Mercedes-Benz Collegiate Championship

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1 Mercedes-Benz Collegiate Championship Knoxville, TN Dates: Sep 12 - Sep Team Scores 1 1 Illinois Florida Maryland T5 Brigham Young T SMU T T9 Wake Forest Mississippi, U. of T12 12 Middle T12 13 Memphis T Virginia Tech

2 Mercedes-Benz Collegiate Championship Knoxville, TN Dates: Sep 12 - Sep 13 Start Finish Player Team Scores T1 1 Pimnipa Panthong T13 T2 Stephanie Miller Illinois T4 T2 Blakesly Warren T4 T4 Lindsey McCurdy SMU T4 T4 Kelly Grassel Florida T7 6 Xialin Tian Maryland T7 T7 Anna Newell E T10 T7 Megan Woods E T19 T7 Pi-Lillebi Hermansson Mississippi, U. of E T1 T10 Tristyn Nowlin Illinois T13 T10 Marta Perez SanMartin Florida T35 T10 Jennifer Kupcho Wake Forest T13 T10 Rose Huang Brigham Young T19 T10 Kelly Whaley T29 T10 Ludovica Farina Maryland T29 T10 Michaela Finn T1 T10 Bing Singhsumalee Illinois T10 T10 Samantha Wagner Florida T19 T19 Brigitte Dunne SMU T45 T19 Lexi Harkins T45 T19 Wad Phaewchimplee T35 T19 Kendra Dalton Brigham Young T7 T19 Maria Pineiro * T13 T24 Panitta Yusabai Maryland T29 T24 Brooklyn Hocker Brigham Young T45 T24 Alex White Brigham Young T19 T24 Taylor Tomlinson Florida T35 T28 Lauren Atkinson Brigham Young T54 T28 Elizabeth Bose Virginia Tech T69 T28 Siyun Liu Illinois T45 T28 Brynn Walker T19 T28 Sierra Brooks Wake Forest T54 T28 Katie Page SMU T10 T28 Hannah Pietila T29 T35 Sierra Sims Wake Forest T54 T35 Samantha Gotcher Middle T29 T35 Chayanid Prapassarangkul Illinois T13 T35 Michaela Fletcher Memphis T19 T35 Laura Hoskin Mississippi, U. of T35 T35 Mariana Ocano T61 T35 Holly Morgan T61 T35 Amanda Hollandsworth Virginia Tech T19 T35 Ludovica Scandroglio Maryland T19 T35 Monica San Juan T13 T35 Karoline Stormo

3 Mercedes-Benz Collegiate Championship Knoxville, TN Dates: Sep 12 - Sep 13 Start Finish Player Team Scores T35 T46 Erica Herr Wake Forest T54 T46 Cristina Perez T19 T48 Bryana Nguyen * T45 T48 Hanley Long Middle T19 T48 Martina Flori Mississippi, U. of T61 T51 Katy Harris Mississippi, U. of T77 T51 Madison Thomas Memphis T35 T51 Emily Goldenstein Memphis T54 T51 Nikki Long T35 T51 Aimee Ponte T45 T51 Marissa Kirkwood * T75 T57 Kenzie Wright SMU T35 T57 Jenna Burris Middle T54 T57 Micheala Williams T61 T60 Killian Casson T45 T60 Allison Herring * T72 T60 Sydney Needham Florida T35 T63 Maria Toennessen Mississippi, U. of T45 T63 Julie Houston T54 T63 Jessica Spicer Virginia Tech T72 T66 Madison Kidd T61 T66 Leighann Cabush Memphis T61 T66 Becky McGeehan T45 T69 Shannon Brooks T29 T69 Lara Weinstein * T61 T69 Lauren Salazar Maryland T61 T72 Katherine Holmes Middle T35 T72 Teleri Hughes * T69 74 Faith Summers SMU T69 75 Kelly Nielsen T75 T76 Sydney Colwill Memphis T72 T76 Maddy McDanel T78 Allison Woodward Virginia Tech T78 Lacie York Middle T77 80 Kristin Hearp Virginia Tech Anna Wears Wake Forest

