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1 T ALBOT OWNERS' CLUB TOC Magazine Index 2003 ISSUE April 1 Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting May 2 Ards 1930 John Young Ards souvenir programme June 3 Ards TT Commemoration John Young Modern Travel or Modern Motoring, STD Motors Ltd in house magazine To the Broads on a Talbot Retaining Talbot Braking Efficiency Grand Tour of Scotland July Brooklands 1000 mile Race Team Prize John Young The Lost Coachbuilder by James Fack Talbot Owners Club 1934 June Trial Across India in a Talbot June 1934 August/September 5 Impressions of the Talbot Centenary Rally Ingestre Hall by John Talbot-Cooper The Talbot Owners Club (Reformed) by David Booth Profile David Booth Across Australia in a Talbot 1907 The New Talbot Programme 1934 Conquest of the Alps Talbots Great Achievement 1934 Electrical Equipment on Talbot Cars October/ 6 Celebrating 100 years of Talbot - Brooklands by John Young Profile Tony Ward A review of the video of the STD Register National Rally by David Booth Talbot Centenary Film produced by Steven Lally DVD or video Reforming the Talbot Owners Club by John Young New Milestones in Motor Progress Better Control and Transmission - October 1934 Winter Fuel Problems November 1934 The Talbot Traffic Clutch 1934

2 2004 ISSUE January/February 7 Profile, John Ward Modern Travel, Talbot successes in 1934 Modern Travel, Adjusting the Zenith down-draught carburetter The Arctic Talbot 1, Doug Lambert March/April 8 Talbot Owners Club AGM, RAF Cosford Five years of Liege Rome Liege, David Thompson The Archer Archives 1, Talbot engine notes on lubrication The Archer Archives 2, Workings of the oil pressure relief valve on Talbot engines Modern Travel, On touring cars and touring May/June 9 The T.O.C. Tour of Exmoor, Thomas Whatton The T.O.C. at Wiscombe Park, Lucinda Ward The Archer Archives 3, Talbot 12/24v Dynamotor The Arctic Talbot 2, Doug Lambert July/August 10 Reflections on Le Mans, Martin Bryant The Archer Archives 4, Notes sent with reconditioned engines Bryan Burton Talbot 105, Robin Smith Part 1 Prescott 2004, Quentin Chases September/October 11 Roesch Remembered 35 years on, Tributes Profile, Michael Marshall The Art of Hibernation, Hugh Mackintosh The Artic Talbot 3, Doug Lambert A Royal Talbot, James Fack Better by Design, The Talbot 105, David Jones The Archer Archives 5, The Adjustment of Roesch Talbot brakes 12 Ian Hepburn (Honorary Member) Hill Climbing A Beginners Tale, Hugh Mackintosh The 8/18 Talbot, A Period Article The Archer Archives 6, Method for Making Core Plugs The Arctic Talbot 4, Doug Lambert T.O.C. Christmas Lunch 2004, David Booth A Regal Talbot, James Fack Classification of S.U. Carburettor Needles, Michael Marshall Profile, Graham Mellish

3 2005 ISSUE January/February 13 A Tale of Two Talbots, Dave Coltham The English Relative 14/45 HP Light Six Scout Model A Mystery Talbot, James Fack Delco Remy Distributor Maintenance The Archer Archives No. 7 Rotax Dynamotor March/April 14 The Ian Hepburn Collection Talbot 75 Style David Booth Racing The Flying Scot Forty Years of Talbot History The Archer Archives No. 8 Water Pump Modern Motoring The Sporting Side Spares for Talbot Cars Competition Record of Talbot Cars 1930/1931 May/June 15 Talking of Sports Cars Delightful Dorset David Booth Rivers Fletcher Collection In Their Day The Archer Archives No. 9 Talbot King Pins July/August 16 Just Fun on the Basic D.B. Tubbs The Sidney Allard Special John Reeve Part 1 Raymond Denton B.R.D.C. 500 John Ward Are you eligible? Hugh MacKintosh The Archer Archives No. 10 Talbot Pre-selector Gearboxes Over the Hills and Far Away Henry Harvey September/October 17 Talbot 105 BB Special Sports Paul Wignall A 90 and 105 Toolbox John Dodd The Archer Archives No. 11 Talbot Pre-selector Oil Feed The Sidney Allard Special Part 2 John Reeve 18 A Pair of Park Ward Talbots James Fack Changing the Engine Oil Michael Marshall The Archer Archives No. 12 Talbot Rear Axle Minutes 2005 A.G.M. The Pleasure of Owning a Talbot 18/55 Report on Spares Survey Michael Marshall

