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1 40 PERFORMANCE Alloy sumps These finned alloy sumps will help to keep the oil temperature down. They are also baffled to prevent oil surge during hard cornering and come complete with drain plugs and a plugged hole to allow fitment of an oil temperature gauge. The 6 cylinder sump will fit both 2 litre and 2.5 litre engines, check for clearance on GT6 and Vitesse TR2-4A alloy sump TR2-4A fitting kit for FK TR2-4A sump gasket TR5-6 alloy sump ali TR5-6 sump gasket ajm Magnetic drain plug Rocker feed kit 2 10 Oil supply to the rocker gear is a known weak spot on Triumph push rod engines. This stainless steel braided hose connects to a plug already in the back of the cylinder head to supply oil where it is needed. This kit must be used when using roller rockers. 12 TR2-4A rocker feed kit tt TR5-6, Spitfire and Herald rocker feed kit......tt Uprated clutches These clutch components are built specially for fast road and competition use. They can be used on TR2-4 but you must use the TR4A clutch release bearing and sleeve and redrill flywheel. For other clutch parts please refer to the relevant restoration manual. For clutch alignment tools please see the workshop section. 4 TR4A-7, GT6 and Vitesse clutch cover TT TR4A-6 clutch plate 8.5 (10 x 1.25 spline).....tt Clutch plate 8.5 (23 x 1 spline) tt (Use with close ratio gear set) GT6, Vitesse clutch plate 8.5 (10 x 1 spline)...tt Clutch plate race spec. 8.5 (23 x 1 spline)....tt Spitfire 1500 clutch cover tt Spitfire 1500 clutch plate 7 1/4 (21 spline).....tt TR4A-6 bronze bearing carrier x Spitfire 1500 clutch release bearing grb TR4A-6 clutch release bearing grb Lightweight flywheels Reducing the rotational mass of the engine gives improved engine response; it can pick up or lose revs quicker, meaning quicker acceleration and more engine braking. In the past weight was removed from the standard flywheel

2 London Bradford Bristol Manchester PERFORMANCE 41 Years of clutch abuse, heat and revs may push this into an unsafe condition. The answer is to use a new steel flywheel. A standard cast iron flywheel weighs 10-16kg, our steel versions weigh about 4kg. Lightened flywheel (customers own unit)......enb TR2-4A steel lightweight flywheel x (Must use diaphragm clutch and TR3A-4A ring gear and starter motor) TR5-6 uprated flywheel bolt tt TR5-6 steel lightweight flywheel tt2214s (Short backed crank) TR5-6 steel lightweight flywheel tt2239s (Long backed crank) Spitfire 1500 steel lightweight flywheel tkc1840x Close ratio gear set Suitable for TR2-6 and saloon gearboxes, but not Stag or Sprint, now using a 1 x 23 spline input shaft to allow use of a wider range of clutches. It includes 3rd and 4th gear pairs and an adaptor enabling fitment to the big nose or imperial spigoted mainshaft. Suits a low axle ratio e.g. 4.1:1. Earlier sets produced before 1999 used a 10 spline input shaft. 10 Close ratio gears (set of 4) TT Constant pinion gear tt2210a Spigot bearing sleeve x Laygear (28 teeth) str rd gear (29 teeth) str Constant gear (31 teeth) str Uprated laygears Since its introduction in 1961, the achilles' heel of the 4 speed synchromesh gearbox - as fitted to TR4/6, Dolomite Sprints and the Big Triumph saloons, was the laygear and layshaft. Failure of the bearing(s) causes destruction of the layshaft and the bore(s) of the laygear, the resulting debris often destroys many other expensive components. During the mid-1980's, with racing TR's in particular suffering repeated gearbox failures, due to the additional power being transmitted, many reconditioners modified laygears to take an extra bearing, which cured the fault, but they assumed there would always be a reclaimable laygear to salvage - not always the case! The solution is to produce laygears with the maximum bearing configuration in the first place, to extend the life of the gearbox almost indefinitely and, cope with just about any amount of power. Moss uprated laygears come with bearings pre-fitted, ready to install, with no modifications needed. For full details please contact your local Moss branch. Uprated laygear* (16 teeth) includes bearings ur Uprated laygear* (17 teeth) includes bearings....ukc662ur (*Must be matched with correct first gear, refer to restoration catalogue) 5 speed gearbox conversions Our precision engineered 5 speed gearbox conversion kits include everything you need, including a gearbox unit, to convert your classic to 5 speed. Designed to replace existing units without any body work modifications. For full specifications please contact your local Moss branch. TR5-6 A type chassis tgk120a call TR6 J type chassis tgk120j call Overdrive conversion brackets This bracket kit allows J type overdrive to fit to A type chassis, TR2 to TR4A, without modification. Comes complete with mounting. 