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2 Hi All: Well time has really flown by. Since our last meeting there have been 3 car shows and we, Jim, Leellen, Doug and I are getting ready for the show in Fort Bragg. I mentioned at the last meeting that we need fresh ideas and Boy did that get a great reaction. Rod & Sue came up with a full page of thoughts. I think I will have them talk about them at the next meeting. Speaking of which I sure hope to see all of you at our July meeting as it promises to be one you won't forget soon. SSHHHH It is still under wraps and a mystery. Doug and Leellen really know how to pique our interest. Anyway, we missed the June meeting and hope we do not have to skip anymore, If you know what I mean. In the meantime, take care and remember Summer is upon us and our cars are beckoning so let's get rolling. In the June 7, 2011 issue of the Press Democrat newpaper this ad was placed for the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Beverley is sitting in the driver s seat of a 55 or 56 Thunderbird. Nothing else is known if Beverley owns the T-Bird or what her last name is. The Thunderbirds of Sonoma is always on the look out for new members. She just got a brand new hip, so she is ready to go. Does anyone know who Beverley is? 57 T-Bird For Sale Former member Frank Williams triple white 1957 Thunderbird is for sale. Frank s daughter is selling the car for him. The asking price is $25, Please contact Ken and Donna Fiori. Contact Ken , cell or to Frank is the second owner. Originally purchased at Geary Ford in San Francisco. Pat Arieta, President THUNDERBIRDS OF SONOMA WEBSITE Page 2

3 the Rose City Thunderbird Club. Gil brought a cake in the shape of a 1957 Thunderbird that was given to him at the Tech Session for us to enjoy. President Pat Arieta called the meeting to order and thanked Gil for hosting the Tech Session and Jamie and Keith for hosting the meeting. She thanked Wes and Louise for going out of their way to provide transportation for Herb so that he could attend the meeting. Hello Everyone, The Saturday, May 21, 2011, meeting was held in conjunction with the Annual Tech Session at Gil s Garage in the scenic Gordon Valley. It was a mild and sunny day, and the sun was hot. Forty-one Classic Thunderbirds filled Gil s front yard and caused many travelers on an infrequently traveled road to stop, look, and take pictures. Cars from all of the Northern California clubs were in attendance including one couple from Rose City Thunderbirds in Portland, Oregon, who drove their car to the event. Following a picnic lunch with delicious strawberry shortcake provided by Gil and his wife Laura, we all gathered outside of Gil s Garage. With the able assistance of CTCI members Rod Peck and Pete Lefevre, Gil spoke about several topics which included: overheating, gauges, points and plugs, laser thermometers, thermostats, weather stripping, fuel pumps, core (freeze) plugs, headlights, relays, distributors, and paints. In a forthcoming Early Bird there should be an article detailing the items covered by Gil, Rod, and Pete. Following the presentation, our club reconvened at Jamie and Keith s home in nearby Suisun Valley. Members Tim and Dianne Roden, Dave and Jan Kibler, Herb Burbank, Bill Goff, Pat and Jim Arieta, Doug and Leellen Trayler, Terry Block, Wes Crandall and Louise Johnson, new members Rod and Susan Ferreira, and Gil and Laura Baumgartner and their daughter Stacey attended. Pat introduced guests Sheri and John Soukup visiting from Pat said the Migration held last weekend included 11 Birds from the Sacramento club, 4 from BA- TOC, and 3 from Thunderbirds of Sonoma. Our club fared well with the Kiblers winning first place for the 1955 category, the Traylers winning first place for the 1956 category, and the Arietas winning second place for the 1957 category. Congratulations to all! Pat told of the Show and Shine over Memorial Day weekend benefitting Relay for Life. It will be held in the parking lot of Mu Pueblo in Cotati on Saturday, May 28. In lieu of the club making a donation to Relay for Life, we passed a motion to give a $50 gift certificate to the owners of Mu Pueblo for providing parking for the event. Pat updated us on the gift baskets for Birds on the Wharf on September 24. Pat said that the Christmas meeting would be on December 10th at 2PM at Giorgios in Healdsburg. Price is $10 per member attending with the club picking up the balance of the check. Pat stressed the need to increase club participation in events especially cruising. Any suggestions are welcome! Gil mentioned that the old Wal-Mart in Fairfield is reopening as a classic car museum on June 18 and encouraged all members to bring their cars to celebrate the event. The club approved the purchase of a Restoration Manual with all of the addenda with club funds. Members can borrow the manual. Jim Arieta will be ordering it. Leellen Trayler reminded us to put July 2nd on our calendars for the All-American Mystery Tour. Continued on Page 4 Page 3

