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1 Market Brief on Belgium Belgium-Luxembourg is the 12th largest export economy in the world. In 2015, Belgium-Luxembourg exported $325B and imported $378B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $52.2B. Source: Cities Brussels 1.02 Antwerp 0.46 Ghent 0.23 Charleroi 0.20 Liège 0.18 Bruges 0.12 Namur 0.11 Leuven 0.09 Mons 0.09 Aalst 0.08 Population (million) Total Population (2016) Area Time Zone Capital City International Telephone Code Currency Exchange Rate (01/03/2017) GDP (2015) GDP per capita (2015) GDP Growth Rate (Apr 2016) Ease of Doing Busis (World Bank 2017) Inflation Rate (Feb Feb 2017) Official Language(s) Languages Busis Hours 11.37million 30,528km² UTC Brussels +32 Euro 1 US$ = Euro US$ Billion US$ % 42/ % Dutch French, German, English 0800hrs-1700hrs. Lunch hrs. Banking Hours hrs. (weekdays) hrs. (Sat) Literacy Rate 99 % Measures Important International Participation Metric System IMF, WHO, WTO, UN, UNESCO, NATO, EU Source: Wikipedia

2 2 Belgium Trade with the World ( ) Import Export US $ MILLION (US $ million) Year Import 466, , , , ,025 Export 475, , , , ,739 Source: Trade map Major Import Sources of Belgium 2015 Major Export Destinations of Belgium 2015 Netherland s 17% 30% Germany 1 Germany 17% 28% France 15% Japan France Poland Russian Federation Italy China Ireland 5% Kingdom 5% States of America China Spain India Italy States of 5% America Kingdom Netherlands 11%

3 3 Major Import Products from 2015 Belgium Major Export Products to Belgium % Buses diesel powered 8% 6 Buses diesel powered 7% Bodies for tractors, buses, trucks etc Parts and accessories for drawing, etc instruments 1% Heterocyclic compound,o xygen heteroatom(s) only, Oils petroleum, bituminous, distillates, Heparin, salts, for therapeutic use Pitch coke Medicamen ts, formulated, in bulk Petroleum oils, oils from bituminous minerals, 5% Pearls cultured worked, not mounted or set Chemical industry products, preparation s, mixtures ne 1% Heterocycli c compound, oxygen heteroatom(s) only, Oils petroleum, bituminous, distillates, Antiques older than one hundred years Parts and accessories for drawing, etc instruments Heparin, salts, for therapeutic use Medicamen ts, formulated, in bulk 7% Petroleum oils, oils from bituminous minerals, Pearls cultured worked, not mounted or set Sri Lanka- Belgium Trade ( ) US $ million Export Import Trade Balance

4 4 (US $ million) Exports to Belgium Imports to SL Trade balance Source: Trade map Sri Lankan products with export potential to Belgium Mens, boys trousers & shorts, material, not knit Womens, girls bathrobe, dressing gowns, Mens, boys trousers & shorts, of material Womens, girls anoraks etc of material, not knit Womens, girls trousers, shorts, material, not knit T-shirts, singlets etc, of material Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals (excluding ); preparations containing... Mens, boys shirts, of material, not knit Mens, boys bathrobes, dressing gown etc fibre knit Conveyor, transmission belts and belting, rubber Womens, girls garments, material, not knit Hosiery, of materials Rubber hygienic, pharmacy items contraceptives Pullovers, cardigans etc of material knit Womens, girls blouses & shirts, of material Arrowroot, salep, etc fresh or dried and sago pith Pearls cultured worked, not mounted or set Babies garments, accessories of material Cotton-seed or fractions simply refined Clothing and accessories gloves, of rubber Graphite based products Womens, girls overcoats, etc, material, knit Jams, fruit jellies, purees and pastes, citrus nuts, fresh or dried, whether or not shelled or peeled (excluding coconuts, Brazil nuts... Womens, girls trousers & shorts, material Coffee substitutes containing coffee Fish livers and roes, fresh or chilled Flight simulators, parts thereof Pneumatic tyres new of rubber Preparations of a kind used in animal feeding Knit or crochet fabric of other materials, Construction equipment, not self-propelled Parts of electrical machi and apparatus Diamonds (jewelry) worked but not mounted or set Balloons, dirigibles, non-powered aircraft Bathroom wares, of plastics Parts for electric motors and generators Electrical control and distribution boards, > 1kV Spacecraft, satellites and spacecraft launch vehicles Fish, fresh or chilled (excluding fish fillets and other fish meat of heading 0304)

5 5 Sri Lanka s Imports from Belgium (2016) Sri Lanka s Exports to Belgium (2016) Electrical & Electronic Products Organic Chemicals Processed Products of Products of Food Plastics Base Metal 5% Telephone Sets, Audio/Vid eo Equipment s & Parts Unmanufact ured Tobacco Manufactur ed Tobacco 8% Diamonds Industrial & Surgical Gloves of Rubber 5% Tea Packets Products of Base Metal 1% Manufactu red Tobacco Chemical Products 2 Pneumatic & Retreated Rubber Tyres & Tubes 8% Brooms & Brusher of Fibers 0% Tea in Bulk 0% Wadding Gauze, Bandages & Similar Pharmaceu tical Articles Diamonds 2 Apparel 60% How Sri Lankan companies can access those opportunities Trade Fairs/Solo Exhibitions and Trade Missions Event Latest Date Category Bibac Expo Mar 2017 Food processing equipments, refining machineries Fabric Show Libramont 25-Mar 2017 Fashion Fabrics, Kids Fabrics,Ladies Fabrics Fabric Show Namur/Namen 05-Apr 2017 Fabrics, children fabrics, linings

6 6 Global Seafood Exposition Apr 2017 Seafood industry Minerant May 2017 Gems & Jewelry Nieuwpoort International Boatshow NIBS Source: Oct 2017 New and used boats Useful Addresses Consulate of Belgium in Colombo, Sri Lanka Elvitigala Mawatha, 69 / 5 B, Colombo 8, Sri Lanka Telephone: Fax: Embassy of Sri Lanka Office Address : Rue Jules Lejeune 27, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. (From Sri Lanka): +32 Telephone: (0) / (0) Fax : (0) Website: Source: