Access Control & CCTV Cable Connectors

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1 Access Control & Electronics Alarm Contacts FM 102 Flange Mount with special adhesive & 18 leads SD70, SD80, SD82 For standard and tighter fitting applications. Sensitive No stick UL rhodium reed. Excellent choice for hollow metal doors. SM35, SM35C Includes spacers, screws, and cover Magnetic Contacts Description Type Size Gap FM102 Flange Mount N.C L x.3 W x.53 H SD70 Stubby Recessed N.C. 3/4 X / SD80 Stubby Recessed N.C. 1 X / SD82 Stubby Recessed S.P.D.T. 1 X / SM35 Standard Surface Mount N.C. 2-1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 1 to SM35C Standard Surface Mount S.P.D.T. 2-1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 1 to Power Supplies & Transformers BD2E & BE2G Stripped wire input (primary) leads, screw terminal/quick fit tab terminal output (secondary). Nipple locknut mount for box installation, complete with locknut and mounting bracket UL Listed, CSA Certified Type Output Amps Volt Amps BD2E Wire in Transformer 12VAC VA BE2G Wire in Transformer 24VAC VA BPD2E Plug in Power Supply 12VDC Access Control & CCTV Cable Connectors 311 Crimp-on connector for RG59/U cable. Crimp-on tools are required to affix connectors. TN50UG882 Twist-on connector for RG59 cable CCTV systems. PA-CBFBF BNC Female to BNC Female. Allows connection of 2 BNC Cables PP25 2 Piece barrel connector for low power applications using low voltage cable. Connections must be soldered Connector for Cat5E Requires Cat5E crimping tool. PP CORD 3 Flying lead connector allows you to plug into a camera lead to enable power connection to the two wire leads. BPD2E Ideal for electric strikes & cameras requiring up to 500 ma input. Center positive. cul listed. TY8 For tidying up cable installs.. BCONNECTORS B Connector has an outer shell of plastic with an inner sleeve of Beryllium copper plated with bright nickel Resistance: 10 mω initial Dielectric: 1000 V Strength of Joint: 9 lbs. Package of 1000 BCONNECTORS GELL As above but silicone filled for moisture filled environments. Description 311 Crimp on BNC Connector RJ45 Network Connector BCONNECTORS Standard BCONNECTORS GELL Gel Filled PA-CBFBF BNC Cable Joiner PP25 Barrel Connector PP CORD Video Power Fly Lead TN50UG882 BNC Twist-on Connector TY8 8 Tie Wraps

2 Access Control & CCTV Cable Access Control & Electronics, Door A244E C PP-SV ft. video and power cable with BNC and power connectors Description Applications Shielded Gauge Wires Low Voltage Cable Strike & Mag Lock Power No C RS232/485 Shielded Cable Access Systems To Computer, Access System To Access System Yes C Shielded Reader Cable Reader to Access Panel Yes A244E350 Cat5E Network Cable Networks, CCTV Baluns No C RG59/U CCTV Cable CCTV Yes PP-SV9050 Pre-made 50 Siamese Cable CCTV Power & Video in one cable No ZO422 Phone/Station Z Cable Access, Alarm & Telephone Systems ZO C No Fastener Sexbolt Zinc plated thru-bolt for affixing door closers, exit devices and other hardware on 1-3/4 doors where a blind bolt fastener is required on exterior side. Allen key nut interior Flush Bolts For keeping the inactive door of a pair of doors stationary. DC840 SF710ZCB DC860 SF710ZCB For Height Width Throw DC840 C15 Steel 6-1/4 1 5/ DC860C28 Aluminum 5-1/4 15/16 5/ Hinge Reinforcement HINGE SCR HINGE SCR BOLT Hinge screw is used to prevent closed doors from being removed from their hinges when the hinge pins are removed. When the door is closed the protruding head of the screw enters the corresponding screw hole on the other hinge plate to prevent door removal. The two steel bracket system is bolted from the inside to the outside of the door jamb. System acts like a vise equalizing the force of an attack over the entire door and door frame which helps prevent the splitting of the door and door jamb. Security is inscribed on the outside plate to act as a visual deterrent. Finish BOLT BRA Brass BOLT CHR Chrome

