Proposed Ideas for Des Moines Parking

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1 Proposed Ideas for Des Moines Parking May 8, 2017 Council Workshop Presented by Jennifer McCoy, P.E., City Traffic Engineer Matt Anderson, Assistant City Manager

2 Downtown is Changing Big Growth 2,300 new residential units by end of 2017 (+40%) New employers Kum and Go, $150 M Headquarters Cognizant New Hotels 330 Room IEC Hotel, AC Hotel, Staybridge Downtown Areas Densifying Market District Bridge District Walnut Street Revitalization

3 Conversation is changing Moving from a 7am-5pm parking customer to a 24-7 parking customer Becoming more dense, urban downtown Articles in Des Moines Register in February and March of 2017 debated this issue Many agreed its Time to grow up Des Moines when it comes to parking Big city amenities comes with big city traffic, so, yes, having a vibrant downtown does go hand in hand with lack of parking, and we just need to get over it Ken Baird, Letter to the Editor Have adequate supply, just need to manage it better

4 City-Owned Parking Today 5 existing parking garages, 1 park and ride 1 new garage, E 2 nd St Parking, opening Fall ,500 metered parking spaces

5 City-Owned Parking Today Parking meters charge 8am to 6pm Mon-Fri 1/3 of our meters will take credit cards Have 4 Hourly Durations, 2HR, 3HR, 4HR, 10HR Have 4 Hourly Rates, $0.45, $0.60, $0.75, $1.25 Garages are free on the weekends unless there is a special event We currently charge at: 3 rd /Court 4 th /Grand for activities in the Court District area on Saturday night after 4pm.


7 2016 vs Garage Occupancies % 75% 80% 79% 58% 88% 70% 60% Parking garages typically operate most efficiently when they are at 80% to 90% occupied % 44% FY 17 Expected FY 16 Average rd & Court 4th & Grand 5th & Keo 8th & Mulberry 9th & Locust

8 2016 Parking Rate Study Walter P Moore hired to perform 2016 Rate Study Compared Des Moines to 3 similar cities Omaha Kansas City Columbus, OH

9 Parking Rate Comparisons Meter Rate/Hr Garage Rate/Hr Garage daily max Omaha Kansas City Columbus Des Moines $1.25 $1.00 $1.00 $ $1.25 $1.00 $2.00 $2.00 $ $2.00 $7-$10 $12-$15 $5-$8 $ $13 Event rate $5-$10 $8-$10 $10-$20 $5-$10 Study recommended higher rates in core and East Village, reduced hourly times for turnover, charging on Saturdays, enhanced payment technologies

10 Proposed Changes - Collect Parking Revenue for meters are within building site Total Meter Revenue Possible Site A 6 meters $16,200 $3,100 Site B 35 meters $157,500 $9,200 Total Bldg Obs for parking lane Parking Meter Receipts currently at $1.9 M, Loss Revenue estimated at up to $850,000 in high construction times Money could be used for upgrades and improvements to parking system The current practice is not by ordinance or formal policy.

11 Proposed Changes - Collect Parking Revenue for meters within building site Consistency with other Communities: A survey of Kansas City, Cedar Rapids, Omaha and Minneapolis was conducted related to meters and building permits. Kansas City charges $3/meter/weekday Cedar Rapids charges $10/meter/weekday and $5/weekend day Omaha charges full daily meter rate of $8-$15/day Minneapolis charges the full daily meter rate

12 Proposed Changes East Village Pilot Presented to HEV Board in March 2017 Quote of the Night: We don t get complaints about the cost of parking meters, we get complaints about the inability to find an open parking meter

13 Proposed Changes East Village Pilot Raise meter rates in the East Village and change durations Currently $0.60 in the entire east side Create core Zone area Raise to $1.25/Hr in the core Core will be changed out to 2 Hour Meters 2 nd Tier would be 10 Hour meters 10 Hr meters would be $0.75/Hr Charge on Saturdays E 2 nd Street Ramp Rates Daily Transient Parking $1/Hr Charge on Saturdays, remain free on Sundays


15 Proposed Changes Improved Parking Meter Payment Technologies Upgrade more meters to credit-card meters Pros: Provides other payment options with higher rates The split by transaction type at these meters is currently 63% coin, 30% credit card, and 7% SmartCard. Enforcement stays as is Cons: None for the user, but the credit card meters come with higher maintenance and monthly fees

16 Proposed Changes Improved Parking Meter Payment Technologies Add a pay-by-phone option Pros: Provides credit card option at every meter in downtown Can be provided in its own app like Park Des Moines Only pay as it is used Per transaction fee of $0.15 to $0.50 plus credit card fee. Includes decals, signs, promotional items, private app, and marketing materials Cons: Not everyone may feel comfortable paying by phone. The meter display does not actually change when the payment is applied Changes the way we do parking enforcement.

17 Next Steps Change Internal Policy to recover lost revenue for meters taken out as part of building obstructions Pilot in East Village Raise rates, 2 Hr parking in core, 10 Hr outside of core Charge on Saturday for meters and in garage Coincide with new garage opening Fall 2017 If Council supports these proposed changes, changes to the ordinance will be brought forth this Spring/Summer for consideration