4 2006 ISSUE January/February 19 Talbot casualty by G.P. Bligh My Talbot Dick Wenley 1932 Clement Talbot Chassis The Archer Archives No Servicing Talbot 105/110 Engines Talbot Spares Bearing Data Sheets March/April 20 Nick Baldwin Collection T.O.C. AGM John Talbot-Cooper Talbot Bearing information Michael Marshall Talbot Servicing John Dodd My Talbot Part 2 Dick Wenley Talbots from the Automobile The Archer Archives No Servicing 105/110 Engines May/June 21 Lost in Time Mille Miglia for the First Time David Thomson Georges Roesch on Post War Design The Ugliest Talbot of all Time James Fack A Half Charge Device for Early Talbots - Michael Marshall The Archer Archives No Servicing 105/110 Engines July/August 22 An Awfully Big Adventure Geoff Rawlings Le Vingt-quatre Heures du Mans Classiques Martin Bryant A Shrewsbury Car returns to Ingestre James Fack The Archer Archives No Servicing 105/110 Engines Brakes the Amateur s Experience Hugh Mackintosh September/October 23 The Maastricht Mafia Quentin Chases Prescott The Hidden Costs Hugh Mackintosh The Archer Archives No. 17 All Models, Engines and Cylinders Head A Review of the Archer Archives Michael Marshall Minutes of the 2006 T.O.C AGM 24 Fred Steerwood and his Talbot Nostalgia The Early Thirties A. Henry de Solla Hardening of Battery Plates Michael Marshall The Shrewsbury Accident Trial and Tribulations Martin Bryant Garages Fit for Motor Cars William Boddy Technical Matters Talbot 90 Bearing Data Sheet Michael Marshall The Talbot Long 90 David Booth

5 2007 ISSUE January/ February 25 Visits to Europe Don Nicholas Invincible Even in a blizzard James Fack The Talbot Simmins Part 1by Martin Bryant A Short Brake Check Michael Marshall The Quintessence Charm 10/23 photo collection March/April 26 The Clement Talbot Automobile Factory 1904 The Swandean Spitfire Special The Talbot Simmins. 2. Martin Bryant Toe in or no toe in Michael Marshall May/June 27 Origin and Development of the Roesch Talbot 1952 Oil Filter Conversion. Talbot 14/45 Michael Marshall Paris to Peking Penny Rawlings Comparison of Parts Catalogues for the AD 14/45 and the AM75 July/August 28 Origins and Development of the Roesch Talbot Care and Maintenance of the Six Cylinder Talbot 1932 Dutch Courage Suzie Chases September/ October 29 Driving from the back end of beyond - Part 1 by Geoff and Penny Rawlings Talbot 105 Sports Saloon Road Test International Alpine Trial 75 th Anniversary David Thomson The A.C. fuel pump 30 Graham Mellish Driving from the back end of beyond - Part 2 by Geoff and Penny Rawlings The 20/30 Talbot My first two years with Yg Guy Gregory Tuning Talbots D. N Wilcockson 1936 Norman Garrard and the 1932 Alpine Trial Tony Hull

