Demand-side Innovation Policies klimaaktivmobil Austria s National Program for Mobility Management

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2 MOBILITY & TRANSPORT: MAJOR CHALLENGES humans killed, 2,4 million humans injured in transport in UNECE Region, traffic accident is the leading cause of death among humans of 5-29 years age 20% EU GHG caused by transport, 90% road related Fossil fuels counts for 94% of EU fuels 84% imported, costs 1 billion per day (2011)! High burden of disease and health risks due to air pollution and noise 2

3 MOBILITY & TRANSPORT: MAJOR CHALLENGES Economic & social dimension 5% GDP, 6% employment Environmental and health costs, economic losses due to congestion (4-6% GDP) EU freight transport +80%, passenger transport +51% millions vehicles globally, (280 millions in EU) may triple to 2700 millions globally by 2050! 60-85% cars only 1 person (UK), 50% of car trips less than 5km (A Decrease of free choice of mobility, increase in car dependency 3

4 TRANSPORT GHG EMISSIONS CHANGE OF TRENDS IS POSSIBLE: -13% FROM Mio. t CO 2 -Äquivalent GHG-EmissionsTransport Austria Source: Federal Environment Agency (2013) Break of Trend % 4 Measures contributing: > 5,75% biofuels admixture (-1,7 million tonnes CO 2 /Jahr) > klimaaktiv mobil program (-0,5 Miillion tonnes CO 2 /Jahr) > Fuel efficient cars > NoVA fiscal incentives for purchase of low emitting cars (-0,06 Mio. To CO 2 /Jahr) > Fuel tax increase 4

5 7 KEYS TO SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY & TRANSPORT Clean technology and fuels, alternative cars and electro-mobility Attractive rail, bus and public transport networks Better networks for human powered mobility (walking and cycling) Intelligent Mobility Management: manage demand, increase efficiency, better planning and logistics, modal shift, car-sharing, eco-driving, awareness-raising Getting prices right: internalization & incentives for fair mobility choices Integration of transport, health, environment, land use and urban planning Co-operation of actors: ministries, regions and cities, transport, health, environment and land use stakeholders, businesses, academia, NGOs, citizens 5


7 KLIMAAKTIVMOBIL NATIONAL PROGRAM TO PROMOTE GREEN MOBILITY klimaaktiv mobil is a national program to motivate & financially support cities, municipalities and regions, companies, fleet operators, tourism operators, schools and youth groups to implement mobility projects for reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution klimaaktiv mobil stimulates green economy and supports investments in mobility management, electro-mobility and renewable energy, in alternative vehicles and fuels, in carsharing and eco-driving, in cycling infrastructure and innovative public transport (micro PT) 7

8 KLIMAAKTIVMOBIL NATIONAL PROGRAM TO PROMOTE GREEN MOBILITY klimaaktiv mobil program is undertaken by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Chamber, the Associations of Cities and Municipalities, the Federal States, several companies and organisations klimaaktiv mobil contributes to EU and Austrian objectives, strategies and legislation as well as CEHAPE and THE PEP > Austrian Climate Act > Strategies for climate protection, renewable energy, clean air > Sustainable transport and mobility (Austrian Transport Plan) > Sustainable development strategy > Action Plan for e-mobility > Master plan for cycling 8

9 KLIMAAKTIVMOBIL NATIONAL PROGRAM TO PROMOTE GREEN MOBILITY AND MOBILITY MANAGEMENT to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions klimaaktiv mobil program offers technical advice & support financial support/funding awareness raising & partnerships EcoDriving trainings & certification klimaaktiv mobil awards 9

10 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL 2020 PORTFOLIO ADVISORY PROGRAMS Target Groups for companies, fleet operators, contructors for cities, municipalities and regions for tourism, leisure and youth for children, parents and schools EcoDriving initiative (cars, trucks/busses, tractors) SUPPORT PROGRAMS Municipalities: 50% of eligible costs Companies: 30% of eligible costs provided the agreement on CO2 reductions is signed 10

11 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL ACHIEVEMENTS PROJECT PARTNERS klimaaktiv mobil projects for environmentally friendly mobility in Austria: Companies saving t CO2/a 650 Cities and municipalities saving t CO2/a 600 Tourism organisations saving t CO2/a 250 Schools and kindergardens 11



14 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL 2020 PORTFOLIO NEW FOCUS FUNDING PROGRAM Mobility management for cities, companies, tourism, schools NEW: Green mobility for climate and energy model regions Cycling promotion and cycling infrastructure NEW: Cycling parking and Cargo bikes Alternative vehicles and E-Mobility NEW: E-Taxis, E-Carsharing NEW: E-Cars with range extender NEW: E-Light and Heavy-Duty Vehicles NEW: E-Busses Innovative transport systems, flexible public transport, e-taxis and carsharing Mobility centres, mobility packages and awareness raising funded measures are bound by contract to reduce CO2 emissions! 14

15 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL 2020 FUNDING NEW FOCUS Mobility Management for cities, municipalities and regions, companies and tourism Cycling Promotion > Funding rates: 20 % of eligible costs of companies 40 % of eligible costs of cities, municipalities, regions NEW up to + 10 % funding bonus for high project quality and cooperation projects with several partners und bundles of measures 15

