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1 Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities Exhibitor List (as of 3/29/18) AAA Booth No: 810 Contact: Rhonda Shah at Visit the Website: Since 1902, AAA has been a leader and advocate for safe mobility. Partners for 70 years, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and AAA work to promote groundbreaking safety research to reduce roadway crashes, injuries and deaths on our nation's roadways and to educate the public ultimately to identify safe driving behaviors. AAA provides more than 58 million members with automotive, travel, insurance and financial services through its federation of 36 motor clubs and nearly 1,100 branch offices across North America. Abbott Booth No: 752 Contact: Fred Delfino at Visit the Website: The DDS 2 Mobile Forensic Test System is an oral fluid drug testing instrument designed to meet the high-performance demands of law enforcement agencies. The DDS 2 device collects the samples, performs the drug screening, and interprets the test results all on location. Alere is now Abbott. ADEPT Driver Booth No: 811 Contact: Richard Harkness at Visit the Website: ADEPT Driver is recognized as the leader in crash reduction training by the insurance industry. We use neurocognitive assessment, instructional technology and behavioral intervention methodology to measure and improve crash avoidance skills. Psychometric data is used to improve training effectiveness and to refine predictive analytics used in our Psychometric Based Insurance (PBI) offerings. Our teensmart program is approved by Departments of Insurance in 49 states due to its proven effectiveness. Our Lifelong Driver program extends the driving lifecycle of older drivers. Our Prosecution Diversion program is used by courts to reduce the crash risk of traffic violators. Allied Powers LLC Booth No: 926 Contact: Josh Greenman at Visit the Website: Our product employs the latest in TENS technology. With a fully rechargeable lithium battery, out our devices are portable and easy to use. 1

2 American Traffic Safety Services Foundation Booth No: 613 Contact: Lori Diaz at Visit the Website: The American Traffic Safety Services Foundation (The Foundation) has been passionate about assisting others. The Foundation's mission is to promote roadway safety through charitable giving and public awareness programs such as the Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship, the Experience Camps Travel Scholarship and the National Work Zone Memorial - Respect and Remembrance: Reflections of Life on the Road. American Trucking Associations Booth No: 814 Contact: Rowenna Martin at Visit the Website: Share the Road is the premier highway safety education program of the American Trucking Associations. For the past 25 years, million-mile accident free, professional truck drivers have delivered specific life-saving safety tips to the public, the media and public officials by way of television, radio, the web and in print. The Share the Road program also orchestrates blind spot demonstrations with a Share the Road wrapped tractor trailer to demonstrate how to drive safely around large trucks on the nation's highways. Baby Safety Snap (Loon Ventures LLC) Booth No: 910 Contact: Michael Hubert at Visit the Website: The Baby Safety Snap lanyard helps drivers remember that they have a BABY IN CAR. Attached to the highly visible BABY IN CAR printed lanyard is a baby seat metal tab that fits all baby seat buckles. It snaps into the baby seat buckle when the seat is not occupied. When the baby is placed in the seat, the driver will remove the tab from the buckle and place the lanyard around their neck. The baby is then buckled into the seat. The driver wears the lanyard until they reach their destination. The driver then removes the lanyard, unbuckles the baby, and snaps the lanyard tab back into the buckle for the next driver. The baby is safe and leaves the vehicle with the driver. If the baby is forgotten, the visible Baby Safety Snap lanyard worn by the driver will remind the driver, family members, coworkers and even strangers on the street that there is a BABY IN CAR. It is extremely reliable and cost effective. Other solutions are available for DOG IN CAR and CHILD ON BUS. Baby Trend Booth No: 611 Contact: Bradley Mattarocci at Visit the Website: Baby Trend has distinguished itself among the worldwide leading brands of juvenile products. Founded in 1988, our company celebrates more than 30 years of providing families affordable and reliable baby gear that exceeds safety standards. Our innovative products evolve as the challenges facing families' change and grow. Below 100 Booth No: 869 Contact: Dale Stockton at Visit the Website: Over the last twenty years, law enforcement officer deaths due to vehicle-related incidents have accounted for approximately 25% more line-of-duty losses than gunfire. Tragically, many officers have died or been seriously injured after falling into patterns of behavior often facilitated by department culture. Below 100 is a program that specifically targets high-risk behaviors that are under an officer's control. The program has evolved into a national non-profit effort that has proven successful at changing attitudes. Veteran law enforcement officers present classes across the country, many of which are funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 2

