I-394 Corridor Performance

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1 Population Trends Corridor Context The corridor runs from edge of Hennepin County to downtown Minneapolis and serves the cities of Delano, Independence, Medina, and Wayzata. City Population ,088 1,768 Medina 4,005 4,892 Minneapolis 382, ,578 Saint Louis Park 44,126 45,250 Wayzata 4,113 3, , ,176 Current Corridor Characteristics Highway: I AADT: 12, , HCADT: 1,050 5,200 Number of lanes: 2-8 Key highway connections: I-94, I-494, MN 100, Public Transit Rail Transit Centers: Plymouth Rd, Louisiana Ave, Ramps A & B Five Park and Rides along corridor with a total capacity of 1,300 spaces Target Field Northstar Station BNSF line to Willmar SOO line (MN and S Spur) I-394 Corridor Performance Result Statewide Result 100% 86.9% 0% 3.2% Ride Quality Good--% of miles 85.9% 70.2% Ride Quality Poor--% of miles 2.3% 3.7% Measure Infrastructure Preservation Bridge Bridge Condition--% Good and satisfactory (by deck area) Bridge Condition--% Poor (by deck area)

2 Wright Co. dence EWaconia 0 Delano Independence Mound US 12 & I 394 Corridor Safety Performance (Minneapolis Hennepin to Delano) Co. Carver Co. Victoria tu 12 Spring Park 41 Corcoran Medina Orono Orono Tonka Bay Chanhassen 41 I-394/US 12 Existing Conditions - Safety Measure Miles 17 10, Fatal and Serious Injury Crashes per Mile Fatal and Serious Injury Crashes in Corridor Percent of All Severe Crashes in Corridor Top Four Driver Related Crash Issues Older Driver % Young Driver 4 Minnetrista Mound 16.0% Impaired Driver 2 8.0% Speed Related 1 4.0% Top Three Infrastructure Related Crash Issues Intersection/Interchange Crash % Minnetrista Lane Departure Crash % Head-on Crash Saint Bonifacius 2 8.0% Corridor Comparison to State Crashes US 12 Statewide for Statewide for I-394 Trunk Highways Interstates Fatal and Serious Injury Crashes 14 2, * Crashes may be under reported as this number is according to officer's first impression Note. Data presented include all fatal and serious injury crashes betw een Long Lake Shorewood Excelsior See District Highway Safety Plan for additional issues and strategies tu 169 D3 Completed Sept Metro To Be Completed May 2012Plymouth Wayzata Deephaven Minnetonka Toward Zero Deaths Efforts tu TZD Safe TZD TZD Region County Safety County Roads Enforcement Grant Grant 494 Year Established Plan Completion (ATP) Date Hennepin No Yes Metro, Planned 2012 (ATP 5) Sept Miles Eden Prairie 55 Hopkins New Hope Brooklyn Center Safety Needs 100 Golden Valley Saint Louis Park Edina Wright Yes No East Central 2011 (ATP 3) Oct CMSP Problem Locations CMSP Problem Segments 100 Edina Robbinsdale County Highways Anoka Co. Class Columbia 1 Railroads Hei County Boundaries Richfield Trunk Highways 35W Sa Minneap Map S

3 Planned Transit Investments Park and Ride I-394/US 12 Adjacent s I-394/US 12 s Investment Area ADA Other Infrastructure Grading, Signing, Striping, Surfacing Length (Miles) 1.2 Fiscal Year 2012 $ 1.4 Million Exit modification, mill and overlay Minnetonka $ 850, : $ 700,000 $ 2.1 Million Investment Area Other Infrastructure Other Infrastructure Mill and Overlay, TH 55 to 77th Ave Replace Signing I-494 to I-94 Replace Signing I-694 to Lowry Tunnel Length (Miles) Route Fiscal Year 7.5 $ 13.7 Million 15.6 $ 750, I 94 $ 400,000 $ 15 Million

4 Corridor Performance Based Needs ( ) Potential Transit Investments Park and Rides I 394 Facility Expansion Co Rd 73 and I-394 North 688 new parking spaces Bridge Preservation Preservation Culvert Preservation Pipe Replacement Safety Improvements* Mobility 4 Bridges 28 miles of poor pavement 1 Culvert 15 Poor pipes 2 CMSP Locations 1 CMSP Segment *Assumes completion of STIP projects. *Systematic safety improvements are included as part of most highway projects. Refer to safety map for additional safety information

5 Recent Transit Investments Co Rd 73 Park and Ride $ 9.3 M Hwy 55 and Co Rd 73 Park and Ride $ 5.1 M $ 14.4 M Recent Investments ( )* Bridge s Mobility s Other Infrastructure Description 2009: Replace Bridge and Roadway Reconstruction () 2007: Deck Repairs on Bridges in Minneapolis 2006: Bridge Painting in Wayzata 2010: Exit Ramp Modifications (Xenia and Park Place) 2009: Permanent Markings (Metrowide) 2008: Concrete Rehabilitation, Bituminous Mill and Overlay (Wayzata to Minnetonka) 2007: Intersection Construction, Retaining Walls, Bridge Replacement, Mill and Overlay south of Medina 2006: Channelize, Signal in 2005: Mill and Overlay (East of Delano) 2010: Signal Timing, Installation of Fiber Optics (I-494 to downtown Minneapolis) 2006: Signing Replacement from (Plymouth Rd to Penn Ave) *Only includes projects over $500,000. Systematic safety improvements are routinely included as part of most highway projects $ 11.2 Million $ 630,000 $ 48.8 Million $ 3.2 Million $ 57 Million