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1 Product Guide 2015

2 Grain Storage Solutions 4 17 More than a store We are proud to have built a team that s able to bring you innovative solutions, not just sell you products. Our goal is to offer you a variety of items, so Flaman is the one place you go for what you need. Look for our NEW PRODUCTS highlighted with a blue button. We believe in quality The Flaman Advantage offers our customers extra value. These packages are quality options at a great price, with added convenience to save you time. Look for our FLAMAN advantage highlighted with a red button. Helpful advice When you see the Web icon, visit us online for more information from our product experts. Look for our BONUS BLOGS, PODCASTS & VIDEOS highlighted with a yellow button. Twister Bins... 4 Westeel Bins... 7 Meridian Bins... 8 Aeration OPI Grain Management Bin Sense Accessories Grain Wagons Grain Bagger Extractors Grain Handling Solutions Grain Bagging Massload Scale Grain Carts Augers & Accessories Hoppers Rodono Retracting Swing Auger REM VRX Grain Vac Batco Conveyors Grain Treatment & Cleaning Solutions Storm Seed Treater Bucket Elevators & Drags Colour Sorters Service Screens & Seed Cleaners Dockage Cleaners Open Mouth Bagger Flaman started on the farm more than 50 years ago and is still a family company. Farm Implements Discs Harrows Landrollers Land Levelers Pro Dozer PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE

3 Landscaping Solutions Kodiak Implements Farm King Implements Schulte Implements Weed Handling Liquid Handling Solutions Septic Tanks Water & Storage Tanks Fertilizer Tanks Chemical Handling Fittings Pumps and Supplies Shop Equipment Livestock Equipment Post Pounders Livestock Trailers Transport Solutions Agriculture Transport Tires & Hitches Fuel Tanks Tow Ropes and Straps Trailer Parts Enclosed Trailers Flat Deck Trailers Hydraulic Trailers Dump Trailers Specialty Trailers Sled Trailers Utility Trailers Truck Decks Trailer Accessories Recreation Boat Lifts & Docks Ice Fishing Shacks & Sleds Flaman Fitness Playgrounds Fitness Equipment Flaman Rentals Trailer Rentals Equipment Rentals Construction Rentals Express Wireless 108 About Us 109 Foundation / Working at Flaman Locations & Maps Where Farming Starts

4 Grain Storage Solutions TWISTER FLAT BOTTOM BINS 04 STIFFENED BINS LOOKING FOR AERATION AND GRAIN MONITORING SOLUTIONS? Grain Monitoring SEE PAGE 14 Aeration SEE PAGE 10 COMMERCIAL SERIES Capacity up to 684,240 BU Standard Features 4 Corrugated sheets Roof manhole 30 Degree roof corrugated with 3 ribs Roof ladder 40 filler cap with remote opener Large walk door, 64 x 30 FARM SERIES Capacity up to 73,790 BU

5 Grain Storage Solutions Options Stormax temperature cables Spiral staircases Tube or U-Trough unload systems Full floor aeration systems Round or gooseneck vents Exterior Stiffeners UNSTIFFENED BINS Sizes from 15 to 48 diameter 11 U -TROUGH SYSTEM FOR ALL BINS AVAILABLE WITH GEAR DRIVEN 7 BIN SWEEPS OPTIONAL SPIRAL STAIRCASE CLEAN SWEEP UNLOADING FULL FLOOR AERATION UNSTIFFENED BINS 05

6 Grain Storage Solutions TWISTER Hopper Bottom Bins Features & Options SAFETY CAGE Hopper Options Stormax temperature cables Aeration Straight duct OR Grain Guard Rocket Saf-T-Fill OR LevALERT TM bin level indicator Spiral staircase OR ladder with safety cage Steel skid foundation Roof vents Hopper Features Available in diameter 24 ground clearance 40 lid with remote Manholes in roof & hopper cone Set up crews available OPTIONAL ROOF VENTS HOPPER PACKAGES MODEL BU HEIGHT AUGER Depending on cone manufacturer used, BU capacity may vary Other sizes available '8" 51' '10" 61' '11" 61' '4" 71' 06 AVAILABLE IN SIZES UP TO 10,429 BUSHELS

7 WESTEEL Magnum Series Grain Storage Solutions Standard Features Grain Storage Bins Sidewall & Roof Ladders 24 Vented top lid Bottom Inspection Hatch Sight Glass(es) and a 19 Discharge with R&P Slide Gate. Fertilizer Bins Sight Glasses Bottom Inspection Hatch Stainless Steel Rack & Pinion Slide Gate Poke Hole GRAIN STORAGE BU BIN HEIGHT MIN. AUGER FERTILIZER BIN METRIC TONS BIN HEIGHT MIN. AUGER MAG1208G ft 36 MAG1412G ft 41 MAG1612G ft 46 MAG1616G ft 51 MAG1620G ft 61 MAG1624G ft 61 MAG1628G ft 71 MAG1630G ft 71 MAG1632G ft 71 MAG1208F ft 36 MAG1408F ft 36 MAG1412F ft 41 MAG1416F ft 51 MAG1612F ft 46 MAG1616F ft 51 MAG1620F 147S 33.9 ft 61 MAG1624F ft 61 MAG1628F ft 71 Other sizes available SAFETY CAGE WITH HAND RAIL VERSATILE BINS PERFECT FOR GRAIN, SEED & FEED 07

8 Grain Storage Solutions MERIDIAN Multi-purpose Bins & Grain Max Bins MULTI-PURPOSE BINS MODEL METRIC TONS BIN HEIGHT MIN. AUGER BUILT TO MOVE. BUILT TO STORE. MULTI-PURPOSE BINS: Each Meridian-built Fertilizer Bin offers heavy-duty, no compromise construction. These tough bins are completely pre-welded, inspected, and then treated with Meridian s premium powder coating inside and out. The special powder chemistry allows for many years of corrosion and abrasion resistance even with fertilizer storage * Other sizes available Manway / Bottom Pokehole

9 Grain Storage Solutions GRAIN MAX BINS: Grain Max hopper bins offer top quality grain and seed storage at prices comparable to corrugated hopper combos. Without bolts and ribs, the Grain Max seamless interior allows for safe and easy unloading, while ensuring no seed or contaminants are trapped on the walls or joints. GRAIN MAX BINS MODEL CAPACITY (BU) BIN HEIGHT MIN. AUGER GM GM GM GM * Other sizes available LEASING AVAILABLE Benefits of Buying a Meridian Bin Visit View Glass Manhole / Roof 09

10 Grain Storage Solutions AERATION SOLUTIONS WET GRAIN QUICK INSTALLATION EXISTING BINS Time & Money Saved Next Generation Rocket Designed for hopper bottom bins. This system provides maximum airflow due to the downward louvered design, greatly reducing screen blockage. Less static pressure reduces drying time Increases aeration fan efficiency Retro Rocket Upgrade your bin with the Retro Rocket! No need to buy a new bin this rocket system lets you quickly and easily retrofit existing hopper bottom and smooth wall bins with Grain Guard aeration. 10 Retro Rocket Maximum 5 HP fan for 4 Retro Rocket Maximum 7 HP fan for 6 Retro Rocket Models and sizes for bins up to 25,000 BU

11 Flaman Jet Air Larger Sizes Available 3HP...$1,498 AFA HP...$1,942 AFA HP...$2,275 AFA HP...$2,879 AFA Suited for Grain Guard Rocket. Maximum airflow at higher static pressures. FLAMAN Fans - 3 Year Warranty! CSA Approved Inline Heaters Grain Guard Low temp propane or natural gas inline heaters AERATION FAN CLAMPS $75 Grain Storage Solutions AERATION TRANSITIONS $225 Easily move your fans from bin to bin Flaman Inline 3HP...$1,298 AFA HP...$1,666 AFA HP...$2,012 AFA HP...$2,336 AFA Transitions for fans Sizes 18, 24 and 28 FAN COVERS $43 Suited for round duct, 1/2 round systems. Canvas and metal adapters also available in various sizes Protect your fan from the elements Flaman Turbo 3HP...$1,600 AFA HP...$2,073 AFA HP...$2,490 AFA Suited for round duct, 1/2 round systems. Excellent airflow at high static pressure. PRICES IN EFFECT UNTIL MAY 30 TH, 2015 Straight Duct Designed for replacing old corrugated pipe systems or install new in hopper bins. 18 & 24 models available Can be made to any length SHOWER CAP $14 11

12 Grain Storage Solutions Grain Monitoring Solutions A Simple 3-Step Solution Cable Node Gateway Unit STEP 1 STEP 2 Mobile APP STEP 3 A Cable Node mounted a top each bin, complete with solar-charging and wireless data transmission capabilities. A centrally located master device called a Gateway that collects and stores information from the Node network, then transmits this information to your mobile device. The mobile App offers a graphically rich interface to view and permanently record your data, with the ability to review this information off-line. Knowing you will be alerted if your grain trends out of condition gives you peace of mind. 12 Check bin temperature & moisture levels right from your cellphone Remove the guesswork from grain storage management & replace it with certainty.

13 Better moisture control means more money in the bank Maximize Profitability & Grain Quality Lower operating costs by operating fans only as needed Grain Monitoring Solutions No power required at the bin site! A wireless solar powered system consisting of temperature cables, remote units & master units. You can control your fans remotely with this system. One Universal Solution 24 / 7 Monitoring & Reporting Alerts to Cell via , Text Message & App No Software, No Contracts Compatible with Existing Installed Cables Affordable with No Support Fees Completely Wireless & Self-Installable Remote Unit ONE PER BIN Each bin requires a remote unit which is entirely solar powered with a backup battery. A magnetic mount at the top of your bin securely holds the remote unit. Master Unit ONE PER YARD Each yard site requires one master unit to collect all of the information from the remote units. The communication between remote and master units is done wirelessly. With over 20 years experience installing temperature, moisture cables and grain monitoring systems FLAMAN can help you design a system that fits your farm best. 13

14 Grain Storage Solutions CANOLA ROLLER KIT $ count kit HWF $ count kit HWF Use this handy roller to check your canola green counts. Sukup Stir System Loosens grain, Reduces static pressure, Increases air flow up to 33%, Available for any size flat bottom or hopper bin. ACCESSORIES GRAIN BIN AND GRAIN MONITORING PLASTIC FLIGHTING $37.50/ft Available in 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10 LevALERT TM BIN LEVEL INDICATOR $135 BAC Sidewall mount DIGITAL SCALE HWF Weigh your grain samples for dockage and moisture tests. LABTRONICS MOISTURE METER HWF Accurate moisture tests of your grain samples. Comes w/ digital scale PROTEIN TESTER $20,750 USD This compact instrument tests protein & moisture levels in wheat and barley (and oil content in canola). Comes w/ 12v adapter for mobility in the field 14 Saf-T-Fill BIN LEVEL INDICATOR $44 BAC BIN ANCHORS $23 4 x 43 BAC $7.95 CABLE KIT BAC OPI STICK PROBE $360 Use with your bin or grain bag to quickly check temperature. BRASS GRAIN PROBE $600 6 HWF $715 8 HWF120180

15 FARM WAGONS J&M and Bruns Gravity wagons are an economical alternative to a grain cart for smaller operations or rugged terrain. With sloped sides for fast and easy clean out you won t waste time moving your grain. We have the cart you need with multiple sizes, manufacturers and colours to choose from. Grain wagons J&M Gravity Carts 540 BU - 16 Tonne Running Gear: Michel s roll-up tarp 16.5 x 22.5 Truck tires Safety chains 680 BU - 24 Tonne Running Gear: Michel s roll-up tarp 18 x 22.5 Truck tires Safety chains 760 BU - 24 Tonne Running Gear: Michel s roll-up tarp 18 x 22.5 Truck tires Safety chains Bruns Gravity Wagon $8, BU - 12 Tonne Running Gear: Michel s roll-up tarp 12.5 x 22.5 Truck tires $14, BU - 20 Tonne Running Gear: Michel s roll-up tarp 16 x 22.5 Truck tires Made in Canada MICHEL S TARP INSTALLED ON ALL OUR FARM WAGONS Made in Canada 15

16 Grain Storage Solutions Side Arm Actuator Easier control of belly pan height PRO GRAIN BAGGER Straps 2 Straps for a more secure bag hold Wheel Brake Controller For a more precise brake adjustment Axle Ratchet Turn Buckle For a more precise bagger height adjustment Pro Grain Bagger 23 x 24 Hydraulic conveyor Widemouth hopper Hydraulic conveyor swing FULLY EQUIPPED Order Now Made in Canada Video Tour of the Pro Grain Bagger Visit DIRECT DRIVE AUGER Unloads more bushels per hour!

17 EXTRACTORS Your Choice Get your grain out of the bags easily & efficiently. Pro 1610 Extractor 8500 BU/HR, 50 HP required, PSI $36,720 Video Tour of the Pro Extractor Visit Grain Storage Solutions Made in Canada Grain Boss GB BU/HR 120 HP required PSI $41,250 VISIT FLAMAN.COM TO SEE THE BAGGER & EXTRACTORS IN ACTION. 17

18 Grain Handling Solutions GRAIN & FERTILIZER BAGS SEE THE DIFFERENCE A QUALITY BAG MAKES CHOOSE THE RIGHT BAG FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. Our Up North, AgFlex and AgriPac bags: Are made in North America using superior quality control which means bags are continously monitored during and after manufacturing to ensure a high quality bag. AGFLEX 7-Layer Grain Bag UPNORTH 9, 10 & 12 Grain Bags AGRIPAC Fertilizer Bags 7 layers of prime polymer 50% more puncture resistant 40% more creep resistant 24 month UV warranty FDA compliant 100% WATERPROOF SEAL Grain Bag Zipper $599 Lowest variance of mil thickness 9, 10 and 12 diameters available 2x puncture resistance 3x tear resistance Ideal for colder temperatures 24 month UV warranty 9 and 10 diameters available Plastic is chemical resistant Extreme temperature durability Bag does not deform even at 60 c Superior puncture and tear resistance 18 Open & reseal your bags 7 layers of prime polymer - NEW! AgFlex Grain Bag Pure genius for your operation.

