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1 MRT Performance 1 Averill St. Rhodes NSW Sydney AUSTRALIA 2138 Ph Fax Subaru Impreza STi MY06-07 Introduction - The Standard Car. The MY06-07 model Subaru Impreza STi was the first STi version to see the 2.5L engine (all prior versions, and some current MY06-08 JDM spec versions notably the twin scroll models used as the base donor car for Group N rallying, are 2.0L in capacity). Fitted to the USDM version STi for several years, only now has Subaru seen fit to start fitting the 2.5L engine to locally (and European) delivered cars. Curiously, the increase in capacity (and subsequent improvement in drivability and performance) came at the same time Mitsubishi got their act together with the highly competitive EVO IX. The combination of larger engine capacity, well sized turbo and slightly revised gear ratios give the MY06-07 STi a sizeable improvement in drivability over prior MY02-05 model STi s with notably less turbo lag and better response. For the technically minded, the MY06-07 STi has the following changes over the earlier 2.0L model: Power is up to 206kw at 5600rpm (up 11kw) and torque 392Nm at 4000rpm (up around 50Nm and arriving notably earlier in the rev range) km/h time is quoted at 5.4 sec by Subaru. Electronic throttle control is fitted (first seen in Australia on the MY04-06 XT Forester and MY04-06 Liberty GT, but now seen for the first time on the STi model range). Tumble generator valves and introduction of a new secondary air system on cylinder heads to help meet Euro4 exhaust gas emission levels. Semi closed deck block fitted with cast pistons (albeit with Alumite coated piston head and ring grooves, and molybdenum coated skirts). Contrary to the belief of some, pistons are NOT forged like those in the prior MY02-05 STi 2.0L models. This means the newer model STi can NOT sustain the same boost levels often used in the earlier models. In fact, the pistons Subaru have used in the 2.5L engine used in the STI (MY06 through to MY08-on) are probably the weakest link in the vehicle (more on this further in the document). Static compression ratio is similar to the prior model at 8.0:1 (much lower than the MY03-06 WRX which is relatively high, for a turbo vehicle, at 9.0:1). Revision #4 Page 1 of 15

2 Cylinder heads utilize sodium filled exhaust valve stems for better heat dissipation, and total camshaft weight is reduced by 1700g compared to the earlier model as a result of using hollow shafts with sintered cam lobes. Turbo is a new IHI VF43 (marginally larger in comparison to the VF35 used on the previous version 2.0L STi), however still NOT roller bearing design. Exhaust housing is increased compared to the VF35 from 15 to 18. In conjunction with the larger capacity 2.5L engine, its peak efficiency is now slightly lower in the rev range compared with earlier MY L models. This helps to provide a more linear torque curve. Peak target boost pressure is 14.93PSi (down from PSi on the MY02-05 models). 6 speed manual transmission is carried over from the prior versions with only minor design changes. 4 th, 5 th and 6 th gear synchronizers now have a carbon coating on the friction surface to improve friction coefficient and improve feel of gear operation. Gear ratios are also slightly taller with 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th and 6 th all slightly taller than the earlier models. Final drive ratio is the same. Stability control system with DCCD (Drivers Control Centre Differential) is carried over from the MY05 model. The system has been refined however, and now also uses a steering angle sensor to further refine the systems calculations. The torque distribution ratio in static position has also changed, although is still rear biased at 41:59 front to rear to keep understeer to a minimum. Intercooler has been carried over virtually unchanged. Fortunately we have a larger replacement intercooler available, complete with higher capacity, flow rate and heat rejection capabilities. This is a straight bolt on swap, and dramatically increases peak power potential (without the increase in lag associated with a front mounted intercooler). The bonnet scoop on the new MY06-07 model is also significantly smaller than the bird catcher previously fitted to the MY05 STi so a larger intercooler helps keep charge air temps down for those owners completing track work in their cars. Revised front end styling with new headlights (HID Xenon lights are fitted to low beam as standard for the first time in Australia) helps streamline the appearance of the car. Slightly revised wheel styling (although same 225/45/R17 super sticky Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tyres are used). Wheels fit over the same excellent Brembo brakes fitted to the MY02-05 model. Revised spoiler package including rear roof vane, altered rear spoiler and new under body rear diffuser for improved aerodynamics. A black plastic front lip is an optional extra from Subaru (or we can obtain direct from Japan for you if preferred) which helps ground effects further, however does reduce front ground clearance. Gutters become a new way to see you quickly requiring a replacement (at a cost of $1200 or more) if you aren t careful. Revision #4 Page 2 of 15