3 BikeTexas Booth No: 644 Contact: Lydia Kelly at Visit the Website: BikePedEd sells affordable, age-appropriate bicycle and pedestrian safety education books and safety lights. These materials are excellent for Traffic Safety, Safe Routes to School and Vision Zero programs. Hundreds of state and local agencies and school districts have purchased and distributed hundreds of thousands of each product. BikePedEd is a program of BikeTexas, whose mission is to advance bicycle access, safety, and education. Britax Booth No: Contact: Sarah Tilton at Visit the Website: Car seats and strollers CDC Booth No: 910 Contact: Yamile Underwood at Visit the Website: The nation's health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats. CellSlip Booth No: 782 Contact: Mitch Bain at Visit the Website: CellSlip is the most effective tool to decrease distracted driving related to cell phone use in the car. When the user puts their cell phone in CellSlip the cell signal is blocked. This allows the user to focus without distractions from their phone and stops the temptation to use their phone while driving. When the user takes the phone out all communication is quickly delivered to the user. With four different colors (red, blue, black, & green) to choose from you can customize CellSlips with your logo and message making it the perfect tool to promote your organization/safety campaign & save lives! With over 100,000 sold CellSlip is quickly becoming the go-to distracted driving safety product. CellSlip cannot decrease distracted driving without the hard work and dedicated traffic safety educators. This is why we offer an exclusive low price for all law enforcement, non-profit, & education organizations. Stop by booth #782 for one FREE CellSlip & remember "Slip It or Ticket!" Center for Transportation Safety - TTI Booth No: 643 Contact: Christie Havemann at Visit the Website: Look Learn Live is a Texas motorcycle safety and awareness campaign developed by the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition. The campaign encourages motorists and motorcyclists to share the road with one another. Motorists are reminded to look twice for motorcycles, while motorcyclists are reminded to wear their gear and take the Basic RiderCourse. Check To Protect Booth No: Contact: Diego Rosette at Visit the Website: Check To Protect is a non-profit organization intended to raise consumer awareness about car recalls, while also seeking to create an industry coalition to combat the issue. 3

4 Chicco USA Booth No: 829 Contact: Courtney Barry at Visit the Website: Wherever There s a Baby you can find Chicco. Founded in 1958 by Italian inventor Pietro Catelli, Chicco has been committed to meeting the needs of children and bringing happiness to families for 60 years. Since its founding, Chicco has grown into a global brand with a presence in more than 100 countries. In the USA, Chicco specializes in gear and nursing products and is perhaps best known for its car seat line which includes the #1-rated KeyFit and NextFit. CMI, Inc. Booth No: 653 Contact: Josie Hagan at Visit the Website: CMI, Inc. is the worldwide leader in law enforcement breath alcohol applications. The Intoxilyzer 8000 and 9000 continue the tradition of evidential infrared detection to accurately determine breath-alcohol concentrations. The full range of Intoxilyzer handheld instruments allows law enforcement to quickly and reliably test subjects at roadside. Instruments for industrial commercial testing are also available. Call CMI at or visit us online at for industry-leading instrumentation, training and customer service. Diagnostic Driving, Inc. Booth No: 742 Contact: Venk Kandadai at Visit the Website: Virtual driving assessment Doona Booth No: 944 Contact: Monica Burgos-Valdes at Visit the Website: Doona is the only infant car seat with a completely integrated mobility system. There is no base to attach to a stroller, you just pull the wheels out and it quickly becomes a stroller. The Doona is designed to fit newborns to older infants (4-35 lbs) and up to 32 inches. Dorel Juvenile Booth No: Contact: Daniel Dias at Visit the Website: Car Seat Manufacturer 4

5 Draeger Booth No: 642 Contact: David Mayfield at Visit the Website: Preventing alcohol and drug-related accidents is a national priority. It is also a dangerous task requiring experience, teamwork, and precision. Even the slightest compromise in accuracy can result in a case being dismissed, and a dangerous driver getting back behind the wheel. Dräger has decades of experience in the areas of breath alcohol testing, and more recently, oral fluid drug screening. Draeger, Inc. supports the US breath alcohol and drug detection market with a complete product portfolio which includes drug and alcohol detection and ignition interlock devices. Draeger, Inc. is proud to provide the US breath alcohol and drug detection market with a complete product portfolio. From providing top of the line evidential breath alcohol testing to roadside alcohol and drug screening, Dräger is dedicated to improving safety. DrugWipe Booth No: 837 Contact: Adam Comeau at Visit the Website: ALCOLOCK USA is proud to present DrugWipe, the leading oral fluid drug screening device. DrugWipe utilizes a simple to use test cassette which provides a convenient, quick and reliable means of drug detection. Results can be read directly from the test cassette, without the need for an optical reading device, making DrugWipe the preferred choice for roadside drug detection. Test cassettes can be configured to detect up to six drug of abuse including THC at only 5 ng/ml. Be sure to stop by the DrugWipe booth to learn more about this innovative product as well as ALCOLOCK USA breath alcohol detection devices including ignition interlock devices, breathalyzers and remote alcohol monitoring devices. Dwipod Corporation Booth No: Contact: Otto Glenewinkel at Visit the Website: The Dwipod Corporation which is a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit designs and distributes portable driving and motorcycle simulators, virtual reality educational aids and other products to public service-oriented agencies. Our mission shall be to facilitate and assist in the education of young adults in the dangers involving the operation of a vehicle while impaired or distracted. ELTEC Booth No: 612 Contact: Harold Stone at Visit the Website: ELTEC manufactures a variety of products for the traffic industry as well as warning systems that can be powered either in Solar or AC. These systems include, but are not limited to, 24 hour Flashing Beacons, School Zone, Pedestrian Crossings, RRFBs, and HAWK. We design unique caution systems to solve traffic issues and we specialize in Solar Powered Systems. 5

