G A rr\t ed.:taal Elalarrr llrillino RiO. Quality Changes the World

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1 G A rr\t ed.:taal Elalarrr llrillino RiO Quality Changes the World

2 SANY SR Rotary Drilling Rig Series Technical Data Page 1 Kelly Bar PageT SANY Kelly bar plays the leading role in China, and is exported to Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Chassis CAT 345C with hydraulic drive and telescopic crawler improves the reliability and stability of the rig in construction. Page2 Drilling Tools PageS It includes drilling bucket, auger, core barrel, centrifugal discharge drilling tools, belling drilling tools and so on, and can drill in clay layer, sandy gravel, cobble layer and weathered strata. Engine Page3 Matching the constant power of hydraulic system perfecily, the whole machine performs the maximum working efficiency. Working Equipment Manifold working equipments are requirements of customers. Page9-1 0 supplied to meet special Hydraulic System It adopts stable, reliable and system of international brands. Page4 high-performance hydraulic Cab Operate comfortably-the productivity. Page 1 1 best cab would greatly improve ll rl il Control System Page5 Based on the CAN-BUS electronic control system, the machine realizes intellectual engine monitoring, machine action control, virtual instrument display, malfunction check, alarming and information display. Driving Mechanism lncluding rotary drive, mechanism, mast, etc. Page6 main/auxiliary/crowd winch, luffing t. :.i5'. :..r'i:.;icq i :,

3 The SR-series Rotary Drilling Rig blends productivity and durability to give you the best return on your investment. Convenient Maintenance Page12 It is close to the maintenance points to ensure quick and timely service. Certif icate and Patent ln 2005, Beijing SANY passed certification. SANY owns quite a invention patents. Page 1 5 rs09001 quality system number of utility model / Safety Page12 whole solution Pagel 6 SANY Rotary drilling rig embodies the human-centric design conception on each aspect. The guard devices, added at many positions in the rig, minimize the possibility of injuries. You will feel relieved to buy and use our rig with the whole solution of purchase guide, technical support and construction method recommendation- Customer Support AII cusiomers of SANY Rotary commitment of overall services. Pagel 3 Drilling Rig can enjoy the

4 Technical Data r The first Asian large tonnage rotary drilling rig with max. drilling diameter 2500mm is applied to super-large and super_deep pile construction and it represents the high_end technology of rotary drilling rig. I The mast can be inclined both backward and forward to horizontal position by special luffing mechanism, which reduces transportation height and improves maneuverability of the rig. r With crowd winch, its max. push reaches 2g0kN, stroke reaches 10m at most; rotary drive adopts three groups of motors and reductors, providing 360kN.m super output torque, ensuring constructions accomplishment under different geological conditions. I Key sheath is optional to match external 440/470/50g Kelly bar, the max. drilling depth reaches 92m. r Be suitable for various construction methods and conditions with various working equipments, such as casing oscillator, casing drive adapter, etc. I Truss type upper mast has rather strong bending resistance and compressive strength to ensure stability of the rig and rigidity of the mast and box type lower mast increases its torsion and bending resistance; main winch and crowd winch are installed on lower mast which lowers centroid height while increases stability of the rig. I Embedded system based on core of work mechanism controller and perfect CAN_BUS technique take full charge of whole machine monitoring. r Hydraulic system makes flow distribute to executive parts of working equipments to make all kinds of operating conditions achieve optimal match; hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valve and joint are introduced in international brands to ensure high reliability of the system. geological 11"

5 Engine - Matching the constant power of hydraulic system perfectly. the whole machine performs the maximum working eff iciency Engine CAT Style r:u:i:::l,r:'riri::,: ::rr,:i:,l:liiiak-e,i6titl:::l,,,,,,,,'.,' l Fuel Emission regulation N;. ot.viino"r. * oor",.irot" Displacement Rated power Fuel consumption(at 100% rated output) 4-stroke water-cooled overhead valve type Direct injection Light oit (JtS Type 2) x 157 mm x 6.2 in 1Z.S L /763 in3 277 kw/1800 rpm 371 hp/1 800 rpm 301 g/(kw.h) o.497 tbs/(hp.h) The rig adopts international advanced super strength, large torque, electronic control, direcily spraying, turbocharged, intercooling power system. High efflcient turbocharged function improves the performance and power of the engine; special compressor enables the machine to work on plateau; electric injection supplies precise spray oil volume, energy-saving and lower consumption; high efficient combustion chamber realizes high power output with low oil consumption, low discharge and low noise. lndependent radiator, speed of cooling fan can be adjusted automatrcally according to ambient temperature; cooling fan can run reversely, so dirt can be removed by airflow. All these functions ensure the power system and hydraulic system run optimally. '.. {it'.s* $n w r'3,{ L;.;l$.. " $ ur.fi?utl # ffiffi1 :: r : -ll : :::::,1

