Cobbs Creek Viaduct (4.79) Built in 1891

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1 Cobbs Creek Viaduct (4.79) Built in 1891

2 Plan Approach: Work to reduce SEPTA S $5 Billion SGR backlog Model after SEPTA s successful Stimulus Program Provide outreach to DBE firms Report on jobs created/retained Opportunities for various size and types of contractors

3 Addresses Issues from the Service Realignment Plan: Replace Rail Vehicles Replace Bridge Timbers on 3 Media/Elwyn Viaducts Rehabilitate/Replace Critical Bridges Rehabilitate/Replace Power Substations Track Renewal on Trolley Lines and NHSL

4 PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 New Electric Locomotives Bi-Level Coaches Trolleys Routes 10, 11, 13, 34, 36 Route 15 MSHL Silverliner VI AEM-7 Electric Locomotives Built in 1987 Kawasaki Trolley Built in year-old Silverliner IV cars

5 3 Media/Elwyn Viaducts Crum Creek Viaduct Elwyn to Wawa Bridges NHSL Bridge 0.15 NHSL Bridgeport Viaduct CHW Bridge Stone Arch Bridges Crum Creek Viaduct -- Built 1895 Bridge 0.35 Built 1915

6 Jenkintown Morton Bethayres Neshaminy Doylestown Ambler Lenni Lansdale Wayne Junction SFC#4 CHE Hatboro Yardley Wood Wayne Junction SFC #1 Wayne Junction SFC #2 and #3 20 th /18 th /Portal (Switching Stations) Jenkintown -- Built in 1931 Morton Built in 1928

7 PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 PHASE 4 Clifton (MSHL) Market (MFSE) Castor (Route 59) Park (BSS) Ellen (MFSE/Route 15) Broad (BSS) Clifton Substation (Last Overhaul 1950) Market Substation (Last Overhaul 1970) Castor Substation (Last Overhaul 1954)

8 Media/Elwyn Catenary Media/Elwyn Catenary Media/Elwyn Catenary 30 th to Arsenal Catenary Fox Chase Catenary Fox Chase Wood Catenary Poles 30 th St. K Catenary and Structures Wayne Yard Catenary Elwyn to Wawa Catenary and Structures Wire Train at Work 30 th to K Fox Chase Wood Poles

9 Trolley Tunnel Rt. 11- Main St. NHSL Trolley Tunnel Railroad Bridge Timber Renewal Route 102 Route 15 NSHL Trolley Tunnel Railroad Bridge Timber Renewal Route 15 Routes 11 and 36 NSHL Railroad Bridge Timber Renewal Route 36 Route 15 NHSL NHSL MFSE Bridge Street Yard MSHL/69 th St. Yard RR Special Work Program Bridge Timbers Route 15 NHSL Track

10 Media Cut Mainline Cuts/ Slopes Limekiln Cut CHE Slope Stability Ardsley Cut Media Cut Limekiln Cut

11 MSHL Grade Crossings MFSE Radiax (Radio Cable) MSHL Drexel Hill Interlocking BSS Ridge Spur Signals BSS Radiax Real-Time Info/ AVPA MSHL Remaining Interlockings Hunt/Wayne Interlocking MSHL PTC Real-Time Info/ AVPA Arsenal Interlocking Computer Aided Radio Dispatch (CARD) System Replacement Real-Time Info/ AVPA Elwyn to Wawa Signals Beth Interlocking (West Trenton Line) Police Radio MSHL Grade Crossing AVPA

12 Allegheny Fire Suppression Woodland Fire Suppression Frankford Trans. Building Midvale Washer Boiler Program Southern Paving 69 th St. Bus Road Allegheny Washer Underground Tanks Boiler Program Steel Wheel Lift Program Frontier Paving Frontier Washer Frazer Washer Underground Tanks Boiler Program Steel Wheel Lift Program Overbrook Washer Emergency Generators Underground Tanks Boiler Program Steel Wheel Lift Program Emergency Generators Wheel Truing Machine Program Underground Tanks Boiler Program Boiler Program Bus Washer Steel Wheel Lift Wheel Truing Machine

13 2 nd and Wyoming/ Berridge Roberts Temple Station Woodland Callowhill 69 th St. Terminal/ MSHL Shop Frazer Frontier 5800 Bustleton Courtland Overbrook Substations Southern Comly P&W Shop Berridge Callowhill

14 Margaret/ Orthodox 40 th Street Erie (BSS) Snyder Susquehanna/ Dauphin Margaret/Orthodox Erie

15 69 th Street West Terminal CC Concourses Escalators/ Elevators 15 th Street CC Concourses (Phase 2 ) 5 th Street CC Concourses (Phase 3) City Hall and 15 th St. Elevators Wyoming CC Concourses (Phase 4) Hunting Park 19 th Street CC Concourses (Phase 5) City Hall Center City Concourses 19 th Street

16 Exton Secane Yardley Willow Grove Roslyn Levittown Villanova Tunnel East Falls Conshohocken Wyndmoor Jenkintown High- Level Platforms Lawndale Villanova High- Level Platforms Paoli Exton Levittown Conshohocken

17 North Wales Gwynedd Philmont 69 th Street Lansdale Norristown Line (Location TBD) Exton with Bus Loop Wawa Station and Parking Deck Noble with High Level Platforms 69 th Street North Wales

18 23 rd and Venango 35 th and Allegheny Ridge and Summit 61 st and Pine Bethlehem Pike Rising Sun and Olney 23 rd and Venango Ridge and Summit

19 Increase Contract Amounts for General Engineering Contracts (GEC) December Board Approval Staffing Plan EM&C Capital Construction PC&SCM and Others Revenue Estimates from PennDOT Approval of Capital Program