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1 Page 1 of SGN5946G BMW 320I E90 09/07/ /07/2005 WHITE BEIGE SGM7225X BMW 320I E90 26/10/ /10/2006 SILVER GREY SGW4493E BMW 320I E90 28/03/ /03/2007 BLACK LEMON SKC5413M SCM2980D BMW 320I E90 28/11/ /05/2007 BLACK GREY SKC6856L SJU8388A BMW 520I ABS AIRBAG 2WD XENON HEAD E60 28/03/ /09/2009 BROWN BLACK SKC6884E SFP401X BMW 520IA E60 08/11/ /11/2004 GREY GREY SKC6849H SBW828J BMW 520IA E60 31/03/ /04/2005 Silver BLACK SJM3344B BMW 523I 2.5 AT ABS GAS/D SKC4631G SFS555U BMW 523I 2.5 AT ABS GAS/D F10 27/01/ /07/2010 TITANIUM SILVER F10 24/02/ /02/2011 TITANIUM SILVER SKC3609D SDY1388X BMW 523I XL A E60 16/09/ /09/2007 SPACE GREY- METALLIC OYSTER/OY STER OYSTER/OY STER SKC6379Y SGV4393R BMW 523I XL A E60 14/12/ /06/2007 BLACK BLACK SKC6470R SBZ1515P BMW 530IA E60 27/09/ /03/2005 SILVER BLACK TRANSMISSION FAULTY No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK2 OK1 SB No MK2 OK No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK2 GREY No MK2 OK1 SB No MK2 SB1 Printed 04 Oct AM Other Items Legend Printed By

2 Page 2 of SJH4806E HONDA STREAM 1.8L A 07/02/ /08/2008 GREY BEIGE SFT5391L MERCEDES SJX6708H BMW 535I 3.0L AT GAS/D SR SKC6940B SFX733X BMW 730LI E66 18/01/ /07/2005 BLACK BEIGE SKC6894B SQ300U BMW 730LI E66 27/02/ /02/2006 BLUE BLUE SKC4897G SGJ8711T BMW 730LI E66 27/12/ /06/2006 Silver GREY SKC6747T SJA238H BMW X5 4.8 XL HBA SR SGU9252L CHERY CHERY A MT SKC6352Z HONDA CIVIC 1.6L VTI SDK7763E HONDA HONDA CRV 2.4L AT SJN8774E HONDA ODYSSEY 2.4L AT SR F10 29/12/ /06/2010 BEIGE BEIGE E70 24/03/ /09/2007 GREY BROWN 28/11/ /05/2007 BLACK GREY SKC6240M SJL9630R HONDA ACCORD 2.0L 16/12/ /12/2008 SILVER BLACK 05/03/ /09/2006 GREY BLACK SGL6237Z HONDA CIVIC 1.8L A 22/03/ /09/2006 WHITE BLACK SFQ1494R HONDA FIT 1.3 A 14/12/ /12/2004 BLUE BLACK 19/01/ /07/2007 SILVER BLACK 01/03/ /03/2009 PURPLE BEIGE E200 ML 03/04/ /04/2005 BEIGE BEIGE No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK2 ND No MK2 OK1 SB1 ND No MK2 SB No MK1 OK No MK2 OK1 SB No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK No MK No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK2 SB1 Printed 04 Oct AM Other Items Legend Printed By

