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1 P Titioner Chapter P Region H Another month has past and it is the same old same O. Hot and hotter. However that did not stop members of chapter "R" to come to Granbury and join us in a ride to the Hard 8 restaurant. We left at 5pm with a 102 temperature. However on the way home we got cooled down with one of Texas downpours. We had a nice time and it was good to see our friends from "R". Our Chapter has grown again this month with Butch introducing a new member to GWRRA. Thank you Butch. If you see your name in this newsletter let me know and you will receive 5 tickets to the price drawings at the next meeting. That includes you Susan A. PAUL LUSTENHOUWER. CD There will be no newsletter or meeting next month (September) as most of us will be at Wing Ding. However the October meeting will be filled with stories of our ride to Wing Ding and beyond. At the next meeting we must have a bowling chairman or chair woman to head up the bowling tournament. Please someone step up as this is our only fundraiser. Again we will be raising toiletries for Mission Granbury. Bring your donations to the next meeting (NOV) and December. October 15th is the date for our Chapter s 10th anniversary party. Mark this day on your calendar as lots of fun has been planned for this day. More information on this will be forthcoming in the mail. Thanks everyone for your support, we can't do in without you. Paul Directors and Coordinators Rider Education 2 Chapter Director: Chapter Treasurers: June & July Rides Photos 3 Paul Lustenhouwer Ray Lusby & Barbara Russell Membership Enhancement Ride Coordinators District Wins!! Texas State Directors Birthdays and Anniversaries Sponsors August calendar TX District 4 Assistant Directors 5 Mike & Susan 6 7 Membership Enhancement & Couple of the Year Eddie & Chris Roberts Chapter P was granted Chapter status in TX Participants are dedicated to the GWRRA Motto; Chapter P gathers on 2nd Thursday of each month at Spring Creek BBQ Safety / Educator: /Web Master: Butch and Marie Schmit Ride Coordinators Eddie / Dennis Newsletter Editors: Joe & Jean Jones interest: Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge." Ride safe, Inside this issue: Special points of com on Hwy 377 in Granbury, TX. Dinner at 6:00 P.M. 7:00 P.M.

2 Rider Education, Butch & Marie Schmit COMMON OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS OF A TRIKE As you read this newsletter, Marie and I are probably sitting around the house trying to cool off! It has been a very hot week. I know it s summer but 102 is a little warm for a comfortable ride. Oh well, we just got back from a lunch ride to Yesterdays Diner in Bridgeport, Texas. Had five Trikes, three Bikes, and a pickup truck thrown in for good measure. I ll bet those in the pick-up stayed COOL It has been brought to my attention again, by a trike rider, that those of us that ride on only two wheels don t seem to have a clue as to what riding a trike is really all about. So I thought this month s message would try to cover some of the trike riders need to know items. P.S. I do get to ride Marie s trike once in a while, and it s not for me! I like my two wheeler. A trike is naturally more stable than a two-wheel motorcycle. Heck, you don t even have to put your feet down when you stop at a stop sign. However, under certain conditions it could tip over or lift one of the wheels off the road surface. In order to ensure its stability, the rider needs to pay attention to their body position, their speed, and how they have loaded their trike. A trike also steers differently. Since trikes normally don t lean to maneuver a corner or curve, the front wheel needs to be pointed in the direction the trike needs to go. Make sure you are completely familiar with your trike before hitting the highway! You need to also remember that trikes take up more space than a two-wheel motorcycle does. That just means that you will need more space to maneuver your trike. Body position is a very important part of both two and three wheeled motorcycles. I ve heard from a few trike riders that You should never lean when riding a trike. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation as well as numerous State Motorcycle Safety Departments, and the Educators for GWRRA will tell trike riders just the opposite! You should be able to reach both handgrips comfortably while leaning and shifting your weight in turns. When your approaching turns or curves it should always be with caution. If you enter a turn too fast you may end up crossing into another lane of traffic, lifting a wheel, or going off the road. Oversteering could cause the trike to skid out and cause you to lose control. The next Item I want to cover this month is Lane Position. The width of a Trike is similar to the width of some automobiles, therefore, unlike a two wheeled motorcycle, you are limited in lane positioning. You should always try to keep towards the center of the lane and within the lane markings. Too many times I ve watched trikes, while on a group ride, try to stagger ride like the two wheelers. The problem I ve noticed is the trike left rear wheel is very close to the center stripe and sometimes over the center stripe and in the on-coming traffics lane. If they re trying to maintain the right track, the right rear wheel is frequently over the right lane marker and on the shoulder. Once again I refer to the various Motorcycle Safety groups in saying, Lane positioning when riding in groups is also an important consideration. Ride single file and always maintain a safe margin, three seconds minimum, between vehicles. One last point, and then I m done for this month. During a ride with more than two or three trikes or bikes or both, all of us should try to keep a good spacing between each other. This means if a rider in the middle of the group slows down a little because they lose concentration on what they re doing, the rest of the group behind them also slows down. Then the same driver realizes what they have done and speeds up to catch up. As soon as they catch up they have to slow down to the group speed. Everyone behind them ends up doing the same and we end up with an accordion affect. Sometimes this affect causes the person riding the drag position to decrease and gain speed by twenty or more MPH. Let s all try to ride like we want the other riders to ride! Butch & Marie Schmit Master Tour Riders GWRRA, Chapter P Educators