3 Performance Improvement Our Goal. In looking to achieve increases in performance, there are several areas that need attention our key aim is always to improve efficiency of the package as a whole in order to achieve well balanced results. Most of our clients buy their cars for enjoyment in a variety of environments (day to day commuting, spirited highway use, occasional track days, etc), but by far the most common is as a daily driver. On that basis, modifications which make a car too loud, consume fuel like someone else is paying for it, drive poorly with no torque at lower rpm, ride harshly, etc aren t our focus. Gone are the days when you simply bolted on an exhaust and hoped for the best. We aim to take what the factory supplied you and improve on it after thorough testing and development this is also why we guarantee and provide a warranty for all of the work completed by us or our resellers. Factory Warranty Guarantee. When sold new, the manufacturer of your car provides a fairly specific warranty that covers a variety of things for a predetermined amount of time or distance travelled. Problems caused by poorly thought out or performed modifications however are generally not one of them! Where a problem with your car is completely unrelated to any modifications made (for example, your air conditioning fails 12 months after you have a power kit fitted) this is generally STILL covered by your factory warranty. However if you increase the performance output of your engine and your transmission fails, it is unlikely they will be too interested in repairing it under warranty. Fortunately, where a full MRT Power Kit is fitted (by either us or one of our resellers) we will generally take up where your factory warranty ends to the extent that the vehicle is affected by our modifications. Of course there are some exceptions (such as outright race or track use more information on our website at but put simply, if we fit something to your car which impacts on its reliability, we will rectify the problem under the terms of our warranty. Fuel Economy. In these times of ever increasing fuel costs, one of the main queries we get is how your car will be impacted by any modifications. Truth be known, in order to get better performance from your car two things happen: We need to make the engine more efficient throughout the rev range. Whether this comes through fitment of additional parts or changes to engine operating parameters, the aim is the same. ECU mapping is optimized to ensure the engine is operating with the most suitable settings for the combination of parts fitted. As a result, during normal day to day driving your engine is actually working more efficiently and burning less fuel as a result. Of course when you are working the engine harder to extract higher levels of performance, you will burn more fuel (no way around the basic fundamentals of a combustion engine there sorry!) however remember that this is less than 10% of the time you are driving. On balance, most of our customers who have had an MRT power kit fitted over previous years have provided feedback which confirms this. Depending on driving style, many notice no increase in overall fuel consumption and many have come back with gains of L/100km. Revision #4 Page 3 of 15

4 MRT Power Kits What Options Do I Have?. We have many customers who come to us with a predetermined figure in mind - how much faster they want to go, a certain amount of power, or a preset budget are all common. We have many years behind us of preparing custom combinations to suit specific requirements for customers, be it road, race or rally. However through our years of experience on both Subaru and Mitsubishi performance models, we know that certain combinations of parts produce certain results. Of course different engine configurations respond differently to various combinations, however we are able to break it down into various stages to suit each model. This allows you the peace of mind of knowing how much you are going to spend and the performance gains you will receive well in advance of any work starting. Typically most of our supported vehicles come with 2 3 performance upgrade kit options: XA Kit Entry level kit with a mild power increase but primary focus on improvements to mid range torque and day to day drivability. The XA Kit typically has a minimal (if any) noise increase over a standard vehicle. XB Kit Mid range kit designed more for the owner who wants that little bit more from their vehicle, both in terms of performance and sound. Significant improvements in torque and power, with a much broader torque curve compared to the standard vehicle. Good improvements in turbo lag are also seen with notably better throttle response. XC Kit Upper level kit for the more performance orientated owner. Typically these kits include a turbo change along with supporting modifications in the quest for much larger outright power gains over a standard vehicle. Upgrading between kits is also feasible (please check the FAQ section at the end of this document for further information). All of our kits are designed for engines that will be run on 98 Octane fuel (eg Shell V-Power, Caltex Vortex 98, BP Ultimate 98, etc). However if you are in a remote part of Australia and can t get 98 RON fuel on a regular basis, then we can still help. Please contact your nearest MRT reseller for further details on any potential impacts on performance (engines generally need to be detuned slightly to retain reliability to suit lower octane fuel). All initial testing, development and verification of results has been (and continues to be) completed on our in house 4WD Dynapack Chassis Dyno. Dyno time is not normally included as part of our kits due to the level of testing and development already completed on associated mapping work, however if you wish for any specific kit to be custom tuned to your requirements it can be easily done at a slight extra cost. Revision #4 Page 4 of 15

