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3 US.DA FRESH FRUIT."> andy EG ET ABLE PRICES 1968 REFERtNCE DO NOT LOAN...?) It,,) ' ) 'J:) == ;;Q.- m w-f ::r - rn t:«l I:: 17.1 Iil... w en :s W"'_OE$.A LE,,_UCTI9N F.O.B. CHICAGO AND CHICAGO AND.LEADING NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK CITY SHiPPING POINTS! STATISTICAL BU LL ETIN MO. 443 JULY 1969 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Consumer and Marketi'ng Service Fruit and Vegetable Division Washington, D.C.

4 2 PREFAC.E Prices listed in this report represent sales in wholesale lots of certain fresh fruits and vegetables at New York City, Chicago and at important shipping points where market news field stations wer located during 196B. The report also includes monthly average auction prices for important fresh fruits compiled by the Economic Research Service from information contained ri the New York Daily Fruit Reptirter and Chicago Daily Fruit and Vegetable Reporter. wholesale prices for private sales at New York City and Chicago are simple averages of representative prices for each 1Uesday. In arriving at the Tuesday prices, local market reporters consider estimated volume of sales at different price levels, quality, condition, and other factors. These wholesale prices in most cases represent private sales in less than carlot quantities. Generally they represent sales made by the first. seller on the wholesale market. In a few instances, prices representing sales in carlots or sales at auction are reported, but these are indicated in the body of the report. Prices are for stock of generally good merchantable quality and...condition, unless ot!.rwise stat!!!" Grades are sho\,:n where quoted by grade. Prices reported for important shipping points or areas are simple averages"of the mid-points of the daily range throughout the '1ear as reported by 10l:al market news offices. They refer to sales in straight or mixed carloads or truckloads, unless otherwise noted. An average shipping point price for a month generally is shown cnly when there were quctations for six or more days during that month. "Sales f.o.b." refer to transactions in which the buyer assumes responsibi.1tty for the commodity at shipping point. "Delivered sales, shipping point basis", efer to transactions in Which the seller assumes responsibility for delivery to. the rket. Prices for the latter group of transactions are adjusted to a shipping point basis by making appropiate deductions for transportation and protective services. The report includes a table of estimated value per carlot of fresh fruits and vegetables for 1967 and 1968 by months, at New York City and Chicago (Table 4). These estimates are intended to indicate a comparati"e trend rather than an absolute value per car. They do not include prices for produce sold in other sections of the country, nor do they include commodities sold on these markets but not included in this prie summary. Major changes were made in 1960 and 1966 in the loadings per carlot in connection with the transportation reports, compiled for fruits and vegetables,to reflect current loading practices. These higher 'loading factors were used in computing the estimated value per carlot and are reflected in higher values per carlot. Estited value per carlot is comuted by multiplying the monthly prices at New York City and Chicago for various commodities shown in this report by the number of packages per carlot for respective commodi t:i.es. These computed carlot values are then weighted by the monthly unloads adjusted to carlot equivalents. The indices of wholesale value per carlot (Table 5) were computed from the whol sale value information described in the preceding paragraphs. Prepared by Market News Rranch, Fruit and Vegetable Division Consumer and Marketing Service ls - 'm'tlmrn.l,' "-- J,...,." " 1 For.ale by Ihe SUlierlnlende,,1 or Documenls. U.S. Governmenl rrinllng omce, Wa,hloglcn, D.C.,

5 3 c: 0 N 'l' Il N 'l' S 2 'l'.ble :. -ontinued 'l'.l. 1. -Wholesale prices of specified fruits Deciduous Fruits and vegetables at New York City and Chicago, Apples each month by market, origin 'lind description, Apricots ;... 4 Cherries.., Grapes Berries. Nectarines... o." 'B'ia'C:i(berries... "",,... 4 Peaches Blueberries "... "... "."... ""... " Pears Cranberries "... ".. "".".... "... "."...4 Plums Raspberries.... Prunes, Fresit strawberries.".". ".... Tabl. 3. -Average prices of specified fruits citrus Fruits and vegetables at leading shipping points, Grapefruit each month, by description of sale, Limes... " Oranges Berries Tangelos... " Bltieberries 15 Tangerines... "."..... Raspberries 15 Strawberries 15 Other Fruits Apples Citrus Fruits Avocados... "... " Grapefruit peaches... ".. 0'... "... "... "".. ".. 5 Lemons Prunes I Fresh... " Oranges Miscellaneous Melons Tangerines Canta10ups... 6 other Fruits Honeydew Melons...," 6 Apples watermelons Apricots..., Cherries Vegetables Grapes...,... " Asparagus Nectarines... ; Beans, Lima Peaches Beans, Snall Pears Beets...,.. 7 Plums Broccoli _0 7 Prunes I Fresh Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Melons Carrots cantaloups cauliflower B Honeydews Celery Miscellaneous Melons Corn, Swee.t o.... o... o. 8 Watermelons 22 Cucumbers Eggplant Vegetables Endivehicory Asparagus Escarole Beans, Lima Kale Beans, Snap Lettuce Broccoli Mushrooms 9 Cabbage Onions, Dry carrots Peas, Green cauliflower... " Peppers, Green Celery Potatoes cern, Sweet Radishes Cucumbers Rhubarb... ; Eggplant Spinach Escarole sweetpotatoes..., ".ettuce..., Tomatoes...,". 11 ",tlions, Dry Peppert>, Green Table 2. -Auction prices of specified citrus Potatoes and deciduous fruits in New York City and Spinach Chicago, each month, by market, origin and Sweetpotatoes description, Tornatoes Citrus pruits Table 4. --Computed wholesale values per carlot Grap,efruit ;l2 of dc-mestic fresh fruits and vegetables, New Lcmc.:ns...,.. 12 Yorl,t City and Chicago, by months, Oranges Tangelos Tangerls 'l'abla S. --Index of wholesale value of fresh fruits and vegetables at New York Cit;y and Chicago, by months, H H # # #

6 4 Tab'-e 1. --Wholesale prices of specified fruits and vegetables at New York City and Chicago, each month by market, origin, and description, 1968 J:.I BERRIES Riir!(et, Origin and! Jan. Feb.! M!lr.! Ap':! May I June! July Aug. I Sept.! Oct.! Nov. description!!!! " - Do11ars per Unit - Dec. Blackberries Mew York! 1I'.J., fler pin"t;.110.:33.36 Blueberries.., Yorkl CUltivated, per pint R.c...., N.J.,...,., Chiiti!OI CU hsted, per pintfh., Mich., N.C., M;J., Cranberries Mew York! ZS-l-lb.fil. bags, carton- MBss., Early varieties Ho\ies Cliicago! Za-l-lb.fil. begs, carton- JiBss., 1!srly varieties.'r 6.25 Howes WiS., Searles Raspberries New York! calif., Reds, l/2-pint # Strawberries NeW York! Various varieties, per pintcalit., lio Fla....:,' Mex:l.cu, Chicago. Various varieties, pe:, pint- QUit., # La.,... Mexico,....3li.35 '38.241#.l6fq.26# CITIlUS-FRUITS 2/ New York! lo-lb.!lat- Fla., Persian, various sizes !' Z ZO 1.12 loll Chicago! -w:u;:-flat- Fla., Persian, various sizes /1 2.2li Grapefruit Chicago! -yarrou; varietiea Ti-r;usliel crates & cartons- Fla' t Indian River Oi9 ':7" li I.6z 4.,Ott Interior Dist., l5fq Oranges Chicaqo! Various varieties a/s-liushel crates &. cartons., Flo., ;1 ) , ) Z2 rgo! - ushel crates & certods- Limes Fla., Chicago. lis-bushel crates cartons- Fla., Mexico,... Tangerines 17 'Prices shown Bre ai.ple avrage of representative prices for Tuosday of each week during the Month, 2/ For Auction prices ilee Toble 2. i-offerings 11ght. fq - Fair quality , )

