Content. 1. Introduction 2. Description. 3. Safety notices and symbols 4. Serial number and part numbers

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1 UNIMOKE V2 Manual

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3 Content 1. Introduction 2. Description 3. Safety notices and symbols 4. Serial number and part numbers 5. Before your first ride 6. Operating information and tips 7. Special Operations/ Cargo 8. General safety advices 9. Warranty 10. Declaration of EU Conformity 11. Maintainance-Schedule

4 Dear UNIMOKE owner, Congratulations on the purchase of a UNIMOKE urban utility e-bike! Your UNIMOKE is a robust and versatile EU EPAC e-bike with a power output of 250 W and a max. powered speed of 25 km/h. We also offer a non-eu conform high-power version with 750 W and optional hand throttle. Please check your local laws about. This manual is part of your UNIMOKE and provides you with all the necessary information on how to assemble your e-bike, ride and maintain your UNIMOKE e-bike, along with important safety tips and details! Enjoy your UNIMOKE and always ride safe! Your UNIMOKE Team This manual is constantly updated and revised. The most up-to-date version can be found under: 3

5 Description The UNIMOKE is a sport utility e-bike designed for everyday urban operations and rough road conditions. It is designed as a EU-legal 250 W/25 km/h EPAC, but can also be ordered with higher power/ speed setting for use on private properties or in countries with higher legal limits Dimensions Hight: 839 mm Total Length: 1714 mm Wheelbase: Trail: 1126 mm 40 mm Trail 40 Wheelbase 1126 Total Length 1714 All dimensions in mm 4

6 Description Frame Chro-Moly steel Battery 36 V/ 14 AH Lithium Akku Speed 25 km/h power cut-off speed (EU) Engine 1BAFANG G06/ 250 W max. continuos power Range Approx. 40 km under dry, flat road conditions and one rider 5

7 Important information and symbols Please read this manual carefully and follow our instructions. The following warning symbols mark parts of special importance. Please keep this manual with your bike. 6

8 Symbols Important sections of the manual are marked with different levels of importance! Please read all marked sections carefully:! WARNING! This symbol marks sections of extreme importance. Neglection of this information may lead to severe injuries or death. CAUTION! This symbol marks sections of high importance. Neglecting this information may lead to injury or damage to your UNIMOKE. INFO: This Symbols marks sections with tips and information that may help extend the product lifetime and protects your warranty. 7

9 Serial-Number and part numbers Frame Number Your UNIMOKE has a unique Frame number that is layered into the side part of your metal battery holding structure. Please NOTE and keep this number. Part Numbers Data Plate.. Engine Serial Number Engraved into the engine housing Controller On the controller housing Battery On the housing of your battery Charger On your charger housing The main data plate of your UNIMOKE is attached to the top rear of the battery holder structure and contains all VIN, CE and ROHS declaration logos. 8

10 9

11 Before riding the first time Warning! We strongly recommend to have your UNIMOKE checked by a mechanic before taking it for a first ride! Your UNIMOKE comes very complete and pre-assembled and tested. There are only a few steps to be done to get it to the road. If you are not mechanically inclined, please have your bike checked by a mechanic before your first ride! 10

12 1. Handle bar adjustment and fastening The handlebars of your UNIMOKE are folded inwards for transport. To adjust them, sit on the bike in a comfortable position and HORIZONTALLY unfold the handle bars until you find your most comfortable setting. Fasten ALL 6 SCREWS TIGHTLY to fix the position of your handlebars. 11

13 ! WARNING! Locker/nicht fest sitzende Lenkstangenverklemmungen können dazu führen, dass sich ein oder beide Lenker während der Fahrt unter Last verstellen! Sturz und schwere Verletzungen können die Folge sein! INFO: The handle bars are fixed to a height that fits 99 % of all users. You can LOWER the handlebars if neccesary, but please NOTE that this step can not be reverted without visible scratches to the steering bar tubes! 12

14 2. Installing the pedals Install your L and R pedals by using the tool included. Tighten the pedals strongly. INFO: The UNIMOKE pedals are designed to FOLD when your bike tips over. To unfold, press on the pedal towards the frame and fold it back until it snaps into place. Tighten the pedals strongly and recheck regularly to avoid pedals getting loose while riding! 3. Installing side stand Install the side stand with the two M6 screws and the tools provided. 13

