Lubuskie. Self-government and economic mission to Great Britain

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1 Lubuskie Self-government and economic mission to Great Britain

2 Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure to present you the directory of businesses from the Lubuskie province, who decided to promote with us the economic potential of our region in a trade mission to United Kingdom. The Lubuskie province is a young region in the centre of Europe, near the border with Germany, full of entrepreneurs. We assist ten of these companies in a mission because we believe that our support is an opportunity to make new contacts with potential business partners. You are very welcome to cooperate with businesses from our region. I hope that this presentation will encourage you to make new, beneficial business contacts. You are welcome to cooperate with Lubuskie province! Province Government We invite you to cooperation! Kompass Poland Sp. z o.o. Marshal of Lubusz Voivodship Elżbieta Anna Polak Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Lubuskiego ul. Podgórna Zielona Góra tel Managing Director Marek Wcisło Kompass Poland Sp. z o.o. ul. Wita Stwosza Warszawa tel.:

3 Lubuskie is a region located in the heart of Europe, along the Polish - German border, around 100 km from Berlin. It is not only a great place for rest and relax (because the region is covered in 50% by forests and over 500 lakes), but also it is a region of great variety of industrial production, the main recipients of which are customers from Europe and both Americas. Strategic transit routes run through the region: east - west (Berlin - Moscow) and north - south from Scandinavia to the Balkans. Moreover, Zielona Gó ra-babimost airport provides passenger and cargo services in the region. Cross-border location facilitates investments, mainly from Western Europe and the Scandinavian countries. The investments are located in the areas prepared by municipalities, especially in special economic zones that offer packages of incentives to investors, including tax relief, among others. The region location also facilitates international cooperation of Lubuskie province with German and Slovak regions, and then with France and Italy. Moreover, there is a lively exchange with the Eastern European countries in terms of support of science and region management processes (partners from Russia, Moldova and Ukraine). The production of automotive parts and accessories is the leading industry sector of the Lubuskie province. Next industries include: wood processing, production of furniture and paper, and food products, as well as products made of metal. Other sectors include: machinery, electronics, glass and building ceramics, biotechnology, and transportation and logistics. The use of natural resources plays a significant role in Lubuskie province. The largest oil and natural gas mine in Poland and one of the most advanced in Europe was opened in The planned annual production amounts to around 100 million m3 of gas and around 300 thousand tons of oil. 5 global automotive parts and accessories producers located their production facilities in Lubuskie province: Gedia, Faurecia, Se Bordnetze, Saint Gobain Sekurit, and Johnson Controls. Lubuskie is a leader in wood processing and furniture production. IKEA INDUSTRY furniture pro ducer and KRONOPOL a Swiss manufacturer of floor and wall panels are among global players who have their production facilities here. STELMET, a manufacturer of wooden garden and pellet, biomass fuel that is used for heating homes and other premises, is a pride among domestic companies. Paper production is a strong industry in the region (packaging cartons and cardboard as well as paper and fancy stationery) which polish companies Lamix and Karton Pak are famous for. The international include Swedish Arctic Paper and Italian ICT Poland, and primarily operating both Americas markets Smurfit Kappa. The food production industry is rich in a variety of products, among which OVOPOL egg powders gained international recognition and Lubuskie beer by Boss Browar Witnica, Nordis s frozen food, Magnolia s wafer products and Malwa Tea s herbs gained recognition on the US market. Among the companies with foreign capital Podravka (spices production) and AB FOODS (production of sauces, dressings and oriental cuisine components) stand out. The Lubuskie province is a major producer of machinery and equipment. The world s leader is Seco Warwick, a heat treatment and metal melting equipment manufacturer famous in both Americas. Further include: machinery for processing wood (GOMAD) and fabrics (FALUBAZ), PLC and tramsmitters production (Relpol), steel structures for bridges, constructions and industrial (Holding- Zremb Gorzów SA), industrial fibers (NOVITA) and polyamide and elastic PBT (Stilon SA). For many years universities (mainly the University of Zielona Góra) have been conducting advanced laboratory research for the industry. Currently in Lubuskie province with the support of regional authorities four research centers emerged (including science, industry and technology parks) which conduct research for the following industries: construction, automotive, metal, IT, as well as in the health technology sectors and agronomic deployments and environmental testing (disposal of waste). The Marshal Office of the Lubusz Voivodship within regional economic promotion programme organises in association with Kompass Poland Sp. z o.o. company a trade mission in United Kingdom which will be held on 10 and 11 September With a view to achieving cooperation between companies of the region and foreign companies or investors, as well as entities interested in regional exports, B2B meetings will take place. Furthermore, the idea of the mission is to encourage potential investors to make investments in Lubuskie region and to establish constant business relations with regional companies in the field of trade and production, as well as research and development. The other aim of the mission is to promote economic advantages of Lubuskie province. Below you can find information about 9 companies which will participate in the mission. We hope that this presentation will encourage you to make new, beneficial business contacts. You are welcome to cooperate with Lubuskie province!

