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1 OPERATOR MANUAL INCLUDING: OPERATION, INTALLATION & MAINTENANCE 1-1/2 DIAPHRAGM PUMP 1:1 RATIO (METALLIC) RELEAED: REVIED: (REV. M) READ THI MANUAL CAREFULLY BEFORE INTALLING, OPERATING OR ERVICING THI EQUIPMENT. It is the responsibility of the employer to place this information in the hands of the operator. Keep for future reference. ERVICE KIT Refer to Model Description Chart to match the pump material options for air section repair (see page 6) XX for fluid section repair (see page 4). NOTE: This kit also contains several air motor seals which will need to be replaced X major air valve assembly (see page 7). PUMP DATA Models... see Model Description Chart for -XXX. Pump Type... Metallic Air Operated Double Diaphragm Material... see Model Description Chart. Weight... PM15A-C-XXX-A lbs (28.30 kgs) PM15R-C-XXX-A lbs (27.33 kgs) PM15-C-XXX-A lbs (35.56 kgs) Maximum Air Inlet Pressure psig (8.3 bar) Maximum Material Inlet Pressure psig (0.69 bar) Maximum Outlet Pressure psig (8.3 bar) Maximum Flow Rate (flooded inlet) gpm (465.6 lpm) Displacement / 100 psig gal. (2.34 lit.) Maximum Particle ize... 1/4 dia. (6.4 mm) Maximum Temperature Limits (diaphragm / ball / seal material) E.P.R. / EPDM _ to 280_ F(-51_ to 138_ C) Polypropylene... 35_ to 175_ F(2_ to 79_ C) antoprener _ to 225_ F(-40_ to 107_ C) PTFE... 40_ to 225_ F(4_ to 107_ C) Dimensional Data... see page 8 Mounting Dimension... 9 x (228.6 mm x mm) Noise 70 psig, 60 cpm db(a) The pump sound pressure levels published here have been updated to an Equivalent Continuous ound Level (LA eq ) to meet the intent of ANI , CAGI-PNEU- ROP 5.1 using four microphone locations. NOTICE: All possible options are shown in the chart, however, certain combinations may not be recommended, consult a representative or the factory if you have questions concerning availability. Figure 1 MODEL DECRIPTION CHART Center ection Material A - Aluminum R - Polypropylene - tainless teel Fluid Connection C - anitary Flange Fluid Caps & Manifold Material - tainless teel Hardware Material - tainless teel eat Material A - antoprene tainless teel Ball Material A - antoprene T - PTFE PM15 X -C -X X X -A02 Diaphragm Material A - antoprene L - Long Life PTFE M - Medical Grade antoprene T - PTFE / antoprene FLUID ECTION ERVICE KIT ELECTION EXAMPLE: Model # PM15-C-AA-A02 Fluid ection ervice Kit # AA PM15X - C - X X X -A X X Ball Diaphragm INGEROLL RAND COMPANY LTD 209 NORTH MAIN TREET BRYAN, OHIO (800) FAX(800) CCN arozone.com

2 OPERATING AND AFETY PRECAUTION READ, UNDERTAND, AND FOLLOW THI INFORMATION TO AVOID INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. laws and safety code requirements. EXCEIVE AIR PREURE TATIC PARK HAZARDOU MATERIAL HAZARDOU PREURE WARNING EXCEIVE AIR PREURE. Can cause personal injury, pump damage or property damage. Do not exceed the maximum inlet air pressure as stated on the pump model plate. Be sure material hoses and other components are able to withstand fluid pressures developed by this pump. Check all hoses for damage or wear. Be certain dispensing device is clean and in proper working condition. WARNING TATIC PARK. Can cause explosion resulting in severe injury or death. Ground pump and pumping system. parks can ignite flammable material and vapors. The pumping system and object being sprayed must be grounded when it is pumping, flushing, recirculating or spraying flammable materials such as paints, solvents, lacquers, etc. or used in a location where surrounding atmosphere is conducive to spontaneous combustion. Ground the dispensing valve or device, containers, hoses and any object to which material is being pumped. ecure pump, connections and all contact points to avoid vibration and generation of contact or static spark. Consult local building codes and electrical codes for specific