Proceedings of the 1995 Noise and Vibration Conference

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1 Proceedings of the 1995 Noise and Vibration Conference Volume 1 P-291 UNIVERSSTATSBIBLIOTHEK HANNOVER TECHNISCHE INFORMATIONSBlBUOTHEK GLOBAL MOBILITY DATABASE All SAE papers, standards, and selected books are abstracted and indexed in the Global Mobility Database. UB/TIB Hannover Published by: Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc Commonwealth Drive Warrendale, PA USA Phone:(412) Fax:(412) May 1995

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume A Technique to Identify the Structure Borne Sound Sources Induced by Powertrain Vibration Behavior 1 Jae-Kab Lee, Seung-Dong Yeo, and Jung-Hwan Bang Hyundai Motor Co. Engine Impact Noise Measurement and Quantification 9 Ming-Hui Chien Engine Knock Control Via Optimization of Sensor Location 13 James W. Forbes, Kevin R. Carlstrom, and William J. Graessley New Methods of Evaluating and Improving Piston Related Noise in Internal Combustion Engines 19 Hartmut Kamp and Johannes Spermann Kolbenschmidt AG Experimental Evaluation of Automotive Timing Chain Drive Impact Noise 33 S. P. Liu, Alan M. Dent, James W. Thornton, Martin W. Trethewey, K. W. Wang, and Sabih I. Hayek Penn State Univ. F. H. K. Chen General Motors Research & Development Center Reduction of Noise from the Timing-Transmission Cover on a Diesel Truck Engine 43 A. Agren and 6. Johansson Lulea University of Technology M. Klopotek SCANIA AB Low Frequency Noise Reduction by Improving Sound Insulation Materials 57 Yuichi Kiyota, Makoto Asai, Hiroshi Sugita, and Akira Akiyama Toyota Motor Corp. Reduced Vibration Design 63 Lezza A. Mignery Material Sciences Corp. Evaluation of Damping Material at Higher Frequencies with Application to Automotive Systems Including Brakes 73 Rajendra Singh and Shih-Wei Kung The Ohio State Univ. Ayaz Sheikh, Michael Mitchell, Uma Nandi, and Michael Ransdell Eagle-Picher Automotive Sound Absorption Composites and Their Use in Automotive Interior Sound Control 85 Yang Qian and Jeff A. Vanbuskirk Globe Automotive Industries, Inc. V

3 From Art to Science: A New Acoustic Baffle Material 95 David J. Otto and John L. Hanley Sika Corp. Application of a FRF Based Model Updating Technique for the Validation of Finite Element Models of Components of the Automotive Industry 103 Stefan Lammens, Marc Brughmans, and Jan Leuridan LMS International Paul Sas Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Updating of Dynamic Finite Element Models Based on Experimental Receptances and the Reduced Analytical Dynamic Stiffness Matrix 117 Stefan Lammens, Marc Brughmans, and Jan Leuridan LMS International Paul Sas Katholieke Universiteit Leuven An Analytical Method for Determining Engine Torque Harmonics for Use With Up Front CAE 127 M. Scott Bergeon and C. E. Newman Assessing Design Concepts for NVH Using HYFEX (Hybrid Finite Element/Experimental) Modeling Mark Voutyras, Kevin Thomson, Jamal Alghanem, and Greg Goetchius Chrysler Corp. Walter Wolf Automotive Analytics Inc. Operational Analysis, Transfer Path Analysis, Modal Analysis: Tools to Understand Road Noise Problems in Cars Katrien Wyckaert and Herman Van der Auweraer LMS International Advancements in Computer Simulation Methods for Vehicle Noise and Vibration John Bretl Structural Dynamics Research Corp. An Analytical Control Systems Approach to Steering Shudder. Jarett M. Smith Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems Gary R. Ferries and R. Larry Arbanas General Motors Structure-Borne Shock Absorber Noise: Non-Linear Noise Source Characterization in a Laboratory Environment Joris Van Haver Monroe Europe Air - and Structure - Borne Noise Reduction of Automotive Dampers John G. Cherng University of Michigan-Dearborn Tim Akin Monroe Auto Equipment Co