3 Page 3 of SGZ7757J MERCEDES SKC5331R SDV2711E MERCEDES SKA9692H MERCEDES SJA231B SKC6076X SUBARU LEGACY SEDAN 2.5GT AWD 5A SKC6346S SJQ8118J TOYOTA CAMRY 2.0 ABS AIRBAG SGK1882Z TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 E200K 15/11/ /11/2007 BLACK BLACK S300L 21/01/ /07/2008 GREY BLACK S350L 20/12/ /06/2007 GREY GREY SFQ7720Z MITSUBISHI GRANDIS 2.4A 06/01/ /01/2005 PURPLE GREY SJF4033D NISSAN MARCH 1.4L COMFORT ABS AIRBAG SKC5672G SJA90R NISSAN MURANO 2.5SR SFZ2495J NISSAN SUNNY 1.6EXM 10/10/ /10/2005 RED BLACK SKC6094T SJN9398B NISSAN TEANA 3.5 SMT ABS D/AB HID SR 2WD 4 27/11/ /05/2008 GREEN BEIGE FABRIC 16/12/ /12/2005 BLUE BEIGE 09/12/ /12/2008 SILVER BEIGE 16/11/ /11/2007 GREY BLACK 09/03/ /03/2009 SILVER GREY 30/01/ /07/2006 SILVER BEIGE SGL3905Z TOYOTA ESTIMA 2.4 A 13/03/ /09/2006 BLUE BLACK No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK2 SB No MK No MK1 OK1 SB No MK2 SB No MK1 OK1 SB No MK2 SB No MK No MK2 OK No MK2 OK No MK2 Printed 04 Oct AM Other Items Legend Printed By

4 Page 4 of SFZ5044H TOYOTA FORTUNER /10/ /10/2005 SILVER BEIGE SDV3719C TOYOTA LEXUS GS SKC6555E SFU9896R TOYOTA LEXUS IS250 STD SKC6989L SDK9888R TOYOTA LEXUS LS460 26/10/ /10/2006 GREEN BEIGE SGY2613D TOYOTA MARK X 2.5 A 19/03/ /09/2007 BLACK BLACK SGS592A VOLKSWAG EN SKC4991S SGZ842S VOLKSWAG EN Terms & Conditions PASSAT 2LFSI 29/02/ /03/2007 BLACK BLACK SCIROCCO 1.4L AT TSI 1372Q5 SR HID 15/02/ /02/2006 BLACK GREY 10/01/ /01/2008 GREY BEIGE 07/12/ /12/2010 WHITE BROWN No MK2 SB No MK No MK2 SB No MK No MK1 OK No MK No MK2 SB1 Printed 04 Oct AM Other Items Legend Printed By

5 Page 5 of 5 If successful in the bidding of the Vehicles, the Buyer agrees to purchase the vehicles on a AS IS, WHERE IS basis. The Buyer acknowledges that the Vehicle is sold to the Buyer WITHOUT any warranty or representation whatsoever as to merchantability or fitness for any purpose or performance, satisfactory quality, or any warranty that the Vehicle shall be free from defect in material and/or workmanship. The Buyer agrees that the bids received and the closing price will not be disclosed and that there is no obligation for the Company to sell to the highest bidder. The Company s decision on the successful bidder is final. The Buyer accepts that the tender may be withdrawn or extended without notice. The Buyer agrees to pay in full and collect the vehicles within one (1) day upon notification of successful tender. In the event the vehicle is to be collected at a later date, a 10% deposit or $1000 (whichever is higher) must be paid within one (1) working day of notification of successful tender The sales agreement must be finalized (fully paid and vehicle collected) within 5 days of the tender closing date. In the event the sale is for the vehicle body only, the Buyer acknowledges that the vehicle may have been deregistered. The deregistered vehicles are to be put on tow when collected from the Company s premises In the event that the Vehicle is sold to the Buyer without COE and/or PARF rebates, the Buyer agrees that the Buyer shall (if the Vehicle is still registered at the time of delivery to the Buyer), be entitled to de-register the Vehicle any time after the expiry of three (3) days from the delivery of the Vehicle to the Buyer. In the event that the Buyer purchases the Vehicle without PARF and/or COE rebates, the Vendor shall retain the title in the Vehicle until the Price and any and all such other sums as may be owing by the Buyer to the Vendor shall have been paid in full and the Vendor is able to utilize the PARF and/or COE rebates in respect of the Vehicle. The Registration Number of the Vehicle shall remain the property of the Company and may only be open for transfer at the discretion of the Company. The Buyer agrees to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions as set out here and the Terms and Conditions of the Vehicle Sale Agreement. Printed 04 Oct AM Other Items Legend Printed By