19 DRIVE OVER PORTABLE SCALE Massload Massload 14 Scale 6 low profile for ease of use 84 x 30 axle pads for dual axle truck weight 144 x 30 axle pads for tri-axle truck weight Axle scales can be used on gravel surfaces Forklift portable for use in multiple locations Grain Handling Solutions AVOID OVERWEIGHT FINES 19

20 Grain Handling Solutions J&M GRAIN CARTS Patented auger system for a closer, clearer view Unique hopper design for an easy clean out Side-Shooter Spout The unloading auger is turned to throw grain perpendicular to the semi-trailer, maximizing auger side reach and throw for a complete fill every time. TRACKED MODEL 1521 Track system Designed with the same heavycomponents and innovative design features as the larger tracks. The LT Series offers a cost effective option for mid-sized grain carts without compromising quality Storm Tracker LT Series Track System Air Spring Cushion Belt Tensioner Maintains Automatic Tension 2 to 1 Leveraged Airbag Produces Twice the Tension 6 Diameter Pivot Shank 36 x 116 Overall Length for Maximum Flotation Full Width Wheels for Maximum Flotation and Reduced Belt Wear All Steel Wheel Guide System Reduces Wear on Belt Guides 2 Pivoting Mid Rollers 20 REDUCE COMPACTION WITH A J&M TRACKED CART J&M THE LEADER IN TRACKS DON T GET STUCK!

21 X-TENDED REACH GRAIN CARTS Bushel Capacity Grain Handling Solutions Safety First Mount a firefighter on your grain cart Storage Position Field Position Unload Position 10 Series Grain Carts Greater upward, outward and forward reach with 100% visibility during unloading and equally important, 100% visibility during the folding sequence. 20 Series Grain Carts All of the benefits of the 10 Series carts but also includes J&M s patented leaner tank design that extends the low side of the grain cart an extra 2 feet towards the combine. Spray Chief Self filling 60 Gallon water tank 3 Gallon foam tank 100 of 3/4 hose on a hose reel Upgrade your J&M ifarm by Agrimatics to include a moisture sensor to monitor your crop s moisture. Available on 18 and larger augers. J&M ifarm by Agrimatics consists of a single device that wires into the load bars and wirelessly communicates with a smartphone or tablet. Installation and setup can happen in minutes. ifarm can be retro fitted to existing carts J&M ifarm by Agrimatics THE SMARTPHONE OR TABLET STORES ALL THE DATA AND SEAMLESSLY CONNECTS TO THE CLOUD. 21

22 Grain Handling Solutions AUGERS & Accessories VANGUARD 35 HP GAS ENGINE IAA Auger Engine Covers $26.95 IAA Tachometer with hour meter $119 PAE Electric Stick On Heater $98 IAA For conveyor & auger engines Engines Engines range from 25 to 40 HP. Get Maximum Power with a Kohler Kohler motors deliver maximum power, torque, fuel efficiency, and long engine life. KOHLER 27 HP IAA Vanguard Get more done in less time Vanguard is the proven industry standard for big block engine power, performance, and reliability. For the most challenging applications, where downtime is not an option, this big block motor has been expertly engineered to deliver the dependability people need to get a lot more done in less time throughout the workday. 43 L Fuel Tank $159 IAA RED IAA YELLOW KOHLER 26.5 HP EFI IAA Optional mounting kit $95.10 IAA AVAILABLE IN YELLOW FOR DIESEL 22 SEE US ABOUT DIESEL ENGINES FOR YOUR AUGER OR CONVEYOR

23 TRANSFER AUGER Hoppers Get even more capacity! FLAMAN F810 Gas Transfer Auger COMES WITH 6.5 HP HONDA 8 diameter by 10 long $2,795 Grain Handling Solutions The Big Boot $195 IAA Big Daddy Hopper $119 IAA Agri-Hopper $95 IAA Wheatheart Intake Hopper 8 $868 IAA $925 IAA Force feeds auger for more capacity Low profile EZ cleanout with trapdoor bottom Tow hitch for transport The Hopper $995 IAA Available in 8 or 10 Comes with a jackstand that fits the auger tight to the slide gate of your hopper bin to eliminate spills Standard Auger Hopper $69.95 IAA Swath Rollers $2,095 limited quantities Heavy Duty Hubs & Spindles 16 Gauge Steel / Tapered drum Apollo 10 pull type with new tires / Easy roller height adjustment 23

24 Grain Handling Solutions RODONO AUGERS & Accessories Retracting Swing Auger Retracting Swing Auger 10, 13 & 16 AVAILABLE RODONO 10X 13 13X 16X Full Stroke Working Stroke Hopper Width Hopper Length Hopper Height Power Xtend Yes Yes Yes Yes Power Swing No Yes Yes Yes Power Tilt No Yes Yes Yes Average BU/HR Xtend Swing Auger Specifications ,000 11,400 23,000 Wheatheart Auger X SA X X ELMER DOVE RODONO Extended Auger Position EXTENDS QUICKLY AND SAFELY UNDER GRAIN TRAILER. BOTH HOPPERS CAN BE UNLOADED WITHOUT MOVING THE TRUCK Purchase with a new Wheatheart auger or retrofit your exsisting swing away auger Mechanical drive Hydraulic swing, tilt and retract 9 Reduces unloading time Avoids driving over swing away RODONO Retracted Auger Position RETRACTS 9 TO ALLOW DRIVING HOPPER BOTTOM TRAILER EASILY INTO LOCATION We bought the Rodono to save time. We run super Bs on the farm and with an ordinary swing away auger it takes 6 moves to dump a truck - with the Rodono it s only 2. With the Rodono there is no chance of the hopper getting run over while you are backing up blind. The Rodono has made a night and day difference, taking the stress out of dumping a set of super B s. Elmer Dove 24 RODONO RETRACTING SWING AUGER Fits any auger

25 REM VRX GRAIN VAC Designed for speed, efficiency & longevity. Grain Handling Solutions BEARING CARTRIDGE 2.5 times the lifespan VRX Grain Vac Rem s VRX Grain Vac is a brand new machine from top to bottom. The grain vac s specifically designed shape will minimize impact and maximize the auger feed. AIR JOINTS Floating design for perfect alignment Made in Canada QUIET, FAST & EASY TO USE A Revolution in Grain Vacs AIR THROTTLE Automatically manages suction 25

26 Grain Handling Solutions Shovel Holder $25 IAA Shovel Holder REMOTE CONTROL Electric Clutch & Light Controller $299 AUGERS & Accessories The most maneuverable & easy to use truck auger. Sample Scoop $15.67 HWF Wheatheart Super Sweep High capacity cupped 8 flighting - Save time and your back with a bin sweep so you don t have to shovel out your flat bottom bins. wkit includes: 10 Flighting, (2) 6 Hoses, Pivot assembly, Relief valve $1,795 WHEATHEART INTAKE HOPPER Force feeds auger for more capacity Looking for Hoppers See page 23 R Series Auger 10 x 41 Auger with a 35 HP gas engine Optional Diesel Engine Available 60 month lease $1,487 semi annual payments 26 Auger Light Kits $103 IAA AUGER LIGHT KITS Install easily on any auger

27 Wheatheart s R Series Augers LIGHT KIT Grain Handling Solutions WIRELESS BIN FILL INDICATOR LIGHT KIT POLY AUGER DOWNSPOUTS WIRELESS BIN FILL INDICATOR ELECTRIC CLUTCH Poly Auger Downspouts 8 round $69 IAA oval $89 IAA round $129 IAA OPTIONAL MOVER KIT All augers come with an optional mover kit, making them easy to move. The central control panel lets you raise, lower and drive the auger, saving you precious time at harvest. 43L fuel tank Standard Feature No Snag Auger Downspout Stays in line with bin opening Won t snag on bin 10 $121 IAA $155 IAA Wireless Bin Fill Indicator $695 IAA WIRELESS BIN FILL INDICATOR Load your bin faster & with more accuracy 27

28 Grain Handling Solutions AUGERS & Accessories WHEATHEART X100 Series Auger Wheatheart s X Series Augers WHEATHEART X Auger WHEATHEART X Auger! REDESIGNED FOR 2015 Improved low profile hopper with access points for easier maintenance Square connection points for flighting Increased capacity to 6600 BPH 74, 84 AND 94 LENGTHS Bigger boot & larger spout to increase capacity Easy to maintain hopper Conveniently mounted hydraulic winch Top truss added on 84 & 94 augers CAPACITY UP TO 23,000 BU/HR 1000 RPM gearbox drive Remote electric power swing Heavy duty A frame lift with 22.5 tires 28

29 Wheatheart s largest capacity auger. MOVES UP TO 23,000 BU/HR! Grain Handling Solutions Reinforced Steel Trussing For Increased Strength Sturdy A-Frame Design Low Profile Hopper 10.5 HEIGHT FROM THE GROUND TO THE TOP OF THE METAL Power Swing HYDRAULIC OR ELECTRIC WIRELESS REMOTE 29

30 Grain Handling Solutions BATCO Conveyors Unload units with mover kits Diesel and gas options Drive over and tranfer units Hydraulic, electric & gas drive Engine Options Hydraulic, diesel, gas or electric Standard Feature 43L fuel tank Collapsible Hopper Batco Conveyors Mover Kit Added Safety & Maximum Traction Batco 1545 Field Loader Our Most Popular Model Includes mover kit, 15 belt, collapsible hopper, gas or diesel engine options Series 10 Tube & 15 Belt Capacity up to 6,000 BU/HR Lengths from 30 to Diameter, 14-gauge tube 2000 Series 14 Tube & 20 Belt Capacity up to 9,000 BU/HR Lengths from 35 to Diameter, 12-gauge tube 2400 Series 14 Tube & 23.5 Belt Capacity up to 14,000 BU/HR Lengths from 65 to Diameter, 12-gauge tube 30 Batco 1515 Transfer Conveyor Batco 1300 series 4500 BU / HR Batco 1500 series 6000 BU / HR Batco 1800 series 8000 BU / HR

31 Lasts longer than an auger Ideal for cereal & pulse crops Low HP requirements Quiet running 2400 SERIES Grain Handling Solutions Conveyor Heights On Some Popular Models BATCO MODEL UP-OPERATION Conveyor discharge height in feet DOWN-OPERATION Overall conveyor height in feet A B A B 1545FL FL SWING AWAY CAPACITY UP TO 14,000 BU/HR To determine length of conveyor needed multiply height of bin by 2.5 Example: 30 bin height x 2.5 = 75 conveyor needed A UP is conveyor discharge height (from bottom of discharge hood) A DOWN is overall conveyor height (from top of discharge hood) MAXIMUM BIN HEIGHT 48 31

32 Grain Treatment Solutions FLAMAN has seed treaters for every application, commercial & on-farm, to meet the needs of every farmer and plant. Wheatheart Storm Seed Treater Save Time & Money No more over or under treating. Enclosed mixing and spraying provides safe and efficient application Peristaltic metering pumps precisely meter seed treatment to match seed flow 2 Simple touch screen display for selecting pre-programmed application rates Peristaltic metering pumps precisely meter seed treatment to match seed flow Simple touch screen display for selecting pre-programmed application rates SIMPLE TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY Enclosed mixing and spraying provides safe and efficient application PERISTALTIC METERING PUMPS 32 The STORM makes it safe & easy to apply multiple products.

33 Can treat mustard and canola CCS Rotary Coater 12 4 lbs / batch* lbs / batch* lbs / batch* lbs / batch* * Capacity based on Canola When accuracy of treatment application is critical. Model GTS 20 CAPACITY 2,000 BU/HR LENGTH 9 ft WIDTH 4 ft HEIGHT 12 ft Grain Treatment Solutions CCS Rotary Coater Accurate way to apply seed treatments, polymers and fertilizer. The CCS Rotary Coater is a continuous batch operation using a highly accurate chemical application system and scale. This system provides improved seed coverage and a more uniform distribution of chemical treatments on the seed. The CCS Rotary Coater is typically equipped with 2 pumps (liquid) and 2 powder feeders. Universal Coating Systems GTS 20 series The GTS-20 is a fully automated seed treater, with a capacity of 2000 bu/hr (based on soybeans). This model of seed treater is one of the most accurate on the market as it meters both seed as well as chemical. The GTS-20 is ideal for on-farm or a commercial business. KSi Seed Applicator Available as a stationary, portable or bin site system The KSi 4808NGA Seed Treater features numerous technological advances and design elements that address some of the most common challenges in the seed treatment industry today. Faster drum clean-out and integration with KSi Automation are just the beginning of a long list of great features that come with the KSi 4808NGA Seed Treater. Uniform Coating Advanced Mixing Gentle Conditioning Dynamic Discharge KSI Seed Applicator DRUM SIZE 48 CAPACITY 700-2,500 lb / min SEED METERING KSi VariRate Loss-In-Weight Seed Flow CONTROL OPTIONS KSi AutoTreat KSi Model 4808NGA 33

34 Grain Cleaning Solutions BUCKET DRAGS & ELEVATORS At Flaman Grain Cleaning, we offer bucket elevators and drag conveyors for every application, to fit the needs of every farmer and plant. Industrial Chain Conveyor Capacity: 200 BU/HR to 60,000 BU/HR Finish: powder coated, hot dipped galvanized or 304 stainless steel Hi-Lo Industrial Duty Incline Chain Conveyor Horizontal and incline systems for hard to reach installations Allows the elevator boot to be on grade level Capacity: 200 BU/HR to 18,000 BU/HR Round Bottom Chain Conveyor Designed for self-cleaning and excellent for soft materials like feed Capacity: from 200 BU/HR to 18,000 BU/HR Comes with UHMW flight paddles SPOUTING Various Sizes & Gauges Sizes from 4 to 16 DISTRIBUTORS 34 NORWAY & FANGED BOLTS All bolts come with nuts BELTING Available in 4 to 20 belting

35 Largest Supplier of Bucket Elevator Cups & Accessories in Western Canada Grain Cleaning Solutions From start to finish, we ve got it handled Handling Parts, Cups, Belts & Accessories We have a full line of replacement parts & accessories for most makes & models. Have questions? We are here to help you find the best solution K VALVE 2-WAY VALVE 3-WAY VALVE DURASPLICE FASTENER ADJUSTABLE CUSHION BOX INLINE FLOW RETARDER ELBOWS CLAMP BANDS 35

36 Grain Cleaning Solutions SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT BoMill TriQ CAPACITY 3 TONS/HR HEIGHT 1800 mm WIDTH 1200 mm DEPTH 1750 mm WEIGHT APPROX kg SORTING CHANNELS 96 FLAMAN F810 GAS TRANSFER AUGER 8 diameter by 10 long comes with 6.5 HP Honda $2,795 BoMill TriQ Technology REMOVE FUSARIUM INFESTED TOXIC KERNELS Improve durum wheat quality and add value by sorting according to vitreousness Improve food quality by upgrading malting barley according to protein content Add value by sorting wheat according to protein content BoMill TriQ 36 BoMill iq BoMill iq 1000 KERNELS / MIN A smaller version of the TriQ ideal for tests, demo and small samples. Great for small groups, labs and universities NIT (NEAR INFRARED TRANSMISSION) TECHNOLOGY Removes unwanted kernels using specially designed (grain specific) drum, near infrared detectors, and air ejection. Sorts product into one to three separate distributions or quality fractions using a transmission style analyses.

