepreneurs. Available in fabric or leather trim options, the ACS provides superb user comfort. Eight electrically adjustable air bags around the seat and back cushions ensure maximum comfort and focus in busy environments. adjustability of this chair also makes it an excellent injury rehabilitation chair. eather Back pain is the second biggest cause of absenteeism in the workplace and in the UK alone 5 million working days are lost annually with a cost to employees estimated at 600 m per year. 4 P HB ACS If you sit with a fixed posture all day you will inevitably end up with physical aches and pains. You have a responsibility to yourself to move. Movement varies the stress and strains placed on the body. KAB work chairs offer every individual a variety of adjustments to provide frequent posture changes. KAB New Tilt System Regular posture change is made easy by the KAB Tilt System Height KAB Air Comfort System (ACS) To mould the chair to your body simply press a button and the electrical pump will feed air to support the area of your preference. Press the + symbol to inflate and the - symbol to deflate abric n Side mounted rotary controls n Easy weight adjustment 50-00kg n Easy tension range adjustment 00kg 50kg A mains charger is supplied to boost the 1v rechargeable battery every 3-4 months (subject to usage). n Easy height and tilt adjustment ocked n Anti-kick safety system n 4 Hour use certified Rocker Mode Hour V Visitor B ow Back eather rthopaedic R Receptionist S Single umbar abric and eather G General ffice CC Call Centre/ Dealing Rooms T Triple umbar P PC Prestige ffice PC/VDU HB MB High Back Medium Back ACS ACS Air System abric Charging Point

3 Executive Controller Director Manager An all round business chair for general offices, A 4 hour chair for primary use in surveillance and VDU operatives and industrial applications.. Ideal for prestige offices, company executives and 4 hour use. It s wide flat cushions also make it ideal for large users. control stations. Also ideal for deluxe office environments. standard version features a robust leather/fabric combination, providing maximum durability and comfort f or 4/7 usage. Director is KAB s number one seller and provides top value for money and maximum reliability. It is a versatile chair, ideal for senior personnel, workstation and heavy duty environments. 4 G PC CC R HB S 4 P HB ACS 4 P CC HB S 4 G PC CC HB S Derry/'Derry Tel

4 Conference Navigator Associate Associate features a unique triple lumbar system. This provides a height adjustable lumbar support to accommodate people of all heights. 1) lumbar bulb is located in the left hand side and to the rear of the seat cushion. ) By pumping the air bulb you inflate the three air bags. 3) By pressing buttons A, B or C you exhaust the air to allow the lumbar to support your back in the optimum way. A quality medium sized orthapaedic chair for VDU operators, general office use and internet users. It is a medium height chair with adjustable backrest. DEATIN BUTTNS AIR BUB A B C Turn to lock lumbar air in place as required Robust, comfortable visitor chair. backrest recline feature also makes this a good chair for meeting rooms. (Armrests and headrest optional) G PC CC R MB S An elegant high back chair which is ideal for general office use but equally strong enough for 4 hour applications. It is available in fabric or luxury leather.. B A V MB 4 G PC CC V HB T C Derry/'Derry Tel

5 K1 Premium K4 Premium KAB Kooling System ESS VERHEATING intelligent KAB Kooling system actively regulates your body s temperature so that you always feel in that ideal personal comfort zone. When you are hot it cools you and when you are cold it warms you.kab Kooling is a heat transfer underlay material positioned under the standard fabric material. ESS CHI ESS SWEATING K-Series modern ergonomic styling and all round comfort make it equally ideal for 4/7 applications such as Control Rooms, peration Centres as well as General offices. 4 P CC HB S Seat tilt adjustment 1 Seat cushion length adjustment mm 50mm SEAT CUSHIN UY EXTENDED Mobile Phone Side Pocket Mobile Phone Cushion Pocket ipod Rear Pocket Derry/'Derry Tel

6 KAB ffice Seat eatures Chair Standards Headrest Height/Tilt adjustable Cushions Body contoured cushions for comfort and support 50kg 00kg Height Air umbar To give good lower dorsal support Rocker Mode ocked Backrest Angle Support 16 range to maximise user comfort Strength Durability & Stability BS 5459-:000 Strength Durability & Stability BS EN 1335-:000 Parts & 3 ANSI BIMA X EXECUTIVE ACS EXECUTIVE CNTRER DIRECTR MANAGER CNERENCE N/A N/A N/A NAVIGATR ASSCIATE K4 PREMIUM K1 PREMIUM SATRA KAB ffice Chairs have been tested by SATRA Technology Centre to meet appropriate British and European Standards. See table. Warranty 5 year policy for general office use, and years for 4 hour applications. Please refer to KAB Seating s official warranty statement. Tip-up Armrest 30 tilt adjustment to maximise elbow and arm support. Retractable for desktop access Height Adjustment and Tilt Rocker Adjustment Weight adjustment 50-00kg Rocker Tension To ensure optimum seating position K4/K1 Cushion length and tilt adjustment ptional Accessories To make KAB chairs more versatile for differing environments; useful features such as: a coat hanger, rubber soft tyre castors, extra high gas lift, footring, locking castors, comfort headrest and polished aluminium 5 star base are available. Also available is a new logo package, details are available on New KAB 5 Star Base Durable stylish black aluminium base Castors Robust black double wheeled castors request. Coathanger Standard Trim/Choices KAB Seating chairs are available in a range of colours, fabrics and leathers to suit all office interiors. covers are replaceble to facilitate repair and refurbishment also to match any new colour schemes. ull details of these and technical specifications are available on KAB trim selector cards. New Spacer abrics - for added breathability available as optional selection. Comfort Headrest Upgrade for Manager, Director, Controller or Executive Antimacassar vercover for hygiene use in 4 hour environments such as call centres. Rubber Soft Tyre Castors ogo Derry/'Derry Tel