with TECHNOLOGY Example - ED - LED - e22/e22 - SP/SP - A7/A6 - BLW - 12/12-11/11 - B UP/DOWN UP/DOWN UP/DOWN UP/DOWN UP/DOWN

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1 with TECHNOLOGY PROJECT: TYPE: CATALOG NUMBER: SOURCE: NOTES: EL DORADO CATALOG NUMBER LOGIC ED LED Example - ED - LED - e22/e22 - SP/SP - A7/A6 - BLW - 12/12-11/11 - B UP/DOWN UP/DOWN UP/DOWN UP/DOWN UP/DOWN Material Blank - Aluminum B - Brass S - Stainless Steel Series ED - El Dorado Series Source LED - e Technology with Integral Dimming Driver (25W min. load when dimmed) Designed for use with remote 12VAC BKSSL transformers. Requires magnetic Low Voltage dimmer. LED Type Select Up and Down e36-8wled/k e22-8wled/3k Optics* Select Up and Down NSP - (Red Indicator) SP - (Green Indicator) e23-8wled/4k e27-8wled/amber MFL - (Yellow Indicator) WFL - (Blue Indicator) Output Intensity** (Choose factory setting) Finish A9 (Standard), A8, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 **Please see photometry to determine desired intensity. Aluminum Finish Powder Coat Color Satin Wrinkle Bronze BZP BZW Black BLP BLW White (Gloss) WHP WHW Aluminum SAP Verde VER Brass Finish Machined MAC Polished Mitique TM POL MIT Stainless Finish Machined Polished Brushed MAC POL BRU Interior use only. Lens Type Select Up and Down 12 - Soft Focus Lens 13 - Rectilinear Lens Premium Finish ABP Antique Brass Powder CMG Cascade Mountain Granite RMG Rocky Mountain Granite AMG Aleutian Mountain Granite CRI Cracked Ice SDS Sonoran Desert Sandstone AQW Antique White CRM Cream SMG Sierra Mountain Granite BCM Black Chrome HUG Hunter Green TXF Textured Forest BGE Beige MDS Mojave Desert Sandstone WCP Weathered Copper BPP Brown Patina Powder NBP Natural Brass Powder WIR Weathered Iron Also available in RAL Finishes CAP Clear Anodized Powder OCP Old Copper See submittal SUB Shielding Select Up and Down 11 - Honeycomb Baffle Cap Style A - 45 B - 90 C - Flush D - 45 less Weep Hole E - 90 less Weep Hole F - 90 cutoff with Flush Lens (Interior Use Only) (Interior Use Only) DRIVER DATA LM79 DATA Input Volts InRush Current Dimmable Operation Ambient Temperature 12VAC/DC 50/60Hz <1A (non-dimmed) Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer -10 F-130 F BK No. CCT (Typ.) Input Watts (Typ.) CRI (Typ.) e K e K e K e27 Amber (590nm) 7.9 ~ L70 DATA Minimum Rated Life (hrs.) 70% of initial lumens (L 70 ) *OPTICAL DATA Beam Type Angle Visual Indicator 14 Red Dot 18 Green Dot 25 Yellow Dot 36 Blue Dot Brickyard Drive Madera, CA USA FAX RELEASED DRAWING NUMBER SUB THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS PROPRIETARY INFORMATION OF, INC. AND ITS RECEIPT OR POSSESSION DOES NOT CONVEY ANY RIGHTS TO REPRODUCE, DISCLOSE ITS CONTENTS, OR TO MANUFACTURE, USE OR SELL ANYTHING IT MAY DESCRIBE. REPRODUCTION, DISCLOSURE OR USE WITHOUT SPECIFIC WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION OF, INC. IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