6 FAAR Booth No: 812 Contact: Madeleine Spjut at Visit the Website: The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( is a leader in the fight to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking and promotes responsible decision making regarding beverage alcohol. Founded in 1991, is a national not-for-profit organization headquartered in Arlington, VA and funded by America's leading distillers (Bacardi U.S.A., Inc.; Beam Suntory; Brown-Forman; Constellation Brands, Inc.; DIAGEO; Edrington; Hood River Distillers, Inc.; and Pernod Ricard USA). develops and implements programs to guide a lifetime of conversations around alcohol responsibility and offers proven strategies to stop impaired driving. All of our materials are free of charge. To learn more about our efforts, go to and follow us on Favorite Studios Booth No: 962 Contact: Karen Favorite at Visit the Website: Creative Services: Photography, Design, Printing and Videography. Great educational, activity and safety materials for kids and effective community safety awareness campaigns. FCCLA, Inc. Booth No: 603 Contact: Sandra Spavone at Visit the Website: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a national Career and Technical Student Organization that provides personal growth, leadership development, and career preparation opportunities for students in Family and Consumer Sciences education. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Booth No: 919 Contact: Tony Schafer at Visit the Website: The mission of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation, is to reduce crashes, fatalities, and injuries involving large trucks and buses on our nation's highways. Federal Railroad Administration Booth No: 605 Contact: Monica Shaw at Visit the Website: The Federal Railroad Administration(FRA) was created by the Department of Transportation Act of 1966 (49 U.S.C. 103, Section 3(e)(1). The purpose of FRA is to promulgate and enforce rail safety regulations, administer railroad assistance programs, conduct research and development in support of improved railroad safety and national rail transportation policy, provide for the rehabilitation of Northeast Corridor rail passenger service and consolidate government support of rail transportation activities. Today, the FRA is one of ten agencies within the U.S. Department of Transportation concerned with intermodal Transportation. It operates through seven divisions under the offices of the Administrator and Deputy Administrator. 6

7 Goodbaby International Booth No: Contact: Patsy Pilcher at Visit the Website: Goodbaby International is the parent company for Evenflo brand of car seats and others. Graco Children's Products (Newell Brands) Booth No: 942 Contact: Carol Helminski at Visit the Website: Graco Children's Products a Newell Brands Company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of SnugRide Infant Car Seats featuring Click Connect and Snug Lock technology. Our convertible car seats include the NEW Extend2Fit as well as the Size4Me 65, My Ride 65, Contender 65, ComfortSport and Sequel 65. All-in-one Car seats: The NEW SlimFit 3 in 1, Extend2Fit 4 in 1, Milestone, 4Ever and the Smart Seat. Boosters include harnessed car seats such as the popular Nautilus 3 in 1's, as well as Highback and Backless TurboBoosters. Visit us at: Heinrich Marketing, Inc. Booth No: 670 Contact: Laura Sonderup at Visit the Website: At Hispanidad, we offer something unique - an experienced, integrated team of multicultural, bilingual marketing professionals dedicated to putting the right accent on a marketing message so it generates a positive response. For over 15 years, Hispanidad has successfully managed short- and long-term traffic safety marketing projects at both the state, and federal, level. These contracts have focused on supporting efforts to reduce deaths, injuries and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes by communicating the importance of vehicle occupant protection systems, the use of designated drivers, pedestrian safety, motorcycle safety and distracted driving messaging in a variety of languages and within ethnically and racially diverse communities. Helmets R Us Booth No: 706 Contact: Eileen Bell at Visit the Website: Since 1994, Helmets R Us has been a dependable resource for organizations and schools that promote bike safety. As a direct importer we are able to provide a wide variety of helmets to organizations at wholesale pricing for their bicycle helmet programs. All of our helmets meet or exceed the Consumer Product Safety Commission bike helmet standards and start at just $3.65 each. Delivery after an order is received is approximately 2-5 business days. Ask us about adding your logo to the helmets, this is a great way to promote sponsors for your organization. Call us at or fax us at