6 l Hydraulic System It adopts stable, reliable and high-performance hydraulic system of international brands Main oil circuit adopts advanced negative flow control technology, consequenily, flow supply according to requirement is realized. Based on it, constant power and electric power override control make the best use of the engine power. Auxiliary oil circuit adopts Ioad sensitive control system which is welcomed by the international engineering machinery industry. The core parts as load_ sensing pump and multi-way directionalvalve with load compensation make the output power and all kinds of operating conditions achieve optimal match, which mostly improves system transmission efficiency. The rig adopts pilot control system. Reliable pilot logic valve controls all actions of the rig. pilot control is flexible, safe, comfortable and precise, which greaily improves the operational performance of the rig, and fully shows the integration of man-mechanics-electronicshydraulics. Advanced control system, world_famous hydraulic pump, 'hydraulic molor, hydraulic valve and joint perfecily express product essence of SANy-high reliability! Meinttriilj

7 Control System Based on the CAN-BUS electronic control instrument display, malfunction check, alarming and information display. The key parts are all world-famous products. r Combination of electro-hydraulic control ' Be in charg.e,olcompound control and check/protection of,the engine, hydraulic pump; hydrau.lic valve and the rig fully and duly. The electrical equipment checks the operating conditions, and drives the hydr.aulic and mechanical equipment according io the requirement of construct.ion processing,:.... r Man-machine interactive technology The friendly:interface displays the machine operating, conditions real.tim.ely, which is direcily related to the operating'.performance of the rig, and more information would help the operator to know the operating conditions of the rig and make the correct judgment and adjustment. The choice of working state, setting of working parameters, online adjustment of input and output signals, system calibration and equipment malfunction check and inquiry are finished by pressing buttons. The system is safe and reliable with steady performance, trienoty interface, convenient and intellectual opelation. r Mast automatic erecting and lying conlrol technology The erecting/lying and laiteral inclination of the mast are a,djusted autoinatically according to the feedba:ck of the mast angle. With unattended condition, the mast can also be erected and adjusted automatically to verticality, and the speed and synchronism of the mast automatic erecting and lying can:b,e,chanseq,dy: parameterssetting l. ', r Automati c vertica I i ty a dj u st i n g co n t ro! teihn:o1;:!y,,rr," The rig automatic verticality adjusting function is developed independently. The function module is integrated inside the main control system, which reduces cost and improves the control precision and the combination with main con:troi systernrgieailial. :,r:::i::: :,,::. :,: r Engine pump powerrcont,rol technique,,,,,::... r..,,., :.:, :,:: Closed-loop control,':lis ardopted.,. Wh;leri :wof t<!n,g,, the hydraulic pump absorption power is adjusted a u tomati ca I ly by cointro I system racqo!,diin g,tro th g c h a n g e of the engine power :a.ndi!oad to,rachjiv.]e,,t,1 ",,.up,rr*u,,. match of the engineipower and the purmp, powe,r,,,gra,ded, power controi teqhnology: js ardopted, ;!o,,qe1, tne,qnljnel working ability according to the specific operating conditions, which reduces the work,,,in1g4ei!y qnd ensures steady working of the engine on economical poi nt..:...::..:::.: r Fault intellige4t diagnosisitechnolo.gy:i :::,,,:., ::.,,,r:., Th e p a ra met eis :of ehg ine;, nvo 1a ui i c.,sy,ste,rn,an.o ooniio i: :' syslem are cyc!,ed clecked: by faqlt dia,gn,osis deyice to judg,e whethe': the rig Wo.fks,qo:1,1n6;1y,;Or,,no1. Whep. a fault occurs. the' rig will be, :shutr.d,own:. timely,,a,[rd the,, code oi fau lt Wilrl be' dis''playdd: tor: dvqid.:rirjbre.:,seve,r,e:, da m age.

