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2 NOE Read this manual carefully your rear PO before using it. and learn to operate and service o keep the warranty, operated as d i recte<i in this the rear manual. PO must be maintained anci AII- references to "left-side" r "right-side", "back" are oiven froni the operatorts position. ttf rontt'; antl Use tlre serial nurnber to ensure prompt and correct. service when orciering parts, requesting service, or making inquiries. REAR PO SSRIAi, IJUI.IBER Look for this precautions. YOUR SAFEY IS symbol to It means INVOLVED. point out important AEI.IION! BECOIUE safety ALER!

3 .d',ft{vuuvlt.l sno I J)nuJ,st{ I dti-,ll{s '9 JSr SJUVd Ot'lV SJUVd cg,l,vu,lstl'i r Y g9vuoj,s 'v I3I'IVNgJNIV',{ 'e VnOt{gu cnv IdOIJVI'IVJSNI c NOIJVUI{dO A.{VS UOJ SNOIJJNUJSNI.I S.,Ng,lNOJ

4 SECIO}J 1 nstructions for Safe Operation Improper use of this rear PO can injure people anc.l c'lamage the equipment, eeople using or servicing this rear PllO nust read ancl f ollow the instructions in this rnanual. ' It is important to understanci that this manual ancl any other Gravely instruction manuals do not cover every possible danger. It is intpossible for Gravely to knovr all possible dangers in operating and servicing the equipnent. he purchaser must give these instructions to the people operating and maintaining ttris rear PO. hese people nust use eye and foot protection" 1.1 Preparation: Read the Gravely tractor and tiller operatoris :nanuals. Be fanriliar with al-1 conlrols and fol1ow the safety precaut ions outl ined in these manuals. I(now trow to SOP the tractor and tiller quickly in an emergency. Inspect and clear the vrork area (prior to tilling) of rock s r glass 7 metal, bones r and any other foreign objects that might be picked up and throvrn or tangled in the ti11er. Stay alert for holes and other hidden haards. Do not wear loose might get caught Keep hands, feet, parts. fitting cj.othing or accessories that in r,roving parts or on the controls. hair, clothing, etc., away fron moving Keep bystanders and pets removed from the work area and a safe distance away. Do not allow children to operate the equipment, nor aliow adults to operate it without their having knowledge of safe operating practices. Operate the tiller from the operatorrs position on the seat of the Gravely. Keep safety devices, interlocks, and shields in place at all times.

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6 7. I?hen tilling loose ground (we11 established loamy garden soil), increase ground speed to cover more ground in less time and stil1 do a good job. B. Do not back up with tiller down. Raise ti1ler to transport position before backing up or turning sharply. 9. Do not stop or start suddenly when going up or dovrnhill. 10. Avoid steep hillside operation which could cause the tractor to overturn. Reduce speed when turning so there is no danger of the tractor overturning. 11. A1ways l"ook behind you when backing up. 3

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8 SECION 3 Iulaintenance 3. I Apply grease to the shaft bearings in the axle bearing retainer after every B hours of use. Apply multi-purpose grease to Lhe grease fitting until it comes out qround the sha ft. 3.2 Check tire oil level in the chain box after every 40 hours of use. Flold the gear box in a vertical position. Remove the lower plug (see Figure l). Fi11 with sae 30I/J-40 oil until it is level with the ho1e. Replace the plug. l d I - Pipe Plug 2 - Vent Plug FIGURE 1

9 t I 'xoq ueqc ael Jo do1 aq1 le 6n1d paluaa aqf Jo 1no unr lou saop o?eq1 os pauorlrsod aceld.f,rp B ur arols t.t 'refoc 6ur>1co1 aq1 O ' reoc 6ur 1co1 aq1 1e saul lds ljeqs O,ld aql pue seur 1ds alof fpsraaun rear aq1 uo asear6 Jo UIJ e 1nd pup ueac Z. V '.rolcefl aq1 urofj?alcprq o$d fbaf pup ljeqs aafp r{1a,tlqurasse xoq ueqc o.ld.rpaf oaouau.? e6er-o$? NOI.IJSS I' I

10 SECION 5 Illustrated Parts ancl Parts List "(') \ // YJ I- N-'g;\', \ \ =-\ \ b-n ft nj. \ W \\$

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12 SECION 6 Set-Up Instructions 6.1 Axle Bearing Retainer Assembly (refer to the illustration): 1. Clean the transmission drain plug and adjacent area. 2. Drain transmission oil into a clean container. 3. Raise and block the right drive wheel. Remove the tirewheel assembly. 4. Remove the nut and flat washer on the axle. Remove the wheel hub with a puller. 5. Remove the axle key and the bolts attaching the rear hitch to the axle bearing retainer. 6. Remove the four bolts holding the axle bearing retainer and slide from the axle. 7. Clean all gasket residue from the end of the axle housing. 8. Wipe the axle clean and apply a film of grease. tr^iipe a film of grease on the axl-e gasket and stick it on the end of the axle housing with the four holes aligned. 9. Apply grease to the seals in the new axle bearing retainer. Carefully slide the nevr axle bearing retainer assembly into place over the axle and secure with the L/2" bolts which vrere removed. 10. Fasten the rear hitch to the nevr axle bearing retainer casting with the two new L/ZxL bolts coated rrith locking compound. It may be necessary to loosen the bolts in the rear hitch arm that hold the rear hit,ch to align the new bolts in the axle bearing retainer. 11. Put the key in the axler slide the wheel hub on the axler followed by a flat washer. Retain with a lock nut. L2. Replace the tire-wheel assembly. _ I3. Put oil in the transmission. Use the drained oi1 only if it is clean. o

