Spec.No. CBF2525-VBVB-01E-1. Orion Model CBF2525-VBVB-01. Date Aug APPD CKD DWN. Kuroiwa Yamada Takei Takahashi ORION MACHINERY CO., LTD.

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1 Spec.No. CBF2525-VBVB-01E-1 Orion Trade Name DRY PUMP Orion Model CBF2525-VBVB-01 Date Aug APPD CKD DWN Y. F. N. Y. Kuroiwa Yamada Takei Takahashi ORION MACHINERY CO., LTD.

2 Spec.No. CBF2525-VBVB-01E-1 1. Warranty (1) Warranty information If by some chance breakdown or failure should occur within the warranty period and if it is clear that the cause of the problem rests with ORION, the item in question will be repaired without charge in accordance with the details below. (Note: )This agreement is restricted to equipment used in Japan. For items not covered in this warranty, the customer shall bear the actual costs incurred. (Additional costs to transport such items and transportation costs for service personnel will be added as necessary.) (2) Warranty period 1 year from the date of purchase or 5,000 hours of operation, whichever comes first. (3) Warranty Exceptions (a) Consumable parts. (Parts that may need to be replaced after a certain period or inspection) (b) Any failure caused by careless handling, or by improper use or control. (Operation outside the specified operating ranges or operation not specified in the Operating Manual. Also operation in abnormal environmental conditions, etc.) (c) Any failure caused by some disaster, such as fire, flood, lightning, or application of abnormal voltages. (d) Breakdown due in part to any service or modifications to the unit not performed by ORION or ORION service personnel. (e) Cosmetic changes including scratches or wear which occur during use. (f) Secondary damages caused by the failure of the unit. (This includes incidental damages and succeeding damages including any losses due to not being able to use the unit, inconvenience, and commercial losses which may be incurred.) (4) Product Use Limitations (a) If the unit is to be used as part of critical installations, safety devices and backup systems which can be switched to should be put into place to insure that serious accidents or losses do not occur in the event that the unit should break down or malfunction. (b) This product was designed and produced as a general purpose device for use in ordinary manufacturing. Accordingly, this warranty does not apply to nor cover the following applications. However, in cases where the customer/user takes full responsibility and confirms the performance of the equipment in advance, and takes necessary safety precautions, please consult with ORION and we will consider if use of the unit in the desired application is appropriate. Atomic energy, aviation, aerospace, railway works, shipping, vehicles (cars and trucks), medical applications, transportation applications, and/or any applications where it might have a great effect on human life or property. Electricity, gas, or water supply systems, etc. where high levels of reliability and safety are demanded (Note) In case of a fault or an accident, contact the dealer with the model name and serial number. 1

3 Spec.No. CBF2525-VBVB-01E-1 2.Consumable parts / Periodic replacement parts (1) Consumable parts (Parts to be replaced depending on the state at the time of inspection) Name of Parts Parts Number Qty/ unit Inspection period Replacement criterion Filter element When damaged, or dirt cannot be week (Inlet side) removed by blowing air. Filter element When damaged, or dirt cannot be week (Exhaust side) removed by blowing air. Metacoat (B) Removal of SD case Gasket (B) Removal of SD case Washer Removal of SD case O-ring Replacement of element Gasket Removal of cap and case attachments Spring shaft Replacement of element Spring tube Replacement of element Liner * To be decided by Replacement of actual positioning vane When damaged. *1 The second digit from the right is subject to thickness. 0.2t(white) 1, 0.1t(black) 2, 0.05t(yellow) 3, 0.03t(red) 4 (2)Maintenance of plastic parts affecting operation safely Replace the following plastic parts affecting operation safety promptly upon detection of breakage or deformation. Failure to do so may cause personal injury. Name of Parts Parts Number Qty/ unit Remarks Belt cover Common for all CBF s Fan cover Fan guard Main cover assembly * Pump No.1 side Main cover assembly * Pump No.2 side *1 To order a main cover assembly, check the pump model name and serial number shown on the nameplate of the pump and contact the dealer. 2