37 Satake FULL COLOUR & MONO-CHROMATIC COLOUR SORTERS Sheldon OPTICAL SORTER SPECIALIST COLOUR SORTERS Grain Cleaning Solutions Evolution 800 Evolution 400 CAPACITY BU/HR CAPACITY BU/HR HEIGHT 80.9 WIDTH 64.5 DEPTH 62.8 EJECTORS 184 (5mm) HEIGHT 80.9 WIDTH 52.2 DEPTH 62.8 EJECTORS 92 (5mm) The Evolution utilizes full colour camera technology to precisely sort a wide range of products CHUTES 8 CHUTES 4 VIBRATORY HIGH FLOW FULL COLOUR Alpha SCAN II 96 Alpha SCAN II 160 Alpha SCAN II 160 NREZS 4000 ASI CAPACITY BU/HR ergot from wheat CAPACITY BU/HR ergot from wheat CAPACITY BU/HR ergot from wheat CAPACITY 5-12 TONS/HR ergot from wheat HEIGHT 61.5 HEIGHT 62 HEIGHT 94.5 HEIGHT 66.5 WIDTH 39.5 WIDTH 53.5 WIDTH 51.5 WIDTH 86.2 DEPTH 41.5 DEPTH 43 DEPTH 41.3 DEPTH 64 EJECTORS 96 EJECTORS 160 EJECTORS 160 EJECTORS High Speed CHUTES 3 CHUTES 5 CHUTES 5 CHUTES 6 37

38 Grain Cleaning Solutions SERVICE CALLS Flaman Grain Cleaning has been involved in the grain cleaning and handling industry for 20 years and has been offering farmers and processing plants solutions to their cleaning needs. We also offer service packages to make sure your machine is maintained and running at all times for maximum efficiency. With service crews available, we have what it takes to get you from start to finish so that you can be handling your material in no time. Colour sorter technicians Cleaner overhauls Plant installs Elevator repairs Service New to the industry Visit Garratt Gravity Tables MODEL 2410 & 2512 The Garratt gravity table is an effective final cleaning unit for any seed processing plant. It is designed to seperate out the lights as well as infected and poor quality seed. Garratt 2410 CAPACITY BU/HR HEIGHT 74 WEIGHT 4200 lbs TABLE 48 x 120 Garratt 2512 CAPACITY BU/HR HEIGHT 82 WEIGHT 6800 lbs TABLE 60 x

39 Call us today service, install & maintenance crews are available Nelson FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN & SALES Oliver Gravity Tables Grain Cleaning Solutions HI-CAP SERIES BU/HR All manual adjustment Oliver HI-CAP CAPACITY BU/HR HEIGHT WEIGHT lbs TABLE 30 x x 120 VOYAGER BU/HR Independent fan drives Touch screen allows for multiple presets and other automation Oliver VOYAGER CAPACITY BU/HR HEIGHT 82 WEIGHT lbs TABLE 42 x x 120 MAXI-CAP SERIES BU/HR Hydraulic controls Electric controls & automation package available Oliver MAXI-CAP CAPACITY BU/HR HEIGHT WEIGHT lbs TABLE 48 x x

40 Farm Implements SCREENS Custom Handmade Screens WOOD & ALUMINUM FRAMES Forever Frames, Gjesdal Frames, Bench Frames, Clipper Frames. Crippen Frames, Lightfoot Frames, Custom Built Frames DOUBLE CUT TRIANGLE (BUCKWHEAT) ROUND HOLE SCREEN SLOTTED SCREEN SCREEN TYPES Rounds, Slots, Buckwheat Triangular, Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Material 36 WIDE SHEETS 4/64 32/64 Round Hole Screen sq.ft. 4/64 14/64 Slotted Screen sq.ft. 48 WIDE SHEETS 4/64 32/64 Round Hole Screen sq.ft. 3/64 16/64 Slotted Screen sq.ft Buckwheat screen sq.ft. 40 SEED CLEANERS FLAMAN Start Cleaning Your Own Grain Interchangeable Screens Low HP Requirements Gjesdal The original 5 in 1 Grain Cleaner Pre aspiration (pre air) Scalp (width remove large from small) Sift (width remove small weed seeds from large) Indent separation (length wild oats removal) Final aspiration (final air) FLAMAN 2005 CAPACITY 100 BU/HR 1 HP Machine HORSEPOWER 3 HP On Fan 2 HP Indent SCREEN AREA Up to 30 ft 2 SCREEN WIDTH 36 INDENT (2) 17 x 90 The secret behind grain cleaning with indent cylinder machines Visit FLAMAN 2010 CAPACITY 250 BU/HR 2 HP Machine HORSEPOWER 5 HP On Fan 3 HP Indent SCREEN AREA Up to 81 ft 2 SCREEN WIDTH 54 INDENT (3) 17 x 90

41 Farm Implements Gerwin MANUFACTURER 50 Different Screen Sizes! Deciphering grain grades Visit HAND SIEVES Many Sizes Available Durable hand sieves designed for excessive use in tough environments. WOOD HAND TESTERS Assorted Kits Available Test your dockage with these economical hand tester kits. Changeable screen inserts avilable Gjesdal M400 Gjesdal M1000 Gjesdal M2500 CAPACITY 40 BU/HR CAPACITY 100 BU/HR CAPACITY 250 BU/HR WEIGHT 1600 lbs. WEIGHT 2200 lbs. WEIGHT 4400 lbs. HEIGHT 8 11 HEIGHT 7 10 HEIGHT 8 8 WIDTH 3 2 WIDTH 4 8 WIDTH 7 LENGTH 7 3 LENGTH 9 LENGTH 9 8 (1) 24 scalper shell (2) 24 grader screens (1) 45 indent (1) 1½ HP 110/220V 1 or 3 phase motor (1) 10 x 36 and (1) 18 x 36 scalping / sifting sieves & ball rack system (3) 45 grader shells (1) 90 full length large pocket indent (1) 90 full length small pocket indent (2) 2HP 110/220V 1 or 3 phase motor (3) 18 x 60 scalping / sifting sieves & ball rack system (4) 62 grader shells designed to sift & size grain (2) 90 full length large pocket indent (2) 90 full length small pocket indent (1) 5HP 110/220V 1 or 3 phase motor (1) 2HP 110/220V 1 or 3 phase motor 41

42 Grain Cleaning Solutions AIR / SCREEN CLEANERS Garratt 216 SQ. FT OF SEN Two identical shoes on opposite throws to offer counter balance Lightfoot AFFORDABLE ON FARM CLEANING Close separation of weed and good seed Pre and final air Anti-clog upper screen agitation bars Fully adjustable, full width air aspirator Roll feed inlet hopper with rack and pinion flow control BENCH GENTLE FEEDER WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR CROP. Low HP requirements Lightfoot 6048 CAPACITY HORSEPOWER SCREENS 4 WIDTH BU/HR (2) 1.5 HP HEIGHT 102 LENGTH 72 Video Tour of the Lightfoot 6048 Lightfoot 3024 CAPACITY HORSEPOWER SCREENS 2 WIDTH 48 HEIGHT 79 LENGTH BU/HR (2) 3/4 HP Video Tour of the Lightfoot 3024 Screens can be replaced easily for different types of cleaning Gentle vibratory feeder reduces damage to crops Large air settling chambers for even & accurate air separation Strong tubular construction Screens are available for almost any commodity such as: wheat, barley, canola, soybeans, grasses, sunflowers, flax and many others 42

43 Garratt RF180 CAPACITY WIDTH 90 HEIGHT 138 LENGTH BU/HR based on wheat WEIGHT 7000 lbs SCREEN AREA 180 ft 2 SCREEN SIZE 54 Garratt PF216 CAPACITY BU/HR based on wheat WIDTH 74½ / 98 HEIGHT 108 LENGTH 121 WEIGHT 5000 / 6500 lbs SCREEN AREA 180 ft 2 SCREEN SIZE 54 x 48 Grain Cleaning Solutions Bench FULL SIZE CAPACITY SCREEN AREA 81 ft 2 SCREEN WIDTH 54 HORSEPOWER 250 BU/HR for cereals 5 HP on fan; 2 HP on shoe WEIGHT 2400 lbs. WIDTH 6 8 HEIGHT 5 6 Bench MID SIZE CAPACITY SCREEN AREA 27 ft 2 SCREEN WIDTH 36 HORSEPOWER 100 BU/HR for cereals 3 HP on fan; 1 HP on shoe WEIGHT 1780 lbs. WIDTH 4 HEIGHT 4 10 Bench MINI CAPACITY 30 BU/HR for cereals SCREEN AREA 13.5 ft 2 SCREEN WIDTH 27 HORSEPOWER 2 HP on fan; ½ HP on shoe WEIGHT 580 lbs. WIDTH 3 HEIGHT 4 Operation of an air screen cleaner Visit 43

44 Grain Cleaning Solutions DOCKAGE CLEANERS Used for sizing barley and removing small seeds and other dockage. ELECTRIC & HYDRAULIC KWIK KLEEN ELECTRIC & HYDRAULIC Market Cleaner Low HP required Fast setup time Clean at any bin site Ball cleaning/screens stay clean Kwik Kleen cleaners remove fine material prior to drying or storage, so air can flow through the commodity more evenly and efficiently. All models are available with electric or hydraulic drive mechanisms, and feature easily changeable screens. More than 20 screen sizes are available to accommodate many commodities and are great for sizing malt barley or removing canola from lentils. Bench MARKET CLEANER CAPACITY CAPACITY HORSEPOWER 1500 BU/HR Removal of dockage 1000 BU/HR Sizing barley UP TO 5 HP Reduce your dockage by pre-cleaning your grain before shipping. Kwik Kleen 572 LENGTH 108 WIDTH 58 AUGERS 5 CAPACITY 7-8 AUGER HYDRAULIC DRIVE GAL/MIN ELECTRIC DRIVE 5 HP TUBES 5 CLEANOUT FEATURE YES SCREENING AUGER 4 Kwik Kleen 772 LENGTH 108 WIDTH 72 NUMBER OF AUGERS 7 CAPACITY 10 AUGER HYDRAULIC DRIVE GAL/MIN ELECTRIC DRIVE 7.5 HP TUBES 7 CLEANOUT FEATURE YES SCREENING AUGER 4 44 Kwik Kleen Visit

45 Grain Cleaning Solutions Puda DCS-CPD: Configurable in both pre-weigh and weigh while filling versions. Belt Feeder Open Mouth Bagger Puda DCS-CPD Series for 10-50kg Bags The DCS-CPD series open mouth bagger is capable of handling a variety of semi free flowing materials such as flakes, mixtures and irregular granules. PUDA Single Hopper WEIGHING RANGE KG BAGS / MIN UP TO 6 ACCURACY ± 0.2% CEILING HEIGHT 3.1 M COMPRESSED AIR CFM PUDA Double Hopper WEIGHING RANGE KG BAGS / MIN UP TO 12 ACCURACY ± 0.2% CEILING HEIGHT 3.8 M COMPRESSED AIR CFM Easy to read display screen can be equipped with multi-interface to export data for analysis. Weighing instruments features keyboard, net weight, dynamic check, auto zero track, packing weight statistic. Limited one year warranty standard Suitable for: animal feeds, coal, compost, dry mortar, concrete, grout, clay, wood flour, mulch, wood chips and other wood products, mineral, etc. CONVENIENT AUTO BAG CLAMPING. 45

46 Farm Implements HEAVY DUTY WISHEK DISCS DISCS Wishek Heavy Duty Discs One pass breaking disc Use it on stubble & sloughs Reclaim land Standard Features Offset from 10 to 18 Tandem from 22 to Blades Spool & bearing scrapers Hydraulic leveler Single point depth control Wishek Disc MODEL 842N / 842NT 11 Spacing Spring cushioned gangs Approx lb/ft *12-15 HP/ft required FLAGSHIP OF FLAMAN Rentals 46 SIMPLY THE HEAVIEST DISC ON THE MARKET

47 MEDIUM DUTY FARM KING DISCS Farm Implements 7 YEAR WARRANTY ON BEARINGS (T2 215) Farm King Medium Duty Discs *HP/FT depends on terrain and field conditions Tandem Disc MODEL 6650 Offset Disc MODEL Offset Disc MODEL Spacing Weight 635 lb/ft Floating hitch *6 HP/ft required Stone flex hangers Sizes from Spacing Weight 550 lb/ft Automatic self-leveling hitch *7 HP/ft required 26 Notched blades Offset Disc 12 Spacing Weight 615 lb/ft Automatic self-leveling hitch *7 HP/ft required 28 Notched blades FARM KING OTHER SIZES & MODELS AVAILABLE 47

48 Farm Implements K-LINE Speedtiller High Speed Disc The most versatile tillage tool on the market! Optional Roller Packages LOAMY SOILS Crumbler Roller STICKY SOILS Spring Roller SANDY LOOSE SOILS Rubber Tire Roller Most popular type of roller Works in most soil types Very effective in loamy soils Leaves a level finish Superior in heavy trash conditions Mostly used in sticky soils Spring action loosens the dirt of the roller Mostly used in sandy loose soils Ideal as a packer roller Suits most soil types Can be used in sticky soils I have been very pleased with our K-Line Speed Tiller. It does a good job and leaves a beautiful finish on the fields. Our K-Line Speed Tiller has done about 3000 acres so far and we are very excited for the fall season. One customer used it this spring on pea stubble and then seeded canola. He said it was the best, most even germination he has ever had with a crop of canola. 48 Daryl Eddingfield, Great West Agro Ltd., Cut Knife SK FLAMAN SK/MB 2014 Rental dealer of the year

