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1 February 2013 Stay informed on pending bills of the 63rd Legislative Session. It s easy! - Just follow any of the following links at Legislative Bill Tracking System The new Legislative Bill Tracking System is now available. The application will become fully functional as bills are introduced on the first day of regular session, Tuesday, January 8th. There is no user fee for this application. Contact My Legislators A legislator can be reached at the State Capitol through Contact My Legislators or by leaving a message with the legislative telephone message center at NDLEGIS ( ) or (local). Legislative Branch Video Site The Legislative Branch Video website is new for the 63rd Legislative Assembly. You will be able to watch live video, as well as replay recorded chamber floor sessions. Recorded chamber floor sessions will be available for replaying after a floor session is recessed or adjourned. Find My Legislators Select Find My Legislators in the page footer under Legislator Information. Enter your house number and zip code and click Search. Locate your address in the Search Results and click Display Legislators. If your membership EXPIRES in FEBRUARY OR BEFORE. THIS WILL BE YOUR LAST NEWSLETTER!! PLEASE RENEW TODAY!!! 1001 S 22ND ST Bismarck ND Nonprofi t Org. US Postage PAID Mailed From Permit No. 419

2 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 American Bikers Aiming Toward Education DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVES District 1 Divide-Williams-Mountrail-McKenzie Craig Rattler Metcalf ABATE OF ND STATE OFFICERS Executive Officers: Don Faber President Roy Towne V Pres Larry Stevahn Treasurer Genie Sauvageau Secretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tom Birkholz Coop Kim Brandner Roger Fridge Behm Randy Love Jay Bird Toepke OFFICE STAFF Executive Director Michael Cutter Jay Administrative Assistant -Part time mornings Roxie Hopfauf Marketing & Promotions Director Janet Frost Membership Coordinator/Office Assistant - Part time afternoons Alice Mosbrucker Rider Coach Trainer Lonnie Bertsch NDMSP RIDER COACHES Greg Haug - Lonnie Bertsch - Mike Cooper - Dave Mills Wayne Maruska - Jim & Jan Bailey - Mark Arndt - Brock Callina A.J. Callina - Thomas Johnston - Derek Schatz - Lyance Savage Ed Strenkowski - Todd Zewick - Jennifer Zewick - Michael Hauf Rod Krause -Dave Parsons - Glen Weinmann - Jim Keal Kevin Bernier - Joseph Grotjohn Steve & Marge Hohnadel Paul Lenzmeier The North Dakota Motorcyclist is the official monthly publication for ABATE of ND. Abate is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to educate our citizens on motorcycle safety. The state office is located at 1001 S 22nd St Bismarck, ND A.B.A.T.E. of North Dakota Membership Reward Incentives Sign up Three NEW Members - next year is free! Sign up Ten NEW Members - receive an embroidered lined denim shirt with the ABATE logo. Sign up Twenty NEW members - receive $100 Gift Certificate District 2 Burke -Renville-Bottineau-Ward -McHenry-Pierce Woody & June Seemann District 3 Rolette -Towner-Eddy-Benson-Ramsey-Cavalier Lance Crash Ekern Doug Hursman District 4 Pembina-Walsh-Nelson-Grand Forks Open - Interested? Call or the ABATE office District 5 Steele-Traill-Cass Wayne Halverson Matt Maier District 6 Ransom - Richland - Sargent Open - Interested? Call or the ABATE office District 7 Barnes-Dickey-Foster-Griggs-LaMoure Kurt Jerry Isakson District 8 Kidder-Logan-McIntosh-Stutsman-Wells Al Martell George Quigley District 9 Burleigh-Emmons-McLean-Sheridan Kent Fischer District 10 Grant - Mercer - Oliver - Morton - Sioux Kim Brandner District 10 North Grant - Mercer - Oliver - Morton - Sioux Tim & Brenda Mattheis District 11 Billings-Dunn-Golden Valley-Stark Kevin Wojahn Jerry Mayer District 12 Adams-Bowman-Hettinger-Slope Doug & Terry Storer Drew & Nichole Henderson ABATE OF ND MEMBERSHIP FEES US: $25 Annually - Canadian: $30 Annually Your membership entitles you to: $3500 Insurance policy for an Accidental Death or Dismemberment. Discounts to ABATE events nationwide. Possible insurance discounts. 12 issues of The North Dakota Motorcyclist, our way of informing you on events across the nation and of Legislative issues pertaining to motorcycling. CHECK YOUR CARDS FOR YOUR RENEW DATE.

3 February 2013 Let s Ride Together A message from our President... Greetings fellow ABATE members, Volume 39 Issue 2 classes scheduled but the more people that sign up for this class the more classes we will schedule. Also I want to remind everyone to get out and support your local clubs with the upcoming bike shows. Remember the monies raised from these events are donated to various charities across the state. I hope everyone had a good holiday season with plenty off good food and good times with family and d friends. Until next month Ride Free // Ride Safe Don Faber I do need to send outt my condolences to Troy Kramer and his family. begin f il I can t even b i to understand d d the pain of losing a child. Thoughts and prayers are with you. It s really hard to come up with topics for a letter when they are calling for 8-12 of snow in a couple of, I m going to keep it short. Interested in meeting great people? Like to plan fun things to do? We need you! I just spoke with a member that called tonight about the riders education classes. We talked about his wife taking the BRC to get her license and then we got talking about the ERC. I know that everyone that has taken this class was surprised at how much they picked up on their skill levels and to break bad habits. I challenge ALL of our members to take advantage of these classes. Normally we don t have many ERC We are currently looking for people to become District Reps. Call today - or better yet - come to the District Retreat on Feb 2nd. presented by CHECK OUT OUR ALWAYS CHANGING INVENTORY!!! What we don t have today - we could have tomorrow! 2007 Custom Chopper $11, Honda Shadow 750 $7, H-D Street Bob $10, Yamaha Midnight Venture $11, Electra Glide H-D w/ Lehman Trike... $24,000 Winter Storage Now Available at Great Rates! GREAT Service & GREAT Parts Department artment Biker Ball all ll Ball Sat.t S t i n c com 200 Main Street, Oslo, MN $% 53%0 (3%0 6 $ 50 v $ $0#% 1999 H-D Softail Custom $7,800 u s ic b y m Limited seating 3 d on at ed )0#2$+028+%$ v # )0# )( 3

4 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 We welcome Lonnie Bertsch to our ABATE Family as a full time position. We are excited to have Lonnie as a part of our team. The rider coach conference will be the 3rd weekend in May in Bismarck. Tuesday, December 4th Attendance: Lonnie, Jay, Coop, Roy, Cutter, Tom, Genie, Larry, Alice. Absent: Don, Randy, Janet, Fridge, Damian. Order: 6:59pm Secretary Minutes: Approved Coop, Tom 2nd Treasure Report: General: $8, Little Spoke: $102, Gaming: $22,521.92, Trust: $8, Larry, Jay 2nd. Education Report: We are officially done with 2012 education season as it was a good year over all. Cutter and Lonnie are working on plans for the 2013 Education year. We have has some inquires for rider coaches. We are still in need for some more. Please if you are interested give Cutter a call at the office. Cutter is working with Carol for the letter to give out to Teachers for the summer months to help with coaching as well. Cutter will keep us informed on this. Motion: Larry, Jay 2nd. Gaming report: Gaming is wonderful. Thank you to all your support at the Hide-Away!! Genie, Tom 2nd Marketing & Promotions: Janet has been working on the agenda for the district rep retreat on February 2nd. We have some great things planned. Janet has meetings with some potential clients for upcoming events. New / Old Business: Cutter had been waiting to lease our building until we get familiar with the Fargo market. There are a lot of extra things we need to keep up if we lease it out for 5 months. We need a reputable business to make sure they will take care of the space. He will keep us updated. Cutter will continue to watch the bills that go through for this legislation session. He will keep us informed of any new developments. CMA will have their winter party on January 25th at the Church of Nazarene in Mandan. The social will start at 6pm and dinner will be served sometime after 6:30. January 24th the DAV will sponsor the Volunteer Driver Recognition Banquet. Membership report: We have 9 new members, 2 new club members, and 3 new advertisers for this month. Thank you for all your help to Just Ask. Coop, Larry 2nd MRF: Teasers to check out Tom s Report; Recalling Helmets, NC non-compliant helmets, and government wants noisier electric cars. Don t forget to check out Tom s report. Adjourned: 7:43pm Roy, Jay 2nd Till we meet again, your secretary!!! Genie Next BOD/Membership meeting Tuesday, February 5th ABATE Of ce 7pm Everyone is always welcome. The North Dakota Motorcycle Safety Program is growing and we need experienced riders for our MSF Certi ed RiderCoach Team. You must be a licensed motorcyclist, at least 18 years old, who currently rides on a frequent, routine basis. You should have several years of varied riding experience. You will need good communication and people skills. You must have a sincere desire to help students learn the essential skills to become a safe and responsible motorcyclist. For the right candidate, this is a job that will reward you financially and personally. Interested?? Call Michael at ABATE

