U.S. Pipelines & Logistics PPE Matrix

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1 U.S. Pipelines & Logistics Matrix v-2018 te: If contradictory instructions exist between this Matrix and any SOP or JSA, then the document specifying the greater degree of protection will prevail. Requirements (Other than the minimum listed for the work environment) te: Yellow highlighted cells have been revised from the previous matrix version. Job Title / Job Workforce (All personnel in the work environment) Workforce Carriers Minimum requirements Transport Drivers at Racks Fire clothing See exception below. FRC is required to be worn, but is not required to meet the electrcial Risk Category 2 rating. Hard hat Safety glasses Hard hat Exception: Employees and contractors working outside of USPL fence lines are not required to wear FRC provided they do not have foreseen exposure to hydrocarbons with potential to produce a flash fire or to electrical hazards requiring USPL Category 0 or higher clothing. See the or Electrical Safety Program policies for more detail. Hard hat, safety glasses and safety shoes are still required to be worn on the Right of Way. Safety glasses Safety shoes Consider snow and ice traction cleats in winter weather. Safety shoes Nitrile Page 1

2 A/G onshore liquid piping Abrasive Blasting (Sand blasting) ACT meter skid /cali bration Actuator Abrasive Blasting (sand blasting) shroud/ jacket/ suit Abrasive Blast (Sand blast) hood Double hearing protection (plug and muff) / protection of wrist and forearm Work Additive - Fuel biocide apron Organic vapor respirator* Goggles Additive injection system maintenance at rack Goggles Gloves Aerial Lift Aerial patrol Air compressor Fall protection must be attached to basket Page 2

3 Air Knifing Face shield Plugs All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use on Pipeline ROW Analyzer PM tasks ANSI approved helmet Face shield or goggles Annual of river crossings PFD Annual vehicle Back pressure control valve PM Work Backup PLC program, change battery Barge - disconnecting gasoline loading / unloading lines Barge - tying up Personal flotation device Personal flotation device * Half-face APR with organic vapor cartridge Work Page 3

4 Barge - witness gauging Barge loading blanket NA Batch change (products) Battery (lead acid) maintenance Face shield Butyl Block and bleed valve Nitrile if exposed to product Nitrile if exposed to product Block valve Blower PM Work tasks Plugs/muffs Booster motor/pump PM tasks Butane truck off-loading Face shield Plugs/muffs Nitrile Cathodic protection Nitrile if changing oil Centrifugal PM tasks Changing oil in product pumps Nitrile if changing oil Page 4

5 Check valve validity test Clamp-on flow meter PM tasks Work Goggles when first opening Cleaning strainers Nitrile Colorimeter maintenance Nitrile Colorimeter PM tasks Nitrile Cone roof tank PM tasks Confined space entry into spaces previously containing product/residu e which do not have a Post- Cleaning Cerrificate. Control valve PM tasks Corrosion survey ** For determining unknown concentrations of contaminants, use supplied-air respirators (SCBA or airline with 5-min. escape bottle) and standby person. Page 5

6 Coupons corrosion Nitrile Crane and hoist Critical bonds reading Crude station Work/leathe r Data collection survey work for civil and environmental surveys Deadweight tester calibration Densitometer calibration Goggles Diesel engine driven MLPU PM tasks Differential pressure transmitter calibration for some of the tasks Page 6

7 Diluents line pressure relief valve repair 1/2 face air purifying respirator with organic cartridges Goggles and Face shield DRA delivery Nitrile DRA skid oil change Nitrile DRA skid PM tasks Nitrile Electrical work Electrical medium voltage swgr PM tasks Electrical switchgear PM tasks Emergency response (Also, see locationspecific emergency response plans.) Use the equipment's NFPA 70E hazard warning label and the Electrical Safety Program policy to Flash suit if racking in or out breakers Flash suit if racking in or out breakers PFD with over-water operations determine the proper personal protective equipment required for the task. Ear plugs or muffs when racking in or out breakers Ear plugs or muffs when racking in or out breakers * Organic vapor respirator where benzene > 1ppm. and oil boots if exposed to ethanol Electrical Nitrile Page 7

8 Emergency response - gasoline loading rack spill ESD station test Explosionproof housing Facility * Half-face APR with organic vapor cartridge required for responding to loading rack gasoline spills greater than 25 gallons and oil boots if exposed to ethanol Nitrile / nitrile for some of the tasks Field pumping unit Nitrile Filter change (gasoline) Tyvek * Half-face APR organic vapor Goggles Nitrile Filter change (jet) Filter vessel maintenance on main line with pyrophoric material Page 8

9 Fire system annual Fire water pump/motor PM tasks Flare NA Forklift Seat belt Gas Chrom. PM tasks NA Gas line leak survey Muffs or plugs if pump is running Gasoline sample testing in quality control room Nitrile Gear pump PM tasks Nitrile Geodesic dome work May wear rock climbing shoes instead of safety shoes Page 9

10 Face shield, and sealed eyewear, e.g., spoggles or particulate goggles, when Grinding - portable grinding overhead. Grinding - stationary Face shield H/V glove or hot stick H2S Monitor PM tasks Half-cell corrosion Heat exchanger maintenance Face shield Heater/AC PM tasks Helicopter pipeline patrol Muffs or earplugs Muffs or earplugs Minimum not required Seat belt Muffs Nitrile Gloves High tank level switch test Page 10

11 High volt S.G./protective relay PM tasks Electrical Electrical hood Hydro Excavation Rain suit Face shield Plugs High voltage Waterproof ILI repairs Plugs/muffs Inspect and inventory spill response equipment Inspect relief valve Nitrile Inspect slings and chains Work LACT calibration Lawn mower and weed eater Muffs or plugs required unless noise exposure survey exempted Leak detection checks Line locates Line repair - products Work/leathe r Page 11