3 Door Ball Bearing Butt Mortise Hinges BB1509 BB1509 Standard duty 5 knuckle, 2 ball bearing hinge for use on medium frequency door Steel base material plated face side. Measures 4-1/2 H x 4 W (Laid Open) BB1509NRP As above but with non removable pin held in by set screw which prevents door removal when closed. Type Finish BB /4 26D Standard Brushed Chrome BB /4C3 Standard Polished Brass BB1509NRP 4.5/4 26D Non Removeable Pin Brushed Chrome Surface Mount Universal 1020 Designed for replacement and new installations on store fronts, apartment buildings and other high traffic doors often when the door pivots have broken. The permanently lubricated kit with non rising pin installs quickly with rivnuts to the door & frame. Easily adjusted with screw at top. Set of 2 hinges. Finish 1020 C20D Duronodic C28 Aluminum LG Latch Guards LG111 Non handed unit for narrow stile aluminum glass doors. 804 Non handed unit has a cutout for knob rose. Fastened with 4 thru-bolts Type Finish 804CAD K.I.K. Cadmium DU K.I.K. Duronodic ILP80SL Interlocking Silver ILP80W Interlocking White LG111AL Narrow Stile Aluminum LG111DU Narrow Stile Duronodic ILP80 Interlocking latch guard for inswing doors. 80 Long guard is designed to span the complete opening. Made of steel, can be cut to custom size. Fasteners not supplied. Push & Pull Plates Stop Kick Down Wind Chain Stop 1410 Push/pull plate combination with a 9 pull mounted on a 4 x 16 push plate. Aluminum finish H1413 Description 1410 AL Push Pull Handle Set H Pull Handle Only C Zinc cast door stop finished in chrome Size 4-3/4 from pivot point. Furnished with rubber tip. 17C 26D CF3560 Heavy-duty steel welded chain Two compression coil springs Zinc die-cast mounting brackets Grey vinyl cover Finish: zinc plated Length: 25-1/2 CF

4 Screen Door Closer Door & Key Accessories Key Accessories Plated steel chain guard with welded steel chain Finish: polished brass Chain Length: 7/8 511 Revolving Viewer Revolving feature gives 140 of vision in the direction the viewer is pointed. For doors 1 to 2 thick. Crystal optical glass viewer. Requires 2-3/8 diameter bore DS1000 Adjustable hydraulic door closer has controlled latching power and adjustable closing speed Viewers For screen, storm or light interior doors up to 1-3/8 thick. Security Chain BL BP DS1000 Stand Away Viewer The viewer can stand at a distance of up to 7 inside the door and see a Clear Image of the visitor outside. The visitor is unable to look through the door viewer to see on the other side of the door. For doors 1-3/8 to 1-31/32. H8035 Colored plastic label holder with plastic hook H8035: 100 pieces H8035 STV200: Display box with 200 pieces total of the following colors: black, blue, clear, green, orange, red, white and yellow. Type Colour H8008STV200 Key Spotter Assorted H8035 BLACK Key Tag Black H8035 BLUE Key Tag Blue H8035 GREEN Key Tag Green H8035 GREY Key Tag Grey H8035 RED Key Tag Red H8035 WHITE Key Tag White H8035 YELLOW Key Tag Yellow H8035STV200 Key Tag Assorted ID5 H8008 For quickly identifying keys. Tag Size: 2 3/16 x 1-1/8 Insert size: 1 7/16 x 13/16 Ring size: 3/4 B03 For doors 1-3/8 to 2-1/8 B180 For doors 1-3/8 to 2-1/8 For 20 minute wood fire door. Type Angle Finish Bore D Revolving 140 Chrome 2-3/ B03 C3 Standard 180 Brass 5/ B03 C26 Standard 180 Chrome 5/ B180CHR 20 Minute 180 Chrome 5/ DUDS1000 VIEWER Stand Away 132 Plastic 2-3/ Colour Package ID5 AC100 Assorted ID5 BLUE Blue ID5 GREEN Green ID5 ORANGE Orange ID5 RED Red ID5 WHITE White ID5 YELLOW Yellow