grounding requirements. Aftergrounding,periodicallyverifycontinuityofelectricalpath to ground. Test with an ohmmeter from each component (e.g., hoses, pump, clamps, container, spray gun, etc.) to ground to ensure continuity. Ohmmeter should show 0.1 ohms or less. ubmerse the outlet hose end, dispensing valve or device in the material being dispensed if possible. (Avoid free streaming of material being dispensed.) Use hoses incorporating a static wire. Use proper ventilation. Keep inflammables away from heat, open flames and sparks. Keep containers closed when not in use. WARNING Pump exhaust may contain contaminants. Can cause severe injury. Pipe exhaust away from work area and personnel. In the event of a diaphragm rupture, material can be forced out of the air exhaust muffler. Pipe the exhaust to a safe remote location when pumping hazardous or inflammable materials. Use a grounded 3/4 minimum i.d. hose between the pump and the muffler. WARNING HAZARDOU PREURE. Can result in serious injury or property damage. Do not service or clean pump, hoses or dispensing valve while the system is pressurized. Disconnect air supply line and relieve pressure from the system by opening dispensing valve or device and / or carefully and slowly loosening and removing outlet hose or piping from pump. WARNING HAZARDOUMATERIAL.Cancauseseriousinjuryorpropertydamage.Do not attempt to return apump to the factory or service center that contains hazardous material. afe handling practices must comply with local and national Obtain Material afety Data heets on all materials from the supplier for proper handling instructions. WARNING EXPLOION HAZARD. Models containing aluminum wetted parts cannot be used with III.-Trichloroethane, Methylene Chloride or other Halogenated Hydrocarbon solvents which may react and explode. Check pump motor section, fluid caps, manifolds and all wettedpartstoassurecompatibilitybeforeusingwithsolvents of this type. WARNING MIAPPLICATION HAZARD. Do not use models containing aluminum wetted parts with food products for human consumption. Plated parts can contain trace amounts of lead. CAUTION Verify the chemical compatibility of the pump wetted parts and the substance being pumped, flushed or recirculated. Chemical compatibility may change with temperature and concentration of the chemical(s) within the substances being pumped, flushed or circulated. For specific fluid compatibility, consult the chemical manufacturer. CAUTION Maximum temperatures are based on mechanical stress only. Certain chemicals will significantly reduce maximum safe operating temperature. Consult the chemical manufacturer for chemical compatibility and temperature limits.refertopumpdataonpage1ofthismanual. CAUTION Be certain all operators of this equipment have been trained for safe working practices, understand it s limitations, and wear safety goggles / equipment when required. CAUTION Do not use the pump for the structural support of the piping system. Be certain the system components are properly supported to prevent stress on the pump parts. uction and dischargeconnections should be flexibleconnections (such as hose), not rigid piped, and should becompatible with the substance being pumped. CAUTION Prevent unnecessary damage to the pump. Do notallowpumptooperatewhenoutofmaterialforlongperiods of time. Disconnect air line from pump when system sits idle for long periods of time. CAUTION Use only genuine ARO replacement parts to assure compatible pressure rating and longest service life. NOTICE RE-TORQUEALL FATENERBEFOREOPERA- TION. Creep of housing and gasket materials may cause fastenerstoloosen.re-torqueallfastenerstoensureagainstfluid or air leakage WARNING CAUTION NOTICE = Hazards or unsafe practices which could result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage. = Hazards or unsafe practices which could result in minor personal injury, product or property damage. = Important installation, operation or maintenance information. Page 2 of 8