12 J type bracket and fitting kit x This bracket kit allows a saloon A type overdrive casing to fit the TR mounting (104086), minor rear casing alterations are required. A type bracket and fitting kit adp Phantom grip LSD Phantom grip serves two distinctive functions in your street or race vehicle. First: It functions as a disc-type limited slip in cornering and braking. Disc plates exert pressure against spider gears using spring pressure to regulate the amount of slippage at the wheels. Helping to accelerate earlier, while exiting corners at a higher speed. Secondly: The Phantom grip works as a locker in hard acceleration. The disc plates pivot, locking spiders, causing both wheels to exert equal power to the road, providing less torque steer than an ordinary differential. With over 120,000 miles of testing, there has been no significant wear of these plates. Although seemingly simple, the Phantom grip design offers as much maximum traction as other limited slips. The Phantom grip is extremely strong and durable and comes with a Lifetime Warranty for breakage and manufacturer defects. 13 TR3 (Girling axle)-tr6 phantom grip tt Spitfire, Herald, GT6 phantom grip tt Limited slip differentials Limited slip differentials allow maximum drive to the wheels, giving more grip under hard acceleration and cornering. Power is distributed to both wheels, rather than wasting energy spinning the wheel under the least load. The Quaife diff is gear operated, so it has no plates to wear, and automatically transfers power to the wheel with the most grip. The plate type is a traditional Salisbury type differential this has a set of clutch plates inside the housing that divert power to the wheel with the most grip. TR3 (Girling axle)-6 Quaife differential tt TR3 (Girling axle)-4 plate type differential......tt Spitfire and TR7 (4 speed) Quaife differential...tt Differential rebuild with limited slip differential..tgk (Work to customers own unit) Differential poly mounts Polyurethane has many advantages over rubber for use in diff mounts. It gives better location and prevents the diff twisting on it s mounts under power, it is oil resistant, and it does not soften with age giving a longer service life. TR4-6 differential mounting cone p TR4-6 differential mounting cup sp TR rear differential mount sp Spitfire* front upper differential mount sp Spitfire* front lower differential mount sp Spitfire* differential mount sp (*Also suitable for GT6, Herald and Vitesse models) Uprated driveshafts Due to mileage build up over the years your hubs will require attention and then, predictably, the actual driveshafts themselves. Whilst the hubs can be rebuilt, the drive shaft wear cannot be economically corrected. Throughout the years, there would be a more or less continuous replacement of universal joints, with clunks which are universal joint sourced being easily and cheaply eradicated. However drive shaft sourced ones, albeit easily removed, are at a much greater cost. The shafts can be modified (expensively) to take larger universal joints and some powerful competition cars justify the cost of bespoke hubs, but the problem of spline lock-up has always remained. this manifests itself embarrassingly and often dangerously, when the splines unlock and the rear of the car leaps sideways. There are now 2 possible solutions to driveshaft problems. The first is an uprated driveshaft with non-stick Rilsan coated splines with 50% more engagement area for smoother operation with increased strength. Fitted with 2 heavy duty UJ s and the inner flange. Tested up to 250bhp. The other option replaces the UJ s with modern CV joints and ball bearing sliding shafts and comes complete with a new inner flange and outer hub. Tested up to 300bhp. 16 Uprated driveshaft tkc853ur CV driveshaft with hub tkc853xr

3 42 PERFORMANCE High capacity fuel pumps In carburettored cars the standard fuel pump may not be able to maintain adequate fuel pressure at higher engine speeds, particularly with a tuned car. The Facet range of fuel pumps will suit all modified applications. All pumps should ideally be mounted below fuel tank level as they push fuel better than they draw fuel. Fitting an electric fuel pump will eliminate problems associated with vapour lock and give constant fuel pressure even at high temperatures. The pumps come in a variety of pressures according to requirements. Fine tuning of the fuel pressure can be easily achieved by the use of a fuel regulator, available with or without a filter. For injected cars we supply a proven Bosch conversion that comes complete with filter and all necessary pipework ready to fit to the car. Cubed fuel pumps. These compact solid state fuel pumps must be mounted at the rear of the car, ideally below fuel tank level. These pumps must have a filter union on the suction side of the pump. 3 Neg. earth pump kit 18 gal/hr flow rate psi..tmg2931k Neg. earth pump kit 25 gal/hr flow rate psi..mgs Fuel pump unions. Use with the listed fuel pumps, remember to check thread and pipe size before ordering. Straight union 1/4 (6mm) 1/8 npt fpa903b Straight union 5/16 (8mm) 1/8 npt moc Straight union 3/8 (10mm) 1/8 npt fpa the fuel pressure to your requirements. Use a filter/regulator unless you already have a fuel filter fitted. 