8 Driving Mechanism It includes rotary drive, main/auxiliary/crowd winch, luff ing mechanism, masl, etc. Rotary drive Super drilling torque; power is much stronger with trine motor and reductor; special hub built-in detachable key patent and pulley yoke sliding plate abrasion compensation technology are adopted; rotary drive speed electrical multistage control ensures the rig working steadily; the slew ring drives the Kelly bar to rotate by its inner dental lamina of sleeve type spindle and realizes drill-in. Luffing mechanism The parallelogram adjusting mechanism and triangle uniform load bracing frame ensure both accurate location of drilling tool and verticality of mast; The joint between parallelogram adjusting mechanism and mast is as upwards as possible to increase the stability of mast; adjust the working range of mast and the height of machine during transportation; alljoints of luffing mechanism adopt the new type auto-lubricating bearing initiated by SANY. Crowd type Crowd winch: Matching longer casing; with long stroke and double crowd force, the rig can drillin harder layer. Main/auxiliary/crowd winch With famous motors and reductors, it works stably and reliably; rope retainer is used to prevent rope from overlapping, slipping, squeezing and wearing; Lebus drum is adopted to ensure the layered winding of wire rope to prolong the service life of the rope. Optional auxiliary winch Auxiliary winch with no-load hook to lower freely (Ningbo lnl winch) can hang heavy impact device. Pull of first layer: 60kN (13489 lbf ) Max. Pull of first layer : 75kN (16861 lbf ) (when pressure is 35MPa (5076 psi ) ) Rated working pressure :28MPa (4061 psi ) Diameter of wire rope: 20mm (0.8 in ) Model of hydraulic motor: Rexroth A2FE Weight of no-load hook: ) 30kg (66 lbs) Weight of impact hammer: max kg (9921 lbs) Sroke: max. 1.1m (3.6 ft ) Mast On the basis of finite element analysis and optimization, the truss type upper mast has rather strong bending and compressive resistance to ensure stability of rig and rigidity of mast; the lower mast is of box type structure to increase its torsion and bending resistance; main winch and crowd winch are installed on the lower mast which reduces g ravity he ig ht wh ile increas ing sta b ility of the rig.

9 Kelly Bar :.:: :::.:rr.::.1 SANY Kelly nar ptays ttre leading role in China, and is exported to Europe, America. Asia and Africa r -,.a:.:,i: Friction Kelly bar lt owns such merits as easy operating, large drilling lifting depth, smoothly without rr,"";;;; between inner and outer pipe. lt dependi on the friction force to transfer tf," pr"r_ sure to drilling tools, so it is not suitable for drilling in hard formation. The shock absorbing spring on the Kelly bar is designed according to different inertia force of Kelly bar while releasins rope, wi;; which will protect the base ma ch in e. r lnterlocking Kelly bar lnterlocking f1l]v Oar owns grear anti_twisted :?ili,'"., transfers greater pressure to drlllins tools without pressure tost, so it is suitable for drilling in hard formation. SANY interlocking Kelly Oar aoopts nigh strength alloy pipes, wear_resistant alloy spline, and specialdesign and treatmeni to the pressure points, lower pipe parts, baffle ring, torque transfer points. Ouring production, key parts are under strict monitoring to ensure high reliability and long service life..??:"0 on reat operating conditions, SANy Kelly bar is the product of *f,of structure calculated and verified. " r During manufacture of Kelly bar, it is important content of SANy process management to I product in the best r;;;: 'n" rinished I As the manufacturer, SANy devotes itself to construction method research and guides users to c r ro desisn q,"rir;;;p;:i,f ;"'l",'jlt-r" requirement of consiruction r methods. SANy Kelly bar is prepared precisely. 7l rs gotten of tubes. when the rotary the ground and fully extended