2 PO 2 7/ (73mm) 1 1/2" (38mm) with EL DORADO TECHNOLOGY 2" TYPE: (51mm) FRONT VIEW 2 3/ B/E/F (69mm) A/D CAP CAP C CAP CANOPY DETAIL 1 MINI MICRO CAPS 2-1/4 7" CAPS 1 6 1/2" Dia. (165mm) PROJECT: UNIVERSAL RING SIDE"C"VIEW CAP 1/16" (1.6mm) Dia. Accessories (Configure separately) Remote options: 1 7" GreenSource Initiative Metal and packaging components are made recycled materials. Manufactured using renewable solar energy, produced on site. Returnable to manufacturer at end of life to ensure cradle-to-cradle2 1/ handling. Packaging contains no Dia. chlorofluorocarbons (CFC s). Use of this product may qualify for GreenSource efficacy and recycling rebate(s). Consult for program requirements. Integral, constant current driver. 12VAC/VDC input. 50/60Hz. O.C. Proprietary input control scheme achieves power3 1/2" factor correction and eliminates inrush current. Output, over-voltage, open-circuit, and short circuit protected. Inrush current limited to <1A (non-dimmed). Conforms to Safety Std. C22.2 No Materials Furnished in Copper-Free Aluminum (Type 6061-T6), Brass Line dimmable. For use with low voltage dimmer with dedicated (Type 360) or Stainless Steel (Type 316). neutral conductor. Minimum 25 watt load required for dimming. Body Fully machined solid billet. Unibody design provides Optics enclosed, water-proof wireway and integral heat sink for Interchangeable OPTIKIT modules permit field changes to Narrow maximum component life. High temperature, silicone O Ring optical distribution. Color-coded for easy reference: (NSP) = Red. = Green. = provides water-tight seal. Yellow. = Blue. Cap Fully machined. Accommodates [1] lens or louver media. (Pat. Pending) Choose 45 cutoff ( A or D ), 1 deep bezel with Integral electronics allows dynamic lumen response at the 90 cutoff ( B or E ), flush lens ( C ) cap styles, or 1 deep individual fixture. Indexed (100% to 25% nom.) lumen output. cutoff with flush mounted lens ( F ). A and B caps include Maintains output at desired level or may be changed as weephole forwater and debris drainage. D and E caps conditions require. Specify factory preset output intensity. exclude weep-hole and are for interior use only. Installation 5 dia., machined canopy with stainless steel universal Lens tempered, glass lens is factory adhered mounting ring permits mounting to 4 octagonal junction Shock resistant, to fixture cap and provides hermetically sealed optical box (by others). compartment. Specify soft focus (#12) or rectilinear (#13) lens. Remote Transformer For use with 12VAC remote transformer or BKSSL Integrated solid state system with e technology is scalable magnetic transformers only. B-K Lighting cannot guarantee for field upgrade. Modular design with electrical quick performance with third party manufacturers transformers. UPMRM All dimensions indicated on this submittal are nominal. Contact Technical Sales if you require more stringent specifications. disconnects permit field maintenance. High power, forward throw source complies with ANSI C binning requirements. Exceeds ENERGY STAR lumen maintenance requirements. LM-80 certified components. TR Series SPECIFICATIONS Wiring Teflon coated, 18AWG, 600V, 250 C rated and certified to UL 1659 standard. Hardware Tamper-resistant, stainless steel hardware. Canopy mounting screws are additionally black oxide treated for additional corrosion resistance. Finish StarGuard, our exclusive RoHs compliant, 15 stage chromatefree process cleans and conversion coats aluminum components prior to application of Class A TGIC polyester powder coating. Brass components are available in powder coat or handcrafted metal finish. Stainless steel components are available in handcrafted metal finish. (Brushed finish for interior use only). Warranty 5 year limited warranty. Certification and Listing Certified to CAN/CSA Standard. Suitable for indoor UL Listed. or outdoor use. Suitable for use in wet locations. RoHs compliant. Made in USA. Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont Corporation. Energy Star is a registered trademark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency Brickyard Drive Madera, CA USA FAX RELEASED DRAWING NUMBER SUB000943

3 Photometry for use with e36 K (NSP) ' 0' 2' ' 2' 0' 2' 6' ' 6' 2' 0' 2' 6' 10' ' 6' 2' 0' 2' 6' 10' 1

4 Photometry for use with e22 3K (NSP) ' 0' 2' ' 2' 0' 2' 6' ' 6' 2' 0' 2' 6' 10' ' 6' 2' 0' 2' 6' 10' 1

5 Photometry for use with e23 4K (NSP) ' 0' 2' ' 2' 0' 2' 6' ' 6' 2' 0' 2' 6' 10' ' 6' 2' 0' 2' 6' 10' 1