6 67mm deep glass filter/regulator 1/4 unions....tt mm deep glass filter/regulator 5/16 unions...tt Fuel pressure regulator 1/4 unions tt Fuel pressure regulator 5/16 unions tt Spitfire fuel pump blanking plate Use this blanking plate to replace the block mounted fuel pump if you are fitting an electric fuel pump. 8 Spitfire fuel pump blanking plate a Spitfire fuel pump gasket a Cylindrical fuel pumps. Formerly known as interrupter type pumps these heavy duty pumps have now been upgraded to incorporate solid state circuitry for improved reliability. These pumps can be mounted at the front or rear of the car. Kits come with unions and mountings. 1 Neg. earth pump kit 18 gal/hr flow rate 4.0 psi..tmg2930k Neg. earth pump kit 25 gal/hr flow rate 5.0 psi..mgs2930k Neg. earth pump 38 gal/hr flow rate psi..tt degree union - 5/16 (8mm) 1/8 npt moc degree unions - 5/16 (8mm) 1/4 npt (pair)....tt2930a degree unions - 5/16 (8mm) 1/4 npt (pair)....fpa902b Fuel filter unions. 5 Unions - 1/4 (6mm) 1/8 npt (pair) tt Fuel regulators. We recommend the fitment of a fuel regulator to allow you to finely adjust Aluminium fuel tanks Even if it s not obviously rusted through the bits of rust inside a steel fuel tank will cause all sorts of problems when sucked into your fuel system. Replace that rusty old steel fuel tank with a quality lightweight aluminium fuel tank. TR2-3A (to TS60000) aluminium tank al TR3A (TS60000 on) aluminium tank al TR4-6 (Carb. and Injection) aluminium tank x

4 London Bradford Bristol Manchester PERFORMANCE 43 Fuel injection pipes and hoses For improved safety and appearance use our ready assembled Aeroquip stainless steel pipes. 10 Fuel injection pipe set (6 piece) tt Stainless steel supply pipe to metering unit s TR6 stainless steel pump to release valve s TR6 poly. air hose plenum to throttle body p Copper fuel pipe kits As with the fuel tank, rusty fuel pipes can also cause all sorts of problems. These copper fuel pipe kits come with all fittings and unions, are easy to fit and will not rust TR2-3A fuel pipe kit hffk TR4 fuel pipe kit hffk TR4A fuel pipe kit hffk TR5-6 (to CP50000) fuel pipe kit hffk TR6 (CP50001 on) fuel pipe kit hffk TR250-6 (carburettor) fuel pipe kit hffk GT6 Mk1-3 fuel pipe kit hffk Spitfire Mk1-3 fuel pipe kit hffk Spitfire MkIV (to FH50000E) fuel pipe kit hffk Spitfire MkIV (FH50000E on) fuel pipe kit hffk Bosch fuel pump conversion This Bosch conversion offers improved reliability over the original Lucas pump. It is supplied ready to fit, fixed to a mounting bracket complete with filter and hoses. We also stock a replacement filter should you require it, TGK125F, please contact your local branch. 13 Bosch fuel pump kit tgk

5 44 PERFORMANCE Model Needles for: Needles for: Needles for: Needles for: standard filter and exhaust plus head and cam Fully modified 4 cyl 83mm fixed (7) AUD1328 (SM) AUD1291 (RH) AUD1290 (RG) AUD1286 (RB) cyl 86/87mm fixed AUD1362 (TW) AUD1328 (SM) AUD1328 (SM) AUD1291 (RH) cyl 86/87mm biased CUD1101 (BAB) NZX8015 (BDQ) CUD1104 (BAE) CUD1111 (BAM) cyl 2000cc biased CUD1104 (BAE) CUD1111 (BAM) cyl 2500cc biased NZX8002 (BDB) NZX8015 (BDQ) CUD1104 (BAE) HS2 Fixed AUD1478 (AN) AUD1526 (BO) AUD1242 (H6) HS2 Fixed AUD1526 (BO) AUD1242 (H6) HS2 Biased CUD1012 (AAN) CUD1018 (AAU) CUD1041 (ABT) CUD1046 (ABY) HS4 Biased CUD1041 (ABT) Late cars use NZX4013 (ADN) CUD1014 (AAQ) CUD1011 (AAM) CUD1010 (AAL) TR7 NZX8012 (BDM) CUD1110 (BAL) CUD1148 (BCA) SU HS6 carburettors Supplied as a pair of SU HS6 carburettors with standard jets and no needles, this allows you to choose appropriate biased needle, see table. They are available with angled or horizontal floats according to the application. Can be fitted to 4 cylinder TR s, all 6 cylinder Triumphs or whatever else tickles your fancy. supplied as a pair of SU HS6 carburettors... 