3 GENERAL DECRIPTION The ARO R diaphragm pump offers high volume delivery even at low air pressure and a broad range of material compatibility options available. Refer to the model and option chart. ARO pumps feature stall resistant design, modular air motor / fluid sections. Air operated double diaphragm pumps utilize a pressure differential in the air chambers to alternately create suction and positive fluid pressure in the fluid chambers, ball checks ensure a positive flow of fluid. Pump cycling will begin as air pressure is applied and it will continue to pump and keep up with the demand. It will build and maintain line pressure and will stop cycling once maximum line pressure is reached (dispensing device closed) and will resume pumping as needed. AIR AND LUBE REQUIREMENT WARNING EXCEIVE AIR PREURE. Can cause pump damage, personal injury or property damage. A filter capable of filtering out particles larger than 50 microns should be used on the air supply. There is no lubrication required other than the O ring lubricant which is applied during assembly or repair. Iflubricatedairispresent,makesurethatitiscompatiblewith the O rings and seals in the air motor section of the pump. INTALLATION Verify correct model / configuration prior to installation. Retorque all external fasteners per specifications prior to start up. Pumps are tested in water at assembly. Flush pump with compatible fluid prior to installation. When the diaphragm pump is used in a forced-feed (flooded inlet) situation, it is recommended that a Check Valve be installed at the air inlet. Material supply tubing should be at least the same diameter as the pump inlet manifold connection. Material supply hose must be reinforced, non-collapsible type compatible with the material being pumped. Piping must be adequately supported. Do not use the pump to support the piping. Use flexible connections (such as hose) at the suction and discharge. These connections should not be rigid piped and must be compatible with the material being pumped. ecure the diaphragm pump legs to a suitable surface (level and flat) to ensure against damage by vibration. Pumps that need to be submersed must have both wet and non-wet components compatible with the material being pumped. ubmersed pumps must have exhaust pipe above liquid level. Exhaust hose must be conductive and grounded. Flooded suction inlet pressure must not exceed 10 psig (0.69 bar). OPERATING INTRUCTION Always flush the pump with a solvent compatible with the material being pumped if the material being pumped is subject to setting up when not in use for a period of time. Disconnect the air supply from the pump if it is to be inactive for a few hours. PART AND ERVICE KIT Refer to the part views and descriptions as provided on page 4 through 7 for parts identification and ervice Kit information. Certain ARO mart Parts are indicated which should be available for fast repair and reduction of down time. ervice kits are divided to service two separate diaphragm pump functions:1.airection,2.fluidection.thefluidec- TION is divided further to match typical part MATERIAL OPTION. MAINTENANCE Provide a clean work surface to protect sensitive internal moving parts from contamination from dirt and foreign matter during service disassembly and reassembly. Keep good records of service activity and include pump in preventive maintenance program. Before disassembling, empty captured material in the outlet manifold by turning the pump upside down to drain material from the pump. FLUID ECTION DIAEMBLY 1. Remove (60) inlet manifold and (61) outlet manifold. 2. Remove (22) balls, (19) O rings (if applicable) and (21) seats. 