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1 Devices suitable for the discharge and recharge (controlled) of batteries of various types. Possibility to perform automatic charge and discharge cycles (desulphation). Indispensable in the management of battery parks and to perform capacity tests. Battery Input Charger Section 8 / 16KW Discharger Section Optional : Trolley with wheels for handling

2 AC Input Charger 8 KW Charger 16 KW Discharger BLT160 Mains input 3-phase 400 VAC / Frequency 50-60Hz VAC Range ±10% (360VAC 440VAC) 50/60Hz Power input 8,5 KW 16,0 KW 300 W Current draw 18,0 A 31,5 A 2,0 A AC Fuses (inside) 25 A gl/gg 40 A gl/gg 4 A gl/gg Mains cable FROR-NP 4x4 mm 2 FROR-NP 4x6 mm 2 SHUKO 2P+T/16A Mains plug 3P+T/32A CEE With cable enclosed Battery Voltage Current of discharge Technology batteries How to use Programmable Parameters Viewing Memory capacity Diagnosis of anomalies / alarms Safety timers Technology Software BLTVIEW Ventilation Output DISCHARGER Section Adjustable from 4V to 96V (nominal) with manual selector for voltages V / Other intermediate values programmable Adjustable from 2A to 160A max, with manual selector for currents from A / Other intermediate values programmable Suitable for Lead, GEL, AGM, Ni-Cd batteries - Test mode selection - Efficiency test in 5 h - Efficiency test in 10 h - Free cycles - Constant voltage cycles - Constant current cycles - Efficiency test with programmable time - Number of charge and discharge cycles - Minimum stop voltage - Current discharge - Discharge time Panel complete with keyboard, LED for charge / discharge status ; Multifunction LCD display for download and / or programming data 200 cycles of charge / discharge and graphics - Ventilated passive dissipation module - Active dissipation module with high frequency mosfet - Power contactor for passive load insertion and battery charger - Battery side input with SBE connector 320A blue - USB port for communication with PC - Monitoring of charge and discharge data in real time - Personalization of work functions - Display and print of the main data - Display and printing of charge-discharge graphics - Windows XP / VISTA / W10 operating system Forced (8 fans) Multifunction LCD Display CONTROL PANEL DISCHARGER section LED to display charge / discharge status and / or anomalies

3 CONTROL PANEL DISCHARGER section Multifunction LCD Display LED to display charge / discharge status and / or anomalies USB Connection ON/OFF RS232 Connection Keyboard for programming discharge parameters, data display and history Discharge current selector Battery voltage selector


5 Voltage battery Charging current Charging Time Setting No. 8 Charging profiles (selectable) Software HFVIEW Viewing Memory capacity Diagnosis of anomalies/alarms Safety timers Technology Output CHARGER Section 8 KW version 16 KW version Adjustable from 12,0Vcc to 130,0Vcc Adjustable from : 2,0A to 80,0A (until 96,0Vcc) 2,0A to 58,0A (until 130,0Vcc) Adjustable from 0,30 to 96,0 hours With 3 multiturn potentiometers Adjustable from : 2,0A to 160,0A (until 96,0Vcc) 2,0A to 130,0A (until 130,0Vcc) Pb Std for Lead traction battery Pb Std Plus for Lead traction battery big Ah capacity Pb GEL for GEL traction battery Pb Low Maintenance for Lead traction battery (waterless) Pb Desolfatazione for desulphatation batteries AGM NiCd LiPO Included 4-Led for charge status and LCD display for data / programming Last 50 cycles HF switching conversion Output Battery cables (optional) HI-FLEX 2x50 mm 2 (positive and negative), length m. 5 with SBE 320A blue plug (included) Degree of protection IP21 Box Made of folded and welded sheet steel (thickness 12/10) Painting with epoxy powder (gray color RAL7035); other colors on request Operating Temperature -10 /+40 C Humidity Max 80% (without condensing) Installation * On the floor or on Trolley (optional) *WARNING : For correct operation, this equipment must be positioned at the maximum distance (allowed by the output cables) from the battery during charging. This is to prevent the fans from sucking the corrosive gases produced by the batteries and causing serious damage to the electrical and electronic components.

6 CONTROL PANEL CHARGER section SETUP Push button Set parameters Push button P 1 USB port P 2 Display LCD P 3 Charging state Leds : Green : battery connected Yellow : battery charge 80% Green : end of charge Red : Fault P1 > Voltage setting P2 > Current setting P3 > Time setting ON/OFF > ENTER Push button Dimensions : L = 950 W = 635 *H = 1170 mm *with trolley H = 1250 mm Weight : 8KW = Kg KW = Kg 155 H L W