Coupled Neutron-Gamma MultigrouF. Cross Sections for 29 Materials f. to Nuclear Weapons Effect Calc. Generated by LASL/TD Divi: .

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1 c LA Coupled Neutron-Gamma MultigrouF Cross Sections for 29 Materials f to Nuclear Weapons Effect Calc Generated by LASL/TD Divi: ( (b ; 10s scientific I I r) of the University < 4 /\, -DO NOT CIRCUL = = alamos laboratory of California LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO PERMANENT REQUiREDBY RETENTJ( / CONTRA UNITED STATES ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION CONTRACT W ENG 36

2 This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by the United States Government Neither the United States nor the United States Atomic Energy Commissio nor any of their employees, nor any of their contractors, subcontractors, or their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any informatio apparatus, product or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights Printed in the United States of America Available from National Technical Information Service U S Department of Commerce 5285 Port Royal Road Springfield, Virginia Price: Printed Copy $76 Microfiche $145 \- i

3 LA UC-34C ISSUED: February scientific Iamos Laboratory of the university of California LOS ALAMOS NEW MEXICO Coupled Neutron-Gamma Multigroup-Multitable Cross Sections for 29 Materials Pertinent to Nuclear Weapons Effect Calculations Generated by LASL/TD Division by H A Sandmeier G E Hansen R E Seamen T J Hirons A H Marshall A \

4 COUPLED NSUTRON-GANNA MULTIGROUP-MULTITABLE CROSS SECTIONS FOR 29 MATERIALS PERTINENT TO NUCLEAR WEAPONS EFFECT CALCULATIONS GENERATED BY LASL/TD DIVISION by H A Sandmeier, G E Hanse R E Seame T J Hirons, and A H Marshall ABSTRACT * -J This report lists 42-group, coupled, neutron-ganmnacross sections for H, D, T, 3He, 4He, 6Li, 7Li Be 10B, llb, C, N, O Na, Mg, Al, Si, Cl, A, K, Ca, Fe, CU W, Pb, 23ju, ~38u, 239pua and 24aPU Most of these materials are used in nuclear weapons effects calculations,where the elements for air, ground, and sea water are needed Further, we list C}OSS sections for materials used in nuclear weapons vulnerability calculations, such as the elements ofhigh explosives as well as materials that will undergo fusion and fissio Most of the common reactor materials are also listed, The 42 coupled neutron-gamma groups sre split into 30 neutron groups (17 MeV through 139 x 10-4 ev) and 12 gamma groups (10 MeV through 01 MeV) Data sources and averaging schemes used for the development of these multigroup parameters are give I INTRODUCTIOIT Coupled neutron gamma cross sections are being widely used among vulnerability and weapons effect investigators in the US k!ehave reported their use in several Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (1ASL)reports dealing with nuclear weapons neutron 1 and gamma output and nuclear weapons effect studies 2 in the atmosphere The advantage here is that the combined problem of neutron-transport,neutron induced gamna productio and gamma transport ia done in one calculation with coupled neutron gamma cross-sectionsets Unfortunately, up until very recently, the neutron and gamma production cross sections have been prepared separately It was * therefore not surprising that we had to match up m the neutron and gamma production data accordingly This was especially true in the thermal energy range II FORMAT FOR COUPLED NEUTRON-GANNA CROSS SECTION SETS The general format of a coupled neutron-gannna cross-section set is shown in Table I The first column lists the discrete ordinate S format for n cross sections used at LASL, ie, u a f ~g ~gg u g-l%> g_2+gs s Ug_41% The table length in the vertical direction is 45 The 30 neutron and 12 gamma group numbers are labeled along the top The cross section sets in thla report do not contain any photoneutron productio and an energy upscatter mechanism for neutrons or gammas is not allowed for The neutron-energy group structure (1 through 30) is listed in Table 11 and the gamma-energy group structure is listed in Table III The multigroupmultitable cross-section sets for the 29 materials are listed in the Appendix A LASL code NGXSEC was written by one of us (Al+i)to assemble the three components for the coupled sets, namely, neutro gamma, and gamma-production cross sections 1

5 I TABLE I FORMAT FOR 42-GRoUP (30 NEUTRON AND 12 GANNA) COUPLED NZUTRON-GAMMA CROSS SECTION SETS IxSEC! NEUTRON GROUPS I GAMMA GROUPS I ccl Vuf 9 I , 2; ! / /39/40/ _w ~31-?l - Cl- I -9 rl- 3Q--!pl-32 II-2-Q !-33 %-3-g i GAMMA-TRANSPORT CROSS SECTIONS 1$-5-9 f ~-+g b J~ 31- % -7-g ~-&g -9 -g -lo-g -1 l-q g -[4-g --ls-g ~-16-g NEUTRON-TRANSPO RT CROSS,SECTIONS =&17-g E$ w4q 3{ ! ?j_-18-g _?j GAMtJA-PRODUCTION CROSS SECTIONS %-20-6 %-21-g : -22-y?J -23-g %-24-g u g-25-g u g-26-g 0 ḡ-27-g : -28-g %-29-( IJ ml o I-32 c g-32-g o 0,-33?j-33-g o 0 0 I-34?J-34-IJ o I-35 %-35-g ,-36 &36-g o I-37 % -37-g o I-38 %38-g c1 c1 n n n n n n t g _, I -40-q -41- I i m Tooo,-in 2

