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1 Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. January 21, 2016 NASA Prototype Élan NP01 Racer; The following NASA Prototype Class (NP) rule set has been published to provide guidelines for NP01 builds and preseason testing. As you will see it is not fully complete with many TBD s (To Be Determined) throughout the document. Our target for a 100% complete rule set is early-february Nevertheless, even with the missing information, this version of the NP rules is complete enough for car owners and builders to move forward by adhering to this mantra: Do not alter any Élan-supplied parts in any way. Install all supplied parts and components exactly as outlined in Élan s manual and you will remain NP Class legal. The focus over the last half of 2015 was to produce cars and parts to fulfill car orders; therefore most of the TBD information involves weights, measurements and dimensions of individual parts and components. Those specifications and measurements will soon be included into the rules and in the NASA NP01 Technical Compliance Manual so once the 2016 NP Series races begin everyone knows what to expect. In addition there are a few areas in the rules where possible options are in discussion and/or final testing to increase the tune-ability of the car. These areas will be finalized well before the NP Series debut. We thank you for your patience as NASA and Élan builds the NP Class and Series to be as fun and fair as it possibly can be. Thank you, Jeremy Croiset Director of Business Development T F Bryan Cohn Technical Director of Competition T Page 1 of 14

2 Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. 1. Introduction Draft 2015 Rules and Classifications January 19, 2016 Version 5.2 was created to meet the needs of competitors seeking an extremely competitive, cost effective platform utilizing a purpose built close cockpit prototype style chassis specifically designed with the series goals in mind; fun, fast, safe, and affordable. The series focus is on driver skill by way of intentionally limiting the number of electronic aids and adjustments available to series competitors. This emphasizes driver skill over car setup and assists in limiting costs further. The following rules are not guidelines for this class, but an actual listing of the allowed and the required modifications. These rules and addendum's specify the only modifications permitted. If these rules do not expressly state a modification is allowed, it is prohibited. No item, which is allowed, shall also perform a prohibited function. Some equipment may be required to support the sponsors that have contributed to the series. The driver is responsible for vehicle legality. 1.2 Rules Subject to Change These rules are subject to change. The most up-to-date version of this document is available on the web, at Rule Addendum's may be published throughout the year and will be posted in the NASA Prototype section on Rule Change Process Each NASA Prototype competitor has the right to request a change to the Series rules at anytime. To do so, you ll need to download the correct form from the NASA Prototype website. You ll find the form located here. INSERT FORM LINK HERE. To ensure the highest chance of being accepted, we d suggest you be very thorough and include as much data as you can to support your request. You should submit your request to your local NASA Prototype series leader. Your request will then be submitted to the rules committee. You ll be notified of a decision within 4 weeks from the date the request was submitted. You may submit the same request at a later date with addition information should the request be denied. The NASA Prototype series will encourage competitors to focus on driver development utilizing a proven package with the purpose built and designed Élan NP01. The intent of the rules is to establish a clear precedent for discouraging creative rules interpretation and instead focus on maximizing driving skill operating within a series with clearly defined areas of exploitation. The series rules seek to discourage frivolous spending Page 2 of 14

3 Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. while providing for an unmatched level of parity through advanced control measures built into the series. The series should serve as a showcase for driving talent providing a friendly, accommodating, and challenging environment for varied levels of driver skill. The series is designed to keep costs under strict control utilizing specified parts at a fixed price while limiting data acquisition, engine, suspension, brake, and body modifications. 2. Sanctioning Body is sanctioned by the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). All events are governed by these NASA Prototype Series rules, applicable addendums, prima fascia rules, as well as those found in the latest version of the NASA Club Codes and Regulations (CCR). All decisions made by the NASA Prototype Series administration are final, except under certain conditions, as specified by the CCR. All competitors agree to abide by the rules set forth in the NASA s Club Codes and Regulations (NASA CCR) and any supplemental rules issued by the NASA Prototype Series Directors. 3. Series Definition One design, fixed specifications, closed cockpit, single seat prototype sports racer utilizing the Mazda MZR engine and Sedev 6 speed sequential transmission. Cars are packaged and sold by Élan Motorsports Technologies. All replacement parts are supplied through Élan Motorsports Technologies and must be official Élan Motorsports Technologies parts except where noted in these rules. Cars must be assembled per Élan Motorsports Technologies Assembly Manual. No modifications may be made to any part or system unless specifically permitted by these rules. Doing so will make the vehicle illegal for competition within NASA. 4. Eligibility The NP01 may be raced in its preferred class, NASA Prototype (NP), in appropriate Super Unlimited (SU) or Super Touring (ST) or any NASA Sanctioned Endurance race and or series. However, the car must remain in its NP01 legal configuration at all times while being driven in NASA Prototype (NP) races and series. 5. Safety Requirements Car will be delivered from the manufacturer with approved safety equipment minus harnesses and side nets. Replaced items shall be supplied through Élan Motorsports Technologies except safety harnesses, side nets, seat bead or foam kits which may be replaced by any other that conforms to the CCR and these class rules. Page 3 of 14