6 2008 ISSUE January/ February 31 Driving from the back end of beyond (Part 3) Geoff and Penny Rawlings The Talbot 90 The Builders of Brooklands - from the Old Motor 1967 March/April 32 Michael Wilcock (Honorary Member) The First Motorcar Across Australia Driving from the back end of beyond (Part 4) Geoff and Penny Rawlings The Anthony Blight Sporting Trophy The Arthur Fox Collection Check your Talbots Respiratory System Michael Marshall Fox and Talbot A Different Perspective Hugh Mackintosh May/June 33 A Unique Talbot AX65 Tickford Sunshine Saloon George Hay What s in a Coil? Targa Tasmania 2008 Bill Griffiths The Fuggle Van David Booth The Appeal of the Special Autocar 1941 Specialised Bodies for Talbots from The Motor 1932 Mille Miglia 2008 David Thomson First Time on the Measham 2008 Paul Caton July/August 34 Ignition Faults Michael Marshall The Archives Ian Potts Petrol Tank Capacities David Booth September/ October 35 John Gray 1934 ~ 2008 James Fack Talbot True Story from The Motor 1953 Cars of the Connoisseur J. R. Buckley 1960 Valve Removal and Replacement Michael Marshall Let There Be Adequate Light Ian Potts A Talbot 95 for the Monte Carlo Rally from The Motor Post Script to Let There Be Adequate Light Ian Potts My Talbot Racing Year (Part 1) John Polson Ignition Timing Michael Marshall Cars of the Connoisseur (Part 2) by R.J. Buckley 1960

7 2009 ISSUE January/ February 37 Bob Dunning 's 1934 BA110 Airline by James Fack Care and Maintenance of the 10/23 Talbot - The Autocar July 1925 My Talbot Racing Year (Part 2) by John Polson From The TOC Archives Ian Hepburn collection Talbot Years - Cars of Photos March/April 38 The Third RAC Rally - The Motor March 1934 TOC AGM by David Booth Who or What is the Real Flying Scotsman? by David Thomson Motoring Sportsman The Hon B Lewis - Motor Sport Nov 1932 A Talbot Trap by Michael Marshall A Review 'Talbot in the First World War' by James Fack Your Talbot In Profile - AXD67 by James Tibbitts Care and Maintenance of the 10/23 Talbot - The Autocar July 1925 May/June 39 Wiscombe and Axe Valley Weekend by David Booth From the TOC Archives Patrick Talbot and GO53 (letter) Talbot Refinements - 65 Model - The Autocar April 1932 Virgins to the Atlantic by Martin and Hilary Bryant Harewood Weekend by Jean Wilkinson Synchronise Your points and purr like a true Talbot by Ian Potts TOC 2009 AGM Minutes - Valerie Lloyd July/August 40 Bleriot Photo Scoop Years On by David Jones The French Weekend by Carole Lucas The Fastest Race of the Year from The Autocar 3rd October 1930 An Update from Tasmania by Bill Griffiths Celebrating Talbot Success In The Alps - Again by David Thomson 1934 Talbot Alpine Anniversary by Fred Herzog and Christina Hainz Eve of Show New Car Announcements from The Motor 16 October 1935 VSCC Prescott 75th Birthday by David Booth Fromes Hill and the Invincible Talbot by David Jones Talbots Invincible - The Charge of the Light Brigade by Martin Bryant TOC and the VSCC Malvern Anniversary by David Booth BRDC 500 Race - Silverstone Classic by John Ward BDC 60th Anniversary Race Weekend by John Ward The Award Winning Club - Photos September/ October 41 A Talbot Wins The Brooklands Vintage Prescott Award GX68 Considerations of Taste by Michael Marshall VSCC Welsh Trial by David Booth From The TOC Archives Kop Hill Retrospective by Martin Bryant Crankshaft Torsional Vibration by Norman Sharp 42 TOC Archives - The TOC Acquires a Ready-Made Archive Let There Be Light by Martin Bryant Georges Roesch - Who's Who in the Motor Trade A Double Birthday Celebration 1909 Talbot 4AB 100 years & Norman Sharp at 90 years. How to Fake It And Please the Wife by Ian Potts Talbot Charging by Derek Howard-Orchard SU Carburettor Problems Solved on an AD 14/45 by John Essam 2009 TOC Review Meeting minutes Cars and People From Events in Photos