5 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 ABATE OF NORTH DAKOTA EDUCATION REPORT 2012 YEAR END REPORT SUBMITTED TO NORTH DAKOTA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION ABATE of North Dakota Motorcycle Riders Education Courses employed 25 instructors across the State of North Dakota during the 2012 season. A total of 186 classes were taught, teaching 1,624 students this year. Once again, ABATE of North Dakota, in accordance with our year 2012 contract, fulfilled all the required parameters set forth. Some of the highlights and major activities that occurred during the 2012 area as follows: We continued to promote May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month by integrating a motorcycle safety message into a traffic safety campaign for reaching the general motoring public with the Watch out for Motorcyclists, Responsible Driving and Share the Road Campaigns. Television commercials will be aired by our local provider, Mid Continent Communications and we have secured over $300,000 in contributions to promote this campaign. We are very excited that the funeral ad will be used and placed on the NDDOT Media Calendar during the key months of the Summer for The funeral ad was promoted in 2012 by the TSO. ABATE of ND, using its own monies, also promoted the ad in We have an excellent relationship with our North Dakota National Guard and, again this year, taught our NDNG personnel to meet their DOD requirements. This program has allowed NDNG to achieve their recommended numbers for training of their personnel. We continued to hold meetings and share input with the NDDOT Program Manager to help further develop the comprehensive policies and procedurals manual for the NDMSP in an effort to continue to ensure that the NDMSP will continue to maintain an unformed high quality assurance plan. We continued to develop and form new partnerships with different agencies including governmental, public schools and military branches in acquiring land to teach the educational courses. We have maintained and have become more involved with several organizations in an effort to create a better public awareness of the NDMSP. Some of these groups include the Bismarck/Mandan Safety Council and the Bismarck/Mandan Chamber of Commerce. Magic City Harley-Davidson th Avenue SE Minot Hours Mon-Fri 9am - 8pm Sat 9am - 5pm Sunday Noon - 5pm Summer Hours Start April 1st - 8am - 8pm Monday thru Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday and Noon to 5pm Sunday 5

6 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 Two Rider Coaches attended the MSF IRETS Conference in Richmond, Kentucky, in which, one went on to attend the MSF RCT Course and become certified as a Rider Coach Trainer. We have continued to network with dealerships across the state. We exhibit our NDMSP display and handed out information about the motorcycle safety courses. A new Fargo site was completed this year. Even though training was delayed until June, Fargo was still able to register 510 students. During the 2012 season, our Lead Rider Coach worked with one candidate who was certified as a new Rider Coach. In October, 2012 our office assisted Vicki with an Injury Prevention Conference held at the Radisson where 60 Emergency Medical Responders gained knowledge in accident scene management and helmet removal. Due to the favorable response of this Conference, this encouraged us to schedule a future Accident Scene Management Seminar with Vicki. This will be held in April, 2013 for our North Dakota Rider Coaches and open to all interested motorcycle riders. During the 2012 season, each student who completed the motorcycle safety course received a $50.00 Protective Gear Certificate to take to their local dealer/shop to be used toward their purchase of protective gear. We received an overwhelming response from our dealers who continue to realize the importance of their support to the education program and promoting safety of our North Dakota motorcyclists. We would recommend that the State continues this promotion. A large number of certificates turned in by the students were used to purchase helmets. Beyond that, all safety gear purchased provided a safety awareness message. We have some recommendations in changing the verbage of the Protective Gear Certificates to read Protective Gear Coupon. To assure the commitment of expanding our education program, and in an effort to reach as many citizens in North Dakota as possible, several monetary concessions were made on behalf of ABATE of North Dakota. ABATE of North Dakota, as always, is dedicated to the education of North Dakota motorcyclists. We look forward to continuing working with various agencies, dealerships and businesses across the state, with the continued support and guidance from the North Dakota Department of Transportation, and pledge to continue and strengthen this commitment. Respectfully submitted, Michael Jay Executive Director ABATE of North Dakota NDMSP Class Stats Location Total Drop Fail No Show Pass Devil Lake Williston Dickinson Jamestown Bowman Minot Fargo Bismarck Grand Forks Hazen % FINANCING FOR 36 MONTHS Thank you to our Rider Coaches and to the students for their dedicaton to motorcycle safety. GET UP TO $ 2500 CASH BACK * 5-YEAR POWERTRAIN WARRANTY ** VICTORYMOTORCYCLES.COM $ 250 IN VICTORY APPAREL + $ 250 IN VICTORY ACCESSORIES*** th Ave On the strip Mandan Shop 24/7 at

7 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 District 1 Divide -Williams - Mountrail - McKenzie Hello ABATE readers, Well I take it everyone made it through the Holiday Season in good spirits or should I say with the help of a lot of spirits. I can t believe it s January and I already have a bad case of cabin fever. I did make it over to Minnesota last week for a 25th year club Anniversary. It was sure good seeing everybody and watching the Vikings get their butt kicked. Funny, in a car the drive seemed to take forever, it was hard not to stop at all my normal gas stops as I do when I am riding. But I am sure by the middle of next riding season I will be thinking the other way. Well, hopefully everybody got the parts for their bikes they wished for from Santa-cause if he didn t bring them you better go get them now as your taxes are coming due soon. Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones that gets a refund to buy parts. It is the time to go over your bike with a fine tooth comb and fix those little things that you said you were going to do all summer as they may not make it through another season. So be sure that you have your equipment in running order so when riding season gets here all you have to do is ride. Be sure to keep your eyes open for all the upcoming bike shows and spring events. Drive safe and be safe so you will be here come riding season! Rattler District 2 Burke - Renvlle - Bottineau Ward - McHenry - Pierce Greetings District 2! June and I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? Was the fat man nice to you? Did your bike get you something nice this year? If you didn t get everything you wanted, well, there is always next year. If your bike didn t get you what you wanted, you have to ask yourself, Was I good to my bike this year, especially this fall? Did you wash, wax, change oil, set tire pressure, check bulbs, put the battery on a maintainer, cover it? All things you can still do. Get that extra coat of wax on it, so you can enter it in a spring Bike Show. Don t forget to get all of the bugs off, cause there is someone out there who crawls under the bikes with a mirror and a flashlight. (Ya, you know who you are!) The Ramblers Spring Bike Show is going to be here in Minot on March 23rd. Save the date, and they will have more info out later. The last 2 meetings were not all that well attended, but we did get some stuff done. John came all the way from Garrison in January. I m not going to beat anyone up that lives closer, but We have just enough help at this time, to have the Bikini Bike Wash. We still could use some more help. Hopefully this year we can raise more than a few dollars this summer for ABATE. It takes money to keep this origination running, and that takes help and participation to raise it. We have our Museum ride planned out, and the dates for all of the activities in this area will be on a schedule in time for the bike show. Speaking of, if your club or organization is planning an event, get in touch with John Beau Lac, or , to get on the printed schedule that the MOB puts out. We talked about having a spring Pot Luck Dinner. This needs more input and planning. We have some very good cooks out there, so come to the next meeting. Right Will? 7

8 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 I came across this very interesting table I did not realize that the faster you ride, the warmer it feels after a certain temperature. I always knew about the wind chill, but not about the other way. Maybe this will help you dress accordingly. Remember, cover up, even in warm weather, as you dehydrate sooner with lots of exposed skin. Now is the time to go to the Motorcycle Safety Website and sign up for that ERC course that will save your life this summer. Next meeting, February 4th, Rollin Pin, 7pm, come at 6pm and join us for supper. With your help we can make ABATE Dist 2 a success. Ride Safe, Ride Far, and Ride Often, Dang! That endorsment is gonna cost me! Big Time! Woody & June Seemann This is Nate, my driver, my mechanic and my buddy! Got a problem with yer scoot, give Nate a call! Tell him his little buddy Braxton sent cha! District 3 Rolette - Towner - Eddy Benson - Ramsey - Cavalier Hello Fellow ABATE Members First off, I would like say thank you to Nolan for having us at the DL Speedway for our Christmas Party on Jan. 5th. We had 33 people. And thank you Bob for hosting our ABATE and SLR-MC Chili cook-off at the Pain Reliever in Nekoma on the 19th of Jan. We had a blast thank you! Hey Frank thanks for the recipe the elephant stew was good. But I still have a lot left over. ABATE District 3 will be having a booth at the SLR-MC bike show, Feb. 16th -17th. The show hours are Saturday 10am - 6pm and Sunday 10am -2pm so stop on by and we can shoot the bull. Well until next time, Who has more fun than people? BIKERS!!!! Crash POW/MIA Memorial Fundraiser Saturday, February 16th Burliegh County Extension 4-H Building $10 pp - ALL Proceeds will go toward the POW/MIA Memorial Jam Session 3pm - 6pm Supper 6pm - 7:30pm Music by Road Trip 8pm - Close Free Cab Rides Home - 11pm - 2am Silent Auction Items needed - (new or used) Contact Butch Olson Jim Feef Fetter Honoring North Dakota s POW/MIA Past and Present Memorial Hwy - Mandan 8