3. Remove (15) fluid caps. NOTE: Only PTFE diaphragm models use a primary diaphragm (7) and a backup diaphragm (8). Refer to the auxiliary view in the Fluid ection illustration. 4. Remove the (14) screw, (6) diaphragm washer, (7) or (7 / 8) diaphragms and (5) backup washer. NOTE: Do not scratch or mar the surface of (1) diaphragm rod. FLUID ECTION REAEMBLY Reassemble in reverse order. Refer to the torque requirements on page 5. Clean and inspect all parts. Replace worn or damaged parts with new parts as required. Lubricate (1) diaphragm rod and (144) U cup with LubriplateR FML-2 grease (94276 grease packet is included in service kit). For models with PTFE diaphragms: Item (8) antoprene diaphragm is installed with the side marked AIR IDE towards the pump center body. Install the PTFE diaphragm (7) with the side marked FLUID IDE towards the (15) fluid cap. Re-check torque settings after pump has been re-started and run a while. LoctiteR is a registered trademark of Henkel Loctite Corporation antoprener is a registered trademark of Monsanto Company, licensed to Advanced Elastomer ystems, L.P., LubriplateR is a registered trademark of Lubriplate Division (Fiske Brothers) Page 3 of 8

4 PART LIT / FLUID ECTION L XX FLUID ECTION ERVICE KIT INCLUDE: BALL (see Ball Option, refer to -XX in ervice Kit chart below), DIAPHRAGM (see Diaphragm Option, refer to -XX in ervice Kit chart below), and items 19, 70, 144, 175 and 180 (listed below) plus 174 and Lubriplate FML-2 grease (page 6). EAT OPTION BALL OPTION PM15X-C-XXX-A02 PM15X-C-XXX-A02 21 L 22 (2 dia.) -XXX eat Qty [Mtl] -XXX Ball Qty [Mtl] -AXX A (4) [P] -XAX A (4) [P] -XX (4) [] -XTX (4) [T] -XXX DIAPHRAGM OPTION PM15X-C-XXX-A02 L ervice Kit L 7 L 8 L 19 (1/8 x 3-1/8 o.d.) -XX = (Ball) -XX = (Diaphragm) Diaphragm Qty [Mtl] Diaphragm Qty [Mtl] Gasket Qty [Mtl] -XXA XA A (2) [P] (4) [E] -XXL XL L (2) [L] A (2) [P] Y (4) [T] -XXM XM M (2) [PM] Y (4) [T] -XXT XT T (2) [T] A (2) [P] Y (4) [T] NOTE: Gasket item 19 is not required with seat option -AXX. CENTER ECTION OPTION PM15X-C-XXX-A02 Aluminum Polypropylene tainless teel PM15A-X-X-A02 PM15R-X-X-A02 PM15-X-X-A02 Item Description (size) Qty Part No. [Mtl] Part No. [Mtl] Part No. [Mtl] 28 Washer (0.406 i.d. x 1 o.d. x ) (4) [] Ground Lug (see page 7) (1) [Co] [Co] 68 Air Cap (1) [A] [P] [] 69 Air Cap (1) [A] [P] [] 131 crew (M10 x 1.5-6g x 100 mm) (4) [C] [C] (M10x1.5-6gx110mm) (4) [] n 180 Washer (4) [Co] [Co] L n O Ring (3mmx15mmo.d.) (8) [B] Nut (M10x1.5-6h) (4) [] [] [] EXTERNAL HARDWARE OPTION PM15X-C-XXX-A02 PM15R-C- PM15A-C- PM15-C- Item Description (size) Qty Part No. Mtl Part No. Mtl 26 crew (M10x1.5-6gx30mm) (8) [] [] 27 Bolt (M8x1.25-6gx40mm) (20) [] (M8x1.25-6gx50mm) (20) [] Hex Flange Nut (M8x1.25-6h) (20) [] [] MATERIAL CODE [A] = Aluminum [B] = Nitrile [C] = Carbon teel [Co] = Copper [E] = E.P.R. [L] = Long Life PTFE [P] = Polypropylene [P] = antoprene [PM]= Medical Grade antoprene [] = tainless teel [T] = PTFE COMMON PART Item Description (size) Qty Part No. [Mtl] Item Description (size) Qty Part No. [Mtl] 1 Rod (1) [C] 60 Inlet Manifold (1) [] 5 Backup Washer (2) [] 61 Outlet Manifold (1) [] 6 Diaphragm Washer (2) [] L n 70 Gasket (2) [B] 9 Washer (9/16 i.d. x 1-3/8 o.d. x 3/32 ) (2) Y13-8-T [] Ln 144 U Cup (3/16 x 1-1/4 o.d.) (2) Y [B] 14 crew (M14x2-6gx45mm) (2) [] Ln 175 O Ring (3/32 x 13/16 o.d.) (2) Y [B] 15 Fluid Cap (2) [] n Air ection ervice Kit Parts, see page 6. Page 4 of 8