7 5 Table 1. --Continued anllm.frults MBket, OrigIn and description Jan. Feb. Mar. : Apr. : May : June July Aug. Sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. 60iiars per Untt Ne.. York..! or better, 2!-in.up, unless stated- Eastern box' 1-l/B-bushel carton N.Y.Hudson Valley- Cortland..."... " Golden Delicious "'..... Red DIltUcious... carton cell pack, , unless stated- N.Y., Hudson Valley, McIntosh.a 4.1Z New England, McIntosh, USFancy Carton cell pack, VSFancy, , C.A,Storage- NY., Hudson Valley, McIntosh 4.88 Hev' England, McIntosh ",... /I Chicago.,USFancy,fil. bags, Zt-ln.up, 10:5-16. MiCii:";'"'Jonathan McIntosb...." 3.60 Red DslicioLis "'... "'" '" "' Cartons,USFancy,fil. bags,zt-in.up, 1% "1IIcli:";""JanathBn... McIntosh... "'.. "'... '" ",.. "''' Red Delicious... "'...." Cartons,USFancy,fl1. bags,zi-in.up, li-3-i6. - C.A.storage MIch.. " Jonathan... "... '" '" '" ",..... McIntosh... ",.. "'... "'..... Rtfd DeliciouB "'.. " z z Z ; Ne.. York, Various varieties, flats (approx. 13-1bs.5 calif., Fla.! Chicago, "V'iirI'OiiS varieties, flats (approx. 13-1bs.) calif., Fla.,... 2.; h New York. U.S.NO.1, or better 2-1n.up., unless stbted,.;uil-bubhr,l crate Or carton- Ga., Coronet... ". _..... Keystone... Southland N.C., cardinal... Coronet _ Dixired Redhavon _... ". Sunhigh... Triogem.... Po." S.e. Redhaven... _". Rio Oso Ge.... Sunhigh... "... _.... Redhaven..... Sunhigh... Coronet.... Dixired... _..... Keystone... "_. "... _.'.. Loring... t..... Redhaven... "..... Southland... I'.... Triogem... _..., ; z7 PO Auction prices see able Z. i.- Offerings light.

8 6 TIlble 1 --Continued drhlm FRUITS--CONTlNUIID Market. Origin and descripuon c3 i fl oi 0,1'1 or better z-la,up,. WlledS atoted J7&.SUahal crate or carton- Jan. Feb. I Mar. I Apr. I May I June I I I - Doliars per Unit - I July I Aug. I Sept.: Oct. I Nov. Dec. /--conti.nued Ga Cardinal a 5.1Z s.:;o Coronet...,- Keystone... Southland It Ill Redhaven... Mich., Sunhaven... S.C., Cerdinal Coronet... Keystone...'... Redhaven... Southland... " ).85 ;;, Dixired... II 5.00 Sunhigh !lew York' 17z-buahe1 basket. carton Mort);ost, Early ltabar type Italian type... ChicagoI 17%-liii8heI basket carton- Morthwest, il8rly ItaUan type... Holian type.;0 "ew York I Juabo Cl:8 to 36s. ""XrTi:7"... z.8z " Prunes, Fresh I MELONS Canta10ups CeUf... Mexico,.'..., ChiC::OI Jua crate - 36s Ai"lZ.,... (;tlif... Ten.,... Mexico, "ov Yorkl Honeydews Z ) Z Z !ltiniliird flat cratt!1 9-12s. unless stbtecj CaHI.,... Texas z carte.lul, approxillllte, Z/3-flat crate, 5-8s... Mexico, CicBgol tlind...d flat crate I 9-lZs. unless sts'edcalif., '" & Teus,.. "'.. "'...,... cartods.; 5-8s... Me.ico, II Water_lons z.85 II.Z5 II.Z ) z Z , z.ii B 'Hav Yorkl l'itr Pound- Various state6, Charleston Oray. Zo-ZS-1b.Av Z0.0) ZS-3Z-1b.Av..0)6z.000zo Mexico; Peacock, flat cartons z C\l!C8JOI l' und- Mo., Charloston O...y b.Av Texas.eber1eaton Oray,ZO-25-1b.Av., b.Av SripQs. i5-"o-1b.av.... Jtico, Peacock. 1Z-15-lb.Av.11QO ooS.07Z5 -. Z/ For Auction prices see Table Z. J. Offerings light. f - Few. /j.7s S Z z f '."

9 @ UPotA' 1981

10 " 8 Table 1. --Continued VJ!XlETAIlLI!S--CONTlNUI!D ""rket, origin and dollcrietion I Jan. Fob. Mar. I Apr. I : May June I July Aug. sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. - Dollarll per Unit - Cabbage-_Continuod Cbica9iil!lallia typo ""Wi, SO-lb. sack l.sz Dc_.tie Round tz:pel.18 Z.Sl l.88 2.lZ l.9s 'i-j7&-liiishel crato, unless stated 111., Various used crates, app,:oxillbte SO-lbs... Texas,... 3.)9 z z z!I.ll h ) z.36 3.Z1 Z Z /i /i.8z 4.sz 3.S0 Ii.S h.1s 3.S1 S.OO 3.95 h.8z 3.75 S S.h3 4.6z 4.lZ z.6/i.78 2.S9 z liev Yorkl 'fopj)ed,vbshed li8-1-1b.fil.. bagscaltf.. Crate...;, Mesh,.astor contoiner Texas, Mash, IIlBster container CanadB, Film, I18star con\ainer Chicegol ped,wallhed, /i8-1-lb.!ilm bagslii., Crate so h.4s 4.7l 4.sz S.48 Texas, Mash, Me.h, master container master container S S New York I Calif., Cartons,!il.. wrapped, N.Y.,(catski11 Sec.) Cartons, N.Y.L.I.,Long Island type crate, 128 Tens, Cartons, fil.. wrapped, 12s.. 4.6z ::hicagol calif., cartons" film wrappod, lzs Cauliflower n /i S h ; 3.ho ; 3.65 Mich., Long Island typo crate, lzs Z.3; Open cantaloup crate, 12s... z.6; 2.66 Toxa!!!, Long Island typo crate, lzs 4.2; /i 3.8/i 3.4/i ;0 z.9; 2.83 S.2S 3.7S 4.3z 3.4; 4.8/i ; 3.00 ) z New Yorkl ScBl type Crates- CaUl., 2-3-dozon..... " ;.S9 h.06 ;.6l ; ; ;.ls Fla., l-4-ozon ; ; /i.7s N.Y.Org.Co., Z-;l-dozen... z.;8 2.Z9 2.7; Z.; Chicogol "'15iii'SCiiT"type - Crates- Cal1! Z-3-dozen... ;.70 5.h S.hz II.z6 3 S ; 4.sz 4.;2 'F1A,. l h-dozen... S ; 4.;; 11.;8 4.;0 3.SO/I Z 2.71 z M h., Z-4-dozen... "... Corn, Sweet Now York I yoyrow:: -rib':';' 5-dozen, crate ;.71 ;.31 4.; z II.l 4.5'0' N.Y., Cratos, approximate, bl-;-dozon... 2.lZ z ChicagoI -v;n:o;;; S-dozen, crate- Fla.,... 4.;2 :;.SO ; II.zS ; h Ill.,... z.4z S liew Yorkl Iilt.hel baskot 1-1/9-bushol crato 'la., " N.C., Cucumbers 11.; zs z.so 3.7; 3.9; 1Z.Z; 18.7; N.Y.L.I., ; 2.78 S.C., ;0 British West Indios,...11.;0 lz ;0 MeXico,...14.;0 11.Z; 13.; ChicagoI Dushel basket. 1-1/9-bushel crate- Fia., < ; z h # Ill., "",rico, S ;0 111.;0 R-Offering. light. UPOATA, 1981