4 6. Maintenance and Repairs Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. It is permitted to perform routine maintenance and repairs as long as existing parts are in no way modified and replacement parts are official Élan Motorsports Technologies parts except as allowed by these rules. If any official Élan Motorsports Technologies engine or component seal is broken, by accident or intent, the procedures outlined under XXXXX shall be followed. Parts listed on Addendum TBD are considered to be unrestricted, providing the dimensions, design and materials of the replacement part are comparable to the originally supplied component. No other parts are to be considered unrestricted. However, driver comfort and cockpit amenities are not restricted, as long as the changes serve no other purpose and are in accordance to NASA CCRs and these class rules. 7. Chassis NO MODIFICATIONS TO THE CHASSIS IS PERMITTED except as noted in these rules. a. Chassis rub block. It is authorized to install up to TBD number of pads of any material except Titanium to the underside of the chassis to eliminate bottoming damage. The pads shall be no larger than 11/2 wide x 2 long x 1 thick. All rub blocks shall have at least two (2) fasteners. These rub blocks shall serve no other purpose. b. The chassis may be painted or powder coated. Aluminum parts may be polished, anodized, coated or painted. Chassis parts may be polished anodized, coated or painted to protect them from corrosion. Industry standards must be followed when parts are plated or coated. c. Holes in the chassis may not be enlarged or slotted for adjustment purposes. 8. Bodywork All bodywork must be official Élan Motorsports Technologies components. Use of any other bodywork is strictly forbidden. Modification of factory-supplied bodywork is strictly prohibited. Repair of bodywork is permitted as specified in these rules. Bodywork must be installed per Élan Motorsports Technologies assembly manual. a) Crash damage of of any body panel may be repaired. However, exterior shape, size shall remain unchanged. Repair may preform no other function except structural and aesthetic repair of a specific component. Sections shall meet the following weight requirements: Page 4 of 14

5 Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. NP01 Part No. Item Description Weight (lb.) NP Chassis Welded Assembly 155 NP Front Fender LH NP Front Fender RH NP LH Sidepod NP RH Sidepod NP Engine Cover NP Rear Fender LH NP Rear Fender RH NP Sidepod Floor NP Cover LH-Headlight.5-.8 fiberglass, 1 Lexan NP Cover RH-Headlight.5-.8 fiberglass, 1 Lexan NP Front Splitter NP Nose 9-14 NP Skid-Splitter Corner 2 NP Splitter Base, Wood (V2) NP Bodywork Support Beam 3.5 NP Crashbox 6 NP Rear Wing Mainplane 13.5 NP Rear Wing Pylon 2.5 NP Front Top Wishbone 2 NP Front Lower Wishbone- LH 3 NP Front Lower Wishbone- RH 3 NP Front Pushrod.5 NP Front Anti-Roll Bar 3 NP Trackrod.5 NP Steering Rack 8.5 PS-0085/6 Shock-Bare 2 NP Rear Top Wishbone 3 NP Rear Lower Wishbone-LH NP Rear Lower Wishbone-RH NP Rear Pushrod.5 NP Front Wiring Harness 2 with panel NP Rear Wiring Harness 2 NP Relay Wiring Harness.5 NP Bellhousing 16.5 NP NASA Wheel 20.5 b) Trackside repair of crash damage may be completed as long as the above weights are not met or exceeded. c) Body fasteners, i.e. Dzus, Cam Lock, Body Latches, Terry Springs may be used at Page 5 of 14

