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1 Automotive Track Day Ground Rules Everyone entering the track must sign a waiver. Drivers will be given a wristband to be worn at all times while you are on track. You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver s license to participate in our Automotive Track Days. The car should be a licensed or registered street type vehicle. This is not a race event. Therefore, race cars are not allowed. There is to be no side-by-side or nose-to-tail drafting at any time. Anyone who has consumed alcoholic beverages on the day of the event is not allowed to participate. No illegal drugs are allowed on the track premises. Drivers must attend the Novice Orientation Program in the morning of the event or have other acceptable high speed driving experience before going on track. Drivers must know and obey the conventional sports car racing flags and hand signals discussed at the drivers meeting and/or Novice Orientation Classroom session. Safety is our main concern. Therefore, complete car control is required at all times. Anyone driving in a reckless manner will be warned once and then may be barred from further participation. No passing is allowed except on the straights. Please watch your mirrors and cooperate with the car passing you by pointing to the side on which you want them to pass. All passing will be done on the right. Drivers and instructors must wear approved Snell helmets with a SA, K or M 2010 or newer rating. They must be proper fitting and securely attached at all times while on track. Helmet rentals are available at the track. If you have an open car, you must have helmet shields or goggles (glasses or sunglasses will not suffice). For safety reasons, drivers must wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and closed toed shoes while on track. Driver suits, socks, shoes and gloves of flame resistant materials are highly recommended but not required. If more than one person is in a car on a hot track, one must be a Blackhawk Farms instructor. No more than two persons are allowed in a car on a hot track. All drivers need to check in at the Pit Stop first before proceeding to TECH. Only the driver registered to a given vehicle may drive it on a hot track. Children must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. Please humanely leash or have your pets enclosed at all times. Our paddock speed limit is 15MPH. DRIVERS NOTE: Convertibles require a rollover protection system. Please call us at to discuss your specific convertible. Vehicles with reactive safety systems must be operated with complete driver control. 1

2 Entry Form BFR Track Day Wednesday s 2018 Please check one: [ ] April 18th [ ] May 16th [ ] June 13 th [ ] July 11 th [ ] August 15 th [ ] September 19 th [ ] October 17 th Please fax the Entry Form page to or to Driver Club affiliation (if any) Address City, State, Zip Daytime Phone #( ) address You must have a valid state driver s license. By initialing the box you guarantee that you have a current valid driver s license. The car should be a licensed or registered street type vehicle. By initialing the box you agree that the vehicle you will be driving is a street type vehicle and not a race car. Previous On-Track Events: [ ] None [ ] 1-3 events [ ] 4-7 events [ ] 8 or more. Group Request: [ ] Novice [ ] Intermediate [ ] Experienced Have you ever been on track at Blackhawk Farms? [ ] Yes [ ] No Novices & persons unfamiliar with the track will be assigned an instructor. Would you like an instructor even if you are experienced & familiar with the track? [ ] Yes [ ] No Car Make Model Year Color I affirm that the car entered complies with all safety requirements and that all of the information provided on this entry form is true and correct. I am 18 yrs of age or over. Signed (Participant/Driver) Date $250 Pre-Entry fee (includes one lunch ticket) $275 Walk-Up fee (includes one lunch ticket) CC# Expiration Date We accept visa, MasterCard and Discover. 2

