Cruso & Wilkin. Farm Machinery Auction, Grimston, King s Lynn. Starts 20 Feb :30 GMT. Description

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1 Cruso & Wilkin Farm Machinery Auction, Grimston, King s Lynn Starts 20 Feb :30 GMT Washpit Farm Massingham Road Grimston King's Lynn Norfolk PE32 1DN United Kingdom Lot Description 1 Soil Testing Kit 2 PTO Shafts 129 Gilkes Sprayer Pump 130 Lister Diesel Engine on Trolley 131 Lister D Engine 132 Lister D Engine 133 Lister D Engine 134 Pair of Berthoud Sprayer Booms 135 Large Air Paint Sprayer 136 Sand Blasting Pot 137 Single Phase MIG Welder Phase MIG Welder Phase Electric Pillar Drill Phase Electric Grinder Phase Electric Hacksaw 142 Air Greaser 143 Old Water Pump 144 Welding Leads

2 145 Table Top Saw Bench 146 Thickness Planer 147 Ford Engine Model 2722E on frame with blower 148 Ford 4600/4000 Engine Large Chain Link Gates with Posts 150 Bird scarer 151 Gas Gun 152 Gas Gun 153 AC DC Welding Plant KVA Tractor Driven Generator 155 5KVA Generator, Leading Silent, Diesel, 50HZ, ISO Cool Certification, LDE6800T. 156 Hydrovane Compressor 157 Rekord Crop Drying Fan RS Single Axle Scammel Generator, 3 Phase, 5 Stud centres, Towing eye 158A Road Compressor 159 Pair of Front Continental 380/90 R38 and Rear Mitas 380/90 R50, 10 Stud Centres. 160 Sprayer fat wheels, Pair of Tractor Tyres 162 Implement Wheels 163 Set of Dual Wheels; Front 420/85 R28, Rear 520/85 R x Trailer Wheels 18 x R Set of Dual Wheels; Front 540/65 R30, Rear 620/70 R42

3 166 Set of Wheels; Front 16.9 R 24, Rear 420/85 R x wheels and tyres 12.5/80 R x wheels and tyres 11.5/80 R Wheel and tyre 13.0/65 R Pair of Rear Row Crops, 10 Stud Centres, Trelleborg 360/90 R Pair of Front Row Crops, 10 Stud Centres, Kleber 340/85 R36 (13.6 R36). 172 Weight Block- wafer weights on front linkage 173 Weight Block- wafer weights on front linkage large combine wheels, Pair of Front Tyres: Michelin 710/55 R30, 10 stud centres. 176 Pair of Narrow Wheels x 20 Tyres Massey Harris Wheel Weights 179 Pair of JD Wheels 180 Pair of JD Wheels as new 385 R22.5 Trailer Wheels 182 Set of Dual Wheels, Rear 20.8/38 Front 16.9/ Stocks Dual Wheels Rear 20.8/42, Fronts 16.9/ John Deere Tyres, Rear 14.9/46, Front 14.9/ John Deere Tyres, Rear 13.6/48, Fronts 11.2/ Stocks 13.9/48 Dual Narrows 187 Set of Sprayer Floation Tyres 600/55/26.5

4 R32 Front Row Crops, 8 Stud Centres Ton Trolley Jack 191 Astwell Grain Auger, approx. 20m Miedema 3 phase piggy back conveyor, Model TAT161/70, Serial number , Machine number Miedema Telescopic Elevator, automatic slew with Magic Eye, Serial number , Machine number Miedema 3 phase piggy back conveyor, Model TAT1670, Serial number , Machine number Miedema 3 phase piggyback conveyor, Model TAT161/70, Machine number , Serial number Brettenbride Elevator/Conveyor 52ft, 50hp three phase engine, rubber belt, tipping hopper, thrower, towing eye, single axle, 100/45 tyres and 6 stud centres 196A Swift Lift Elevator 197 Hay Turner 198 4ft Flail Mower, Linkage mounted 199 J.F Mower Conditioner 200 Flat 10 Bale Grab, JCB Fittings 201 Bale Squeezer with Spike 202 Torhall 6ft topper, PTO driven, Linkage mounted. 203 Tarup Disc Hay Mower 204 Falazet Mower Conditioner 205 Teagle 8080 Straw Chopper/Blower 206 J.F Drum Mower McConnel Power Arm 58 Linkage Mounted Hedgecutter, Cable Control, PTO Driven, Serial Number point linkage bale spike point linkage bale spike