9 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 District 3 North The 10th of the month seems to come by entirely to fast at times. But, knowing that every 10th that t goes by is one closer to the riding season again. I came down with the flu bug right after the first of the year and wasn t able to attend the District Christmas party. I hope Frank and Lance had everything under control and a good time was had by all. I am looking forward to the upcoming annual district rep meeting in Bismarck in February and hope that I am done with the bugs for the winter. And speaking of bugs, I walk past my bike in the garage daily seeing that it is still covered with last years bugs. With the bike shows getting closer and also with thoughts of loading the bike up and heading to Texas or Arizona in March, and since garage is heated, one of these days I will have to get the ambition to clean and polish and get ready to ride. Not much else from the frozen north this month but hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and looking forward to the ABATE District Rep Retreat in Bismarck. District 5 Steele - Traill - Cass Doug Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying our winter months! I know we are sure waiting for the snow to melt! Can t really complain too much, because so far it s been a pretty mild winter. We have alot coming up in the next few months. We are happy to announce we have everything lined up for our first chili cook-off/dart tournament March 2nd. This will be the first Bullseyes & Beans competition. It will be held at Speck s Bar on Main Ave. in Fargo. We are doing the two events at the same time! We are gonna get a feel for how things go since this is our first attempt at such an event. There is a limit of 20 teams of four people for the dart tourney. There will be door prizes, tourney winning prizes and maybe a few other prizes as well. We are trying to get everyone to pre-register for the dart tournament since we are limiting how many teams for the first time doing this kind of an event. Ideally we would like to have everyone pre-registered by Feb 25th. If there are still openings the day of the tournament we will certainly sign people up then to fill the roster. Entrance is $30 a team. Winnings will be determined based on how many teams enter the tourney. Its going to be a double elimination cricket tournament with a race to three wins each round. There isn t going to be any classes or handicaps just every team for themselves. We hope this works for everyone as we haven t done this before and had to start somewhere. This leads us to the chili cook-off portion of the event. We are trying to get as many people to enter their secret recipe chili as possible. We would like to try to have everyone pre-register for this also so that we can get tables, outlets, etc. lined up in advance. It will cost NOTHING to enter the cook-off! That s right NOTHING! We will be charging $5 per person to sample each of the chili s and then pick your favorite. It will be completely People s Choice for the winner! The winner will receive a plaque and bragging rights! This should be a fun way to fill in the off times of the dart tourney. This does not mean you have to play darts to eat chili. The cook-off competition is open to anyone and everyone as long as supplies last! We are suggesting if you enter, to bring a large crock pot or roasters worth of chili as we think the chili will run out fast. Once again if your interested in entering please try to inform us by February 25th so we can be prepared. We are really hoping for everyone s support as we are trying to do new fun things for YOU! Just a reminder, the bike shows are just around the corner. So make sure that you are ready to get your rides all shined up! Hopefully you can make it to as many as possible as it seems most of them are all around the same time. It s a busy time of the year and we understand that, but try to get out and support your locals! Keep an eye out for our upcoming Grand Opening of the new Abate/NDMSP office in West Fargo. More details will follow once we have more information. We can tell you now, that it s going to be a blast Our next gathering is going to be at the Sheyenne Bar in Horace, February 7th at 7pm. Hope to see you there. We should have everything really rolling for the Bullseye & Beans by then! You can sign up then, or contact either one of us anytime by phone/text/or . We will have fliers made up well before then also! Until next time be safe! Stay Warm! Wayne and Matt Fargo Motor Patrol Fish Fry February 1, 2013 Friday 5:30 AM - Fargo Civic Auditorium arena 9

10 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 District 7 Barnes - Dickey - Foster - Griggs LaMoure Hello District 7 First off, I want to mention that on February 2nd, Abate is holding the Annual BOD and District Rep. Retreat, 9 am at the Abate Office in Bismarck. All members are welcome to attend, please call to reserve your place today if you are attending. The bike shows are starting up soon, so check your newsletter for dates and times. It s a good way to get out of the house and meet old friends and make news friends. In April, I am going to start scheduling Dist. 7 Abate meetings again. If Any members have a suggestion for the location to hold a meeting me and let me know. We will hold the meetings at the locations that work good for you. Take Care Jerry District 8 Kidder - Logan - McIntosh Stutsman - Wells Greetings Dist #8 and ABATE land. Well here we are in the new year of I hope everyone had a good year of I hope the holiday seasons were filled with family friends and our troops overseas and the world. Hope everyone received what they wished for and gave to the people less fortunate than ourselves. Now here we are in January of I hope it will be a great year. Time flies when you are having fun. Remember to pay your yearly dues. Have your scoots ready for the bike shows and the summer rides. Support your clubs. When they put on a bike show, visit their shows and they will visit your show or other events. The Individuals MC Bike Show is on March 9th -10th at the Quality Inn in Jamestown. So clean up your scoots and show them off. Entry days Friday March 8th and 9th Saturday until 11am. If not entering a scoot, come anyway. You will meet friends from last year and new ones. Well so much for that. Also on February 2 (Saturday) the annual Polar Pig Splash and ABATE #8 Chili Cook-off will be held to raise money for Jamestown Hospice (Hospital). So plan to attend this event, either to walk the plank or try some great chili / $5.00 for chance of 15 different chili s. But also on February 2, is the ABATE Annual BOD and District Rep Meeting/Retreat at 9 am, at the State Office in Bismarck. So for me, I am supposed to be at two places. Which do I choose? Well I would like to be at both, but there is only one of me. So I better help at the ABATE Chili Cookoff. I will hope to see all the Reps next year. I hope the events will be held on different days next year. Well, so much for my B.S. Getting writer s cramp. Remember to sign up new members and pay your dues. I would like to say thank you to ABATE. I got my membership renewal FREE this year just by signing up new members. Support ABATE Sponsors Clubs Members. Drive and don t text or drink. The life you save could be your own. Happy New Year. God Bless America and our troops. Al Martell Thank you - Roger Hollevoet for your $25 donation to education 10

11 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 District 8 Kidder - Logan - McIntosh Stutsman - Wells Greetings Abate Land As I sit here trying to say something you would like to hear about, I look out the window and see nothing. The weather man says blizzard and rain in the same sentence? Screw it, I m going back to bed, maybe this nightmare will turn into a happy ending. Nope, that ain t going to happen. Well let s see we have the Polar Plunge and Dist 8 chili cookoff going on at Stutsman H-D on Feb 2nd. We need some more chili to be entered in the contest, you will get a cool plaque and everyone will know you know beans. Call me to register your pot man. Also coming up is the Jamestown Bike Show, March 9th-10th at Quality Inn, put on by the Individuals and Iron Stallion, See the ad in this newsletter. We will have a booth set-up there so you can renew your Abate membership, makes your time in line at Menoken shorter. Get-em shined up for the season is coming soon. You can always find a place to put chrome, talk to Stutsman H-D, if they don t have it, they can get it or you probably don t need it. This time of year is tough, cabin fever sets in, we can t ride and blow out the cob-webs. The past few months have been hard on alot of us. There is lots of flu and crud going around, or maybe you lost someone, and some are hurting more than they will admit. Take the time to share the brotherhood, shake a hand, give a hug, we re all on this damn iceberg together. Abate is a great family to belong to. Enough for now, see you Feb 2nd. Thanks for everything you do, and support our freedoms and our troops. Thank our sponsors. Peace. George Quigley District 9 Burleigh, Emmons, McLean, Sheridan Welcome to 2013 fellow ABATE members. PLEASE NOTE: next meeting Feb 19th 7:00 PM at Westside B&G in Mandan. I hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. I was blessed with the Christmas flu so I didn t do much this holiday season. Although it hasn t been riding weather it has been better than it could be. The headlights of my truck shine on my bike every morning as I pull out of the garage to head to work. It looks lonely sitting there and it seems to say- Take me instead. All I can say is, Spring is coming and then it will be your turn. In the meantime there is still alot to do out there in biker land. There are chili cook-offs, seminars, and bike shows. Check The Motorcyclist What s Happening section to get the dates and times of all the up coming events. It is still pretty quiet here in District 9/10 land. February 23, at WestSide B&G we will be holding the Tips and Balls tournament with the chili contest. We will start set up at 11am. Chili tasting will start at noon and end at 3pm. The Pool and Dart tournament sign up is from noon to 1pm with the tournaments starting after the brackets are figured out (about 1:15). Bring your best chili, your darts or pool cue and join the fun. See you there. Everyone is welcome to compete or just to hang out. Schedule for the next meetings: Feb 19th at Westside B&G in Mandan, March 19th 7:00 PM at The Colonial in Mandan. Until next time? Kent Fischer Thank you ND Confederation of Clubs for sponsoring the Slider Gilmore Seminar. Poto credit Eugene O Neill 11