5 Locks Cabinet Handles - T & L Handles can be used for a variety applications including storage cabinets, locking containers, truck caps, & garage doors. Type Finish Fastening Centers 220AC T Silver Back 1-1/ B T Black Thru-bolt 1-1/ C T Silver Thru-bolt 1-1/ C L Silver Thru-bolt 1-3/ Combination Cam Lock & Key Cabinet Cabinet Locks Stocked in Satin Chrome finish. Barrel diameter: 1-1/8 Bolt Projection: 15/16 700LCA Accepts Schlage, Kaba, & LSDA K.I.K. cylinders Supplied with 1/4 & 1/2 plastic bar strikes For 7/8 to 1-1/8 thickness, spacer included 700SC Keyed alike to 5 pins in 6 pin cylinder. Type Keying 700LCA26D118 Door Deadbolt Less Cylinder SC26D118KA102 Door Deadbolt Schlage C KA L SL8548 1,000 Possible Combinations Assembled from solid die cast zinc components Recombinate by dialing in existing combination, depress set screw with paper clip and change to new combination. Stocked in brushed chrome. Size Max Material 7850S 5/8 3/ M 7/8 5/ L 1-1/8 7/ Locked with Combi-cam resettable cam lock. Heavy gauge steel cabinet, hinge and key hooks with continuous piano style hinge. Includes write-on key tags Capacity Size SL /8 H x 7-3/8 W x 2-7/8 D SL /8 H x 10-1/2 W x 4-1/8 D DR Accepts Best, Arrow, Falcon, KSP or equivalent 6 or 7 pin small format Interchangeable Core (IC). Stocked in Satin Chrome finish. Barrel diameter: 1-1/8 Bolt Projection: 3/4 725RD Supplied with 1/4 & 1/2 plastic bar strikes For 7/8 to 1-1/8 thickness, spacer included Can be made key retaining Accepts Best, Arrow, Falcon, KSP or equivalent 6 or 7 pin small format Interchangeable Core (IC). Stocked in Satin Chrome finish. 721DW Barrel diameter: 1-1/8 Bolt Projection: 1/2 Supplied with slotted rectangular strike Barrel Length: 1-1/16 Type 721DR26D114 Door Deadbolt DW26D Drawer Deadbolt RD DW VH26D Rim Deadbolt

6 Cabinet Locks VSLGO14 VSLG016 VSLGZ14 Two part lock for use with sliding doors or windows. Mounting plate bonds permanently to the surface. The lock then ratchets SLGT14 onto the plate and is removable using the key or thumbturn Fasteners or locktite are provided to attach plate to material Keying Material Tongue SLGT14 Glass Straight VSLGO KAM957 KAM957 Glass Straight VSLGO14KD KD Glass Straight VSLGO16KD KD Wood/Metal Straight VSLGZ KAM958 KA958 Glass Bent VSLGZ KD KD Glass Bent Keyblanks for Above FG403KB Cylinders & Guards Digital Deadbolt 60PDB3K Indicator Deadbolt Uses 4 x AA batteries Weather resistant with gasket - can be used outdoors. Code control - programming code required to add or delete users. Low battery alarm alert signals time to replace batteries. Up to 10 active keypad user codes of 2 to 8 digits. Easily provide a user code for temporary contractor access & then easily delete when gone. Keypad buttons light up in the dark for easy night time access. Adjustable backset Locks KEEFREE 60PDB3K Dead bolt lock used for washrooms or hotel guest rooms to provide privacy. When locked from inside the room, deadbolt locks the door, and a visual In Use sign appears. When bolt is retracted, message D271 reads Vacant. Emergency key opens lock from the outside when required. Description D Indicator Lock A Emergency Release Tool S 732 Stainless steel wave washer exerts force on cylinder rings against the mortise cylinder holding it in place. Package of Cylinder for Adams Rite narrow stile locks supplied with trim ring Heavy aluminum plate attaches to metal door with 4 steel 3/16 pop rivets (included) 1/4 Cylinder recess. Measures: 4-1/32 H x 1 W Description 732 C26D Mortise Round Turn Cylinder S Cylinder Wave Washer AL Cylinder Guard Ames Door Lock Support Eliminates collapsing and loosening when installing locksets on hollow metal doors without built-in lock boxes Door / / Use with most knob, lever, deadbolts using 1-1/2, 1-5/8, & 2-1/8 crossbores. Supports, holds, and centers lock unit thus eliminating latch wobble, and binding as lock is tightened together. 240