4 Mercedes-Benz Collegiate Championship Knoxville, TN Dates: Sep 12 - Sep 13 Pos. Team/Player (seed) Rd 1 Total 1 Illinois T1 Bing Singhsumalee (1) T1 Tristyn Nowlin (2) T13 Stephanie Miller (4) T29 Chayanid Prapassarangkul (3) T69 Siyun Liu (5) Florida T4 Kelly Grassel (4) T10 Samantha Wagner (3) T13 Marta Perez SanMartin (1) T19 Taylor Tomlinson (2) T72 Sydney Needham (5) T4 Blakesly Warren (3) T7 Anna Newell (1) T10 Hannah Pietila (5) T45 Shannon Brooks (4) T54 Micheala Williams (2) Maryland T7 Xialin Tian (3) T13 Panitta Yusabai (2) T19 Ludovica Scandroglio (1) T29 Ludovica Farina (5) T61 Lauren Salazar (4) T1 Pimnipa Panthong (3) T13 Karoline Stormo (4) T29 Michaela Finn (2) T45 Wad Phaewchimplee (1) T69 Kelly Nielsen (5) Mississippi, U. of T19 Laura Hoskin (2) T19 Pi-Lillebi Hermansson (3) T19 Martina Flori (5) T35 Maria Toennessen (4) T61 Katy Harris (1) Brigham Young T13 Rose Huang (1) T29 Brooklyn Hocker (4) T35 Kendra Dalton (2) T35 Lauren Atkinson (5) T45 Alex White (3) 75 75

5 Pos. Team/Player (seed) Rd 1 Total 8 Wake Forest T19 Sierra Brooks (4) T29 Sierra Sims (3) T35 Jennifer Kupcho (1) T35 Erica Herr (2) Anna Wears (5) SMU T4 Lindsey McCurdy (1) T19 Brigitte Dunne (2) T54 Katie Page (3) T69 Faith Summers (5) T75 Kenzie Wright (4) T10 Megan Woods (1) T19 Monica San Juan (3) T54 Cristina Perez (2) T61 Holly Morgan (4) T72 Maddy McDanel (5) T19 Kelly Whaley (1) T35 Mariana Ocano (5) T45 Brynn Walker (2) T45 Lexi Harkins (3) T61 Killian Casson (4) T T35 Aimee Ponte (2) T45 Julie Houston (1) T54 Nikki Long (3) T61 Becky McGeehan (5) T72 Madison Kidd (4) T12 Memphis T13 Michaela Fletcher (4) T35 Emily Goldenstein (2) T61 Leighann Cabush (3) T75 Sydney Colwill (1) T77 Madison Thomas (5) T12 Middle T35 Jenna Burris (3) T45 Hanley Long (2) T54 Samantha Gotcher (1) T61 Katherine Holmes (5) Lacie York (4) Virginia Tech T54 Elizabeth Bose (2) T54 Jessica Spicer (4) T61 Amanda Hollandsworth (1) T77 Kristin Hearp (3) Allison Woodward (5) 84 84

6 Individuals Pos. Player (Team) Rd 1 Total T7 Maria Pineiro () T19 Bryana Nguyen () T29 Lara Weinstein () T35 Teleri Hughes () T45 Allison Herring () T45 Marissa Kirkwood () 75 75

7 Mercedes-Benz Collegiate Championship Knoxville, TN Dates: Sep 12 - Sep 13 Pos. Team/Player (seed) Rd 1 Rd 2 Total 1 Illinois T2 Stephanie Miller (4) T10 Bing Singhsumalee (1) T10 Tristyn Nowlin (2) T28 Siyun Liu (5) T35 Chayanid Prapassarangkul (3) Pimnipa Panthong (3) T10 Michaela Finn (2) T19 Wad Phaewchimplee (1) T35 Karoline Stormo (4) Kelly Nielsen (5) Florida T4 Kelly Grassel (4) T10 Marta Perez SanMartin (1) T10 Samantha Wagner (3) T24 Taylor Tomlinson (2) T60 Sydney Needham (5) Maryland Xialin Tian (3) T10 Ludovica Farina (5) T24 Panitta Yusabai (2) T35 Ludovica Scandroglio (1) T69 Lauren Salazar (4) T5 Brigham Young T10 Rose Huang (1) T19 Kendra Dalton (2) T24 Alex White (3) T24 Brooklyn Hocker (4) T28 Lauren Atkinson (5) T T2 Blakesly Warren (3) T7 Anna Newell (1) T28 Hannah Pietila (5) T57 Micheala Williams (2) T69 Shannon Brooks (4) SMU T4 Lindsey McCurdy (1) T19 Brigitte Dunne (2) T28 Katie Page (3) T57 Kenzie Wright (4) Faith Summers (5)