11 9 Table 1. --Continued VI:XlETABLI!S--CONTINUED MBrket, l)i:lgin ad description Jan. Feb.,,, Mar. : Apr. ley June - Dollars per Unit July Aug. sept.: Oct. Nov. Doc. IIew York. Bushel liasket '1.e.., IIJ.,... Chicagoj Z 6.00 h hz 5.1Z :; h Z5 6.Z5 t.75fq Bushel basket- Fla.,...., ' ' Ill.,...,... 5.; z.56 3.Z; Endive-Chicory liew Yorln bushe1 crate- Fla.,...., b Z.:;2 3.6z z II.J., h 1.67 Z.75 IIew York. 1-I7-Sushel crate 1'la.,... " z.z h.65 N.J "" """ " """ "" "" "".. "" IO" ",,",," " "" 1.7Z Kale II"" York. N"J., Various used crates ;0 1.z z 1.6z 1.1Z Va.", 1-3/'5-hushe1 crate, bunched.. z.t5 Z.Zl Z.Z5 Z.Z; Z.50 II"" Yorln Iceberg type - z4 heada, carton- Ariz.,... ; ;0 3.6z z 4.60 calif., z z lIz h h.9o Big B08ton type - zli lieade, &stern Boston crate- Fla.,..., z z.z ZS if.j.,... <l Z Ro.ine type - 1-1/9-bushel crateha., z.19 Z.13 1, z.50 II,J.,... 1.z SZ 1.7Z Z.OO 1,38 Z.lZ Chicago. type - til heads, carton- Ariz.,... 6.z8 lif., lZ Z z J.15 Z.94 Mullhro<uls '5Z 3.41 IIev '!ork. Extra Fency and,.special- Pil., liql\art bilsket h t Chicago. IIr:7'I-pound carton z z.7z.7z Onions, Dry,IIew York. O:i!i. sack- Calif., Yellows, liedium z.84 Yellows, large... 3.ZS 3 Z Ida-Ore., Yellow Spanish, large '" z.87 z.8h Z.76 N. Y.West' ec., Yellow Glob,medium h.zz h.84 z.ii4 Z.ZO z.z8 z.z8 Z.Z5 Yello", Globe,large Z.Z5fc Z.28 Z.30 Texas, Yellow GJ'8ne, medium YellOW Gr8nex, large z.67 z Z Z.62 Chicago. so::n;:-anck- Calif., Yellow., medium... Yellows, large Idaho, YellOW Spanieh, large Midwestern, Yellow Globe. _diu.... z Z 5.38 h.7z Z.81 7.l' /1 4.1Z Texas, YellOW Granex, medium YellO'w Granex, large... 6.Z Z.7Z Z Z.94 z.68 z.4z 3.70 z.:;11 Z z.85 z /1 3 9Z Z.57 z.lz 4.oz Z.75 Z.511 Z Z.48 Z.O; I-Offering. light. tc-fair conditin. tq-fair quality.

12 - UPOATA 1981

13 II Table 1. -Continued VEGETABLES--CONTlNUED Market, Origin and description I Jan. Feb. Mar. I Apr. I May I June I I, I)ollars per Unit July Aug. Z Sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. New York. 5-pound carton- Aich., 1&frsf.ancy, Specia1 long.. 1.li2 N.J., Per Buniih.., Z !lew York.!lavoy hee - Bushel basket" crate- Colo., cupped..., N.J.,... _ # 1.42fc 1.50# Texas" fq 3.50 Chicago. Bushel basket- Ill., Flat type Semi-flat type... 4.; Mich., Flat type ;Ofq Texas, Flat typo Savoy type Z.9li Sweetpots't.;oes New York. Dushel basket or 50-lb. carton- N.C., Porto Rico type f S II 3.88 li >6 1> N.J., Orange Jersey type..., f 5.45 ; / CbsA:ag o 1 crato- La., Porto Rico type, cured z# unc.ured li f New York' treet ales Fla.,ZO-lb.2-layer carton, vine 41 ripe, Extra large " large B"" N.J.,lZ-quart basket, vine ripe, medium large fc Ohio,8-1b.basket, greenhouse, usn, medium ica9oi reen, Ripes and Turning- CoU1., 2-layer lug, 5:0:6 19r.... Fla.,bO-lb.carton, 6:0:6 " Igr b.flat carton,vine ripe, large...' ZO-lb.2-1ayer carton, vine ripe, Extra largo" large CB S.zS "I 111.,8-quart basket, vine ripe, medium-large Sfq 1.00II Mich.,lO-lb. bask.et, vine ripe, mediu8-large f Midwestern,8-1b.carton, greanhouse, mediull-large z S7li:o:6 19r. 5/85 or more USlf1, quality. 'i-offerings tight. fc-fair condition. fq-l'air quality. f-l"ew.