12 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free District 9/10 N Volume 38 Issue 2 Sales & Service LLP We did not have January meeting. We had a game feed in Stanton at the River Run Bar. We had good food but not a good turnout. They do not know what they missed Saratoga Ave #9 Bismarck, ND Amphibious All Terrain - All Season Eco - Friendly Lightweight vehicle Seats up to 6 passengers! We attended seminar by Slider Gilmmore and we really learned/enjoyed it a lot. We are planning on attending Retreat on Feb 2nd in Bismarck. We are planning on having a meeting in April. So start thinking about some rides for the summer. 6x6 and 8x8 models available today! Not much more going on right now. Brenda & Tim Mattheis Support your ABATE. Be proud and wear ABATE Product Line! ROUGHRIDER HARLEY-DAVIDSON 3708 Memorial Hwy Mandan ND EXTREME OFF - ROAD PREFORMANCE! Randy Love Argo Sales Represntative O-1655 NOW N W NO Selling Fire Arms & Ammo Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)

13 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 District 11 Billings-Dunn-Golden Valley- Stark We had a meeting of District 11 members on January 11th, Had quite a good turnout even through the weather that night was bad. We signed up seven new members! We decided to hold our first fund raising event in a long time on May 18th, We discussed several options as to which organization we should sponsor and will finalize that at our next month s meeting and start making plans. We also decided to hold a monthly ride on Sundays beginning in June and going through September (maybe even October). Will be putting out the schedule so hopefully everyone can attend one of the rides. Joe Simon has volunteered to start texting everyone on the next month s meeting (thanks Joe!) so if you want to be notified by text please let me or Bugutz know by ing us your cell number or calling us. This month s winner of the free DVD rental from Hollywood Nites Video is Arlin Vietz! We also discussed having weekly rides and will be discussing that again at the next month s meeting. Passed out the brochures that Janet had made up for us to get some new sponsors (thanks Janet!). I already have cabin fever and I am anxious for Spring to get here. Hopefully only a couple more months and we will be back on the road again! Next meeting is scheduled for February 8th, 2013 at the same location. Hope to see you there. Jerry/Bugutz ABATE of North Dakota Est Great Gift Idea. Only $10 Check out the ABATE Challenge Coins! A.B.A.T.E. American Bikers Aiming Toward Education Let s Ride Let s Ride Together District 12 Adams - Bowman Hettinger - Slope Hello All you Abate Members! Hope alot of you got to Bismarck to see the Slider Glimore Safety Seminar. We were gonna go but the weather was to bad. I m sure we missed out on a amazing presenter. It was called Blue Haired Old Ladies, Road Alligators & Tar Snakes. Motorcycle Safety Sponsored by the ND COC. A few things to pass the winter months - Our District 12 Easter Egg Hunt will be March 30th. Your can also check out the dates of all the bikes shows in the events calendar. The Abate BOD and Rep Meeting is February 2nd. Everyone is welcome to attend. Really gonna miss you George! I am really trying to be late like you, with my Letter! I m sure George is still the Teachers Pet! Did you see your name in the Just Ask Contest? It s easy to get your membership free - just sign up 5 new members! Make sure you check out the new Abate Web site at www. Remember to put in your time off requests for the annual ABATE State Rally at Menoken Grove. This year it is June 7th-9th. It s getting closer only 5 months! Can t wait! Freedom isn t Free! We lost 2 in the Last Months! Wear Red on Friday to Support our Troops! Terber(: PLEASE SUPPORT Remember to say Thank - you they like to know their advertising dollars The businesses advertising in this issue help bring this are working! OUR ADVERTISERS publication to you each month. Please let them know you appreciate their support. 13

14 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 MRF NEWS Motorcycle Riders Foundation 236 Massachusetts Ave. NE Suite 510 Washington, DC (voice) (fax) 13NR01 - MRF News Release - 113th Congress FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10 January 2013 Contact:Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Ralations and Public Affairs 113th Congress Last week both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate swore in its body for the 113th Congress. Washington D.C. has a whole lot of new faces with this Congress. The US House has 82 new freshman members out of 435 and the Senate has 13 new Senators, out of 100 That s a lot of new people for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation to get to know. The majority remains the same, albeit more Democrats were elected than Republicans in both chambers. The House remains under Republican control and the Senate continues to be led by the Democrats. Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid were both, as expected, re-elected to retain their positions. In the House we have a new Transportation Committee Chairman, Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania. If his name sounds familiar it s because his father Bud ran the same committee from when the national helmet law was repealed. It has only been a week but this Congress is expected to be a busy one filled with controversial legislation. Especially considering the lack luster performance of the 112th Congress. FISCAL CLIFF What a difference a week makes. This time last week you couldn t swing a cat without hitting some media reference to the Fiscal Cliff, or the point in time when many tax cuts expire and many new taxes are implemented. This would result in a sharp increase for almost every American s personal taxes. The Congress and the White House did reach a last minute deal that would push the so called cliff just a little farther down the road. This solution was done so at the expense of the American people. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has stated in the deal that the ratio of spending cuts to tax increases is So we will be revisiting this same situation in a few months. Some estimates say the bill will cost $620 Billion over ten years. One of the new tax credits is for motorcycles, but only all electric motorcycles. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon insisted that the electric motorcycles be included as part of the deal. The tax credit was not something the MRF advocated for. The credit was the result of direct lobbying by the electric motorcycle manufactures. The credit is good for 10% of the purchase of a brand new electric motorcycle. Join the MRF on Facebook! Ride with the leaders Join today 14

15 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 TIPS FOR GETTING YOUR MOTORCYCLE READY FOR BIKE SHOWS Bragging rights and trophies are the best reward for all of your hard work preparing your motorcycle for bike shows. Knowing all of the details of how a motorcycle show works often helps your chances of actually winning one of these coveted trophies. It is simply a matter of knowing how to present both your motorcycle and create a great display. Before Entering a Motorcycle Show 1 Be aware of all of the class designations that the motorcycle show is offering. Some are classed by year, make and model, and custom or stock. Some shows even offer special more detailed classes, such as most miles on the bike for the year, or even furthest traveled. Check the rules for qualifying for these classes. 2 Prepare your motorcycle to be shown. This means a full detail of the entire motorcycle. Wash, polish and shine every single part or piece you can get to. If you plan on riding the motorcycle to the show, detail it before you go, and then do touch ups once you get there. Clean The Chrome Chances are you ve paid some pretty good money to add a lot of chrome to your bike, clean and shine and do it again!. Use a chrome cleaner and a lint free cloth to clean every inch of chrome that you have on your motorcycle. Be careful not to scrub too hard as you might scratch the surface. Make sure you use a non-abrasive cleaner that will not scratch the chrome parts on your motorcycle. Windshield and Light Covers If your motorcycle is equipped with a windshield, then you should clean it as well because it needs to be as clear as possible for your to see through effectively. Use a mild glass cleaner and a line free cloth to clean the surfaces of your windshield and any operating lights. Leather Your motorcycle also may have a number of leather parts that need to be cleaned from time to time as well. Items such as the seat, luggage bags, saddlebags, tool bags, and other leather items may have collected dust over the long storage period, so you ll want to give them a little TLC as well. Use a leather cleaner to clean the surfaces of these items. The leather cleaner will also help treat the leather and keep it feeling soft and looking good. Tires Your tires might also have a dull coating from the dust that has built up on them while you bike was in storage. Find yourself a nice tire cleaner and gently wipe the outer surface of both tires to give them a great looking jet black shine. Remember: do NOT get the ploish on the tire tread. Fuel Lines Cleaning doesn t just involve the outer extremities of your motorcycle. There are some inner areas that you will want to clean as well, with one area in particular being the fuel system. Extended periods of storage can result in the buildup of dirt and grime in the fuel system, which can wreak havoc on fuel lines, carburetors, and other components. 3 Gather any trophies or awards the motorcycle has previously won. Polish them all up and take them to the show with you to display next to the motorcycle. 4 Take any photographs that show any custom work being done to the motorcycle. Arrange these photos in nice frames for displaying. You may want to use a nice cloth or rug that enhances the paint on the motorcycle to lay down and put the trophies and photos on. The day of the Show 5 Arrive early. Last minute registration is annoying to everyone, and the quicker your motorcycle is on display, the more people get to look at it. Have everything ready to fill out your registration with. Some motorcycle shows require identification to enter. 6 Do not argue class choices with the registration committee. They have rules to follow as to which class they place you in. Most arguments ensue from a difference of opinion on what is stock or custom. Anything you have added makes the motorcycle custom. 7 Set your motorcycle up in a nice display along with any trophies or photos you have to show. Do not encroach on the other motorcycle s space by spreading your stuff all over. Be courteous. 8 Respect the judges decision if you do not get a trophy. They have guidelines to follow, plus personal choices to make. Be a good sport and congratulate those that do receive a trophy. 15