8 2010 ISSUE January/ February 43 The Lighter Side of the Rally by Kitty Brunell TOC AGM Weekend Talbot Dynamotor Systems: Battery Charging by Martin Cragg 1931 Olympia - Wylder Coachwork Long Nuts and Proggling Tools by Michael Marshall Wiscombe and West Country Weekend TOC Archives VSCC Silverstone Spring Start - A Fox and Nicholl Reunion Talbots in Competition Magazine Index The Anthony Rawlings Trophy March/April 44 TOC Regalia Peter Richardson by Keyth Richardson TOC AGM Impressions by John Talbot-Cooper Fox and Nicholl from the Beginning collated by John Ward Fox and Nicholl 80th Anniversary by Martin Bryant Reconditioning Talbot Little Ends by Michael Marshall Five Short Years (Part 1) by Martin Bryant Talbots Win Against the Flying Scotsman Again by David Thomson Talbots in Competition New Monthly Meeting The Talbot Owners' Club AGM May/June 45 TOC Regalia - An update Chris Rawlinson by John Kinley Comfortable? Its Luxurious! From The Motor Oct 23rd 1933 Wiscombe Weekend by David Booth The Folly of Hanging onto Top From The Motor Oct 24th 1933 Laon or Bust by Peter and Delia Gillies The Prototype 105 Vanden Plas Tourer by James Fack Your Talbot in Profile DG8829 by Tim Robinson Five Short Years (Part 2) by Martin Bryant Ignition Advance by Michael Marshall 1927 Talbot 14/45 for Auction Talbots in Competition Cars from Celebrating 80 Years July/August 46 Kop Hill Climb A very, very pleasant day by Dave Coltham Failure to Proceed by Martin Bryant A One-off Early 105 Tourer: 'VV1405' by James Fack Le Mans Classic 2010 by Chris and Jean Salmon My Other Car is a.riley by Hugh Mackintosh TOC Supper and VSCC Prescott Weekend by David Booth Donington Park Talbots in Competition Prescott - Some of the Cars and People

9 September/ October 47 Alpine Trial 80th Anniversary Celebration Team Light Talbot by Andrew Jolliffe A Mysterious Fuel Blockage by Michael Marshall A Tour within a Tour by Chris Mackintosh Mallory Park by Hugh Mackintosh Talbots in Competition Pensioner Power by David Booth 1923 Talbot 10/23 Gordon England Sports by Tony Ward Kop Hill Climb Weekend 2010 by David Booth Warwick Wright Advert The Autocar 12th June 1931 Donington Park VSCC Race Meeting by David Booth VSCC Welsh Weekend by Lucinda Ward Donington Delights 48 Proceed with Caution by James Wheildon TOC Christmas Lunch by David Booth From the Archives by James Fack Use, Misuse and Abuse of Controls The Autocar March 27th 1931 TOC Derbyshire Fun Run by Tim Robinson Warwick Wright Advert The Autocar May 1st 1931 The Talbot Electric Clock by Wavell Urry The VSCC Lakeland Trial by Lucinda Ward Some of the Events in 2010

10 2011 ISSUE January/ 49 The Year With My Allard Talbot by Michael Strauss February Under The Microscope: The Creation Of The 1932 Alpine Team Cars by James Fack The Small High-Efficiency Engine Light Car & Cycle Car 27/5/22 Hang It! Can't We Get The Door On Right? by Keyth Richardson The Achievements of Talbot During 1930 The Autocar January 2nd 1931 The Ross 'Pop' Effect On Oil Pressure by Michael Marshall Talbot th Anniversary at Silverstone Donington Park Race Meeting TOC AGM 2010 Minutes TOC Spares News by Ian Potts March/April - May.June Cars Celebrating 80 Years in Talbots in Profile 1913 Talbot 20/40 by Alan Richens Talbot Chassis Records by Guy Gregory TOC AGM at the Coventry Museum of Transport by David Booth Rotax Dynamotor Brush Replacement by Rob May Rotax Dynamotor Armature by Tony Ward TOC Visits Vintage Montlhery by James Wheildon Letter from Geoffrey Wooding to Mr Wilcock TOC Spares News by Ian Potts VSCC Silverstone Birthday Celebrations by David Booth Through the Looking Glass by Martin Bryant Roesch Talbot Manual Clutches by Michael Marshall RH Insurance Advert TOC Lincoln/VSCC Cadwell Park Weekend by David Booth VSCC Donington Park Weekend by David Booth AGM and Montlhery 2011 July/August 51 John Young 1944 to 2011 by David Booth Talbot Motor Ambulances - Talbot Sales catalogue Talbots Full Steam Ahead by Martin Bryant TOC Supper and VSCC Prescott by Sally Morris Through the Looking Glass Part 2 of 2 by Martin Bryant Agony and Ecstasy in the Alps By Martin Bryant and Susann Cook Talbot Manual Transmissions Section B Gearboxes by Michael Marshall Mea Culpa or Sodt's Law? by James Fack Talbots In Competition TOC Spares News by Ian Potts Talbots in the Alps and at Prescott September/ October 52 Talbot Scripts Beginners Luck - The Peak District Fun Run by John Topham RH Insurance Kop Hill Weekend By David Booth Section C - Torque Tube and Rear Axle by Michael Marshall VSCC and TOC Welsh Weekend by John Ward