5 210 Claas 8550C Butterfly Mower/Conditioner 211 Fleming Silage Bale Grab 212 Fahr Hay Turner 213 Quantity of 3 Inch Fencing Posts 214 Post Rammer 215 Twin Round Bale Sledge 216 Krone 320CV Grass Mower 217 JCB Flat 8 Bale Grab 218 Bomford Hedge Cutter, Cable Control 219 Kidd Rota Flail, Used as a Poo Picker 226 Galvanised IAE Calf Creep Feeder 227 Galvanised Cattle Feed Ring 228 Galvanised Cattle Feed Ring ft Wooden Gate Galvanised IAE Square posts 231 Quantity of Cattle Gates 232 Flowell Feeder, PTO driven 233 Bental Roller Mill on Stand 241 Irrigation Pump (for spares) 242 Irrigation Pump 244 Irrigation Pipe Trailer 245 Quantity of Mixed Irrigation Pipes

6 246 Caprari Irrigation Pump, 3 Phase Motor 247 Tractor mounted irrigation pump 248 Spaldings Series 2 Disc Tool Bar for 3 Metre Spaldings Flat Lift Vaderstad 6.1m Cultus CX Cultivator, towing eye, tyres IMP 250 3m Kongskilde Vibroflex, linkage mounted 251 Kongskilde Vibroflex- Hydraulic Folding, rear cultivator, 25 tines, linkage mounted 252 Kongskilde Triple K Spring Tine, clod levelling boards, rotocrats, linkage mounted. 253 Cousins Front mounted 4m Coil and Springtine 254 Kongskilde Delta 2.8m Cultivator, Linkage Mounted 255 Glucho 4m Discs, Hydraulic offset m Souchu X Discs, Hydraulic Folding, Transport Tyres BKT Imp 10.0/7S-15.3, Serial Number Dowdeswell DP plough, vari - width, skimmers, Serial number Lemken 5 Furrow Plough, Europal 8, Skimmers, Press Arm, Vari - Width, Serial Number Lemken 7+1 Furrow Plough, Vari Diamant, Semi mounted, vari-width, press arm, skimmers, Serial number Kverneland LB85 6 Furrow Plough with Furrow Press (Kverneland Packomat), Vari-Width, Skimmers Furrow Kverneland Furrow Press m Sumo Trio, Discs, Legs, Rear Packer Roll, Shear Pins, Serial Number m Lemken Smaragagd 9 with Seeder Unit, Hydraulic Folding, Depth Wheels, Rear Crumbler Roll m Rigid Power Harrow, linkage mounted 265 4m Kverneland Rigid Power Harrow, PTO driven, Rear Packer Roll, Linkage Mounted ModelNGS401, Machine ID Cousins CH60HS 6m Combination Harrow, Linkage Mounted, Hydraulic Folding, Serial Number Lemken Korund 6m Cultivator, Hydraulic Folding, Wheel Mark Eradicators, Rear Cage Roller, Serial Number