8 IADLEST- Texas: Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety Project Booth No: 758 Contact: Daniel Howard at Visit the Website: The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) is an international organization of training managers and executives dedicated to the improvement of public safety personnel. IADLEST serves as the national forum of Peace Officer Standards and Training agencies, boards, and commissions as well as statewide training academies throughout the United States. The State of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has entered into a one of a kind partnership with IADLEST. This endeavor is designed to further TxDOT's goal of increasing public safety by decreasing crashes and other social harms through a state-wide implementation of the nationally recognized policing model known as Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS). The plan has 3 separate components: 1) Agency strategic planning workshops and technical assistance 2) Train a cadre of in state subject matter experts 3) Conduct 2-day analytical training workshops I'm Safe! - Child Safety Solutions Booth No: 615 Contact: Wendy Gordon at Visit the Website: I'm Safe! translates research and best practice into affordable, fun educational materials for children, teens and parents. Most products can be translated and/or customized to reach your audience. You can choose from many proven products in Occupant Protection, Child Passenger Safety, or Distracted/Impaired Driving. Or, work with us to create something new! Visit us at Lifesavers Exhibit #615 or You can request a free catalog or discuss your next project by calling , ext Impact Teen Drivers Booth No: 902 Contact: Visit the Website: Impact Teen Drivers: Automobile collisions have been the leading cause of death for American teens for generations. Since 2007, Impact Teen Drivers has emerged as a leading non-profit organization dedicated to reversing this pervasive yet 100% preventable crisis. Impact s mission is to change the culture of driving forever thereby saving lives not only in this generation of drivers, but also in all future generations of drivers. Impact Teen Drivers endeavors to do this through a nationwide educational program that confronts the dangers and consequences of reckless and distracted driving. Impact has developed evidence-based curricula and guides for different professional fields, and for different target audiences. With manifold free online materials, and direct trainings available, its unique grassroots framework empowers people to make meaningful behavioral changes in their own driving habits, as well as to promote safe driving in their community. Indian Highway Safety Program Booth No: 852 Contact: Kimberly Blanchard at Mission Statement: To reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes in Indian Country by supporting Education, Enforcement, and Engineering, as well as Safe Tribal Community Programs. 8

9 Innocorp, Ltd. Booth No: Contact: Jamie Stebbeds at Visit the Website: Innocorp, Ltd., maker of the Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Simulation Goggles, SIDNE, Fatal Vision Marijuana Simulation Experience Kits and other innovative, hands-on, engaging, awareness building tools used to educate on alcohol impairment, drug impairment, concussions and distracted driving. Our tools help you deliver effective health, safety and prevention initiatives to create new perspectives to promote healthy choices. Intoxalock Booth No: 659 Contact: Brittany Kepner at Visit the Website: Intoxalock is a national leading provider of ignition interlock devices. Ignition interlocks are often installed in a vehicle following a drunk driving offense and have proven to be extremely effective in preventing offenses. In addition, states with strict ignition interlock laws have seen a drastic decrease in the number of alcohol related traffic fatalities. Intoxalock devices are reliable and easy to use. With twice as many installation locations as any other interlock provider, Intoxalock makes the process as quick and painless as possible for the customer. We recognize that a drunk driving offense is stressful and overwhelming. Our representatives are available 24/7 to help each customer through the process and are there every step of the way. Intoximeters Booth No: 619 Contact: Jennifer Faust at Visit the Website: Breath Alcohol Testing Instruments and Training. Intoximeters has been leading the breath alcohol testing industry since Our instruments are trusted by law enforcement across the U.S. and in over 90 countries worldwide. Kailee Mills Foundation Booth No: 664 Contact: David Mills at Visit the Website: Seat Belt Safety Booth No: Contact: Sondra Morgan at Visit the Website: has worked diligently to document the dimensions of the problem through their unique data gathering techniques. focuses attention to these tragedies with education and public awareness campaigns to this previously unrecognized public safety problem. Successfully passing state laws, proposing Federal policy change and working towards the redesign of motor vehicles to make them safer for children are of paramount important to reduce or eliminate these predictable and preventable causes of injury and death. 9