1 HS6 carburettors angled float chamber (pair)....tt HS6 carburettors horizontal float chamber (pair).tt SU HS6 linkage parts Listed here are some of the parts you may need to fit your carburettors, including an adaptor plate kit should you wish to have your carburettors rubber mounted. Adaptor plate kit tt TR7 carburettor mounting flange tkc Heat shields (pair) tmg Parts needed to fit HS6 to TR2-4A. Carburettor bell crank (1 reqd.) Throttle rod short (1 reqd.) Throttle rod long (1 reqd.) Throttle support bracket (1 reqd.) Throttle rod ball joint (2 reqd.) tt Throttle/choke lever right hand aue Throttle/choke lever left hand aue Throttle/choke connecting spindle 12 (1 reqd.).tt Parts needed for TR HS6 x 2 link kit tt U.S. SU HS6 conversion kit This kit includes a pair of HS6 carburettors (to fit standard inlet manifold on U.S.A. models), linkage assembly, air filters and fittings. TR6 U.S. SU HS6 conversion kit ttk Spitfire inlet manifold This water heated, cast aluminium inlet manifold can be used to fit HS2s, 150CDs or more likely HS4s to the 1300cc or 1500cc Triumph engine. Includes studs and nuts. 6 Spitfire aluminium inlet manifold tt Needles and springs for HS6 carburettors The table gives you a rough guide to the needle type required. Exact choice will depend on the range of modifications carried out and can only be done on a rolling road. SU carburettors needle chart Needle chart gives full range of needles and their dimensions to help guide you in your choice of needles. 8 SU carburettor needle chart alt Damper springs When fitting free flowing filters the carburettor damper springs should be changed for the heavier 8oz yellow springs. 8oz yellow damper spring small (1 diameter)...auc oz yellow damper spring large (2 diameter)...aud

6 London Bradford Bristol Manchester PERFORMANCE 45 Grose jets Grose jets use a more modern ball valve so they won t stick open the way the needle valves do. 2 Grose jet for Stromberg 150/175 carburettors...gac9200x Grose jet for SU H/HS carburettors gac9201x SU jet conversion kits The waxstat jets used on later SU carb s can give major problems in warm weather and heavy traffic as they weaken the mixture too much, causing rough idling. This can be cured by converting to standard fixed jets. The conversion kits consist of a set of fixed jets and a pair of choke linkages to suit Jet conversion kit for HS4 s with 90 thou jets...tt Jet conversion kit for HS6 s with 100 thou jets..tt Plain throttle disc 11 If your throttle discs are fitted with a pop valve these should be replaced with plain discs to maximise air flow through the carburettors on full throttle. 6 Plain throttle disc for HS WZX Plain throttle disc for HS WZX Plain throttle disc for HS WZX Oversize throttle shafts Worn throttle shafts and carburettor bodies cause bad idle and uneven running. This can be remedied by replacing your carb s or by reaming out your carb bodies and fitting oversize throttle shafts Oversize throttle shafts for HS WZX1177RP Oversize throttle shafts for H AUC4284RP Oversize throttle shafts for HS WZX1178RP Carburettor reamer Anti-run on valve 1 This valve opens when you turn off the ignition dumping air into the inlet manifold preventing the engine running-on. 15 Anti-run on valve stn127z


8 London Bradford Bristol Manchester PERFORMANCE 47 Weber carburettors Increasing the size and number of carburettors can unleash a lot more power if the right combination is chosen. For maximum power and performance Weber side-draught carburettors are the best option. The improvement in mid to top end breathing is considerable. The jetting may need some adjustment, depending on the engine specification, this is best achieved on a rolling road. Weber conversion kits Our Weber conversion kits include: Inlet manifold, carburettors with suitable jets, throttle linkage and fittings. Alternative settings can be provided, please enquire when ordering. 1 TR3-4A twin 45DCOE carburettor kit ttk (Fitted with fast road settings and Triumphtune inlet manifold, suitable for high port heads only) TR twin 40DGV downdraft carburettor kit , (Suitable for standard engines) TR triple 40DCOE carburettor kit ttk , (Fitted with fast road settings and TWM inlet manifold) 2 Spitfire twin 40DCOE carburettor kit..ttk (Fitted with 28mm chokes for road settings and long manifolds) Weber inlet manifolds We list here a selection of suitable inlet manifolds that can be used to fit Weber carburettors to a variety of the Triumph models. TR3-4A Weber inlet manifolds. Designed for TR3-4A models these manifolds can also be fitted to earlier Triumphs if the high port head is used. This Triumphtune cast aluminium inlet manifold (pair) uses a long tract design for maximum all round power. Supplied with seal plates, studs, thackery washers and nyloc nuts. 3 TR3-4A Triumphtune inlet manifold (pair) tt TWM manifold kit, uses standard throttle linkage. Comes with bushed pivot shaft, rod end joints and all parts needed for easy installation. TR3-4A TWM manifold kit twm TR5-6 Weber inlet manifold. TWM one piece cast inlet manifold, comes complete with mountings, linkage and fittings for rod throttle linkages. Can be fitted to cable operated throttles with an additional bracket. 4 TR5-6 Weber inlet manifold twm TR5-6, GT6 and Vitesse Weber inlet manifold. A set of three manifolds stepped from front to rear to provide clearance for the bonnet. Supplied with operating bar and levers. Suitable for any vertically mounted MkII or III 6 cylinder engine. 