10 Drilling Tools It includes drilling bucket, auger, core barrel, centrifugal discharge drilling tools, belling drilling tools and so on, and can drill in clay layer, sandy gravel, cobble layer and weathered strata. r Flat bottom bucket is suitable for clay layer, loose soil and preferable cemented pebble drilling in. Flat bottom bucket for clay layer Flat bottom bucket for tuff Flat bottom cleaning bucket I Single start auger is designed for drilling in soil above groundwater and in rock. Single start clay auger Single start auger for mixed-layer Single start rock auger r Double bottom bucket is suitable for drilling in pebble, frozen soil, strong weathered bedrock, especially for montmorillonite. Double bottom soil bucket Double bottom bucket for mixed-layer Double bottom bucket for medium hard rock Double bottom cleaning bucket r Double start auger has been designed for drilling with big diameter hole and for rock drilling. Double start clay auger Double start auger for medium hard rock Double start conical rock auger Double start auger for soft rock Double start auger for hard rock W#Hffi r The centrifugal discharge drilling tools are used for drilling with small diameter hole.lt is used for clay layer, soft soil layer and shale cemented rock layer. Centrifugal Rock Bucket Centrifugal Soil Bucket Centrifugal Core Barrel I Core barrels are special tools which can remove a core by cutting an annular groove so that the center core can be broken out with chisel or rock auger. lt is suitable for large erratic boulder or bedrock. The bearing capacity of bored piles can be increased significantly by enlarging the bottom of holes. Belling drilling tools are the right tools for base enlargement in stable ground conditions. lt is suitable for soil layer or bedrock. Rock Drilling Technique Effective solution for drilling into the f inal several meters ot pif e emneooing r.o"k Rock rotary drilling rig has been developed by SANY for drilling in rock" lnterlocking Kelly bar with auger, core barrel and rock bucket, the rig can drill in rockwithin drillability<grade B and uniaxial compressive strength<100mpa economicallyand efficiently. (see SR220R/250R booktet). SR360 is not designed for rock drilling; therefore, it is not recommended to drill in rock.

11 Working Equipment :::::::::::lr:::::::r::::::i:,:::i.. I At present, common construction methods are as - follows: Kelly bar with drilling tools, casing installation with rotary drive, SMW (Soil Mixing Wall), reverse circulation (hard rock), Continuous Flight Auger drilling, twin rotary drive drilling, drilling with casing oscillator, drilling with diaphragm wall grab, etc. Construction technologies include dry drilling, slurry support drilling, whole_course_casing drilling, wall building drilling, etc. I Gontinuous Flight Auger drilling Drilling in and carrying soil simultaneously, CFA drill_in is an efficient construction method. lt is irreplaceable for dry drilling, drilling with shallow hole (<30m), drilling with small hole (O ), especially for O 400_600 smail hole. Its working system includes concrete pipe joint, pulley, It is especially suitable for coast, beach, old city wasteland, desert, mountain area and the place surrounded by buildings. r casing instailation with rotary drive This method has solved problems such as large construction for manual casing embedding, need for auxiliary equipment as excavator, potential collapse of drilling with embedded hole and the hole_ collapse during drilling. lt gains obvious advantages in drilling in backfill soil layer, shallow sand pebbles layer and karst cave limestone layer. The powerful rotary drilling rigs of SANyseries are capable of installing and extracting casing without the assistance of casing oscillator. lnstalling casing with casing drive adapter ensure verticality and avoid collapse. Drilling in and installing casing can carry out simultaneously to improve efficiency. rotary drive, CFA drill rod lengthening joint, hollow spiral drill rod with concrete pipe inside, drill rod guiding mechanism with earth cleaner, bit, etc. r Drilling with casing oscillator Greater embedding pressure can be achieved by casing oscillator instead of casing drive adapter, casing can be embedded even in hard layer. Casing oscillator owns such merits as strong adaptabi_ lity to geology, high quality of completed pite, low noise, no mud contamination, slight influence to former foundation, easy control, low cost, etc. lt owns advantages in following geological conditions: instable layer, underground slip layer, underground river, strata, old pile, erratic boulder, quicksand, foundation of emergency and temporary building. el with Casing Oscillator with CFA

12 Manifold working equipments are supplied to meet special requirements of customers. Drilling with diaphragm wall grab Diaphragm wall grab is widely used in deep foundation engineerings of high-rise buildings, subway station, basement, sewage ireatment plant, fender wall, oil and gas underground reservation groove, bridge, square pile and constructions of dam foundation, cutoff wall, etc. lt is suitable for all kinds of soil, especially for soft soil. The construction has little influence to adjacent buildings and underground facilities. Width of wall G,rab volume :ffimri::9i10:ed :,9.rin g{e cv,litnde r p res s u re ::':Toiq:ue' rqprdrretio,n..rn'6'd e 40 mrl 2100 kn I bt 200 kn tbi kn.m I lbf.ft m fi :lilili8:1:r:t:*rr:l'll 'M:anuarl I AiJtdilti'b:tiC s HFT + --a_ Eirir lojol hdrl lo Ial $ m with Casing Drive Adapter with Diaphraom Wall Grab

