Use the emergency flashers if the vehicle malfunctions or is involved in an accident. ITO51P101

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1 Emergency fashers Use the emergency fashers if the vehice mafunctions or is invoved in an accident. Press the switch to fash a the turn signa ights. To turn them off, press the switch once again. ITO51P101 NOTICE n To prevent 12 vot battery discharge Do not eave the emergency fashers on onger than necessary when the hybrid system is not operating. 478

2 If your vehice needs to be towed If towing is necessary, we recommend having your vehice towed by your Toyota deaer or a commercia towing service, using a ift-type truck or a fat bed truck. Use a safety chain system for a towing, and abide by a state/provincia and oca aws. If towing from the front, the vehice s rear whee and axes must be in good condition. ( P. 483) If they are damaged, use a towing doy or fat bed truck. Before towing The foowing may indicate a probem with your transmission. Contact your Toyota deaer before towing. The hybrid system is operating, but the vehice wi not move. The vehice makes an abnorma sound. Emergency towing If a tow truck is not avaiabe, in an emergency your vehice may be temporariy towed using a cabe or chain secured to the emergency towing eyeet. This shoud ony be attempted on hard, surfaced roads for short distances beow 18 mph (30 km/h). A driver must be in the vehice to steer and operate the brakes. The vehice s whees, drive train, axes, steering and brakes must be in good condition. 5When troube arises 479

3 Towing eyeet ITO51P107 n Emergency towing procedure STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Reease the parking brake. Turn the POWER switch to ON mode. Put the shift ever in N. CAUTION n Whie towing Use extreme caution when towing the vehice. Avoid sudden starts or erratic driving maneuvers which pace excessive stress on the emergency towing eyeet and the cabe or chain. If the hybrid system is not operating, the power assist for the brakes and steering wi not function, making steering and braking more difficut. NOTICE n To prevent causing serious damage to the transmission Never tow this vehice from the rear with the four whees on the ground. This may cause serious damage to the transmission. 480

4 Instaing towing eyeet STEP 1 Remove the eyeet cover using a fathead screwdriver. To protect the bodywork, pace a rag between the screwdriver and the vehice body, as shown in the iustration. ITO51P108 STEP 2 Insert the towing eyeet into the hoe and tighten partiay by hand. ITO51P109 STEP 3 ITO51P110 Tighten down the towing eyeet securey using a whee nut wrench. 5When troube arises n Location of the emergency towing eyeet P

5 CAUTION n Instaing towing eyeet to the vehice Make sure that towing eyeet is instaed securey. If not securey instaed, towing eyeet may come oose during towing. This may ead to accidents that cause serious injury or even death. Towing with a sing-type truck ITO51P103 NOTICE n To prevent body damage Do not tow with a sing-type truck, either from the front or rear. 482

6 Towing with a whee ift-type truck From front Reease the parking brake. ITO51P104 From rear Use a towing doy under the front whee. ITO51P105 5When troube arises 483

7 NOTICE n To prevent causing serious damage to the transmission Never tow this vehice from the rear with the front whees on the ground. n To prevent damaging the vehice When raising the vehice, ensure adequate ground cearance for towing at the opposite end of the raised vehice. Without adequate cearance, the vehice coud be damaged whie being towed. Using a fat bed truck If you use chains or cabes to tie down your vehice, the anges shaded in back must be 45. Do not overy tighten the tie downs or the vehice may be damaged. ITO51P

8 If you think something is wrong If you notice any of the foowing symptoms, your vehice probaby needs adjustment or repair. Contact your Toyota deaer as soon as possibe. n Visibe symptoms Fuid eaks under the vehice (Water dripping from the air conditioning after use is norma.) Fat-ooking tires or uneven tire wear n Audibe symptoms Changes in exhaust sound Excessive tire squea when cornering Strange noises reated to the suspension system Pinging or other noises reated to the hybrid system n Operationa symptoms Engine missing, stumbing or running rough Appreciabe oss of power Vehice pus heaviy to one side when braking Vehice pus heaviy to one side when driving on a eve road Loss of brake effectiveness, spongy feeing, peda amost touches the foor 5When troube arises 485

9 Event data recorder Your vehice has computers that monitor and contro certain aspects of your vehice. These computers assist in driving and maintaining optima vehice performance. Besides storing data usefu for troubeshooting, there is an event data recorder (EDR) that records data in a crash or a near car crash event. In a crash or a near car crash event The SRS airbag sensor assemby contains the EDR. In a crash or a near car crash event, this device may record some or a of the foowing information: Gasoine engine speed Whether the brake peda was appied or not Vehice speed To what extent the acceerator peda was depressed Position of the transmission shift ever Whether the driver and front passenger wore seat bets or not Driver s seat position SRS airbag depoyment data SRS airbag system diagnostic data Front passenger s occupant cassification The information above is intended to be used for the purpose of improving vehice safety performance. Unike genera data recorders, the EDR does not record sound data such as conversation between passengers. 486

10 Discosure of the data Toyota wi not discose the data recorded in an EDR to a third party except when: An agreement from the vehice s owner (or the easing company for a eased vehice) is obtained Officiay requested by the poice or other authorities Used as a defense for Toyota in a aw suit Ordered by a court However, if necessary Toyota wi: Use the data for research on Toyota vehice safety performance Discose the data to a third party for research purposes without discosing detais of the vehice owner, and ony when it is deemed necessary Discose summarized data ceared of vehice identification information to a non-toyota organization for research purposes 5When troube arises 487