4 Effects of Noise Limits for Powered Vehicles on Their Emissions in Real Operation 173 Heinrich Steven Forschungsinstitut Gerausche und Erschutterungen GmbH Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Truck Drivers 183 Paul E. Waters P. E. Waters & Associates Vehicle Exhaust Sound Specification Development 191 Chad M.Johnson Hughes Information Technology Corp. The Effect of Vehicle Exhaust System Components on Flow Losses and Noise in Firing Spark-Ignition Engines 197 A. Selamet and S. H. Yonak The University of Michigan J. M. Novak and M. Khan Acoustic Modeling and Optimization of Induction System Components 207 Walter Eversman University of Missouri-Rolla John A. White, Jr. AC Delco Systems Relation Between the Predominance of Acoustic Resonance Noise and Air Flow in Muffler 217 Naoya Kojima, Benzhu Liu, and Hai Zhou Yamaguchi Univ. Helmholtz Resonator: A Multidimensional Analytical, Computational, and Experimental Study 227 A. Selamet and P. M. Radavich The University of Michigan Optimized Air Intake Systems 241 Francesco Gamba Comaglia Research Center Luigi Pilo Fiat Auto Giovanni Turino Fiat Research Center Optimization of Damping Treatment in the Car Design Process Using Advanced Simulation Techniques 249 Hinne Bloemhof Unikeller Experimental Analysis of Interior Noise Due to Powerplant Radiated Noise 257 Faramarz Farahanchi, David Griffiths, Anthony S. Mason, and Thomas A. Mayer

5 Investigation of Different Techniques for Quantifying Automotive Panel Noise Radiation 263 Steven R. Sorenson * Globe Industries, Inc. Empirically Predicting the Sound Transmission Loss of Double-Wall Sound Barrier Assemblies 271 Richard E. Wentzel Pranab Saha Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc. Experimental Investigation of a Friction-Induced Squeak Between Head Restraint Fabric and Glass 281 Barry X. Yang and Benny E. Rediers Defiance - SMC Studying Low Frequency Vehicle Phenomena Using Advanced Modelling Techniques - Part 1: Construction of a Driveline Model 287 Steven A. Amphlett and Jason P. March Ricardo Consulting Engineers Ltd. Indirect Measurement of Rotation/Moment Impedance Functions Shumin Li, William Fladung, and David Brown University of Cincinnati Richard Bono The Modal Shop Examination of Some Assumptions Practised in Vehicle Vibration Isolation Prediction and Design 305 Michael A. Sanderson and Juha Plunt Chalmers University of Technology Methods for Analyzing Order Spectra D. K. Bandhopadhyay and David Griffiths The Analysis of Frequency Domain Data from Designed Experiments Thomas J. Dyer Thomas W. Nolan Associates in Process Improvement, Inc. William R. Shapton Michigan Technological Univ. Robert S. Thomas The Use of Random Vibration Methods for Dynamic Loading of a Structural Link Harry L. Schwab Richard S. Gilfoy, Jr. National Technical Systems Wen C. Ting

6 An Analytical Investigation of the Crankshaft-Flywheel Bending Vibrations for a V6 Engine 335 Zissimos P. Mourelatos General Motors Research & Development Center Optimisation of Drive Comfort of a Car by Means of a Road Simulation Approach 345 Mr. Liefooghe LMS International Dr. Gerber and Mr. Heltmann BMWAG The Evaluation of Structural Modifications for Ride Pleasability 357 Louis D. Balogh General Motors Corp. Murty S. Kompella EG&G Structural Kinematics Simulation of Low Torque Bushings in Automobile Suspensions Neel K. Mani and Kailasam Satyamurthy GenCorp Corporate Technology Center Some Drum Brake Squeal Mechanisms 377 Johan Hulten Chalmers University of Technology Structural Instability Test/Analysis of Brake Squeal 389 Mohamed Khalid Abdelhamid AlliedSignal Automotive Creep Groan of Disc Brakes 396 Mohamed Khalid Abdelhamid AlliedSignal Automotive Development of Vehicle-Sound Quality - Targets and Methods 401 Matthias Schneider, Michael Wilhelm, and Norbert Alt FEV Motorentechnik GmbH & Co. KG Development of a Practical Method for the Subjective Appraisal of Total Vehicle NVH Refinement 415 D. R. Elliott, P. J. Crowther, and C. J. Benett Ricardo Consulting Engineers Ltd Sound Source Decomposition and Modeling for Customer Product Expectation 421 John C. Gagliardi NxStep Technology Objective Analyses of Binaurai Recordings 429 Klaus Genuit HEAD acoustics GmbH Sound Quality Assessment of Powered Seat Adjusters 435 Gabriella Cerrato and Alun Crewe Structural Dynamics Research Corp. John Terech Johnson Controls, Inc. J