16 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 News From Around The country Vega Helmet Corp is recalling more than 30,000 XTS Half- Helmets, in sizes L, XL and XXL, produced between May 2011 and Oct Changes in shell design have caused them to fail to meet safety standards. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants noisier electric cars. The electric cars, trucks and hybrids are far quieter at lower speeds and are a hazard to pedestrians, bicyclists and the visually impaired. The proposed rule would require them to make additional noise at speeds less than 18 mph. Automakers would be able to pick the sounds that the cars make from a range of choices. Similar cars would have to make similar sounds. I would like to thank the Confederation Of Clubs for bringing Slider Gilmore to North Dakota to give his presentation Blue Haired Old Ladies, Road Alligators and Tar Snakes: What Every Street Smart Rider Should Know. Slider encourages riders to further their riding education and to have a defensive mindset. Your riding skills are your first line of defense in crash avoidance. Rider training is cheaper than your insurance and in some cases you can receive a discounted rate. Stopping quickly and properly is a skill that should be practiced every time you ride. Did you know that every 10 mph increase in speed doubles your stopping distance. You also must have tires in good condition because they are your contact with the road. Tire performance deteriorates rapidly by half tread depth. This is most important as 70% of motorcycle fatalities are Single Vehicle Crashes. It s up to you to ride smart. Even as we drive through the snow in the off season we can practice our defensive mindset. Think to yourself, if you were on your motorcycle could someone see you or would you be blocked from view. Thinking about it now could help you ride better this spring. Please plan on taking the Experienced Rider Course this year. It is fun and you will become a better rider. You can start signing up in mid-february so you have time to put it on your calendar. Please support your motorcycle organizations that look out for you. The MRF is your voice in Washington, DC. Check them out at ABATE of ND looks out for you in North Dakota. Take a look at the new website www. Be sure to like them both on facebook as well. Thank you for your time, Tom Birkholz We have what you need for your... Honey Do List I am a proud ABATE sponsor. Paint Sprayers Taping & Textone Equipment Sheetrock Lifts Moving Dolly s Ceramic Tile Saws Hardwood Floor Sanders Snow Blowers - Heaters - Sewer Snakes Chain Saws - Stump Grinders - Tree Chippers We Sharpen Everything! Knifes - Scissors - Drill Bits - Chain Saw & Clipper Blades You Need It -Chances Are We Have It! Tables - Chairs - Tents - Event & Wedding Items Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm Sat 8am - Noon 415 East Main Street Mandan CF Moto Z6 $ Free Windshield & Top Airport Road Bismarck Mon - Fri - 9am - 6pm Sat 9am - 1pm 16

17 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 Open Sundays! Drink Specials TRY SOME GREAT FOOD! Hamburgers, Patty Melts & Much more order to go or dine in. Give us a call. HOME OF ABATE GAMING Darts - Pull Tabs - Pool Tables Watch all your favorite Sports or Show on one of our Plasma TV s Take the Sunset Exit just off Boundary Rd - Mandan

18 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 13NR02 - MRF News Release - Definition of a Motorcycle FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 16 January 2013 Contact:Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Ralations and Public Affairs DEFINITION OF A MOTORCYCLE What is a motorcycle anyway? We all know what a motorcycle is, ; question is do we know what is not a motorcycle? I am not trying to intentionally confuse you, this is a serious question. Look around and you will see many two, three and sometime even four wheeled vehicles all carrying a motorcycle license plate that vaguely resemble a motorcycle The motorcycle vehicle category has become a catch all for misfit vehicles that are not traditional cars. This has led the Federal government to refine what a motorcycle is when it comes to accident reporting. The definition in the past has been as loose as a vehicle with two or three wheels in contact with the ground that is designed to carry one or two individuals. The problem with that definition is that it makes no mention of enclosures, riding position over seated position, seat belts, and other add ons that may fit the definition, but is clearly not a motorcycle. In and around Washington DC I have personally noticed vehicles that bear a motorcycle license plate that have a full enclosure, windshield wipers, bench seating, seat belts, doors and windows. I realize that we are not talking about a great number of vehicles here but it s important to delineate these vehicles as something other than a motorcycle. Why? Because the motorcycle fatality column on safety reports do not need any additional numbers. We need to make sure that these vehicles remain separate from the motorcycle category. The Federal definition did improve upon the old definition but falls short in some ways. They created new categories that include break out groups for mopeds, Segways, scooters, motorcycles and motorcycles with enclosures. This gives the States a little more structure when defining two and three wheeled vehicles. But in my opinion anytime a three wheeled vehicle has doors, windows, and a steering wheel, it s definitely not a motorcycle anymore. Picture those European and Asian delivery trucks that have one wheel up front and two in the rear. Under the Feds standards those could be considered a motorcycle-with enclosure. We still have some work to do. Sign the Petition! A White House petition to ban motorcycle only road side checkpoints has been created. The petition asks the White House to end the funding of the roadside checkpoints. You may be aware that President Obama began his We The People initiative back in September of The idea is that anyone can submit a petition to the White House and if that petition gets more than 25,000 signatures on the website within 30 days the White House will take an official look at the idea and give it an official response. Nothing more is promised than a response. Even if the petition gets 1,000,000 signers, it is still a non binding system. The We The People has been used for some serious items such as this, but has also been used to mock some ideas. One such petition asked the White House to build a Death Star, Darth Vader s weapon of mass destruction in the Star Wars movies. The response from the White House on that one? Not gonna happen. But this is a serious issue. So take a minute to voice your opinion on the checkpoints by signing this position. The deadline is February 7, Sign The Petition 18

19 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 19

20 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 I just wanted to share this with everyone-- I received this at our Dist. 3 Christmas Party at the DL Speedway as a thank you from the members in Dist. 3 for being the Abate Rep. This award is very nice & very thoughtful, Thank You. Frank A special thanks to Wayne for being the main engineer of the project! Who Has More Fun Than People? Bikers! YOUR LOCAL MOVING PROFESSIONALS Statewide moving for Homes, Of ces, & Commercial properties. Storage Facilities Full Service Packing & We provide you with Move Preparation. Our Reputation is Built on Honesty & Quality Service! $ 300 BONUS BUCKS on select models** AS LOW AS 3.99 % FIXED APR FINANCING for 60 months on approved credit* FURY TH ST SE - MANDAN ND Memorial Highway Mandan Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat - 9am - 1pm 20

21 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 Minot American Breed Chapter 75 Williston, ND Bismarck Bowman Devils Lake Fargo Grand Forks Jamestown Minot Williston Come Ride With Us Fargo Bismarck Jamestown Moorhead Aberdeen Bismarck Jamestown PO Box 12 Bismarck Glen Ullin Fargo Motor Patrol JAMESTOWN INDIVIDUALS MOTORCYCLE CLUB PO Box 12 Spiritwood JAMESTOWN LADIES INDIVIDUALS MC PO Box 1403 Jamestown PROMETHEUS MC OUR PLACE MOTORCYCLE CLUB BOX 16 - BISMARCK ND PO Box 1592 Fargo RAMBLERS MC Box 171 Ray ND MINOT Flying Drug Free Spirit Lake Riders PO Box 171 Aneta Support your local SONS OF SILENCE Western ND Chapter SONS OF SILENCE Valley Ramblers MC Grand Forks Your Club Card Could be here... Show your support of ABATE. $100 a year will get your Club Colors displayed in each issue of this newsletter, posted on the www. site,. AND you receive one 1/4 ad to use to promote your events. Call the ABATE of ce 21