6 will. Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. d) The car may be painted any color(s), except primer. Body panels may also be wrapped with vinyl. e) The front windshield area commonly used for a sunshade is reserved for future series sponsors use. Until said time, owners may apply a sunshade no deeper than 6 (six) inches tall. f) Ballast plates may be fabricated or purchased providing: Specifics about ballast is still being worked out 1. Ballast plates may be no more than XX inches long, XX inches wide, XX inches thick. 2. Ballast mounting location must follow the below table, beginning in the primary location and only moving to the subsequent locations when the number of allowable plates have been exceeded. Location Max Number of Plates Primary TBD TBD Secondary TBD TBD Tertiary TBD TBD 3. Ballast may not be located anywhere else on the chassis. 4. Ballast plates must be fastened securely utilizing the Élan provided hardware or Grade 8 bolts, washers & nuts in allowed locations Wing a) The rear wing supports may not be modified in any way. Holes provided in the main plane mounts, wing supports and transmission shall not be modified or added. b) A gurney (wicker) may be fabricated or purchased provided it follows these requirements. A maximum height XXmm. Gurney must be installed only in the provided unmodified grove on the wing. This gurney must be 90 degrees to the mounting surface and its height must remain constant across the entire width of the component span. 9.2 Splitter a) Front splitter must be mounted in its original location using Élan type fasteners only, using the unmodified stock mounting holes and using no shims. b) No modifications to the splitter assembly or the attached rub plates are allowed. c) Repairs to the splitter must be performed in such a way as to maintain the original size, and shape of the component. Page 6 of 14

7 Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. d) A minimum of 2.5 inches (63.5 mm) between the splitter and the ground is required with the driver on board as the car comes off track. Measurement will be taken at the center of the splitter at it s leading edge. 9. Engine, Drivetrain, and ECU a) Engine 1. NO MODIFICATIONS ARE PERMITTED except as specified in these rules. This includes all engine management components, fuel injection, exhaust, cooling, electrical and lubrication systems. All components are subject to testing procedures and must conform to Élan Motorsports Technologies specifications. All fluids, except fuel, are unrestricted. 2. Élan Motorsports Technologies seals must be in place on the engine, and all other components shall remain in the original location as originally mounted. 3. Engine maintenance, which is permitted, includes the replacement, but not modification of external engine and engine system parts. 4. All water, fuel and oil hose routing and wiring harness routing, attachment and connectors must be as outlined in the Élan Motorsports Technologies Assembly Manual. 5. All oil lines are free as long as they are the same ID and are within 2 inches overall length of the originals as supplied with the kit. Fitting may be Push Lock or AN style and quick disconnects are legal for oil lines in the engine bay. b) Transmission The transmission is not a sealed unit. However, no modifications, alterations, or treatments are permitted. 1. Transaxle/drivetrain repair utilizing parts from (APPROVED VENDOR) is permitted. 2. No modification of axles, CV joints, clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, shift linkage or any part & component of the transaxle assembly is allowed. 3. REM, Cryro or any treatment of transmission parts is specifically forbidden as it has been found to shorten the life of the gears. 4. Shifter cables must be original parts supplied by Élan Motorsports Technologies. 5. Gears must conform to the following ratios and if changed must be done in complete sets. There will be no alternative gear sets allowed. 1st Gear Set 1 TBD Page 7 of 14

8 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Differential 12.3:4 c) ECU 1. ECU is coded to each chassis and specific engine upon final dyno verification at Élan Motorsports Technologies. 2. ECU is a locked unit and may not be modified or tampered with at anytime. 3. Engine ECU data will be available to the competitors via the supplied AIM dash only. 4. Anytime engine is returned to Élan Motorsports Technologies for service, ECU must also be returned for reprogramming. 10. Fuel System OXYGENATED FUELS ARE FORBIDDEN. Only readily available pump gas is legal in the NP series. Discovery of exotic, custom or otherwise oxygenated fuels will result in immediate disqualification. Competitors must be prepared to provide fuel samples upon request at any time a. All fuel lines are free as long as they are the same ID and are within 2 inches overall length of the originals as supplied with the kit. Fitting may be Push Lock or AN style and quick disconnects are legal for fuel lines in the engine bay and to/from the fuel tank. b. The fuel filter must be in the original location as outlined in the Élan Motorsports Technologies assembly manual. Brand is free but it must be a direct replacement c. Modification of the discriminator valve (vent) and hose is allowed up to 1 inch ID. Vent hose may be rerouted but it must terminate behind the engine firewall and must confine fuel in the fuel system. 11. Electrical System NO MODIFICATIONS ALLOWED. a. Wiring harnesses and attachments must be as supplied and routed as outlined in the Élan Motorsports Technologies assembly manual. No modifications to the harness are allowed. Wiring for additional components not provided for by Élan must be completed in such a way as to be easily visible. b. The electrical system and ignition system is subject to testing procedures and must conform to OEM Élan Motorsports Technologies. c. The ECU, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Fuel Injectors and all engine sensors are considered part of the engine and may not be modified or replaced with anything Page 8 of 14