3 Driver Medical Emergency Information: In case of emergency please notify: Phone ( ) TECH SHEET Please bring this completed sheet with you to the track. Event Date: Driver Name: Car Make: Model: Year: Color: Group: SELF-CERTIFIED SAFETY CHECK LIST You, or a trusted mechanic, must certify that the following items have been checked and corrected if found unsatisfactory. Issuance of a tech sticker does not signify that your car is safe to operate on the track. It is your responsibility for the condition of the car. REQUIRED SAFETY ITEMS HELMET - A Snell helmet with a SA, K or M 2010 or newer rating. Helmet rentals are available at the track. LONG SLEEVES, LONG PANTS & CLOSED TOED SHOES in good condition are required, preferably of a natural material. SEATBELT belts must be in good condition. A ROLL BAR is required in all open cars. A car with a removable hardtop is an open car. Targa or T-top cars with solid roof panels fixed in place are closed cars. BRAKES are the weakest link when a car is taken on the track. Please note that new brake pads can be severely worn in a day and brake fluid can boil unless fresh and at least DOT 3 grade. BRAKE PADS BRAKE FLUID BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR is full and the fluid is clear. BRAKE PEDAL TIRE, WHEELS, FRONT END, SUSPENSION & BODY TIRES that are worn out, corded or deeply cut may not be run. Decrease 5-6# from normal tire pressures. WHEELS Remove decorative hubcaps. Check bolt pattern carefully for cracks. LUG NUTS must be present and torqued properly. OPERATING BRAKE LIGHT TRUNK EMPTY, SPARE REMOVED. No loose gear inside cabin. ENGINE & DRIVE TRAIN ENGINE & DRIVE TRAIN must be in good condition. Check all fluid levels, belts, & hoses. Tighten all caps. No leaks are allowed. Be sure radiator is full and clean inside and out. BATTERY must be secure. Hot battery lead must be insulated. 3

4 REACTIVE SAFETY SYSTEM All vehicles with reactive safety systems must be operated with complete driver control. SELF-CERTIFICATION Driver Signature: TECH SHEET CONTINUED You must get off track immediately if you encounter: 1. Brake failure 2. Leaking gas, oil or other fluids. 3. Mechanical problem hampering car control or safety. TO BE COMPLETED BY THE TRACK TECH INSPECTOR ONLY Inspected by: Driver s Name Assigned Car Number: Group Car Make Model Year Color REJECTED: (reason) Correct & present for re-inspection. Re-inspected & Approved by: 4

5 AUTOMOTIVE TRACK DAY SCHEDULE (subject to change) 7-9AM Registration in Pit Stop 7-8:50 AM Tech Inspection in Tech Building 8:20 AM Mandatory Drivers Meeting base of Tower 8:40 AM STATION WAGON RUNS Group # GROUP 1 Experienced GROUP 2 Novice 5 GROUP 3 Intermediate GROUP 4 Novice 9:00-9:20 1 on track Classroom Classroom 9:20-9:40 3 Classroom on track Classroom 9:40-9:55 2 on track 10:00-10:15 4 on track 10:20-10:40 1 on track 10:40-11:00 2 on track 11:00-11:20 3 on track 11:20-11:40 4 on track 11:40-12:00 1 on track 12:00-12:20 2 on track 12:20-1:00 LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH 1:00-1:20 3 Classroom on track Classroom 1:20-1:40 4 on track 1:40-2:05 1 on track 2:05-2:25 2 on track 2:25-2:50 3 on track 2:50-3:10 4 on track 3:10-3:30 1 on track 3:30-3:50 2 on track 3:50-4:10 3 on track 4:10-4:30 4 on track 4:30 PM FINAL CHECKER FINAL CHECKER FINAL CHECKER FINAL CHECKER Cars Should Stage 5-10 Minutes Prior To Session - Listen For The PA Calls Enter The Start Grid At Silo - If You See A Car From Turn 7, Wait Until Clear! Stage On Left Side Of Grid To Release To Track Wait To Be Released From Start Line First Lap Will Be Under YELLOW For First Session Out Hug Inside Line At Turn 1 From Start Grid - Obey The Blend Line Exit From Track After Turn 7 At Silo To Right Side Of Grid Flagging Compliance Is A Must 4 Wheels Off = Re-enter Track Only By Corner Worker Command Absolutely NO Passengers - Registered Drivers ONLY on Track ALL Drivers Must Receive & Display Driver's Wristband Thank You For Your Participation And Cooperation!