22 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 INDIVIDUALS MOTORCYCLE CLUB Box 12 Spiritwood, ND Custom Built Engines & Transmissions 226 2nd St. NW Valley City, ND Accessories - Parts - Service Custom Wiring - Frame Alterations - Machine Shop Services Custom Built Cables - Stainless Steel Braided and Black Powdercoating & Gold Plating Cole Mindt & Brian Mindt, Owners LADIES INDIVIDUALS, MC Box 12 Spiritwood, ND Iron Stallion Cycles & The individuals MC Quality Inn th St. SW Jamestown ND Saturday, March 9th 10am-7pm Sunday, March 10th 10am-4pm COME TO PAR TY AT THE COR NER BAR SATURDAY NIGHT Setup Times: March 8th, 5-11 pm & March 9th, 7-10 am For setup & entry info call: Brian or Ryan BIKE ENTRIES $25.00 Registration Fee Featuring Classes In: Stock Street Custom Dresser Radical Custom Stock Sportster Street Custom Sportster Antique Foreign 500cc & under Trike Best of Paint Display Peoples Choice ADMISSION PRICES SHOW...$5 (12 & UNDER FREE) MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE TO ATTEND DANCE 357 N. Central Ave. Valley City, ND Phone Wes & Staci King Owners Corner Bar 952-Beer Jamestown, ND Kreil s Flooring Don t miss this great motorcycle spectacular. Make sure to mark it on your calendar! Call to reserve your spot before it s too late!!! Block of rooms available at the Quality Inn. Call by March 1st to reserve. Business Loop West Jamestown, ND Mark & Marla Boom 264 East Main Valley City, ND home of the a beer th Ave. SW Jamestown, ND Fax:

23 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue Harley Davidson Night Train Denim Blue. 96ci engine, with 6spd transmission. It has 3451 miles, and has Stage 1 kit consisting of a K&N 90 degree Performance intake, Vance & Hines Short Shot exhaust, and a Cobra FI2000R Tuner. also added Choppers Inc Risers, Fork caps, and grips. Solo saddle bag on left side and a HD sissy bar. Asking $13,000. Call Loni (C) or (H) Bike is in Garrison. (0112) 1978 Suzuki 125cc - dirt bike, off-raod only, no titile. $ (1212) 2000 Harley-Davidson FXDWG, White Pearl w/burgundy pinstripe, 2875 original miles. Chrome lower fork sliders, switch housings,clutch and brake levers, fork brace, rear bobtail fender rack, bolt toppers, Flat lens turn signals, football print hand grips, cushioned rider and passenger pegs, sport windshield, always stored in heated garage, never abused. All original stock parts included. $ , Call (1112) Customized 2003 Honda VTX 1300 cc with a little over 5,500 miles, X Sickles Big Tire Kit, Raked Out Front-end, $11,000 added in customizing, asking price $9,000 (negotiable). Sweet Bike! (1012) 1979 CB 750 K Honda Motorcycle, 15,000 actual miles, new tires and chain, $1800 or best offer Honda Silver Wing 600 Scooter, damson trike kit, corbin seat, clearview w/s, new tire, 6000 miles $12,950 or best offer Darryl Fisher (1012) 1984 Honda 1200 Interstate Goldwing - 54,000 miles, excellent condition. Asking $3, Kawasaki KZ550 - Nice condition 10,3000 mles $1,000 OBO Yamaha Enduro 100 DT1 Nice condition. $500. Call Curt at (912) 2003 Yamaha Warrior Cruiser miles. New Avon tires front and rear with less than 400 miles on them, Bub Shotgun Exhaust, Speedstar air intake and performance programmer. 17 miles on fresh service. One owner and babied. Have the factory exhaust also. Indigo flames on Black. Gel seat. $7, Honda Shadow 700 Black 10,550 miles, newer tires $1, or best offer. Call Kim at (812) 1976 SX 125 Harley Davidson - Completely restored (like new) 15 miles on restoration. Asking $2,500. Call Steve (512) 1991 Harley Ultra Classic 39,450 miles two tone blue lots of extras w/ 08 Voyager Trike (change from trike to bike in 5 minutes) all in excellent condition Maintained by a local Harley mechanic. Asking $8,495 or Best offer. Detroit Lakes, MN (512) 1967 Wards Riverside 125cc - 100% original, has not been run for years, nice, ride as is or restore. $2,000 cash. Call (612) 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit actual miles, 52-degree V twin, 745 cc, Bore & Stroke 79.0 mm x 76.0mm. $4875. Call Chris (612) Honda Matic - Motorcycle $650 Call Gary (312) MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE: 1978 SeaRay Cuddy Cabin Boat - Runs good, 22 w/208 hp Mercruiser 305 ci inboard outdrive & 15 hp Evinrude 4 stoke outboard aux engine, Shorelander twin axle trailer. Fully restored with over $8,000 invested. Will sell this winter for $3,800! Call Rod at or will even deliver in ND for free. 2 Sting Ray bicycles from the 70 s. $300 each. Old gas bycycle gas engine called a Bike Bug $ Artic Cat 634 Big Mouth Panther with factory Montana Chrome wrap around pipes and 5x8 open trailor. $3,200 for all serious calls only please - Ronnie (1212) CLASSIFIEDS Motorcycle seat - Sundowner deep bucket # Fits 06 and newer Dyna models. Excellent condition. Asking $200. Also, stock solo seat for 06 and newer - make offer. Call Vern in Valley City. (1112) Walk in bathtub and shower, used one month, $3,800 or best offer. Darryl Fisher (1012) Several Panhead & Shovelhead Parts - Some new aftermarket. Call Rod at or (812) Harley Davidson Road Zeppelin Air Adjustable Seat that fits touring models. New price is $829. Willing to let it go for $400. Call Kim at (812) Sturgis shirts, brand new, but out dated, 2008 long sleeve $7.short sleeve $5.denim $8.00 Large quantities available. Also misc skull caps, leather band, cloth top, not Sturgis, new $3. each Minot (0112) 2006 black 5x10 enclosed Wells Cargo Motorcycle Trailer Rear entry ramp; side door w/window; Overall length 13 6 ; interior width 4 9 ; inside height 6 3 two 30 x15 tinted sliding windows; int./ext. AC outlets for camping. New $5,000 asking $3,500. Call Mike (812) OCC Schwinn Bicycle - New, never been ridden, bought new 8 yrs ago, stored inside $700. Firm Call (612) 2006 black 5x10 enclosed Wells Cargo Motorcycle Trailer. Rear entry ramp; side door w/window; overall length 13 6 ; interior width 4 9 ; inside height 6 3 two 30 x15 tinted sliding windows; int./ext. AC outlets for camping. New $5,000 asking $3, (912) Mustache bar engine guard for 09 or later Harley touring models - $125 Snap-on fairing lowers for Harley touring models - $25. Inside fairing AM/ FM antenna for HD Electroglide - eliminates rear antenna - $25. Smoked lens kit for Harley bullet turn signals - $20. Helmet headset of HD Ultra models - $80. Backrest pad - pillow look - part B $50. Call or (512) Honda Trike Project Harley Davidson Serv A Cart Rearend - $3, Cushman 3 Wheeler Old Devils Lake Police Meter maid Vechile - Make Offer Call Gary (312) Motorcycle Trailer - Hauls one motorcycle $200. Call Gary (312) Mustang Wide Studded Super Touring Seat, #75405, fits HD Dyna Wide Glide, FXDWG, Excellent Condition, $300. Stock HD 2 Piece Seat, HD 14 Inches Wide Studded Passenger Pillion, HD # , fits HD Softails with 2 piece HD seats, $100 OBO on all, call John (811) Wanted - Neon Signs (Broken or dead - Any condition). Call Tony (1212) Wanted - Black and Gray Painter Style Harley-Davidson Hats - Call Don at (0112) Notice - Jamestown Individials MC have a Garrison Chapter starting 2/01. Please send all Newsletter inquires to All reports, advertising, classified ads and event listings must be received by the 10th of each month for deadline. Classified ads are free to our members. The ads will run until you notify us that the item has sold or if more ads come in, the older ads will be deleted. Ads must be in by the 10th of each month. Please your items to 23