14 12 Table Z.--Auction prices of specified citrus and deciduous fruits in New York City and. Chicago, each month, by market, origin., and description, Weighted average, all grades and 8ize 11 CITRUS F1iUI'I'S Alr.kat, origin aud Jan. Feb. I Mar. : Apr. I May t June description I. I July Aug. sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. - IiOliBr8 per unit - Grapefruit Nt; Yorkl ".rioua varieties -eiiu., liz-box, carton... z Z Fla., '/5-bu. box or carton, ]1 Rail. Truok }/ ; C;iciigol arioua varietiesea11f. liz-box, carton ' Nw York. Siif., li2-box, carton... 5., c:cagol Uf., liz-box, carton... h h h h h NIIW Yorkl caul., Havel, 1/2-box, carton Fla., Oranges Vatendn, li2-box, carton ? h Various varieties, his-bu. box or carton, Rail Truck j.' h Te.p1e, 4/5-bu. box or carton, Rail. Truck / 3.2; , Cg!m ol.; Navel, liz-box, carton Valencia, liz-box, carton h h.9l h h 4.85 h Tangelos Nev York I fia.. h/5-bu. box or carton, Rail Truc\, }.I... /j Tangerines New Yorkl.. 'i.., ills-bu. box or carton, Rail. Truck }.I z h, 3.72 DECIIlUOOS FRUITS New Yorkl Boxesl all!!rades and sizes- Wash., Delicious 3/ h ,h Golden Delicious h Z Red Delicious Wiesap... 'O ' Cbicagol Box, all,rades and sizes- W b Del cioufl ' ' Golden De1!cious b.oo Winesap b! NIIW Yorkl - Perfection Royal... 7.Rh.5.48 Tilton c;!ca,ol -i., Royal Tilton tlco.piled by Bcono.ic and Statistical Analysis DiviSion, EllS. Z/We1ghted avaragos tor combined rllil Bnd truck receipts compts,ed h, Ma\olt"t News Branch, Fruit and Vegetable Divisin, CUll, froll int_tion supplied by Bconomic and Statis.tical I.nll' 'ol:l Division, EllS. 1/Inc1udes Reel Strains.

15 13 Table 2. --Continued Dl!CIIJUOUS FRUITS--coifrlNUED Market, Origin and doscription Jan. Feb. I Mar. : o\pr. : May I June I Suly I o\ug. I Sept.1 I I - liouars per (init - Oct. Nov. Dec. D Nev York I, Calex.lug(20-1b. lug. looso) calif., Bing.-. 9.<)1 8.,8 Tartarian ""... """""... "...,, Oreg., Bing... 9., 7.9 Lambert Wash., Bing Lambert ChicagoI -carexiug(zo-lb lug, 1008e) &lif_. Bing,,"""""""""""""""""""" Lambert 7.25 "'ash", Lambert" "" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " 8.15 New Yorkl Table tock, Per lugcalif,,, 511leriB "".. ""..,,""""""""""" Cardinal Emperor OO Perlette "".,,""""",," ii " " " " " " Ribier !i.S6 Thompson Seedless z 4.26 ChicagoI '"Tii'bie' tock, Per lugcaltf", cal.erib Cardinal "It"""""""""""""""" ; 'Ezlperor " :'t,.41 ' ' Perlette Ribier ThOMpson Seedless Z Nev Yorkl Z-layer lug - cup pack Calif., Early SunGrand Nectarines SunGrsnd Late LeGrand LeGrand ',4 Sunrise... _ Chicagol lug - cup pdck Celif., Early SunGrand SunGrand Lat e LeGrand....; LeGrand.; 4.09 Sunrise Nev Yorkl Z-layer lug - cup pack Caif.., cardinal. io n 2.90 Hale.... Merrill Gem Redhaven"""""""""""" " " Rio 090 Gem.... SpringtimE' Suncrest ; Chicagol -z:ray;;;: lug - cu pack- Cali! D, Cardina... to Coronet " ""'"'.,,,,,,* UPDA'., Dixirod Gold Dust.... 8, Hale :30 3.1$ Merrill Gem... 4.oi Meril1 Gemfree Redhaven Rio Oso Gem 3.13 Royal May Springtie Suncrest

16 .14 Table Z. --Continued Market, Origin and description Jan. DECIDuous FRUITS--CONTINUED t.eeh. Mar. Apr.,, May - Doliars per Unit, June July Aug. Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec. Ntni York, Xit lira3es. Per 80x 5ut., BIlrtlett... " z Bose..., C".ice... D'Anjou Winter NeUs....\ Oreg., Bartlett Wash., " Bose Z.Z Z7 8.ZS Co.ice a jj'anjou... 5.!lZ z9 5.9l Bartlett Bose... li.z Co.ice 0 D'Anjou l cr ic go ' 11 Grades, Per 80" 7.0Z /J cau!., Bartlett " Oreg., Bose D'Anjou Wash., Bartlett Z 5.z BOBC " " " """"""",," """ D'Anjou IIz '.65 New York' per Crp,tecalif., Beauty zz Eldorado Laroda Late Santa Rosa 7.5/J 5.Z President 6.35 Santa Rosa h Z c::;cat' z11 r rat,;- CaUf., Beauty Bldorado Laroda Late Santa Rosa 5./ill 5.20 President Santa Rosa s '.95 Prunes, Fresh New York, I/Z-Buahe1 bb.ket- Northwest, Italian type.... Chicago, """itz=iiuihe 1 bbske t- Northwest, Italian type _ , 7.36 UPOATA 1981

17 15 Table 3...-Average prices of specuted fruits and vegetables at leading shipping points, each month b7 description of sale, (Prices in this tsble are simple 8verages of the mid-points of the daily range and are only for months. during which.arket news stations were in operation in the specified districts. All sales f.o.b. shipping point, unless otherwise stated.)

18 16 Table 3. --COl1tinued BERRIBS--OONTINUBD Shipping point ana I I Js'n. Feb. Mar. : Apr. May June July descriptiol1 of sale I I I Aug. Sept.: Oc.t: Nov: Dec. - Dollars per Unie - N... Jersey: Strawb&rriea--Continued!outG.Rev Jersey Points ge_oaton Irea - Iuction sales various varlet1os,16-quart crte 6.58 Vineland Area -!uction sales Var.1ous, varieties,ia-quart crate Virginia :53!a3tern Shore - Auction sales!;;ore Xrea - i5-quart crate 'VarIous varieties..ost1y Dixieland... _I,), Manico. utb Texas Pt -(Porta of linti')"> liiityana cro in char os paidliet in 1 eztra Z-pint flat z Z Texa Rio Grande V.11.y cartod - D..Ca.bln&tiOn - RubZ Reds ds... Z.37 OII Z.... I.....,... 2.U 27s a. 19r b. fil. bags California, Suibern 1 Central Districts Sales' f.o.b. shiepins l!olnt and delivered sales shiping Eoint basis rton epers First nrade z.& " z CITRUS-FRUITS Grapefruit Z & f1 1.8arl 4.89f1 2.81!1 2.0't/ /tf1 3.U " 3.28ft - 3./.4,11.3 tlc-t6ss D ".99 " " ".9" 4.08 ".36 Cboice tic-165s California. Soutbern l Central Districta!Jales l.o.b. IIbIPinA eoint add delivered sale. IIbiPl!inli eoint basis carton - SbieE!rs First Grade!live1 ""'RIr-i S Cboice "."" -n:ii3a ; 2." J.,2" carton - SbieE!rs First Grade VaienC1a -.:m; " " " S.12 5." " ".86. " ".62 ".62 Cboice 1III:ri3s " " Z 1) ,., " "1'e -c;;;r Rio. GrAtlde Va1ief carton - U.B.CoabinBtion various varrmti Inc1udinll liirral!fa.lin Jaff l 19r S-lb.fil. bags Valancia "1zr."i""19r....' Z."3 2.3' 2.2S S-lb.fll. bagll "a.a1 1!Ji.1gr S1 YU.S.1l0. UPDATA