7 Improvement of Sound Quality of Exterior Idling Noise of Small Diesel Truck 441 Takeo Hashimoto and Shigeko Hatano * Seikei Univ. Haruki Saito Isuzu Advanced Engineering Center, Ltd. Experimental Study of the Correlation Between Crankshaft Vibrations, Engine-Structure Vibrations, and Engine Noise in Highspeed Engines 449 Hideo Okamura Sophia Univ. Tetsuji Morita NOK-MEGULASTIK Co., Ltd. Toshiharu Oka TAISEI Corp. Susumu Arai Hino Motors Ltd. Experiments and Computation of Crankshaft Three-Dimensional Vibrations and Bending Stresses in a Vee-Type Ten-Cylinder Engine 463 Jouji Kimura Isuzu Motors Ltd. Hideo Okamura and Kiyoshi Sogabe Sophia Univ Analysis of Crankshaft Three-Dimensional Vibrations in a Rotating Coordinate System Tetsuji Morita NOK-MEGULASTIK Co., Ltd. Hideo Okamura Sophia Univ. Hysteresis Effects on Driveline Torsional Vibrations. Andrew Szadkowski and Edward Prange Dana Corp. Nagi G. Naganathan University of Toledo NVH Optimization of an In-Line 4-Cylinder Powertrain J. Querengasser and J. Meyer Ford-Werke AG J. Wolschendorf and J. Nehl FEV Motorentechnik Practical and Analytical Studies in Powertrain and Vehicle Refinement Christopher G. Knowland and Bernard J. Challen Perkins Technology North America Raymond A. Farnell Perkins Technology Limited, Europe A New Generation of Engine Mounts. Andre Gennesseaux Paulstra

8 Periodic Response of Nonlinear Engine Mounting Systems 519 Thomas J. Royston and Rajendra Singh Ohio State Univ. Active Engine Mount for a Large Amplitude of Idling Vibration 531 Toshiyuki Shibayama, Kimio Ito, Toshiyuki Garni, and Takeshi Oku Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. Zenji Nakajima and Akinori Ichikawa Toyota Motor Corp. Active Vibration and Noise Cancellation Control of Four Cylinder Engines - An Application 539 Bryan Riley, Mark Bodie, Jack Hoying, Kamal Majeed, and Sanjiv Tewani Delphi Chassis Systems Engine Noise Reduction Using Narrowband Feedback Control 549 David R. Barth Michigan Technological Univ. A. Reza Kashani The University of Dayton Technological Development for Active Control of Air Induction Noise 557 Katsuyuki Tanaka and Yoshitaka Nishio Nippondenso Co., Ltd. Tokio Kohama and Kouji Ohara Nippon Soken Inc. Variation of Vehicle NVH Properties due to Component Eigenfrequency Shifting - Basic Limits of Predictability 567 Bo Gardhagen and Juha Plunt Chalmers University of Technology SEA, Power Flow, and Energy Accountancy 577 Richard H. Lyon RH Lyon Corp. Applicability of the Experimental Statistical Energy Analysis to an Engine Structure 581 Lie Wu and Anders Agren Lulea University of Technology Prediction and Verification of Energy Flow in a Structure Using an Energy Finite Element Approach 593 Robert J. Unglenieks and Robert J. Bernhard Purdue Univ. Indirect Couplings in Energy Flow Models: Can They be Used to Improve Vehicle NVH Predictions? 601 / Claes R. Fredo v Chalmers University of Technology