6 1 ABLE11 ENERGY BOUNDARIES, AVERAGE ENERGY, AND ENERGY ANU LETHARGY WIDTHS AND VELOCITY FOR THE LASL/TD 30-GROUP NEUTRON STRUCTURE E 17 MeV, 1 ~/s = 1 cm/sh; 1 Shake (sh) = 1o-8 sec max Group Eg (Low Boundary) Eg AE Aug Vg (Mmls) MeV MeV MeV MeV MeV 1573 MeV 1407 MeV 1289 MeV 1101 MeV 8705 MeV MeV MeV MeV MeV MeV , MeV MeV 6789 MeV 4508 MeV MeV MeV , MeV 3219 MeV 815 MeV MeV 2510 MeV 633 MeV MeV MeV 1962 MeV 1527 MeV MeV MeV MeV 1055 MeV 530 MeV MeV MeV MeV 6487 MeV 3962 MeV 2363 MeV MeV MeV MeV MeV MeV MeV MeV MeV ev ev ev ev ev 1115 MeV 0410 MeV 0150 MeV 55 MeV 2034 kev 7489 kev 2753 kev 1013 kev 0373 kev 0137 kev 1164 MeV 0428 MeV MeV 577 MeV 2115 MeV 7810 ev 2870 ev 1056 ev 388 ev 1428 ev ev ev 50 kev 186 ev 526 ev 193 ev ev 6839 ev 716 ev ev ev 2509 ev 0359 ev 262 ev ev

7 I I Group 1 (31) 2 (32) 3 (33) 4 (34) 5 (35) 6 (36) 7 (37) 8 (38) 9 (39) 10 (40) 11 (41) 12 (42) III TABLE III ENERGY BOUNDARIES FOR THE LASL/TD BASIC DATA 12-GROUP GAMMA STRUCTURE E = 10 MeV msx Eg (Low Boundary) (MeV) , Eg J!a!l (:V) A Basic Neutron Cross-Section nata References No J Isotope l-h-l l-h-2 1-H-3 2-He-3 2-He-4 3-Li-6 3-Li-7 4-Be 5-B-1O 5-B-11 6-c 7-N Source of Data Evaluation based on work of L Stewart et al, LA-4574 (1971) Evaluation based on work of A Horsley and L Stewart, LA-3271 (1968, updated 1970) Evaluation based on work of L Stewart, LA-3270 (1965, updated 1970) Evaluation based on work of L Stewart (documentationnot available)! Evaluation based on work of L Stewart (documentationnot available) Evaluation based on AWRE data (1965) Evaluation based on AWRE data (1965) Evaluation based on work of R F Hunter, VP-3, VP-1 and VP-123 ( ) Evaluation based on data from LLL Howerton Library (1966) Evaluation based on data from LLL Howerton Library (1966) Evaluation based on KAPL-UK data (1965) Evaluation based on work of P G Young and D G Foster, LASL, ENDF/B-11, VAT = 506 (1971) N Isotope 8-O 11-Na 12-Mg 12-A1 14-si 17-CI 18-A 19-K 20-Ca 26-Fe 29-Cu 74-W 82-Pb 92-U u-238 Source of Data Evaluation based on work of P G Young and D G Foster, LASL, ENDF/B-111,MAT = 1134 (1971) Evaluation based on ANRE data (1965) Evaluation based on data from LLL Howerton Library (1965) Evaluation based on old LASL/3 D-4 set (1966), and work of R E Hunter, VP-103 (1970) Evaluation based on work of M Drake, GGA, ENDF/B-11, MAT 530 (1968) Evaluation based on data from LLL Howerton Library (1965) Evaluation based on old LASL/TD-4 set (1966), and work of R E Hunter, VP-73 (1969), Evaluation based on data from LLL Howerton Library (1965) Evaluation based on AWRE data (1965) Evaluation based on old LASL/TD-4 set (1966), and work of R E Hunter, VP-103 (197~) Evaluation based on UK data (1969) Evaluation based on work of R E Eunter, vp-63 (1969) Evaluation based on AWRE data (1965) Evaluation based on work of J J Berlijn et al, LA-3527 and VP-63 (1968) Evaluation based on work of J J Berlijn et al, LA-3527 and VP-63 (1968) 94-Pu-239 Evaluation based on work of R E Hunter et al, LA-3528 and VP-63 (1968) 94-Pu-240 Evaluation based on work of R l? I!unter et al, IA-3528 and VP-63 (1968) B Basic Neutron-InducedGamma-Production Cross- Section Data References JNo Isotope 1 l-h-l 2 l-h-2 3 l-h He He Li Li Be Source of Data ENDF/B-111, MAT 1148 Thermal valuea adjuated by HAS/GEH No gamma production in current act No gamma production in current act No gamma production in current set No gamma production in current set Old LASL/TD-4 evaluatio Old LASL/TD-4 evaluatio u -h; g = 19-3 h = 38, adjuate!by HAS/GEH ENDF/B-111, NAT 1154, proc by Laphan u30-h; h = 31-42, adjuated by HAS/GEH