49 K-LINE DISCS Excellent seedbed preparation Increase organic matter in your soil Proven ability to mulch and breakdown trash residue, increasing microbial activity Operates best at high speeds Effective weed control Farm Implements Discs HIGH DENSITY RUBBER TORSION ASSEMBLY - EACH DISC JUMPS SEPARATELY THREE POINT HITCH UNITS MODEL SIZE HP 2925 D 8 Three Point Hitch ALL BEARINGS ARE BEHIND THE DISC TO MAXIMIZE TRASH FLOW AND GIVE LONGER BEARING LIFE 2935 D 12 Three Point Hitch D 15 Three Point Hitch TRAILING UNITS MODEL SIZE HP 2960 T 20 Folding Wings Wil-Rich Vertical Tillage Attachment DRY OUT YOUR FIELDS EASILY & ECONOMICALLY 2985 DDT 28 Folding Wings MULTIFLEX MODEL SIZE HP 2990 DDM 30 Multi-Flex Folding Wings Gauge Wheel Kits No need to buy extra, expensive equipment! Convert your chisel plow into a vertical tillage tool. WARMS & AERATES WET SOIL 49

50 Farm Implements HARROWS Rite Way 6100 SERIES NEW! JUMBO JUNIOR HARROW 7100 & 8100 SERIES 6100 Jumbo Junior Harrow Adjustable tine angles 10 Transport width ForwardTM unfolding system 7100 & 8100 Series Rite Way Jumbo Heavy Harrow SIZES FROM 28 TO 90 Narrow Transport 7100 series 50, 62 & series 55, 68, 78 & 90 Sizes from 28 to Harrow 9 6 narrow transport width 8100 Harrow 14 7 transport width Floating harrow sections Equal pressure for maximum performance Hydraulic tine angle adjustment 50 ASK ABOUT OPTIONAL 5/8 TINES

51 LAND ROLLERS Rite Way Farm Implements F3 NT 50 F3 SERIES 52 F5 SERIES 62 & 68 Go from transport mode to field mode in minutes. F3, F5 & F7 Series Rite Way Land Rollers Lengths from 32 to 89 Large 42 diameter drum Narrow transport available (NT 11 6 width) Floating rollers for constant ground pressure FORWARD Unfolding lets you pull equipment in tandem Requires less horsepower FORWARD TM UNFOLDING LETS YOU PULL EQUIPMENT IN TANDEM SIMPLY DRIVE FORWARD TO UNFOLD 51

52 52 Farm Implements S. HOULE MODEL HLL-8 LAND LEVELERS S. HOULE MODEL SHOWN HLL-10 HLL Series BOX SCRAPER 40 to 110 HP Blade height: 30 8,10,12 widths left+right hand tilt S. HOULE MODEL SHOWN LN-16 S. Houle Equipment built to last! LN Series BOX SCRAPER 110 to 225 HP Blade height: 40 14, 16, 18 widths Options left or right hand tilt Hyd. activated scarifier teeth Laser or GPS mast SLN Series BOX SCRAPER 300 HP Blade height: 50 16, 18, 20, 24 widths Options left or right hand tilt Hyd. activated scarifier teeth Laser or GPS mast

53 S. HOULE MODEL SLN Farm Implements Reclaim wasteland Improve drainage Level ruts PRODOZER MODEL SHOWN: 146 FLAMAN Pro Dozer 14 6 DOZER 185 to 450 HP 12,180 lb capacity: 8.2 yd 3 $44,500 Plus Freight Pro Dozer 16 6 DOZER 225 to 500 HP 13,940 lb capacity: 10.6 yd 3 $49,500 Plus Freight Fertilizer Spreader 3 Point Hitch Steel or plastic hopper Spread fertilizer, sand and salt Various sizes available 53

54 Landscaping Solutions KODIAK QUALITY FARM IMPLEMENTS Pull Type Cutters IN STOCK KODIAK IMPLEMENTS Box scrapers / Grapples / Pallet forks / Rakes / Aerators / Compactors 8 TRAILING $6, TRAILING $7,895 3 PT Hitch Lift Cutters Standard Duty Cutters 7 3 PT HITCH $3, PT HITCH $4, PT HITCH $5,775 4 STANDARD $1,225 5 STANDARD $1,295 6 STANDARD $1,595 Kodiak Quick Hitchs 5 Gear Driven Tillers 15 Flexwing Cutters HOOK UP FASTER! Cat 1 $215 Cat 2 $300 4, 5, and 6 widths Starting at $2,399 2 to 10 cutting height 100 HP centre gear box Starting at $17,900 54

55 FARM KING LANDSCAPING & SNOW REMOVAL Landscaping Solutions Finishing Mowers $2,160 4 to 7 width / Floating 3 pt hitch / 3 blade design / Efficient rear discharge for even distribution of grass clippings Snow Blowers $1,999 Adjustable Hitch / Adjustable Spout Deflector Manual or Hydraulic / Wide range of sizes /available 50 to 108 Rotary Tillers Discs Box Scrapers $2,400 Side shift feature / Oil bath gearbox, slip clutch standard / 36 to 77 tillage width $2, to 8.5 width / 7.5 disc spacing Notched blades standard / 2 x 3 tube frame $825 4 to 7 width / Replaceable cutting edges 6 to 12 cu. foot capacity Landscape Rakes S Tine Cultivators Drag Harrows $995 5 to 8 width / Rake, de-thatch lawns Level riding arenas, spread gravel $835 5 to 7 width / Spikes standard Optional 7 shovels / Optional gauge wheels $995 80, 100 & 120 Available / Standard spike parallel harrows / Sturdy 4 x 4 tube frame 55

56 Landscaping Solutions SCHULTE LANDSCAPING & SNOW REMOVAL Schulte Mowers XH 1500 Series 3 FX 1800 FX 318 Commercial Series Mower Best 15 rotary cutter on the market Cuts material up to 4 7 Gauge domed deck, 13 5/8 deep for maximum material flow and cutting speed Farm Series Mower Designed for farm & ranch cutting needs 15 cutting width with 85 HP tractor recommended Continuously welded dome deck for easy clean up Narrow transport of only 93 Farm Series Mower 18 cutting width An ultra narrow transport width makes moving this unit safe and simple Run with the same HP tractor as most 15 flex wings, but gain the extra 3 cutting width 56 SCHULTE TOUGH AND DEPENDABLE.

57 CLEAR AWAY ALL THAT SNOW! Schulte Snowblowers 102 & 117 Sizes / Open auger cuts into packed snow with ease / Double chute deflector reduces snow blowback/ Cutting blade made with high-grade steel Landscaping Solutions Hydraulic chute rotation & deflectors available FM300 Front Mount Kit Schulte Rock Removal SV Blade Folding V Plow Comes in three widths 10, 12 and 14 Mount this blade to the Schulte FM-350, or onto the rear 3pt of your tractor. SRW 1400 RS320 High Rise 8000 Windrows 2 to 25 rocks into uniform rows Narrow transport width (93 ) Rock Windrower Jumbo Rock Picker Large 3.2 cubic yard hopper 2x capacity of an average picker Removes surface rock 2-28 diameter Rock Picker Build larger stone piles Durable grate eliminates jamming and lets soil sift through MEET THE SCHULTE ROCK REMOVAL TEAM. 57

58 Landscaping Solutions Weed Handling Solutions We have a wide range of sprayers for all your chemical spraying needs. BE Sprayers 25 gal AgriEase Tow Behind Sprayer 2L AgriEase Hand Sprayer HWG L AgriEase Hand Sprayer HWG L AgriEase Hand Sprayer HWG L AgriEase Portable Sprayer HWG L AgriEase Backpack Sprayer HWG gal AgriEase ATV Sprayer HWG gal AgriEase Tow Behind Sprayer HWG gal AgriEase Tow Behind Sprayer HWG L AgriEase Portable Sprayer AgriEase Pull Sprayer 16L AgriEase Backpack Sprayer 6L AgriEase Hand Sprayer 58 CALL YOUR LOCAL STORE FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY

59 Keep your yard looking great. Landscaping Solutions 55 gal Enduraplas Spray Marshal 55 gal Enduraplas Professional Spot Sprayer 100 gal Enduraplas 3PT Sprayer Enduraplas Sprayers 22 gal ATV Boomless Sprayer HWG gal Professional Spot Sprayer HWG gal Trailer Sprayer w/ 12v Pump & VB16 Boom HWG gal Spray Marshal HWG gal 3PT Sprayer w/ PTO & 20ft Boom HWG gal Enduraplas ATV Boomless Sprayer Westward On sale now while quantities last! 31 gal 3PT Sprayer w/ PTO & 140 Boom HWG gal 3PT Sprayer w/ PTO, 140 Boom & Wand HWG PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE 59

60 Liquid Handling Solutions Septic Tanks ,000 gallon EXTENSIONS AVAILABLE 5, 8, & 10 diameter available EXTENSIONS AVAILABLE PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE - ADDITIONAL FREIGHT CHARGES MAY APPLY $1, & 1100 gal Holding & Pumpout Ball Tanks Holding 750 & 1100 gal Pumpout 750 & 1000 gal $99 25 gal Vertical Tank WAT / 18 D X 29 H $ gal Vertical Tank WAT / 18 D X 53 H $ gal PCO Tank WAT / 30 W X 28 H X 38 L $ gal WAT / 23 D X 39 H $ gal WAT / 24 W X 29 H X 49 L $ 3,094 5, 8, & 10 Horizontal Burial Tanks Single & double compartment Starting at 1000 gal up to 34,000 gal $ gal PCO Tank WAT / 19 W X 22 H X 38 L $ gal Upright WAT / 29 D X 66 H $ gal US gallon WAT / 20 D X 29 L $ gal US gallon WAT / 23 D X 33 L $ gal WAT / 29 W X 51 H X 48 L $ gal WAT / 30 W X 37 H X 60 L 60 SEPTIC TANKS ,000 GALLON

61 $ gal Turtle Tank WAT / 60 W X 28 H X 48 L $ gal Turtle Tank WAT / 65 W X 32 H X 49 L $ gal Turtle Tank WAT / 65 W X 37 H X 49 L $ gal Low Profile WAT / 47 W X 16 H X 81 L $ gal Low Profile WAT / 47 W X 21 H X 81 L Water & Storage Tanks 25 gal 950 gallon $ gal Upright WAT / 29 W X 75 H X 48 L 300 gal WAT / 38 D X 78 L WAT / 38 D X 78 L CALL FOR PRICING Liquid Handling Solutions Narrow enough to fit through a doorway $ gal $ gal $ gal Upright Tank $ gal Lobe Tank WAT / 56 W X 32 W X 72 L WAT / 49 D X 83 L WAT / 49 D X 83 L WAT / 48 D X 84 H $ gal Upright Tank WAT / 30 W X 78 H X 97 L WAT / 48 D X 116 H $ gal $ gal Low Profile 950 gal WAT / 71 W X 32 H X 91 L WAT / 89 W X 29 H X 100 L WAT / 74 W X 48 H X 105 L WAT / 74 W X 48 H X 105 L CALL FOR PRICING CALL YOUR LOCAL STORE FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY 61

62 Liquid Handling Solutions Water & Storage Tanks ,000 gallon TRANSPORT $1, gal Transport WAT / 84 W X 36 H X 126 L $1, gal Transport WAT / 84 W X 42 H X 136 L ENDURAPLAS / FERTILIZER 1350 gal US gallon WAT / 85 D X 71 H WAT / 85 D X 71 H CALL FOR PRICING $1, gal TRANSPORT / FERTILIZER WAT / 80 W X 53 H X 126 L PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE - ADDITIONAL FREIGHT CHARGES MAY APPLY $ gal 14 lbs. Rating WAT / 87 D X 69 H $ gal 15 lbs. Fertilizer Rating WAT / 87 D X 65 H / 3 Bulkhead WAT / 87 D X 65 H / 3 Bulkhead $2, gal TRANSPORT 1650 US gal ENDURAPLAS / FERTILIZER WAT / 90 W X 73 H CALL FOR PRICING $1, gal Limited Supply $1, gal WAT / 88 W X 103 L X 69 H WATER OR CHEMICAL STORAGE $2, gal 14 lbs. Rating WAT / 90 W X 50 H X 150 L WAT / 90 W X 50 H X 150 L WAT / 95 D X 89 H / 14 LBS. RATING WAT / 120 D X 98 H 62 SPECIAL ORDER TANKS AVAILABLE

63 SPECIAL ORDER Water & Storage Tanks Large Fertilizer Tanks ENDURAPLAS / FERTILIZER SPECIAL ORDER TANKS Low profile, narrow upright, cone bottom, sprayer tanks and lobe tanks from 160 to 1600 gallon. Liquid Handling Solutions FERTILIZER 30,000 gal Fiberglass Fertilizer Tank WAT / 14 D X 27 4 H CALL FOR PRICING 10,000 US gal Fertilizer Tank WAT / 144 D X 178 H CALL FOR PRICING Comes with two 3 bulk heads built in tie downs / site glass option included $6, gal Fertilizer Tank WAT / 149 D X 163 H FERTILIZER TRANSPORT / FERTILIZER ENDURAPLAS / FERTILIZER $3, gal Limited Supply WAT / 120 D gal Heavy Duty CALL FOR PRICING Tie downs standard, Baffled, Banded, Fertilizer rated 5000 US gallon WAT / 110 D X 150 H CALL FOR PRICING ADDITIONAL FREIGHT CHARGES MAY APPLY 63

64 Liquid Handling Solutions Chemical Handling Solutions at FLAMAN Handler II (2 ) HWF US gal Handler II (3 ) HWF US gal Chem Handlers Easily batch mix dry or liquid chemical. PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE - ADDITIONAL FREIGHT CHARGES MAY APPLY Handler I (2 ) HWF imp gal Handler IV (3 ) HWF US gal Handler IV with pump (3 ) HWF US gal Handler III (2 ) HWF US gal Handler III (3 ) HWF US gal Direct induction system avoids waste and spillage Load directly from bulk containers with double venturi system $1,335 Model shown a Handler III with 2 plumbing (fittings) and a Honda 5.5 HP motor 64 FROM 15 IMP GAL TO 196 GAL 2 TO 3 MODELS

65 StraightShot ChemStation HWF High speed venturi for faster induction Bulk induction metering system Front controls for easy access Fresh water valve for clean up and rinsing Powder coated frame Utility box standard Fittings WE HAVE A HUGE SELECTION OF PLASTIC & ALUMINUM FITTINGS Banjo Manifold Fittings 3/4 to 3 Fittings 3/4 to 3 Liquid Handling Solutions Cam Locks 3/4 to 3 No modification to auger/drill needed Handler seed treating mixing & pumping system sold seperately Ball Valves 3/4 to 3 Mounts in minutes Classic Seed Treater $325 HWF L Tank Fits on to virtually any auger Zag Seed Treatment Applicator $ HWF Dual application 735 BU/HR Handler I Pumping Station $925 HWF Elbows 3/4 to 3 Y Strainer 3/4 to 3 YOUR ONE STOP TANK & FITTINGS SUPPLY STORE Prices subject to change without notice 65