8 Pos. Team/Player (seed) Rd 1 Rd 2 Total T10 Kelly Whaley (1) T19 Lexi Harkins (3) T28 Brynn Walker (2) T35 Mariana Ocano (5) T60 Killian Casson (4) T T7 Megan Woods (1) T35 Monica San Juan (3) T35 Holly Morgan (4) T46 Cristina Perez (2) T76 Maddy McDanel (5) T9 Wake Forest T10 Jennifer Kupcho (1) T28 Sierra Brooks (4) T35 Sierra Sims (3) T46 Erica Herr (2) Anna Wears (5) Mississippi, U. of T7 Pi-Lillebi Hermansson (3) T35 Laura Hoskin (2) T48 Martina Flori (5) T51 Katy Harris (1) T63 Maria Toennessen (4) Middle T35 Samantha Gotcher (1) T48 Hanley Long (2) T57 Jenna Burris (3) T72 Katherine Holmes (5) T78 Lacie York (4) Memphis T35 Michaela Fletcher (4) T51 Emily Goldenstein (2) T51 Madison Thomas (5) T66 Leighann Cabush (3) T76 Sydney Colwill (1) T51 Aimee Ponte (2) T51 Nikki Long (3) T63 Julie Houston (1) T66 Madison Kidd (4) T66 Becky McGeehan (5) Virginia Tech T28 Elizabeth Bose (2) T35 Amanda Hollandsworth (1) T63 Jessica Spicer (4) T78 Allison Woodward (5) Kristin Hearp (3)

9 Individuals Pos. Player (Team) Rd 1 Rd 2 Total T19 Maria Pineiro () T48 Bryana Nguyen () T51 Marissa Kirkwood () T60 Allison Herring () T69 Lara Weinstein () T72 Teleri Hughes ()

10 Round 3 Group Course Time Start Hole 1 9:00 1A 2 9:00 1B 3 9: :00 3A 5 9:00 3B 6 9: :00 5A 8 9:00 5B 9 9: :00 7A 11 9:00 7B 12 9: : :00 10A 15 9:00 10B 16 9: :00 12A 18 9:00 12B 19 9: :00 14A 21 9:00 14B 22 9: :00 16A 24 9:00 16B 25 9: :00 18A 27 9:00 18B Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Bing Singhsumalee Illinois Stephanie Miller Illinois Tristyn Nowlin Illinois Chayanid Prapassarangkul Illinois Siyun Liu Illinois Xialin Tian Maryland Panitta Yusabai Maryland Ludovica Farina Maryland Ludovica Scandroglio Maryland Lindsey McCurdy SMU Lauren Salazar Maryland Brigitte Dunne SMU Katie Page SMU Faith Summers SMU Kenzie Wright SMU Jennifer Kupcho Wake Forest Sierra Sims Wake Forest Sierra Brooks Wake Forest Erica Herr Wake Forest Michaela Fletcher Memphis Anna Wears Wake Forest Emily Goldenstein Memphis Leighann Cabush Memphis Madison Thomas Memphis Sydney Colwill Memphis Allison Herring Maria Pineiro Michaela Finn Pimnipa Panthong Wad Phaewchimplee Kelly Nielsen Karoline Stormo Rose Huang Brigham Young Alex White Brigham Young Kendra Dalton Brigham Young Brooklyn Hocker Brigham Young Kelly Whaley Lauren Atkinson Brigham Young Lexi Harkins Brynn Walker Killian Casson Mariana Ocano Pi-Lillebi Hermansson Mississippi, U. of Martina Flori Mississippi, U. of Laura Hoskin Mississippi, U. of Katy Harris Mississippi, U. of Aimee Ponte Maria Toennessen Mississippi, U. of Nikki Long Madison Kidd Julie Houston Becky McGeehan Lara Weinstein Bryana Nguyen Marta Perez SanMartin Florida Kelly Grassel Florida Samantha Wagner Florida Sydney Needham Florida Taylor Tomlinson Florida Blakesly Warren Hannah Pietila Anna Newell Micheala Williams Megan Woods Shannon Brooks Monica San Juan Holly Morgan Maddy McDanel Cristina Perez Samantha Gotcher Middle Jenna Burris Middle Hanley Long Middle Katherine Holmes Middle Elizabeth Bose Virginia Tech Lacie York Middle Amanda Hollandsworth Virginia Tech Allison Woodward Virginia Tech Jessica Spicer Virginia Tech Kristin Hearp Virginia Tech Teleri Hughes Marissa Kirkwood