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1 Compliance guide for VOC Information Sheet #17 October Oleander Avenue Shelly Beach QLD 4551 E W Guide for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Compliance VOC (Volatile Organic Compound Content) is essentially the solvent content of a coatg or adhesive product. The GBCA (Green Buildg Council of Australia) have issued guideles for VOC emissions with buildgs that may relate to the health impact on occupants, which ATFA is subsequently workg with dustry an effort to achieve. The followg pots are advised: 1. The GBCA requirements are basically that of solvent content, or more precisely Volatile Organic Compound content (VOC). 2. Toxicity and VOC are not necessarily related. Low VOC does not necessarily mean lower toxicity than a high VOC coatg or vice versa. Toxicity depends on type of solvent and the proportion of the solvent the wet product. 3. Accordgly if toxicity formation is required, the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the product should be referred to prior to use of any product: web references are as dicated the followg tables. 4. The VOC s listed have been calculated on the European defi nition which Australia has also adopted basically all solvents with boilg pots below 250 deg C are considered VOC s. When consultg the manufacturer MSDS be aware that a different calculation method for the VOC may have been made for example the USA method is to calculate VOC on the basis of VOC % after water has been removed from the formulation unlike Europe and Australia, the USA some very volatile solvents are considered VOC exempt if they do not cause photo chemical smog. 5. AFTA has compiled the followg as a guide only, which is believed to be correct at the time of publication. Note: To ensure this document remas current it is requested that all named manufacturers advise ATFA immediately of any change. Changes will subsequently be mataed on the web based version of the document. Anyone holdg this document should refer to consumer services for the latest version of this document. ATFA bears no liability for data provided by the contributg companies. Australian Timber Floorg Association Inc

2 Waterborne Coatgs Complies to AFTA 2010 guidele of 140 g/l The Traditional Sta Company Akwa Sta The Traditional Sta Company Eco Sta Peerless JAL Hy- Bridge Peerless JAL Hy- Prime Bona Freshen Up. Grams / Litre Sta 0 Sta 0 Intermediate Matenance Coatg 20 Matenancecommercial. Bona Classic / 24 Arboritec Extreme / 28 les/gb_xtreme_sds.pdf les/gb_roller_brush_sds. Arboritec Roller Brush / 28 pdf Puraseal / 28 Loba Exotengrund / 32 Peerless JAL Hy- Deck 1 pack Hybrid 42 Arboritec Compo 2 pack PU 45 les/gb_compo_sds.pdf Arboritec Unic Lobadur 2K Duo 1 pack PU 2 pack PU 45 les/gb_unic_sds.pdf 49 Bona Mega Matt Bona Mega Sat (SM) Bona Mega Gloss Synteko Pro Synteko Basic 1 Pack PU 52 1 Pack PU 54 1 Pack PU 56 1 pack PU 55 1 pack PU nishes/contractor. htm nishes/contractor. htm Bona Intense / 57 Bona Novia Sat (SM) / & 1 Pack PU Lobadur Globaseal / 59 Toby Aquamax Roller Seal / 60 Request via ICA SpA FA45 2 pack primer/ sealer Synteko Top 1 pack PU 70 Bona Sportive Matt 70 2 Pack PU 73 cfl technicalformation nishes/contractor. htm Sportsfl oorsystem1. 2 Australian Timber Floorg Association Inc. 2009

3 Waterborne Coatgs Complies to AFTA 2010 guidele of 140 g/l Lobadur WS 2K Supra AT Lobadur EasyPrime 2 pack PU /. Grams / Litre Bona Naturale 2 pack PU 79 Bona Sportive Gloss 2 Pack PU 74 Sportsfl oorsystem1. Bona Mega Extra Matt 1 Pack PU 74 Bona Naturale 2K 2 Pack PU 79 Loba Hybrid AT 1 pack PU 79 Purashe Polish 79 average Bona Sportive / 81 Sportsfl oorsystem1. Bona Traffi c Anti Slip 2 Pack PU 82 Peerless JAL Hy- Traffi c 2 pack Hybrid 83 Bona Traffi c Matt (IP) 2 Pack PU 84 Synteko Sealmaster / 85 nishes/contractor.htm Synteko Pro 1 pack PU 85 nishes/contractor.htm Bona Traffi c Sat (SM) 2 Pack PU 87 ICA SpA G Series 2 pack PU 90 cfl Intergra Enviropro Timberseal Toby Aquamax Domestic Intergra Enviropro Endure / 91 Request via pack PU <95 Request via pack PU <95 Request via Loba VIVA 1 pack PU 99 Lobadur WS Easy Fish 1 pack PU 99 Premium Aqua Gold 2 pack PU Bona Naturale Base / Synteko Sealmaster / nishes/contractor.htm Absolute Coatgs Grand Absolute Coatgs LNL-100SA 1 pack Modifi ed PU nishes/contractor.htm nishes/contractor.htm Australian Timber Floorg Association Inc