15 4. Charging and installation of your battery Charge your battery FULLY before your first ride. The battery is fully charged when the indicator on your battery charger goes to GREEN. Vorsicht! Always keep the SECOND RESERVE KEY in a sepa-rate and safe location. IF BOTH KEYS ARE LOST, THERE IS NO REPLACE-MENT POSSIBLE! If using the reserve key, have a COPY made. 1. Unlock the battery with the key 2. Take out the battery key to insert it into the bike 3. Fold the seat up 4. Insert the battery into the rail and all the way down. 5. Insert key and turn clockwise to LOCK and START 14

16 15

17 General operating manual To ride your UNIMOKE, follow these steps: 1. Insert the key into your battery and turn key into ON position 2. Press LONG on the central START button on your controller panel. The display will come alive and the battery status and drive level Select your drive level (1-9), LOW assist to HIGH assist 4. Use LONG press on + to switch on the light or to switch it off. 5. Use LONG press on - to activate the 6 km/h push assistance. 6. Engine power will gradually increase as you start to pedal and will cut off at the cut-off speed of 25 km/h.! WARNING! Please practice with your UNIMOKE before going on public roads! Get practice with the controls, brakes, different drive levels and the specific handling characteristics of an EPAC before riding on public roads. ONLY take cargo or children with you after being fully confident with your UNIMOKE and its behaviour! Especially practice full stops and manoeuvres at different speeds and situations. 16

18 Special use and Cargo operations The UNIMOKE is a versatile, strong and robust utility e-bike for everyday use. Please note that cargo operations, trailer operations and taking children with you should be done with care and preparation! Note: 1. Only use safe and certified child seats. Taking older children on the rear rack may NOT be legal in your country. 2. Only use trailers with safe side-mounted hitches (Weber, 3. Always secure baskets, cargo boxes and racks safely and in a way that they can not shake loose while riding.! WARNING! Taking children, persons or using a trailer is on your descretion only! Please NOTE that operating your UNIMOKE with high loads or cargo needs to be done with extreme care. ONLY take children when you feel fully confident on riding your UNIMOKE safely and use certified seats and helmets for them! Ride at low speeds and avoid long downhill stretches when operating at or above the normal load limit of one driver. Your brakes may be overloaded or fade due to overheating if used extensively on downhill rides. Adjust your speed accordingly when riding with children, passengers, trtailers or high load! Note that taking passengers is NOT legal in all countries! 17

19 18

20 General safety precautions Read all of the following precautions carefully! Neglecting those precautions may affect your warranty and safety! General AVOID hard bumps, impacts and shocks. Take care that your bikes does not fall over. Handle your battery with care and caution! Accidents, hard bumps or shocks and other impacts may damage the electronics, frame, battery and connectors. Do NOT intentionally ride over potholes, off-road or in tough conditions. Adjust your riding speed accordingly to avoid excess vibration and hard impacts. Check your UNIMOKE regulary. Check breaks, screws and connectors regularly and do not ride your UNIMOKE with loose parts or components. Have your e-bike checked whenever you note strange sounds or unusual vibrations. Keep your bike clean and in a tidy condition to avoid corrosion or excessive wear and tear. Damaged or worn part and components my lead to injuries or loss of warranty! Only ride on public roads with correct equipment and experience. If you use your UNIKOKE on public roads, make sure you have front and rear lights in working condition. get practice with your e-bikes behaviour before riding on public roads. We recommend to wear a certified helmet and reflective clothing on public roads. Obey traffic rules and apply common sense when riding on public roads. Do not ride without your battery in place. Your battery acts as power source for your lighting equippement. Riding without working lights may be a traffic law violation. Do not manipulate the battery, controller or engine. Manipulating your electronics, battery or controller may lead to permanent damage, short circuits, fire or even explosion of your battery. Do NOT temper with electronic parts or attempt to tune or speed up your UNIMOKE using unauthorised means. Any tampering with your UNIMOKE electronic components will void any warranty or liability from our side and may be a criminal offence. 19

21 Follow road and traffic rules. Adjust your ride-style to traffic situation and obey traffic rules and limits! Get aquinted with riding an electric bicycle: 1. Your engine will start running whenever the pedals are moved. 2. Always use your brakes when standing still while on the bike. This will deactivate the engine. 3. Stay clear of obstacles and persons when accelerating your bike Cleaning Clean your machine with care, avoid bending or knicking cables or pulling on electric connectors. Damaged cables can cause electric strokes. Always remove the battery before cleaning your bike or doing maintenance! Contact to cleansing liquid may damage the connectors or lead to a short circuit. Unintentional pressing of the control buttons or gas lever may cause the engine to start. Always remove the battery. Do not use high-pressure cleaners or large amounts of water. High pressure cleaners will force water into the connectors and electrical components, leading to permanent damage/ destruction of your electric components.use water sparingly and dry off with a dry cloth immediately. Use light detergents and dust off the bike carefully to avoid scratches. 20