9 other than approved components. Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. d. Jump plugs may be added and connected directly to the battery, master switch or starter. The plug orientation must face rearward, preferably center mounted to prevent dragging of jump battery if vehicle drives off while connected. e. Electrical accessories may be added but their power must come from directly from the main battery or the common power lug provided in the cockpit (WHERE IS THIS LUG) f. HEADLIGHTS are open provided they adhere to NASA Endurance CCR. Headlight wiring may use the OEM headlight circuit or auxiliary circuits may be added provide they follow all NP Electrical system regulations. Mountings of headlights must have no other function. 12. Data System NO MODIFICATIONS PERMITTED except as outlined in this section. a. AIM MXL2 Dash/data acquisition system is standard in all Élan NP01 s. Optionally, AIM MXS and MXG may be used instead. These are the only permitted data systems for use during competition. b. Standard AIM sensors for use with data system as provided by Élan are permitted. This includes the GPS module. c. The only optional sensors that may be added to the Élan provided AIM system will be for driver development only. AIM s Steering Position Sensor (PN: TBA) and AIM Brake Pressure (PN:?) will permitted, no other additional sensors are authorized. d. No other sensors or data acquisition equipment is permitted for use during practice or competition. Only permitted equipment as provided by Élan motorsports will be allowed. 13. Suspension NO MODIFICATIONS PERMITTED. Adjustments are permitted within the limits of the suspension components. No modifications to any of the suspension components are permitted. a) Wheel bearings must remain as original OEM from Élan Motorsports Technologies or equivalent OEM. No ceramic, no polishing, no coating of the bearing. Grease must be used; oil is not permitted. b) Pick-Up and Mounting points for suspension must be in the same location(s) as described in the instruction manual. ADD PHOTO OF REAR POINTS c) Replacement of any Spherical Bearings and Rod-Ends must be made of ferrous materials and must be of same size/dimensions of those originally supplied by Élan. Page 9 of 14

10 14. Brakes Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. Brakes must be run as supplied by Élan Motorsports Technologies. NO MODIFICATIONS PERMITTED to the brake system. a) Required Front Brake Pads are Hawk XYZ. Required Rear Brake Pads are Hawk ZYX. These are the only allowed brake pads permitted for use on the NP01. (ALTERTNITIVE HAWK PADS ARE BEING TESTED TO GIVE DRIVERS FEEL OPTIONS) b) In addition to the Élan branded and supplied brake calipers the following exactly identical calipers (other than the Stoptech logo) that were originally supplied on Chassis numbers w, x, y, z will be allowed. Should these alternative calipers on these chassis need to be replaced they MUST be with the Élan branded caliper. Stoptech Logo LEFT: 379.A ST43/38-38/ RADIAL LD LT Stoptech Logo RIGHT: 379.A ST43/38-38/ RADIAL LD RT 15. Shock Absorbers and Springs NO MODIFICATIONS PERMITTED to the MCS shocks or Hypercoil springs. a) Shocks 1) Required shocks are Élan Motorsport Technologies supplied MCS double adjustable Shocks. 2) All shock absorbers must be sealed by MCS. 3) Shocks may be rebuilt at any time only through MCS directly and will be resealed at this time. 4) Supplied bump stop shall be utilized on shocks. 5) BUMP and Spring Rubbers are not allowed at any time. b) Springs 1) Hypercoil Front Spring Rate 400lbs/in x 2.25 ID x 6 tall is required. 650lbs optional 2) Hypercoil Rear Spring Rate 1400lbs/in x 2.25 ID x 6 tall is required. 1100lbs optional 16. Steering a. Steering wheel is restricted to Élan Motorsports Part number XYZ. The steering wheel center web, flange, and rim shall be of a one piece construction. Push button style steering wheel release are NOT allowed. 6 sided, ring style or the FIA type steering wheel hubs are allowed. b. Any Torrington or Apex joint may be used as in the steering column as a replacement part. Page 10 of 14