10 KidsEmbrace Booth No: 936 Contact: Tony Jerisha at Visit the Website: There's a reason why world-renowned companies such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Marvel and Nickelodeon partner with us on creating the seats kids want to stay in. At KidsEmbrace, safety is our absolute number one priority, and we take it very seriously! Below are the safety certifications and awards won by our brand. Laser Technology, Inc Booth No: 818 Contact: Paul Adkins at Visit the Website: Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative laser-based speed, distance, and sensor measurement devices. From speed enforcement to crash and crime scene mapping, LTI offers a full range of light detection and ranging (LIDAR) options to choose from including solutions for tailgating enforcement, handheld photo/video traffic enforcement and statistical data collection. Photo/video evidence for speeding has become a necessity for agencies around the world. Collect a chain of video evidence as well as a high resolution image of a violator's license plate. For incident mapping, LTI offers a complete solution that combines our lasers with a highly advanced, yet intuitive data collection software app that allows you to map any scene with ease. Life Changing Experiences Booth No: 607 Contact: Kenneth Bain at Visit the Website: Life Changing Experiences (LCE) saves teenage lives and inspires their productive lives by measurably diminishing the life endangering behaviors and inspiring them to Choose wisely, Create positively, and Succeed for life. Lifeloc Technologies, Inc Booth No: 821 Contact: Jason Saffle at Visit the Website: Law Enforcement - alcohol breathalyzers Louisville/KOHS Booth No: 757 Contact: Destiny Monyhan at Visit the Website: Impact Teen Drivers: Automobile collisions have been the leading cause of death for American teens for generations. Since 2007, Impact Teen Drivers has emerged as a leading non-profit organization dedicated to reversing this pervasive yet 100% preventable crisis. Impact s mission is to change the culture of driving forever thereby saving lives not only in this generation of drivers, but also in all future generations of drivers. Impact Teen Drivers endeavors to do this through a nationwide educational program that confronts the dangers and consequences of reckless and distracted driving. Impact has developed evidence-based curricula and guides for different professional fields, and for different target audiences. With manifold free online materials, and direct trainings available, its unique grassroots framework empowers people to make meaningful behavioral changes in their own driving habits, as well as to promote safe driving in their community. 10

11 Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety Booth No: 666 Contact: Daniel Dias at The Manufacturers Association for Child Passenger Safety is a non-profit organization. Formed initially in the fall of 2007 through the efforts of Safe Kids, the group has grown in size and activities over successive years and has developed a leadership structure of its own to promote Child Passenger Safety. In an otherwise competitive business environment, MACPS brings representatives of Car Seat Industry together to support CPSTs, the advocacy community, and promoting the need to keep children safe in a vehicle. MACPS is a unique resource for the CPS community & the industry more broadly. That competitive companies come together to improve CPS knowledge, product functions, & providing educational resources is not common in other Industries. MACPS is a safe zone for CRS & Vehicle Manufacturers to cross collaborate. Mercury Distributing Booth No: 819 Contact: Nadine VanCamp at Visit the Website: Mercury Distributing is a wholesale distributor of children's products. We stock a broad array of brands to offer you the best solution. Our representatives are Certified Passenger Safety Technicians to help with your selection of children's products. We can ship to one or multiple locations with no minimums or service charges. Mercury can ship any size order with any product mix. Merritt Manufacturing, Inc. Booth No: 753 Contact: Shayne Merritt at Visit the Website: Manufacturer of car safety seats and escape proof products for children with special healthcare needs. mifold Booth No: 710 Contact: Carmel Steiner at Visit the Website: The mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat is the most advanced, compact, and portable child car booster ever. It is more than 10x smaller than a regular booster and is just as safe. mifold works in the opposite way to a traditional booster. Instead of lifting the child up, mifold brings the seatbelt down. In at least 20% of journeys, children don't have an appropriate restraint: carpooling, with grandparents, in taxis, on holiday, in rental cars, and bigger kids who do not want to appear babyish in front of their larger friends. For the first time, mifold solves the problem when bulky seats are not available. Motorcycle Safety Foundation Booth No: 939 Contact: Robert Gladden at Visit the Website: Motorcyclist Safety; Rider Education; Motorist Awareness; Anti-DUIA/DUID Tool for Law Enforcement, Educators and Safety Professionals 11