22 Maintenance and repairs Only repair parts of your bike you are complete confident working with. Leave complex or other repairs to a qualified e-bike mechanic! Faulty or unqualified repairs or repair attempts may lead to accidents, short cirquits, fire or destruction of your e-bike! Always remove the battery before performing repairs or maintenance. Your engine may start running when parts of the drivetrain or electrical controls are moved or touched, causing injuries or damage to your vehicle. Avoid knicking or damaging cables or connectors. Damaged cables and connectors can cause short circuits or electrical strokes. Only use original manufacturer approved parts and components. The use of non-original components, batteries and brakes may lead to injuries, damage or destruction of your bike. Always contact the manufacturer or local dealer before installing non original components. Do a first complete check after the first 200 km. Screws and bolts can get loose or set in after manufacturing, so have your bike checked again after about 200 km. E-bikes have a higher demand for maintenance! E-bikes are more heavy loaded and faster than normal bikes and therefore have a higher demand for maintenance. Due to the higher weight and faster speeds, your UNIMOKE requires more attention to safety and maintenance than a normal bicycle. Always check the condition of your bike before riding and never ride with defective components like brakes, engine or wheels. 21

23 Important safety information regarding your battery! WARNING! Never use a battery that shows any signs of damage, leaks, dents in the housing or that has been dropped! Only use the battery for your e-bike and do not attempt to use it for other purposes. Do not leave your battery on the charger unattended. Charge your battery on a fire resistant surface and/or in a safe place. Only use the original battery for your UNIMOKE. Keep the battery away from heat sources and fire and store in a cool, protected place. Do not expose your battery to liquids or water. Do not store your battery at very low temperatures (below 5 degrees Celsius) Remove the battery before transporting your bike Keep the battery out of reach of children and animals. Never temper with the battery. Do not open the case or try to repair the battery. Do NOT touch damaged or defective batteries or cells as this may lead to acid injuries or electric shocks. Remove the charger from the battery after charging Unplug your charger while not used Protect your battery against falling over or falling down. Do NOT try to charge damaged or dead batteries! Do NOT try to recharge deep-emptied batteries. Do not park your vehicle over long periods with an installed battery 22

24 23

25 Warranty The UNIMOKE is a high-quality e-bike designed for everyday urban use. Frame and Fork: Electric components: 3 years against broken tubes/welds 1 year on controller and engine During the warranty period, defective parts or components will be replaced or exchanged by Urban Drivestyle free of charge. Other forms of compensation are NOT possible. This warranty only covers the original purchaser! Warranty does only apply if proof of purchase is provided and the bike has been used under normal conditions. Damages caused by misuse or accidents are not covered! 24

26 25

27 Declaration of EU/CE Conformity As ruled in EG 2006/42/EG Name of manufacturer: Urban Drivestyle GmbH Lohmühlenstraße Berlin Germany This declaration is given for an unmodified version of the vehicle as it was manufactured by the manufacturer. We herby declare that the product: UNIMOKE V2 E-Bike Complies with the rules and recommendations set forth under MR 2006/42/EG and 2004/108/EG covering electromagnetic safety. The following rules were applied: DIN EN 1464 City-Bikes DIN EN EPAC e-bikes 250 W/ 25 km/h DIN (EMV) Berlin, Dipl. Ing. Daniel Roig Leitung Qualitätssicherung Thorsten Schoof Produktmanager UNIMOKE 26

28 27

29 Maintainance-Schedule Regular maintainance and cleaning of your e-bike will dramatically increase livetime, safety and resale value! Please check your UNIMOKE and perform the following maintainance procdures at least every 250 km: 1. Remove dust, dirt and surface oxidation 2. Lubricate drivetrain, brake cables, gear switcher mechanism 3. Check and repair paint damage/ scratches 4. Check all cable connectors and battery pins for oxidation/ tighteness 5. Check and fasten all screws, nuts and bolts 6. Check and adjust your brake system, replace pads every 1000 km or after one year We recommend to have your UNIMOKE checked by a certified mechanic every 1500 km or anually! 28

30 Service history Date Milage Maintenance repairs Signature 29 Lohmühlenstraße Berlin Germany

31 30

32 UNIMOKE Urban V2 Drivestyle GmbH Lohmühlenstraße Berlin Germany