66 Liquid Handling Solutions Water Pumps & Supplies at FLAMAN For Use With Agricultural Chemicals Ability To Handle Low & High Viscosity Liquids Pumps Up To 15 GPM METER WITH METER Dura-Pump Quick Caddy This unit has the a built in handle which makes for easy carrying and versatility. The Dura Pump will pump up to 55 liters per minute. It comes with a 1 x 12 EPDM discharge hose as well as a 1 x 12 EPDM suction hose. $1,199 HWF WITH METER Dura-Pump Easy Caddy This unit is designed to be quickly and easily attatched / detached from any tote or tank with a frame built around it. The Dura Pump is self priming and can be ran dry without causing any harm to the pump. Unit also comes with a 1 x 12 suction and discharge hose. $1,139 HWF Shur Flo Pump Portable, Flexable and extremely versatile. The entire system is mounted in a sturdy easy-to-carry welded frame. Comes complete with 20 of cord with alligator clips and an inline fuse and 1 x 12 Suction and discharge hose with fittings. $1,099 HWF IDEAL FOR CHEMICAL STORAGE. 20 & 40 Containers Keep your valuables out of the elements and secure. Delivery is available call for details. 66

67 A high volume pump that comes with 400 ft. of 6 hose Gas Powered Water Master Floating Pump Rated over 600 gal / min 5.5 HP Kohler engine Hydraulic pumps are available by special order $2,295 WAP Lay Flat Discharge Hose 1, 2, 3 & 6 inch ROLL PRICING 59 ft ROLL PRICING 89 ft Blue PVC DC Hose with camlocks 2 50 ROLL $58 WAP ROLL $99 WAP ROLL $155 WAP ROLL $81 WAP Liquid Handling Solutions High quality pump that comes with a 5 year warranty Robin Water Pumps 1 Robin 3/4 HP - 28 gal / min WAP Robin 4.5 HP gal / min WAP Robin 6 HP gal / min WAP $450 WAP Air Seeder/Suction Hose 1, 1¼, 2, 2½, 3 & 4 inch 2½ 100 ROLL PRICING $1.89 ft Great value pump that comes with a two year warranty B&E Pumps HP 42 gal / min WAP HP 158 gal / min WAP HP 264 gal / min WAP HP 422 gal / min WAP $225 WAP ALL OUR PUMPS COME WITH A WARRANTY Super-Flow Water Filters 2 & 3 inch $169 Valves & Check Valves 2-3 SIZES Sand Filter For Water $89 67

68 Liquid Handling Solutions Water Pumps & Supplies at FLAMAN Honda 2 Water Pump 6.5 HP 158 gal / min $559 WAP Honda 3 Water Pump 6.5 HP 264 gal / min $595 WAP Water or full trash available Up to 1 solids Honda 4 Water Pump 13 HP 580 gal / min $1,095 WAP Honda 4 Full Trash Pump 13 HP 580 gal / min $1,895 WAP Clearance Pricing While Supplies Last Honda Gas Powered 1 Transfer Pump $499 Regular $649 HWF CLEARANCE PRICING! Honda 2 Poly Pump 6.5 HP 154 gal / min $569 WAP WITH PROTEC SEAL! Honda 2 Poly Pump 5.5 HP 154 gal / min $735 WAP Honda 3 Poly Pump 6.5 HP 265 gal / min $629 WAP WITH PROTEC SEAL! Honda 3 Poly Pump 6.5 HP 265 gal / min $825 WAP ALL OUR PUMPS COME WITH A WARRANTY Prices subject to change without notice

69 Shop Equipment Self-contained Mobile Pressure Washer Hot water pressure washer 3500 PSI 4 GPM $9, WATT GAS GENERATOR 9000 WATT GAS GENERATOR Liquid Handling Solutions Outfit your service truck with this versatile 3-in-1 self-contained unit Compressor / Welder / Generator 30 gallon PSI 250 Amp DC welder 5500 Watt generator Electric start Honda GX 390 engine $5,500 HWG Welding cables and air hose not included WATT GAS GENERATOR Generators At work or at home a portable generator will provide recreational, job site or limited home standby power. We have gas generators from watts and a 3500 watt inverter generator that provides stable, clean power for sensitive equipment. A mobile power unit for all your hydraulic equipment Hydraulic Power Pack 25 gal tank 11 GPM 13 HP Honda motor $3,900 IMS watt 7HP gas generator $425 HWG watt gas generator $899 HWG watt gas generator $1999 HWG watt gas inverter $799 HWG WATT GAS INVERTER GENERATORS DON T BE LEFT IN THE DARK 69

70 Livestock Equipment POST POUNDER HIGH & HEAVY HITTER Post Pounders $14,500 IMS NO TRACTOR REQUIRED! Self contained unit with 13 HP Honda motor 660 lb hammer weight Pound posts up to tall Optional water spike or pilot auger attachment Rent for $100 / Day LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT & HORSE & STOCK TRAILERS FRONTIER Stock Trailers ALL ALUMINUM - SIZES FROM 12 TO 24 All Stock trailers 7 tall; Bumper pull 6 8 wide; Gooseneck 7 0 wide Extruded aluminum flooring and sides; LED lighting, Torsion axles standard, rear rubber bumper, full swing rear gate, escape door, swinging center gate with slam latch on 16 sizes and up, 1 LED interior dome light Starting at $13, BUMPER PULL 3500 LB AXLES Starting at $23, GOOSENECK 7000 LB AXLES 70 Mole Hill Leveller ADDS EASILY TO ANY CULTIVATOR 43 degree and 50 degree sizes Shovels only come in contact with the ground when hitting a mole hill Low power requirements $95 / foot Level Wind Wire Spooler USES EXISTING TRACTOR HYDRAULICS Rolls wire continually across the full width of spool Spool seperates to remove full roll Receiver mounts to tractor drawbar or front end loader Optional 3 pt. hitch mount available Optional high tensile spool holds up to 3/4 mile of wire $1,550 HWF FRONTIER Horse Trailers ALL ALUMINUM - SLANT LOAD Standard models for 2 and 3 horse custom options for 4 horse available 7 tall, 6 8 wide, torsion axles, extruded flooring and walls on select models, one piece aluminum roof, rear rubber bumper, tack room and horse area comes with rubber matting, tie rings inside and outside, telescoping dividers, LED dome light in horse area & tack room, bridle hooks and saddle racks dependent upon model. Starting at $13,995 2 HORSE COLT LS 2H FRONTIER MODEL SHOWN STARTING AT: $20,995 Starting at $18,995 3 HORSE STRIDER SLANT LOAD Starting at $24,500 3 HORSE STRIDER SLANT LOAD GN

71 CORN PRO MODEL SHOWN: $1O,995 CORN PRO Stock Trailers GOOSENECK OR BUMPER PULL MODELS Available in various sizes Steel construction with 2 step paint process for longevity Electric brakes Treated pine floor Rubber mount LED lights Dome interior lights Starting at $10, STOCK WITH 5200 LB TANDEM AXLES CORN PRO Horse Trailers Starting at $15, GOOSENECK STOCK WITH 7000 TANDEM AXLES BUMPER PULL MODEL Available in 2 or 3 horse configuration Solid wall through floor between manger and tack area to keep mess out or optional swinging door to tack area Dome lights inside horse compartment & tack area Starting at $11,995 2 HORSE Starting at $13,995 3 HORSE BERGEN MODEL BERGEN Stock Trailers GOOSENECK OR BUMPER PULL MODELS Written 4 year limited warranty Tubular steel construction All metal blasted with steel grit Endura primer and top coats Spare tire, dexter axles (5 year warranty) Unibody construction Anti-slip on full length running boards All seams and joints caulked with HD adhesive Colour match to your choice Starting at $9, BUMPER PULL 12 X 6 W X 6 6 H BERGEN GN MODEL Starting at $17, GOOSENECK 24 X 80 W X 6 6 H CORN PRO 24 GN W/ TRIPLE 7000 LB AXLES $16,500 HORSE & STOCK TRAILERS Livestock Equipment 71

72 FLAMAN Trailers PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE AG TRANSPORT BEHNKE AG TRANSPORT BEHNKE Pintle Equipment Trailer BIG TRAILERS FOR BIG JOBS 28 Bed; 6 beavertail 25,000 Air ride suspension axles Oak decking BEHNKE Step Deck Semi Trailer 53 AIR RIDE STEP DECK (3) 25,000 lb axles 11 Upper deck; 36 lower deck; 6 beavertail & ramp Rubrail Winch rail with 12 winches FEATURE 53' Spring 53' Air HC Loading Beds Fold Down Fold Down Jack (2) 25,000 lb 2-speed (2) 25,000 lb 2-speed Frame 16" I-Beam 16" I-Beam Hitch 5th Wheel (Semi) 5th Wheel (Semi) Brakes Air Air Deck Width 96" Upper 92" Lower 96" Upper 92" Lower Beavertail 92" x 5' 92" x 5' Deck Length 13' Upper 35' Lower 13' Upper 35' Lower Wheels Dual Dual Tires 255/7 0R 22.5" 255/7 0R 22.5" Axles (3) 25,000 lb (3) 25,000 lb Suspension Hutch Spring Air Ride BEHNKE Sprayer Trailer Strength & Value 8.5 TRANSFER WIDTH MEANS IT S EASY TO MOVE EMPTY Powder coated & undercoated 26lb I-Beams on the main frame LED & strobe lights 13 Deck Removable front wheel chocks with under-slung storage hangers Treated wood deck 13 DECK FOR TANKS Behnke 53 semi sprayer trailers are available in spring or air ride suspensions. These sprayer trailers are engineered to handle the load of today s largest sprayers plus haul tanks on the upper deck. 72

73 TRAILTECH AG TRANSPORT FLAMAN Trailers Wide track axles allow for water tank and chemical tote storage Chemical Solutions and tanks pg TRAILTECH Sprayer Trailer AVAILABLE IN TANDEM OR TRI AXLE CONFIGURATIONS Drive over fenders Steel running boards w/ cleats (2) 20,000 lb axles Pintle hitch At Trailtech we try to find a balance between strength and weight we build all our product to withstand the conditions they are manufactured in, meaning a trailer built here are good for the -30, -40 Ryan Miller, Trialtech VISIT FLAMANTRAILERS.COM/BLOG Trailtech combine trailers are built for mobility, durability and serviceability, making them a great choice for moving your machine. With a heavy duty frame Trailtech combine trailers can haul any combine. The flip over design makes it easy to go from the 13 carrying width to 8 1/2 width for transport. D rings on the frame ensure that your load can be secured. The torque tube hitch design distributes the weight for a properly balanced load. TRAILTECH Combine Trailer THE PROFESSIONAL CHOICE FOR COMBINE TRAILERS Heavy duty flip up sides extend to x I-Beam Tandem or triple axle option 20,000 lb axles with air brakes Torque tube 5th wheel TORQUE TUBE 73

74 FLAMAN Trailers AGRICULTURE TRANSPORT PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE AG TRANSPORT TRAILTECH Header Transport EASILY TRANSPORT AND STORE YOUR HEADER 7000 lb torflex axle 4 adjustable header arms will haul flex or draper headers For all rigid, flex & draper headers Can accommodate up to 36 header $4,595 TANKS PAGE YOUR ONE STOP TANK & FITTINGS SUPPLY STORE TRAILTECH Bale Carrier MOVE BALES FASTER WITH THE CONVENIENCE OF USING A TRUCK RATHER THAN A TRACTOR. 15 Radial tires $4,595 TRAILTECH BALE CARRIER J&M HEADER TRANSPORT J&M Header Transport ADJUSTABLE TO FIT LARGER HEADERS AND PLATFORMS 4-Wheel steering for sharper turning Designed for maximum support 74

75 Handle all your large tire changes the easy way! FLAMAN Trailers High Clearance Sprayer Jack IN COMBINATION WITH THE WHEEL WRANGLER QUICKLY MAKE TIRE CHANGES. 12,000 lb. load multiple height adjustments $1,289 HWF Wheel Wrangler Attaches to a front-end loader or forklift $2,449 HWF MIN TIRE DIAMETER 42 MAX TIRE DIAMETER 82 MAX TIRE WIDTH 28 3/4 MAX LOAD 1700 lbs SOUTHLAND Diesel/Def Fuel Trailer HAUL FUEL LEGALLY, SAFELY AND CONVENIENTLY WITH THE FUEL TRANSPORT TRAILER FROM SOUTHLAND 990 Gal Diesel tank 100 Gal DEF Tank Hose and reels rated for -40 to 120 degrees 40 GPM fuel pump Digital flow meters $34,500 75

76 Transport Accessories PARTS & SERVICE Our stores offer a full-line service department for all your trailer maintenance. We also carry a large inventory of parts and accessories. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you find the right axles, brakes, or hubs you need for your trailer. Some stores offer specialized services such as tractor repair, agricultural equipment service & SGI certification. Services Include: Hitch install Wheel bearing service Metal fabrication Wiring Deck installs Replace axles Safety inspections Trailer deck repairs Brake service (brake shoes, brake adjusters) TIRES & HITCHES 225/75 R15 Tire ON A 5 BOLT SPOKE RIM $187 PTW /80 R13 Tire ON A 5 BOLT SPOKE RIM 205/75 R15 Tire ON A 5 BOLT ALUM. RIM $302 PTW /80 R13 Tire ON A 5 BOLT ALUM. RIM 235/80 R16 Tire ON A 6 BOLT MOD RIM $230 PTW /75 R14 Tire ON A 5 BOLT SPOKE RIM 235/80 R16 Tire ON A 8 BOLT SPOKE RIM $230 PTW /80 R16 Tire ON A 8 BOLT MOD RIM $230 PTW /80 R16 Tire ON A 6 BOLT SPOKE RIM $230 PTW /75 R14 Tire ON A 5 BOLT ALUM. RIM $149 PTW $267 PTW $183 PTW $297 PTW