5 Why EcuTek?. All MRT power kits retain the use of the factory engine management system hardware, recalibrated for optimum engine control through the use of EcuTek software. Some people prefer to remove the factory management system and fit a complete replacement ECU (or interceptor style unit which overrides some aspects of the factory management systems control), however this is not our preferred method for several reasons. When tuned correctly the factory engine management system allows you the best of both worlds factory or better than factory drivability, with the best possible performance from your chosen combination of modifications. Certificate Of Authenticity Be sure you get what you pay for! With the success of the MRT Power kits over the years, some companies try to pass off inferior parts and options that replicate what we do. However we guarantee our results because we only use proven parts and the best engine management system technology in EcuTek software. With each tune or upgrade completed, you will be provided with an individually numbered Certificate Of Authenticity to show what has been completed on your vehicle. To register it, simply complete the detachable feedback details and drop it in the (reply paid) post. This isn t something just anyone can do however, we (and our resellers) use proven EcuTek engine management software to upgrade your existing OEM engine management system with the required settings. In doing this, you ll get: Good fuel economy via accurate closed loop fuel control. No wiring or hardware modifications to the electronics of your car (100% reliability). The same or better emissions output from your engine (many OEM setups run quite rich air/fuel ratios at higher rpm levels). All of the OEM safety parameters such as active knock control and boost limiting adjusted to suit. This means if something isn t going according to plan (eg detection of detonation due to the use of poor quality fuel for example), your ECU can respond accordingly to prevent engine damage in most cases. Optimum setup and control of the latest engine management system features such as variable valve control, electronic throttle control (including access to all 3x SI Drive modes on Subaru models where fitted) and more. We have used EcuTek software to reprogram the Subaru and Mitsubishi factory engine management systems on everything from standard cars right through to heavily modified cars with enlarged engine capacity, massive turbo and intercooler combinations and nitrous of all things! Road or race, the results are on the board why use anything else? Revision #4 Page 5 of 15

