CDOT RFP NM DTR ADA Cutaway Vehicles Contract Offerings Order Process. October 3, 2018

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1 CDOT RFP NM DTR ADA Cutaway Vehicles Contract Offerings Order Process October 3,

2 Welcome! Introduction Colorado Department of Transportation RAE Consultants, Inc. Dealer/Manufacturer Contract Partners 2

3 Contract Scope Menu Style Four Cutaway Groups Light Duty Medium Duty Low Floor Alternative Fuels Base Vehicle Pricing Includes Complete Vehicle Wide Array of Optional Vehicle Features 3

4 Current Procurement Stage Awards Three Dealers Creative Bus Sales Davey Coach Sales Master s Transportation Six Manufacturers Arboc Champion Diamond Coach Elkhart Coach Goshen Startrans 4

5 Contract Timeline October 2018 Contract Negotiations November 2018 Contract Execution December 2018 Quality Control /Pre-Award Audit Tours December 2018 Official Orders Placed 5

6 What Can We Accomplish Today? View Vehicles Meet Vendors Mock Up Orders Existing Grant Contract Subrecipients CDOT Capital Call Application Information 6

7 CDOT Expectations Current Grant Contract Subrecipients Utilize Price Agreement Order Exercise Grant Applicants Utilize Price Agreement Develop Order at Application RAE Consultants Contract Administrator First and Main Point of Contact 7

8 Available Vehicles Light Duty VEHICLE FORD CHASSIS ONLY CLASSES Elkhart Coach ECII Champion Bus Crusader Startrans Bus Candidate II Diamond Coach VIP 2200 Champion Bus Challenger A, B, C, D A A B & C D 8

9 Available Vehicles Medium Duty VEHICLE CLASSES Champion Bus Defender Ford F550 Champion Bus Defender Freightliner Diesel Goshen Bus G-Force Ford F550 E E & F E & F 9

10 Available Vehicles Low Floor VEHICLE CLASSES Arboc Spirit of Mobility D Champion Bus LF Transport D & E Arboc Spirit of Liberty E 10

11 Available Vehicles Alt. Fuels VEHICLE CLASSES Startrans Senator II GM & Ford AFB & AFC Diamond Coach VIP Ford AFB Champion Bus Challenger - Ford AFB & AFD Elkhart Coach ECII - Ford AFC & AFD Champion Bus Challenger Ford F550 Startrans Senator II HD Ford F550 AFF AFF 11

12 Class Definitions Vehicle Capacity Class A 6-10 passengers; 2 W/C Class B passengers; 2 W/C Class C passengers; 2 W/C Class D passengers; 2 W/C Class E passengers; 2 W/C Class F passengers; 2 W/C 12

13 Base Bus Pricing Complete Bus Different Manufacturers; Vehicle Variations Body Composition Warranty Fit & Finish Contract Allows for the Choice of a Vehicle that Meets Your Needs 13

14 Base Bus Pricing 14

15 Adds / Deletes Base Bus Pricing Can Be Lower Can Delete a Few Options Total Bus Cost Can Be Higher 100+ Optional Vehicle Features It s All About Customization Contract Allows for Variations Contract is Inclusive of Demand 15

16 Available Optional Features Commonly Requested Based on Previous Orders Latest and Greatest Dealer Supplied Options 16

17 Cameras and ITS Equipment Quote to Spec Technology Advancements Installation, Integration, & Training CDOT Will Consider for Funding 17

18 Extended Warranties Base Pricing Quote to Spec Subject to CDOT Review 18

19 Order Process Standardized Order Forms Acts as the Purchase Order RAE Manages the Process Pre-Order Meeting RAE Purchaser Dealer 19

20 Order Process CDOT Grant Contract Subrecipients Back Into Your Award Price Pre-Order Process Now 12 Month Fixed Pricing CDOT Grant Applicants Plan Ahead! Pre-Order Process Now Order Carries You Through Process 12 Month Fixed Pricing 20

21 Order Form Components Base and Optional Feature Pricing Specialized Requirements Finalized Floorplan & Weight Calc. Paint & Graphics Pricing/Proof ITS Pricing & Camera Placement Extended Warranties Pricing 21

22 CDOT/RAE Quality Control Order Process Oversight Specification, Options, Quote Floorplan, Weight, Build Sheet Delivery Timeframe Quality Assurance Initial Manufacturer Inspection Build Sheet Review In-Plant Inspection of Orders Dealer Vehicle Inspection Purchaser Location Inspection 22

23 Contractor Quality Control Delivery Inspections Defect Corrections No Payment before Full Acceptance Training Vehicle Operation Suspension and Alt Fuel Systems Maintenance Instruction Program 23

24 Quality Control Oversight Contractor Reporting Production/Delivery - Weekly Warranty Defects and Corrections Summary - Monthly Sales Volume Quarterly End User Feedback Performance Reviews One Year Contract 24

25 Quality Control Oversight CDOT & FTA Required Paperwork PCR / PA Forms FTA Pre-Award Audit Notice of Acceptance Forms Security Agreement Reimbursement Request FTA Post-Delivery Audit Title Documents 25

26 Warranty Requirements Coverage Provider Start and End Dates Parts and Labor Primary Contact One Point of Contact with Dealer RAE Support 26

27 After Sales Service Service Support Network Staff Qualifications Facility Locations Parts Distribution Warranty Service Centers Multiple Locations Option for In-House Work 27

28 Optional Service Plans Mobile Service Support Loaner Bus Transport Services 28

29 Contact Information Ann Beauvais Andy Cook

30 Questions & Thank You! 30