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1 Dynamic Evolution

2 growth reliability motion energy expertise leadership 2 power Milestones Company Foundation Official distribution of ACDelco products (part of the American car manufacturing company General Motors Co.), FREEDOM and SUNTECH. Official distributor of CTEK battery chargers Official distributor of YUASA & GS car batteries Official distributor of YUASA motorcycle batteries Manufacturing and distribution of CHAMPION Batteries Official distributor of YUASA and B & P VRLA batteries Official distributor of MONTAGUE CORPORATION folding bikes Official distributor of YUASA & GS car batteries Licensed to collect and transport waste batteries for recycling

3 Dynamic Evolution The daily investment in the organization of a company in control and quality assurance systems and cutting-edge technology is an essential requirement for the company s and its partner s business wellbeing George Roussakis CEO & Managing Director G.J ROUSSAKIS SA was founded in 1977 with the initial purpose of manufacturing lead acid batteries, from the smallest type to the most advanced battery pack. Nowadays, in its many years of experience in the battery market, G.J ROUSSAKIS SA has added its excellent expertise and a broad range of products to its portfolio, thus constituting a company with global activities and a dynamic profile. An experience of over 36 years, the integrated support of its products and customers, an ISO 9001:2008 quality certification and a large number of satisfied clients in Greece and abroad, has transformed G.J ROUSSAKIS SA into a key supplier for numerous respectable companies. Our goal Maintaining and strengthening our leading position in the representation and distribution of batteries, in Greece and abroad. Our vision Providing integrated services and solutions with the help of our products, and the in-depth knowledge of our highly trained technical staff. Our values Credibility An ongoing effort to improve the quality of our services Building trust relationships with our partners Understanding the needs of our partners Key features that distinguish G.J ROUSSAKIS SA In-depth knowledge of products and technologies Collaboration with leading manufacturers abroad Using cutting edge technology Supporting our partners in all product stages (delivery, service and competitive pricing) Wide range of products, covering all our partners needs ISO

4 Knowledge is power ACDelco, a global leader in automotive spare parts, produces highquality products for the aftermarket segment and for car manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda. Furthermore ACDelco produces a large amount of OE spare parts. ACDelco has more than 100 years of experience in the automotive market and it is part of customer service department, after its sale to General Motors. ACDelco has the following three distribution channels: a network of authorized wholesalers to service independent installers, ACDelco independent service centers, directly available to retail customers. More than 100 of experience in the automotive industry ACDelco products are available in more than 100 countries worldwide. With over 100 years experience in the automotive industry, ACDelco today stands as a world leader in the field of automotive parts and is an internationally recognised brand. Operating in more than 100 countries across six continents, ACDelco boasts a global product range of some 80,000 parts covering 37 product lines. This equates to ACDelco being able to supply component parts for almost any type of vehicle anywhere in the world today. Not surprisingly, it is a similar picture in Europe, where ACDelco s aftermarket parts solutions, provide extensive coverage of the European vehicle parc. Understandably, given the company s history, expertise in automotive technology and its standing as a global organisation that today forms part of GM Customer Care and Aftersales a division of General Motors ACDelco remains at the forefront of the European aftermarket. As you would expect from a proven innovator in automotive technology, ACDelco s aftermarket product portfolio remains a constantly dynamic proposition, delivered as a means of meeting the needs of ever-changing market conditions. Today, the company prides itself on providing competitively priced and high quality parts that are backed by consistent availability and strong parts branding. Batteries Oil and air filters Wipers Shock absorbers, brakes, etc. Heavy repair spare parts such as alternators, refrigerators, air conditions and car chassis components. ACDelco provides a full catalogue of components for the majority of vehicle manufacturers. Its parts meet OE standards and are of the highest quality. 4

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6 The largest battery manufacturer in the world Reliability - Quality Performance YUASA is a global leader in the design and manufacture of acid - lead batteries with manufacturing plants and distribution and representation networks in Europe and worldwide. YUASA Batteries have earned a reputation for proven performance and reliability. YUASA is one of the major suppliers of car, moto and VRLA batteries By being a global organization, YUASA is one of the major suppliers of first installation automotive batteries with OEM customers including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, Chevrolet, Daimler, Chrysler, Peugeot, General Motors, Hyundai, Suzuki, Isuzu, Yamaha etc. Today, YUASA through an organized network of large dealers focuses on marketing and distributing its products in the European market. The presentation of the new car battery range covers over 90% of all passenger and commercial cars, recreational vehicles and applications, shipping, construction and agricultural machinery etc. The company aims to introduce YUASA batteries as the No1 choice in Europe setting new standards in reliability, quality and performance. 6