13 Cab -r..: Operate comfortably_the best cab wou lc,/'itv greaily, r Falling Object protective Steel part Welding Structure The cab came into h i-stren sth.,"", o,'"13ii :t_:"ilfl l: made of toughed glass. lt,s uqrippu.o with safety belt to best protect operator's safety. r Air conditioner The imported full automatic air_ conditioner of standard configuration and big capacity is capable of admitting air by adjusting and purifying the cab air circularly, and hencj keeping the air fresh in the cab.lt can realjze quick refrigeration and temperature rise to obtain comfortable temperature in cab all the year round. Moreover, it has a powerful control panel, whtch is convenient in opera_ tion. I Wide Visual Field i t*i #i W W The optimized cab with the same high strength reduces the area of column and effectively lessens the blind area of the visual field, therefor" muting operation with high safety. The froni and side visual windows allow the operator see the state of work device and the surrounding environment. The rear visual window and engine casing in conformity with OeJlgn _ height provide wide rear visual field r All-directionally Adjustable Suspended Seat with Dual.sliderail Structure The height and location of the seat, obliquity of the backrest, height of the armrest and headrest ur" "..if adjustable. The adjusting buttons are within the operator,s reach. The rigidity of the seat is also adjustable in accordance with the weight of the operator so that the operator can operate the machine comfortably in spite of his build. r High-level Sealed Cab The cab is equipped with seal ring good of sealing to prevent dust and rainwater from entering the cab and keep the cab clean. lt,s quiet in the cab, so the operator,s fatigue can be effectively mitigated. I Multi-point Tri_ dimensional Wind Blowing With air ports in the cab, the operator can enjoy the favorable perftr_ mance of the air_ conditioner. There is a defrosting air port on the front windshield in the cab to ensure the operator clear visual field. The air ports blowing face and back of the operator can be freely switched as the wind oi,""tion unt;;,,j;i"tl',3:/"' I Computer monitoring system The computer monitoring system is assembled with s a utomatic u,urr, noo,ll"o."x3r,' " rn# position of malfunction can be automatically displayed. The system checks the machine timely and notifies the operator when the malfunction will _ happen so as to maintain timeiy. I Convenient and comfortable operation It is very quiet in the cab while operating the machine. The all_ direc.tionally adjustable seat of superior quality is very comfortable. The joystick and operation buttons are within your reach, which is labor_ saving and convenient.