8 No J Isotope 5-B-1O 5-B-11 6-c 7-N 8-N 11-Na 12-Mg 13-A1 14-si I?-cl 18-A 19-K 20-Ca 26-Fe 29-CU 74-W 82-Pb 92-U U-238 Source of Data Young-Seamen described in memo 6/8/73 No gamma production In current set Neutron cross sections taken from KAPL-UK evaluation (1965); gamma-ray spectra and multiplicities based on LASL/TD-4 memo of Stewart and Hirons (11/10/71) ENDF/B-111, MAT 1133, proc by LAPHAN- 630-h, h = adjusted by HAS/GEIi ENDF/B-111, MAT 1134, proc by LAPHAN ENDF/B-11, NAT 51, ~3&h, h = 31-4L adjusted by NAS/GEH ENDF/B-11, MAT 52 ENDF/B-111, MAT 1135, proc by LAPHAN- u30_h, h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH ENDF/B-11, MAT 53 U30 h, h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH ENDF/B-11, MAT 54, ~30_h, h = adjusted by HAS/GEH Nade up by HAS/GEH ENDF/B-11, MAT 55, u3&h, h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH ENDF/B-11, MAT 54 u3&h, h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH ENDF/B-11, MAT 118 u3&h, h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH Based on GRT work for neutron energies >5 MeV; at lower energies, the (y) cross section from a UK evaluation was used in conjunction with the thermal capture spectrum reported Ln ORNL-4382 Young (5/73) DNA MAT = 128, 129, , 6g_h; g = 24-3 h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH ENDF/B-111, MAT 1136, proc by LAPHAN- u30_h, h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH ENDF/B Format (Stewart and Hunter) V-III N, ~g_h; g = 23-3 h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH ENDF/B Format (Stewart and Hunter) V-III N, Ug-h; g = 20-3 h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH 94-Pu-239 Based on work of Hunter and Stewart, LA-4901; available In ENDF/B format using neutron cross sections from LA-3528; local LASL MAT # = 304 ug-h; g = 22-3 h = 31-42, adjusted by HAS/GEH 94-Pu-240 Based on work of Hunter and Stewart, LA-4901; available in ENDF/B format using neutron cross sections from LA-3528: local LASL MAT //= 305 u +; g = 24-3 h = 31-42, adjusted b; HAS/GEH c Basic Gamma Cross-Section Data All gamma transport cross sections were processed using Sandia Laboratories GAMLEG 69 (Refs 4, 5), a version with additional features of LASL S GAMLEG code, written by K D Lathrop An option in GAMLEG 69 is used to account for the annihilation radiation that results when positrons created during pair-production eventa are destroyed The creation of two annihilation gammas with an energy of 511 MeV contributes to the gamma group-to group transfer cross sections and is calculated in GAMLEG 69 The pair-productionmechanism and hence the generation of annihilation radiation occurs, of course, only when primary gammas having energies greater than the pair-production threshold energy of MeV are present If we use a coupled neutron-gamma cross-section set in a discrete ordinate S calculatio we must n set the second entry calculated by GAMLEG 69 equal to zero for all gamma groups GAMLEG 69 inserts here u f!l,g the fluorescence cross section plus Zxu ie, two times the pair-production cross PP913,sectio If erroneously these entries are left in an S n calculatio we would create neutrons from the above interactions since the second entry in the gamma groups would be treated no differently entries in the 30 neutron groups, ban he Uf;g which will distribute fission neutrona according to the 30 Xg fission spectrum numbers ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank Doris Dunning for the tedious job of assembling the coupled cross-section sets with the Neutron Gamma Cross _ Section code NGXSEC She also made some modifications in the code ao that the data from GAMLEG69 can be read into NGXSEC properly R J LaBauve has been helpful in the adjusting of neutron and gamma production cross sections REFERENCES 1 H A Sandmeier, S A Dupree, and G E Hanse ElectromagneticPulse and Time-Dependent Escape of Neutrons and Gamma Rays from a Nuclear Explosio Nucl Sci Eng Q, (1972) 2 J E Campbell and H A Sandmeier, Airtransport Calculations Using the LASL-NWEF Air Flux Tape and the NWEF Computer Program--CDR, US Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility (NVEF) report 1090 (1972) 5

9 3 Valdoata Physics Reports, LASL interual docu- Problems by the Method of Discrete Ordinates, ments written by Dr R E Hunter at Valdoata Sandia Laboratories report SC-RR (1969) State College, Valdosta, Georgia, while under consultant contract to LASL 5 S A Dupree and H A Sandmeier, Photon Tranaport Calculations Using the Method of Discrete 4 J H Renken and K A Adama, An Improved Ordinates, Vol II: User s Manual for GAMLEGX Capability for Solution of Photon Transport and T)TPXRAY U S Naval Weapona Evaluation Facility (NVEF) report 1035 (May-July 1969) 6