4 Spec.No. CBF2525-VBVB-01E-1 (3) Replacement parts (Parts to be replaced at regular time intervals) Name of Parts Parts Number Qty / unit Exchange time Operation under normal pressure. Vane ,000 Bearing 0A ,000 Belt 0A ,500 * The indicated blade replacement period is recommended in order to help prevent breakdown due to blade wear, and assumes average blade wear at 60Hz operation; specific performance is not guaranteed. The blade should be replaced soon if performance decreases or noise levels increase. *When vanes are replaced, replace bearing at the same time. Use ORION specified bearings that are lubricated with special grease. * Use the maintenance kit for replacement parts. Name of Parts Maintenance kit 25 Assembly Items Model CBF2525 Parts number Kit / unit 12 Vane 4 Bearing 2 Liner (white) 4 Pcs / kit Liner (black) 4 Liner (yellow) 6 Liner (red) 8 (4) Motor Maintenance Cycle (An estimated indication of when motor replacement might be necessary. Actual motor lifetime will depend on specific operating conditions.) Part Name Part Number Specifications Qty Maintenance Cycle Motor 0A Three phase 1.5kW 4P 1 20,000h * Indicates the time when the chance of failure due to wear increases. The motor does not necessarily require replacement after this time; the actual replacement time will depend on the operating conditions and environment of the particular installation. Please have the motor replaced when operation becomes abnormal. 3

5 Spec.No. CBF2525-VBVB-01E-1 3. Specifications Model CBF2525-VBVB-01 Pump single purpose model Pump No. Pump No.2 CBF25-T-VB CBF25-T-VB Frequency Hz Designed capacity *1 L/min Continuous operative pressure Diameter of piping connection Motor Thermal relay setting *4 Recommended range (kpa)*2 Vacuum and pressure in total: 60 or less Maximum value (kpa)*3 Vacuum/Pressure Either of 55/20, 50/30, 40/40, or 35/50 Inlet side 2-Rc3/4 Rc3/4 Exhaust side Rc3/4 2-Rc3/4 PhaseOutputPole Three-phase1.5kW4P Frame No. Insulation Class 90LE Voltage-Frequency 200V-50/60Hz 220V-60Hz Rated Current (A) 7.0/ A 8.4/ Mass kg 46 Painting color Black (except motor) Installation site Indoor Permissible ambient temperature 0 to 40 Permissible ambient Installation condition % (JIS Z 8703) humidity (Suction air) Corrosive or explosive gas must not exist in ambient Conditions atmosphere. Clean air with less dirt and dust, free of vapor and dew condensation. Operation noise *5 db (50/60Hz) 67/70 4

6 Spec.No. CBF2525-VBVB-01E-1 *1 Designed Pumping Capacity: Theoretical value calculated from volume. Refer to Performance Data for actual flow rate. *2 Recommended range: Vacuum/pressure range the pump can exert its optimal performance (life, operation noise, etc.). In case high degree of vacuum/pressure is not required, operate at recommended range. *3 Maximum value: The maximum degree of vacuum/pressure pump can continuously run. Do not operate pump continuously over this limit. Doing so will shorten pump life and can lead to premature failure or accidents. *4 The thermal relay setting is only a guideline as there is some variation among different machines. *5 Operating noise level is only an actually measured value under continuous operational vacuum and continuous operational pressure, and not guaranteed. 5


8 Spec.No. CBF2525-VBVB-01E-1 4. Precautions (1) Observe precautions, and operate the product within specifications. (2) Read the instruction manual prior to installation, operation, maintenance and inspection of the product. Especially pay attention to safety. (3) A check valve should be installed within 50cm of the pump intake or exhaust because back pressure when the pump is stopped may cause it to turn in reverse. (4) Be sure to install the product horizontally on the flat surface. (5) Operating the product in an enclosed space may cause malfunction due to heat generated from the pump. Provide good ventilation around the product, so the ambient temperature does not exceed the permissible level. (6) Be sure to clean the filters periodically. Failure to do so may cause clogging and result in trouble due to overload. (7) Wiring work has to be performed by qualified personnel according to applicable laws and in-house regulations. (8) Be sure to install an overload protection such as a thermal relay in the electric circuit. (9) Allowable intermittent power supply voltage fluctuation range is ±10% of the specified voltage; allowable sustained supply voltage fluctuation range is ±5% of the specified voltage. (10) Be sure to use the product 1,000m or below above sea level. 5. Accessories D type compound gauge 60 4 pieces Vacuum controller (VC63) 2 pieces Pressure controller (PCA6) 2 pieces 7

9 Spec.No. CBF2525-VBVB-01E-1 Pressure-Flow rate diagram CBF2525-VBVB-01 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz Conditions: 1 atmospheric pressure 20 8