13 OL 'xoq ueqc aq? Jo aps.rea.r aq? olu ljpqs aq+ apis.t '1nu loo pup loq ZxV/t e qla arncas.ubr1e saoq aql lpr{l os elod fes.ralrun aq1 olu ljeqs ar{l apfs.z 'asoo loq aq1 eaea 'Jnu IOo pue?oq g/e e qlr xoq upqc aql Jo aps.rpar aql o? lalcprq aql los. r : (uorlerlsnfr aql 01 :ejar) 6fquassv xog ueq3 Z. g '?JBqs aql?e s:paddb 1 lun 6u ql g asea:6 aqa le 6ur : eaq lj er-is aql of asea:6 dlddv. EI.aaoo.r6 aq? ur slpas 1 leql ejns eleur pup ljeqs aqf uo 6ur:6ururpla.r aq1 lnd 'ljer-{s aql oluo ace.r lsnrqf pue,6u.rpaq lsnjq1 'acer f sn.rql p aopd '.raurplaf 6ur:eaq axp aq? Jo.reef aql olu?jpr-{s aql l.rasur '1Jpqs paurlds aq1 oluo acer lsnjq1 f aqloup pue 6ur:eaq?snrql e, acp.r?snlql E ap S ' tf

14 SECION 7 LIMIED FIVE.YEAR WARRANY his Limited Five-Year Warranly is issued by Gravely lnternational, lnc., only to the original purchaser. lf Gravely equipment is leased by Gravely, this Warranly shall extend also lo the original lessee as il such lessee were the original purchaser. Gravely warrants that all new equipment manulaclured by Gravely ("Gravely Products") shall be free of defects in malerial and workmanship for the term described in paragraph 4, below. Except as hereinafler provided, lhis Warranty does nol cover any engine, tires or battery lorming a part of the Gravely Product. Engine arrd tires are covered by and subject to separate wa(anlies of the manufacturers thereof. ln the event that any Gravely Product warranted hereurrder shall be def ective or tail lo conform with this Warranty, Gravely shall, subject 10 the provrsions hereof, pay for, or provide labor and materials for, the repair or replacemenl of such defective Gravely Product. his Warranty is for live years (60 months) from purchase date for Gravely Products used exclusively lor personal, family or household purposes, and two years (24 months) for products used for other purposes (commercial use), excluding rental firms. Gravely products used for rental purposes will bs warranted for g0 days. Repair of Gravely Products after the second year (24 months lrom date ol purchase) shall be subjecl to a $50.00 deductible lor each repair. (After two years, Gravely agrees to repair or replace delective Gravely Products used exclusively lor personal, family or household purposes only to the extenl that the cost of such warranly covered repair or replacemenl exceeds $50.00.) Batteries are warranted by Gravely for a period of lwelve (12) months only. lf a battery shall fail wilhin twelve (12) months of purchase, the replacemenl cosl thereof shall be prorated over a lwelve-month term based upon the nurnber of months since purchase, o obtain Warranly Service on a Gravely Product (including any battery or olher component not manulactuted by Gravely), use this procedure: a. Notily the Gravely dealer from whom you purchased the equipment. b. ll you have moved and it is nol convenient to notity the selling dealer, notify the nearest Gravely dealer. You should supply this dealer with a copy of the bill of sale as prool of the date of purchase. c. Make arrangements lo have the equipment delivered to the dealer (refer to paragraph 6 a., below). d. ll you have any questions concerning the Gravely Limited Warranty, they should be referred to: Gravely lnternational, lnc. One Gravely Lane Clemmons, NC Attn: Customer Service Department e. Warranty service on Gravely Products must be performed by an authoried Gravely dealer. 6. his Warranty does not cover the following: a. ransporlation lo the Gravely dealership. (ll the Gravely dealer provides transportatjon, he will charge for such service.) b. t Normal mainlenance services and normal replacement of items such as spark plugs, belts, oil, oil filters, air fillers, and mower, plow or cultivator blades, gauge wheels, skids and olher wear items. c. Any Gravely Product which has been allered or modified in any way. d. Any repair or replacement occasionec by customer neglect or lack of proper maintenance (he purchaser is responsible lor making sure that Gravely Products are operated and servjced as drrected in the applicable manual or servtce inslruction. Incorrect use or maintenance willvoid this Warranty.) e. Any repair occasioned by the use ot any altachmenl not approved by Gravely. (he use cl any such unapproved attachment will void this Warranty.) 7, GRAVELY MAKES NO OHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANIES, OR WARRANIES AS O HE MERCHANABILIY OR FINESS FOR A PARICULAR PURPOSE, ALI- WARRANIES ARE LIMIED IN DURAION O HE ERMS SE OU IN PARAGBAPH 4, ABOVE. GRAVELY SHALL HAVE NO LIABILIY FOR INCIDENAL OR CONSEOUENIIAL DAMAGES RESULING FROM HE BREACH OF ANY WARRANY, INCLUDING, BU NO LI/IED O, LIABILIY FOR INCONVENIENCE, BENAL OR PURCHASE OF REPLACEMi:N EOUIPMEN. OR FOR LOSS OF PROFIS OR OI-IER COI.4[/ERCIAL LOSS. B. Some states do not allow limrtations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above statement may not. apply to you. Some stales do not allow the exclusionor limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitalion or exclusion may not apply lo you. L his Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which!,ary lrom state to state. 10. A Gravely product registration card is supplied with each Gravely Product. Please complete the card and relurn it to Gravely at the address listed on the card. he equipment registration card will be used by Gravely for: a. Becording date of purchase. b. Notification of owners in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Act, should any notification be necessary. he return of such card is necessary for your warranty to be effective. 1 l. his Warranty is not subject lo change or modification by anyone, including Gravely dealers and no Gravely dealer is authoried to make any represenlations or promises on Gravely's behalf. AGHAVELY One Gravely Lane, Clemmons, NC '1