10 APPENDIX HYDROGEN (Hi) Neutron ID = 8, Atomic N = 1, Table 1 OnouP 2 13ROUP J OROUV b Ollow 5 OROUP 6 OIEouP E M E-IM 3075 E6E0* nọ sqsq&?r o 6 S6991 E2 ~ ~, 9,7097 V2E,v57950k Oz 7185 n2tol 5?801VE O1 32 W 51C0* u117b7e oo 1 W5SJE JE, /6221?E ol?733uue01,381 Z?3C Z721E E VC,lZb79UE,1 OIO06E OO WV71OC-OL,314087F-04,121460E S5E-01,20831 F, C v9&506e-r31,s3921nc-01,676 SOQF01 *05906C b1eb EIE E 29?7nl E*oo lnn8174r oo 139 E?) E t f 9*8241 C01 OROUP 8 OROIIP 9 OROuP 10 ORouP 11 OI?OUP 12 ORO P ]3 OROUP 14,355093E-04 Y04266C01 7+3r770c-al 3 Z3525E4,157? 3?E,1 bfl~e*oo b4q93ve-nl 596E b2b?e f ol ~ ~ * S, OllOuP E-04,? Y1488L **, 137nQln Lnl 4311 bot *,?525bllk,1227?6k oo,7as351tol f-01 3?5wlt E-nl, E-111 El OnOUP 16,35 b309c E?01 L06+*13E,50258 ZE,33 RO01E, LE30 9 blozbt ol 6150!5L-01 3q755n L *et-01 t6912bt ol Zooqauc ol OROuP 1?,3150 +IE,01,123011E E 3 331*3E ;2bb3wf 15 b63 i E J7/,3E, Lid E-01, C-01 1 V5011JE C13C-01 OROUP J3ZC-0* ;377459f*ol,66?5E*,11(+ 155L*OI noob*vkboo ;s Ji!ltt oo,3 f,508 3t,213!15*Eo O0 10>712t b**ne OE-01,&2vq JIE ol 31vn ElnEo&,71 Ei0v2t oa 2i!Jt3QE-Oi OROuP EOb RF01,6 b1469e izf1641f ol F 489 b16e L,22319 ~E,13057?F F-01 * Obll$E ol 2637 b3f-01,195525f b17f oi,13$02?e-01 mow 20,380514E-Ob a i629630e01, RE OO Z01 79?571 L *7E*O0 29 W31E,2010 6E,13 A397E 7v75b5F-01 3n7b51r-ol 26a27!nE-01,16101?E-01 lkq61~e-01,1 OI37OE-OI E?1050 E-o2 OROUP 21 Slszblc ob,n14t66e n] 1,12037 EIT1 213,5 ue01,io015?e01, 7245( [~o?67?73f qe130,17z7pi E (126 Pb3E,1, P>316E 1 23+>?1[-?1!5nt62k-ol q1575f-,2 72SPR c-,32,h15172e- Z W1772[-13Z Io+163E-03,2092 U8E RIE * E*02 3 n24?c ol : L01,b51s5blIC nl, t01,208 b77c*pl,1658 blk K0~ 7h Rolut k L* U2k*O GVL 1771 HQt oll,v62q31e-01 12? HC CIII b51qr!b L-nl,llo7535t ol 66?3(, IIL t -ol 2971,? 1L-01,229468t-nl, L-01 Osb+dllncr!z 71 02?k E-7 1?370?L-01 8 b3r%e02,540n33e-oz,35! OI*L-O C SL MIL-02,3&160blEE03,1726 MbE oz 5 b3q, E,31 E15617YE01 1d52?E ol,b079ltf 2 LI14Y+C 1330 >ZC : E-01 J57L3>JE,31,z31?81101 lb205dc ol leir,9, (E ol b3b3b>e02 Joqlb,c-~2 lv8131e ~,? 12 R6LI,1 E,2 +5b >OE03 :IJl 5 oe rz3,6562 LI,E E1207E O EOZ 5n40 i3c01,7 bt1331e OA 2 b1b66k 01,6 HJ690L?2473Hf,10)513 bt,*ll ~#51L-13,?32$50[-01 l?al3l-ol 127* 02 bt-od,5 V 3Z5L-13*,45 %tie-od,23* I 7ZE-OZ,ll>!hmk-od??qll>t-o> 47>2JVE qt tt-oj,? 314,? IJ1L,241502E-03 llq60se-02,187s97e *02,5q80Q7E01? M0170~E < 01, qc,2*9q771f oll 820), hf-01 :37 WIC01,179487F-01, F02,4159 RE-02,32220 Vf-02,218504[-02,]*t, n7gf132,n5f13$,3e RC %RF ,67F03,12901?E F-O f [-OZ 18q\a +c C01, E01, E ~7E01,326 R36E, +2??1PE-01,30? f153e-01 lb Ll?07C !5318[-02, ? O2 t10715&e-03,51217 he 03,316 Q6<C ~1E-03 9*+ IRQ3C-! S<57-04,b767qil C-06,60373,1 E SL36E-0+ 8n0b* 23 wow a+ Rou, ~, wow ab OE-O2,] F197 %F 2,,, ll, r,, l,,,1,),,/,,, V,, U!/,,,,Iornt,a,ol, I, 7 1 I,I?!ll1,70,,Vnllf,, 1117,4 :1! 51%> 11 f-n2,$!s~f-? l)~, r l?f -?,5 UI OF,, 3722,C,73 -$660VC,33 :; WY, E- 3 ] 16*7 be Q3 5 b5c7!f-, 36z651E04?35307E , E,,,183 A3E E S6n Kn2,Iv,lftlkoa,M,19,, %11 ) 111,,,,11,,,1 2,8, > 11,,,,In?,ohl,, l,,~,1!4,,, * 1 11,l,,l,,, 4,,,,,,,, 12 ha, t-ol,+,),,/1)? 11$ ,? H9hl 471-,1,+,~h?,l -, >?lrbhco~ ~16rn P7k-(13 I13VI*IL-,S t -04 4?5v k-r z~nzzpk,133* 45k-n4 n66167t k05 5 Q5q24L-rIs b476ti ~Oa t9n74+~ a,, nlliv,,, 1, 1,,,,,,,,,,,,Il,lrl, 1,ol,,,, o11,1+78)1,,1,,,!,,,-, Ica?, llt-nl,8!,,,, 15n63ft $vf, vc!l> J, >!t,13 lbl hut-u3 H?3n7, t,591 n? Jt06 40 i66t ob Z+9,113L- 157,9L Q33t-05 *913,?30t urt b7f05? O0553E : 1,,,,,,,1638~c~1 i47vvr oa,(, 1! I#t,, 1!,,,,,,,,, 1 l v,l, 1 I!ll?lnl i +!7,,,l) 0 14! 1 ) 0,,,!,,,,,111,s,l r i 5 VI V<, (1, <*61 YF,33 l?iiii?l03 % I5V<E-134,3z1610t,3a ?611E EIb W15ZJE-(!$ 37 V6>JE-,Z5? U1613E H3E *6,35 Z3?960L01 1 V0410C O4,1, v, vv,,,,!,l,,,,!,,,,,,,1,4,,,11(, hllhl ant,,1/,, 0,1,,4 *V, s4 /,-, Iwlr,rz,,,, ]lf /?,, t,i,,lt-nd,a/l, ht-n J,71110 /Ot-OJ V )vdt- 44e, r3f 0*,2)?3hllf-OC llli31 it-0* R013JME03 5* J6J2E-03,36>lb0E-o Y zl J415t Ol! lo J71s Eoa 3916~-Ob hnh, tl, ~,,11,,,!!?, 1,, vv, f$,, 1104!ll 01,,nt, l;, F,,3 l*,la,l rrln,!,,,,,1,1 VV,,03-, - l tlv80(, # -0> 2$!(I 12<I 02 t, n7q,ak - I 2#,,!l)lf-l J3 7 Hbo5t -04,3!6 0[ RI F ?E ? +f F05 293w6F-o S,19042 he f05 t lnnef, rna,611,, 7,? 01 1,,(,,,,,, 1,,,,,,,, )!l!/8111 nl l,ol ),,,, ~f111nn!,,,!!,!,, -,,/,,l,,, }- 1 I r,a, -o> 7t fo31r -*>,,,,,,,,,,,/ 4,1 A3,, o3 Hh5V17E , LC-O,128530f-ob 6075 VPE05 2 R139z6E E t05

