AWS-1025, 1075 & Torque Wrench Loaders Use with QC, MTM & Bench Stand Transducers

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1 AWS-1025, 1075 & Torque Wrench Loaders Use with QC, MTM & Bench Stand Transducers USER'S GUIDE November, 2014 ADVANCED WITNESS SERIES, INC. 910 BERN COURT #100 SAN JOSE, CA PH: Fax:

2 CONTENTS 1 CONTENTS CONTENTS... 1 INTRODUCTION... 2 Description... 2 System Specifications... 2 System Components... 3 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS... 4 Use Advice Notes... 5 DESCRIPTION OF FUNCTIONS... 6 Operating Mode... 6 Peak st Peak... 6 Track... 6 Selecting a Transducer... 6 Engineering Units... 6 Full Scale... 6 Low Limit... 7 High Limit... 7 SERVICE AND WARRANTY... 8

3 Description of Functions 2 INTRODUCTION DESCRIPTION The AWS- 1025, 1075 and torque wrench loaders are designed to provide mechanical advantage to the testing of manual torque wrenches when used in conjunction with our torque transducers and torque analyzers. S pecifically the instruments that these loaders are designed to complement are the AWS - QC, QCM, AWS Series, AWS - MTM S eries as well as any of our bench stand mounted transducers whether they are connected to our AWS or our newer AWS touch screen instruments. As you can see by the illustrations the transducer or the tester/analyzer is mounted onto an adapter plate that secures and centers the transducer in the loader. The torque wrench is inserted into the square drive of the transducer and the crosshead driven by a hand powered lead screw loads the torque wrench by advancing the torque wrench handle. This mechanism reduces the effort required by the operator to load the torque wrench and can reduce user error due to technician influence. The design and choice of materials used in manufacturing these loaders insure many years of trouble free use. The selection of precision ways and bearings insure proper fit without looseness or play between the parts contributing to better repeatability and less wear. These loaders are extremely durable yet lightweight, portable and easily provide the best value ratio available. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions depending on model Power Requirements Operating Temperature Range Data Communications Width: 12", Height: 1 1 ", Depth: 20", Weight: 50 Lbs. NA NA NA Accuracy Depends on analyzer and transducer used. S tandard 0.5% of I ndicated Reading top 90% of Range. Optional 0.25% of I ndicated Reading top 90% of Range. Range 10% to 100% Optional 5% to 100% ( Expanded R ange) Display NA Units NA

4 Description of Functions 3 SYSTEM COMPONENTS Main carriage and transducer mounting plate Crosshead with lever handle Reaction Post Wrench support Extension bracket Bolts The torque wrench loaders are shipped with the pictured components. Main carriage with angle bracket for mounting transducer bench stand, cross slide for appling load to torque wrench handle, reaction post, torque wrench handle support, extension plate for small wrenches (top of picture to bottom left). I ncluded in the shipment are bolts for assembling components and attaching transducer bench stand. When unpacking, verify all components are included, if there are missing items please call our Customer Service department immediately, There are two different size bolts; 8 each 3/8-16 x ¾ socket head cap screw 2 each 3/8-16 x 2½ socket head cap screw 2 each ½ - 13 x 2½ socket head cap screw

5 Description of Functions 4 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 1: Install cross slide onto main carriage as pictured. 2: I nstall reaction post, or extension bracket and reaction post, to cross slide platform. Place torque wrench handle support on reaction post. 3: Attach transducer to angle bracket on main carriage. When inserting torque wrench into transducer, it is very important to adjust the wrench handle support so the torque wrench handle is level. 4: When adjusting the cross slide it is important to position the reaction post at the respective end of the cross slide to enough travel to actuate a wrench.

6 Description of Functions 5 USE ADVICE NOTES There are several things to keep in mind when testing manual torque wrenches, failure to pay attention to these details will cause an increase in uncertainty in measurements, resulting in poor accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility. 1. Many torque wrenches, particularly click type wrenches are length dependent. This means that the test result will vary if the wrench load point (center of hand grip or reference indicator on wrench handle) changes during test or changes from test to test. Most, if not all manufacturers create a reference indicator to illustrate where the torque wrench should be gripped or positioned for loading. I t is imperative that users and calibration technicians are aware of this and follow the manufacturer s instructions in order to achieve the specified accuracy and repeatability of the wrench. 2. All test articles (torque wrenches) should be level and perpendicular to the transducer axis when testing. 3. Torque wrenches are comprised of mechanical mechanisms, i.e. springs, pins, levers, pivot points etcetera, these mechanical devices will produce more consistent results if the load applied to the torque wrench is deliberate and somewhat consistent. Loading or actuating a torque wrench fast will cause accuracy and repeatability errors. 4. I t is important to exercise ( actuate the wrench several times, usually three tim es) prior to comm encing with a calibration or verification test. 5. When using adapters and sockets it is very important to insure that the internal and external squares (fittings) have a common center and not offset in any direction. Otherwise if the squares/hexes are rotated they will cause measurement variation that could possibly exceed the accuracy statement of the wrench. 6. Users should be cautious when using extensions as these will increase the opportunity to lose perpendicularity on the test article which will effect measurements and could cause significant variation.