19 17 Table 3. -Continued CITRUS FRUITS--CONTlNUED ----ashi=ppingpolntand------,--,q--,--,, , description of sale Jan. Feb. *r., Apr.,May,June July Aug. Sept., Oct. Nov. Dec. - DoHnrs per Unit - Oranges--Continucd Me",ico' uth Texas Points (Ports of!dtry) buty and crossing charges paid U.S.Ko.l, quality, Hal! Crste, various varieties including aa.iln,ptne,p;rsonbrown, J;diterranean SWeetsids igr.... Z.13!i-lb. fila bag VSlencia ""iz5s"t"lgr... z.80 Z.9Z z.80,-lb. fil. bag Nevel -ma.lgr.... Tangerines ""xlco, a-south Tel<Bs Points (I'Orb "I Eiitry) Duty and crossing charges paid Half Crate """Various varieties, z8 01ll1!R FRUITS Micbigan, West Micbigan Points carton tray pack U.S.Fancy, 1255 Igr. Jonathan... "..... McIntosh... Il.10 4.ll Red Delicious... Il.8z 5.lt6 U.S.Falley, zt..uplz-3-1b.lil.,..ster container- Jonathan z 3.68 Mclntosb " 3.68 Red Delicious ".60 ".68 C.A.Storage U.S.tancy, zi"up IZ-3-lb.fil.,..stor container- Jonathan., Mclntosb Red Delicious Kev York. Western. Central Nelt York Points Sates sbipping point and deuvered sales shipping point basis carton tray pack. U.S.Fancy. 125S Ir'- Red bei clous., "', U.S.Fancy, d"up 12-:3-1b.fU.,.ster container- MCIntosh " Red Delicious C.".Storage- Carton tray pack, U.S.Fancy, iz5s 19r.- Red f)l!licious. '" z U.S.FancY; d"up , tor container- McIntosh...,'... '"... I... 1t.05 Red Delicious.... North Carolina, Western Nortb Carolina Points CUk,.S-lO:ii-16.hi. 68gs, li".in. :..'ous cook1ng varieties, oIJ

20 18 Table,. --Continued 0l'IIER FRUITS--CONTIllirEn Shipping point and description of sale Jan. Feb. r Mar.: Apr. : May : June r July Aug. r sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. - DOllars per Unit - App1es--Continued North carolinai - Continued carton tray pack Cc;Gination U..BZtra Fancy. U.s.Pinel. 138a, 19r.- Red Delicious ' &.69 Red ROM & )8 Red Stayaan '.50 ".118 carton. tray packu.s.rancy, 138s Igr.- Goiden &11c10u Red Delicious I.9Z Red Stsyan... II.Z9 &.19 cartons,fil. bags,zi".ln.-lo-'-lb. Golden Delicious z Red Delicious Red Stayan Washingtonr VaSaa Valiey carton tray pack - BZtra Fancy, IjIi Igr.,.oshy lz5s.. 19r.- Golden Delicious zz Red Delicious z z oz z 6.57 Winesap & zo z oz 6.()/j C.A.Storage- Golden Delicious " 6.6z Red Delicious 6.lIz 6.65 Winesap West Virginiar AppalachIan Dist.-(w.va.-Va.-Md.-Pa.) carton tray pack- Coabination U.S.Extra Fancy and U.S,Fancy, lz55.. Igr.- Red Delicious Red Roae oz &.75 Red Stayan.... &.8& & '-lb.!il. bags.abater container u.s.fancy,zi"up- Red Delicious &6.117 Red Ro.e Red StayaBn lb.!il. bags,abstar eontainer.fancy,zt"uped Delicious Red Rome......Z8 Red Stayan.... O.A.S torage Carton tray pack Co.bination U.S.Extra Fancy and U.S.Fanel, lz5s 19r.- Red ROlle Red StaYaBn Z5 3-lb.!il. bags,abater eontainer u:s.fanc"zt"up- Red Del1eiou Red. Ro.e.38 Red S tayailn '0 "aahingtonr Yak1. Valley Wash. No" 1 - l-5/8-1n larger Moorparks, 1z-16. carton, loose Z8-lb. lug, loose &8 Wash1ngtonr Yakiaa Valley U.S.lio. 1'0:- Bings, ZO-lb. lug, loose, 12 rev larger....

21 19 'rilble 3. --Continued arhl!r FRUITS--COKTINIllm Shipping paint and description of Sale Jan. Feb. I Mar. I Apr. i May June I I I - Dollars per Unit - I I July Aug. I Sept.: Oct. Nov. Dee..!klifornlal COlceria Vailey eeoo lng 1 extra, lleting ex ra ZZ-lb. lug - D.II.iio. 1 cardinal..!'._ Perlette Z9 Thoapson Seedless..., Fresno-Cantral San Joaquin Valley zl;-ib. lug Spttror Red Malaga... Ribier Thoapson Soedless... g.rn county Points ZK-lb. lug cardinal... Bliperor Red Malaga... lubler Thoapsan Seedless... Ladi District.eoaling 1 extra Z -lb. lug - ij..ra. 1 Taltay... "' ; Michiganl liimton Barbor cash...rket growers' ssleafancy table. crates cartonsconcord, B,2-quart california I Fresno-Central San Joaquin Valley 2.-layer lug, cup pack!!:arly SunGrand s... Regular SunGrand s... Regular LeGrand. 88s " 19r... Late LeGrand. 88s " l!lr.... Nectarines Sunrise, 80-88s... " S.Z ) lil z Arkansas I 37-bushel erbte- Hydrocool1ng included 1i.!I.Ro.l. Z-in.up.-unless steted- Clarksville Area Ranger Dixired Red Elberta... \ Redhaven Southland. 2-1/4 in.up Crowley-Ridge Area Dixired Redskin Triagell... ) 2.3 california I 'reano-centrat San Joaquin Valley Z-layer lug, cup pack, 72s " 19r. Blazing Gold..., Coronet Fay ElbeJ'ta Fortyniner J. H. Hales Merrill fiesta...'... Merri11 GOllfree Merri 11 Pageant... Red Globe Redhaven Red Top Rio 090 Ge Springti Suncrest