12 Loading dye (BK50) to diesel fuel Loading rack - calibration and adjustment Loading rack - changing vapor recovery lines Loading rack - draining vapor lines Loading rack - reading gauges Low volt S.G. PM tasks If work task greater than 30 minutes. If work task greater than 30 minutes. If work task greater than 30 minutes. Electrical if exposing wires Mainline pump PM tasks Nitrile Mainline valve Nitrile Manifold valve Nitrile Manual valve PM tasks Nitrile MCC PM tasks Electrical Electrical Page 12

13 Nitrile when handling hoses Meter proving - Loading rack Meter skid calibration Work/nitrile MIU functional test MLPU Nitrile Motor reconditioning Work / nitrile MOV PM tasks Work / nitrile Multilin PM tasks Nav aid and fog horn check Navigable river crossings PFD NRC wipe test on radioactive sources NUSONICS PM tasks Work Odorant test Page 13

14 Off-loading ethanol OMS facility Optical interface detector maintenance Nitrile Orifice plate Oversee contractors Same as contractors ** SCBA if PCB oil is above boiling point PCB potential exposure Tyvek Safety Glasses PD pump PM tasks Nitrile Pipe to soil potential readings Work Pipeline surveillance ground Work Platform Neoprene checks Platform PM - FACF- PUPD/PUGR Inspection Nitrile Page 14

15 Portable prover PM tasks Work/nitrile Pressure switch calibration Work Pressure switch line flush Work Pressure switch/transmi tter calibration Nitrile/Work Pressure transmitter calibration Nitrile/Work Products station Nitrile/Work Protective relay testing Prover loop Work Prover water draw test Work PUBT PM tasks Pump PM tasks Work/nitrile Pycnometer calibration Radio tower Page 15

16 Rail car loading Fall protection on top of car Fall protection on top of car Rail car unloading Rectifier - no exposed parts > 50V Rectifier - exposed live parts > 50V Relief valve PM tasks Road - workforce in public road right-of-ways High-visibility FRC vest ROW clearing activities ROW over-theline data collection surveys Goggles when connecting/ disconnecti ng hoses Goggles when connecting/ disconnecti ng hoses Plugs/muffs when using power equipment over 85 dba Gloves when handling hoses Gloves when handling hoses Use the equipment's NFPA 70E hazard warning label and the Electrical Safety Program policy to determine the proper personal protective equipment required for the task. when handling materials Page 16

17 RTU readings validation Rupture disk testing Sampling - Collecting product, crude or NGL samples from an open pressurized system Goggles Nitrile Satellite system PM Scraper run Work/nitrile Seal failure switch functional test Work Service UPS Shutter check & visual on radiation sources Station electrical maintenance Electrical if exposing wires Station Inspection Work/nitrile Station PM tasks Work/nitrile Page 17

18 Station prover loop Work/nitrile Station rework Stationary prover PM tasks Work/nitrile Strainer cleaning PM Nitrile Sump system PM tasks Nitrile Survival capsule Fire Tyvek when cleaning Air Monitoring results shall determine the level of respiratory protection Oil / chemical when cleaning Nitrile for cleaning Tank cleaning Tank gauge calibration Nitrile Tank gauging - Crude Oil, Bunker Fuel, Heavy Fuel Oil * Air supplied respirator, except with vented gauge caps. See the Hydrogen Sulfide policy and FAQ. Page 18

19 Tank gauging - Gasoline Nitrile Tank level switches test Nitrile Tank mixer Nitrile Tank PM tasks Nitrile Tank sampling Goggles Nitrile Tank system Nitrile Temperature transmitter calibration Nitrile Terminal Electrical Test outlets Transformer PM tasks Truck unloading facility Nitrile Turbine meter calibration Nitrile Unloading Invigorate additive Valve repair Terminal Nitrile if handling hose Nitrile if product exposure Page 19

20 Vapor detection calibration Work Vented shorted casing Work Vibration readings Plugs/muffs VRU maintenance Wading in rivers where no overhead hazards or potential for falling objects exist Walk-arounds Waders or neoprene wetsuit with PFD, or a dry suit Brimmed hat or cap for sun protection is recommende d. Hard hat is not required in water. Goggles when adding seal fluid Safety glasses Around vacuum pumps Safety toed waders or wading boots with durable rubber soles Nitrile when adding seal fluid Kevlar, neoprene, or dry Washing Natural Gas Fired Turbines with a caustic liquid apron ** Full-face air purifying with a dust/mist filters Water draw - Gasoline tank boots Nitrile Page 20

21 Water draw preparation tasks Work/nitrile Welding May untuck FRC shirt. Other body protection may be necessary to protect from hot sparks. Hardhat that accommodates welding face shield May be required in confined spaces or with exotic metals. See Hot Work policy. Welding face shield Working at heights Fall protection with any work above 6 feet. te: A single asterisk after in the Respiratory column means industrial hygiene data is available which indicates a need for respiratory protection. Two asterisks after means representative industrial hygiene data is not available but respiratory protection must be worn until such data is developed. Workplace evaluated: This assessment applies to all US Pipeline and Logistics work locations including Pipeline facilities and pipeline right-ofways, terminals, and transport truck operations. Performed by: Ray Wood, HSSE Manager, is the single point of contact for any questions, and certifies the assessments have been accurately performed. Date of assessment: This assessment is a compilation of assessments performed by Safety Coordinators and Safety Advisors over time. This assessment is current as of October Certification: This US Pipelines and Logistics Matrix serves as the certification of the hazard assessments. Page 21