24 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 Business sponsors outside of North Dakota CROOKED CREEK #1 BAR & GRILL Hwy 85 Ludlow S.D District 1 Divide-McKenzie-Mountrail-Williams ARNIE S MOTORCYCLE SHOP nd St Williston District 2 Burke-Renville-Bottineau-Ward- McHenry-Pierce PETE S PUB & GRUB #24 Main St Karlsruhe HUBER S CAN-DAK LOUNGE #60 Main St Westhope FARMERS UNION OIL CO Velva, Butte, Drake, Martin BEN S TAVERN th St NE Minot THE LANDING BAR & BOTTLE SHOP N Broadway Minot ROLL-N-PIN RESTAURANT N Broadway Minot District 3 Rolette-Towner-Eddy-Benson-Ramsy-Cavalier BOBCAT OF DEVILS LAKE th Ave SE Devils Lake VINING OIL & GAS / CLARK Hwy 2 East Devils Lake CHAMPIONS DOWNTOWN BAR th St Devils Lake WHITE HOUSE CAFE College Dr S (Holiday Mall) Devils Lake NITE OWL LOUNGE Hwy 2 West Devils Lake PROZ END OF THE LINE College Drive & 6th St Devils Lake GREATER DAKOTA CLASSICS Hwy 2 & 3rd Ave Devils Lake MILITARY SERVICE CLUB HWY 20 Devils Lake TOPPER MOTEL Hwy E Devils Lake GORDY S BAR Main St Cando District 4 Pembina - Nelson - Grand Forks CAVALIER MOTORCYCLE RIDE-IN - Cavalier DACOTAH LEATHER CO N 6th St Grand Forks WHISPERS #3 Main St Williston PURE HONDA Hwy 2 East Minot ACTION CYCLES S Broadway Minot KAREN S PLACE Tue- Bingo - Friday - Darts. 104 Main Ave W Oberon DAKOTA SPIRITS Minnewaukan PAIN RELIEVER Nekoma HALVERSON MOTOR SPORTS Kelly Dr Devils Lake SCHWAN OIL CO College Dr North Devils Lake DEVILS LAKE SPEEDWAY BAR & GRILl th Ave SE Devils Lake BUCK ITS th St NE New Rockford THE FLY WAY BAR Railroad Ave Webster REVOLUTION POWER SPORTS th Ave S, Grand Forks L&J S BAR N Main St Tolna ADRIANS AUTO CARE CENTER N University Dr N Ste 2 Fargo TITAN TRUCK CENTER (218) th St S Glyndon MN THE GM DOCTOR Main Ave W West Fargo U MOTORS th St S W Fargo ND SHEYENNE BAR Main St Horace ND SPECK S BAR Main Ave, Fargo SILVER DOLLAR BAR Sheyenne St West Fargo BORDER TOWN BAR & GRILL Main Ave West Fargo IVORY LEATHERS Main Ave E - West Fargo District 5 Steele-Trail-Cass HOME BUILDERS CARE OF FARGO MOORHEAD FOUNDATION nd Ave S Fargo DIRECT TRANSPORT LTD th Ave NE West Fargo BRAND TRUCKING, LTD th Ave N Fargo FULL THROTTLE LEATHERS /2 Ave S Fargo ROAD WOLF MOTORCYCLE SPECIALTIES Fiechtner Drive Unit D Fargo HARWOOD HIDEOUT Chapin Drive - Harwood District 6 Richland- Sargent- Ransom CATTLEMAN S CLUB Main St Lisbon FORT ABERCROMBIE SALOON Welcome Bikers! Daily Specials. Ft Abercrombie. District 7 Barnes-Dickey-Foster-Griggs-Lamoure SHEYENNE SALOON st Avenue Kathryn GABLE MASONRY CONSTRUCTION Ave SE Valley City CM S PLACE rd Ave N Wimbledon District 8 Kidder-Logan-McIntosh-Stutsman-Wells STUTSMAN HARLEY-DAVIDSON Jamestown WONDER BAR nd St SW Jamestown J&L CONCESSIONS Spiritwood RUDY S - THE OTHERSIDE Main St Oakes District 9 Burleigh-Emmons-McLean-Sheridan ACE 24 HOUR TOWING Bismarck ALLTHREAT TACTICAL GROUP & CCW ACADEMY A&J DIRTWORK John Albrecht- Bismarck BARNES TRANSMISSION & MAINTENANCE CENTER S Hannifi n St Bismarck CAMP BROTHERS HEATING & AIR Lovett Ave Bis SPORTSMAN S BAR CAFE & GAS Main Spiritwood REISTER MEATS & CATERING nd St SE Streeter C-RAM COMPUTERS S 12th St Bismarck DANDEE SERVICES INC Belmont Lane Bismarck DVORAK MOTORS Airport Road Bismarck 24

25 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 District 9 Burleigh-Emmons-McLean-Sheridan FIRESIDE OFFICE PLUS fi 1713 East Bis Expwy Bismarck GOEBEL ELECTRIC Bismarck HOOTERS OF BISMARCK N 14th St Bismarck M&M SAUSAGE N 19th St Bismarck NAPA AUTO PARTS E Main Ave Bismarck NIGHTLIFE ENTERTAINMENT & LIMOUSINE S 12th St Bismarck NORTHERN PLAINS PLUMBING HEATING & AIR Vermont Ave Bismarck LITTLE COTTAGE CAFE E Main St Bismarck RAAK & ASSOCIATES Certified Public Accountants 1929 N Washington Suite JJ Bis. RAMADA LIMITED I-94 Exit 161 Bismarck reservations RUNWAY EXPRESS MART INC Airport Road Bis STEEP ME A CUP OF TEA S 3rd St Bismarck TRUCK COLLISION CENTER Revere Drive - Bismarck SCHERR PLASTERING & DRYWALL Airport Rd Bismarck VINJE LAW FIRM N 3rd St Ste #210 Bismarck WARREN S LOCKS & KEYS East Main Bismarck UNCLE JESSE S BAR Main St S Driscoll THE LIVE WELL BAR & BOTTLE SHOP S Main St Garrison SAKAKAWEA RV th AVE SE Garrison FARMERS UNION OIL CO District 10 Grant-Mercer-Morton-Oliver-Sioux CYCLES, COLOR & CHROME Hway 49 S. Beulah NITE OWL BAR West Main Beulah ALIBIS LOUNGE Hwy 49N Beulah MAIN BAR West Main St Beulah Hwy. 37 Garrison GARRISON MOTEL th Ave SE Garrison HOMETOWN TAVERN & BOTTLE SHOP South Main Garrison GARRISON BAY EXPRESS Hwy 37 Garrison MASTEL TRANSFER Main St Hazelton THE QUENCHER BAR Main Ave West, Hague THE AMVETS POST # PO Box 2, Hague THE TUMBLEWEED BAR & GRILL Santee Rd Lincoln MARTIN REBEL RUN INC 113 Herr Ave Martin KNIGHTS BAR & GRILL rd St Riverdale STERLING BAR 114 Service Road, Sterling PJ S PLACE Lincoln Ave Underwood WESTRIDGE GOLF COURSE Highway 14 NW Underwood CAPTAINS CABIN Dakota Drive Washburn HIWAY 83 EXPRESS/JAVA ROSE Case St Washburn LEWIS & CLARK SALOON Main Ave Washburn KICK STANDS UP 305 Louise Ave Wilton TIME OUT TAVERN Dakota Ave Wilton SPORTSMAN S BAR Dakota Ave Wilton ROUGHRIDER RV S Beulah WOLFIE S PLACE BAR Main St Center LONE WOLF SALOON Center SEIB S SPORTS BAR N Main St Elgin WET SPOT LIQUOR Hwy 49 Glen Ullin District 10 Grant-Mercer-Morton-Oliver-Sioux LINDEMANNS GARAGE Golden Valley Call for appointment BOXES BAR East Main St - Hazen LONGSHOTS Hwy 200 Hazen HIWAY EXPRESS rd Ave NW Hazen ACTION MOTORSPORTS th Ave - Mandan BIS-MAN TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT rd Ave SE Mandan CLOVERDALE COUNTRY STORE th Street NW Mandan COLONIAL LOUNGE Memorial Hwy - Mandan DAKOTA EXPRESS Memorial Hwy - Mandan HOWARD S SIDING & INSULATING OR Woodland Trail Mandan FREEWAY 147. ROLLING HILLS RESTAURANT 3825 Highway 25 Mandan LONESOME DOVE Memorial Hwy Mandan MANDAN AUTO GLASS st St NE Mandan OPEN ROAD HONDA Memorial Hwy Mandan ROUGHRIDER HARLEY-DAVIDSON Memorial Hwy Mandan SILVER DOLLAR BAR District 11 Billings-Dunn-Golden Valley-Stark HOLLYWOOD NITES VIDEO nd Ave W #3 Dickinson SPUR BAR & LOUNGE W Villard St Dickinson ALPHA 6 SECURITY PO Box 248 Gladstone I DON T KNOW BAR th St NW South Heart East Main St - Mandan SCOOTER SHAK Memorial Hwy, Mandan THE GOLDEN COMB Main St East -Mandan THE HIDE-AWAY Boundary Road - Mandan WESTSIDE BAR & GRILL Burlington St SE Mandan WOLFS COMPLETE CYCLE REPAIR nd St NW Mandan THE FIELD Main Ave - New Salem FARMERS UNION OIL 241 West Main St New Town CRABAPPLE ICE CREAM SHOP Main Road SE Pick City LITTLE BAR & GRILL st Lane NE Pick City SCOTT S BAIT & TACKLE 71 Main Road East Pick City THE RIVER RUN Harmon Ave, Stanton District 12 Adams-Bowman-Hettinger-Slope CODGERS BAR Main St Reeder BORDERLINE BAR & GRILL Reeder BOWMAN SALES & SERVICE S Main Bowman THE WATERHOLE Main St Rhame MAIN BAR & GRILL Scranton ESQUIRE CLUB Sims Street - Dickinson PATRIOT CUSTOM CYCLES West Villard Dickinson THE BACKYARD West Main - Beach PASTIME CLUB & STEAK HOUSE Main St. Marmarth SAX MOTOR CO PO Box 38 Bowman CRYSTAL BAR S Main St Bowman 25