5 TR5-6, GT6 and Vitesse Weber inlet manifold set..tt TR7 16 valve and Dolomite Sprint Weber inlet manifold. Designed for the BL competition department for Group 1 racing Dolomite Sprints. Incorporates thermostat housing and bypass hose connection. TR7 and Sprint Weber inlet manifold set str Adaptor union heater housing to thermostat Spitfire Weber inlet manifolds. Fitting a single 45 will give a good power increase across the rev range. A twin 40 set up gives more top end power at the expense of bottom end tractability. Twin 45s are only for full race use as there will be no bottom end torque. Single DCOE cross over manifold. This design of manifold will give improved mid range due to the better distribution of gases. This Triumphtune manifold is 15 cm long so you can only use a 45mm deep air filter. 6 Spitfire single DCOE manifold tt Single DCOE parallel manifold. This parallel TWM manifold gives maximum flow so will give more power at the top end. This manifold is 12cm long so you can use up to a 63mm deep air filter. 7 Spitfire TWM single DCOE parallel manifold....twm Twin DCOE long manifolds. This pair of long tract inlet manifolds allow for maximum power. They can only be used with 45mm deep air filters. 8 Spitfire twin DCOE long manifold tt Twin DCOE short manifolds. These manifolds were originally designed for the limited space on the Dolomite/Toledo range, they allow the use of deeper filters when used on Spitfires or Heralds. 9 Spitfire twin DCOE short manifold tt Weber carburettor linkage kits The parts to connect your accelerator pedal to your Weber carburettors. Universal throttle cable lp4000x Competition throttle cable caht Pedal adaptor fit cable to rod linkage pedals...tt Bracket throttle cable to TWM TT Twin carburettor single cable linkage kit lp Twin carburettor twin cable linkage kit tt Single carburettor linkage kit tt Weber mountings These competition mounting rubbers and sealing plates with integral rubber o-rings help to dampen vibration giving more consistent idling and fuel supply. Seal plate for 40-45DCOE (each) tt2937a Carburettor mounting bush kit (for one carb.)...tt Weber carburettors These are some of the Weber carburettors that we have available. We can supply different jet set ups according to your needs, please discuss this with us when placing your order. 14 TR2-4A 40DCOE for standard or mildly tuned...tt TR2-4A 45DCOE for road tt TR2-4A 45DCOE for fast road tt TR2-4A 45DCOE for sprint tt cylinder 40DCOE for road tt cylinder 40DCOE for fast road tt cylinder 40DCOE for sprint tt Spitfire 40DCOE for road (twin carb) tt Spitfire 40DCOE for fast road (twin carb) tt Spitfire 40DCOE for road (single carb) tt Spitfire 40DCOE for sprint (twin carb) tt Spitfire 45DCOE for fast road (single carb).....tt Spitfire 45DCOE for race (twin carb) tt

9 48 PERFORMANCE 6 K&N 26mm ram pipe for 4ODCOE KNSS K&N 26mm ram pipe for 45DCOE KNSS K&N 39mm ram pipe for 4ODCOE KNSS K&N 39mm ram pipe for 45DCOE KNSS Piper ram pipe for 40DCOE SFRW SU carb dashpot covers Dashpot covers are an ideal way to enhance and brighten the engine bay Chrome dashpot cover for HS4-HS SFR Chrome dashpot cover short type for HS4/HS6..SFR Alloy dashpot cover for HS SFR Alloy dashpot cover for HS SFR Anodised blue dashpot cover for HS4-HS6.....SFR23B Anodised red dashpot cover for HS4-HS SFR23R Piper air socks These air socks can be used with our piper ram pipes. They are supplied in pairs at 100mm long. They can be cut to size, though you must leave a minimum of 30mm between the inner face and the ram pipe mouth. 13 Piper air socks (pair) pxc K&N filters Ram pipes Ram pipes fitted inside the air filter help to smooth the air flow into the carburettor. The shorter the ram pipe the higher up the rev range the power is produced. If using with an air filter minimum clearance of 1 1/2 between the ram pipe and the filter case is recommended to ensure maximum air flow. SU carburettors. 1 K&N ram pipe for HS KN Piper 30mm ram pipe for HS SFR Piper 30mm ram pipe for HS SFR Piper 30mm ram pipe for HIF SFR Piper 50mm ram pipe for HS SFR Period short ram pipe for HS SFR Period short ram pipe for HS SFR Period short ram pipe for HS SFR Period long ram pipe for HS SFR Period long ram pipe for HS SFR Period long ram pipe for HS SFR Weber carburettors. K&N 16mm ram pipe for 4ODCOE KNSS K&N 16mm ram pipe for 45DCOE KNSS The last air filter you will ever need. K&N filters have a 1,000,000 mile guarantee, they just need cleaning and re-oiling periodically. K&N cotton gauze filters give virtually unrestricted air flow, whilst still providing very high levels of filtration to protect your engine. the last air filter you will ever need... K&N air filters for SU and Stromberg carburettors. 14 HS2 centre mounting 1 3/4 deep kn HS2 offset mounting 1 3/4 deep kn a HS4 centre mounting 1 3/4 deep kn a HS4 centre mounting 3 1/4 deep kn HS4 offset mounting 1 3/4 deep kn HS6 centre mounting 1 3/4 deep kn a (Also TR4A with 175 Strombergs) HS6 centre mounting 3 1/4 deep kn (Also TR4A with 175 Strombergs) 17 HS6 offset mounting 1 3/4 deep kn (Also TR4A with 175 Strombergs) 150CD/S centre mounting 3 1/4 deep kn a K&N air filters for Weber carburettors. DCOE 1 3/4 deep kn DCOE 2 1/2 deep kn DCOE 3 1/4 deep kn

