KST-Portable CNC Gasoline Cutting Machine

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1 KST-Portable CNC Gasoline Cutting Machine Technicals(2010) Hebei KINGSTER Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd 一 Main technicals 1.Beam length 2.Cutting width 3.Vertical chassis length 4.Cutting length 2000mm 1500mm 3000mm 2500mm 5. Flame cutting thickness 6-120mm 6.Auto punching thickness 30mm 7. Electric increased stroke 0~80mm 8.Cutting speed 9.Cutting surface coarse 10.Cutting fuel mm/min Ra 25μm oxygen-gasoline 11. Control system SH-2002AH NC system(usa) 1

2 二 Main equipments NO. Main parts name Specification or origin Unit Quantity Remark 1 Main body KST-Portable CNC set 1 2 Vertical rack 7 precision Hebei KINGSTER piece 4 3 Aluminium vertical beam Special industrial material piece 1 4 Linear guiding rack Taiwan piece 1 5 NC system SH-2002AH NC system set 1 6 Micro drive and electrode Beijing piece 2 7 Electric increased Hebei KINGSTER piece # cutting torch Hebei KINGSTER piece 1 9 Vertical biaxial rack Taiwan piece 2 三 Random Parts List NO. Name Specification Quantity unit Remark 1 Specials Nesting software Machine version 1 set 3 Materials 四 Capability features: Product certificate Product introduction 1 piece 1 piece Packing list 2 piece Maintenance card 2 piece 1 Whole machine stable capability, steady processing, good dynamic performance, high specification. 2

3 2 High capability of anti-high frequency 3 NC programming: based on AutoCAD graphical programming software. 4 Cutting specification: National Standard JB/T /4-99 KST-Portable CNC portable cutting has smart structure, is the upgraded product of conventional duplicating and semi-automatic cutting machine. As flexible and convenient as small trolley, not taking space. Pictuer ( just for reference) 五 KST-Portable CNC cutting machine operating environment: 3

4 1.Power: 50HZ, 220V. 2.Working temperature: relative humidity: 65 % 4.Altitude: 1066m 六 Machinery specification 1. Installation precision of chassis: a. Main rack linear degree ±0.1mm/m b. Main rack flat degree ±0.1mm/m c. Flat degree of the racks ±0.1mm/m d. Parallel degree of the racks ±0.1mm/m 2. Machinery specification: a. Vertical stroke > standard size10mm b. Horizontal stroke > standard size 10mm c. Linear repeatability ±0.4mm/10m GB allowance ±0.5mm; d. Body increase stroke 80mm QB(Mill standard)allowance ±0.3mm e. Cutting speed as set speed ±5% 3. Machinery composite specification: a. Edge allowance(4 edges) 0.1mm/m b. Diagonal deviation 0.2mm/m c. Back origin deviation 0.1mm/m d. Diagonal linear degree 0.2mm/m e. Intersection deviation 0.2mm/m f. Forward and backward linear deviation 0.1mm/m 4

5 g. Whole body position speciation 0.1mm/m 5