77 HITCHES Rapid Hitch ADJUST THE HEIGHT OF YOUR HITCH EFFORTLESSLY 10,000 GTVW Great for hauling multiple styles of trailers. $289 Transport Accessories REESE 5th Wheel Hitch DOUBLE PIVOT, INCLUDES RAIL KIT 15,000 lb $479 PTT ,000 lb $ PTT REESE Gooseneck Hitch REPLACEABLE BALL 25,000 lb $249 PTT POWER PIN INC. On Road Hit N Hitch CONVENIENT VERSATILE SYSTEM Adjustable to accomodate various trucks heights Pintle hitch option available Anti-theft lock built in REESE Gooseneck Hitch Pro Series OFFSET BALL ATWOOD Folding Ball FOLDABLE FOR A SMOOTH DECK 25,000 lb $192 PTT ,000 lb $205 PTT Balls & Ball Mounts 6,000-16,000 LB CAPACITY 2-8 available to fit any trailer Auto Slide 5 th Wheel Hitch AUTOMATICALLY MOVES BACK AS YOU TURN 15,000 lb $1,195 PTT REESE Quick Slide 5 th Wheel Hitch DOUBLE PIVOT, INCLUDES RAIL KIT 15,000 lb $726 PTT ,000 lb $1,054 PTT

78 Transport Accessories WESTEEL Road Vault 99 gal Road Vault HWF /140 gal Road Vault HWF gal Road Vault HWF gal Road Vault HWF TRANSPORT ACCESSORIES GPI Fuel Pump METER HWF Fuel Tank VENT CAP HWF WESTEEL Traveller Series 100 gal Double Wall HWF gal Double Wall HWF gal Double Wall HWF WESTEEL Farm Duty 99 gal Farm Duty Tank HWF gal Farm Duty Tank HWF gal Farm Duty Tank HWF Fuel Tank FILTER HWF GPI Fuel Pumps Other models & sizes available 15GPM 12V HWF GPM 12V HWF

79 SHACKLES 5/8 Shackle lbs 3 1/4 T $ /4 Shackle 52,250 lbs 4 3/4 T $ Shackle 90,750 lbs 8 1/2 T $39 1 1/4 Shackle 130,000 lbs 12 T $59 1 1/2 Shackle 187,000 lbs 17 T $89 1 3/4 Shackle 275,000 lbs 25 T $119 2 Shackle 385,000 lbs 35 T $159 Transport Accessories TOW STRAPS 2 x 20 30,000 lb 2-ply $49 3 x 30 48,000 lb 2-ply $119 4 x 30 64,000 lb 2-ply $145 5 x 30 80,000 lb 2-ply $169 6 x ,000 lb 2-ply $345 8 x ,000 lb 2-ply $ x ,000 lb 2-ply $ x ,000 lb 3-ply $995 JOHN DEERE TOW BARS 20 series $450 HWF series $495 HWF Save your tractor frame from damage Created by a farmer for farmers! Vist our blog to read the story Get unstuck without damaging your tractor Visit Don t get stuck without a tow rope TOW ROPES 20 mm x 30 12,000 lb 30 HP rated $49 20 mm x 50 12,000 lb 30 HP rated $59 30 mm x 30 25,000 lb 70 HP rated $87 30 mm x 50 25,000 lb 70 HP rated $ mm x 30 56,000 lb 160 HP rated $ mm x 50 56,000 lb 160 HP rated $ mm x 30 85,000 lb 250 HP rated $ mm x 50 85,000 lb 250 HP rated $ mm x ,000 lb 350 HP rated $ mm x ,000 lb 350 HP rated $ mm x ,000 lb 450 HP rated $ mm x ,000 lb 450 HP rated $ mm x ,000 lb 500 HP rated $ mm x ,000 lb 500 HP rated $ mm x ,000 lb 600 HP plus $ mm x ,000 lb 600 HP plus $1,175 Dealer Inquiries Welcome 79

80 Transport Accessories TRANSPORT ACCESSORIES For the heavy loads! Double Nylon Tow Ropes HEAVY DUTY 1 to 2, 20 to 60 long / 40,000 lb to 240,000 lb break strength $153 Ancra X-TREME Straps THE ULTIMATE IN LOAD CONTROL TIEDOWN STRAPS 4 Winch Strap / 2x Durability of Standard Web Straps $ /8 Load Binder SECURE YOUR LOAD Ratchet Load Binder 5/16-3/8 HD Ratchet Load Binder HEAVY DUTY Ratchet Strap SECURE YOUR LOAD HWF $24.50 $39.95 HWF /8 $89.95 HWF x 20 $22.95 HWG x 27 $24.95 HWG Ancra X-Treme Ratchet Strap 2 x 27 $32.94 HWG Chains FOR ADDED SAFETY Grab Hooks from 5/16 COUPLING & NON-COUPLING Rig-it Canyon Rigging RECOVERY SYSTEM Tow Bridal for Sprayers/Combines FASTENS TO FRAME 80 Safety chains 3/8 & 1/4 $6.29 Transport chains 5/16 and 3/8 $1.95 /ft $4.95 $ HWF20325 Break strength 240,000lbs. 2 x 27 $769 HWF230830

81 Axles, Brakes & Hubs We carry quality National Trailer parts to fit any make. Transport Accessories BEARING KITS Keep your trailer running smoothly with preventative maintenance 2,000 7,000 lb capacity TORFLEX AXLES Reduces vibration and dampens bumps From 2,000 lb capacity $360 JACKS 2,000 10,000 lb capacity Replacement jacks available for any make & model. $ TH WHEEL COUPLER Inserts Square & round tubes Ball & king pin available BRAKE ASSEMBLIES Save time and money with a complete brake assembly 2,000 10,000 lb capacity SPRING AXLES Cost efficient and easy to replace From 2,000 lb capacity $170 ELECTRIC JACK 3,500 lb, built-in leve LED work light $250 PTJ BRAKES & HUBS 2,000 to 10,000 capacity, for all makes and models of trailers Hub assembly $53 HD AXLES Heavy duty axles for those heavy loads. 7,000 lb - 27,500 lb capacity $500 COUPLERS Huge selection of couplers, various types. $49 SUSPENSION PARTS We carry a full line of suspension parts: shackles, springs and more. ROCK GUARD Protext your trailer with a hitch mounted rock guard $150 FENDERS Make your trailer look brand new again Size available for wheels AXLES, BRAKES & HUBS 81

82 FLAMAN Enclosed Trailers Western Canada s Largest Trailer Source FLAMAN Trailers - behind you all the way. We have a team of experts that can find you the best trailer at the best price. As Western Canada s largest trailer source, we have the selection and inventory to get you on the road in no time. ENCLOSED TRAILERS HSS structural tubing - Main frames 030 Rivetless aluminum exterior 3/8 Plywood - interior walls 5/8 Plywood - floor Enclosed wiring Galvanized hardware Alum. molding top / bottom MODEL SHOWN: 6 X12 $3,950 Lightning Series Cargo NEW SMOOTH SIDES! Southland Tour Podcast Visit Rubber mounted lighting 12 Checkerplate front Rivetless smooth sides Aluminum fenders Drop spring axles Bias ply tires Cargo Box Axle 5 x 10 Lightning (1) 2900 lb $3,095 6 x 12 Lightning (1) 2900 lb $3,950 6 x 12 Lightning (2) 3500 lb $4,950 7 x 14 Lightning (2) 3500 lb $5,550 8 x 16 Lightning (2) 3500 lb $6,995 8 ½ x 20 Lightning (2) 3500 lb $8,650 All pricing starting for barn door models. 15 steel spare tire Wells Cargo VALUE IN OVERDRIVE Aluminum fenders Spring suspension Dome interior light 32 Side entry door MODEL SHOWN: 7 X14 $6,450 History of Wells Cargo Podcast Visit Radial tires Front jack with sand pad Undercoated chassis V-nose profile Cargo Box Axle 5 x 10 Wells Cargo (1) 3500 lb $3,850 6 x 12 Wells Cargo (1) 3500 lb $4,650 6 x 12 Wells Cargo (2) 3500 lb $5,895 7 x 14 Wells Cargo (2) 3500 lb $6,450 All pricing starting for barn door models. 15 steel spare tire Nitrogen Filled Tires New this year all Southland trailers come standard with nitrogen filled tires. Nitrogen filled tires last longer, handle better and won t leak in the same way as conventional oxygen filled tires. 82

83 FLAMAN Enclosed Trailers Road Force RUGGED DURABILITY & VALUE! 12v Dome lights w/ wall switch 24 ATP stone guard Entire chassis undercoated Torflex torsion axles w/ EZ lube hubs One-piece aluminum roof 3/4 Plywood floor LED lights Rear stabilizer jacks Available in 12 colours 15 Radial tires Sidewall lined Cargo Box Axle 6 x 12 Road Force (1) 3500 lb $5,650 6 x 12 Road Force (2) 3500 lb $7,350 7 x 14 Road Force (2) 3500 lb $7,995 7 x 16 Road Force (2) 3500 lb $8,450 All pricing starting for barn door models. 15 steel spare tire XR Series Cargo A TRAILER THAT GETS THE JOB DONE HSS structural tubing - Main frames HSS structural tubing uprights Rivetless aluminum exterior Exterior bonded with VHB two sided tape Aluminum rims LED tail lights 24 Checkerplate front Torsion axles Various colours available Cargo Box Axle 5 x 10 XR Cargo (1) 2900 lb $4,450 6 x 12 XR Cargo (1) 2900 lb $ x 14 XR Cargo (2) 3500 lb $ x 16 XR Cargo (2) 3500 lb $ x 16 XR Cargo Sport (2) 3500 lb $9,450 7 x 18 XR Cargo (2) 3500 lb $8,995 8 x 18 XR Cargo (2) 6000 lb $10,750 8 x 22 XR Cargo (2) 6000 lb $11,995 All pricing starting for barn door models. Length includes 2 of V-nose for XR Series MODEL SHOWN: 7 X16 $8,450 All 7 x16 models come standard with new black hard top flooring MODEL SHOWN: 7 X16 SPORT, 86 TALL $9,450 Video Tour of the XR Cargo Visit 83

84 FLAMAN Trailers TRAILTECH FLAT DECK TRAILERS Premier Series L370DT PH Model Shown with optional spare tire L270 DT deck + 2 dovetail (2) 7000 lb Torsion axles Adjustable ball coupler/pintle Curb weight: 3,026 lb $7,250 L270T Tilt + 4 stationary (2) 7000 lb Torsion axles Electric braking Curb weight: 3173 lb $8,250 L370DT PH 22 Deck with 2 Dovetail (3) 7000 lb Torflex axles Electric braking Curb Weight 3800 lbs $11,500 Construction / Commercial Series CELR OR 20 7 Channel iron frame Slide in or fold up ramps available (2) 7000 lb electric braking axles Protected LED lights and wiring $5,995 H370GN 24 deck w/beavertail on flip up centre (3) 7,000 lb rubber ride axles Electric braking Curb weight: 5335 lb $13,250 PHOTO SHOWS OLD GOOSENECK STYLE. SEE TD210 FOR NEW GOOSENECK STYLE. Industrial Series Market s Strongest Frame Model shown with optional aluminum rims Watch a video tour of the TD320 Visit $12,995 TD210 PINTLE HITCH: 26 LENGTH + BEAVERTAIL, 5534 LB CURB WEIGHT, $14,750 TD210 GOOSENECK: 26 LENGTH + BEAVERTAIL 5930 LB CURB WEIGHT TD deck + 2 dovetail (2) 10,000 lb axles Adjustable ball coupler/pintle Curb weight: 3,026 lb TD220PH 26 Deck + 5 beavertail (2) 20,000 lb axles Dual air braking w/abs 41 Deck height Curb weight: 9127 lb $22,500 TD320 PH 28 Deck + 5 beavertail (3) 20,000 lb axles Dual air braking w/ ABS 41 Deck height Curb weight: 11,800 lbs $33,500 84

85 DIAMOND C FLAT DECK TRAILERS When you order a trailer with he Diamond Liner coating, it s done top and bottom and in-between. What that does is create a barrier Ryan Cope, Diamond C VISIT FLAMANTRAILERS.COM/BLOG FLAMAN Trailers Model Axles Length FLT 210 (2) 10,000 lb 30 $15,550 FLT 210 (2) 10,000 lb 32 $15,850 FLT 212 (2) 12,000 lb 32 $18,250 TANDEM DUAL FLAT DECK GOOSENECKS Length includes 5 flip up centre 5 DOVE WITH SPRING-ASSISTED, 24 WIDE FLOOR-LEVEL RAMPS, CENTER POP-UP FLOATING RAMP HINGES MAKE FOR A SMOOTH TRANSITION FROM RAMP TO DOVE EXTREME DUTY FLAT DECK (2) 7000 lb E-Z Lube axles 6 stake pockets and 4 D-rings Teardrop, diamond plate fenders 5 Spring assisted flip up ramps LED lights 12k spring loaded jack 18 $6,250 / 20 $6,650 TRIPLE AXLE GOOSENECK \ FLT307 (3) 7000 lb electric brake axles Flip up centre Lockable tool box 12k drop leg jacks $13,850 TANDEM DUAL PINTLE HITCH \ FLT210 PH (2) 10,000 lb E-Z Lube axles 12,000 lb & 15,000 lb axle options available 25 deck + 5 dovetail Pop-up centre Spring assisted 24 wide ramps Sway control Lockable tool box $15, EQUIPMENT TRAILER \ REQ (2) 7000 lb E-Z Lube axles Slide in ramps Bump rail, stake pockets $5, HIGHBOY EQUIPMENT TRAILER \ DEC13 2) 7000 lb E-Z Lube axles 6 ramps 7k drop leg jack Rub rail and stake pockets / LED lights $7,750 TILT TRAILERS \ 45HDT (2) 7000 lb E-Z Lube axles 6 stake pockets and 4 D-rings 12k spring loaded jack LED lights / 16 tilt deck / Bed width: 82 4 stationary $7,650 / 6 stationary $7,995 85

86 Hydraulic Trailers 1 LOWBOY TILT DECK 2 HIGHBOY TILT DECK 3LOWBOY FLAT DECK Multi-Deck get 4 Trailers in 1! HYDRAULIC & POWER TILT MD270 GOOSENECK (2) 7,000 lb Axles 20 Deck / 2 Dovetail Torflex suspension HYDRAULIC & POWER TILT MD270 PINTLE (2) 7,000 lb Axles 20 Deck / 2 Dovetail Torflex suspension $12,500 $10,995 4HIGHBOY FLAT DECK The Benefits of a Multi-Deck Visit The Multi-Deck can be a lowboy, a highboy and has a powered tilt in both positions. 86 HYDRAULIC TRAILERS L370T-24 TILT 24 Full tilt 3 Checkerplated hinged beavertail (3) 7000 lb axles L Tilt $12,995 HYDRAULIC TAIL (2) 10,000 lb axles Spring suspension 25 or 27 deck available 9 Powertail 16 dual wheels LED lights Remote control 36 Tool box $19,250 L370T-24 TILT Power tilts make loading and unloading your equipment easy. TD210 TILT 24 Power tilting deck / (2) 10,000 lb axles 3 Hinged checkerplate beavertail TD210 Tilt Pintle Hitch $15,995 TD210 Tilt Gooseneck $16,500 Never manually lower ramps again! Are hydraulics trailers the next big trend? Visit TD220 TILT $28,995 TD220 TILT 20 Tilt deck / 4 Stationary deck 6 Hinged, lockable beavertail (2) 20,000 lb axles TD220 Tilt $28,995 lifts up to 10,000 lbs! THIS 9 HYDRAULIC DOVE TAIL CAN LIFT 10,000 LBS.