10 London Bradford Bristol Manchester PERFORMANCE K&N air filters for Holley carburettors. 19 Holley lowrider filter assembly 14 x KN K&N air filters for TR5-6 PI systems. 20 Replacement K&N element for original air box..kne Clamp-on filters fits to throttle bodies (3 reqd.)..knr Tapered filter fits on end of air manifold knru K&N crankcase breather filter. 22 Breather filter 2 diameter 1/2 inlet kn K&N service products The cotton gauze filter elements need cleaning when they clog up to give their best. Use K&N cleaning fluid then re-oil the filter to maintain optimum filtration levels K&N oil and fluid. 23 K&N cleaning and oil kit (250ml oil and 400ml cleaner) K&N cleaning fluid 1 litre kn K&N filter oil aerosol 400ml KN K&N filter oil 250ml KN K&N filter oil sachet 57ml KN Braided fuel pipes Ready assembled stainless steel Aeroquip fuel pipe assemblies for safer fuel delivery and improved appearance. Supplied with lengths pre-set for easy installation, come with 18 inlet pipe for Weber carburettors TR2-4A braided stainless steel fuel pipe kit.....tt cylinder braided stainless steel fuel pipe kit...tt Spitfire braided stainless steel fuel pipe kit.....tt (Twin carburettors) Nitrous oxide kit Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, was first used during World War II to give aircraft a boost in altitude and speed when needed. It can also be used to give cars a short, but dramatic, increase in power and acceleration. This is a twin injector kit, suitable for use with twin SUs or a single Weber Nitrous oxide kit mt

11 50 PERFORMANCE Alloy rocker covers An alloy rocker cover will improve the appearance of your engine bay and as an added advantage will help to muffle valve train noise. TR2-4A polished non-vented tt TR2-4A polished vented tt TR2-4A polished vented with Triumphtune logo.tt cylinder* polished gac6004x cylinder* polished with Triumphtune logo.....tt cylinder* black with Triumphtune logo tt (*Check for clearance on GT6 models) Spitfire and Herald polished gac Spitfire and Herald polished with Triumphtune logo.tt Spitfire and Herald black with Triumphtune logo..tt Rocker cover fittings You should always replace the gasket when replacing your rocker cover. Replacement chrome nuts and filler caps are also available should yours go wandering. Spitfire and Herald rocker cover gasket gug5036vc cylinder rocker cover gasket gug5039vc TR2-4A rocker cover gasket geg Chrome oil filler cap (for GAC... rocker covers)..8g612cp Chrome oil filler cap (for TT... rocker covers)....tt cylinder, Spitfire and Herald 5/16UNF dome nut..14b Spitfire 1500 (late) rocker cover stud TR2-4A aluminium and iron cylinder heads These brand new cylinder heads are designed, as closely as possible, to resemble the late TR4/4A units. We recommend that you use new hardware, nuts, studs, etc, when fitting these heads to ensure as good a fit as possible. For cast iron heads use anti-freeze diluted as originally specified. For the aluminium heads use 100% summer coolant as it contains the inhibitors necessary to prevent corrosion and electrolytic reaction. Please contact your local branch if you require any further details or clarification. These heads do not have: Valves, valve seats, springs or caps. Valve guides are fitted allowing for variation in valve size. 7 Aluminium cylinder head bare ax Cast iron cylinder head bare x These heads do not have: Valves, valve springs or caps. Valve guides and seats are fitted allowing for fitment of standard size valves. Cast iron cylinder head with guides , Aluminium cylinder head with guides a , These heads are finished and fitted with standard size valves, fit your rocker gear and off you go. Cast iron cylinder head complete , Aluminium cylinder head complete a , Modified cylinder heads Our range of gas flowed heads are available to suit all needs. On some heads the work is carried out to the customers own unit, the more popular heads may be available on an exchange basis. suitable for use with unleaded petrol... All heads are supplied with stainless valves, bronze-alloy valve guides and valve seats suitable for unleaded petrol unless requested otherwise. Please advise us of the engine capacity and any planned changes when ordering. Stage II cylinder heads. Modifications include gas flowed ports and reshaped combustion chambers. New standard diameter valves are reshaped fitted with new guides and uprated valve springs. TR3-4A stage II cylinder head tt cylinder stage II cylinder head tt1212bul Spitfire and Herald stage II cylinder head.tt1402ul Stage III cylinder heads. Further modifications to the ports and