11 n170up?9 OUOUP 3!7 allow 31 OROUP 32 OnOuP 33 onoup 34 OnOuP OE*OO Z9EU VbE-02 Z41319E OE c 191? 59 E f-01,601512E hc-ol b1037af, 1,?13r,7qt t oz,1698 oe-oz Z17101E O2 P1677HC*01 3n01t7c01 lzqisfik b73l455t* l flz,zu3415e-02 ] 106![ wt111 *072?LE 6 b] W16t,OIZ lb9n92e*oo 5513?tE-nl 236? *13t oo R6Q+7nt-fil? flzllw 7*lq13F 27197, ol -52 E-02,Ilwlnk qt 4315 nl E-O2 (1 Q17147E113,156917t-n2!3, 339e2, f ht03 0-, F-f13,lQ39h5t!l,,309534E E-06 1 O159VE O *5E-06 a75fc ~ E-n5 r *, P,?22319E-o S II K-05 Onou? 37 ) C t-04,Z65677E-Ob, [-04 35*3 *%E-od zl173llue-o K 2 T98V3C-0* Ouou? >a mow 39 OIMIUP O E E-01 zn7zb5e02,455? ZM02,360719C f E-04 OROUP zc-oz 79 boloeol 397n5LE X-02 &6 b75b E ) 4&E Eo2 30 Z8f ?nE-ot E-05 anoup * b9e Flz b6e-01 5n7151 E-02 a5180n E-132 ~ Q? * * r P * P E O7E*OO,Q5368Qf t-*1 Rqh93b~-n2 6s9694E-oz,561875L-o? 4755 V7C OZ a1345bt*2 7 7q44b6E-n5 J499bOk-n4,303629C L-05,363033E-03,12 Q5b?t* 1613 **L E3L01,139qhnt-ol 113*hu Jr- o V9k OZ 7!3705t-Oz 6121 but-oz L-02?5R2L 101 OIVL OO b+pqtlot-ol 393! Hit-01 Z38R4>L-01 l* Mbolol l17117n\k-ot k-i72 3?76\5t -oz Mt-oz 11719bW OZ,697973k ?87?[03?04059L03 :lollwlbl Z?5t-06 42n450t mbt ob,30nh10f ob t-04 z02zl-ob 6191 e8e04,17391 ze +7+o I?E-01,43t134 E-ol 2620 ZZE-01 IV2!JV5E01,153 WK R9b1E-01,111+ 8BE-01,903 L114E-02 0u151W-02,4 bb799e-og,z446z1e 7113rz13FlE-ol,h27b J7E-ol ql-01 z3 +2+ck-ol,7207t H462E-01 17,551 *E-01 ISJlb83E-01 li?993e-01,15031 *E-01 u E-06 3h4903F,3376 M7f,1559 E b3829q E-01,35997 hf ol?5z6n6e QPE01 158& 77t ?fE ol ZK C O b4e02 El 206* 54E-03, E*OO 5575 *5E,27 Z214E-01 Neutron ID = 8, Atomic N = 1, Table 2 OQOU* 1 IVIOUP 2 OROUP 3 OROuP 4 OROUP 6 OROUP 7 Il *, b08240t-o Z Z972E-02 S4W50C-01, K-o Z 6 U43Elt-01 5 Z1013E-OI,290308E-01 15** 5H3- I05392E*O E01 6&70 zeeol E ol E, E OO c $E E Q4)E, E E 1257 =,6E a57785e ol,69z637e b03e01 8