7 Locks Patio Door Freezer Handles Bolt-type tongue provides positive locking action. Optional adjustable roller strike Can be locked with a padlock (not included) C00004 Positive latching keeps door Description shut tight; guards against L06021 Handle pop-opens Strike for Above Cylinder locking with strike. Description Two-way adjustment compensates for door sag and C00004 Freezer Handle gasket wear Strike for Above Replaces discontinued National C8765 unit C00012 Cylinder for Above Grade 2 Plus Cylindrical Interchangeable (I/C) Core Keyway NOH32XSC Schlage C NOH32XWR Weiser MC82 Patio Lock Bolt can be engaged in the secure position only, or locked in position with key Concealed mounting screws For aluminum, wood, PVC hinged, sliding, or french doors. MC82 MC MC82 MKII BLACK Function MC93 Window Lock Similar functionality to the MC82 For wooden, PVC, & aluminum sash, double hung, sliding, & casement windows Type Patio Bolt Finish Black MC82 MKII BROWN Patio Bolt Brown MC82 MKII SILVER Patio Bolt Silver MC82 MKII WHITE Patio Bolt White MC93 BROWN Window Bolt Brown MC93 WHITE Window Bolt White LF27 (C4) Key Blank for Above Pocket Door Lock For 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 door thickness. Door preparation: 2 7/8 H x 13/4 D Stocked in polished brass. 210 Outside handle keyable to existing locksets. Fits doors up to 2 thick. Includes strike & spacer Stocked in Sprayed Aluminum L06021 Knobs: 2-1/4 Diameter (110), 23/16 diameter (210) Roses: Adjustable both sides. Steel reinforced 2-3/4 diameter 2-3/4 T Strike Door Thickness: 1-1/4 to 1-7/8 Stocked less small format I/C Core cul listed ANSI A156.2 NOH Knob Latch 110RAB32D Entrance Round Standard Function 110RDW32D Institution Round Standard C3 Passage RDW32D Institution Ball Standard C3 Privacy RF32D Storeroom Ball Standard RF32D E7 Storeroom Ball UL Grade!