chambers. Large inlet valves are fitted with new guides, uprated valve springs and alloy valve caps. TR3-4A stage III cylinder head tt1113bul TR3-4A stage III new cast iron cylinder head...tt1113n , TR3-4A stage III new aluminium cylinder head..tt1113na , cylinder stage III cylinder head tt1203bul Spitfire and Herald stage III cylinder head.tt1403b Stage IV cylinder heads. Further modifications to the ports and chambers. Large inlet and exhaust valves are fitted with new guides, uprated valve springs and alloy valve caps. TR3-4A stage IV new cast iron cylinder head...tt1124n , TR3-4A stage IV new aluminium cylinder head..tt1113na , Uprated cylinder head fasteners Use these to help keep your cylinder head gasket in one piece cylinder uprated head stud set tt cylinder uprated head nut (each) x cylinder uprated 7/16 washer (each) x Spitfire uprated head nut (each) k1193b Improved head gaskets If running high compression engines these head gaskets will help improve reliability. The TR2-4A shim steel gasket will give a slight increase in compression ratio. The thicker 6 cylinder gasket can be used if you have had to dramatically skim your block or cylinder head. 11 TR2-4A shim steel head gasket.020 thick (Bore size up to 89mm) 6 cylinder copper head gasket.032 thick......tt (Flat block only) 6 cylinder copper head gasket.080 thick......tt1236/ (Flat block only) Uprated valves, guides, springs and caps Our slim gas flowed Triumphtune valves, manufactured from EN21/4N stainless steel, are essential to maximise the flow of gases through the head. These valves should be fitted with our bronze alloy valve guides for improved reliability and less friction, especially when running with unleaded petrol. Our uprated valve springs are specially designed to our own requirements so they are suitable for all our performance cam profiles when used with standard rocker ratio. The standard bottom valve spring spacer should be discarded. TR2-4A models. All Triumphtune valves and guides for TR2-4A use a 5/16 valve stem as on late TR4-4A. Exhaust valve standard size TT Exhaust valve large size TT Inlet valve large size TT TR2-TR4 (to CT21470) bronze valve guide set...tt TR4 (CT21471 on)-tr4a bronze valve guide set..tt TR2-TR4 (to CT21470) valve spring set tt TR4(CT21471 on)-tr4a valve spring set tt Alloy valve cap tt cylinder models. Inlet valve large size TT

12 London Bradford Bristol Manchester PERFORMANCE Inlet valve larger size (race) tt Exhaust valve large size TT Bronze valve guide set tt Valve spring set tt Valve spring set (race) tt Alloy valve cap tt TR7 models. These valves have an extra above the collet groove for use with reprofiled camshafts, must use TT10116 valve caps Inlet valve long tt Exhaust valve long tt Bronze valve guide set tt Valve spring set tt Valve spring set (race) tt Deep alloy valve cap tt Spitfire and Herald models. Exhaust valve standard size TT Exhaust valve large size TT Inlet valve large size TT Bronze valve guide set tt Valve spring set tt Alloy valve cap tt

13 52 PERFORMANCE Rocker shafts and accessories All cars will benefit from a tuftrided rocker shaft, particularly tuned cars using higher revs. They are stronger, so will resist wear and breakage. Note: The tuftrided rocker shaft must be thoroughly cleaned of the salts used during the hardening process, as with all rocker shafts check the end plugs are in place before fitting. The friction and side loads on the rockers can be reduced and the location improved by using a spacer set instead of the rocker shaft springs. Pedestal shims are to be used with a skimmed or high compression cylinder head, enabling the correct rocker angles to be maintained. Nominal thickness each. The aluminium rocker pedestal set for 4 cylinder TR s gives improved support to the rocker shaft, vital at high revs with a high lift cam. TR2-4A models. Aluminium pedestal set (supported) x Tuftrided rocker shaft tt Rocker spacer set tt cylinder models. 1 Tuftrided rocker shaft tt Rocker spacer set tt Spitfire and Herald models. Tuftrided rocker shaft tt Rocker spacer set tt All models. 3 Rocker pedestal shim tt Uprated rocker pedestal nut cam Roller rockers The roller rocker kit replaces the complete rocker assembly. The advantages are lower friction, less side loading on the valves and the ability to withstand the stresses of high rpm without breaking. withstand the stresses of high rpm... Standard rockers give a ratio of 1.5:1, if using rockers with a higher ratio it is vital to check the valve springs for coil binding when using with high lift cams. A rocker feed kit and tubular push rods must be used with roller rockers. 4 TR2-4A standard ratio 1.5: TT cylinder high lift 1.65: TT Spitfire and Herald high lift 1.55: TT Spitfire and Herald high lift 1.65: TT Cam followers and push rods Our lightened and surface hardened cam followers allow for high revs while reducing loads on the camshaft. Our lightweight tubular pushrods are stronger than the originals and are made to suit a high compression cylinder head. Supplied individually. 