3 Chapter P June & July Rides Yesterday s Ride July Rides DQ Ride New York Hill Ride

4 Membership Enhancement & COY MEC article... "Don't Be A Goldwing Snob" Hey folks. This month I would like to share with you an article that was written by Jack Wagner who was recently promoted from our district staff to our national staff... Do I Have to Own a Gold Wing? Eddie & Christie, MEC & COY by Jack Wagner Do you know someone that would be a good fit with your GWRRA Chapter? But they don't have to own a Goldwing. Encourage them to join. Did a GWRRA member sell their Wing and either quit riding or purchased another brand of motorcycle? Encourage them to stick around. In the past you had to own a Goldwing or Valkyrie to be a Full Member. That's no longer the case. So, other than not owning a Goldwing, are there other differences for members that don't own a Wing? The short answer is "not really". They can participate equally in any and all activities at all levels- with only two exceptions. They are not eligible to become Directors or Assistant Directors (at any level) and they may not participate in the Couple of the Year selection process above the Chapter level. They may hold other positions (at any level), even the officer positions such as trainer, educator, membership enhancement coordinator or treasurer. And they may be selected as the Chapter Couple of the Year, they just cannot participate in the District COY selection. So don't be a Goldwing 'snob'. Embrace our non-wing owners and encourage others to join and participate. Who knows, they may realize owning a Goldwing really is for them. It's a great way to grow your Chapter. Remember our Motto "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge" Eddie and Christie, Chapter P MEC's EDDIE & Dennis "Riding Along" On July 9th we had a Dinner Ride to Hard 8 in Stephenville. We had a beautiful and safe ride thru the country to have a great dinner with some great friends. We listened to some really good music and then got to sing Happy Birthday to one of our own- Don Ray. The ride down was a little warm (okay hot), but the ride back was absolutely great. We thought we might get soaked but managed only a few sprinkles which made for a much cooler ride home. We did have 15 Chapter P'ers on that ride and we were joined by 3 from Chapter R in Grapevine. Kudos to them 3 Wingers from R for riding in extremely hot weather from the "Metromess" just to ride with us. We owe them one. On July 23rd we had a Lunch Ride to Yesterdays in Bridgeport. Warm ride up and a hot ride back but it's always fun to spend some time 13 friends from our Chapter. We also got to spend some time with Elvis, Marilyn and the Duke. And the DQ ice cream on the way back wasn't so bad either. As for next month's Rides On August 4th we have a Dinner Ride planned to Mary's on the Brazos on Tin Top Highway. KSU is 5:30PM at Duncan Donuts in Granbury or you can just meet us there at 6 PM. We should have some time for a nice scenic ride thru the countryside afterward. On August 20th we have a Lunch Ride planned to Catfish O'Harleys in Decater. KSU is 9:30 AM at Duncan Donuts in Granbury On August 26th several of us are hitting the road north to Montana for a minimum of 2 weeks on the road. Some are even going further and longer. There's always room for more...so call me, Paul or Butch if you think you may want to join in on the fun. Ride Safe and Ride Often, Eddie and Dennis

5 BIRTHDAYS AND Anniversaries Birthday's for August Joanne Albertelli. 8/8 Judy wheeler. 8/28 August Anniversaries Don & Ruth Ray. 8/3 Mike & Susan Andrews. 8/7 Paul & Rhonda Schmidt. 8/9 Jay & Sandi Pietsch. 8/23 Joe & Jean Jones. 8/29 TEXAS GOLD