22 20 Table 3. --Contined OTHER rniiits--colfrlnued Shipping point end description of sale californiai - Continued fre.ao-central San Joaquin Valley Peach bdl<!arly Elberta,wrapped, 6Ss 19r lnbarta,wrapped, r Redbaven,wrapped, 70s. 19r CDlorado! l'iiuaade el crate-hydrocooling estrab.s.ro. 1 - Srly.'!abertli, 2-l/ll-in. min... Box,%-layer, wrapped, panpack, 72s 19r. Elberta, 2-l/II-in. ain Box,2-1ayer, wrapped, panpack, r orgial "COD. Georgia Points Precooling estra U.S.EXtra No.1, 2-in. up. '/i-sushet crates or cartons- Dixired Keystone 0 Loring "'ygold Red Globe Southland Sunhigh MiCbi1 West chigan Points Including hydrocoolingu.s.ro. i, 2-in.up. "i-bushel crate- Xalbaven Redhaven Redskin New JerseYI South' Central N.J.,Points 'Sales Shipping point and' delivered sales shipping point basis Hydrocooled, including u.s.roelt 2-1n.up. 3/'-bUshel crate- Blakes.. Redcrest Rt!dhavon.... SurqUeeD Sunhigh North CarolinaI Southern Pines - Sandhill District Precooling extra U.S.Bitraiko. 1, 2-1n.up. ;1l-bUshel crate- Coronet.... Keystone Redhaven II Southland Washington South carolina I SpartaDbUrp(!outh Carolina Points) PrecoolIng eztra UJl.!XtraNo. I, 2-1n.up. '/i-gushel crate or carton 6iak cardinal Coronet.... Di_ired.... 't Ke,stone -li Loring Redhaven Richbaven..... Southland Sunhigh Jan. Feb. I Mar. : Apr. : May - Dollars per Unit Peaches--Continued : June 1.B; h.oo h BII 4.00 July Aug. I Sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. 1.; ).011 z.4z z.bl Z lB 3.lB ; z.hll z BO BO ; UPOATA 1981

23 21 Tabl Continued orh\!r FRUI'l'S--CONTIIIUED...;,..,, ,S"'h,..iP,..P,..i",..9-p0..i-n.,.t-and ,..-F-e-b , , , :::d:::ep.tion of sale Jan. Mar. : A.pr. : May I June July Aug. I sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. I - Dollars per Unit WashingtonI Ya"!. Valley Truck. Lee.E. sales 2-laY8r Ib!' trbl pack, Wash.No. 1 Peaches--Continued &r1y i1 rta, is. 191'...,," Pch.box, wrapped, 7Z8.1yr Hales, 64s 19r... Pch.box,wrapped,7Zs. 19r Yakisa Hales, 70s. lyr Pch. box, wrapped, 7Zs.1gr Redhaven, 7 Zs " 1 gr" """"" z.9z I> " " " " " " " " Pch.box, wrapped, 7Zs 19r 1.8S West' VirginiaI Appalachian Dist.(W.Va.-Va.-Md.-Pa.) Hydrocoollng includedu.s.eitra No.1, z-ln.up. 3/A-bushel crate or carton- 3.lio z Z Blakes : _ Elberta """""""""""" """""""""._ Redhaven" """"""... """"""",."""""" " Sunhigh Tr10gell """"""",, """,,",,",, "Z Washi.ngton: Yaki.. Valley Boze. wrapped, film lined U.S.No.1, various sizes- IIBrtlett.. ".. ".".. "",,... Of.... S.40 S.II8 Bosc. "' D'Anjou S cal1fornial Fresno:Centra1 San Joaquin Valley U.S.No. 1, i-basket, crate 3XAxSs, unless stated- Beauty, Sxs Buosa Eldorado..... t.a.t'qda... Late Santa Rosa, JJxSS..... President,.'Z5s..... Santa ROBa, b:z:5s... '".... Idaho I "WHiiirn Idaho" lialheur Co.,Oregon u.s.no.i, 1-I/B-tn. ain.- Earl, IaliBn type, 1/2-bu.bkt., Washington. Ya"!. Valley Wash. No. If 1-1/8-itt.tn.!Brly Ital an type, l/z-bu.bkt., faced 30-lb.carton,loose Italian type, l/z-bu.bkt., faced P1ulllS Prunes, Fresh ring faced O-lb. CQrton, ,o-lb.arton,lo08e Milton-Froswster Section U.9.1l0. 1 Early Italian type, l/z-bu.bkt., faced 30-1b.carton,loose 3.04 Z

24 22 Tilble ). --Continued!!!!!f!!!!! hippig point and d,,,.criptlon of sale, Jan. I, Feb. Mar. Apr. May June I I : -!5011ars per Unit - July Aug. Sept.' Oct. I Nov. Dec. Arizona. Cantaloups -:Jiiii'IiO'Crate, )6shrker District Yu_ District, california, JuaGo 'Crate, )6s- Blythe District-(Palo "erde Valley) 6.so 81 Centra-(Iaperial Valley) West Side District... Wheeler Ridge Section.,... S.oII S.o6 S.17 li.z8 Delaware I!iurel XreB - Auction 9ales- Looae, each... Michigan liiinton Harbor cash..rket e;owers. sales n Gusher ske1 u..ro. 1 urpue Hybrids... 3.Z Tens. JiiiibO crate, )6s Hereford-Pecos District Lowor Rio Grande Valley S.67 S.7S S.6z Mexico, rob"'iioeles, ArizODa-(l'ort of Entry) Duty and crossing charges paid Ju.bo crate, '36s t FOB South Texas pts.,-(port of Entry) nutj and crossing charses paid- Juabo crate, 3gs l.lS Honeydews Californial Fresno-Centrol San Joaquin Valley Standard crate, 9-izs Z California I Fresno-Central San Joaquin Valley Jua60 ilat crate, ali.izes- Casaba... Cranshaw... Persian... Misce11aneous Melons Watermelons Alaba Southeast A1aba. Points rares i.o.g. ShiPpIng point and delivered sales shipping point basis Mostly Charleston Gray - J5er CWt.- za-is.av., sll81ier S8 ZS-1b.Av larger ArizonD' Phoen1K-Central Arizona Points Pencock, l6-zo-lb.av., Per Ton California. Bthe-lIlii10 Verde vallee Bcock, 16-ZO:lb.Xv., r Ton 70.S6!l Centro-(Iaperial Valley) Peacock, 16-ZO-Ib.Xv Per Ton Kern District peacock, 16-Z0-1b.Av., Par Ton 68.lZ S3.7S 3.7S S h S SZ.38 Delaware. Liiunl Area - Auction sales l1irleston rlray - Per ReIon ZO-ZS-1b S3.58 FloridaI -rrorr.ii Poillts ales f.o.b. shipping point and delivered sales shipping oint basis MO.tl Charleston Gray - er CWt. Zi-l.Av. a_iier.:; ZS-lb.Av., larger ).Z S l.7z 1.6z UPOATA