26 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 Thank you Greg Haug for 25 years of dedication to our Motorcycle Safety students and ABATE of ND. Top - Rider Coaches Pictured: Greg Haug, Coop, Dave Mills, Wayne Maruska and Lonnie Bertsch. Right - ABATE President Don Faber congratulating Greg Haug on his years of service to ABATE/NDMSP. ABATE of ND District 9 & 10 Everyone Welcome! Tips & Balls Tournament - SATURDAY - February 23rd 11th WESTSIDE BAR & GRILL Pool & Dart tournament $5 entry for each player - sign up Noon - play at 1pm. 1st & 2nd Plaques and Cash will be awarded! Pool is best 2 out of 3 50% of the entry fees goes to ABATE and 50% to the cash prizes. 10th 9th Annual CHILI COOK-0FF in Honor of Big Dale Bring your favorite Chili recipe for some friendly Heartburn competition!st Place Winner Plaque and Cash will be awarded. Sign up at 11:00 - tasting begins at Noon. Judging from Noon - 3pm. $5 gets you a sample of all Chili - After 3pm Chili by the bowl for only $2 This is a District 9 & 10 fundraiser for ABATE of ND. Membership to ABATE not required to compete or to have fun - just join us! Remember to call or the ABATE office if you move. When you move - you must submit an address change to the ABATE State Office to ensure delivery of your newsletter. This publication and several of your other subscribed materials will not be sent with just a notice at your local post office. If you move - call or your address change. Also - remember - when you fill out your membership card to write clearly and IF you have a PO Box, that is what needs to be in the address feild. The Post Office will not deliver to a street address if you have a PO Box. 26 ABATE of ND Annual Membership Application -$25pp/U.S. or $30pp Canadian Mr. Mrs. Address/POBox City State Zip Phone Referred by NEW? RENEW? Want Newsletter? Age Group Would you prefer contact by mail? ? Online registration payable via Credit Card or Debit Card at Please mail registrations to: ABATE of North Dakota South 22nd St - Bismarck ND OFFICE USE ONLY: Memb. entered / Sent / Paid on / / Paid by: Cash CC Check#

27 February 2013 Let s Ride Together Volume 39 Issue 2 Clip and Save so you don t miss any of the fun this year. * All ABATE sponsored events and district events are indented & bold. FEBRUARY 1st - Fargo Motor Patrol 50th Annual Fish Fry - Fargo 2nd - ABATE Annual BOD and District Rep Retreat. 9am at the office. All members are welcome to attend, please call to reserve your place today! 16th -17th - Spirit Lake Riders MC Bike Show in Devils Lake at Holiday Mall. 16th POW/MIA Memorial Fundraiser - Burleigh County Extension 4-H building, Bismarck. 23rd - ABATE District 9/10 Tips and Balls Tournament and Chili Cook-off at West Side Bar and Grill, Mandan. 23rd - Biker Ball at the Eagles - Dickinson Call Bernie for more info MARCH 2nd - Bullseyes & Beans chili cook-off/dart tournament Speck s Bar on Main Ave. in Fargo. 2nd - Glen Ullin MC Cabin Fever Party - GUMC club house -7pm until??. Call Bob Tibor for more info th - 9th - Jamestown Individuals Bike Show. Jamestown. 15th - 16th - FM Crusaders MC Bike Show. Fargo. 16th - Boozfighters MC Annual Bike Show - Williston. 23rd - 24th - Ramblers MC Magic City Bike Show at the Grand International Inn, Minot. For more info call Shannon or Tim nd - 24th - The 24th Annual Heartland S.T.E.A.M. Seminar to Educate and Motivate. Hosted by ABATE of Illinois at The Grand Hotel, Peoria, IL. For more info contact Scott Gerker, Assistant State Coordinator 30th - ABATE District 12 Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Bowman. APRIL 13th - 14th - The Red River Valley Bike Show. Grand Forks 26th - 28th - Freedom Riders MC Bike Show - Ramkota Inn Bismarck. 19th - 22nd - Accident Scene Management Training & Seminar sponsored by ABATE of ND. 26th - 27th - Freedom Riders MC Bike Show at the Ramkota Inn, Bismarck. For more information contact FRMC Brother. MAY May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month. Watch for special events in your area. 5th - 6th - Prometheus MC Bike Show - Fergus Falls. 25th - GUMC 25th Annual Motor Cycle Run. Register at 11:00 at Club House. Dinner/Bands/Games/Party At Glen Ullin Park..Camping Available. JUNE 1st - ABATE District 9/10N Fish Fry & Fun Raiser at the LiveWell. 7th - 9th - ABATE State Rally at Menoken Grove. ABATE s major fund-raiser for the year. Gates open at Noon - must be 21. Must be a current ABATE member or become one at the gate. 15th - Kickin Cancer Ride and Drive for American Cancer Society. 11am registration at Wolfes s Place Center. Noon ride leaves, 6pm dinner, silent auction, 8pm Street Dance. For more info contact fcall Kenny st - 22nd - 7th Annual NDPG Fallen Heroes Memorial & Honor Ride - Dickinson Rec Center. Friday Steak Fry & Entertainment. Saturday - Memorial Program, Honor Ride, Meal & Entertainment. See for more info. 26th - 30th - Prometheus MC Zoo Run - Wahpeton. JULY 13th - Ramblers 2nd Annual Ray Kulach Memorial Run Wheelock, ND Free to patch holders ($10 for non patch holders) Balderdash providing music - food will available be purchased free camping games. 13th - Prairie Riders MC 13th - 23rd Annual Run - leave clubhouse in Hannaford at noon sharp!! Contact Chris th - 5th Annual & possibly last, Mike Mastel Memorial Poker Run, raising funds for AHA. Lunch, prizes, beverages, meal, live music. More details in further months. 19th - 21st - 26th Annual ND Ladies Run in Detroit Lakes. Go to for more info. 20th - OPMC Annual Run - more to come. 27th - 5th Annual Debbie Gabel Cancer Ride and Raffle. Call Rocky at for more information. AUGUST 16th -17th - ABATE Family Weekend. 9th - 10th - Lunacy MC Run - more details to come. 27

28 February 2013 `ABATE of ND - 38 Years of Riding Free Volume 38 Issue 2 Please Remember... SUPPORT the Business s that suport us! LINCOLN STORAGE Cold Storage - Metal Walls - Concrete Floors Now Renting Units For Sizes and Rates please call us at N 13th St (Hwy 83) Bismarck W Broadway Ave Bismarck E. Expressway Across from Sam s Club s we ve Bikers, we ve got a cold one ready for you! Bike Parking Full Menu Exit 157 I 94 & Divide Ave. Fueling up Your Life! 5 OFF Fresh Deli Fresh Coffees Snacks Off Sale Car Wash Gas Diesel Per Gallon of Gasoline 91 Octane at ALL locations! Cash/Check Williston - Dickinson - Minot - Bismarck - Grafton - Grand Forks - Fargo - Wahpeton - Bemidji - Alexandria C Drink Responsibly - It s the Mark of a Gentlemen Proud to support the members of ABATE of ND 28 Remember to Drink Responsibly Proud Supporters of ABATE of North Dakota Main Bar And Package Store Happy Hour Mon - Sat 5pm -6:30pm Blackjack, Pull tabs, Pool and Darts. 804 East Main Ave, Bismarck