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8 High performance levels Japanese technology guarantees excellent quality for aftermarket use. Powerful and reliable power Craftsmanship and perfection, especially in the tech world, is the best profile that Japan has to demonstrate to the rest of the world. A profile that as a nation is obsessed with for decades. The perfection of GS Battery It is not a surprise that the new series of GS batteries have all the characteristics associated with Japanese perfection. The reliability and high efficiency levels throughout the life of GS batteries come as standard. The build quality for each product line is a testament to the true values of Japanese technology. The powerful new series of GS includes TITAN, TITAN AGM, HERCULES and NEPTUNE batteries Always powerful The powerful new series developed specifically for the aftermarket includes the new TITAN and TITAN AGM batteries for cars and light trucks. This series, along with the special Japanese type series and the traditional type series will cover over 99% of the vehicle fleet in Europe. The lineup also includes the impressive HERCULES and NEPTUNE batteries, ideal for heavy duty use, agricultural and construction vehicles, recreational vehicles and applications and marine applications. 8

9 Reliable and affordable B & P produces affordable VRLA batteries, not lacking in quality and performance. The company offers a wide range of rechargeable batteries for industrial applications such as UPS systems, Security systems, power generators, call centers etc. B & P also offers a fully updated range of batteries ideal for Motorcycles, jet ski, snowmobiles and ATVs. The main characteristics of B & P batteries are: If you are looking for reliable and affordable VRLA batteries, B & P is your one-way choice Very high energy density Operation in any position Ideal for solar applications Environmentally friendly Long life Does not require constant maintenance or replenishment of electrolytes Lower internal resistance and higher output power than conventional batteries Safe and easy to use If you are looking for reliable and affordable VRLA batteries, B & P is your one-way choice. 9

10 R b a t t e r y Maximum Performance Since 1992, SUNTECH s conventional, MF and sealed batteries are available in the Greek market, demonstrating excellent performance under all operating conditions. In 2007, the company created the new sealed maintenance free (SMF) batteries, further expanding the range of its products. This is one of the most complete batteries series, covering a huge range of applications between 12V-24 Ah up to 12V - 230Ah. The new series of SUNTECH batteries sets new comparison standards The tremendous force of energy which alleges from the elements of the new SUNTECH batteries sets new market standards and they are now your first choice when it comes to powerful batteries. SUNTECH has a wide range of reliable and affordable batteries with performance and reliability that will satisfy even the most demanding. 10

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12 Leader in energy CHAMPION is a true leader in the batteries market. Since 1980, the company distributes top quality calcium calcium batteries. CHAMPION delivers MF and sealed batteries ideal for the following applications: Cars Trucks Marine A champion that will deliver all the energy you need With CHAMPION batteries it is easier than ever before to have your personal energy Champion. A champion that will never fail to provide you with all the necessary power that you need, the exact moment when you need it. 12

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14 Clean energy TROJAN BATTERY COMPANY is one of the largest manufacturers of deep-cycle batteries. From MF deep cycle batteries to AGM and GEL deep cycle batteries, TROJAN has shaped the world of deep cycle batteries with over 85 years of manufacturing experience. TROJAN s leadership and innovation now heads the global market of deep cycle batteries with a wide range of applications from golf carts, renewable energy applications, transportation, professional floor machines, aerial platforms, marine and recreational vehicles. TROJAN s batteries are available worldwide through its network of representatives. Trojan s reputation is based on quality, innovation and leadership Trojan research and development As a leader and pioneer manufacturer of deep cycle batteries, Trojan maintains two research and development centers equipped with cutting edge technology, focused exclusively on developing innovative technologies in batteries manufacturing. The engineering department equipped with decades of knowledge in the development of deep cycle batteries innovates and delivers leading batteries technologies that with their performance exceed the expectations of consumers. To ensure the quality and superior performance of its batteries, TROJAN applies the most rigorous and strict control procedures in the industry. Trojan technical support and training TROJAN, a global leader in deep cycle batteries manufacturing has developed and promotes a unique academic battery technology curriculum for a wide range of applications. All these are incorporated in the company s technical support program. TROJAN s experienced engineers possess an in depth understanding of batteries technologies and their special characteristics in order to assist in the accurate identification of the appropriate technology for each application. 14