6 GWRRA Region H Newsletter FRIENDS FOR FUN, SAFETY AND KNOWLEDGE From the Region Director Reba and Jim Berry Director's Corner Wing Ding is almost here and you need to know Reba and I are ex-tremely jealous! We have heard all these great plans for rides to and from Billings and due to the old JOB, we will be unable to travel via the old Goldwing. Here is what we need for you to do for us: Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures of the ride to Wing Ding and the ride home. Take pictures at the rally of the things that impress you or you enjoyed the most. Later, we will ask you to us about 10 of your best shots which we will com-pile into a video to be shown at our next Region Rally in Marshall. We know we have some great shutter bugs out there. While at Wing Ding, please help us out by volunteering to help with the bike show. There will be an organizational meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Check the event schedule for details. Don t forget to wear your hi-vis green/yellow to support Carolyn and Steve Cotton in the Couple of the Year selection on Tuesday morning. Be there to support our Region Tal-ent entries in the GWRRA Has Tal-ent evening entertainment. We will be represented by the KS Dis-trict Team in their special rendition of Home on the Range and by Alvalin and Jim Woodul signing God Bless the USA. This is an es-pecially appropriate song in that Thursday is patriotic day at Wing Ding. Rodd Polk is working hard on the Crash Scene. If you are going to be there Wednesday and on your Goldwing, we ask you to make yourselves available to strategically place your bikes among the crowd so that all can hear the CB radio chatter. If you can help in the GWRRA Store (formerly known as the Goody Booth), please do so. Here is another thing to plan for: The October Region H Ride-In. Check out the info at the end of this newsletter. Steve and Billie Fleming are doing an awesome job putting this ride together. There will be no registration fees. There will be 50/50 tickets sales but hey, that s just natural. There will be door prizes, splendid scenery, good food and wonderful fellowship. Make your reservations now! We are looking forward to seeing you all soon! Reba and Jim

7 GWRRA Chapter P Meets at Spring Creek Barbeque In Granbury, TX 2nd Thursday of Each month Wear your vest or chapter colors to the monthly gathering and receive your non alcoholic beverages free! Compliments of the good folks at Spring Creek, Granbury, TX. SPRING CREEK BARBEQUE

8 For Sale 2008 Goldwing Trike $23,000 Excellent Condition, Original Owner, CB, Hartco Ostrich Skin Seats, After Market V-Stream Windshield, Bumper, Hitch and Wiring, Fender Bras, Highway Pegs, Back Rest, Fog Lights, New Elite 4 Front Tire, Trunk Rack, Lots of Chrome, miles, contact J B Wilson

9 Dutch Wilkinson Plantation Inn 1451 E. Pearl St. Granbury, TX )


11 August 2016 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Mary's on 5 6 the Brazos- Dunkin Donuts KSU 5; Chapter P Gathering 6 P.M.-dinner 7 P.M Lunch Run to Catfish O Harley's in Decutur-KSU- 9:30 A.M Wing Ding in Billings, Montana. Thur Sept 3. August 20- After your ride to Catfish O Harley s stop by Stephenville Museum for Homemade ice cream for Grace Riders RFS Fund raiser. Time: 1:00-3:00 P.M. If you let us know we will save you some!!! Joe & Jean Jones. Sept. 17 Breakfast Run to Smokestack in Thurber-KSU-8 A.M. Sept. 24-Stephenville Museum Ride-Details to follow

12 TX District Operations District Trainer Cliff & Gilli- Webmaster District Director an Allen Tom Sprague Pleasure Riders CHAPTER P Mike and Robin Thacker Assistant District Director Tom & Dawn Sprague District Educators Randy and Kathy Reese Motor Awareness Coordinator Region "H" Trainer Edmond, OK Directors Couple of the Year District Treasurer Open Jim & Reba Berry We re on the Web Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge GWRRA Diane Shults Membership Enhancement Coordinator Steve & Donna Van Gilder COY Coordinator Steve & Dona Van Gilder Chapter Of the Year Coordinators Entertainment Coordinator Kenny Shults Couple of the Year Cliff & Gillian Allen Activities Coordinator Open Position Newsletter Editor Region "H" Assistant Director Region "H" Newsletter Editors Region "H" Couple of the Year Monroe, Louisiana David & Christine Vitrine Assistant District Directors EVENTS August 4th Dinner Ride to Mary's On The Brazos. KSU is 5:30PM at Duncan Donuts. August 20th-Lunch Run to Catfish O Harley's in Decutur-KSU-9:30 A.M. August 31st-Sept.3 Wing Ding in Billings, Montana Sept. 17 Breakfast Run to Smokestack in Thurber-KSU-8 A.M. Sept. 24-Stephenville Museum Ride-Details to follow