87 Champion hoist Tarp All tubing frame Complete wiring harness DUMP TRAILERS Trailtech Dumps 12 DUMP (2) 7,000 lb axles $11, GOOSENECK (2) 7,000 lb axles $13, DUMP (2) 7,000 lb axles $12, GOOSENECK (3) 7,000 lb axles $16,995 Trail tech tuffguard comes in several options for the dump trailers. Save your money and protect only what is needed with strategic coverage on the chassis, fenders and the front of the box. $595 TRAILTECH 16 GOOSENECK DUMP TRAILTECH 14 DUMP Dump Trailer Line Up Visit Diamond C Dumps ALL HD DIAMOND C DUMPS COME WITH ROLL TARPS, 3 WAY TAILGATES AND 10 GA. STEEL FLOORS E-Z Lube axles DIAMOND C 14 STANDARD $10,400 SPARE TIRE: $224 Diamond C Liner is a two-component, 100% solid, high performance polyurethane polyurea coating that forms a flexible, tough membrane that absorbs energy from impacts and is highly corrosion resistant. It s applied over a layer of DuPont Corlar Epoxy Primer. Why Protect with Diamond C Liner? Visit Dump Trailers Southland Dumps HEAVY DUTY 280HD 14 x 6.5 (2) 8,000 lb axles 9 tonne lift capacity Lockable toolbox 17,600 GVWR $10,995 SOUTHLAND HEAVY DUTY 14 DUMP 14 STANDARD (2) 7,000 lb axles, slide in ramps, scissor lift, tarp $10, LOW PROFILE (2) 7,000 lb axles, scissor lift, tarp $10, LIGHT DUTY (2) 5,200 lb axles, tarp, 4.1 cu. yard capacity $7, DECK OVER DUMP (2) 7000 lb axles scissor lift, tarp $11,995 ECONOMY E Dump (2) 7000 lb spring axles Scissor hoist $7,995 SOUTHLAND ECONOMY 14 DUMP DIAMOND C 14 DUMP WITH SPARE TIRE $11,995 SPARE TIRE: 16 STEEL $224 Video tour of the Diamond C Highboy Dump Visit 87

88 Specialty Trailers YOUR TRAILER / YOUR WAY SPECIALTY TRAILERS Build your own custom trailer or choose from a large selection of specialty trailers! 88 SPECIALTY TRAILERS Summit Series A DRESSED UP TRAILER AT AN ENTRY LEVEL PRICE! Roof vents Treated deck White walls & Ceiling Cabinet and Garment Rack 3 place $10,750 3 place heated/insulated $13,250 4 place $11,995 4 place heated/insulated $14,995 CUSTOM ORDER ONLY Job Shack Summit Series Auto Hauler GREAT VALUE TO KEEP YOUR VEHICLE PROTECTED Features 15 Tires Roof vent White interior 24 Stone guard 48 Side cargo door Options Smooth wall exterior 54 escape door Torsion axles MODEL AXLES PRICE 20 x 8.5 (2) 3500 lb $10, x 8.5 (2) 5200 lb $11,750 DO YOU NEED ON SITE SPACE FOR YOUR CREW? ATC job shack trailers are an efficient solution to your job-site needs. Lunch room, meeting room and/or workspace with a desk or table. They can be heated/insulated and have air conditioning for year-round use. Options: Torflex axles Partition wall with door Benches Table Front air conditioning Heated 110v outlets

89 Sled Trailers FURNACE BOOT/GLOVE DRYERS HIGH COUNTRY NEW All-Sport Trailer Want some advice on what to look for in an All-sport trailer? Read the All-sport blog VISIT FLAMANTRAILERS.COM/BLOG BUILT FOR THE POWER SPORT ENTHUSIAST. MODEL PRICE HCH 8.5 x 18 $20,500 With Heating Package HCH 8.5 X 22 $20,950 $27,950 HCH 8.5 X 24 $21,995 $28,995 Quality at an outstanding value. An all-aluminum trailer packed with options and features. Side Access Doors Lighting Packages Extra Height & Extra Length Interior Wall Upgrade Flooring Upgrades Alumin. Wheel Upgrade Fuel Doors Cabinet Packages Ski Guides Track Mats Furnace Packages Boot/glove dryers All aluminum interior Mez deck flooring 86 interior height $13,500 MODEL SHOWN: 7 X 23 3 PLACE XR Series 7 Wide Inline Trailer 89

90 Utility Trailers UTILITY TRAILERS TRAILTECH UTILITY TRAILER (1) 3500 lb idler axle L-135LT Tilt 10 - $1,995 L-135LT Tilt 12 - $2,150 26SSA DIAMOND C SOLID SIDE UTILITY 3,500 lb E-Z Lube idler axle Wood deck Bi-fold ramp gate Wall height 13 3/8 $2,550 Steel Utility Aluminum Utility by Aluma 5 X8 LIGHT UTILITY 2,000 lb spring suspension axle Expanded metal floor Flat folding gate 13 Tires $1,350 MEDIUM DUTY UTILITY 2 Pine plank floor Flat folding gate 3,500 lb spring suspension axle 5 x 10 - $1,895 6 x 12 - $2,150 6 x 14 - $2,250 HEAVY DUTY UTILITY 6 w x 12 L Top wind jack 3500 lb EZ-lube axle $2, UTILITY TRAILER 54 W x 96 L & Bi-fold gate All Alum. frame & floor Alum. fenders w/vinyl gravel guard $2,305 A888 ATV Bed Size: 88 x lb Torsion axle (2) side ramps $2,650 Model A : 3500 lb Torsion axle, (4) Ramps $3, UTILITY TRAILER 3000 lb rubber torsion axle Alum. frame & floor Alum. tailgate 63 W x 120 L $3, H 3000 lb Torsion Axle Front retaining rail Aluminum tailgate 68 W x 122 L $3,450 MODEL SHOWN: 8218 TILT UTILITY TRAILER Alum. frame & floor Bed size: 81 w x 145 L Alum. fenders w/guard 3000 lb rubber torsion axle $3,995 UTV 12 3,000 lb torsion axle Curb weight: 760 lb Bed size: 71 w x 150 L & 57 Ramp 24 Alum. shield w/ storage box $4, w x 18 L (2) 3500 lb rock guard $6,995 TANDEM AXLE UTILITY w x 18 L (2) 3500 lb $7, TILT 82 w x 18 L (2) 3500 lb dovetail $8,995

91 Keep your toys safe & secure! BULLDOG Super Deck THE ULTIMATE TOY HAULER. LED lights 2 super clamps front & rear 4 Quick Dog tie down system 6 rows of super glides ¾ treated marine grade plywood slide outs Under deck cargo lighting Heavy duty, light weight ramps $3,995 Truck Decks Bulldog Podcast Visit TRUCK BOSS Cargo Management Solutions KEEP YOUR CARGO SAFE AND DRY. Extendable sides up to 8.5 wide Integrated winch mount for safe, no-operator loading LED lights Unlimited tie down points 10 or 12 telescopic ramp $5,250 Truckboss Podcast Visit Truck Decks TRAILTECH Industrial Truck Decks TRUCK DECKS FOR WORK OR PLAY Rectangular tubing construction Formed headache rack c/w louvered cab guard Recessed gooseneck hitch plate comes with hinged cover LED lighting with recessed rubber mounting Available w/recessed ball or flip over 5th wheel Treated wood deck Trailtech Truck Decks WITHOUT OPTIONS & INSTALL 8 6 L x 7 6 W $3, L x 8 W $3,450 9 L x 8 W $3, L x 8 W $3, L x 8 6 W $4, L x 8 6 W $5, L x 8 6 W $5,450 Custom decks available HOW TO MEASURE FOR A CUSTOM DECK Back of cab to back of frame Back of cab to center of axle Dual or standard wheel axle and sill width (outside of frame) 34 or 42 91

92 FLAMAN Trailers SEE PACKAGES ONLINE Flexible shelving placement with ½ increments, tag ready shelves for easy organization, individually lockable doors & drawers. Create a custom mobile storage solution WESTCAN MOBILE STORAGE SOLUTIONS Create a custom mobile storage solution Trade packages for 12 or 14 long trailers & cube vans. Installation available WALL MOUNT CABINET Comes in many colours, wall mount, 18 H, 4 W, 16 D $405 PTF Organizers Tie Downs BASE CABINET Comes in many colours 40 H, 4 W, 18 D $745 PTF TRAILER ACCESSORIES HELMET HOOKS Holds your helmets out of the way. Also comes in black Single 2.5 H x 2.5 W x 6 D $23 PTF Double 6 H x 18 W x 6 D $34 PTF Grip Glides Get extra grip when loading your sleds. The small pieces can make a track around a corner. $80 for 32 pieces PTF Lights All makes and models $1.40 FLIP OUT WORK TRAY A great work bench for your trailer. Silver or black. 32 W x 14 D $134 PTF Edge Glides Attach these to the bottom of the ramp door for a smooth transition from the ground to the ramp. $40 for 4 pieces PTF Incandescent & LED Lights Low power and high efficiency $2.99 TOOL ORGANIZER Multiple custom slots keep all of your tools handy! Also comes in black. 2.5 H x 24 W x 6 D $56 PTF Low Pro Grip Glides Get extra traction and help keep your snowmobile straight when loading. $100 for 8 pieces PTF (20 total) Flip Out Light Plugs into any 110 volt outlet. Extends out 44 and folds back when not in use. PTF $68 ALL PURPOSE SHELF For storing your cans and oils. Comes with notches to hold tools. Silver or black. 30 L x 5 W x 4 H $61 PTF Super Glides Protect the trailer deck from ski carbides and guide your sled when loading. $ for 20 PTF899105

93 AIRLINE TRACK Perfect for hauling motorcycles. Low profile so it stays clean and easy to use. $69.95 PTF D-RINGS Various types of D-rings available, such as swivel, recessed or weld-on. PTM SUPER CLAMP TIE DOWN A more versatile way to lock your skis down during transport. Quick, easy and secure. $ PTF E-TRACK Makes a great adjustable hook up point. Gives you more options for tie downs. $28 for 10 PTM QUICK DISCONNECT TIE DOWN ANCHOR Mounts on a flat surface, 4000 lb straight pull strength. PTF red PTF blue PTF black PTF silver $11 each FLAMAN Trailers LOAD LEVELLER Transfers weight off the tongue & stabilizes the trailer..8k & 1K $309 PTT JUNIOR TIE DOWN HANGERS Set of 2 - conveniently hang tie downs at the front & back of your trailer. 8.5 L x 3 W x 3 H $45 PTF SENIOR TIE DOWN HANGERS Keep all your tie downs together in one place. 17 L x 3 W x 3 H $31 PTF BROOM HANGER Keep your broom out of the way! Also comes in silver. $35 PTF Protect Your Toys Doubles as a ramp for unloading. Rock Guard $345 PTM Coupler Lock Keep your trailer safe from theft. Will fit 1 7/8, 2 and 2 5/16 couplers. $56 PTJ Check out our website for more options Wheel Chock For transporting a motorbike safely in a trailer. Comes with all hardware $54 PTF Wheel Lock Lock your wheel to prevent theft. It s security for: trailers, cars, trucks and boats. $113 PTJ Salt Shield Protect your sled or quad. Also doubles as a ramp for unloading. $550 PTM

94 Recreational Enjoy your time at the lake with a maintenance free dock. Their aluminum construction will not splinter, rust or rot and will not warp or crack while retaining its strength lb & 4000 lb 120 Inside 126 Outside 115 Length 5000 lb 120 Inside 128 Outside 132 Length Vertical Boat Lifts NEW! 6000 lb 120 Inside 128 Outside 168 Length Comes in 3000, 4000 & 5000 lb models Electric or hand winch options Optional canopy NEW! Stone Guard UNIVERSAL FIT Sturdy 1x1 aluminum tubing PVC coated mesh Easy open front access Boat Lift Accessories Adjustable Alum. Frame Canopy Wheel Kit 10 watt Solar Panel/Bracket Boat Docks Boat Dock Accessories Spend your time having fun at the lake, not fixing your dock! Optional Wheel Kit Dock Ramps Aqua Dock Roll-in Dock Aqua-Deck 10 Strip Side Bumper MODULAR 4X10 SECTIONS 20 X 4 LONG 8 X10 PLATFORM Corner Deck Bumper Aluminum Dock Cleats Solar Dock Light Bolt On Leg Pocket Come w/ polymer panel top 5, 6, and 7 legs not included Come w/ 2 wheels Come w/ polymer panel top Optional wheel kit available Come w/ polymer panel top Come w/ screw jack Adjustable legs 94 Aluminum Dock Ladder

95 Ice Fishing Shack Keep Warm! Recreational Extra room, height, storage and seats, 4 pre-cut fishing holes and covers, molded sled bottom design, fits on the back of your truck. Non-insulated and foam insulated models. Available in black or green NYLON HINGES WON T RUST! Tough Tote Quad Box MOUNTS EASILY ON ANY ATV TO HAUL ALL YOUR GEAR. COMES W/ PIPE KIT Wood Stove Exceptional heat with little fuel, made of 20 gauge steel Propane Stove Catch Cover Safety Screen This safety cover rests in the catch cover ring and prevents objects from falling into the holes. Catch Cover Cooler Insert Fits inside the catch cover rings and will keep cool up to 1 dozen 12 oz cans or fish. 38 W x 13.5 H x 21 L 12,000 BTU, variable heat range Hunter Sled Trapper Sled Calf Sled Snow Tracker Sled 23 INCLINE MAKES DEEP SNOW TRAVEL EASY SPACIOUS ENCLOSED HULL TO PROTECT YOUR GEAR. DEEP DESIGN CONSTRUCTION FOR STRENGTH & DURABILITY LARGE CARGO CAPACITY OF 26 CU FEET Available in 6 or 8 lengths Spring loaded hitch for extreme conditions 24 H x 24 W x 76 L Removable lid becomes a second sled Optional musher bar attachment 11 H x 24 W x 48 L Optional mesh kit Lid can be used as a separate sled Optional musher bar for extra passenger or cargo 95