4 ZAKŁAD MECHANICZNY MESTIL SP. Z O.O. ZM MESTIL Sp. z o.o. is a service and production company dealing with the implementation of high-tech services for various industries. Their experienced 140 person crew specializes in the following areas: Making complete machines from the entrusted documentation. Mechanics, automation, assembly at the customer's all over the world Production of pneumatic expansion shafts Production of precision spare parts and components made by machining technique (turning, milling, grinding, hardening) in small and medium-series quantities Steel constructions in the area of instrumentation, machine production, technological devices weighing up to 5 tons of one element Machining of spatial elements on the WHN boring machine, such as machine bodies, frames, high accuracy boards. Weight of one element up to 12 tons Factory relocation and moving machines (disassembly, transport, assembly, commissioning) Participation in research works as a contractor of implementation tasks and conducting industrial and development research

5 WAG & TK WAG & TK WAG & TK Sp. z o.o. was set up in The Company offers a wide range of stainless steel processing In 2009, it expanded its range by establishing two new divisions, i.e metal sheet products and steel structures. About 80% of the Company s products are exported to major customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. With its total production and office area of 500 m2. Located near the A18 motorway and the Germany-Poland border (about 30 km), it is able to quickly and directly contact its contractors, both at home and abroad. Wide and diverse, our range comprises: -Metal sheet products: toolboxes metal tool cases cases with and without inserts folding and fixed assembly tables shelves folding or rolling assembly horses workshop equipment (tables + cupboards), standard and upgraded, both ready- and custom made. -Stainless steel products including metal sheet processing and developing complex customized solutions. -Steel structures products: production and assembly of custom production and storage halls industrial and building structures ( weight: up to 5 tons; length: up to 20 m per component) fences, gates and canopies, stairs, balustrades, etc. All requests submitted by our Customers related to our range are considered and accepted during the design and manufacture process, for both small and large quantities. Our state-of-the-art machinery( together with PW Produs sp. Z o.o. about 3500m2 area) comprises plasma & oxy-fuel cutting machine 2m x 6m, overhead crane lifting capacity of up to 5 tons, 23 eccentric presses 6 to 100 tons, 6 electric welding machines, 4 guillotines (max. length: 3m; max. thickness: 6 mm), 2 CNC edge presses 80 tons/3 m, bending machines, riveting machines, rolling mills, powder coating technological line and our own well-equipped tool shop. We also render storage services, for both the products manufactured at our production facilities and any products delivered from other sites to be shipped together. Close collaboration with a large number of freight forwarders, both domestic and foreign, allows us to provide our Customers with a wide range of logistical services. In addition, we provide cutting, pressing, milling, grinding, lathing, TIG/MAG welding and powder coating services.