7 Gregoire Besson 3m Combi Mix, CBX 3M5D, SN: SP22594, 5 legs, 2 rows of discs, steel packer roller, lights, hydraulic roll, linkage mounted Vaderstad NZA, clod paddles, towing eye, trailed, rear clod paddles, tines, following harrows, hydraulic folding, rear drawbar, Serial number John Deere Mulch Tiller, discs, tines, following harrows m Simba Double Press, DD Rings, leading tines, rear drawbar, hydraulic folding, Mitas 13.0/65-18 tyres 272 Cousins Pressure Harrow, 6m, Hydraulic folding, linkage mounted, hydraulic levelling, Model PHHYD6MCR, Serial number John Wilder Pressure Harrow, 4m, Hydraulic folding, hydraulic levelling, linkage mounted, Model Number George Moate T3 Tillerstar, PTO driven, Rear crumbler roll m Kongskilde Germinator, Hydraulic Folding, Tyres BKT Imp , SP m Front Mounted Press 278 Massey Ferguson Trailed Discs Foot Folding Spring Tine Foot Spring Tine set for Row Work with Ridgers Foot Spring Tine Row Stanhay Webb Maize/Beet Drill Row Stanhay Webb Beet Drill with sweetcorn/maize cell wheels 284 Stanhay Webb 5 Row Beet Drill and Assortment of Belts 285 Norsted 4m Corn Drill Row Mecca 2000 Monosem Sugar Beet Drill, hydraulic folding, markers, V4 units, linkage mounted Horsch Pronto 4DC Disc Drill, pre-em markers, wheel mark eradicators, Horsch drill control box, ISOBUS ready. 287A 2012 Vaderstad Spirit 400S Drill, 2,750 hectares since new, new cultivation and disc coulters fitted last year 288 Overum Tive Jet Fertiliser Spreader, drag tine, land wheels. 289 Amazone Fertiliser Spreader ZAM Maxis, PTO Driven, Linkage mounted, Lights.

8 Kuhn Axis-M 40.2 V58, 24m Fertiliser Spreader, Variable Rate Shutoff, ladder, twin vein, transport trolley, ISOBUS ready, NSTS until April Overum Tive Jet Fertiliser Spreader, 20m 292 9m farm manufactured Avadex applicator 293 Hardi 12m Trailed Sprayer Berthoud 24 m Trailed Sprayer, Tracking Drawbar, 2,500 Litre Tank, PTO Pump, Rowcrops 300/95 R46, Triplex Nozzles, Type: MAJE25AX24, Serial Number Standen 12 Row Sugar Beet Hoe 296 Kongskilde Vibrobeta 6 row sugar beet hoe, Linkage mounted 297 Expom 9m Rolls, 24 inch breaker rolls 298 Suton Land Press Dalbo Ring Rolls, 6m, Hydraulic Folding, Transport Wheels m Dalbo Rollomat High Folding Rolls, transport wheels, hydraulic folding, trailed Cousins 6m Rolls, 30 inch diameter, Cra64H30P, hydraulic folding, transport wheels Trelleborg 320/ m Needham Ring Rolls, Hydraulic Folding, Transport Wheels Foot Rib Roll set of Gang Rolls Set of Gang Rolls Row Standen Front Mounted Hoe 307 Pigtail Cultivator 308 Front mounted hydraulic folding Cultivator, depth wheels, pigtail 309 Kverneland Optima 8 Row Maize Drill 309A Gregoire Besson Combi Mix 3m, Stocks Jet Wizard Seeder Unit

9 309B Bomford Dyna Drive 309C Grimme Bed Tiller 309D Set of Cambridge Rolls 309E 12 Row Herrieu Sugar Beet/Maize Drill. Currently set to drill maize 309F Kuhn 4m Power Harrow 309G Front Tyre Press 309H Kuhn 4m Power Harrow and Accord Combination Drill 309I Cousins Hydraulic Folding Dutch Harrow 309J 2013 Pottinger R3 Trailed Drill, markers, pre-em markers, packer tyres, external spider, disc coulters, hydraulic fan, following harrows, drilled 1345 hectares, lights 309K 2013 Pottinger 4m trailed cultivator, hydraulic folding, tine legs, rear packer roll, transport wheels 309L Kongskilde Germinator, 5m 309M Cousins 4m Front Press 309N Cousins 3m Level Lift 309O Hardi 800l 12 Metre Sprayer 309P Team 600L 12 Metre Sprayer Foot Tandem Trailer with 40 Foot 2 Deck Livestock Container Ton Tipping Trailer 312 Archie Kidd muck spreader, 3 Ton. 313 Straw/Hay Trailer 314 Trailer 315 Agritek Single Axle Diesel Bowser with ball hitch, lights, brakes and battery powered 316 G.T. Bunning 1000 Litre Diesel Bowser with 12 Volt Pump