12 Mourning Parents Act, Inc. Booth No: 850 Contact: Donna Jenner at Visit the Website: Mourning Parents Act, also known as!mpact, is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate tragedies caused by inexperienced drivers through awareness, education and legislation.!mpact has developed its Drive4Tomorrow teen driving safety program in which members share their personal experiences in a powerful presentation that has proven success in promoting safe driving and riding behavior in teens. Teens learn about the shocking statistics, risk factors, what happens to the body in a crash, graduated licensing laws and what they can do to protect themselves and their friends. Feedback from attendees indicates that this program effectively reduces risky driving/riding behavior in teens.!mpact has also worked closely with state and federal agencies and legislators to advance legislation that protects teen drivers, their passengers and the people who share the roads with them. MPH Industries Booth No: 662 Contact: Jeff Wheeler at Visit the Website: Manufacturer of police radar, lidar, speed signs and trailers. Located in Owensboro, KY, all MPH products comply with the BUY AMERICA ACT. National Association of Trailer Manufacturers Booth No: 712 Contact: Meghan Ryan at Visit the Website: Mission: Promote trailer safety and the success of the trailer manufacturing industry through education and advocacy. The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) has been dedicated to improving trailer safety and performance for more than 25 years. The association represents manufacturers that produce light-and medium-duty trailers and suppliers of products and services to these manufacturers. One way this is accomplished is through mandatory Compliance Verification Program, requiring all Regular members (trailer manufacturers) to verify they have the manufacturing processes in place to build trailers that meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and industry best practices. National Center for DWI Courts Booth No: 854 Contact: James Eberspacher at Visit the Website: Impaired driving is recognized as one of the biggest threats to public safety in the US. The National Center for DWI Courts (NCDC) was created in 2007 and is dedicated to reducing impaired-driving recidivism nationwide by addressing the root problem: addiction. National District Attorneys Association Booth No: 929 Contact: Thomas Kimball at Visit the Website: The National District Attorneys Association's National Traffic Law Center (NTLC) is a resource designed to benefit prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officers and others in the justice system. The mission of NTLC is to improve the quality of justice in traffic safety adjudications by increasing the awareness of highway safety issues through the compilation, creation and dissemination of legal and technical information, and by training and reference services. 12

13 National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund Booth No: 718 Contact: Nicholas Breul at Visit the Website: The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is the nation's monument to law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. Dedicated on October 15, 1991, the Memorial honors federal, state and local law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of our nation and its people. Carved on the Memorial walls are the names of more than 21,000 officers who have been killed in the line of duty throughout U.S. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is ever-changing: new names of fallen officers are added to the monument each spring, in conjunction with National Police Week. Memorial Fund in partnership with NHTSA work to save the lives of our law enforcement officers by reducing traffic related fatalities. Since 2011, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have worked together to actively promote law enforcement officer safety on the roadways. National Safety Council Booth No: Contact: Jenny Burke at Visit the Website: The National Safety Council eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy. Nationwide Insurance Booth No: Contact: William Windsor at Visit the Website: Nationwide, a Fortune 100 company based in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the largest and strongest diversified insurance and financial services organizations in the U.S. and is rated A+ by both A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's. The company provides a full range of insurance and financial services, including auto, commercial, homeowners, farm and life insurance; public and private sector retirement plans, annuities and mutual funds; banking and mortgages; pet, motorcycle and boat insurance. NHTSA Booth No: Contact: Faithia Robertson at Visit the Website: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mission is to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce trafficrelated health care and other economic costs. The agency develops, promotes, and implements effective educational, engineering, and enforcement programs directed toward ending preventable tragedies and reducing safety-related economic costs associated with vehicle use and highway travel. NTSB Booth No: 657 Contact: Stephanie Shaw at Visit the Website: The NTSB is an independent federal agency charged by Congress with investigating transportation accidents across all modes, determining their probable cause and making recommendations to prevent their recurrence. 13

14 NUNA Booth No: Contact: Robert Wall at Visit the Website: From can't-talk to won't-listen, your kids are protected with gear that's easy to install, elegantly simple and exceptionally safe. Our well-loved PIPA infant seat, our new PIPA lite series infant seats, RAVA convertible, and AACE booster are sleek, simple and crafted to keep kids comfy and protected as they grow-from their first ride until they are no longer needed. Ocular Data Systems, Inc. Booth No: 751 Contact: Marcus Filipovich at Visit the Website: DAX evidence recorder provides law enforcement with court admissible audio-video evidence of eye signs related to alcohol and drug impaired driving. Prosecutors and Police Officers nationwide are using DAX video to strengthen their DUI cases and keep impaired drivers off the road. DAX is small, light and robust for field use by Traffic Division and Motor Officers. DAX records SFST eye signs at time of arrest for DRE review and records all DRE eye examinations including HGN, VGN, LOC and pupil size in near total darkness. In court, DAX audio-video evidentiary recordings support the officer s testimony and demonstrate that nystagmus, lack of convergence and pupil response to light, are real and hard evidence of impairment. DAX helps you stop impaired driving. Omiga, Inc. Booth No: 755 Contact: Karen Cohen at Visit the Website: Ocular scanning devices for detection of impairment due to alcohol, drugs or medical causes. Otto Trading Inc Booth No: 906 Contact: Adem Kutlug at Visit the Website: Drug free pain relief solutions and technologies PAS Systems International Booth No: 807 Contact: James Mullikin at Visit the Website: PAS Systems International, Inc. is a 25-year leader in the development of alcohol detection devices utilized by law enforcement, in the workplace and elsewhere. The PAS mission is to leverage the highest quality impairment detection technologies to enhance public safety. In addition to a diverse set of proprietary alcohol detection devices, PAS has expanded its focus to meet the increasing demand for roadside drug detection devices with the introduction of the AquilaScan: Oral Fluid Drug Screener. Resqme, Inc. Booth No: 932 Contact: Linnea Kornberg at Visit the Website: Resqme, Inc., is passionate and knowledgeable about life saving solutions When seconds count.... We are part of a worldwide community of first responders and drivers alike. We are committed to the safety of our customers and the reliability of our product and we want this commitment to show in everything we do. 14