6 EcuTek RaceROM Race Car Features For Your Road Car. Using newly developed EcuTek software trickery, we can now setup and configure (a small additional cost applies) additional features previously only found on high end aftermarket engine management systems (those typically found in race vehicles). These new features can be enabled permanently, or switched on/off in various combinations on the fly. In models with SI Drive functionality (typically MY07-on Liberty GT or MY08-on STi), we can make the most of the inbuilt functionality this system provides, or on other non SI Drive equipped models, the functions can be toggled using a combination of full throttle and your rear demister switch (ask us or your EcuTek Reseller for further information). Map Switching (Dual Maps Road Mode and Race Mode) Map switching gives the ability to swap between two calibrations that can be tailored to your requirements. Road mode and Race mode (ie one lower performance map for road use and a higher performance map for spirited driving or race use) are common choices, but a setup for low octane and high octane fuel could also be specified, or one normal setup combined with a valet style map, etc. Additionally, each of the two maps can also include their own combination of RaceROM features as per below. Switching calibration can be done in several different ways depending on model, and either on initial startup or even whilst driving. Flat Foot Shifting (also known as Gear Change Ignition Cut) Flat foot shifting allows the driver to shift up into the next gear without lifting their foot off the throttle. The ECU automatically detects the clutch being depressed and instantly retards timing to prevent engine RPM rising higher. Whether you change gears quickly (normally the aim under such conditions) or slightly slower than usual, the ECU won t reinstate full throttle and ignition timing levels until the clutch pedal is released. This stops any drop off in power and completely removes lag on gear change for that perfect quarter mile time or flawless traffic light grand prix performance. Automatic Throttle Blip On Downshift The automatic throttle blip feature applies a short burst of throttle when the driver is down shifting under brakes. This raises the RPM to provide a smoother entry into the lower gear by reducing engine braking and better matching the RPM of the next gear to road speed. Can be configured to suit your preferences, but typically only activated above ~40 kph to prevent unnecessary activation when driving around car parks etc. Per Gear RPM Limiting This feature allows per gear rev limits to be configured. For example this could be used to improve 0-100kph times by allowing a higher 2 nd gear limit (thus preventing an additional gear change) yet allowing regular limits in other gears. The same setup could be configured for quarter mile racing as well. Launch Control Limits RPM whilst the vehicle is stationary and clutch is depressed to provide the perfect launch. In addition to limiting RPM, ignition timing is retarded and additional fuel is injected (generating heat in the exhaust to spool the turbo which then in turn provides PSi of boost ready for when you get off the clutch a few moments later!). Fantastic on models with the stronger 6 speed transmission, but use a little more sparingly on models with a 5 speed as they aren t quite as strong! Revision #4 Page 6 of 15

7 Data log showing launch control in operation note the boost level of 10 PSi with 0 kph road speed..! Per Gear Boost Control Allowing for a different boost control configuration in each gear allows the tuner maximum flexibility in controlling boost for any combination of parts you may have fitted. For example boost may be reduced in 1 st gear to prevent wheel spin but raised through 3 rd -6 th gear for increased performance. Speed Density Mapping The Speed Density feature changes the way the engine management system calculates engine load. Rather than using the MAF sensor reading, it instead calculates mass airflow based on engine speed, manifold pressure and air temperature. Huh, what was that in English? Basically it allows the MAF sensor to be removed and a larger intake of any design to be fitted if wished. This allows for all manner of turbo configurations to be fitted (where turbo compressor cover size may previously have been hampered by the type of intake that could realistically be run). Perfect for that higher horsepower setup you may be chasing. Some of the above features are more beneficial to certain types of vehicles (or certain combinations of modifications on a vehicle) than others. Some are simply just heaps of fun too (launch control, flat foot shifting and auto blip on downshift would be our favorites, and the most requested by clients). Please note however, that software trickery is one thing, an engine built to handle higher sustained rpm limits or a transmission built to handle constant hard launches from standstill another. The additional features are normally found on race cars for a reason they have engines and transmissions built to suit. Our Factory Warranty Guarantee doesn t extend to covering engine, transmission or clutch failure on vehicles equipped with launch control or flat foot shifting functionality for example. Revision #4 Page 7 of 15

8 Subaru Impreza STi XA Kit. As with earlier model STi s, minor modifications give noticeable gains in performance and responsiveness through the mid range. The modifications listed in this kit option are designed to focus on the key areas needed to give the best possible bang for buck! Initial testing showed the standard car has several deficiencies in factory mapping (variable cam timing, unresponsive DBW throttle settings, rich air/fuel ratios at higher load/rpm points, etc). Additionally, in previous WRX and STi models Subaru have seen fit to equip the cars with fuel pumps which are quite capable for the factory engines output, but don t leave much room to cater to higher levels of performance. The MY06 STi is no different in that regard, showing the need for a replacement fuel pump early on in the modification process. On the MY06-07 STi, the XA Kit modifications include a replacement high flow 3.5L/min in tank pump (fits in the factory location with no other modifications and is barely louder than the OEM pump) and full ECU remapping using EcuTek software to rectify the above issues. This includes changes to fuelling, ignition timing, variable cam timing, boost control and DBW throttle settings. Additionally factory safety parameters relating to boost, active knock/detonation control and fuel delivery are all also altered in line with keeping reliability and consistency as a high priority. Improvements are seen most notably from rpm, with up to a 35% increase in mid range torque. Power is up between 15-25kw all the way from 3400rpm through to around 5800rpm! On the road the increase in mid range torque is immediately noticeable, with the car feeling much more responsive. Better yet this is with only a 1.0 PSi increase in peak boost pressure! During testing, the standard exhaust system was clearly standing in the way of more grunt at this stage. Revision #4 Page 8 of 15