11 Modern Radiator Design The Autorcar 3rd May 1929 TOC Spares News by Ian Potts Talbots in Competition Talbot Light Car Anniversary - Kop Hill 53 TOC Christmas Lunch by David Booth Talbots in Profile 1916 CY15/20 by Malcolm Fishwick Making a Car Hold the Road The Motor 27th May 1930 The Lakeland Weekend By John Ward Combating the Ethyl Peril by Michael Marshall 80 Years ago by David Booth The Zenith Carburettor The Motor 27th May 1930 TOC Spares News by Ian Potts Italian Escapade Some of the Events from 2011

12 2012 ISSUE January/ February 54 The TOC Visits Hungary in 1936 by John Ward A Colonial Restoration By Robert Follows Talbot Owners' Club Ltd AGM Minutes Monuments to the Car from The Daily Telegraph A Truly Outstanding Colonial Talbot Restoration March/April 55 The Finest Holiday Ever Modern Motoring Sept TOC Annual General Meeting Weekend by David Booth VSCC Silverstone By John Ward New 20-70hp Talbot The Autocar 11th April 1930 Henry Garner Talbot Advert The Autocar 22nd September 1933 More On The Ethyl Peril by Michael Marshall The Easy to Adjust Rockers Clement Talbot Advert A Spare Distributor Cap, Rotor Arm, Leads and Plug Cap by Ian Potts TOC AGM and Awards May/June 56 A Weekend in the South West By Jill Urry Don Rathbone 1932 to 2012 by Tony Ward The Desmo Safebeam Headlamp The Motor 10th January 1933 Guy Gregory's Talbot Database By James Fack Lincolnshire Weekend by Lucinda Ward Rotax Switches By Michael Marshall Talbot 105 Motor Sport November 1932 Comfort The Autocar 11th July 1930 Converting to the Modern Distributor Cap by Tony Ward Too Much Safety By Clement Talbot The Autocar 13th July 1923 Saunders Coachwork Motor Sport November 1933 Take your Pick July/August 57 An Extract on the Talbot Simmins From David Booth TOC Archives by James Fack TOC Crossword 2012 by Michael Marshall A Maharajah's Motor By James Fack Le Mans Classic 2012 by Bob Davies Loire Loup by Martin Bryant Points to Watch by Michael Marshall TOC Supper and VSCC Prescott Weekend From David Booth RH Insurance TOC Peak District 'Fun Run' & Season-Closer Weekend Summer Events 2012

13 September/ October 58 Brooks Motor Equipment The Autocar Oct. 11th 1929 Down Draught Carburation system The Autocar March 20th 1931 The Tale of a Magnetic Mouse by Michael Marshall A Glance at the Light Cars TOC Chilterns Weekend by David Booth 15 New Records - Clement Talbot Advert The Autocar Nov. 14th 1930 Talbot Servicing by John Dodd Talbot Electrics - Condensers by Ian Potts The Welsh Weekend by Tony Ward Autumnal Exploits 59 TOC Crossword - The Solution The Sun Shines on Buxton as Paradise is Found by Paul Wignall The "Ninety" Speed Model Talbot Motor Sport November 1930 TOC Christmas Lunch by Lucinda Ward Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury and Heythrop Park by James Fack TOC 10th Anniversary Events for 2012 Britain's Safest Car - Talbot 14/45 - Clement Talbot Advert Autocar 8/3/30 Hints on Maintainance The Autocar March 1st 1929 A Look back over 2012