14 Conven ient Maintenance The fittings originally imported and components.of superior quality have longer maintenance cycle. The remote assembly of wearing parts is realized so that the maintenance is more convenient, thus enhancing the utilization ratio of machine and lowering the maintenance costs. I Easy to maintain It is close to the maintenance points to ensure the service being finished quickly and timely and easy to disassemble and maintain the hydraulic system, working equipments, main and auxiliary winch. I Easy Cleaning of Radiator It's accessible to the radiator of the engine once opening the service door. The radiator has special guard shield outside to block dirt. When cleaning the radiator, it only needs dismantle the guard rail for washing. r Easy Replacement of Filter element For easy reilacement of wearing parts, the fuel, engine oil, hydraulic oil and air filters conduct the remote instaliation in the design process, accordingly, the operator can quickly replace them even standing on the ground as long as the service door is opened. r Long Maintenance Cycle The spare parts of superior quality can effectively prolong the service Iife, lessen the maintenance time and enhance the availability of the mach ine. r Bottom Emission Screw Plug The radiator, fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank and engine oil bottom shell are equipped with screw plugs at the bottoms, which is convenient for discharging foreign substances and waste liquid out in the replacement of oil or cleaning. A quick detachable baffle is installed at the bottom to I I prevent the emission screw plug from damage. Overhead Guard of Engine The overhead guard of engine is equipped with a spring for convenient opening. After opening the overhead guard of engine, the engine can be easily maintained. Oil Tank The oil tank of large capacity can reduce the cycle of oil filling. The oil tank adopts the top-grade anti-rust technology so that it will not rust even if the oil containing such chemical substances as water and phosphoric acid dips inside for long time. Safety SANY Rotary drilling rig embodies The guard devices, added at many the human-centric design conception on each aspect. positions in the rig, minimize the possibility of injuries. I Fan Cover The engine radiator fan are enclosed by the thin iron wire net, which lessens the overhaul danger and prevents damage of blade in case of other objects' downfall r Hydraulic Pilot Lock The control handle will not work when the hydraulic pilot lock lever is at the locking position. Therefore, the possible accident in consequence of inadvertent operation will be avoided. r Slip-proof Footboard and Large Armrest The specially designed footboard efficaciously prevents the backward and sideward slip of soles. The large armrest prevents the operators from tumbling when he loses his balance. r High-strength Top Guard Plate The cab top plate is made by lntegration of the thick high-strength steel plate and the reinforced bar stamping. lt bears excellent collision resistance and seldom gets deformed. Under the working condition of falling rubbles, the top plate will secure the operator. The optional OPG top guard plate and the front window protection net are the optimal choice for high-altitude working against falling objects. I Rear View Mirror and Escape Window The left and right sides of cab are equipped with rear view mirrors, through which the operator can clearly see the situation of rear of the rig without turning back. Thus, the occurrence of accidents is greatly avoided. ln the cab, there is an escape window, through which the operator can make his escape in case of unexpected dangers. I Splash-proof Baffle ln the middle of pump chamber and engine lays the baffle, which prevents the oil from splashing to the hot position of engine if the hydraulic system is damaged. r Strengthened Transparent Antiultraviolet GIass When there is intense light, the lightcolor glass effectually abates the entry of ultraviolet, relieves the visual fatigue of operator and enables the operator to see the working object easier. I Slip-proof Plate and Pad The slip-proof plate with star-shape hole covers on the top of main valve and the air cleaner. And the slip-proof pad adheres to many positions of the vehicle body. Such a layout is applied to obviate the maintainer's tumble when they are undertaking maintenance.

15 Gustomer Support All customers of SANy R^, ctary Drilling Rig can enjoy the commitment of overall services SANy has establi countries and regions. and offices,lllo,.otun"nes over 100 rvortn nrrica, w;il ;;; lll',0'in 15 overseas subsidiaries in Middre Arrica' East, -;;; south ;;'"::ntral Arrica, Europe, Austratja ". *;;;; il;1"^, rndia, Russia, south_easr and Asia, 6g SANy n^,,, ^^^, ^::, service offices. sa N y n ow provide after_sate ^ service "., ij and l: ::;+; ",":"";1I""," n," technjcal Jr;;; to os sttes "",.,,o or 65 countries in five contincnro tl::to o^_:, warehouses have been.besides, 6 overseas central America, ""' Europe, "p Middre Sou rtt tvltddle East, rndia, lndia, North America, e*op"l.]]l;^::::t ^in another u """ir""1";fi,t":t Asia and North Africa, and construct in w".ilno,"lilj-_1"::louses are prepared to America, *,,.,., rn',;":;:ll.iljca, south Arrica, south Service Response r After receiving th t"'ut"" ttr" call from cust< communicatinn "urui""""unn? r"::,:."t wirr or distributor' amoro ;;:iot"t bv r rhe servic" "nn,fll.'"'ouonon""';;'il:ti":upport - appointmer,*,,;;lr:iflust arrive at the site on time by 24 hours waitinq_or. tn"."1",;;'j;;l::lt"rs.svstem rorservice engineers. successfulty ro,u,nji"t shall not leave bythe custom"r.. ' t"'t'n"i'lnt'";;;";:; 'n" ;t;*:llj; r ln case of not solvin support and guide *,? :n" problem within thre 'r be supprieo,;;; ;#;:ffvs, technicar Pre-sale service r Technical consultations rn, ror ^^ _ technicar special.;;;;";:::s. projecr: to orrer rree studvins special p,.oiuit and to "rr;;;",;;ls-ror, tron scheme assist in for reference. 131 Guarantee for Service C r Based ""in"-"0""" "t'ommitment responsibte uno oo,,ll]]tment to product service, SANy is service ourronn","irin""'"0. 'o accredit cert. ' i n s rru c t u n o i ^,. io, *,tj,,::',"j:* : n**h n jjfij tr I Equipment mode and various.,,"1^.^:,1u",,ng; to offer free su*abreproduct. rnatives ;t t" ;;;;#il:th:; ln-sale Service I pre_inspection of - product and '"i" il:""*:1ffii';:ffinspection ror. ]::n.oou"tion prorection: Normative antif iliil ffi :i:::ffi "i:.; ;; ; ;;' ; :;,':T: H,il: After.sale Service I Assist the custor construction..nurjur. in working out the initial _t install and debug the equipment. _f Train the operator on site I I n-process qualitv cc r sorve,n" ;;;;;"1,::T:"1 -"t tn" machine periodica rry r rnitiate,"r;;;";;;""lon site' rapid and activery. _r speciar.;;;;iil:;ffi::::"' _t Provide unconventional service_ I Provide the opportuniliy for technical exchange.