4 Continued from Page 3 Doug and Leellen are asking you to wear something red, white, or blue to commemorate the Fourth of July. Lunch will be provided for $15 per person. Additional details will be mailed to you. The November Thanksgiving meeting at Jamie and Keith s home has been rescheduled for November 12 to work around some conflicts. Be sure to change your calendar. Jan Kibler gave the Treasurer s report, and everybody smiled. $$$ You could see the disappointment on Lucky Louise s face when Pat announced that we were going to skip the raffle and adjourn the meeting for cake and ice cream. Pat adjourned the meeting. Respectfully submitted by: Keith Zimmerman, Secretary BIRTHDAYS IN JULY None on record 2011 Club Event Schedule Month Host July 2nd Doug and Leellen August Herman and Joan September 3rd Catherine Grace October Harry and Ann Costa November 12th Jamie and Keith December 10th Pat and Jim Christmas Party Giorgio s BIRTHDAYS IN JUNE Joan Schulze - 5th Leellen Trayler - 11th Pat Arieta - 14th Rod Ferreira - 27th ANNIVERSARIES IN JUNE Rod and Susan Ferreira - 24th ANNIVERSARIES IN JULY Doug and Leellen Trayler - 15th Herman and Joan Schulze - 20th The 57 T-Bird Cake was very popular. No one had the nerve to take a bite of that tasty chocolate. Then Jamie found a knife. I heard him say, Yum, Yum. It was the only T-Bird to suffer rear end damage that day NON-CLUB EVENTS Fort Bragg Car Show June 18, 2011 Specialty Sales Classics, Grand Opening in Fairfield June 18, 2011 Father s Day Show N Shine at Juillard Park in Santa Rosa June 19, th Annual CRUSIN IN THE SUN Car Show Pinole, CA June 26, 2011 NorCal KnockOut Vallejo, CA July 2, 2011 Hot August Nights in Reno August 8, 2011 Nostalgia Days in Novato August 15, th Annual Main Street Reunion Napa, CA. August 20, 2011 Page 4

5 May Photos at Gil and Laura s Page 5

6 May Photos at Jamie and Keith s Check out the third brake light on Gil s 57 T-Bird. It is attached to the inside of the window on the hardtop. No holes to drill. It is a simple install. Page 6

7 Thunderbirds in Attendance Rod and Susan Jim and Pat Doug and Leellen Tim and Dianne Dave and Jan Keith and Jamie Jamie and Keith Gil and Laura Bill Goff The Ferreira s, Arieta s, Trayler s and the Roden s caravanned from highways 116 and 121 to create a sight with all black Thunderbirds. The Kibler s were waiting for us at Gil s with their black 55. The TOS club provided two black 55 s, two black 56 s and one black 57. We joined up with Jamie, Keith, Gil and Bill Goff to round out with a variety of different colors. There was a total of 41 Thunderbirds at Gil s Tech Session. On June 18th, it was the Grand Opening of Specialty Sales Classics in Fairfield. Inside the showroom were two rooms full of cars on consignment. The showroom consisted of Classic, Antique, Collector, Exotic, European, Custom, Muscle and Performance vehicles for sale. To celebrate the Grand Opening locals from the Bay Area filled the parking lot with their cars. There were Fords, Chevys, Corvettes, Mustangs and Street Rods. Food was available and vendors like Jelly Belly and State Farm attended. There were other vendors as well. Page 7

8 Migration Photos - Dave Kibler Congratulations goes to several members of the Thunderbirds of Sonoma who attended the Migration at the Nut Tree in Vacaville on May 14th. 1st Place goes to Jan and Dave Kibler for the 1955 Thunderbirds. Leellen and Doug Trayler took 1st Place for the 1956 Thunderbirds. Pat and Jim Arieta took 2nd Place for the 1957 Thunderbirds. A big Thank You goes to Dave and Jan Kibler for providing the photos. Page 8 Model A Street Rod - For Sale $29,900 Ford 302 Cubic Inch V-8 Three Speed Automatic Transmission Corvette Independent Rear Axle / Suspension Martz Chassis and Steering Front Wheel Disc Brakes Fiero Front Seats, Pinto Wagon Rear Seat Tinted Windows, Tilt Steering Wheel Air Conditioning, Power Windows Turbo Exhaust System Contact: Rod Ferreira

9 Page 9

10 THUNDERBIRDS OF SONOMA OFFICERS 2011 PRESIDENT...Pat Arieta VICE-PRESIDENT Jamie Thigpen SECRETARY..Keith Zimmerman TREASURER..Jan Kibler NEWSLETTER...Tim Roden NEWSLETTER PRINTING and MAILING.. Dave and Jan Kibler CTCI REP....Keith Zimmerman ACTIVITIES....Jim Arieta ACCC REP.Jim Arieta WEBMASTER....Herman Schulze BBQ ER...Wes Crandall The THUNDERBIRDS OF SONOMA club, Chapter 33 of the Classic Thunderbird Club International, is a California non-profit corporation. The TOS club was founded in 1970 to foster the preservation, maintenance and enjoyment of Thunderbirds. Membership is open to individuals interested in mutual enjoyment of these vehicles. Prospective members are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings and activities. For information, contact any member or club officer. THE BIRDSHEET Tim Roden, Editor Windsor, CA 95492