96 Flaman Fitness Check out our monthly specials at Progression Playground Sets SWINGSETS PLAYGROUND & DECK SPRINGS Let Us Help You Design Your Play Area 96

97 2 in1 360 Teeter Totter Teeter Totter & Merry Go Round Flaman Fitness Trampolines Playsets Merry Go Rounds 8 MERRY GO ROUND SOMERSET THE TEACUP Modular Play Units Design Your Own THE THOMAS THE KATHERINE Delivery & Set Up Available in most locations 97

98 Flaman Fitness The new Nautilus line of cardio equipment are high quality machines that come loaded with all the features you d want, like work out programs, DualTrack monitoring and Bluetooth RECUMBENT BIKE 6.14 ELLIPTICAL 6.14 UPRIGHT BIKE 6.14 TREADMILL 98

99 All Spirit Fitness ellipticals are designed with convenience, comfort, reliability, and aesthetic appeal in mind. They come with many features such as: a smooth, quiet stride tracking important workout data & giving feedback challenging workout programs Flaman Fitness SPIRIT XE295 ELLIPTICAL LIFESPAN TR3000I TREADMILL Lifespan is a trusted brand for treadmills. There is a machine that s right for you with folding options, workout tracking, and many comfort and convenience features. We Are Social Find us on social media for amazing deals, recipes, fitness tips, motivation & more! We Service What We Sell We offer warranty on all of our products. We make service calls! We Offer Financing Take it home for $0! We can finance for up to 36 months OAC at most locations. FLAMAN FINANCING North Battleford th St Prince Albert Hwy 2 South Saskatoon 120 Robin Cres Regina 1544 Albert St Yorkton Linden Square Mall Humboldt Box Maidstone Box Moosomin 92 Cook Road Visit your nearest FLAMAN Fitness & try the treadmill desk out for yourself. Check out our monthly specials at 99

100 Flaman Fitness Home Gyms & Treadclimbers Check out our monthly specials at BOWFLEX MAT BOWFLEX XTREME SE 2 The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE lets you change exercises quickly and easily with no cable changes needed between exercises. Now includes ab crunch shoulder harness and ergonomically designed adjustable seat. SETUP & DELIVERY AVAILABLE IN MOST LOCATIONS POWER ROD REJUVENATOR POWER ROD UPGRADE 100

101 TREADCLIMBERS TC10 & TC20 Ever wonder how those people on the Bowflex Treadclimber commercials achieved their success? Visit your nearest Flaman Fitness and try the treadclimbers out for yourself. Flaman Fitness XTREME SE SELECT TECH 552 DUMBELLS 3.1 BENCH Burn up to 40% more calories than a stair climber and up to three and a half times the amount of calories than on a treadmill at the same speed. We are the largest supplier of Bowflex in Western Canada! 101

102 Flaman Rentals Trailer Rentals Looking to expand your business? Join our growing team of more than 100 rental dealers in Western Canada. You can expect a supportive network of like-minded business people to help you grow your business and be successful. See the map on page 110 for franchise oppurtunities Franchise Opportunities FLAMAN rental franchise opportunities are available: Parrish Kondra (SK, MB) GOOSE NECK These trailers are great for general farm, hotshot or long haul trucking. The GN trailers allow for a smooth, easy pull. We have 20 to 30 trailers available with capacity up to 20,000 lb. All come with beaver tail and ramps - just ask one of our friendly staff. RENT ME 4x8 Utility $40 / day UTILITY Do you have leaves and branches to haul to the landfill? Our utility trailers are perfect for the job. RENT ME only $125 / day 102 Last year we rented equipment to over 40,000 customers in farming, oilfield, construction and more. Investment in equipment is required. Proudly serving Western Canada since 1959 ENCLOSED Moving? Need some temporary, mobile storage? Various sizes of cargo trailers available Ramp or barn door options Prices subject to change without notice RENT ME 7 X14 ENCLOSED only $90 / day

103 Rental Rates 4X8 UTILITY.... $40/day 16 FLATDECK... $70/day 20 FLATDECK... $85/day 20 HIGHBOY... $85/day 24 GOOSENECK... $125/day 14 DUMP.... $125/day 16 STOCK... $95/day 20 GN STOCK... $125/day 6 X12 ENCLOSED... $75/day 7 X14 ENCLOSED... $90/day 4 PLACE SNOWMOBILE... $100/day 24 CAR HAULER... $125/day Flaman Rentals ROLL OFF These units are great for construction sites! The Roll Off trailer chassis can be used to carry a garbage bin attachment, cargo box or flat deck. STOCK Bumper or Gooseneck Hitch Haul your cattle or horses in one of our easy pulling stock trailers. We have 14 to 24 trailers available. RENT ME only $125 / day FLAT DECK / TILT DECK These trailers tilt for easy loading. We have 12 and 20 trailers. DUMP Need to haul dirt, snow or debris? The two-way tailgate features a rear double door and spreader gate, allowing for fast, controlled loading. Rent one of our 12 or 14 tandem axle dump trailers today. ALWAYS LIFTS! New gas/hyd system means no more dead batteries that won t lift. 103

104 Flaman Rentals Farm Equipment Rentals RENT ME only $100 / day POST POUNDER Fencing made easier No tractor needed Prices subject to change without notice RENT ME only $395 / day HAUKAAS BALE CART Move up to 1000 bales/day! 2700 / VRX REM GRAIN VACS Move up to 2500 BU/HR RENT ME only $2.75 / acre RITE WAY LANDROLLER RENT ME only $295 / day For all your occasional use farm equipment, visit your local Flaman Rentals dealer. Location Map pg

105 Renting requires no capital outlay and there are no depreciation or maintenance costs. Flaman Rentals RENT ME Only $9 / acre WISHEK DISC - 14 TO 26 WIDTHS The heaviest disc on the market! Prices subject to change without notice RENT ME only $9 / acre RENT ME only $350 / day HIGH SPEED DISC Ideal for trash management & seed bed preparation ROUGH CUT MOWERS Schulte mowers are known throughout the industry for being tough and dependable. 105

106 Flaman Rentals Yorkton, SK HWY 16E Moosomin, SK 902 PARK AVE Swan River, MB HWY 83A S Construction Equipment Rentals Available in the Yorkton, Moosomin & Swan River Region At Flaman Rentals we take great pride in our equipment and our customer service. We aim to be your one stop construction & rental shop in South East Saskatchewan and Western Manitoba. RENT ME Man Lifts Sizes range from 35 to 80 ASK US ABOUT SAFETY SUPPLIES YOUR SAFETY IS IMPORTANT TO US At Flaman, we rent out only quality Bobcat skid steers and mini trackhoes, plus a variety of attachments. 106 Check out our huge selection: Auger Bits, 4-18 Hyd Auger Drives Auger Extensions Frost Bits Bale Spears Hyd Jack Hammers Brooms Buckets - Tooth & Smooth Grapple Forks Pallet Forks Snow Blades Snow Blowers Snow Buckets Sweepers Tree Scoops Trenchers SKID STEERS S185 $225/day S205 $225/day S330 $350/day S630 $300/day S650 $300/day T650 $350/day COMPACTION Flaman is your Compaction Headquarters. Whatever your project calls for, we have the machine to do the job! RENT ME only $200 / day

107 When you need to get up in the air we can help you get there, just ask any one of our friendly staff which lift is right for your job! Straight boom or knuckle boom, we have them all! We have a fleet of delivery trucks from 1/2 tons to semi trucks available to haul any of our rental equipment right to your job site. Don t forget your safety harness when you are on an aerial work platform. ASK US ABOUT SAFETY SUPPLIES YOUR SAFETY IS IMPORTANT TO US Flaman Rentals ZOOM BOOMS This Genie 5519 is compact and very versatile. No job site should be without the most versatile tool in the industry. RENT ME $200 / day 5,000 lb 20 reach $200/day 6,000 lb 36 reach $300/day 8,000 lb 44 reach $400/day 10,000 lb 56 reach $600/day MAN LIFTS STARTING AS LOW AS $250/day 50 towable $250/day 45 self-propelled $350/day 60 self-propelled $500/day 80 self-propelled $700/day Our pull type units offer great value while our 80 lifts will get to the top of almost anything We also have man baskets available to fit our zoom booms CONCRETE TOOLS We only rent quality HILTI tools at Flaman for all your hammer drilling and jack hammering needs. HEATERS These 350,000 BTU diesel or propane heaters will give you clean dry heat wherever you need it. Prices subject to change without notice 107

108 Express Wireless Shareable Mobile Plans MB & SK It takes just 30 minutes to switch over in store! Province wide coverage - same coverage as SaskTel/Telus Unlimited anytime nationwide minutes Keep your old number. Changing carriers cost is dependant on upgrade status with your current provider. Cellular signal boosters: Get better coverage in the field, rural home, office, or on the move. Largest capacity PVR on the market 108 SASKATOON 120 Robin Crescent MOOSE JAW 110K 1235 Main St. N. Town & Country Mall PRINCE ALBERT # th St. E. Cornerstone

109 Frank Flaman Foundation Flaman Group of Companies gives back through the Frank Flaman Foundation, which supports charities and projects locally and internationally. Flaman team members take part in development projects worldwide and are also active participants in their communities. Flaman Frank Flaman Foundation Our Community Our Family It s not just a company you work for, it s a family you re a part of. Making things better is one of Flaman s three core principles. Our staff is our family and family member s support each other. Our family has a diverse group of people with the drive to improve their communities and we re happy to be a part of it. We re proud to be one of the TOP 100 Small/Medium Employers in Canada for Although we ve expanded across Canada, our roots are in Saskatchewan and it s our privilege to be one of only four Saskatchewan companies to win this year. Here are a few highlights: EDMONTON SIGHT NIGHT RUN Flaman staff in Edmonton and Nisku participated in Edmonton s Annual Sight Night Run supporting Alberta Sports and Recreation Association for the Blind. They ran in honour of their colleague they recently lost, Jason Schmidt, who was heavily involved with this organization. THE INSIDE RIDE Flaman staff in B.C. participated in the Canada-wide Inside Ride fundraiser to support local families and kids with cancer. They were inspired when staff member James Logan met Brendan who was diagnosed with cancer at age 4 and is now a healthy 16 year old. MOVEMBER Flaman annually donates $100 for every staff member who sports a moustache for the month. This year we donated $10,500. SECRET SANTA After an apartment block caught fire in Yorkton December 2014, Bernie Molnar form our Yorkton store rallied staff and other local companies who donated boxes of clothes & toys, 27 beds and 60 gifts for older kids. GUATEMALA Barney Bartley from P.A. visited Guatemala on the last Frank Flaman Foundation mission trip. When he got home, he facilitated a way for P.A. staff to easily donate money for new stoves in Guatemala. 109

110 Flaman Group of Companies Store Locations Saskatchewan & Manitoba Saskatoon, SK Hwy #16 & 71st St Prince Albert, SK Hwy #2 South Southey, SK Hwy # Moosomin, SK Hwy #1 West Yorkton, SK Hwy #16 East Swan River, MB Hwy #83A Corporate FLAMAN Stores Sales & Rentals FIND US on Facebook and YouTube Construction Rentals Construction equipment & tools are available at these FLAMAN locations, please call ahead to confirm. Turtleford Prince Albert Cut Knife Unity Maple Creek 4 North Battleford 16 Saskatoon Elrose Birsay / Lucky Lake Swift Current Swift Current 1 Cudworth Bruno Humboldt 11 Assiniboia 16 NEW! Dealer Moose Jaw Yorkton Melville Southey Regina Wynyard Canora Windthorst Moosomin 83 Russell Reston Swan River Virden Dauphin Neepawa Portage La Prairie Austin Brandon Brandon 2 Carman Winnipeg Estevan Melita 3 Crystal City

111 Saskatchewan Rental Dealers UNITY B & D Rentals CUT KNIFE B & D Rentals ESTEVAN Johnson Brothers HUMBOLDT Horizon Fertilizers MAPLE CREEK B & A Petroleum TURTLEFORD Del Nordell WYNYARD K4 Rentals CANORA Brendonn Holdings WINDTHORST Reliant Sales & Rentals BRUNO Horizon Fertilizers ASSINIBOIA B & A Petroleum BIRSAY / LUCKY LAKE Triple D & P Farms LTD SWIFT CURRENT B & A Petroleum CUDWORTH Horizon Fertilizers Manitoba Rental Dealers VIRDEN Mar-Dee Enterprises RUSSELL Brendonn Holdings RESTON Mar-Dee Enterprises PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE Mar-Dee Enterprises NEEPAWA Mar-Dee Enterprises CARMAN Tri-Star Ag Services MELITA Mar-Dee Enterprises Flaman Group of Companies FLAMAN Rental Dealers Franchise Opportunities FLAMAN rental franchise opportunities are available: Parrish Kondra (SK, MB) MELVILLE Repsch Agri Parts Sales & Rentals ELROSE Bob & Chris MacDonald MOOSE JAW NEW DEALER! RW Industrial Services DAUPHIN Brendonn Holdings BRANDON Mar-Dee Enterprises AUSTIN Mar-Dee Enterprises CRYSTAL CITY Thiessen AgriVentures

112 Saskatoon, SK Hwy #16 & 71st St (306) Prince Albert, SK Hwy #2 South (306) Pre-Owned & Clearance website! Find what you need quickly and easily. And there are lots of great deals! Remember we take trades. Southey, SK Hwy # (306) Moosomin, SK Hwy #1 West (306) Yorkton, SK Hwy #16 East (306) Swan River, MB Hwy #83A (204) The app makes it easy to look for used and clearance equipment, find your nearest rental dealer and access all the latest blogs, videos and downloads from The brand new Flaman app is ready in the Google Play store and the Apple App store. Download Our App Today!