25 23 Table ContinueQ Ml!LO!IS--CONTlNUED :--Shippin--gpoir.ntond t , ' Jan. Feb. Mar. t Apr. " May June I July Aug. Sept. I. Oct. liov. Dec. description of sale - Dollars per Unit - WaterMlons--Continued G;orgi81 outhern Central Georgia Points Sales t.o.b. shippvg point and delivered aa1a, shipping oint basis Most11 Charles on Gray - er cwt. Zi-lb.iv., a_iler..., Z5-lb.Av., larger 1.60 IndianaI ""SOUtiiWest Charleston Gray - Per Cwt. ZO: S-lb mostly za:;o:lb Marylandt Salisbury Arae - Auction sa}es Charleaton Gray - per Melon 20: :-:... ".118 South Cj;;ro1:lna t Allendale. Nearby Points saies shlpplnroint and delivered!lilies ShlPPUg point basis Charleston Gray - Per Cwt. 'Ail'S'izes..... Teps. """'I'eiii Points Sales f.o.b. shipping point and deiivered sales shipping taint basis Mostly Charleston Gray - r Cwt. l6-zi-lb. Xv.., lb. Av., larger 2.06 Mexico. 'FOIi"iiCiga1es. Arizona-{Port ot Entry) Duty and crossing charb paldcartons. 4-6s,approx.ilg-1b.Av..- Per Poundpeacock......CT722 FOB South Texas pts.-{port of Entry) &ti and crossing chares paid car ODS, 4-gs,approx.l -16-1b.Av. Per POUDd J!telacock. _... v VEGETABLES Asparagus California. it CeDto-(Iaperiat Vatley) Green, ramid crate- LOose, large '! _ standard 9.;1 Delta District Green, PJra.id crate, loose, 9' t cutt:arge, " 6.25 liew JerseYI Swedesboro Area - Auction sales PFra.id crate, 12-bchs.- Large,..... _ BeaDS, Liaa Florida1 "Sii'iiiito loeb 1 buyers- Li..., bushel ha.p"r / 6.33'" Beana,. Snap florida I "1'iiid'ii'"COunty Point.. Poles, bushel ha.per II Lake Okeechobee Section ijarvester, bushel ha.per or crate Poapano Bench Section Sale" to local buyers Harvester, bushel haaper or crate Z/ Auction saies. 11 Round Grecn UPDATA

26 24 TIIble 3. --Continued Shipping point and description "f sale VmETAIL!S--COIITIH\JBD, Jan. Feb. Mar. : Apr. ', May ' : June July Aug. Sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. - ISOhars per Unit - Beans, Snap--Continued!lev Jersey. 5i1irvlbe Area - Auction sa1es- Harvester, bushel ha.per..... Z.3l california. aiinas-watsonville District Crate_, t1i-bchs.... Z.86 Z.61 Z.56 z.711 Oce8no-8anta Maria-Guadalupe Dist. Crates, lb'-bchs.... ZoS5 z.4z Z.34 Z 3Z z.1i11 z.1i8 z.1i11 z.6z california. El. centro-u.perial Valley) Dc8estic Round type, carton zits... Z Ozn8rd District Doastic Round type, carton z Z Z Z.59 Florida. 'DCiiieii!c Round type Bastings t:)7i:bu. crate... Z.lO Lake Okeechobee Section l-3/11-bushel crate... Z.OS z.z Sanford-Oviedo-Zellvood Section I-JIll-bUshel crete... Z z.16!lev Jersey. Rev Jarsel: Points!ales i.o.b. shippinh point and delivered sales shipping point OOsis I)O;;ntic Wound type various used crates, (approximate 50-lbs.)."' Danish type Various used crates, (approxi...te 50-lbs.)...!lev York. Western" Central Nev York Points.Ies l.o.g. sliipping point. and delivered sales shipping point OOsis 50:lb. sack Danish type, medium " 1.5Z Z.09 Teusl '""iiiird?ord-hi Plains-Panhandle Dist. DoMstic Round tyee SO:ib; sack Z z.1i11 Lower Rio Grande Valley Do.astic Round type 1-311i-bushel crato... z.s4 Z.03 Z.OZ 1.88 z.6z 50-lb. sack z z.19 carrots Arizonal Pboen1x-Contral Arizona Points 'opped!vashed 18-I-lb.fil. bag, meh, Ester container s z.6z Z.78 California. Topped.washed oachelle V_1l 18-1-lb.fil.g, crate l Centro-(I.E!rial Velley) b.1il.'OOg,.esh, Ester contliiner Z.62 SalinasKinu City District b.fil. OOg, crate Michi!l!!n. Aicbif:n.Points 'I'ape Iwailiid" -1-lb.fU. OOg, I18sh,.aster container z.68 z z :.., " t""",,,,,, 1'>, f,, }i;.'

27 2S Table 3. --Continued VEXlETABLES--COllTlNUBD Shipping point and description ot sale Jan. Feb. fobr. : Apr. : May : June "July Aug. sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. - Dollars per Unit - carrots--continued Teus, -ropji;id,washed Hereford-Hi Plaina-Panhandle Dist. ib-i-16.f11. big, sh, Mster container Lover Rio GrandG Valley i8-1-lb.fila bag,..ab,..ater container ,.,S cauliflower california, Irvington-AIvarado.-Centervl1le Dist. hats. 2-layer cartons, fil" wrapped, lza... '.72 '.30,.z8 Salinas-Watsonville District flats Z...t.yer cartons, fua wrapped, '12s..., Oceano-Santa Maria-GuBdalupe Dist. Fiat crates, fila wrapped, lzs,.14,.00,.zs 1/"" YorkI LOng Ialand - Auction sales Long I..land crate, l2s.. Riverhead... " , & california, Piacal type /Z-1ncll crate Southern caiifornia District Z-,-dozen ,.20, Salin.".-"IIat&onvil1e District Z-,-dozen..... ' ' Florida. "'lakeokeechobee Section Piacal type, l6-inch crate Z-IO:dozen Z.70 Z.03 Michigan. "IIeat Michigan Points Piscal type. 16-inch crate 2-i r ii.pzen....., z Western. Central N"" York Points Salea f.o.b. shipping padnt and delivered aalea shipping point basis Piscal type, l6-inch crate Z-6-dozen lls Corn. Sweet Florid8J cy - Yellow. 5-dozen crate Lake Okeechobee Section...,.24 4.z11,.86 l.82 New Jersey. New Jersey Points Sales i.o.6. shipping point and delivered sales shipping point basis H,drocooled, U.s.Fancy Yellow. 't--.!i-dozen crate 2.5z Texasl '"LOiier Rio Grande Valley Yellow,cUpped,5-5t-dozen crate YellOW,clipped,5-5t-dozen, Besh.. fila bags... Z.54 Cucullbers Florida.!iiiiliel'baSkot.. 1-1/9-bushel crate Waxed 'Ceii ral North Florida Poinis...,.60 Ft.Myers-I_okalee Section Ii Poapano eaeh Section.. Nrby.Points u.67 Imports packed locally 9.811