5 PART LIT / FLUID ECTION COLOR CODE DIAPHRAGM BALL MATERIAL COLOR COLOR antoprene Tan Tan antoprene Green N / A (Backup) PTFE White White (-) Dash ()Dot FOR THE AIR MOTOR ECTION EE PAGE 6 & Torque equence TORQUE REQUIREMENT, NOTE: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN FATENER. ALL FATENER ARE METRIC. (14) screw, tighten to ft lbs ( Nm). (26) screws, ft lbs ( Nm). (29) nuts, ft lbs ( Nm). (131) screws, ft lbs ( Nm). LUBRICATION / EALANT k Apply Lubriplate FML-2 grease to all O rings, U Cups & mating parts. x Apply LoctiteR 242 to threads at assembly. - Apply PTFE tape to threads at assembly. ~ Apply Loctite 271 to threads at assembly. U Apply anti-seize compound to threads and bolt and nut flange heads which contact pump case when using stainless steel fasteners. Y Not used with PM15X-C-AXX-A02. Z Lubriplate FML-2 is a white food grade petroleum grease. 26, U A k 144 k 70 k 27 U B Y A 29, U 175 k 144 k 175 k B 1 k 180 k 131,x , U , ~ Figure 2 19 Y View of two piece PTFE diaphragm AUXILIARY VIEW A-A (models PM15R-C-XXX-A02) AUXILIARY VIEW B-B (models PM15R-C-XXX-A02) (antoprene) 8 (PTFE) 7 k k 195 Page 5 of 8

6 PART LIT / AIR ECTION n Indicates parts included in Air ection ervice Kit shown below and items (70), (144), (175) and (180) shown on page 4. AIR MOTOR PART Item Description (size) Qty Part No. [Mtl] Item Description (size) Qty Part No. [Mtl] 101 Center Body (PM15A-X) (1) [A] (PM15R-X) (1) [P] (PM15-X) (1) [] 103 Bushing (1) [D] 105 crew (M6x1-6g) (PM15A-X and PM15-X) (16 mm long) (4) [] (PM15R-X) (130 mm long) (4) [] 107 End Plate (PM15R-X only) (2) [] 111 pool (PM15A-X and PM15-X) (1) [D] (PM15R-X) (1) [D] 118 Actuator Pin (2) [] 121 leeve (2) [D] 128 Pipe Plug (1/8-27 NPTF x 0.27 ) (PM15A-X and PM15-X only) (1) Y [] n 132 Gasket (1) [B] 133 Washer (1/4 ) (PM15A-X) (3) Y C [C] (M6) (PM15R-X) (6) [] (1/4 ) (PM15-X) (3) Y T [] 134 crew (M6 x 1-6g x 20 mm) (PM15R-X) (6) [] (PM15A-X and PM15-X) (4) [] 135 Valve Block (PM15A-X) (1) [Z] (PM15R-X) (1) [P] (PM15-X) (1) [] 136 End Cap (PM15A-X) (1) [Z] (PM15R-X) (1) [P] (PM15-X) (1) [] AIR MOTOR ECTION ERVICE ervice is divided into two parts - 1. Pilot Valve, 2. Major Valve. GENERAL REAEMBLY NOTE: Air Motor ection ervice is continued from Fluid ection repair. Inspect and replace old parts with new parts as necessary. Look for deep scratches on surfaces, and nicks or cuts in O rings. Take precautions to prevent cutting O rings upon installation. Lubricate O rings with Lubriplate FML-2 grease. Do not over-tighten fasteners, refer to torque specification block on view. Re-torque fasteners following restart. ERVICE TOOL -- To aid in the installation of (168) O rings onto the (167) pilot piston, use tool # T, available from ARO. PILOT VALVE DIAEMBLY 1. A light tap on (118) should expose the opposite (121) sleeve, (167) pilot piston and other parts. 2. Remove (170) sleeve, inspect inner bore of sleeve for damage. PILOT VALVE REAEMBLY 1. Clean and lubricate parts not being replaced from service kit. 2. Install new (171 and 172) O rings, replace (170) sleeve. 3. Install new (168) O rings and (169) seal - Note the lip direction. Lubricate and replace (167). 4. Reassemble remaining parts, replace (173 and 174) O rings. n 137 Gasket (1) [B] n 138 U Cup (3/16 x 1-5/8 o.d.) (1) Y [B] n 139 U Cup (3/16 x 1-1/8 o.d.) (1) Y [B] 140 Valve Insert (1) [AO] 141 Valve Plate (1) [AO] n 166 Gasket (1) [B] n 167 Pilot Piston (includes 168 and 169) (1) [D] 168 O Ring (3/32 x 5/8 o.d.) (2) [U] 169 U Cup (1/8 x 7/8 o.d.) (1) Y240-9 [B] 170 Piston leeve (1) [D] n 171 O Ring (3/32 x 1-1/8 o.d.) (1) Y [B] n 172 O Ring (1/16 x 1-1/8 o.d.) (1) Y [B] n 173 O Ring (3/32 x 1-3/8 o.d.) (2) Y [B] K n 174 O Ring (1/8 x 1/2 o.d.) (2) Y [B] n 176 Diaphragm (check valve) (2) [P] 181 Roll Pin (5/32 o.d. x 1/2 long) (4) Y [] n 200 Gasket (PM15A-X and PM15-X) (1) [B] (PM15R-X) (1) [B] 201 Muffler (PM15R-X) (1) [P] (PM15A-X and PM15-X) (1) Adapter Plate (1) [P] 236 Nut (M6 x 1-6h) (PM15R-X only) (4) [] L n Lubriplate FML-2 Grease (1) Lubriplate Grease Packets (10) K Fluid ection ervice Kit Parts, see page 4. MAJOR VALVE DIAEMBLY 1. Remove (135) valve block and (233) adapter plate, exposing (132 and 166) gaskets and (176) checks. 2. Insert a small flat blade screwdriver into the notch in the side of (135) valve blockand pushin ontab toremove (233)adapter plate,releasing (140) valve insert, (141) valve plate, (200) gasket. 