15 SADD Booth No: 827 Contact: Rick Birt at Visit the Website: The nation's premier youth health & safety organization works to empower teens, engage parents, mobilize communities and change lives around the issues of traffic safety, substance abuse, and personal health and safety. Through a network of peer-to-peer chapters in thousands of high schools, middle schools, and colleges around the country, SADD is the perfect venue to partner in your efforts to reach young drivers. Safe Kids Worldwide Booth No: 703 Contact: Wes Bender at Visit the Website: Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to protecting kids from unintentional injuries, the number one cause of death to children in the United States. Every 90 seconds, a young person dies on the world's roads, and for every fatality 10 more young people are injured. We work to increase safety for kids: as child passengers, and soon in autonomous vehicles; as passengers with new teen drivers; as new teen drivers; who play unseen by drivers near cars in parking lots and driveways; who are forgotten or become trapped in cars and are at risk of heatstroke; as pedestrians on the way to and from school; on bikes and skateboards; and through use of our Ultimate Car Seat Guide. You may know us too for the work we do locally in 400 communities to prevent drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more. If Safe Kids is new to you or to find an active coalition in your community, check us out at Lifesavers and explore the everchanging world of child road safety. Safe Ride News Publications Booth No: 754 Contact: Denise Donaldson at Visit the Website: Independent publisher of educational materials for the child passenger safety community Safe Traffic System, Inc. Booth No: 833 Contact: Vera Fullaway at Visit the Website: The Ride Safer Travel Vest is a safe and legal alternative to belt positioning boosters. It is compliant with FMVSS 213 performance and labeling requirements. Safe Traffic System, Inc. also manufactures the Delighter Booster, an ultra-light backless booster that can be used with or without the RSTV. SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. Booth No: 759 Contact: Stephanie Tombrello at Visit the Website: SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. is the national non-profit solely devoted to child passenger safety through the correct, consistent use of safety seats and belts since We will have our technically useful tools available to see and acquire, including our 2018 Child Restraint Manufacturers Instructions with Summaries for the past 10 years; Color Pictorial 2018; comprehensive, no-user-error recall list; our comprehensive Reference and Teaching Guide, to enable community professionals and advocates to provide accurate, current education to their clients; and Boosters Are For Big Kids, elementary-school curricula anyone can teach successfully. Members and subscriptions are available and welcomed for every size program - from a state to a local advocate. 15

16 Shepherd Center Booth No: Contact: Emma Harrington at Visit the Website: Shepherd Center, in partnership with the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety and CapTech, has created the first mobile app developed by certified driver rehabilitation specialists for parents to teach their teens to drive safely. The app, which is a free download in both the Apple App and Google Play stores, includes features that heavily support modeling safe driving behaviors for your teen. Simulator Systems International Booth No: 781 Contact: Jennifer Martin at Visit the Website: Simulator Systems International (SSI) has been an innovative leader in the driving simulation, training and testing industry for over 40 years. Originally founded in Tulsa, OK in 1976, SSI has designed, manufactured and installed thousands of driving simulators throughout the United States and around the world. Along with our sister affiliates, SSI has engineered some of the most advanced training simulators available. We offer premier software and hardware training systems to meet a variety of traffic safety training needs, including novice and corporate driver training, CDL heavy truck, motorcycle, DUI and distracted driving deterrent training, as well as for driver rehabilitation and assessment. SSI also offers the broadest range of simulator chassis designs to choose from in the industry. Our systems feature high-frequency, three axis motion systems to mimic the pitch, roll and lift of an actual vehicle including the vibration of the engine, road imperfections and curb strikes, actual automotive controls, comprehensive driver training software programs, high-fidelity vehicle dynamics, lifelike graphics, detailed grading and assessment, and much more. Smart Start Booth No: Contact: Michelle Whitaker at Visit the Website: Smart Start sets the standard for alcohol monitoring technology with the SSI-20/30 Ignition Interlock and S.M.A.R.T. Mobile portable device. Supported by a 24/7 Customer Care Center, Smart Start has an international footprint of nearly 2,000 service locations across the U.S. and in 18 countries. Visit for more information. Smartox Booth No: 645 Contact: Duffy Nabors at Visit the Website: Alcohol and Drug Testing Products Stalker Radar Booth No: Contact: Shirley Wright at Visit the Website: Speed Measurement and Traffic Enforcement Technology 16