4 Waterborne Coatgs Complies to AFTA 2010 guidele of 140 g/l. Grams / Litre Absolute Coatgs 1 pack PU nishes/contractor.htm Synteko Best 2 pack PU nishes/contractor.htm Bostik Natrathane 1 pack PU 106 Request via Purathane 1 pack PU 112 average Synteko Star 2 pack PU nishes/contractor.htm Absolute Coatgs Trek 2 pack PU nishes/contractor.htm Feast Watson Enviromax Polycure Aquapro 8068 Hitek 2 pack PU 130 Request via pack PU Less than Purathane Two Pack 2 pack PU 148 average Toby Aquamax Sports 2 pack PU 156 Request via Toby Aquamax Commercial Intergra Enviropro Endure 2K Intergra Enviropro High Build 2 pack PU 175 Request via pack PU 185 Request via pack PU 194 Request via PU = Polyurethane PUD = Polyurethane Dispersion Brand Supplier Absolute Coatgs Synteko Arboritec Portugal Cork Qld Bona Ezi Floor s Feast Watson Cabot s ICA Pacifi c Floors Intergra Enviropro Cabot s Loba and Lobadur Swadesir Premiumset Peak Chemicals Timberex Ezi Floor s Toby Cabot s Treatex Whittle Waxes All other brands are sold by the brand named company 4 Australian Timber Floorg Association Inc. 2009

5 Alternative Coatgs (Penetratg s & Waxes) Complies to AFTA 2010 guidele of 500 g/l. Grams / Litre Arboritec Sprt 100 VOC Free Urethane 0 Livos Lus Primg Penetratg # Loba 2K Impact Penetratg 2 Pack 0 Loba Akzent Penetratg 0 Loba HS Select / Wax 0 Rubio Monocoat Plus 2C Bondg 0 Rubio Monocoat pretreatment Precolour Aqua W/B 0 Rubio Monocoat pretreatment Fumed/Smoked/ Tanned W/B 0 Treatex Eco Penetratg <1 Synteko Natural Penetratg 1 nishes/contractor.htm Timberex Wax oil Buffable Wax Timberex Free High Solids 13 Livos Koimos High Penetratg Solid Wood # Loba Deck and Teak Penetratg Timberex Sat Matenance Gold Timberex Sat Matenance Gold Mousse Mousse Livos - Kunos Penetratg Natural # Timberex Hard Wax Sat Hard Wax oil Synteko Urethane Alkyd Urethane nishes/contractor.htm Treatex Wax Hard wax oil 450 %20Traditional%20Clear%20Sat% pdf Loba Markant Hardwax / Wax Timberex Timberguard External Timberex Heavy Duty Penetratg Whittle Waxes Hardwax 41 / Wax Whittle Waxes Hardwax / Wax Livos Ardvos Universal Wood #266 Penetratg Australian Timber Floorg Association Inc

6 Alternative Coatgs (Penetratg s & Waxes) Complies to AFTA 2010 guidele of 500 g/l Treatex Traditional / Wax Timberex Hard Wax Matt Hard Wax Whittle Waxes Object Penetratg Whittle Waxes PNZ Penetratg oil *Note. It is policy of the ATFA that where any solvent emission occurs from a coatg, a respirator is recommended. It is acknowledge that this may contradict some manufacturer s advice, but the ATFA have based this policy on the premises that no exposure is a good exposure. Solventborne Coatgs Complies to AFTA 2010 guidele of 500 g/l Lobadur Primaseal / 98 Polycure Ultra Gloss 5870 Polycure Crystapol 5970 Gloss MC PU MC PU Premium High Build MCPU Toby Supreme MC PU 450 Request via Duothane Part A/Part B 2 pack PU Duothane Fast 2 pack PU Monothane HS50 MC PU Feast Watson Quickstep MC PU 500 Request via Polycure AK/BK 2 pack PU Polycure Durapol 1050 Max Gloss MC PU Premium 2 Pack 2 pack PU Monothane 45 MC PU Premium Gold MC PU 530