16 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL 2020 FUNDING NEW FOCUS Funding flat rates for alternative vehicles and e-mobility for companies and cities 100% eco-bonus for 100% electricy of renewable energy CNG / Biogas Car: / E-Bikes: / 400,- E-Scooters: / 500,- E-Cars: / 4.000,- E-Car Range Extender max / 3.000,- ( 35 g CO 2 /km) NEW: E-Busses/Trolley-Busses: / ,- (< / > 40 passengers) NEW: CNG and Electric Mini Buses and Light Duty Vehicles NEW 50% higher funding flat rate for taxis, carsharing, social services Funding rates for companies max 30% for cities max 50% of eligible costs. 16

17 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL 2020 NEW FOCUS CLIMATE AND ENERGY MODEL REGIONS Program supports regions aimed at independency of fossil fuels 104 pilot regions with 1070 communities and 2,5 million citizens Regional Management for each of the model-regions Integrated concepts energy, mobility, land use Major areas of action energy saving and renewable energy green mobility awareness raising training and networking 17

18 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL 2020 NEW FUNDING FOCUS CLIMATE AND ENERGY MODEL REGIONS Higher funding rates for integrated regional energy saving mobility concepts with renewable energy up to 30% of the eligible costs for companies and up to 50% for communities. Mobility measures have to be approved by regional management Examples for eligible measures for funding Electro-mobility with renewable electricity Mobility management Carsharing, taxi and local mini buses Cycling 18

19 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL 2020 PORTFOLIO NEW FOCUS MOBILITY AND ENERGY SAVING LAND USE PLANNING NEW FOCUS FOR CITIES AND REGIONS Elaboration of concept of Integrated spatial and energy planning and recommendations in the Austrian Spatial Development Concept Handbook Tools of spatial and energy planning Energy saving mobility planning is a precondition for energy saving spatial planning Integration of mobility and energy saving spatial planning as new focus in klimaaktiv mobil program for cities and regions 19

20 AUSTRIA PROMOTES ELECTRIC-MOBILITY intelligent combination of all electric transport modes! electric public transport e-railway subway and tram e-bus, trolley bus ÖBB: 89% hydroelectricity electric road vehicles e-bicycle, e-scooter e-car light-duty e-vehicle e-mini-bus and e-taxi electric powered boats Solar-Katamaran Lake Neusiedl 20

21 AUSTRIA PROMOTES ELECTRIC-MOBILITY Implementation Plan for Electric-Mobility in and from Austria 3 Ministries: Environment, Economy and Transport 65 implementation measures Focus of Ministry of Environment klima:aktiv mobil financial support scheme for electric-vehicles in fleets of companies and cities with financial bonus for renewable electricity Focus of Ministry of Transport Research and demonstration programs on e-technologies Focus of Ministry of Economy Promoting e-mobility industry in Austria, charging, smart electric grids E-Mobility is major focus of Austrian Climate and Energy Fund 21

22 MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT FINANCIAL SUPPORT SCHEME FOR E-MOBILITY klimaaktiv mobil financial support program for companies and municipalities for purchasing electric-vehicles VEHICLE FINANCIAL SUPPORT + ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL BONUS for ELECTRICITY from RENEWABLE ENERGY E-car E-Car with range extender E-Scooter E-Bicycle (Pedelecs)

23 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL ACHIEVEMENTS ALTERNATIVE VEHICLES AND E-MOBILITY Funding of alternative fleets of companies and municipalities: alternative vehicles funded with 16,7 Mio. among them: E-Vehicles funded with 13,1 Mio E-Charging stations funded with 0,4 Mio. 23

24 MODEL REGIONS FOR E-MOBILITY IN AUSTRIA WITH 100% RES FACTS & FIGURES Implementation so far: 7 model regions 1,400 e-cars 2,300 pedelecs and e-scooters 840 charging stations numerous pilot projects about e-car sharing e-bike sharing e-mobility for commuters fast charging e-mobility in housing estates Eco-Driving for electric vehicles 24

25 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL THE LESSONS LEARNED Everybody - every company and fleet operator, every city and region, every tourism actor, every citizen - can reduce environmental pollution and CO2 Investing in environmentally friendly mobility is good for cities and their citizens, environment, health, economy and green jobs! 25 Visit the klimaaktiv mobil partners:

26 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL LESSONS LEARNED Investments in environmentally friendly mobility - Benefits for citizens, environment, health, transport, economy and jobs! Benefitting economic areas: + alternative car manufacturers and retailers, + E-Bike und bicycle manufacturer, bicycle shops, bicycle tourism + new businesses like E-mobility provider, car-sharing und rental systems + mobility provider and transport companies, public transport + tourism, local shops, local retailers + construction companies Public sector: regions, cities, municipalities 26

27 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL LESSONS LEARNED Environmentally friendly mobility creates: > Benefits for environment and better quality of life for citizens > Benefits for transport and economy due to funding of investments and promotion of jobs, increasing transport efficiency and cost savings > Benefits for health due to cleaner air, increased physical activity and traffic safety and social benefits due to better mobility choices for all! 27