7 Description of Functions 6 DESCRIPTION OF FUNCTIONS The following is a description of the standard features of the AWS product line. OPERATING MODE Current operating mode (Peak, 1st Peak or Track) will show on the display. Press the key to toggle between them. Peak Displays and retains the maximum peak torque experienced by the wrench. The Peak Mode is used for all power tools and most dial wrenches. 1st Peak Detects the first peak of torque experienced by the wrench, which is the initial peak torque when the mechanism in the click wrench actuates. First Peak is used primarily for Click torque wrenches and torque limiting or cam- over type screwdrivers. Track Displays torque as it is being applied to the transducer. Track mode is used primarily for verifying calibration of the transducer or analyzer. It is also used to check condition of the transducer and zero with no strain on the transducer SELECTING A TRANSDUCER IMPORTANT NOTE: On power- up, the transducer that is selected will be active and ready to use. When changing transducers, you MUST Zero the unit. Do this by pressing the On/Zero. The shaft capacity can be verified by going to the Information screen in the S ystems Menu (2-4). Full Scale capacity screen is shown. Press the ENT button twice to return to the run mode. ENGINEERING UNITS Current engineering units are displayed. Press the key to cycle through the eight possible choices: Kgf m, KgfCm, gfcm, cnm, Nm, FT LB, I N LB, I N OZ. FULL SCALE This screen shows the Full- Scale value of the transducer. This is not a field adjustable value.

8 Description of Functions 7 LOW LIMIT Use the low limit setting as a means of visually flagging the operator when a reading fails to reach a desired minimum value. A small down arrow will appear on the screen if a peak is captured below the limit setting. The limit is adjusted by using the navigation buttons to set the first four digits to the desired value. The fifth digit is used to select the decimal point position. The up and down buttons under the S oft button Change will change the value from 0-9. Pressing the soft DI G will scroll through the digit positions. When the correct value is entered, pressing the ENT button will return you to the menu system. Once all the digits have been set, press the MEM key to accept the value and return to Program Function mode. The next time a reading is taken, "LO" will appear on the display if the captured value is less than the low limit HIGH LIMIT Use the high limit setting as a means of visually flagging the operator when a reading falls over a desired m aximum value. High limits are set in the identical way as low limits. Please refer to the Low Limit section for details. NOTE ON LIMITS: The green LED on the front of the display will flash when a peak is captured that falls within the limit setting.

9 Service and Warranty 8 SERVICE AND WARRANTY SERVICE To ensure the best possible support for our customers, Advanced Witness S eries maintains a complete calibration and repair facility for all its products. We keep in stock most replacement parts for torque testers, transducers, and our line of digital wrenches. When you buy a product from us, the only place you need to go for parts and service! For service, call (408) , Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9: 00am and 5: 00pm Pacific Coast Time. THE WARRANTY CARD In order to ensure protection of the warranty as described below, you MUS T fill in the appropriate information on the warranty card that came with your unit and return it to Advanced Witness S eries, I nc. within 30 days of receipt of item. We wish to call your attention to the fact that this system and various components need calibration and certification on a periodic basis. By returning the card to us, you will receive timely notification as to when this re- calibration and re- certification is due. STATEMENT OF LIMITED WARRANTY ADVANCED WITNESS SERIES, INC. products are warranted free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment. This warranty does not include failures due to application of torque to transducers or loaders beyond the stated capacity, operating system with a damaged transducer cord, nor any other misuse, abuse, or tampering. When used with impact type wrenches, the warranty is limited to the electronic digital display units only. This warranty does not cover calibrations. All freight charges are the responsibility of the company or individual returning the item(s) for repair. Freight collect shipments will not be accepted. Any modification to any of this equipment, without the express written approval of ADVANCED WI TNES S S ER I ES, I NC., will void this warranty. ADVANCED WI TNES S S ER I ES disclaims any and all liability, obligation or responsibility for the modified product; and any claims, demands or causes of action for damage or for personal injuries resulting from the modification and/or use of such a modified ADVANCED WI TNES S S ERI ES product. ADVANCED WITNESS SERIES, INC.'S OBLIGATION WITH RESPECT TO ITS PRODUCTS S HALL BE LI MI TED TO REPAI R OR REPLACEMENT, AND I N NO EVENT, SHALL ADVANCED WITNES SERIES, INC. BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOS S OR DAMAGE, CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL, OF WHATEVER KIND OR NATURE OR ANY OTHER EXPENS E WHI CH MAY ARI S E I N CONNECTI ON WI TH OR AS A RESULT OF SUCH PRODUCTS OR THE USE OR INFORMATION THEREOF IN A JOB. THI S WARRANTY I S EXPRES S LY MADE I N LI EU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTI ES OR MERCHANTABI LI TY AND FI TNES S FOR A PARTI CULAR PURPOS E. NO EXPRES S WARRANTI ES AND NO I MPLI ED WARRANTI ES WHETHER OF MERCHANTABI LI TY OR FI TNES S FOR A PARTI CULAR PURPOS E OR OTHERWISE OTHER THAN THOSE EXPRESSLY SET FORTH ABOVE SHALL APPLY TO ADVANCED WITNESS SERIES.