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1 OPTIVENT Housing HVSA, HVSL Key features Variable air flow Constant air flow Real time air flow display with compact controller 227VM The HVSA and the HVSL are apartment-specific room ventilation regulators designed for the OPTIVENT Housing system. The products can also be installed as single units. The circular, non-insulated flow variators are designed for uses where demand-based control according to room and air quality is desired. The HVSA/HVSL is controlled using a 3-position manual control switch. The HVSL can also be connected to a cooker hood equipped with a microswitch, in which case the amount of supply air is increased and the amount of exhaust air is decreased while the hood is in operation, independent of manual control with the control switch. The flow variators are not dependent on duct pressure. The HVSA can also be used for constant air flow. Quick Selection Size 125 Size 160 Size 200 Size 250 Size 315 Specifications Room ventilation regulator for supply and exhaust air, including: - 2 pressure-independent flow variators with actuators - a connection box with transformer - a 3-position manual control switch - 4 mounting clamps with tightening screws, enabling removal for duct cleaning Actuators outside casing With 227VM compact controllers as actuators: - 3 alternative air flow settings (min, normal, max) selectable without special tools - real time air flow display - operating range for duct speeds 1 8 m/s Six sizes, mm Size Air flo w, l/s Recommended air flows. Lowest values correspond to duct speed 1 m/s. Product code example Room ventilation regulator for supply or exhaust air HVSA (7) Specifications are subject of alteration without further notice.

2 Structure, applications and mounting Structure The room ventilation regulator HVSA/HVSL consists of two flow variators with actuators, four mounting clamps, a connection box, and a manual control switch. The flow variators can be used for both variable and constant flow and, if necessary, for forced shut-off of supply or exhaust air. Each flow variator has an integrated measurement flange with two fittings, for regulation and manual measurement. Using the separate pressure fittings on the measurement flange, manual measurement of air flow can be carried out without disturbing the control circuit operation. The damper has strong, maintenance-free nylon bearings. Connection dimensions are mm. All duct connections have Veloduct sealing rings. Applications The HVSA/HVSL room ventilation regulator is used in centralised apartment ventilation systems in new buildings and renovation projects. Typical applications also include conference rooms. As an independent unit, the HVSA/HVSL provides two or three settings for air flow, as required, but with the possibility to connect to building monitoring system. The HVSA/HVSL is a pressure-independent unit with the possibility to set max. three different air flow settings without using special tools. The actuator of the product has a digital display showing, for instance, real time air flow. Control and setting HVSA The HVSA flow variators have Fläkt Woods compact controllers 227VM, and they are complete units consisting of an actuator, a dynamic pressure difference sensor for pressure-independent air flow control, and a user interface with a 3-digit display for monitoring air flow and setting values without any external devices. Using a screwdriver, the compact controllers can be steplessly set to give the desired air flow values for the minimum, normal, and maximum positions of the manual control switch. For settings and technical data of the compact controller, refer to the separate technical catalogue of the OPTIVENT Housing control equipment. The flow variators can be controlled to minimum, normal, and maximum air flow positions using the 3-position manual control switch with stepless intermediate setting. HVSL In addition to manual control with the control switch, the HVSL can be wired to operate in combination with a cooker hood. If there is a cooker hood with a microswitch (e.g. ILOXAIR) installed, the HVSL can be forced to decrease the amount of exhaust air from the apartment and/or increase the amount of supply air while the hood is in operation. Mounting and connecting Detailed mounting and connecting instructions are supplied with the product. The products are delivered with the actuators mounted to the dampers and with the connection box and the 3- position switch as separate components, not connected. The cable between the switch and the connection box is not included. 2 (7) Specifications are subject of alteration without further notice.

3 Dimensions and weights Sound power level Lw Correction of sound level in db at HVSA octave bands, middle frequency, Hz Tol.+/ Sound power levels by octave bands are obtained by adding to total sound pressure level L p10a, db(a) the corrections K oct presented in the table according to the following formula: L Woct = L p10a + K oct Size ød a L, mm Weight, kg The correction K oct is an average over the HVSA operating range. Definitions q air flow l/s Δ pt total pressure drop Pa v average velocity m/s sound pressure level, with 10 L p10a m 2 sab room attenuation (= 4dB) db(a) L Wokt sound power level in duct db K oct correction db 3 (7) Specifications are subject of alteration without further notice.

4 Wiring diagram HVSA TRANSFORMER 230/24 VAC (supply air) (exhaust air) 4 (7) Specifications are subject of alteration without further notice.

5 Wiring diagram HVSL COOKER HOOD LK TRANSFORMER 230/24 VAC (supply air) (exhaust air) 5 (7) Specifications are subject of alteration without further notice.

6 Selection diagrams (sound pressure level in room, excl. terminal device) HVSA-100 HVSA-125 HVSA-160 HVSA-200 HVSA-250 HVSA (7) Specifications are subject of alteration without further notice.

7 Product code Room ventilation regulator HVSA-aaa-b-c Room ventilation regulator + cooker hood control HVSL-aaa-b-c (incl. 2 flow variators, a 3-position manual control switch, a connection box with transformer, and mounting clamps) Size (aaa) 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315 Material (b) 1 = corrosivity class C3, galvanised sheet steel 2 = corrosivity class C4, acid resistant steel AISI 316 (parts in contact with air flow) Tightness (c) 2 = CEN3, closing and regulating damper with sealing Components of room ventilation regulator Flow variator EMSS-1-ccc-d-e Actuator (1) 1 = Compact controller 227VM Size (ccc) 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315 Material (d) 1 = Corrosivity class C3 galvanized sheet steel 2 = Corrosivity class C4 acid-proof steel AISI 316 (applies to parts in contact with the ventilation air) Tightness (e) 2 = CEN3 3-position manual control switch Connection box with transformer Connection box with transformer and cooker hood control equipment Mounting clamps (4 pcs) HVSZ-01 HVSZ-02 HVLZ-02 HVSZ-03-aaa Size (aaa) 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, (7) Specifications are subject of alteration without further notice.