9 Subaru Impreza STi XB Kit. Of the many possible modifications, the XB Kit has been the most popular on the previous STi models due to the strong performance gains achieved for minimal cash outlay. Previous testing had confirmed that the exhaust system was quite restrictive at power levels being seen with the XA Kit, so a new replacement exhaust system was clearly the next step. A full system from the turbo back in high grade stainless steel is fitted to suit. This includes a high flow catalytic converter and specially designed dump pipe (with splitter that fits within the turbine housing for improved response and reduced lag) is used. Clients also have the option of a centre resonator (slight additional cost over base kit) to keep the exhaust note as quiet as possible (or a cannon style rear muffler for those wanting it a little louder than normal!). Once the exhaust system is fitted, further engine management system remapping is completed to suit. A more aggressive level of tune is used to take advantage of the additional air flow and efficiency improvements seen with the new exhaust system in place. Boost levels are also increased slightly further, now seeing around 17 Psi at peak (approx 2 Psi over standard levels). In testing, we looked at replacing the factory airbox with a polished cold air pipe (with filter moved to inside the inner guard). However, a decision was made to retain the factory airbox (with minor intake modifications to improve airflow centering around fitment of a flat panel filter and removal of the resonant box fitted inside the inner guard to reduce restriction). Not only does this keep intake noise to a minimum, it also ensures owners are not at risk of defect by keeping the car as close to standard appearance as possible. Typically gains of only 1-2kw are seen with a full replacement intake, confirming that the OEM setup isn t as restrictive as some people assume. If you don t mind a small increase in induction noise, or want to add some bling to your engine bay, a cold air intake can be fitted at your request should you want one however. In some previous testing, we ve run modified engines up around the kw mark on our dyno (ie around twice factory power levels) and tested the restriction evident between an OEM airbox and a cold air intake. The difference (on an engine running TWICE the airflow requirements of a standard or mildly modified engine mind you) was all of about 4kw. Additionally the OEM ducting is removed as part of fitting a cold air intake, ducting which in testing at normal road speed and above (something you can t test on a dyno) is shown to have a positive impact on air pressures pre-turbo. Revision #4 Page 9 of 15

10 With the additional exhaust components and further tuning work undertaken, improvements are again immediately noticeable. Top end power increases, but the most obvious benefit is the massive reduction in lag and huge improvements in mid range drivability and response. Low to mid range torque is also up by as much as 42% and is really noticeable out on the road, with freeway overtaking now rarely requiring a lower gear! Peak power is up through much of the rev range by around 40kw over the standard car (graph on next page shows gains of XB kit over XA kit, with around 20kw extra present through most of the rev range on top of the 20kw gains seen in the XA kit). Above 5000rpm it was now clear that the turbo simply couldn t flow the air required to sustain boost pressures and torque was dropping off noticeably as a result. Additionally the factory injectors were now nearing their limits (92-94+% duty cycle). Further increases in hp from these levels would require larger injectors in addition to fitment of a larger turbo before additional gains would be seen. Revision #4 Page 10 of 15