16 @."." h *,' :FJ ti' f i

17 Gertificate and patent $,3,1'f 3?l ils"ifl'.i i,?y,x:"j,lr.:rv co L td ryownsquitliriu'moe*;"i;;,?x;:lt,1;tlj".r?r"rrt"xl3],*u {ead* t' F UIiIG &t,,yi{e&i,y &$flmle: -*l*fiffi*ls* *efrg*.:**,,,:fs{rle*a*o *-*,**o-1'.ta ***^y.1#r}'#i,.jgg F*4r *i*,s,tefjfftr** l:l'' ''i.,i *H;5:.-g1g16.g1rfr.",.'',..e1"*.,;.* l3s90fr#00 tt$.{l*mas $ffi 'tqffi.: f i.]fv p e"( -#iffifitdff# p; "teffishffii " B g g g x g x s x x j r',i:::..i-,..,..,.-,'...:.r.rr. :.,..:,,i::_:,.,,,.: Utitity model Utitity model Utitity modet Utitity modet Utitity model Utitity modet Utitity model Utitity modet lnvention utitity modet Utitity modet Utitity modet Utitity model Utitity model Spiral drill mud i s t a t i c p r els ; ris ;, ; ; ;; ;: Jfi;J I i,[x];,.::j il ;':: : [,j, s y s i e m Rotary drive of multi_driil n",,u 0.,..i'JllLll?li""n..,,, Hydraulic outrigger -Drum type winch rop-e retainer Rotary drive of Rotary dril;;;;;g Centrifugal discharge drittinq iooi" Centrifusat discrrarje oriiii"g i""i, pile clamp devic n"tru"tuor" iir;;;;" t"' pile pressins machine A,s "," *i,;:t::,-ij,:;1:';.j'l;',,vi n s R i s Rotary drilling vehicle Hfr$?iiliilr:Jl, Road sweeper brush autolocaiion oevic".road sweeper double o,a*i"g ;v.;;t I n te rlock i n g Ke I I y b a r s tra pp i n g u r r"rr,i n g"o Double u,." drum winch " Spring roller rolling tube device Grab deviatjon r.""tify 0""i."" Auto-open Oaiting Ouckei _ Slewing control system Rotating encoder oichassis Turnplate Welding square head for Kelly bar., Compound Kelly bar Kelly bar threao protection Oevice Centrifugai discharge drili"; U n lockinq t;;; devicejor " lnteilectuat xerrv"oa"r"' inctinatijn puiting torce Jh-elting Mast -.. oevtce of Rotary '" Drilling Rlg ""' _ Rope retainer rurnplate Rotary device of Rotary Drjllinq Rio lntertocking Kely bar or notarf ofrri;; il;, Hydra u lic motor a n d r"d r.lo;' ;;;; Grab ;t";;:

18 Whole Solution You will feel relieved to buy and use our rig with the whole solution of purchase guide, technical support and construction method recommendation. method recommendation accord- rhqf:dia:.,{mrn) (if necessary, please attach geological data),wi,!r1,,cii!,4,9,,0,s:til!ero.itii.';bil,,::li,t::l:tttwiilhits.ia6'oli'nsit'tt11 ::t.,,,,,

19 www. sa n y. com. cn,,-^\ la al.jlng sany HEAVv MACHtNERy co., LTD \--l Add;sANY lnclustriarregion, Beiqing Road, Huirongguan, changping District, Beijing Zip code: After service: :807270O6 Fax: 0086,1 A com cn Website: http/l:www, bj., ny."om, Mater'ials and speciflcations are subject to change without notice. Featured machines in equipmeni,the price varies according to the configuration. photos may include additional