7 Solventborne Coatgs Complies to AFTA 2010 guidele of 500 g/l Monothane 44 MC PU Toby Lustapol 2 pack PU 540 Request via Polycure 1045 MC PU Feast Watson Maxithane MC PU 555 Request via Feast Watson Maxithane Non Yellowg MC PU Aliphatic 565 Request via Polycure 1044 MC PU Toby Unithane MC PU 625 Request via Urethane Coatgs Timberseal Toby GF Barrier Seal Vyl Fast Vyl Fast Dry Request via Premium Timber Polycure 5537 Fast Premium Fast Timber Feast Watson Maxiprime Feast Watson Maxibuild Toby Rapid Seal Bostik Quick Dry Polycure Pack PU Vyl fast Dry Fast Dry Fast Dry Vyl Fast Dry Vyl fast Vyl Fast 770 Request via Request via Request via or Request via Feast Watson Hi Build 55 MC PU Unknown Request via Feast Watson PolyU 4060 Feast Watson PolyU 4595 MC PU Unknown Request via MC PU Unknown Request via MC = Moisture Cure PU = Polyurethane 6 Australian Timber Floorg Association Inc. 2009

8 Modified Coatgs (Alkyds & Acid Cures) Complies to AFTA 2010 guidele of 500 g/l Toby Tung Seal Alkyd 405 Request via Feast Watson Alkathane Feast Watson Alkathane HS Alkyd Urethane Alkyd Urethane High Solids 475 Request via Request via Bostik Ultrathane OMU or Request via Toby UMO Urethane Modifi ed Synteko Classic Acid cure 494 Premium Classic Acid Cure 490 Request via nishes/ contractor.htm Acid Cure Peerless JAL Dual Coat OMU Urethane Coatgs Tungseal Urethane Coatgs Modifi ed Gloss Urethane Coatgs Modifi ed Sat Alkyd Modifi ed Alkyd Modifi ed Alkyd Bostik Tung Alkyd or Request via Feast Watson Tung Tung Alkyd 580 Request via Premium Modifi ed OMU Peerless JAL Tung Alkyd Please fi nd adhesives on the next page. Australian Timber Floorg Association Inc

9 Adhesives Complies to AFTA 2010 guidele of 100 g/l Bona R850 MC Silane 0 Adhesives. Bona R850T MC Silane 0 Adhesives. Loba Wakol MS260 MC Silane 0 Loba Wakol PU Premiumset MC PU 0 Stauf PUM 950 MC PU 0 Stauf SMP 960 MC Silane 0 Eco Prim T Mapeprim SP Bostik Ultraset SF MC PU 2 or Request via G Triblock Ultrabond P990 1K Synteko Shonox MS Elastic MC PU 5 MC PU < 5 en/s/ f78201fb0.pdf RLA RL1017 MC PU 6 Request via Bostik Timberset MC WB Latex 15 or Request via Sikafl oor MB for adhesive 24 product_listg.htm Bostik Ultraset Overlay MC PU 44 or Request via RLA GS500 Safe Grip Polymer 45 Request via Sikabond T55J MC PU 55 product_listg.htm Sikabond T53 MC PU 64 product_listg.htm Bostik Ultraset MC PU 80 or Request via Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick LF Construction Chemicals Foamgrip Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick low odour Bostik AVS AV525 MC PU 80 eselleysadhesives&country=au&style=4 MC PU 85 MC PU 92 MC PU 93 MC PU 97 eselleysadhesives&country=au&style=4 eselleysadhesives&country=au&style=4 or Request via Holdfast 7800 MC PU TBA Request via Stauf WFR 930 Alcohol MC = Moisture Cure PU = Polyurethane