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17 * DEUTERIUM (H2) Neutron ID = 6, I\tomic N = 1, Table 1 OUOUP 1 anoup 2 OROUP 3 b OROUP 9 OROUP T E*o a2e Izo ZO09S7E01 P r v * -,1824E?4nO132E*O0 lb3796e-nl t*o0 ;:177s6 7 L16201K*O E ?LK*OO * V5J8E 88385% oe oi Z099b5E 136 S70E a5b5do Eol 117?94C*O ZE*O1,13 M023C*O0?733131Z4,136752E n93093e-ol 5s979at-o I -798,? 25c C C C*O E ZE01 3az295f ol, E ? 973 E-01 16?92EE*01 36 b026e E*o ?E C-01,147216E*O se *E*O0 Onow a OnOuP \ OROUP 10 OQow 11 0RO13P 12 OROIJP 13 OROUP bc n7e01,209088e 3613 S3f* ab91720e-,tl b10531e-01,22 bt7n7f oo E IS8564E-01,161416c ],Z7E f-05 Z7E-05 Z17975 Enl E E ?E OI lej737wboo 1663 Jbf E E 4517 d0e Ianhzbt oo beb d8b604e+o0 65ql 70E ZIW,1592 hmfb 16 V141t*oo L01,loo of boo 13n4s9L Elo C*O0 llj32ybe*oo 2 P7144k- 1 *399 J%E01,b19nb3E ol 267? 2SL-01 3$a979L ol,5 Z12r Hf-01?6b E07k-01 3 U0946C ue E-01,lZ7916E-01,Z153*W EOB o:2,9505e,oi, C E C*O0 35!1503E 2676 V3E Zbb86UE IWZ920E*O0,lzQznolE ol 232 be E OJ alo OoOc C01,338z23[ r EoO0 b50356e E E OO Zb43 34E SE-01 -,* OOOOOEOS hE ol 39?243E,7 S7050C E,55 Q310E OO, C E zlan&sc*oo 2 Q7193E-01 OnouP 14 OROUP 16 OROUP 17 OROUP JP19 OROUP 20 OROUP 21 -,21 OOOOE-OS E Q3?<*O0 90 i55c 697? 14E*o be oo 538 F!WlE E110 b51613f-01 - II41OOOE-OS 2460E E E E-05,6730 E05, E~Ol C E C01,3b2z90c01 34z311E oi, e*o I,160551E $?E01 14$17W*01,1627 R7E,01 lb3095c qk nl [ J5E E*01,152555E01 IS3040E wf* E 5024f * 454? 50 E*O s F*O ?f ol, E i?30z31e ol z9bb41e-oz,135n754c02 0a9i13E+2 52nz59t*,418069k-01 E52663E-171 onoup 22 OROUP Z3 OIEOUP 24 0!70UP 25 OROuP 26 OROUP 27 OROuP Zn -, Z4E C-OS,3*23 b7f ol oe*o I E nl E*01 1 S2802C*OI E01 4 S5854E,455366E 595 &22E-02,a78078E-02 - Z7907 O5, E01,142606E E01,455365E,8 EIJ716E E E-oS -,e13aoe-os,342303t1,3* Z302E01 3 bz35c*ol,142959e01 14 Z9+1E01, E E01 15 Z811Eb01,152907E01 4 S5106E OO,+55011E E 8769 Z7E-02 EJ534r*E E-On -20 C-05 34?331C be bne ol, 65 EA86E*O0 917 E45E-02 llnnljp 2* onnup 30 OROUP 31 UR17W 32 13nuuP 33 oaoup,54 cmnup 3~,710~63c-14,34231 W* C W*01,15 Z754E*171 36n151t* S9E EIJO J6c-oz )E01 lb9a*oe oz Z83e13C-02 z*1319f Oa 201n47r-02 lii065?c-oz E-01,71361 *f ol,7 WL710EO t-0< SE-OZ C OZ 3 M365E-Oa LEE-OZ E-02,za7350L om fOZ E-02,466754C E E-OZ OUOUP 36 onoljp 37 orow 38 OROUP 39 omoup 40 Onoup 41 OROUP *9E-OZ q13z06ele 1 S0735*E-OZ n91808e02,6 Z8827E-r12 b9f58be-17z 7b0966E-03 I055117E*o0 953 bl19t-rz E-01 n96934t-m? 689 b94e-n FI1E-O En E E-02 fl 9 b13+54c-r E Q567C 1813 *ae E-01,13 Q9b Mt-ol,1046 O3K-O f EOZ bl Z740E-02, L-O2 b191b UE E, E01,4363 <*E01 zb20z2e AE V3E-01,12 Wbl E-01 I1l+IJLIE-01 a81519e-02, E-OU,Z44621E 887 Z08E-01 6 Z7437E L V2QbE-01,2z07E L1662E01 16 N114E-01 1 S76U3E L01 1 S0314L E f ?E,1559E*O0 63 R2119E W76E-01, E bf19~e E-01, 1338zt, F-01 l15712f-ol,i0191qe bf bs6c-03 5 S7751E 557 W5E E-01 14