8 Locks & Padlocks Knob & Lever Guard Designed to prevent wrenching of knobs & levers. Made of aircraft aluminum and powder coated for long life. Built in handle allows the door to easily be opened. For KG1S Knob LV1S Lever Padbolts & Barrel Bolts /2" Heavy duty bolt accepts padlock. Padlock hole is 15/ /4 bolt throw. 168K 5" Extra heavy duty bolt accepts padlock. Padlock hole is 1/2. 1-3/4 bolt throw. 201A Secret Gate Latch Solid brass barrel bolt 19/32 throw. For dutch door applications and counters. Case size is 2 x 2-3/8 with 3/4 strike. specification size of A115.2 of 4-7/8 H x 1-1/4 W. Type 201A Brass H600 NP A Brass 2-1/ A Brass ZP 6 Zinc 4-1/ K Zinc Black ASA Used for knob & lever sets in commercial applications. Finish Length H600 NP ASA Strike Meets the A.S.A. strike Material Sesamee Padlocks ASA C15 Standard Brushed Nickel ASAC3 Standard Polished Brass ASAC15T Adjustable Lip Brushed Nickel Trailer Hitch Receiver Safe K436 HS ,000 possible combinations that are easily resettable Solid metal construction Dust cover conceals and protects HitchSafe from dirt & grim & prying eyes. Fits all* 2 hitch receivers Can store up to 9 keys or 2 credit cards and/or driver s license 242 HS Sliding bars on the inside of the receiver secure hinge pins to protect the HitchSafe unit. * Toyota Tacoma & Toyota Tundra OEM Hitch Receivers require optional longer pins available by special order K500 3/4 K437 10,000 Possible combinations which Hardened steel chrome plated 5/16 can be easily changed and set. diameter shackle Heel and toe locking. Case width is 1-7/8 All brass internal locking mechanism. Automatic 0000 stop. K436 K437 K500 3/4 K /4 Body Material Brass Body Shackle Clearance / Heavy Pressure Cast, 1 Black Epoxy Finish 2-1/

9 Mailboxes & Tools S1043 Nickel plated zinc al- Key removable in loy locked position only. Clip mounting Keyable 4 pin tumbler cylinder S4103KD Professional Hole Saws & Arbors AV34 AV14 B Series Replacement Mailbox Parts For all types of machinable metal M3 high speed steel cutting edge including stainless steel, wood, nailwelded to tough steel backer embedded wood, plastic, fiberglass, Positive rake teeth clear chips better drywall, fiberboard, & composites. for longer life and easier cutting. Standard 1-1/2 cutting depth. Requires arbor sold separately. These mailbox components offer an economical alternative to replacing the complete mail box gangs where the discontinued DL/Ilco B series mailboxes were used. Bi-Metal Hole Saws Diameter. For Arbors BRDA1 UH1 Assembly includes UBF1 frame, 2-UH1 hinges, 2 doors with locks, & plexiglas windows. Description BRDA1 Assembly AV14 7/8" M34, M44, M44K AV16 1" M34, M44, M44K AV20 1-1/4" AV22 1-3/ /2" UBF1 UBF1 Frame AV24 UH1 4 Hinge AV /2 M34, M44, M44K AV26 1-5/8" AV34 2-1/8" AV38 2-3/ Riopel Mailbox Parts Mailbox Locks & Parts M45P 3950 M Mailbox Includes spring clip for mounting. R115 For 1000, 2000, & 3000 series mailbox units. Switch box accepts Crown 4004 Lock (Supplied by Canada Post) Measures: 5 W x 15-1/2 H Measures 6 H x 2-3/8 W Uses 3950 (not included) Description M44 Arbors Chuck Size M34 3/ M44 1/ Finish M44K 1/ M45P 1/ & 2000 Door Sprayed Brass & 2000 Door Stainless Steel Mailbox Lock Nickel Mailbox Lock Nickel R115 Crown Lock Switch Box Grey Enamel Pilot Bit For Arbors MPD4S01 M MPD401 M44,

10 Tools Penetrating Lubricant Industrial Dot-Peen Marking Systems Penetrating multi-use spray Stops Squeaks Frees Sticky Mechanisms Protects Metal Prevents Rust and oxidation. Drives Out Moisture 12 oz. can EC7 151ZA DSC02767 High performance dot-peen marking. Marks on all types of surfaces and materials from plastic to 62HRC steel Used to mark key codes, logos, & serial numbers. Able to mark 2D data-matrix code (machine readable for process automation) 244 Saves up to 1000 files on-board. Selectable character size & fonts Angular and radial marking. Holders can be customized to suit specific needs for key blanks, padlocks, cylinders, & items as small as cylinder cams. Description EC7 Standard Machine Special Order 151ZA High Speed Machine Special Order DSC02767 Key Holder Special Order