28 26 Table,. --Continued VI!GETABLl!S--CONTINUED Shipping point and description of sale Jan. Feb. Mar. : Apr. : May :.June I july Aug. - ljollars per Unit - I sept.: Oct. Nov. Dec. Cucu.bers--Continued M1Chi1 W.at-chigan Points D.Ro I9-bushel crate cash..rket 2rowers' sales D..Ro.i -, nusliei liisket Slicers n !f.., JerseYI Rew Jersez Points!lal i.o.li. "hi!!ping point Bnd 'denvered sales shipping poini basis ii bed! waxed BUsh:'l basket Mexicoi 1-1/9-bushel Cl'ste gale8. Arizona-(Port of Entry) DUif and croaaing charges paid I-19-6ushet. crate, waxed.?i FloridaI Plant City - Auction sales Bushel haaper Po_no Bench Section.ies to local Guyers "'rapped ""iiuihei bbsket 1-1/9-bushel crate ob !few JerseYI Vineland Area - Auction sbles Hi2h Bush type Bushel basket Escarole FloridBI Lake Okeechobee Section l-tl9-bushel crate Arizona, -;!; j typol Standard carton, 211s- Phoenix-Central Arizona Points Willcox-Eastern Arizona Point californibi iceberg typel Standard carton, 211s- El Centro-(Imperial Valley) Salinas-Watsonville-King City Dist Hew Jersey.!louth R.J.Points ales l.o.b. shipping point and delivered sales shipping point basis Iceberg type, EBatern iceberg crates certon8, 211a !few Mexicol l:iis Cruces-Hatch District Iceberg type. standard carton, 24a TexaSk -a;r;tord-hi Plains-Panhandle Dist. Iceberg type. standard carton, 2hs Lower Rio Grande Valley Iceberg type. standard carton, 24s Arizona I Phoenix-Central Arizona Points li7!i.l1o.i. 50-lb. sack Ydllow Granex, _dium... Yellow Granex, large... californiai Kern Dist.-Bakcrsfield SO:lb. sack YellOW Grano, _dium YcllOli Grano; large... Yellow Globe. _diull... Yellow Globe. large... Onions, Dry Z /i 1.5Z 2.Z7

29 27 TobIe,. --Continued - VI!IJETAllLI!S--COIITIWJID Shipping point and description of sale Jan.. Feb. Mar. : Apr. california: - Continued!tockton strict 1f:lI:Ro.r, 15:11i. sack May : June - WOltars per Unit - Onions, Dry--"c0ntinued July Aug. sept.: Oct. Nov. 'Oec. kton Yellow Giolie, _diu... 1.lI' Stockion Yeliow Globe, large ColOJ'lldOl North.!!sst Colorado Points Salas 1.0.&. shipping polni and detivared saies Shipping point basis ii':1':iio.l, slt:lli. sack Spanish type, large... Idaho-Oregon wn Id8ho-lheur County Oregon Sales f.o.b. shipping point and 3elivore3 sala.. shipping point -.sis ii.s.if".l. 5O=11i. sack Yei'iow Spanish, 2-3-inch.... z S li lou 1.10 Yellow Spanish, 3-in.. Igr.... Z Z1 1.S8 1.!J IUchigllinl RrChijiiii Points U.S.Re.l. Slt:lb. sack Yellow Globe, in 19r Nev Jereey: 2.SI S 1.S8 Rev 'erse, Points Salas i.o.b. shippin!! point and a.nvere3 sale..!!hipping p"int basis SO:lb. sack Yellow Globe, _diu... Z.18 New """,ico, [jis i!'!rllces-hatch District 15:11i. sael, Yellaw Grano,.ediu... " Yel10'.Jt GranQ.. large... YellOW Granex, "",diu... Yell"'; Granel<, large... Whites,.ediu... Whites, large New Yorll. Westenl Central New York Points Seles :t.o.li. shipping point and delivered sales shipping point basis U.S.ROol, 35-lli. seck. Yellov Olobe, 6O:7Oi Z-in.& 19r... Z.S2 Z.78 li.ls II.S Texas. HerelQrdHi Plains-Panhandle Dist. 1.SS 1.9Z 1.IIS 1.IIS 2.9l1' 5Q:lb. sack Yellow Grano,...diu.... Z.07 Yellow Grano, large... 2.z6 Yellow Spanish, medium... 1.S8 1.Sl Yellow Spanish. large... z.611 z.06 Whites, Bediu Z.1I1 Whites, large Z 3 23 Z.S" Lower Rio Grande Valley U.!I.Ro.l, SO:lb. sack Y"Uow Grano, aediu z.z8 Yellow Grano. large...,..., Yellow Granex,.ediu.... li'.li11 Z.29 YelloW Granel<, large... S.36 2.z6 Whites, aediu... li' Whites, large... s Winter Garden-Eagle Pass District Yellow Grano,..,diue... Z.03 YelloW Grona, large S YelloW' Granex, medium YellO>! Granel<, large ,6 Whites, aediu.... "...,. White a, large Madco. uth Tel<as Pta.-(Port of Entry) - Outi and croasing charges paid Ii. saok, D.II.Ro.I, quaiiy Whites, aediull... li.zs , Whites, 1a.rg" lIz UPDATA 1981

30 >''::""". 2B Tabie ). --Continued VF.GKrABLES--COKTlNURD Shipping point and description of sale Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. *y June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. : - Dollars per Unit - Celifornia: Fr-8sno District 5ul. gander type Approxi.ate 30-1b.cartons, large.. Salinas-Gilroy, Hollister, San Jose. RIn, City ftistric[s Cal l. Wonder type ppro"i...'te'")o-i'ii.carton... Florida. "'litiiit'ci ty - Auction sales IiUshel hnaper CeUf. \o{onder type. large... p.,.plino Beach Section!lales to local buyers Bushel basket l-179-bushol crate Celtf. Wonder type. large... Centra1 North Florida Points Bushel basket l-179-bushel crate Celtf. Wonder type. large... Kew JerseYI AUction sales Calif. Wonder type. bushel basket Svedesboro Area... Vineiand Area... Texasl ""iie're'iord-hi Plains-Panhandle Dist. Cartons. Bushel crates, lppro"i...te 515=1Iis. CelI!. Wonder type. large Lower Rio Grande Vattey Cartons, approxiaate )O-lbs. Celi! Wonder type,...d-lgo Medco. Toii'1IOgales, I.rizona-(Port of Entry)!Juty and crossing charges paid -Dushel carton. 1-l79-bushel crate Celif. Wonder type. large... Peppers, Green 5.z5 ).56 b.l8 ).0) 3.16 ).6z 3.98 ) z8 9.zh b.9h b.zb Z.31 3.b6 5.b8 z.n b) h.1n Alaba... Southern hlaba... Points liales f.o.li. shipping point Bnd deltverea Bstcs sliipping poine basis loo-lb.sack,wa.ho,u.g.ro.l, Size A Round Reds... Round Whites... Arizona I Phoeni,,-Central Arizona Points ioo-lb.s8ck.w8shed.u.8.no.l, Size A Norgold... Round Reds... California. Kern District-Bakersfield ale9 t.o.li. shipping point and delivered sales shipping point basis loo-lb. seck.washed,u.s.no. t. lhze A Long Whites... Norgold... Round R"ds... Chino-Perris Norby Points IiG.sack!woshea.u..Ro.t. Size A Long Whites... Delta District-Btockton ales t.o.li. shipping oint and slivered salsa shipping point basis ilg.8bck,wa8hea2u..ao.l. Sille A Long Whites... Potatoes Ii.h3 3.Z5 3.7h b.40 ).6b ) ).z8 h z 3.50 j.78 b.38 3.lh z.16 z.83 Z.59 z.6z.tttffwf""''l UPDATA. 1981