18 Neutron ID = 6, Atomic N = 1, Table 2 OROIIP 1 OROU? 2 OROUP s OROuP 4 OROUP OROUP & onoup 1?03:1C01 7: * ~ 1463C s6TE on, E,7393 WE C01 17 W+5C E*OO tol C*O0 2 Z2286C4 8 L19135E-01,513 Z60E01?b8138E ol 3 a i:,12 W22E*O E 64(2559K01, F01,1338 z2e E E*O0,378036c Q12532E C-O1,56671 le ?6C E5L732E-03 OnolJ* a OROUP 10 OROUP 11 OROUP 12 OROUP C OO E,21J771?f01 66q?37E 2 -?97479c E E E-02 ~,,190687E b11960c E-111,6665 SO< *5E-02 -,l12776t-ol E C- I -,17? 965E-nl El 1631 aoe Oo 4114 LlaEo O 1452 ME*O E C-01 -z42769l k01 -z91463e t *8E J54*JOE oe*o O If-o: c02,z5f17&3E E NE E V JE nlbe Lll 2126 fve J32ZE, E*O E*O0 7772E-01 -,39532 EIE-02-71t1013VE-01 -,] IE z93e*o0 -,74626 SE-01 -,?li14*5t-ol -,127066E-OJ F*O E*O0 ;1072V?E OO E02, B37555E01 l&1173c oo,15 E267C E-01 32?814C,406425E 61181?E E *311E*o E E E-01 0RO13P 1s OROUP 16 OnouP 17 oroup 18 orou? lq OROUP 20 OROUP E*o C-01 -O?11P91CO E -2 S4W15E SlE-01,925647E t*o t *nn RC*O E*o0-7 Qc25W-01 I03191E E 10485VE *01 3 W30J2E E*O E,3 b0727e*o0 -z144/q E fol I05288C*OI E O1 35 J906E*O E -?42462E*O E -8 Z346SE-02,791145E E o C*O0-26? 3~6E*O E-02 OnouP 22 enow 23 ORouP 24 OROUP 25 OROUP 2* OROUP 2? OROUP 20 M ln521aeool 3 S6130C -,242407C*O0 -,(12 $367E02 I05242E01 3 S*388E*n OOE*OO 1051 O6E*O E Z62026E*O0 -,807713C C*O E*OI 1 OS019E O EOO E C*O0,2421 <i?e*oo -?*2*09E*O E YOE02 -,8zQ052E-OE $2E E*O1 355 R72C E*O0 -,5446 zoe-02 OnouP 29 WOUP 30 OROUP 31 (EROUP 32 OROUP 33 onoljp 36 OROUP 35 I05312E$ E* E I03406E*o0-26? 262E*o0,249160C 0761 M50E-02,136236E-oZ :, 1696 Q7E-02 2a1644E t-02 J51539E OE 2832 *3 E-OC E O]lC O b9f02 221Q774E E E02 b55174e E E-02 OROUP 36 OROUP 37 OROUP 36 ORouP 39 OROUP 40 ORouP 1 onoup u J! ~o a,,~4n826e-02 i23e55l t+7 6 b?*68t-n E-n2 b34n31e-nz 374 bs7k-02,176363e-01 Z01576E-01,123E21E01,925420E Eo Z E-02, t E-02,43a6tllJE ol ue-01 20s81 Wol 1*3991 O E-01 9i E13W E c b0f E of-ol E-01 9 Z3+55E OZ 66&3 +OE-OZ E-OZ,4 Z6993E-02 3b165b E Jnt-02, E-OZ C-01, E02 _,165Q39f01-12Sbb7E [ beoz,668562e OZ of o2 -, E-02 -$ E E E-01 - W0806E-02 d 15

19 Neutron ID = 6, Atomic N = 1, Table 3!lRoIJP 1 OIIOUP 2 OROUP 3 orow 4 OR(JUP 9 OROUP b ono(jp 7? 134 I1OC+1 9 l11394e nl 9618 V3E LIZC E C E c01 53? 76E we-01 L B755E MOC,217130E-01,] I10796EoJ E-OZ Onow a OROUP 9 OROUP 10 OROUP 11 OROW \z,9195 no E QoE 1402 h6e-oz -12z6E-01 - I18b56C C02 OROUP n2c*oo 1712C -Z3230QE C-01 -oz03717c n05e-ol -ST6107E-OZ onoup ,7 a9e LlL E, W-01 -z23nn6t e-01 -, f e-n2 -z99r69c112 : a ZE OO,197756E,139072E*o ae oo a3f-01 -, E-fil - Z166Z3E-01 1!:!:! -9 b9z2st n L-OP :1:!E3A6E E*O ZE OZ,6,? 69711kol o8e-oi E E k oz t-01,Z29063E Q1?E-o Z 5212 Y~E ,?34717E-01,634705E-03 z?7535e-01,z707z/e01,15 MYME-01,20636 ve ZE 141! 892E -n9b660e ME -l Z5b93t* E E-01, t-0l,lm1906e-oi C Z470E c Q37z Oo -, [ ?E -,4 is42q E-01 b77037e01 Z630917Z-01 Z09344C*O E E*O0 -o Z15994E*O C E01 l15p2te*o0 z370sie-01 Onou? 15 enoup lb Onou? 17 tlroup 10 oroup 1s OROUP ZO OROUP 21 z62551e no - E19aslz E-r, E*OO -,1737 b7e, r no lb6702e*o0 5z553nc ol r 4691JZOEIJO E1E -*99997E oo ne L193E*o E-01 S220WC*O E*o0 -, b5131k-01, L, E-01,533152E 35 SS69E E-01,16997W01 53*760 C E*O ME-01 7*5053C OZ 53 S031C*O Eoo RC01,712633COZ 53 b8z6cbo0-3 S6259E*O E01,735226E02 OROUP 22 mow 23 Onou? 2* Onou? 25 Onou? 26 OROUP 27 onoup Zn n- n; s3b179e*oo -, E* 140? 37E-nl E n2 O#olJ* C E 14c040E-01?27425E-nz a - 53*933C*O C*O E ZE E*o0-35 S7JOE*O0,137 be ol E-02 - s34b67c E 13 b*91f ol,73957 ee OZ 6; 53sl&7c oo -35 bm5a Eoo E E E*o E*O C C02 OROUP 30 OROUP 31 OROW 32 OROUP 33 OROUP 36 OROUP 3* 53$719 cf313-3 S59417C*OL E-nl E-02 f L-02,16136 ble C-02,215170E-OZ 3b5966E-#z,275104E-OZ :,203m5zE E-oz E E02 a ;391316E E b66e E C-02 OROUP 36 OROUP 37 OROUP 38 OROUP 39 OROUP 40 OROUP 41 OROUP 62 a 5739C-02,8277 E-IIZ E-02,429939E02 ZSE-02,2 S2E20E02!3 b a 9155E-02 llsmnt-nl?56468e-oz C-02, E-n E-n2 30 Z61W-OZ E E-01,102645E-nl 70603W-OZ OZ E-OZ 35 W44EOZ 308 E77E-OZ o; i: 3742 ubf-01 5$ B965E-01,+74619E01 2b3297E L E-o Z s-01 -w1776me-oz - I03z90E E Z*E E9E oz,4 b31v7e-o Z -4*7 EI17C-OZ -312 b&o EOZ,3b617*E we O>990E-OZ b5j3e-oz E-oZ -,165510[03 2 Z37WE-02-33z?bEE-oz E-02 Innsziw oz *3E-OZ -11 Z291E-02-27t IZ0E-OZ E E-03 O* %5794 ~lle01 2 b7499e02 16