11 Subaru 2.5L OEM Pistons The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Whilst it is great news that Subaru saw fit to start fitting the MY06-on STi models with their 2.5L engine, unfortunately they didn t think it wise to spend a few extra dollars at the manufacturing stage on some decent pistons. Whilst not made from glass as some owners have complained, they do leave a bit to be desired in terms of strength and are definitely weaker than the forged items fitted in prior 2.0L model STi s. In short, they don t like combustion pressure over their designed limits, excessive heat, or any presence of detonation. The problem here is that owners who take their car out on the track or drive enthusiastically (ie well over posted road limits for an extended period of time) potentially subject their engines to all three in varying combinations. The result is typically cracked piston ring lands, first symptoms of which are increased oil consumption. This applies to both standard cars (Subaru have done many engine rebuilds under warranty) and modified cars. Back to that combustion pressure past designed limits part. The torque (and therefore power) output of any engine is directly proportional to the cylinder pressure generated by combustion. In simple terms, when you ask us to make your car go faster, we make modifications that aim to make the combustion process more efficient and increase combustion pressure (therefore, making more torque and power). Unfortunately, this also places more stress on the OEM pistons. Whilst we still offer and honour our Factory Warranty Guarantee on regular road going cars, those cars exhibiting signs of race or track use that suffer from piston related engine troubles will NOT be covered by our warranty. If you have any queries on this, please just ask us. Subaru Impreza STi XC Kit. At present we have not proceeded with an XC Kit for the MY06-07 Impreza STi. Partly because of the increased risk of piston failure, but mostly because clients coming to us for increases in performance beyond XB Kit level are normally chasing significantly higher figures. We have seen gains in excess of kw over XB Kit levels depending on the level of power you are wishing to achieve, and your budget. We can happily match any combination of turbo, intercooler and engine configuration to suit your intended purpose (road use, circuit, hill climbs, etc) as needed. For more information, just give us a call (or contact your local authorized MRT reseller) and we can discuss your requirements further. Revision #4 Page 11 of 15

12 Frequently Asked Questions. Do the modifications void my new car warranty? (Also refer the details on the Factory Warranty Guarantee listed separately in this document) One of the most common queries we get in relation to performance upgrades on new models is the potential effects on factory warranty. To that extent, Subaru retain the right to refuse claims on warranty where the item being claimed on has been modified or changed from factory specification. However, to date we are yet to have any vehicle fitted with one of the MRT Power Kit upgrades fail as a direct result of the improvements made, with hundreds of kits supplied and fitted to date Australia wide. We also offer a warranty against manufacturer defect on all parts we supply. We also spend countless hours on research and development of parts, tuning, and the associated effects of these changes on the rest of the vehicle. If I have one type of kit, can I upgrade at a later stage if I want more? Easily! All of our parts are designed to be compatible with other items. For example if you have one type of kit, upgrading to the next level simply consists of adding any additional parts that may be required (eg upgrading from a rear muffler only to a full exhaust system, updating ECU tuning to suit, etc). The cost to upgrade depends on what parts you already have fitted. As a guide it s generally around the difference in price between your kit and the next + any additional labour associated with the changeover that isn t covered in the kit. How long does the work take? Both the XA and XB kits can be completed within 1 day. When booking your car with us (or your local authorised outlet) the total time your vehicle is required will be reconfirmed for you as well. 7 Reasons why you can rely on MRT. 1. Extensive R&D program - each MRT Power Kit is the result of hundreds of hours of road and dyno testing. Different performance components are tested and retested to find an optimal solution to the question of How can I cost effectively upgrade my car to be quick, reliable, economical AND fun to drive, without voiding my factory warranty? 2. Our Unique Triple Guarantee: i) Guaranteed Performance Outcome We guarantee our kits will deliver at least our quoted figures for Power and Torque. You benefit from the hundreds of dyno tests we have performed to optimize our power kits and your car is individually tuned by our expert tuners to give you the best possible result. ii) Factory Warranty Guarantee Where our modified parts have been fitted to your car by us (or a reseller), should your new car warranty be voided as a result we will cover repair/replacement of any OEM parts negatively impacted by the modified parts under the same terms as the factory new car warranty. iii) Parts Guarantee All of the parts we supply are of high quality and covered by a full 6 month/ 10,000km warranty or for the life of your factory warranty, whichever is greater. 3. Proven Track Record Why risk your money playing mix and match with components not designed to work together with no guarantee of a performance outcome or risk of engine failure? We have invested many hundreds of hours in developing each kit offered to find the best performance enhancement solution at realistic price points for you. Thousands of happy customers use their cars with our parts every day. 4. How fast do you want to go Each kit has been designed specifically to suit your particular model car with different levels of performance based upon your budget and individual needs. Custom solutions are also available where required. 5. Single Supplier if you encounter any issues, you have a single point of contact to get them resolved to your satisfaction. The possibility of vendors passing the buck and not accepting responsibility is eliminated. 6. Improved Fuel Economy thousands of km of road testing has proven that your fuel economy will be as good as or better than prior to fitting the kit when the car is driven in the same manner under similar conditions. 7. Drivability Focus our kits are not about massive outright power levels (although we can do this separately!), they are designed for practical enjoyment. * For full details refer your MRT reseller and additional information within this document. MRT is independent of Subaru. Revision #4 Page 12 of 15