6 Tomasz Jagiełło ROYAL ESTATE M.S.C.. in Innovation Management from TU-Berlin and Warsaw School of Economics. Age 32, Serial Entrepreneur. Managing Director at, luxorious short-stay company based in Warsaw, Poland. Consultant on high-end housing market in Poland, with 1M+ GBP transaction history, guaranteeing 5%+ returns. Owner of 2 hectares of industrial land and 4000 square meter of industrial buildings in Lubuskie, western Poland, in the close vicinity of a motorway. Owner of Martens Sp. Z o.o., construction company specialized in steel constructions and floating buildings in Lubuskie, western Poland. Contact details: tel

7 PRO-TECH Andrzej Binkowski PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO ZAOPATRZENIA TECHNICZNEGO I USŁUG The Pro-Tech company started its activity in 1996, and its main activity was trading in used metalworking machines. A year later, machining services joined the offer. Initially, this activity had a short range and local businesses and agriculture were served. High quality of services, punctuality and, above all, customer satisfaction, resulted in a period of intensive development. At present, the company cooperates with many clients on a national and European scale. Their products are the equipment of renowned production plants and are elements of professional, fully automated production lines. They specialize mainly in the production of a machine park for the food and printing industries. That's why they cooperate with the best producers in the country and in the world. The production activity includes: - Rollers for rubber coating for various purposes; - Polygraphic rolls for covering with ceramics; - Construction of automated technological and production lines; - Construction of technological machines; - Construction of a line for the production of plastic bags with printing; - Construction of machines for the food industry; - Cardboard processing machines, eg KB 3500 slitting and punching machine; - Design and construction of assembly stations and devices for production lines, eg production of stoves - Trolleys for transporting various details; - Pallets for storing blocks used in production in metal stamping departments; - Tools for punching and stamping sheets; - Implementation of projects on an individual client's request through construction in 3D format.

8 ZIEL-BRUK MAKAREWICZ Edward Makarewicz ZIEL-BRUK MAKAREWICZ is a leading manufacturer of concrete elements on the Polish market. The company has two factories that supply paving stones and other elements of its own production, and cooperates with over a thousand contractors and customers in a year. In 2010, the company initiated the "Lubuska Rock" program - a system of exceptional products with the appearance of natural rock. All of its elements are made of selected gravels, grits and quartz sands in vibro-pressed concrete technology. For their creation, a special method of splitting and heat treatment of the "Big-Room System" was used, thanks to which they obtain low absorbability, high durability and high frost resistance. The Lubuska Rock Program includes: fences, retaining walls, enclosures and low retaining walls, stairs, walls and facades. The Lubuska Rock Program is a response to the needs of changes in the appearance of properties, single-family houses, housing estates, park squares and the surroundings of the tenement houses of the old town. Innovative product solutions include products and designs that have been reserved in the Patent Office. The ZIEL-BRUK company has been ISO 9001: 2000 certified since 2002 and has been repeatedly awarded, among others The "Solidny Partner w Biznesie" ("Solidny Partner w Biznesie") certificate took high positions in the Lubuskie Voivodeship Companies Ranking "Złota Dziesiątka", 1st place in the "Lubuski Business Leader" competition, already 4 times awarded the Fair Play Enterprise. In addition, the following products: Granit Lubuski, Rustica and Skała Lubuska have been awarded many times in contests including the European Medal, our Good Award awarded by the readers of the largest Lubuskie daily and awards at the BUDMA trade fair and the Construction and Interior Equipment Fair in Drzonków.