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16 The smartest battery chargers in the world CTEK was founded in 1997 in Sweden. CTEK designs and manufactures a unique range of intuitive and practical battery chargers for all types and sizes of lead acid batteries for their analysis, charging, care and maintenance. For this reason, CTEK chargers have earned the title of the «Smarter battery chargers in the world. CTEK chargers meet all charging needs and can charge all types of batteries from 12/24v Ah. It is not so important to have a battery charger, as to have the correct battery charger. Safety, simplicity and flexibility are key words and requirements that are found in all products and solutions created and marketed by CTEK. Battery chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries for both private and professional use CTEK SWEDEN AB develops battery chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries for both private and professional use. CTEK s unparalleled innovation has enabled it to develop cutting-edge technology with several patented functions and properties that make CTEK battery chargers and accessories unique CTEK offers the market high-quality, reliable chargers and accessories that are effective, user friendly and, most importantly, safe (for the user, the vehicle electronics, the battery and the charger) 16

17 About 400 million lead-acid batteries are manufactured around the world each year. Each one requires charging. If each battery receives proper care and charging, battery life is significantly extended (about 2-3 times longer than a battery that does not receive regular care and charging). This leads to greater protection of the environment, clear financial savings and greater vehicle reliability. Since its founding, CTEK has sold about 4 million battery chargers in 60 countries around the world. CTEK is a reliable supplier to many of the world s most respected car and motorcycle manufacturers. CTEK has won more than 15 different independent battery charger tests since Environment: Great savings in the raw material lead (approx. 7 kg lead/car battery), which is in short supply, and great cutbacks in heavy transports factory-warehouse-dealer-retailer. Economy: Investing in a charger saves on both unnecessary and early battery purchases, service vehicles and any transport expenses to solve an unnecessary problem. Reliability: If you care for the battery properly, you avoid inconvenient surprises with dead batteries, which often happen at the worst possible time. 17

18 Thirst for adventure Since 1980, MONTAGUE CORPORATION manufactures folding bikes of high performance and innovative ergonomics. The company equips various parts of the U.S. military with the well - known PARATROOPER folding bike... a military vehicle in the citizen s. Major companies such as Peugeot, BMW, Mitsubishi and Hummer use MONTAGUE folding under their own brand name. The excellent ride quality, handling, comfort and folding are some of MONTAGUE s key features. Easy folding (in just 30 seconds), carriage and storage either in the trunk or on the train are some of the advantages of MONTAGUE s folding bikes. MONTAGUE s folding bikes are manufactured with the finest materials in order to ensure top quality and to meet the requirements of even the most demanding rider. Easy and practical folding in just 30 seconds. On-The-Fly mobility options. By creating some of the most versatile bikes anywhere, Montague gives you the split-second ability to choose just how you want to move. This means you don t have to decide between driving or riding your bike to work - it means you now have the freedom to do both. Stuck in a traffic jam or a crowded train on a beautiful day? Pull out your Montague and ride the rest of the way in. The choice is yours. 18

19 Performance and portability Performance. All Montague bikes are designed to ride as well as, if not better than, comparable non-folding bikes. During the design process, the company focuses on perfecting ride quality, handling, and comfort. They believe you shouldn t have to sacrifice any of these crucial components even if the bike does fold to fit in the trunk of a Mini Cooper. Portability. All Montague bikes go from full size to completely folded in under 20 seconds. Sound convenient? Simply pop the front wheel off and open the frame quick release to fold the bike - no tools, no complicated instructions. This isn t about origami, it s about folding your bike in a flash to catch the bus or train. Technology. Innovation. Passion. A guiding principle of innovation and a passion for cycling at its purest form is at the heart of every one of Montague bikes. Each Montague frame is built around the company s patented F.I.T. system. This design eliminates the need to break the frame in order to fold the bike. Not only does this make folding easier, but it makes our bikes the strongest folding bikes on the market. You forget that you are in the saddle of a bicycle that can be stored in a cupboard. Mountain Bike Action Magazine 19