13 I have already made some modifications, can I get the same results as seen above? A lot of customers perform modifications in stages, partly due to budget constraints and partly because it starts in stages and then the bug bites and performance becomes an obsession. All of the modifications listed above can be performed around what you already have. Depending on the quality and type of items fitted, we will get performance gains as close as feasible to the above. Of course to make sure you get the gains the vehicle is capable of, just make sure you use MRT parts from the beginning! Can I still service my car with a dealer? We would like you to choose us for your regular servicing, but should you choose not to there are no hardware or software changes that will stop a Subaru dealer using their factory equipment. Additionally if they reset your ECU it will still retain its enhanced settings. Where can I get the work done? Any authorised MRT reseller can easily complete the above work for you, or assist in designing a series of modifications around your requirements. For further information and contact details please check out our website at Of course if you have any other queries that we have missed, or need further information either give us a call directly on (02) or get in touch with your local reseller. Revision #4 Page 13 of 15

14 Subaru Impreza STi MY06-07 Kit Pricing And Inclusions. XA Kit Guaranteed minimum 20kW gain* (up to 15% more torque) Includes: 1 x Factory Warranty Guarantee *** 1 x EcuTeK MRT ECU software upgrade 1 x Recalibration of factory ECU using mapping extensively developed on dyno and road ** 1 x Full on road diagnostics and testing All labour to fit/tune/test vehicle 1 x Label kit, (1x petrol cap cover, 1x engine bay and 1x radiator support panel) 1 x EcuTeK Certificate of Authenticity 1 x EcuTeK embossed label For pricing and more details refer to your local MRT Supplier XB Kit Guaranteed minimum 35kW gain* (up to 40% more torque) Includes: 1 x Factory Warranty Guarantee *** 1 x MRT 3 Rear muffler (louder cannon or race style mufflers available on request as no cost option) 1 x MRT Centre pipe (resonator available at slight additional cost) 1 x MRT Engine pipe with high flow cat to fit against first join down from OEM turbo collector 1 x 500hp In tank replacement fuel pump 1 x Flat Panel air filter (suit OEM airbox) with resonant box modifications 1 x EcuTeK MRT ECU software upgrade 1 x Recalibration of factory ECU using mapping extensively developed on dyno and road** 1 x Full on road diagnostics and testing All labour to fit/tune/test/vehicle 1 x Label kit, (1x petrol cap cover, 1x engine bay and 1x radiator support panel) 1 x EcuTeK Certificate of Authenticity 1 x EcuTeK embossed label For pricing and more details refer to your local MRT Supplier * Whilst realistic and achievable on all MY06-07 STi models, power gains quoted are subject to 10% variation due to fuel quality and temperature variations in various areas of Australia. If you ve concerns about any aspect of the work to be completed, please just ask us (or your local Authorised MRT Distributor)! ** Kits are NOT dyno tuned at time of fitment in most cases. We spend hundreds of hours on dyno and road at the development stage to eliminate unnecessary expense for you. This knowledge is incorporated in mapping designed for each kit, then refined in your car with road testing and diagnostics. Before and after power runs, or custom dyno tuning for every last kw are both feasible however additional costs will apply. *** Refer Warranty details within document. Revision #4 Page 14 of 15

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