17 Teens in the Driver Seat Booth No: 744 Contact: Rubiana Mares at TTI's Youth Transportation Safety (YTS) Program seeks to save lives and reduce injuries among America's youth by developing and delivering the nation's most comprehensive suite of transportation safety programs and projects. Founded on the Institute's award-winning Teens in the Driver Seat (TDS) program, current YTS initiatives include the following grassroots, peer-to-peer outreach programs: Teens in the Driver Seat, Teens in the Driver Seat Junior High, U in the Driver Seat, U.S. in the Driver Seat and Smart Pedestrians. Tenstim LLC Booth No: 756 Contact: Oguz Tatlilioglu at Visit the Website: We offer healthcare solutions to many different businesses Texans Standing Tall Booth No: Contact: Stephanie Stutts at Visit the Website: Texas Department of Transportation Booth No: 863 Contact: Terry Pence at Visit the Website: Welcome to Texas! The Texas Department of Transportation is excited to host this year's 2018 Lifesavers Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Through collaboration and leadership, we deliver a safe, reliable, and integrated transportation system that enables the movement of people and goods. We champion a culture of safety to reduce crashes and fatalities by continuously improving guidelines and innovations along with increased targeted awareness and education. Come meet our partners in state and local governments, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and ad agencies. Experience some of our special traffic safety efforts and learn how we collaboratively address traffic safety issues at the state and local level. Enjoy San Antonio! Enjoy Fiesta! Please remember to Be Safe. Drive Smart. The National Road Safety Foundation Booth No: 820 Contact: Michelle Anderson at Visit the Website: The National Road Safety Foundation, Inc. (NRSF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries on our nation's roads by promoting safe driving awareness and lifelong education. NRSF produces FREE traffic safety programs on distracted driving, speed and aggression, impaired driving, drowsy driving, driving skills, pedestrian safety and a host of other safety issues. NRSF also sponsors contests to engage teens in promoting safe driving to their peers and in their communities. For more information or to download free programs, visit or 17

18 ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation Booth No: 835 Contact: Debby Gerhardstein at Visit the Website: ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation is in its 32nd year of providing educational injury prevention programs through our network of national and international chapters. Injury prevention coordinators and educators present teen programs with ThinkFirst VIP speakers, who have experienced a brain or spinal cord injury, helping students learn the importance of making safe choices-- especially when behind the wheel, on a bicycle or playing sports. Program training and materials provide educators with all they need to offer evidence-based programs to children and teens, as well as Concussion Prevention, Falls Prevention for older adults and ThinkFirst For Your Baby for new and expectant parents. Visit us online at to learn more. TjohnE's ThinkFast Interactive Booth No: Contact: Linda John at Visit the Website: ThinkFast Interactive is an evidence-based prevention intervention. Our teen driver awareness program integrates innovative evidence-based instructional technologies, and uses the latest understandings in neuroscience to guide our instructional technology. Teens and adults everywhere love this program, and our evaluation data empirically documents that ThinkFast Interactive is effective with all types of teens, and consistently measured improvements in critical factors that lead to real world driving behavior change. Governors Highway Safety Offices agree our methods work! TxDOT Booth No: 865 Contact: Shana Thomas at Visit the Website: Project Tracker: Your Gateway for TxDOT Transportation Projects Project Tracker, an online tool for the public to track more than 10,000 transportation projects, consolidates project-specific information from several TxDOT databases and maps into one publicly accessible location. Whether it's a city planner wanting to coordinate construction schedules or a TxDOT employee answering a question from the public many people rely on Project Tracker to do their jobs. Recognizing how valuable the tool is, TxDOT conducted an extensive outreach effort to identify ways to improve it and increase its usage. Through surveys and focus groups, more than 2,000 people contributed to the effort. Visit Project Tracker booth to learn more about this online tool and provide your input to make it better. Uber Booth No: 668 Contact: Kayla Whaling at Visit the Website: We were founded in 2009 to solve an important problem: how do you get a ride at the push of a button? U-Haul International Booth No: 714 Contact: John Heiland at Visit the Website: As the leader in the do-it-yourself moving industry, U-Haul is committed to reducing accidents and saving lives through public education focused on safer driving and trailer towing. 18