3. Remove (136) end cap and (137) gasket, releasing (111) spool. MAJOR VALVE REAEMBLY 1. Install new (138 and 139) U cups on (111) spool -- LIP MUT FACE EACH OTHER. 2. Insert (111) spool into (135) valve block. 3. Install (137) gasket on (136) end cap and assemble end cap to (135) valve block, securing with (107) end plates (where applicable) and (105) screws. 4. Install (140) valve insert and (141) valve plate into (135) valve block. NOTE: Assemble (140) valve insert with dished side toward (141) valve plate. Assemble (141) valve plate with part number identification toward (140) valve insert. 5. Assemble (200) gasket and (233) adapter plate to (135) valve block. NOTE: Assemble (233) adapter plate with notched side down. 6. Assemble (132 and 166) gaskets and (176) checks to (101) body. 7. Assemble (135) valve block and components to (101) body, securing with (134) screws. Page 6 of 8

7 PART LIT / AIR ECTION 135 k k 141 k 169 k k 166 k 172 k 171 k 170 PILOT VALVE PART GROUP 173 k k Notch k k 132 k 176 k Models Models 111 k 139 k k k 139 k PM15A-C-XXX-A02 PM15-C-XXX-A02 PM15R-C-XXX-A02 MAJOR VALVE Insert screwdriver here to remove (233) adapter plate. Figure 3 Insert screwdriver here to remove (233) adapter plate.. TORQUE REQUIREMENT, NOTE: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN FATENER. ALL FATENER ARE METRIC. PM15A-C-XXX-A02 and PM15-C-XXX-A02: Torque (105 and 134) screws to in. lbs ( Nm). PM15R-C-XXX-A02: Torque (134) screw and (236) nut to in. lbs ( Nm). LUBRICATION / EALANT k Apply Lubriplate FML-2 grease to O rings, U Cups & mating parts. - Apply PTFE tape to threads at assembly. MATERIAL CODE [A] = Aluminum [AO] = Alumina Oxide [B] = Nitrile [Br] = Brass [C] = Carbon teel [D] = Acetal [P] = Polypropylene [P] = antoprene [] = tainless teel [U] = Polyurethane [Z] = Zinc A replacement Major Valve ervice Assembly is available separately, which includes the following: for models PM15R-X: 105 (4), 107 (2), 111,132, 135,136, 137,138, 139,140, 141,166, 176 (2), 200, 233 and 236 (4) for models PM15A-X: 105 (4), 111, 128, 132, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 166, 176 (2), 200 and for models PM15-X: 105 (4), 111, 128, 132, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 166, 176 (2), 200 and 233. Page 7 of 8

8 TROUBLE HOOTING Product discharged from exhaust outlet. Check for diaphragm rupture. Check tightness of (14) diaphragm screw. Air bubbles in product discharge. Check connections of suction plumbing. Check O rings between intake manifold and inlet side fluid caps. Check tightness of (14) diaphragm screw. Motor blows air or stalls. Check (176) check valve for damage or wear. Check for restrictions in valve / exhaust. Low output volume, erratic flow, or no flow. Check air supply. Check for plugged outlet hose. Check for kinked (restrictive) outlet material hose. Check for kinked (restrictive) or collapsed inlet material hose. Check for pump cavitation -- suction pipe should be sized at least as large as the inlet thread diameter of the pump for proper flow if high viscosity fluids are being pumped. uction hose must be a non-collapsing type, capable of pulling a high vacuum. Check all joints on the inlet manifolds and suction connections. These must be air tight. Inspect the pump for solid objects lodged in the diaphragm chamber or the seat area. DIMENIONAL DATA (Dimensions shown are for reference only, they are displayed in inches and millimeters (mm) /32 (351.4 mm) 2 anitary Flange 10-3/4 (272.4 mm) 14-9/16 (370.0 mm) 7-9/32 (185.0 mm) 10-1/4 (260.4 mm) 2-5/8 (66.7 mm) Outlet 18-3/8 (466.7 mm) 9-11/16 (246.1 mm) Inlet 19-21/32 (498.9 mm) 2-3/4 (69.9 mm) 1/2 (12.7 mm) 11-3/4 (298.5 mm) 15/32 (11.4 mm) 9 (228.6 mm) 10 (254.0 mm) Figure 4 Air Inlet 1/2-14 NPTF Exhaust Port 3/4-14 NPTF Page 8 of 8 PN