14 2013 ISSUE January/ February 60 Warwick Wright Says - Advert Autocar 20/2/31 TOC 10th Anniversary Events for 2013 Talbot Dealers and Service Agents - Advert Modern Travel Jan 1935 Saltburn Speed Trials by Martin Bryant The Blue Light - Watch Your Oil Pressure - Modern Travel Oct 1933 Minutes of the 2012 TOC Annual General Meeting Talbots from 1933 March/April 61 Talbot Owners' Club By David Booth Arthur Nash By Christopher Hudson TOC 10th Anniversary AGM Weekend By David Booth A Female Perspective By Sue Wheildon Pateley Bridge Hill Climb by Martin Bryant 2013 Anniversary AGM Weekend May/June 62 Dunlop Rubber Company Modern Travel September 1933 George and the Invincible Weta By Alistair Robinson Snakes and Mazak By Michael Marshall Fixing your Condenser By Graeme Bennett Southwest Weekend by Graeme Bennett T.O.C AGM Minutes T.O.C. 10th Anniversary Events for 2013 T.O.C. Website and Forum A 14 HP Collection July/August 63 Italy is a Paradise for Motorists The Motor May 1937 Brooklands Extravaganza By Tony Ward Stopping Shocks at their Source The Light Car October 1924 Restoring your Hot Spot By Michael Marshall Gallay Steel Trunks Modern Motoring July 1933 North Yorkshire Tour By Jean Salmon T.O.C. 10th Anniversary Events for 2013 T.O.C. Forum Prescott Weekend By David Booth Thornton Engineering Ltd Modern Motoring July 1933 Talbot Rear Brake Shoes Wavell Urry RH Insurance advert Summer Events September/ October 64 The Resurrection of a Talbot 110 By Bill Griffiths VSCC and TOC Welsh Weekend By John Ward Giro d'italia 2013 By The Group The Works of Clement Talbot Automobile Engineering March 1927 Norfolk and Snetterton Weekend By Ian and Gill Potts Improvements to Talbot Brakes By John Dodd and Martin Cragg Giro d'italia 2013

15 65 A Tale of Two Coupés By Alistair Robinson 1911 Invincible Talbot Advert Talbot Owners' Club Christmas Lunch It Pays to Advertise By Julian Hunt There and back Again By Anthea Coltham Lighting Update By Ian Potts Invincible Talbot Advert The Autocar 31stOctober 1924 It's the People

16 2014 ISSUE January/ February Talbots Triumphant By Martin Bryant 1914 Sales Brochure - Specification of a Limousine Body An Internal Full Flow Oil Filter By Ian Potts 'Auto' Road Trials - The Talbot The Auto Motor Journal 2/8/23 New Pistons and Con Rods for 75/90 Owners Clement Talbot Advert The Autocar April 24th 1931 Old Lane Adventures Tours Georges Roesch Trophy - Past Winners March/April 67 TOC AGM Weekend By Tim Robinson Royalty and Motoring Modern Travel July 1933 Talbot Solid Copper Gaskets By Michael Marshall For Sale and Wanted T.O.C. Subscription Changes T.O.C. Forum New Members and their Talbots TOC AGM and The Flying Scotsman May/June 68 TOC First Event Announcement Modern Travel June 1934 TOC Southwest Weekend By Lynn Pickup and Christina Andrews Which Oil? By Ian Potts TOC First Event Modern Travel July 34/Autocar 29th Jun 34/ Motorsport Aug 34.. TOC Norfolk Tour By Ian Potts Pass and Joyce Advert Modern Travel June 1934 Talbot Spares for 75/90 Models 2014 Restorations July/August 69 An 18 Year Talbot Rebuild Saga by Jim Parker Le Mans Classic 2014 By Marj Burnett The Loire Loop - Fabulous Five Days By Vivien Fishwick A Magnetic Tale By Ian Potts Talbot Spares for 75/90 Models Talbot Recommend Castrol Oil Advert TOC 80th at the VSCC Clubs Day Aston Hill Climb By Martin Bryant VSCC Prescott Weekend and TOC Supper Talbot Database By Guy Gregory Le Mans and Loire Loop