10 317 Wooden Trailer, Single Axle 318 Reed & Upton 16 Ton trailer, Hydraulic tailgate, towing eye 319 Winch - Crossley Motors, Serial number F769, towing eye, PTO driven 320 Andover Low Loader, Tested until April 2019, hydraulic folding ramps, Tri Axle, Short skid ramps for neck loading, metal floor Ton G.T Bunning Dump Trailer, twin axle, tyres BKT / Vrederstein 12.5/ , hydraulic brakes, Chassis number D G.T. Bunning Twin Axle Grain Trailer, flotation tyres, Michelin Cargo x Bib 600/50 R22.5, rollover sheet, grain chute, leaf springs, air brakes, hydraulic tailgate, modified G.T. Bunning Twin Axle Grain Trailer, flotation tyres, Michelin Cargo x Bib 600/50 R22.5, rollover sheet, grain chute, leaf springs, air brakes, hydraulic tailgate, modified Bailey 14 Ton trailer, hydraulic side for vegetables, hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres 500/ , lights, hydraulic tailgate, roll over sheet, Serial number T Bailey 14 Ton trailer, hydraulic side for vegetables, hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres 500/ , lights, hydraulic tailgate, roll over sheet, Serial number T Richard Larrington Trailer, Air brakes, hydraulic brakes, rollover sheet, perspex front loading window, flotation tyres 560/60 R22.5, hydraulic tailgate, twin axle 327 Bailey 12 Ton Dump Trailer Foot Single Axle Trailer Foot Twin Axle Trailer, Lorry Conversion, Barn Stored 330 Ifor Williams Plant Trailer Wheel Flat Trailer 332 Richard Western 14 Ton Beet Runner Trailer, Flotation Tyres ft Graham Edwards Trailer 334 Ifor Williams Plant Trailer 335 Ifor Williams Tipper Trailer 335A 40 Foot Artic Curtain Sider on Steel 335B Water Cart

11 335C Gul High Tip Trailer 335D Thyregod Trailed Sugar Beet Harvester 335E Thyregod Trailed Sugar Beet Harvester Terragator 2505, T779 TJN, CAT engine, 20 ton Tebbie muckspreader, weigh cells, Griffin Elder Weigh System, 9,565 hours, Tyres 66 x DAF 7.5 ton cattle lorry, MT54 TGV, Aluminium box - JSW & Son, Partition gate Freuhauf Cattle Box, Plated April John Deere Gator HPX, AV06 FKV, 4 x 4 Diff Lock, 1701 Hours, Electric Tipping Buck, Diesel, Tyres AT24 x John Deere Gator 855D, AU13 AYK, 1,232 hours, Manual tipping buck, front tyres 25x , front tyres 25 x , doors, lights, tow ball. 341 Commer Gun Bus, 25,852km, MOT exempt, wind down windows, 10 stud wheels, 4 gears 342 JCB 805B Turbo excavator, 9558 hours, 2 buckets, Machine number /P/4 343 Ex MOD Land Rover Long Wheel Base, C823 FAH, Canvas Top, 2 Front Seats, 4 Rear Bench Seats, 2.4 Naturally Aspirated, Diesel, 170,884km, Map Light, Tail Gate, Tow Bar, MOT until 4 November Track Marshall 56, Key Start, Cab, linkage, Serial Number Grey Ferguson TE20, JAH 226, Petrol, V5, Original Logbook John Deere Model B Petrol Tractor, Fully Restored, Electric Start 347 Fordson Dexta with fore end loader, 2360 AH, Roll bar, PTO, Rear Tyres Matis R / Vredestein , Front Tyres BKT , First Registered 6th November, Chassis Number John Deere 2850 Tractor, D974 KCL, 3 Point Linkage, Drawbar, PTO, 2 Spool Valves, 10,646 Hours, HiLow Gear Box, Rear Tyres: Goodyear 13.6 R38, Front Tyres 11.2 R John Deere X120, 42-inch mower deck, 1 owner from new, 215 hours. 350 John Deere 1640 Tractor, A776 TTL, SG2 Cab, Quickie 4560 Power fore end loader, 9,124 hours, sun roof, Front tyres , Rear tyres 13.6/ Bucket and weight shown in photos not included 351 John Deere 6600 Tractor, R836 YNG, 7,280 hours, 2 Spool Valves, Rear Tyres Goodyear 18.4 R38, Front Tyres Goodyear 13.6 R (Y787 BNG) John Deere 7810, 10,365 hours, Lynx Frontline Zuidberg Front Linkage, Front Tyres: Mitas 420/85 R30, Rear Tyres: Trelleborg 620/70 R42, 3 spool valves, Power Quad Box, Weight block not included.