6 TR2-4A lightweight cam follower tt cylinder lightweight cam follower tt (Suitable for Spitfire and Herald models) TR2-4A standard length push rod TT TR2-4A high compression push rod TT TR5-6 (to 1972) high compression push rod TT TR6 (1972 on) high compression push rod TT Spitfire and Herald* push rod high compression 7.80.TT (*1300, 1500 and standard 1147) Camshafts All the cams listed are ground from new blanks, eliminating problems resulting from regrinding worn old camshafts. If you increase the engine capacity of your car it will lower the effective rev range of your camshaft. Care must be taken when choosing your camshaft and other components 10 to ensure you get the best out of them. For the more extreme camshafts you will need a flowed head with bigger valves and the fuelling will have to be modified to suit, either with Weber carburettors or appropriately modified fuel injection. If you want to minimise other modifications use a mild camshaft. Important: New cams will only be warranted if assembly lube is used and fitted with new followers. Penrite cam lube 40g GGL9031X Loctite studloc 10ml GAC Wellseal 100ml A RTV compound sealant 100ml GAC Timing gears A vernier cam gear allows the camshaft to be installed at exactly the right figure, maximising the benefit from the cam. Spitfires, Heralds and 2 litre 6 cylinder engines will benefit from fitment of a duplex timing chain kit, with or without vernier, for improved reliability. TR2-4A vernier cam gear tt TR2-4A heavy duty timing chain ur TR5-6 (duplex models) vernier cam gear tt TR5-6 heavy duty timing chain h4286ur * duplex gear set tt * duplex gear set with vernier cam gear.tt1328x **-1500 duplex gear set tt **-1500 duplex gear set with vernier cam gear.tt (*Small bearing models. **large bearing models) 12 2 litre (6 cyl.) duplex gear set tt litre (6 cyl.) duplex gear set with vernier cam gear.tt Performance pistons A good quality forged piston is lighter and stronger than the original piston, which means higher compression ratios and revs are achievable with increased reliability. Also available in larger sizes for some applications enabling you to get the maximum power advantage for your car. Type 4 cylinder models 6 cylinder models Spitfire small bearing Spitfire large bearing Road TR3/4 road....tt1104n Road 83...TT10504N (8) Road 89...TT14041N Fast TR4 fast road..tt1004n Fast road...tt10405n (9) Fast road..tt1305n Fast road..tt1405n road Fast road 89 TT12041N Fast road 89.TT13051N Fast road 83.TT10505N Fast road 89.TT14051N Sprint TR4 sprint 88..TT11051N Sprint 90...TT1244N TR4 sprint.....tt1105n Race TR3-4 race 97.TT1006N Race TT16061N race 97.TT13062N Race 97...TT14063N Camshaft and engine building essentials Invaluable if you are installing a camshaft or doing any major engine work. 10 Timing disc tt Cam lube 250ml KEN Performance pistons. TR2-4A forged piston and liner set 89mm......AE18510X TR2-4A forged piston 89mm (each) ae18510/ TR2-4A piston ring set 89mm RTC2430X TR2-4A piston and liner 87mm (each) aesa1710kr TR5-6 forged piston (call for sizes) (each) x

14 London Bradford Bristol Manchester PERFORMANCE 53 Uprated con-rods and bolts Our forged steel, lightweight con rods will withstand far higher stresses then the standard items and are supplied with special uprated bolts. The uprated con rod and main bearing bolts give more accurate control of clamping pressure and are less likely to break during arduous use. Always use Loctite when assembling engine components. 14 TR2-4A forged steel con rod x cylinder ARP uprated con rod bolts (set of 12) and 6 cyl, uprated main bearing bolt..bh607241x Spitfire and Herald ARP uprated con rod bolt...tt Crankshafts Our Tuftrided cranks are stronger and will resist wear better. These are reground and treated old units. This service is also available for other models, ask your local branch for details The steel billet 4 cylinder TR crank can withstand far higher stresses than the original unit, making 8,000rpm a reliable proposition if used with forged con rods and pistons. 15 TR2-4A steel billet crankshaft s , TR5-6 (to CP50000) long backed crankshaft tr TR6 (CP50001 on) short backed crankshaft tr Engines If you don t have the inclination to build your own engine, we can build it for you. Listed are some of the more popular options, although we can build an engine to your exact specification. Please talk to your local branch for details. All of the engines listed here are performance units and are fully balanced complete with clutch and flywheel. 7 TR2-4A short engine 87mm pistons eng , TR2-4A full engine 87mm pistons eng , cylinder short engine 2.64 litre eng , Full engine 1500cc GSE2459BFC.... 1, Full engine 1500cc stage GSE2459ST ,