20 Neutron ID = 6, Atomic N = 1, Table 4 OROUP 1 onoup z OROUP 3 OROUP OROUP 9 OROUP b OROUP zoC-02 bl R470f-n2, E-111,lSIJ630f-01?936J8E E-o?,2 L2350L ZOE zbf E E E E-01-3 F86E01 z386a7e-ol 678z710E01,366936E01 -, W7848E-01 -,246 n4qe ne ol -,742 bb9e-oz 1 Q64F*O E C-01 -z64703e n20c oz Q7E E-O2 OROUPa onoup Q EIROUP 10 mow 11 oroup 12 OROUP C01, E OZ ae co z FIE-oZ E-02 b2570b En2 60 E1140E-oZ E E-01 5$3930c C S96E E we <-01 66tJ701C Q25E VVE OO -,197164E L-712 -,35 R770E-01-61n35bE01 9>503ZL-01,E37241E IIz,11474 LIE >1 C b3n9e E-F1, 1225s5E-nl,211338[ RE-01 Z96066E *0f-01 7 ZZ316E ~12E not-01,671377e-oz -,3718,2c oz?6!jzu2t ol t Z7Z*E02 -, 1905wIE f t ie JE-03 cl -o199721e ?ZEL71 -,177156F -1337,0 =E,S56819E O? 1 O1686E OO I17170E*O E E n16E-ol E+o le ?E*O0 01S2566C E41 51 Iy onoup lb OROuP 17 OROW It OROUP 19 ORouP 21 El l16179c* -2 Y?959C -835 C53E !2C(70 6 W947E01 -?*3h7bE-ol E01 OROLP z? 11?318E R8t,1083 f10e*o0 -3 S6*70E me-ol OROUP Z3 I*4860E E 177 Q83E*O G01-2 C3622E-01 OROUP 24,14 W38E -01 E136Z6E* 652 S11E E41 OROUP 2s,1696 b4f WE*O E-01,63 M698E oi! OROUP Zb C805?E 150 bolc017 l 66357?F SC OZ OROIJP E*o0 -laa905e Oo E E02 OROUP C0(3-1 E7923Eoo E-01 -,62646?E n2 ~ 16 W63E*O E*O E- ~ -,61 EJOloE-n2 I! oomc oo -1 EJ8104E*OO E-01 -,617067f-oz E -l Eins6vEeoo 6679 cve01-6 Z06W1OZ,l*9915f oo -18 M+b7E* 66 V160E E-oz OROLIP Z9 OROUP 30 ORouP 31 OROUP 32 OROUP 33 OROUP 34 OROUP Q5*IE*O0-186 z67e*o E E-02 r COZ lb74u8e-oz Z7Z877E,Z13Z51C-OZ E-OZ,Z631Z6E-OZ 55751,?E E E-o Z E-02 OROUP 36 onotjp 37 Onow Ja OROUP M onoup 40 OROUP 41 OROUP 42 QZ Z80b90E-02 4 Z7LIS4E-OZ E OZ Z54186f-OZ Sf O2 7 S0617E02,5nz407Eoz 367 Q89E-02 Z136S15E-OZ 23 ZQ35E-02! 13 Q W849Z[-OZ I046Z?E01 62? Q50E L18?oC-02 3 Zl175E-r2 ZS3159E-PZ SCE E SZ?OCO; 7095E-02 4 Z69V3E-OZ 21391!66E-oz Z122?3E-OZ E-OZ E-OZ z91952e zee-ol 17 b36ve-oz -70 RowJE te-02-17t9d1e-0z -,lelo3de Y+E-02 - I?1460E-oz 3 Z3163E-01 - C37+13E-OZ C-01 -,abe05 E-oz -65 EWQE-04 - S36275L-04-04c +1 47E-02-3 R703 i E JnE-oi -30 Z637E-OZ E-01 -ol198m3e z87E-03,31253 PE-OZ E C5571F F-OZ,1 S5E75E-02,16+ Q03E-02,147 QMFOZ E-02 bs8b66e-oz E-03 17