17 September/ October 70 RH Specialist Insurance Advert TOC Aston Clinton/Chilterns Weekend By David Booth VSCC Welsh Weekend By Tony Ward TOC Spare Update By Ian Potts Georges Roesch's Affair with Art Deco By Martin Bryant Warwick Wright Advert The Autocar 23rd February 1923 & Quiz TOC Forum TOC 80th at Aston Clinton 71 Results from the Christmas Quiz by James Fack Howard Day's 1930 AM90 Darracq Tourer By James Fack Ultrasonic Cleaning By Ian Potts My GPS By Malcolm Fishwick TOC Christmas Lunch By David Booth Election of Committee Members 2014/ TOC AGM Minutes On The Trail of the Alpine Trials organised by Old Lane Adventures TOC 80th Anniversary

18 2015 ISSUE January/ February 72 TOC AGM 2015 Silence, Power and Economy (12/30 Talbot) Autocar Feb. 12th 1926 TOC Ventures North - Harewood Hill Climb and Cadwell Park The New 12/30 Six Cyl. Model Autocar Nov. 3rd 1922 The Italian Connection By David Booth Which Oil? By Bill Griffiths Doug Lambert By John Ward The Flying Scotsman 2015 Cambridge Capers 2015 Talbot - Four and Six Cylinder Types - Motoring Encyclopaedia The 12/30 Six Cyl. Model Autocar Dec 14th 1923 Talbot Owners' Club Trophy Past Winners March/April 73 TOC AGM Reflections by David Booth TOC Ventures North - Harewood Hill Climb and Cadwell Park TOC Supper and VSCC Prescott Weekend Dunhills Ltd Luggage Advert Autocar Aug 29th 1929 Useful Hints - The Rotax Battery for a Talbot Modern Travel May 1935 The New Self Changing 'Accelerating' Gearbox The Motor Sept 27th 1932 Cambridge Capers 2015 The Hopes, Fears and Thrills Modern Travel March 1935 Talbots in Competition Hats for the Owner Driver Modern Travel May 1935 Talbot Cars at the 2015 AGM May/June 74 Le Mans Classic 2016 TOC Vintage Montlhéry by David Booth Warwick Wright Advert Autocar April 28th 1933 TOC Yorkshire Weekend By Hilary Bryant Air Filters By Ian Potts Nintey in the Sun By Iris Capell Modern Travel August 1933 Reflections of a New Member 2015 Tour de France By Reno Gatto Talbots in Competition Dunlop Tyres Advert Modern Travel Jan 1935 Cambridge Capers 2015 Montlhéry 2015 July/August 75 Brockbank cartoon Transports of Delight by Stephen Law Warwick Wright Advert Autocar June 12th 1931 Tour de France By David Booth Pass and Joyce Advert The Motor October 24th 1933 Talbot VdP Rear Light Unit Fabrication By Wavell Urry From the Archives By James Fack Spalding TOC Noggin By David Booth

19 September/ October TOC Prescott By John Talbot-Cooper Who Do You Know? Do Tell Tour de France 76 David Roxburgh Profile Transports of Delight by Stephen Law Wefco Spring Advert The Motor 28th September 1926 Talbot Themed Tour A Talbot Vanden Plas Tourer from South Africa By David Roxburgh 2016 Le Mans Classic A Distributor Cam Lubricator By Ian Potts Welsh Weekend Cambridge Capers By Ian Potts TOC Christmas Lunch Talbots in Competition Talbot Coupe's 77 Radiator Muffs The Light Car and Cyclecar 10th Oct A Talbot VdP Tourer from South Africa Part 2 By David Roxburgh Talbot Dealers Advert Modern Travel April 1935 Talbot Themed Tour A Visit to Talbot 90 World Headquarters By Kevin Beesley Visiting Cecil's By Ian Potts Welsh Weekend TOC Christmas Lunch by David Booth TOC Trophies 2015 Transports of Delight by Stephen Law Angoulême 2016 Clement Talbot Advert 25h.p. Model on the Australian Tour in 1910 Touring Spares By Ian Potts Anthony Blight Sporting Trophy Winners