28 Essential lessons for the future: Establishing supportive frameworks to promote green and health-friendly transport and mobility in Member States, but also on EU and Pan European level (THE PEP) Focussing investments of IFIs and Member States on environmentally friendly transport and mobility e.g. for alternative vehicles, renewable fuels, electro-mobility, rail network, busses and public transport, cycling and walking as well as revitalization of urban areas and settlements Developing co-operations and projects on green and health-friendly sustainable mobility within THE PEP Partnerships and following up THE PEP Workshops (e.g. Moscow 2012, Kaliningrad 2014) 28

29 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL Illustrative good practice examples maps

30 KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL 2020 CLIMATE AND ENERGY MODEL REGIONS ENERGY HEALTH RESORT BADEN Baden is well known spa city region south of Vienna Area: 27 km 2 inhabitants: Realized projects: Building of two kindergartens as low energy houses Installation of a biomass plant E-carsharing Improving urban bicycle network Bicycle parking terminal at the railway station for more than 600 bikes Hans Ringhofer Installation of three citizen power plants with 66 stakeholders and 66 kwp performance 30

31 FLEET OPERATOR GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE: E-MOBILITY FOR COMPANIES: AUSTRIAN POST COMPANY Electrification of delivery services Goals: CO 2 neutral delivery of mails and parcels 1300 E-delivery vans, E-Scooters and E-Bikes (10% of delivery fleet) CO2 reduction of 141 tons CO 2 /year 31

32 PUBLIC TRANSPORT GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE: ELECTRIFICATION OF URBAN BUSES Large extension of trolley bus network in city of Salzburg E-Midibuses from Rampini-Siemens in Vienna with innovative charging from tram overhead electricity line 2012 First E-Bus in city of Klagenfurt 2013 Picture: Salzburg AG Pictures: Vienna Lines Zinner 32

33 PUBLIC TRANSPORT GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE: BUS FLEET CONVERSION TO CNG / BIOFUELS Linz Lines Change to CNG buses construction of CNG filling station CO2 reduction of tons CO 2 /year Albus Salzburg change of diesel buses to CNG buses with high share of biogas construction of CNG filling station CO2 reduction of 539 tons CO 2 /year St. Pölten Postbus City Bus 33 change of diesel buses to CNG construction of CNG filling station CO2 reduction of 227 tons CO 2 /year

34 URBAN FOCUS KLIMAAKTIV MOBIL PROGRAM MOBILITY MANAGEMENT FOR CITIES AND REGIONS 650 cities, municipalities and regions saving t CO 2 /year Key measures: improving cycling &walking promotion of innovative public transport flexible dial-a-ride bus and taxi systems electro mobility (e-bikes, e-cars) alternative bus fleets (CNG, Electric) promoting car-sharing regional mobility service centres marketing and awareness for environmentally friendly mobility 34

35 CITY PLANNING GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE: LAKE CITY ASPERN IN VIENNA new city district of Vienna, 2,4 mio m 2 ground area 20,000 inhabitants and 20,000 working places public transport services with direct subway access carsharing and bike-rental services Pictures: Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG 35

36 URBAN GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE: CO-FINANCING CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE AND AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS IN VIENNA Length cycling infrastructure 1990: 190 km 2012: 1222 km Modal share cycling 1993: 3% -> 2012: 6% Target of program: raise bicycle share from 6% to 10% by 2015 CO2 reduction TO CO2/year 36

37 CHANGE OF MODAL SPLIT VIENNA REDUCTION IN CAR USE, INCREASE IN PUBLIC TRANSPORT AND CYCLING Public Transport(+ 10%) Car (- 13%) Walking (+/-0%) 37 6 Bike (+ 3%) Source:

38 URBAN GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE: INTEGRATED CYCLING PROMOTION IN GRAZ 25 specific actions; total expenditure of EUR 7 mio. Extension of bicycle path networks & parking facilities Update of cycling maps Cycle training for all primary school kids Share of cycling: 16% CO2 eduction of tons CO 2 /year 38

39 REGIONAL GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE: NEW RAPID COMMUTING TRAIN SYSTEM STYRIA About 150 additional train connections on working days from and to Graz were established Improved regular service Powerful marketing campaign CO2 reduction of tons CO 2 /year 39

40 REGIONAL GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE: INTEGRATED PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM VORARLBERG Mobility Centres Marketing and Awareness Car-sharing&Public transport Improvment of regional public transport network and services Improved rail bus taxi services: attractive fare-system, renewal of bus fleet, scheduled time-tables, optimization of busrail connections CO2 reduction of tons CO 2 /year 40

41 LET S WORK TOGETHER IN THE PEP PARTNERSHIP FOR GREEN TRANSPORT! GOOD FOR CITIES AND CITIZENS, ENVIRONMENT, SOCIETY AND ECONOMY! Thank you for your attention! Peter Wiederkehr, Division Mobility, Transport, Noise Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, Water Management www. Visit the klimaaktiv mobil partners: 41