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2 Octave AIR features a fully adjustable seat air cushion and twin individually adjustable back air cushions. Specification Octave AIR offers an outstanding ergonomic solution, stunning aesthetics and compelling value. Sitting on an adjustable moving cushion of air increases core stability. OctaveAIR s twin airflow system minimises lateral stresses along the spine. Improving core stability can have many health benefits including improved circulation, reducing Independent adjustments for seat and back angle Fully dynamic mechansim which may be set to body weight Twin air adjustable back shape for independent lumbar and thoracic support Integral Coccyx Relief Seat Adjustable seat cushion with twin airflow technology to help develop inner core strength Back height adjustment Seat depth adjustment Large chair fitted with metal base as standard Optional height, depth and width adjustable armrests Optional neck support available Guaranteed for five years muscle degeneration and general feeling of wellbeing. Twin adjustable air cushions in the backrest allows the backshape to be moulded to the user s contours for exact and uncompromising back support. Octave AIR offers the benefit of sound ergonomic principles that fits every size and shape found in today s workplace. All Octave chairs are 97% recyclable and made from 37% recycled materials. All chairs carry a 5 year guarantee. The new generation of Airflow seat technology is integrated into Octave Air seats. It uncouples the rigid connection to the base part of the chair. The three-dimensional mobility of the seat prevents a static sitting posture and facilitates on-going dynamic, muscle-activating, sitting in motion (similar to the exercise ball principle) therefore promoting inner core stability and a feeling of wellbeing for the user. Twin adjustable lumbar and thoracic air cushions allow full control of back support

3 A new concept in comfort... Octave AIR gives a fully adjustable seat cushion and twin, independently adjustable backrest cushions in all three chairs in the family. Available in three sizes, all fitted width seat depth adjustments gives you the ability to accommodate all shapes and sizes of people throughout the working environment. Octave AIR seating utilises a fully dynamic seat mechanism that may be set to your individual needs. 3D fully adjustable armsrest are fitted as standard but available without arms should you prefer it. Octave AIR Small Product code OCTAIR-S For the smaller frame m height kgs weight Octave AIR Medium Product code OCTAIR-M For the medium frame m height kgs weight Octave AIR Large Product code OCTAIR-L For the larger frame m height kgs weight AIR

4 OCTAVE AIR Standard Features In addition to OCTAVE AIR advanced air-controlled comfort functionality, the range is equipped with market leading ergonomic features as standard. The Octave AIR range is fitted with our heavy duty dynamic mechanism which is set to your body-weight. ONE TOUCH BACK HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT From a seated position lift the back with both hands to the desired height. Once the back has been clicked to its maximum height it will move freely back down to its lowest level. The backrest will fit to the shape of your spine giving positive support to the small of your back and lumbar area. OPTIONAL NECK SUPPORT Adjustable for height and tilt, the OCTAIR Neck support is upholstered in a matching or contrasting fabric OCTAVE AIR Technical Specification Coupled with a host of other ergonomically designed features Octave AIR is a truly versatile and sound choice for preventative and curative sitting in the office environment. Each of the three models have identical adjustments and features. Select the size most appropriate for your body size and shape. TWIN AIR BACK ADJUSTMENT Adjust the lumbar and thoracic areas of the back to fit your individual contours. Lumbar and Thoracic adjustments are fully independent. DYNAMIC SEAT ANGLE ADJUSTMENT Take advantage of this self adjusting dynamic movement; leave the seat angle in dynamic mode and the seat will automatically assume the correct angle for the task that you are carrying out. For example if you sit upright when using a computer keyboard the seat will tilt forward by 3 degrees, allowing your pelvis to rotate and your spine to adopt it s upright posture. When carrying out clerical work the seat becomes flat, leaning or stretching back to open your torso angle, the seat will adjust accordingly. Handwheel system tension adjustment allows setting to your body weight. TWIN WHEEL CASTORS Spreading the load standard 60mm twin castors are fitted as standard. Soft tyre brake unloaded castors are available for hard floor applications OCTAVE AIR VALVE Full control of the seat air system Simple push-button allows air in and the one-way valve maintains support to your exact needs. Push the button again for air release. This is controlled by a bulb on the OCTAIR-S MULTIFUNCTION ARMRESTS Armrest geometry ensures that the arm does not crash the front edge of your workstation. Adjust the arm rests for width, depth and height to ensure that you achieve support for forearms and shoulders. DYNAMIC BACK ANGLE ADJUSTMENT & SEAT DEPTH ADJUSTMENT Lock the back angle or leave it free floating. The mechanism is designed to work in harmony with your body. When adjusted to your individual body weight Octave Air adapts and supports your body whatever task you are carrying out in your chair. OCTAIR-S Dimensions Seat Width: 470mm Seat Depth: From 440mm to 490mm Seat Height: 480mm to 575mm Inside Back Height (from top of seat) : From 480mm to 555mm Outside Back Height (actual height): From 575mm to 650mm Black Tall Spider Base Bulb operated seat Airflow system Guarantee 5 Years Product code OCTAIR-S For the small frame m height kgs weight OCTAIR-M Dimensions Seat Width: 510mm Seat Depth: From 480mm to 530mm Seat Height: 500mm to 595mm Inside Back Height (from top of seat) : From 575mm to 650mm Outside Back Height (actual height): From 640mm to 715mm Black Tall Spider Base Button operated seat Airflow system Guarantee 5 Years Product code OCTAIR-M For the medium frame m height kgs weight OCTAIR-L Dimension Seat Width: 510mm Seat Depth: From 480mm to 530mm Seat Height: 500mm to 595mm Inside Back Height (from top of seat) : From 630mm to 705mm Outside Back Height (actual height): From 720mm to 795mm Steel Tall Spider Base Button operated seat Airflow system Guarantee 5 Years (2 years 24 hour use) Product code OCTAIR-L For the larger frame m height kgs weight

5 AIR Saber Daynes. The Office Design Centre. Dereham Business Park Dereham. Norfolk. NR19 1WD Telephone web: Saber Daynes. Saber House. 21 Bath Lane. Leicester. LE3 5BF Telephone