9 ŚWIAT MEBLI Agnieszka Andrzejak The company was founded in 1996 in Zielona Góra. Initially, they operated on a small exhibition space with time significantly expanding our activities. Many years of experience, constant investments in improving the appearance of the exhibition and the consequences in achieving the set goals have meant that the furniture store "Meble Mebli" has become one of the largest and most modern stores in the region in recent years. It is a company specializing in the sale of furniture for flats, houses, offices in a wide range of designs, as well as all decorative accessories, as well as It is a company specializing in the sale of furniture for flats, houses, offices in a wide range of design, as well as all decorative accessories, as well as other interior furnishings, The company works with the best producers and suppliers in the country, putting itself as the main goal - to meet customers expectations. They strive to create exhibitions in line with the latest trends, reflecting passion and love for beautiful interiors.

10 JEFFERSON CATERING Robert Walczak Comprehensive catering and organizational service for corporate events. The company has comprehensive technical facilities and event equipment. The company organizes trainings, conferences, company and family events, weddings, picnics, and Christmas Eve parties. The company is looking for subcontractors and partners on the British market, suppliers of raw materials for production as well as buyers or agents.

11 BLECH SP. Z O.O. We offer cables, wires, switchgears, luminaries, cable trays, electrotechnical fittings, tools, professional trainings by experts in particular departments. In the rank by Marshal Office of Lubuskie Province Companies of the Lubuskie Province, year 2000 PPHU BLECH was ranked 10th and was named Small Enterprise Tiger. We are present at various events. We actively participate in cultural life of Zielona Góra. We financially support the Polish Red Cross, sport clubs and Lubusz Theatre as well as other Associations. We care for the growth of the local entrepreneurship, support activities of Zielona Góra companies in order to strengthen the competitiveness of our goods and services on the national market. ACHIEVEMENTS We are glad to inform that our company was awarded the title of 2009 Business Gazelle by Puls Biznesu. It is presented to medium-sized companies which, thanks to their dynamic development, do not find it difficult to operate among much bigger competitors and managed to avoid market dangers. Business Gazelle is a list of dynamic and fair companies which meet certain conditions, e.g.: begun to operate before 2006 and have been on the market since between 2006 and 2008 did not record a loss in 2006 had sales of no less than PLN and did not exceed PLN. each year recorded an increase in sales between 2006 and have published their financial records in Monitor Polski at least since have published their financial records in Monitor Polski at least since The company is looking for buyers, intermediaries in the field of electrotechnical equipment, developers interested in comprehensive supply and prefabrication of switchboards individually designed for the recipient.

12 EKOENERGETYKA-POLSKA SP. Z O.O. E-MOBILITY SOLUTIONS High power charging infrastructure deployment made easy Our baseline activity is manufacturing and selling chargers for electric buses. But we understand that just selling chargers, in the current context of e-bus expansion, is not enough. Setting up an electric bus fleet and its infrastructure is a complex process and we are ready to help with it. With our bespoke solutions we can take care of every aspect of your e-bus charging deployment, from implementation to running of your infrastructure. Who we are Driven by innovation and powered by desire to reduce transport emissions, we develop and produce high power charging solutions for electric passenger cars, buses and HD vehicles. Established in 2009 Poland with a sole purpose of providing charging solutions, we are one of the pioneers in the e-mobility industry. In 8 years since our creation we grew from 2 to 50 people, acquired customers all over Europe and are now a Central and Eastern European leader in charging technologies. The Polish power industry produces high power chargers and solutions in the field of infrastructure management for electric buses. Both mobile chargers at bus depots and 'opportunity charging' chargers for charging at bus stops, our products and services help public transport operators to implement and manage charging infrastructure. The company is the leader of Central and Eastern Europe in the field of charging technology for electric vehicles. We place great emphasis on research and development as well as production quality, 60% of our employees are engineers. Thanks to the innovation of our company and regular cooperation with leading Polish research laboratories, we are able to provide our clients with the highest-class solutions in the field of high power technologies and loader management. Our team of specialists provides turnkey solutions, according to specific customer requirements. The company is looking for buyers: As a manufacturer of fast chargers for electric buses, it is looking for partners among public transport operators and representatives of city authorities that intend to introduce electric buses, manufacturers of such vehicles or energy operators.