12 353 John Deere 6610, T484 JNG, 8,057 hours, Lynx Front Linkage, Rear Linkage, 3 Rear Spool Valves, Rear Tyres Alliance 420/85 R38, Front Tyres Firestone 14.9 R24. Front weight shown in photographs not included (AU10 DNY) John Deere 8245R, 6,591 hours, Front Linkage, Front Tyres: Trelleborg 540/65 R34, Rear Tyres: Goodyear 650/85/R38, 4 spool valves, Itec Resume Control Panel, Pick up Hitch - Hydraulic, Rear Wheel Weights,, ISOBUS, 40K Auto Powr Box,. Front Weight not included (AU12 NTO) John Deere 6190R, 6,213 hours, Front Linkage, 4 spool valves, Command Arm, 50K Auto Powr, ISOBUS, Airbrakes. Dual Wheels and Front Weight shown in photos not included (AO16 EFC) John Deere 6215R, 2,819 Hours, Front Linkage, Front Tyres: Bridgestone 600/70 R28, Rear Tyres: Bridgestone 710/70 R42., Command Arm with ITEC Screen and Joystick, Air Brakes, ISOBUS, 4 Spool Valves, 50K Auto Powr, Ad Blue Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV Tractor, AU13 BWH, 2619 hours, Front Linkage, 4 Rear Spool Valves, 1 Front Spool Valve, Air Brakes, IsoBus, Adblue, Rear Tyres Trellborg 650/65 R42, Front Tyres Trellborg 600/70 R Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV Tractor, AU64 EHL, 3348 hours, Front Linkage, 5 Rear Spool Valves, 1 Front Spool Valve, Air Brakes, IsoBus, Adblue, Rear Tyres Trellborg 650/65 R42, Front Tyres Trellborg 540/65R34, GPS Guidance System 359 New Holland TX66 Combine, R262 VEW, 20ft Header with Biso Rape Extension Header, Front Tyres Goodyear 800/65 R32, 3,116 Engine Hours, 2,508 Drum Hours (AJ15 AOL) John Deere T670 Hillmaster Combine with 30 ft Header on Shelbourne Reynolds Trolley, Zurn Rape Extension, 1007 Engine Hours, 748 Drum Hours, Yield Monitors etc. Front Tyres: Michelin 800/70 R32, Rear Tyres: Michelin 480/80 R26, Air Conditioning (AU60 CWR) Manitou Maniscopic MLT Turbo LSU, 4,681 hours, powershift, rear pick up hitch, security tagged. Muck grab shown in photos not included Househam Air Ride Self Propelled Sprayer with Stocks Fan Jet Pro 65 Slug Pellet Applicator, 3,000L tank, 4476 hours, 24m converted down from 28m, Triplex Nozzles, NSTS Test expires February 2019, Tyres 540/65 R26, Row crops 320/85 R Agriweld 2000kg Weight Block 364 Agriweld 2000kg Weight Block 365 John Deere Front Linkage from 8000 Series (missing arms) 366 Honda Quad Bike, AU64 CJJ, 4665 miles, 617 Hours metre Grain Pusher with JCB Q-Fit Brackets 371 Bridge Engineering Ltd Toe Tip bucket 372 Muck grab, Euro Brackets 373 Ripvator FL1500 Linkage Mounted Pallet Forks with side shift, Hydraulic top link

13 374 Rear mounted forklift 375 Agriweld Feed bucket, 1.5m³, 0364/10, Pin & Cone attachment, Auger RF8 Road Brush, Sturdilux 377 Leyland Front End Loader 378 Vovlo Fittings, Suton High Tip Beet Bucket