11 17. Wheels Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. NO MODIFICATIONS or MACHINING ALLOWED except to mount valve stems. a) Élan Motorsports Technologies supplied wheels (Part number XXXXXX) are only wheel permitted for use in series. b) Wheels may be painted or powered coated any color(s). c) Wheel spacers are not permitted. d) NO AIR BLEEDS may be added/utilized. 18. Tires Anytime there is moisture present on the racing surface, rain tires may be utilized. a) Toyo Proxes RR tires are the specified dry tire in the following sizes: Front: 235/40/R17 Rear: 235/40/R17 b) Toyo Proxes RA1 tires are the specified rain tire in the following sizes: Front: 235/40/R17 Rear: 235/40/R Weight The car shall weigh XXXX lbs. minimum, including driver as raced. 20. Battery May be replaced with any battery of Group No. YYY. It shall remain in the same location as provided by OEM. 21. Updates Updates on all safety and mechanical improvements will be published to the NASA forums NASA Prototype section and NP01 rules and will become effective per the date listed on the Technical Bulletin. The goal will be to only make mid season safety changes as determined by parts availability or changes in industry standard. Part number supersession will be noted on the forums and rule book and become effective upon publication. 22. Non-Compliance Drivetrain violation components will be identified within the class specifications. NASA will permanently track Drivetrain violations. Any competitor found to have an illegal driventrain, including a broken seal will receive the following penalties: a. Disqualification from the event. Page 11 of 14

12 Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. b. Suspension of NASA competition privileges for thirty (30) days. c. The car and drivetrain are suspended from competition until the unit(s) specified by the Tech Chief are checked, inspected and resealed by Élan Motorsports Technologies. d. For a second illegal drivetrain violation, the competitor will be permanently disqualified from further NP01 competition. 23. Accessory Items a) Mirrors must remain the standard mirrors provided by Élan, in their originally mounted locations. b) Seat modifications, including cutting, re-shaping and padding, are permitted to enhance the comfort and safety of the driver. Moving the location of the seat is not permitted. Foaming of the seat is permitted. Taller drivers are encouraged to use this option to gain greater cockpit clearance. Additionally, the seat may be modified to allow the seat belt to cross the driver s body and remain in proper alignment per the CCR. c) Use of cool suits by drivers is authorized providing the water container is securely mounted in the approved location inside the cockpit just to the right of the driver. d) Headrest padding and roll cage padding must conform to the NASA CCR. e) Two-way radios may be installed in the car. All components shall be securely attached. The radio helmet connections must be within reach of the driver while seated and belted in place. f) Racers tape may be used to repair crash damage, or as a precautionary means of securing the body retaining fasteners. Crash damage is defined as having occurred during the current event, and the tape should be of an appropriate color if possible. Tape cannot close body seams. g) Gauges may be added in addition to the AIM MXL2 data acquisition/dashboard readout. All additional gauges must be electric and use inline sensors, i.e. oil temp/pressure, water temp/pressure, EGT, fuel pressure. No additional gauges can connect to the stock wiring harness, sensors or ECU. h) Rod ends, spherical bearings, Torrington bearings and Apex joints may be replaced with parts having specifications equal to or greater than those supplied by Élan Motorsports Technologies. Replacements shall be capable of being installed with no modifications to any original components. i) Master cylinder caps are free. Rags may be placed over caps and secured with O-Rings, Duct Tape or Ty Wraps to prevent spillage while on track. j) The exhaust system may be thermal-coated. Exhaust wrap is NOT permitted. k) Chassis/Engine data gathering systems will be standard and must be used/run at all times. Data may be reviewed upon request of the NASA Race Director, Series Page 12 of 14

13 Director or National Series Leader. Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. l) Anti-roll bar (sway-bar) may be disconnected at any time, but not removed. m) A brake bias adjuster is permitted and is provided standard with the vehicle. Installation per the Élan Motorsports Technologies Assembly Manual shall be followed and the control handle location shall be restricted to the factory location within the cockpit. n) The standard factory exhaust system or optional low DB limit system including either muffler(s) supplied with the car by Élan Motorsports Technologies must be used without modification. Seals must be intact and is only serviceable by Élan Motorsports Technologies. o) Exhaust gasket, Mazda part number is required for header installation p) It is permitted to insulate engine compartment fluid hoses using heat sleeve or wrap. 24. Mandatory Items a) A radiator screen mesh must be installed either flush with the opening in the bodywork, conforming to the curvature of the bodywork or set back inside the opening all the way back to the radiator. This screen shall be one-fourth (1/4) inch minimum opening and shall serve no other purpose. b) Body opening modifications are absolutely forbidden. c) All engine mounts, brackets, hoses, harnesses, and systems must be installed per the Élan Motorsports Technologies Assembly Manual. d) Brake lights must be working at all times. No changes may be made to the original connector or the wiring harness. e) All cars must display the required series decals in their specified location. f) NO MODIFICATIONS to any component is permitted except as authorized above. Page 13 of 14

14 Copyright 2015, National Auto Sport Association, Inc. 25. VEHICLE SPECIFICATIONS Vehicle specifications are not yet 100% final and will be added to these rules as soon as possible. Page 14 of 14